Elven Mundanity

Chapter 2: Dandelion Daydreams

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #casual_enslavement #conversion #elves #exhibitionism #magic #plants #urban_fantasy

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Dandelion Daydreams

Tiallen laid back on the blanket, savoring the warm sun casting its light down across her body. Her Elven skin remained as luminous and pale as ever, even with sunbathing as one of her favorite pleasures. She wore a simple white sundress, one that hung loosely from her voluptuous frame, further emphasizing her curves.

Beside her sat a bowl of grapes, and a tall glass of wine sat beside a pair of women ready to serve either to their princess.

At a glance, the elven princess seemed to not even notice the women, the grapes, or the wine. Her eyes were closed, her dark hair loose around her, hands stretched out to lazily caress blades of grass as they hung off of the blanket. Without getting close enough, a person could be forgiven for mistaking her for being asleep.


Tiallen’s eyes cracked faintly opened at the sound of Rita’s voice. It wasn’t alarmed, but it was more insistent than her pets usually were. It definitely wasn’t a calm voice spoken by a woman who wished to enhance the princess’s calm.

Struggling in Rita’s grasp was a taller woman in a pair of blue jeans and a leather jacket over a loose t-shirt. As she tried to yank free from Rita’s hold, Tiallen’s eyes were caught watching the way the woman’s breasts swayed under her jacket. “Yes, pet? Just what do we have here, mm…?” Gazing up from the woman’s chest, Tiallen glanced into the woman’s brown eyes, and briefly gazed at her short brown hair before her eyes wandered back down to the woman’s chest. “I thought I’d made it clear that I was rather satisfied at the moment? She’s a lovely addition, naturally, but I desire to be… consulted… if such a woman were to be found.”

“What the hell is wrong with you?!” The woman struggled harder in Rita’s arms, whimpering as she strained to pull herself free. Rita had been strong before, but Tiallen’s training regimen for the woman who would become one of her guards had made her former self look almost pitiful. “I’ve been trying to look for Teagan… and that lead me to here—so I want some answers!”

The elven princess snorted, rolling her eyes as she held an arm out at either side. The women laying with her quickly moved, rising up to lift their owner to her feet. While at one point there had been a resemblance between the elf and who had once owned her body, that had long since ceased to be true.

No one would see the imperious elven woman as the curvaceous, gray-eyed blonde who loved visiting antique shops. Even ignoring the tiara she wore, or her long ears, the two women looked nothing like.

Bending down, Tiallen ripped a dandelion from the ground in an agile motion before she continued to move towards the restrained brunette. “You’re looking for Teagan, are you?”

“Yes!” The brown haired woman snarled, trying to kick at Rita behind her only to find herself twisted, losing her balance before she fell to the ground on her knees. “Fuck! I’m looking for Teagan… Rita used to be her roommate… Who, or what, are you? Wearing ears like that when you aren’t at a con makes you look like you’re trying way too hard—you know that, right?”

Instead of scowling, Tiallen broke into loud laughter. Not mad laughter, or even especially unhinged, the princess sounded genuinely amused. It was enough of a shock to silence the kneeling brunette who could only glare at the laughing princess.

Tiallen stopped once she was a foot away from the kneeling woman, and lifted the dandelion in her hand. Slowly she twirled the stem, a light spreading from the nearly glowing-skin of her fingers to the yellow of the flower’s petals. “You’re fearless, even rendered so utterly impotent. While I would have a greater respect for an understanding of the seriousness of your situation, I cannot help but be impressed by your level of delusion. Humans have always had a skill for that. I’m afraid, however, that you won’t be finding Teagan here… though you also won’t be leaving.”

Brown eyes widened as the flower began to curl back into itself, squeezing tight as it seemed to be twisted shut by some unseen hand. Slowly the petals began to rise up, twisting atop the stem until the green below the petals shriveled, and the familiar site of dandelion seeds began to expand from its center. At once the petals flew away, leaving the seeds to faintly shift in the wind.

“H-how did you do that…?! That was… it was… That takes like a month or so to…” Her voice grew softer, fearful as Tiallen rose the once-flower to just before her lips.

“I could tell you, but soon? You wouldn’t need to know. You wouldn’t care. You’d even apologize for wasting my time…” Tiallen sighed, twirling the stem as her eyes hooded. “You know, I’ve heard that it’s tradition to make a wish before blowing these to the winds…? Amusing, since every time I used to do it… my wish was to make a woman like you into a helpless, obedient slave.”

After a deep breath, Tiallen let loose a strong gust of breath. At once, the many seeds that had been clinging to the center of the stem were released, flying directly at the kneeling woman’s face before she could close her eyes or try to turn away.

Her face was surrounded by spinning, twirling white that moved past her face so slowly it felt unreal, like a time lapse or as though the speed of the world was turned down impossibly slow. She felt each breath quivering through her body, each heartbeat shaking through her from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes. She stared, mystified, enchanted by the beautiful sight of the seeds as so much sunlight reflected directly into her eyes.

For Tiallen, the experience was much quicker. She blew the seeds, they drifted around the woman’s face, and she began to sway. Her every breath brought with it a moan, and her eyes fluttered as they grew heavier and heavier until they could no longer remain open.

With a final groan, the brunette thudded down onto the grass as Rita released her arms.

“You did good to bring her to me, dear. She is exactly the sort of woman I’ve been wanting to test the little artifact I’ve been working on.” Tiallen’s grin deepened as Rita shuddered, her thighs squeezing together tight from her owner’s praise. “See to it that she’s carried to my study, and strapped down tight. I want to see if I’ve been successful. It’s been so long since I’ve shown a human woman her place so… simply.”

“Of course, princess…! I will obey…!” As Rita moved to lift the woman from the ground, Tiallen motioned to one of the women who had helped Tiallen rise to her feet.

Quickly, the glass of wine was in her hand and the elven woman enjoyed a long, slow sip. Her eyes hooded. It’s always more fun to swiftly overpower a woman with some… fire to her. It’s a shame that all human women have no true desire but to serve, or I might get a greater sense of satisfaction from making them little more than helplessly obedient thralls.

Without a word to her servants, Tiallen made her way back inside from the grounds surrounding her estate. Making everything just as she wished it, enough that it reminded her of her once glory without feeling the sting, had taken time. Now, it was perfect.

Now, the large home where she lived surrounded by helplessly obedient women barely felt like a downgrade.

Her study wasn’t far, and as she moved through cabinets to find the project she’d been saving for just such an occasion Rita and another slave were binding the brunette down to a sturdy chair at the center of the room. Once her head was strapped back against the cushion behind it, Tiallen motioned them to leave and they left without a word.

After grasping out a length of leather, Tiallen moved across the room and grabbed up a daffodil resting in a nearby vase. “Now then… let’s see just how well you enjoy my little present for you. I’d normally have company for this, but in case this fails…”

Tiallen moved the petals of the daffodil under the brunette’s nose, grinning as her sensitive ears allowed her to hear the quiet sound of the woman sniffing the flower. It wasn’t long before she groaned, brown eyes lazily fluttering open before suddenly opening wide. “Wh…what happened… where am I?!”

“In my study, my lovely little experiment.” Tiallen chuckled, shaking her head as she set the daffodil back in its vase. “Still feeling sluggish? I was hoping you’d be desperately fighting with all of your might to get free. A shame, really. You don’t seem to be as feisty as I’d hoped. It isn’t often someone jumps the fence, you know. My guard doesn’t usually have a reason to show just how fast she can run, which is a shame. I like knowing she’s getting a workout.”

Brown eyes narrowed as the woman began to struggle, desperately tugging at the bonds that held her in place. “You’re sick! I don’t know what’s wrong with you to make you think this is okay, but—nnhhgk!”

“Now, now… I’m not sick at all.” Tiallen pulled a leather choker tight around the brunette’s neck, carefully adjusting it until it clung to her throat. “I’m just royalty.”

“Just how are… you… nnn… royal… what the… what’re you… doing… doing to me…?!” The brunette continued to struggle, to desperately flail as much as the bonds would allow, but her motions were already becoming slower as the leather around her neck began to glow, and a floral scent filled the room.

Tiallen stepped back, leaning against a nearby desk as her eyes scanned across the bound woman’s curves. Large enough breasts to be fun in my bed… Possibly another one to train to function as a maid… I do so love having a pair like that close at hand at all times…

Brown eyes pulsed, throbbing with a myriad colors of light as the woman screamed, and then instead began to quietly mewl, a softer and softer sound. Her tense, flailing body melted into the cushions of her chair. Her nipples rose against her t-shirt, and her thighs began to clench. Tiallen’s eyes hooded, her tongue reaching out to wet her lips.

“What am I doing...? You have a lot of nerve, asking that of your queen.” The elven princess sighed as she slowly stepped towards the groaning woman, loosening the bonds around her wrists. “The little toy around your neck is a modern recreation of a collar of submission—the kind a woman like myself would have used to teach a human woman like yourself her place without needing to go through all the effort of teaching her each individual lesson.

“Instead…” Tiallen purred, pressing a wet kiss to the brunette’s forehead after she pulled away the strap holding her head back to the chair. The moment she did, the woman’s head fell forward as she let out a tired groan. “This little toy? It takes little bits of submission and surrender from a variety of subjects, and weaves those lessons through you. Saves time, effort…

“And it tastes just as good as the real thing.”

Finally the light in the once-struggling woman’s eyes faded, and she slumped bonelessly in the chair. Her thighs continued to clench, and her hips moved uselessly, but there was no struggle as her legs were finally set free.

All of her boisterousness, her free will, her demands?


Fingers laced through her hair, effortlessly pulling her down onto the carpet right onto her knees. “You exist to serve your princess—to serve me. You have no higher purpose, and no higher calling, because none exist. You will reach under my dress, you will remove my panties, and you will make me cum to show how broken and worthless your mind has become for any other task. Now.”

“Y-yess… my princess…” When the brown eyed woman spoke, her voice sounded so much quieter than before. “I will obey… I will serve you… please you. It is the reason I exist…”

Unlike before, it was not rage that fueled her. All that remained was lust, a lust so soft and fragile that the force of the elven woman’s voice was enough to take complete control of her mind. Without hesitation her arms lifted from her sides, reaching under Tiallen’s skirt to pull away her panties before she began to kiss up along the inside of her thigh.

The elven princess moaned, her eyes fluttering as she arched towards each touch. “Good little pet…! Mm… It’s been so long since I’ve had the pleasure of so quickly teaching a woman that her place is not to question me… MMm… and those skills transferred, too…!”

Each flick of the now broken woman’s tongue against her clit moved with the skills of the women she’d trained with her own body night after night. The hands squeezing at her ass, kneading in a familiar rhythm, were falling into the same pattern of touches that Tiallen desired. There was no learning the touch of a new slave, only the pleasure of savoring her favored way of being fucked.

After waking up so pleasantly with her pets at her beck and call, enjoying her fun in the bath, and nearly taking a slave amidst breakfast, the pleasure she’d had basking in the sun, and the wine, made it a simple matter of no longer holding back.

Tiallen came, screaming as her lust flowed down over the kneeling woman’s face. “Ooohh… Yes… Yes, you are definitely ending up in my bedroom… and perhaps on a leash, so that I might keep you close to me far, far more often…!” Laughter and moans filled the air as the kneeling woman continued to lick and suck, thoughtlessly squeezing at her owner’s ass as she savored the pleasure of obedience.

Nothing about her day was out of the ordinary. Tiallen had successfully tested a recreation of an old technique, but she’d been fairly confident it would work.

All in all, her life was the simple, mundane life of Elven royalty.

That was just the way she preferred to live.

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