Erotic Adventures in Deep Space: The Capture of The Gwennan

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #tech_control #aliens #space

Saira’s adventures through space indulging in erotic hedonism take a new direction after her ship encounters something incredibly sexy that threatens her free will.

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Erotic Adventures in Deep Space: The Capture of The Gwennan

Space is really pretty. It’s not like you can’t see the stars planet side, or that they aren’t still really far away even when you’re out here flying around, but it’s really enchanting to look out a window and just see nothing but a deep dark void full of gorgeous points of light that look so much better than any artificial light ever could. That’s what drew me to taking a job aboard The Gwennan even if it meant that I would be a glorified space waitress.

It’s just so romantic to be out here on an impressive ship like this one. Part cruise ship, part mobile science laboratory, part… honestly, I don’t even know half of what happens aboard because even if it feels glamorous sometimes, I really am just a waitress.

Leaning against a wall of the outer hull, watching the stars go by, that makes being so unimportant without much interesting to do still feel pretty great. I do get to meet a lot of interesting people, but I don’t usually get to talk with them very much. At least this ship is a pretty good place to be on my off hours…

And plenty of cute people make their way through.

My curly, blue hair also goes with the uniform. I didn’t know that would be the case when I signed up, so that’s a perk! A bolero jacket with long sleeves over a sleeveless top that compliments my curves isn’t bad, either. The skirt is a little bit on the short side, but I don’t mind that either. That makes it easier to find someone interested in a fling on their way to the other side of the galaxy.


I spin away from the window, tugging my tiny jacket down. The way it hangs open means that it draws that much more attention to my chest, but when you have a body like mine that just helps you get more tips. No one complains, least of all me.

The woman calling for my attention is Amara—one of my coworkers. I will never stop being impressed by how gorgeous she is. Her curves are every bit as impressive as mine, and her deep umber skin contrasts our uniforms in ways that make it hard for me to not dip my gaze down and I see her every day. Her tightly curled hair is worn in such a way that the sides of her head are cut short, and the tips are a bright, neon purple that compliments her pale violet eyes.

She won’t tell me if she got those modded, or if they’re just contacts. It keeps making me try to figure it out, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

“Sorry, Amara!” I giggle, lean forward, and bat my lashes at her playfully. “I was distracted by the view.”

Amara’s eyes dip down, and then meet mine. We’ve had some fun before, but she’s a little too monogamous for me. I didn’t even know anyone in space wasn’t polyamorous before I met Amara. “I noticed. Anyway, you took that order for table five, right? It’s slow today, but you don’t want to miss out on a tip like that.”

My cheeks burn and I straighten myself out before adjusting my skirt a little bit higher on my thighs. “Fuck, you’re not wrong. Thanks, ‘Mara. I owe you one.”

“Pretty sure you’d owe me a lot more than that, but go on.” She gives me a wink, and it makes my heart beat quicker even if those eyes are so pretty I never want to look away from either of them for a second when she’s around. “And if you manage to land her…”

“You’ll hear all about it!” I wink right back, hoping my dark brown eyes make her heart flutter like she does to me. Amara laughs, and I laugh with her as I make my way across the room swishing my hips just a little extra for her to watch the way this skirt clings to my ass. I grab up a neon-green translucent hexagonal tray with table five’s order and make my way towards the dining area.

A lot of ships like this one don’t have actual people making food, but part of the thrill of The Gwennan is getting a slice of being planetside while soaring through space. Some people like to wait for food a lot longer than I do, even when they’re alone like Tiana Dowling.

The moment I saw her I knew she was somebody special, and looking at her again now? That hasn’t changed one bit. Something about the cut of her short, dark black hair is so professional and confident as her expression. Those bright gray eyes of hers look so sharp, and even wearing her white dress that’s just crisp enough to stand out against her pale peach skin she looks strong with well-muscled arms.

She’s also wearing jewelry that makes her look loaded, but I’m pretty sure a woman like that is fun in a lot of ways that have nothing to do with money.

I make sure to lean forward as far as I can when I place her plate down on her table. Her eyes dip just like I hoped. That gives me a quick moment to return the favor. She’s slender and tough, but that doesn’t mean I enjoy looking down her dress any less. “Here you are, Miss Downing. If there’s anything else that I can do for you? You only need to ask.”

“Thank you very much… Saira, you said?” She hoods her eyes as she sips her drink, and I try to not feel myself melt under her sexy gaze and that low, husky voice of hers.

“Mm-hm… Saira, Saira Mair.” I scoot closer, shifting so my ass is against her table, so close to her plate. She glances down, then back up to my face. “During your time on The Gwennan you can think of me as a hostess hoping you’ll have such a pleasant trip you’ll want to ride us again, soon.”

Thinking about those thighs of hers squeezing around my cheeks almost makes me groan.

Her beautiful gray eyes wander, and I bite my lip and arch. “I think I can might have a few ideas of ways you can make my stay more… pleasant. When are you off work?”

“Another hour, but you don’t need to eat that slow. I’m happy to stop by your room.”

She raises an eyebrow. I’m not sure if she’s impressed or taken back until her smile deepens. “That sounds wonderful to me.”

Maybe she’ll end up a lousy tipper, but I have a feeling she’ll know how to show me a good time. That should be enough to make Amara jealous, and give me something else to distract me that isn’t the cold vacuum of space.

I make my way out of Tiana’s room and tug my skirt down. It must be the third time, but after riding one of her muscular thighs for so long it doesn’t hurt to be safe. I’d hate to embarrass myself. If I’m showing off my panties I want it to be on purpose.

Halfway down the corridor, everything shakes. I fall against the wall, wincing even though I didn’t hit very hard.


Stuff like that doesn’t happen very often. People who live planetside always ask me what it’s like when we hit some funky anomaly, if all of the consoles start shooting sparks. It always confuses me. How do they think a ship would survive a trip like that?

Pushing up from the wall I brush myself off and look around. All the lights are dimmer, a lot dimmer. People are coming out of rooms, and looking around worriedly. Someone trying to use one of the transport tubes a bit down the hall is slamming the button furiously until everything is illuminated with a pulsing red glow.


Red flashing lights are never good.

“Everyone, this is your captain speaking!” Captain Li is one of the best in the fleet. I heard she used to be military before she was court martialed for refusing to let an indigenous population on a planet be wiped out by a natural disaster. I don’t know her well, but she always smiles at me and she actually remembers my name when I’m just a waitress, so she’s got my respect. “Please remain ca—” Her voice distorts, and someone screams.

So much for staying calm, not that I can blame them. My skin is crawling, and my heart rate is looking like the stalagmite fields of Gliese Five.

“We’ve encountered a hostile—” The captain’s voice cuts out again, and I look around for any evidence of what’s going wrong. “—boarding. Please do not engage, remain calm, try to stay sa—”


I clamp my hands over my mouth to stop myself from letting out an embarrassing scream. If they drilled through the hull, came in through a docking bay… whatever… if the captain didn’t let them, then this is serious. The transport tube opens, and I look away after I see… purple skin? A bright flash of light fills the corridor, but I’m already slamming the panel to open the closest room and sliding inside.

It’s not mine, but I think anyone reasonable would forgive me under these circumstances!

Doesn’t seem like anybody is here, so I try to find some place to hide. The panels are all flashing, some of them red, some of them other weird patterns, but I don’t look too close. Something about that doesn’t feel safe at all.

The storage under the beds isn’t ideal, especially not with my voluptuous shape, but hiding in the bathroom feels like the perfect way to get caught. If they’re aliens, then they probably won’t figure out how this bed opens up before the captain can get this situation under control. If anyone can find a way out of this, it’s Captain Li.

I press the button hidden on the headboard, and the compartment under the bed slides out. I crawl in, and press the button inside to close it. I’m really glad for the time that little girl stowaway pulled this trick or I’d never be thinking of it now.

She actually had room in one of these.

My tits are squished against the ceiling.

Outside of my hiding place I can hear screams, and… moans…? I try to cover my ears and close my eyes, but the sounds are too loud for me to block out completely. Whatever is going on with the panels in the room it’s really bright, because even inside of this storage compartment with my eyes closed I can still tell something is flashing and it isn’t the emergency lights.

Something is going very wrong here.

All I can hope for is that they don’t want to strip the ship bare and then blow it up. I don’t even know how to get to any form of escape from here, and even if I did… any ship that could board us would probably be able to snatch me up.

It’s not like I know how to fly a shuttle. Is it easy to engage the autopilot? Did we manage to send out a distress signal before they got aboard…?

I don’t know how long I stay in here, trying to stay calm and crying in the dark. Eventually everything outside stops flashing, and the screaming and… groaning… stops. I wait longer, then a little longer. Starting to feel really claustrophobic in here, but I don’t want to open this up right when they come in, right when they try to check the room…

The door opens right when my finger is hovering over the button, and I bite my lip. Footsteps pad around the room, thudding everywhere around me, but the bed stays closed.

Something beeps, and then there’s a hushed, sharp whisper and… the door opens again and the footsteps make their way out of the room. It feels too soon to get out, so I stay in here for a while longer. I hope Amara is okay. I hope Tiana is okay. I hope… I hope I’ll be okay.

Loud static almost makes me scream before I muffle it with my hands. “Attention, passengers and crew of… The Gwennan… Mmm…” Captain Li sounds… out of it. It’s almost like she sounds half asleep but more… horny? I’ve never heard her sound like this before, and not for a lack of trying to catch her interest in the corridors. “You should all welcome The Owners… They are our superiors in every… OoOoooohhh… Every… way… We… are perfect to serve them… and they will… MMmMmmmmm… Reward us… with bliss…!”

My thighs clench tight.

She doesn’t just sound horny. She sounds like she’s being fucked and she wants more. I can only imagine how the captain must look right now, and it has me struggling not to squirm. I should be more scared, more terrified… Captain Li calling the boarders ‘superiors’ and that we’re ‘perfect to serve them’ should terrify me, but when she says it like that…

Fuck, this is not a good moment to be a shameless slut!

“You should all report to your nearest security station if you aren’t already claimed by The Owners… all of us… Oooohhh… will submit… submit to The Owners… Humans are… too… f-far… far too weak… to resisssssttttt oohhh yesss, please, I was good, reward me…!”

The captain’s loud orgasmic cries echo from every panel across the entire ship.

I wrap my arms around myself as tight as I can. Maybe if I just try to sleep in here, when I wake up all of this will be dealt with. This sort of thing happens all the time, right?

Other ships will come up to save us, to help us, right…?

Space isn’t that impossibly huge and someone will be close enough to save us before they take us away to wherever aliens like this take their new xeno slaves, right…?

“The Owners understand humans like we never… ha-a-ave… oooohhhhh…!” The captain keeps talking, keeps moaning, keeps sounding like she’s being filled with alien tentacles or sucked by perfect alien mouths. I try to ignore her, but I can’t. “They make it… feel so good to… to lose your free will… to serve them… to obey them… nnnnnn…! We-we all belong to The Owners… We all should belong to the ownerssss… f-fuck yesssss…!”

Her voice breaks into a long, loud scream, and I shake my head as I curl back as far under the bed as I can.

This can’t be happening.

This isn’t happening.

Just a bad dream, a very sexy bad dream. Of course I would have one of those. I’m the loosest woman on the whole ship. I just stayed up too late eating too many sweets and now I’m stuck in a nightmare. Maybe there’s a psychic on the ship making us all have a shared nightmare, maybe… maybe…

Crying, and squirming, I stay in here and hope the captain’s voice will come on the intercom and apologize for being so strange. She’ll explain everything is alright…

Everything will be okay…

I just need to relax…

Nothing wakes me up, but I’m still inside of the bed. That means everything that happened is real. How I managed to fall asleep I’ll never know, but… I can’t stay in here forever. I’ll need to get food, and the classic style of The Gwennan means there’s no artificial food resequencing in the rooms.

That’s why I have a job, but it also means I can’t just hide in this room and hope it all blows over. Was one of… The Owners… that flash of purple skin I saw? It just felt smarter to hide, safer to run away… did they really not see me, not find me?

No one would be worried about a missing waitress anyway. Even if they looked for me, they’d eventually be satisfied no one important was going to sabotage the ship, or them, or…

There’s still a risk that they’ll launch some super advanced alien weapon at the ship, either after extracting all of their new pets, or after raiding our ship for valuable elements or… fuck. I open the bed, and crawl my way out. My whole body aches. That compartment was not meant to be used by anyone for sleeping, but especially not a grown ass woman.

If the whole ship is conquered, then I’m going to face my fate clean, at least. I strip out of my uniform, slide into the shower, and relish the opportunity to clean away all of the fear sweat. Really wishing this was my room so I could get a new pair of panties after I’m done in here. Sweat wasn’t the only thing I need to clean away, and I really don’t want to give myself away because I’m too much of a horny slut.

As much as I want to take an hour long shower to wash away the grime and make myself feel better, that feels a bit too indulgent for a crisis. I clean myself as quickly as I can. This might be the last time I choose to do anything, and I want to face my fate relatively clean.

Drying off, I tug my uniform back into place and take a deep breath.

Now would be a really great time for someone to show up and help me, but they won’t. My only option is to figure out what’s going on alone. Taking a deep breath I move to the door, open it… and nothing happens.

Of course nothing happens.

Before I can step out, a woman walks by. I don’t recognize her, and I would recognize a woman with an ass like that and bright red hair, so she must be new on board. Her eyes are hooded, looking distant and fuzzy. Her thighs keep clenching. She doesn’t seem to notice me, but she does just… moan, seemingly for no reason. She sounds just as fucked as the captain did.

Well… maybe I can just fake it?

They’re only going to be looking for humans trying to resist, right? Nobody just casually re-brainwashes an obedient slave. I just need to behave and they won’t even notice me.

That’s how this works.

Another deep breath, and I hood my eyes. I moan, testing it out so I sound just as aroused and hazy as the redhead and the captain sounded. This shouldn’t be too hard. I’m used to looking mindless and sexy. That’s called “a night of really good fun.”

Walking out into the corridor, I try to shamble forward with my thighs clenching while still looking around. There’s some weird light patterns on one of the panels, and when I look…


A tingle slides down my spine, and I moan again. It’s so easy to stop and just stare at it, to stop and… The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.


Pulling my eyes away is a lot harder than I want it to be, and when I do I feel… extremely wet. My thighs keep shaking and clenching on their own. That should make it easier for me to pretend to be some brainwashed alien slave, right…? I… hope so, anyway, I… My head does feel a little fuzzy, but I can’t just go back and hide now. Someone will notice…

I make my way down to the transport tube. Other people mill around me, looking just as dazed, moaning, clenching… huh. I only see women. Did they do something to the men?

A shudder shoots down my spine. I try not to imagine that they’ll be serving us the men for dinner, or that we’re the ones they’re going to blast into a million pieces. Thinking thoughts like this is going to make it harder to look mindless, so I try to just think about how it felt to look at that panel and make my way to the tube.

I don’t want them to get me, don’t want them to find me, just need to look sexy and aroused…

The tube doors open, and I stumble inside before I let myself look up to see who else is in here with me. Doing that would make me seem too alert. “Mnnn… café level…” I clench my thighs and lean back against the wall like it’s too hard for me to stay standing on my own. If I make it through this, if we make it through this, I’m going to be pulling off such a good performance everyone is going to want me all over again.

That helps calm me down… a little.

“Ohhh… H-hello, M-miss Mair… It’s always… So… Good to… ohhhh…!” The captain’s voice makes me jerk my head up a little faster than I really should, but I don’t need to fake the arousal in my eyes when I get a better look at her.

Her brown eyes look shiny and vacant, if so pretty and emphasized by her pretty brown hair that she wears down to her shoulders. The Captain’s family is from China if you look back to earth, but that detail feels so much less important than her large, round breasts. They look like they’re each heavier than my head, and she’s not wearing her jumpsuit—just the jacket she always wore over it.

She’s not wearing her pants, either, just the half-skirt of the uniform she used to wear over them. It exposes so much of her long legs, and the flushed lips of her pussy tucked between her legs.

Purple fingers are moving inside of her, deep, dark purple fingers. They’re gorgeous, gorgeous fingers of… of…one of The Owners. I stare at those fingers, at The Captain’s quivering pussy, and moan even before I plan to. I need to keep up appearances, especially now, but… ohhh…

A tingle shoots down my spine again, and it feels…

Feels like I’m looking at that panel in the corridor…

The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.


It feels like I just… lost… an hour… but I’m still in the tube, and the captain is still writhing around one of The Owners’ hands. It looks so human, but… another… thumb, on the other side…?

I shouldn’t, but it makes me imagine what it would feel to have a hand like that squeeze one of my breasts…

“Ohh… C-captain… s-sorry, I… mmm… The Owners are so superior… I’m so… weak…” Adlibbing right now feels incredibly scary. Would The Owners even waste time on a waitress? Am I what they’re looking for? Apparently they find us attractive, and I like to think that I have that going for me, so at least they probably won’t blow me up…? “Mmm… It’s nice to see you…”

Definitely not lying there. Seeing the captain, and seeing… this much of her…

“Please do not use such lofty titles for my property.” The Owner speaks and her voice, something about it makes… nnnn… I… I don’t need to obey it, but the echo of it, the quality of it, so husky, so low, so… knowing and… beautiful and… it sounds… almost like a song, so enchanting, so… pretty, so… “Her name is Ezmae. Please refer to her as such. I know you have better manners than this.”

“Y-yessss ownerrr… E-ezmae… Ez-m-m-mae….”

Ohhh fuck just hearing her voice has me so… ohh… If I’d stared at that panel any longer, if I’d been there when they were boarding… I’d be just as helpless as Ezmae—I mean The Captain.

I’m still able to think, still able to realize this is bad, wrong, to resist… in some small way… need to hold onto this, on to me, to…

“Good girl… and Ezmae…” The wet sound of The Owner’s fingers moving inside of The Captain intensifies, and Ezmae moans louder. “Miss Mair is far too formal. Call her by her first name, please. You don’t need to show her such respect anymore. She is another slave, just like you.”

“O-ohhhh y-yesss ownerrrr… my… our… ohhh…!” Ezmae’s voice squeaks, screaming out as she shudders and soaks The Owner’s fingers with her orgasm. “S-sairaaaaa…!”

“Good girl, Ezmae…” The sound Captain Li makes almost has me thinking she just came again, but… nnn… well I know I would if she was calling me a good girl, touching me like that.. The Owners are our Superiors…


No, I don’t… I don’t want to confess that I’m not really brainwashed, that she should use her voice on me, her fingers, her pleasure, her—

“This is our stop, Saira. Enjoy serving.” The Owner laughs as she tugs a still moaning Ezmae out of the tube. I’m too stunned by how it feels to be addressed by her to say anything in response. I just watch, clenching and shuddering.

The Owners are all so pretty, such… they look so sexy, such impossibly smooth purple skin… Their shape is like ours, I would say human like but it feels wrong to compare them to us like that, and not compare us to them. That second thumb stands out as a big difference, but other than that…

Oh I just want to kiss and suck every part of an Owner’s body, or… or…

When the tube door closes I’m alone, and I try to smash my forehead into the wall to clear my head. It hurts, a lot, but I still feel a lingering… dizziness. Fuck. The Owners are dangerous and I don’t know if they have some technology, or it’s biological.

Something about them, or something they have makes humans prey to them.

Like me…

Nnn… ow!

Another bash or two on the wall, and I might have a headache, but that helps me resist a little. I need to keep a hold on myself, on how I feel about humanity being overtaken by a bunch of sexy purple bitches, but it’s really hard. I couldn’t even try to make eye contact. It felt… wrong. Was that because I got caught up looking at the screen? How long did I… how did they get control of the ship so quickly…?

Is their technology that much more superior?

“No… No it’s just… they took us by surprise, we aren’t… equipped for combat, it’s just…” The door opens, and I take on my dizzy, aroused smile as I stumble towards work.

Around me, everyone looks so… normal. Some of them are being fondled by The Owners, and looking towards them makes me whimper. Some of them are just leaning against walls, touching themselves…

I still haven’t seen a single man. I don’t know what happened to them, and I can’t risk asking. Ezmae… I mean… The Captain, Captain Li, she never would have asked that.

Not by the time I saw her in the tube, anyway.

“Ohhhh… I love… serving… The Owners…!”

I try not to flinch, but the sound of Tiana sounding so weak after she had me pinned underneath her, unable to even struggle, forced to buck and grind the way she wanted me to… it’s… terrifying, and erotic at the same time. Her moans sound just like I remember them.

Guess it’s a good thing I didn’t stay the night, after all.

Tiana is on her knees, her ass in the air, dress down over her back. One of The Owners is casually fondling her clothed breasts, feeling inside of her… and in front of Tiana is an Owner with her pussy rubbing against Tiana’s face…

The taste of an Owner must be… has to be… so…

The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.

“Hey, Saira…” Amara’s hands rest on my shoulders, squeezing. “You didn’t show up… did one of Them want to use you before sending you to work…? One of The Owners kept me up all night, but I just want to do more to serve them, to please them…”

She rubs her breasts against my back, and my eyes roll back into my head.


I grit my teeth and reach back to squeeze her hips for balance, and because I am incredibly turned on right now. The scent of women is everywhere, and there are so many Owners here, so many of them just casually using women like me like they were… like they were slaves…

Amara squeezes tighter, and I nod furiously—maybe a little too quickly. “Y-yeah… She wanted to… enjoy me… me to… serve her… I… so good to be a slave for The Owners… They arouse me so much…”

Just saying that has my eyes hooding, feeling so hazy and mmm.

“I can see why they would want to use you… but we need to make sure to look ready to serve…” Amara nibbles on my neck, and her hands reach up to grasp my top and pull it down just enough for my breasts to fall free. My nipples are so hard, and the air around me feels so hot. Being exposed for The Owners makes my heart beat so fast, everything feel so faint… hard to breathe, hard to do anything but moan. “That’s better. You’re so sexy, Saira. The Owners bring out the best in all of us.”

The Owners probably didn’t care if Amara was monogamous or not. They just cared that she was sexy. Right now, it’s hard for me to care as she nibbles on my neck.

Need to… to hold on, to save her, to save the captain, to save… everyone…

Women moaning around us does not help me focus. That gets so much worse when one of The Owners approach us and cups my face in one of her beautiful hands. “You. I want you to serve me, slave.” She lifts my chin and… I… I…

Her eyes are like… like nothing I’ve ever seen. They’re a single solid color, so blue, so… Oh…

I close my teeth around my bottom lip and nod wordlessly.

Serve her?

How could I resist…?

She pulls me along, and Amara follows behind me. My thighs clench when The Owner takes a seat… is it table five…? I can’t remember. She spreads her legs, and lifts up the loincloth covering her purple sex. The scent is like… like blueberries and musk? I don’t know how else to describe it, but it makes me long for her like nothing else… nothing else could…

Leaning forward, I tongue at her folds, and her moans make my whole body shake. They make my clit vibrate. My body is so much like hers, and her familiar shape is soothing when all I want right now is to make sure that she feels good, that I’m the one to do it to her, that I serve her like all slaves should obey their superiors, serve The Owners, serve… her… serve them… serve…

Amara nibbles on my ear for a moment before The Owner says something and Amara leans up to kiss at her chest. I would be jealous, but Her pussy tastes… so… fucking…


The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.

I’ve never cum from licking a girl before, but I’m not even touching myself when I cum all over my thighs. I was somewhere else, lost in… thoughts I don’t remember, and then… then I came, but I never stopped sucking, licking…


The Owner laughs, her nails clawing their way deep into my scalp. My eyes roll back into my head, and I nearly cum again. Serving her feels like what I was born to do!

I’ve always been such a slut, anyway. If this is what The Owners want from me?

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be brainwashed to serve them. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let myself fall to their control and be a pet to a powerful, sexy, superior alien and her crew of… of… I don’t know… slavers…? That word feels so wrong to describe a woman so powerful. It feels less like they’re kidnapping us or capturing us, and more like they’re claiming their property.

She moans, and the sound… everything… hazes out… so blue, like her eyes, so…

The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.

When she fills my mouth with her hot, sticky lust, I cum again. I don’t stop cumming until she does, but I don’t stop licking her. I don’t stop stroking inside of her… don’t even remember when I raised my hand, but either she told me, or she wanted me to so I did… I… ohhh… I want to serve her!

I want to serve Them!

“That was… exquisite.” The Owner smiles down at me, stroking Amara’s hair as she suckles at The Owner’s perfect nipple. “What is your name, slave?’

“S-saira, but I… I’m not… not your slave…”

She raises an eyebrow, looking very confused. “Oh my. Are you resisting, Saira? Do I need to—”

“N-no! You don’t… please, I don’t… I won’t resist, I don’t want to resist you, I want… I want you to claim me, to keep me, to have me, please please please please PLEASE please…!” My everything quivers and shakes as I look up at her, whimpering. “I was hiding when… when you came aboard, but I… I don’t want to resist you, I just… my mind, I… I can still think about… resisting, I… can still… act… how I want, do what I want, but I… I don’t want to deceive you, I want… I want…”

The Owner laughs, grasps my chin, and pulls me up until my face is right against hers. She’s so strong, and I feel weightless, weak, and pitiful. I moan, and she laughs again.

“You humans really are such perfect little slaves, aren’t you? Don’t worry, Saira. We are your owners. You never had a chance to escape… but since you admitted that to me…?” She pulls me up onto her lap, and her two thumbs squeeze either side of one of my breasts, feeling even better than I’d hoped. “I’ll make sure you can never think for yourself again. I think I’ll keep you as my personal little human slave. I’m owed some extra spoils for detecting your ship on the scanners. How do you feel about being mine, along with my hot little Amara?”

My eyes roll up in my head, and I can swear that I hear Amara moaning too. I can’t open my eyes. They’re too heavy, and I’m too aroused. My body keeps shuddering. I’m so wet, and I just keep… leaking out everything but more lust for The Owners.

One of Them wants to keep me… a personal slave…

I know so little about their culture, but that feels like… like a really special compliment. That feels like… the best thing that one of Them could say about me!

“Oh, please… Please, I… I’ve never… never had anything like that, but I want that. Please! I’ll do anything, everything…!” I plead and moan, rubbing myself against her as she squeezes me like the possession I am. “Just say the word and I’ll serve you any way that I can!”

“You will, Saira.” She smiles, and kisses between my eyes. I nearly cum again. “You’re already so obedient, it would almost be a shame to not keep you as this special specimen that you are, but… we can’t have humans with free will running around, can we?”

She grasps my head and makes me shake it side to side.

With her fingers grasping a chunk of my blue hair, she shoves my face towards one of the panels and it lights up bright.

The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.

I cum, and cum, and cum for The Owners and their control.

Amara strokes along my back, and The Owner keeps my face flush with the panel. I can’t… do anything but shudder and moan and… quiver. Never felt so wet, so weak, so… fucked, so… obedient.

The Owners are your superiors in every way. You were born to serve. You will serve The Owners. You are a slave. You will obey The Owners. The Owners arouse you.

“You’re probably already primed enough by now, but you pleaded so adorably. I need to make certain that you’re as mind fucked as you can be.” The Owner’s words fill my mind, blotting out everything else. “I like the way you moan, Saira. You’re going to serve me for the rest of your life.”

I cum again, my eyes rolling back into my head as colors wash over me and wash my old life away.

Mmmm I get to serve The Owners…


Author's Note: This ends the tale of The Gwennan and her crew... at least for now! Who are the is the end of this story, but there's more to come from me. Who knows, maybe The Owners will appear, and there will be more Erotic Adventures in Deep Space! If you want to see what else I have in store? Check out my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it's a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you'd like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot's Domain!

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