Elven Mundanity

Chapter 1: An Ordinary Day

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #casual_enslavement #conversion #elves #exhibitionism #magic #plants #urban_fantasy

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Note: This story is a sequel to my story "Elven Superiority" which you can find on Smashwords or Amazon.

Chapter 1: An Ordinary Day

Tiallen purred, slowly drawn out of her slumber as the light from a nearby window reached out across her canopy bed. A gauzy white hung both over the bedframe and the window, softening the light until it possessed an almost dreamlike quality. By the time the elven princess began to awaken the room was already dimly lit with the golden light of the sun without being unpleasantly bright.

Royalty, especially reborn Elven royalty, deserved nothing less.

It was a large bed, wide and long, with plenty of room for the Elven lady to stretch in any way she might desire. It was also more than large enough for her to share that bed, though it might be a misrepresentation to imply that Tiallen shared anything at all. When she awoke her arms were around another woman, possessively clinging to her as one might to a body pillow.

Moans rose from the woman’s throat as Tiallen’s nails slid down along the woman’s back, coming to rest at the curves of her ass where she sank in her nails and began to lazily squeeze. “Mmm while I have taken a liking to some of this era’s music? I don’t think I will ever desire to wake to sounds other than the cries of my obedient little toys. I might be tempted to ask you what you thought about that, but… who would be so silly as to ponder what a human might think, mmm?”

“Mmmooohhh…” Kiera quivered. Her green eyes fluttered. Her curly brown hair was strewn across the bed as she arched into her owner’s hand. “Y-yess, my princess… No one would care what a human would think. Humans exist to please their Elven betters…”

Tiallen’s eyes hooded, her lips rubbing together before she pushed Kiera onto her back, and leaned down to suck a nipple into her mouth. Nails that had before been pressing into Kiera’s ass dimpled into her breasts, squeezing roughly before the elven princess pulled back with a loud, satisfying pop.

Behind Tiallen another woman stirred, moaning as she shifted closer and began to rub her naked body against Tiallen’s bare back. The elven woman’s eyes fluttered, rolling back into her head as she shifted to savor the woman’s warm skin against her own.

Nothing that transpired was unusual, or even rare for any of the women involved. Kiera didn’t even whine with need to try earning more pleasure from her owner’s touch. She knew just what she was to expect, and knew better than to demand more than her princes would grant her. Lust glistened on Kiera’s thighs, but she waited patiently to see if more was coming, or if she had already relished all of her owner’s touch that she would for the morning.

“Good girl…” Tiallen spoke, and the woman behind her shuddered. Her eyes rolled back into her head, pressing her hard nipples more forcefully into the princess’s back. “One thing I will give humans? You are remarkably good at taking to being trained…”

“Yes, princess…!” Both of the women moaned in unison as the elven woman quietly laughed.

Basking in her own magnificence, Tiallen squirmed between the naked skin behind her and in front of her, idly nipping and kissing beside Kiera’s stiff nipple as her ass pressed back against the waist of the woman behind her. Her pets moaned and pressed into every touch without arching too eagerly. The last thing either of them wanted to do was to seem presumptuous.

Tiallen gave precisely as much pleasure to her toys as she intended. Both had been trained very quickly to not presume otherwise.

After a short time of licking, nibbling, and grinding, Tiallen pulled back and fluttered her eyes. “Mmm… I think it’s time for a bath. Have one prepared for us, mm…?” Tiallen’s nails dug deeper into Kiera’s breasts, earning another louder, sharper cry as the blonde behind her reached over and rang a small bell attached to the bed. Though the mechanism looked archaic, the sweet chime pleased Tiallen and it served its function. Nothing else mattered. “Good girl. I so enjoy not needing to rise from my bed until the water is prepared. It wouldn’t do for me to grow cold or impatient…”

“You deserve anything and everything your heart desires…!” The blonde behind Tiallen moaned into her ear, slowly stroking her hands along her sovereign’s sides until they reached her thighs where they felt along the contours to find themselves on either side of where they met. “Anything… or anyone. You’re so much wiser, so much more powerful…”

Wet lips pressed slowly along the long, pointed ears that emerged from her dark hair. The closest ordinary color one could compare it to would be black, but black hair didn’t seem to darken the room around someone, much less make their already luminous skin seem to glow that much more. While Tiallen’s body may have at one point been that of the ordinary, if quite busty human woman Teagan, she was now something quite entirely different.

She was now impossible to mistake for someone as mundane and ordinary as Teagan.

Waiting for her bath to be prepared was much easier when she had a woman at her back, and a woman under her. Digging her nails into Kiera’s breasts, nibbling at her nipples, even reaching down to stroke her fingers down along her slave’s slick folds as another woman—name already forgotten—felt along her own.

“The wisest… the most powerful, the most…” The bell rang again, and Tiallen grinned, her eyes hooding low. “Oh my… it seems like it’s time for a bath. Wait for me here, pets. I’ll send for you, or… you’ll have a nice morning in here.”

“Yeessss, princess…!” Her pets moaned as they slumped uselessly onto the bed, nestling down into the plush bed. No longer needed, their minds fell into the standard pattern of drifting into a state much like a waking sleep. Tiallen didn’t spare them a second thought, leaving the naked, teased women to quiver alone on the bed as she made her way out of the bedroom nearly at the very moment where it filled completely with bright sunlight.

Before long, the elegant elven princess made her way to the nearby bathroom. Waiting for her was a tall, slender slave with glassy eyes. Beside her, was a large, claw-foot tub full of warm, soapy water. The sweet smell of flowers filled the air from the various bottles added to the bathwater before Tiallen’s arrival.

As she approached the tub, Tiallen allowed her gaze to linger on the woman who had prepared it. Her coppery skin was without tan lines, but decorated with wispy, platinum body paint that Tiallen had applied herself. Shining lines emphasized the shape of her breasts, and drew the eye down her body to the full, puffy lips between her legs that were flushed with visible arousal. Her thighs shuddered and twitched as though they could feel Tiallen’s eyes moving possessively along her slit.

The Elven woman’s presence was so strong that her gaze alone made her toys shudder and twitch. Being close to her was intoxicating, and she visibly reveled in their surrender. It was their place to surrender, and her place to rule.

“Attend to me… Mmm it’s a lovely, sunny day… and I think that I’ll be spending some of it outside…” Tiallen lowered herself gracefully into the water, her luminous skin glistening beautifully as she rose back up a moment later. “Some things are too beautiful to allow them to go to waste—or for someone such as myself to not take full advantage of them. Things… such as yourself. I really am spoiled with such lovely women in my service…”

“Y-yes, princess…! We’re the ones spoiled… To behold your beauty… to revel in your presence…” Shuddering, the bathslave moved to lift up a bar of freshly unwrapped soap, wet hands lathering before they reached out to massage along Tiallen’s shoulders. “Thank you, princess…!”

“Mmm… Good girl…! I might have you in my bed next week. You have such lovely hands…” Tiallen’s eyes fluttered as she savored the woman’s fingers so deftly massaging along her bare skin.

Keeping some women so soft, knowing no work or effort greater than that of smoothly caressing along her own skin, was an indulgence Tiallen adored more than few others. Though to some it might have seemed as though she pampered those women, barely even allowed to feed themselves lest the skin of their fingers gain enough roughness to feel, their comfort only existed for their owner. Their smoothness only existed for their owner.

Just as they were not allowed any activities that might have stolen the qualities she desired, they were allowed such few activities at all. Kept perpetually half asleep, their lives were little more than obedient acts that granted them more pleasure and fulfillment than they could have hoped to feel as free women.

The price was existing only for Tiallen’s pleasure.

Like carnelian against the finest white silk, fingers lifted Tiallen’s breasts, lavishing them with slow, tender affection as soap rubbed away at the past day’s sweat and grime. The elven princess moaned, slowly leaning back her head as her eyes slowly fluttered. “Mmm… yes… like that, pet… Slow… soft… Mmm there’s no rush. After all, this is your entire purpose today… You only exist to make my skin smooth and clean, to make my day lovelier and fulfilled. It’s the least that I’m owed after being locked away in that tiara for so long…”

“Ohh… Yes, princess…! I live to do all that I can to make up for your losses, and your harsh, long imprisonment…” She moaned, trembling as the pleasure of slowly stroking soap along her princess’s stiff nipples shuddered down along her spine. “Everything we can do to please you, to enhance your smallest moment… that is why we exist…!”

Tiallen laughed, a low, tired laugh that mingled with quivering moans as her slave continued to stroke so slowly along her skin. It was a touch she’d been taught to give, lingering over her most sensitive places, teasing the curves of her breasts, and then feeling down along her body without missing a single place. Taking the time to teach her women how to touch her body, how to lose more of themselves and prioritize her own preferences, her own desires, were some of Tiallen’s favorite activities.

Humans were so good at being trained even if it could be such a bad idea to leave one to their own devices.

Soon fingers were stroking along her thighs, and Tiallen was groaning as her arms stroked along the side of the tub. Every caress was directed to send tingles deep within her sex, bringing Tiallen a deeper, warmer euphoria as her hips shifted and squirmed under the trained touch. At any moment, Tiallen knew she could command the woman to fulfill her, to use her hands or mouth or any other part of her body to bring the peak of pleasure, and with that knowledge it was even sweeter to soak in the warm water and feel her body burn with yearning.

When she was ready, what she wanted was only a motion or a word away. Knowing that made it so simple to deny that gratification, and revel in the simmering pleasure that felt almost dreamlike.

If I simply wanted to cum, I could have cum in bed… on my way to the bath… and then here, again. To truly have the greatest of experiences, to relish only the most perfect moments…

Tiallen grinned as her moans deepened, and her body squirmed more insistently. In quiet, calm moments it was easiest to feel how completely she’d supplanted Teagan, and it was impossible to not find her clit tingling in selfish delight. All that she could possibly want was at her fingertips, and if it wasn’t, then changing that was all too simple.

“Mm… good girl… but I think that’s enough in that particular spot. I trust my meal is been prepared…?”

“Ohh, yes princess…!” Her bath slave stroked tenderly along the length of her legs, massaging soap and oils into her skin with as much reverence as she held for earning her lady’s moans. “It will be ready before you’ve been dried… perfectly to your desires. Your servants know no pleasure but your pleasure, no bliss but fulfilling your every single need…!”

Laughter dripped past the elven woman’s lips again. Hearing the children of women who had once rebelled against her dominion express such devotion was perhaps the sweetest part of her new life.

While given the choice Tiallen would rather have never lost her former dominance, much less spent so long trapped away from the world at large, there were special pleasures she would never have felt without such a downfall. Emphasizing them in her mind, relishing the way that those pains only lead to greater pleasures… Small things made a life of paradise and bliss that much more lovely.

It’s only too bad that having such lofty ambitions now might well work against my happiness lasting quite as long as I should like. No… as much fun as it might be, and as possible as it might be for me to take on that level of control again, even simply on my own… times have changed. My rightful place is above them… but why take responsibility for all of them…?

Tiallen smirked, her smooth, pale lips curling devilishly as she arched into her pet’s exquisite touch. Living as a predator hidden away on a private estate with large open grounds suited her just fine. There was no need for a throne.

Then she might need to care about global day-to-day minutia. Tiallen rather enjoyed being a princess—not a queen.

For minutes she writhed under her servant’s touch until all of her skin tingled blissfully. She half-slept through her hair being delicately shampooed, her scalp lovingly massaged with touches that knew just when to graze with a nail for a light shudder, and when to press harder to earn a low groan. Her mind wandered through possibilities for her day as her body hummed in a state of arousal that felt no insistence.

Yes, lounging in the sun, perhaps with a girl or two… Just enjoying myself… Tiallen sighed. The best things in life are the things that allow you to do nothing but that which brings you pleasure… and to do nothing else.

“Mmm… I feel very clean, dear… I think that I will enjoy my meal now. Help me up…?” Tiallen cracked open an eye, looking up to the servant who stood above her, washing the shampoo from her hair. “You’ve done an excellent job… You’ll definitely be in my bed next week… at my back, your hands… everywhere I want them.”

“O-ohh… thank you, my princess…!” She shuddered, helping her lady to stand before moving to grasp a nearby towel, slowly wiping away the slick, scented water that slid along her every perfect curve. “It will be my pleasure…”

Tiallen laughed again, her eyes hooding low as she savored the soft caress of the luxuriously fluffy towel as it dried her skin. “It will be, dear… Perhaps I’ll even give you a name befitting your role as an Elf’s toy. You know, I’ve forgotten what it was before you were mine. Michelle? Nicole? No matter… Those are names for human women, nothing befitting a doll… I think I’ll call you… Goldstone. Your skin, it reminds me of a lovely goldstone I once possessed…”

Bliss shuddered through her bathslave’s body at the rare pleasure. “O-oh thank you…! Goldstone will savor the gift of a proper name …!”

“I know you will.” Tiallen purred. “That’s what I trained you to do.”

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