Eleanor Asher in: The Telepathically Irresistible Lesbian Queen of the Alien Planet

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #aliens #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #telepathic_control #D/s #dom:female #drones #scifi #sub:female

Eleanor’s dimensional hopping has earned her a place in a crew traveling through the stars, but it’s what she finds down on an alien world that will truly make this hop memorable…

Eleanor Asher in: The Telepathically Irresistible Lesbian Queen of the Alien Planet

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Eleanor had to admit to herself that things would be worse in the brig. I can’t believe that this is my first time aboard a space ship, I’m even a member of the crew… but it’s only because of an engine accident and because most of the people onboard can’t even read. This isn’t fair. At all.

It was much better than scrubbing down every surface on the ship, but Eleanor didn’t even want to consider that. The Expedition was a large craft even if the ships complement was currently less than a hundred people. Since the only two things this earth’s space farers cared about was finding new planets to settle, or new resources to strip mine, there was one thing that all of their ships had in abundance: cargo space. Colonists were technically people, but their accommodations made Eleanor believe they weren’t seen that way by the Terran High Command.

She adjusted her black-framed glasses and brushed away some of the dirty blonde hair away from her lenses as she idly watched the computer report on engine status. The workstation where she sat should have looked like any other—solid gray metal, a small but surprisingly high resolution screen that was remarkably easy to read, and simple controls that weren’t any more complicated than a keyboard with a few switches for good measure.

The big difference was that her workstation was charred and blackened.

When the engine had suffered instability, the first thing to go had naturally been the station that could have warned anyone about it. The irony wasn’t lost on Eleanor, nor was the idea that once again it seemed Earth science had forgotten the definition of the term ‘failsafe’ and instead of additional safety precautions going into effect, the Expedition had simply been more vulnerable and unaware of the larger problem at hand.

Nope, telling myself that I’d be a janitor if their technology made more sense doesn’t make me feel any better. I’d rather be scrubbing down a bulkhead than working at a station that exploded less than a month ago. Eleanor quivered, shaking her head. Doesn’t exactly instill confidence…

As she watched the same read out give the same report again, and again, and again, Eleanor’s mind drifted to when she’d first arrived aboard the Expedition. It wasn’t exactly the most fun time to remember, but it was mildly more interesting to recall than “Status: Normal” or “Course and speed unchanged.” Even if some sort of societal collapse in this dimension hadn’t caused a drop in literacy, Eleanor found it easy to imagine that when even a space ship only had such little to say and it was someone’s job to simply watch it all day long? Reading might become devalued.

The last world she’d been on had been a fairly ordinary version of Earth except for the pink sky, the weird accent that everyone seemed to have, and that the entire planet seemed to be a swamp. She’d appeared in one of the Expedition’s cargo holds surrounded by muck and dirt. She’d been on her way to meet up with a friend she’d made, a woman named Tammy, and suddenly she was in the middle of a large metal beast.

Eleanor had quickly found herself swarmed by the ship’s security, shoved into a small room, and had so much tech strapped to her that the idea of getting away with a single lie felt nearly impossible. It had been more than a little terrifying to explain her strange dimensionally-displaced situation, but the circumstances of her arrival helped the captain believe her.

The Expedition was in deep space, far away from any nearby outpost. Apparently the ship’s sensors weren’t capable of detecting life forms, but they were very good at detecting weight. If she’d stowed away at the last port, along with a chunk of swampland, Eleanor was told that would have been noticed far sooner than when they’d found her looking confused in their cargo bay. Falling under the jurisdiction of the Terran High Command still labeled her arrival as that of a stow-away, but the captain, a serious, older woman named Elizabeth, was willing to be reasonable.

The brig, or janitorial work. When they’d found out she could read, and they were in need of a new safety inspector, Eleanor had been given a quick promotion. Technically, she was a junior officer—even if she was the lowest ranking junior officer aboard the ship.

I always imagined that being a junior officer would mean running around in a starchy uniform and then relaxing in a holographic simulation of a beach covered with beautiful women in various states of undress. This feels like a rip off. Eleanor sighed, shaking her head to clear away her fantasy. She wasn’t sure if the uniform of a short skirt was something she’d want to wear, but it looked nice in her fantasies for all of the other women she’d be working with.

At the moment she wasn’t wearing anything terribly exciting. It was a jumpsuit, a plain gray jumpsuit that said “engineering” in red across her chest. The way it hugged her full hips was certainly flattering, but it was more designed for function than form. It was the same uniform worn by all of the women in her section of the ship.

That wasn’t something she’d minded at all. Watching her supervisor Lana walk away with that tight gray jumpsuit squeezing her supple rear when she left Eleanor to her own devices made their interactions much more pleasant. Somehow, the fabric just seemed to squeeze just so—         

“Midshipman Asher!”

“Aye Aye Ma’am!” Eleanor sat up straight, raising her hand to her head in a simple salute. “Engine status is normal! Course and speed remain unchanged, ma’am!”

Military discipline wasn’t something Eleanor enjoyed, or had much in the way of experiencing. The Expedition had been quick to change that. As much as she’d prefer to wisecrack and joke around about her current situation no one appreciated it at all.

She’d been treated leniently, but no matter how understanding they’d been the threat of the brig wasn’t any more pleasant. She’d already experienced the harsh lights of their interrogation room once. The idea that there might be something more corrective if she didn’t behave wasn’t something Eleanor was interested in learning firsthand.

Unless it was the captain teaching her, or her supervisor, or the sexy lieutenant who was currently addressing her. Then she could see that being fun. Oh I’ve been such a bad girl, Jenna…

Lieutenant Jenna Scott was taller than Eleanor, with deep brown hair and a permanent, serious expression. She had a slender, athletic build, and her ass looked so tight and firm in the black jumpsuit she wore as an officer in the ship’s security detachment. Even if she looked lanky, there was no doubt that she could easily overpower Eleanor. In an instant if she wanted to.

Unfortunately for Eleanor, she had quickly discovered that the good lieutenant was straight. She’d learned this from another member of the crew rather than through any blunder of her own, but that didn’t do much for her crush. If anything, it just made things worse.

Stupid sexy straight girls… Why do they still have to be sexy when I’m trapped out in space and could really use some personal attention?

“At ease!” The lieutenant gave a quick salute, and Eleanor let out a sigh of relief as she fell into the closest thing to a ‘slump’ she could in the officer’s presence. “Soon we will be nearing a planet that High Command would like to assess. You and I have been assigned to visit the surface. Be dressed in a hazardous environment suit and in the starboard launch bay at fifteen-hundred hours.”

“Yes ma’am! Fifteen-hundred hours!” Eleanor resisted the urge to squeal with delight. Even if that sounded dangerous, she would take a bit of mild danger over the same two messages coming up on screen again and again.

What might have been a punishment in any other circumstance only felt like an opportunity that might finally stave off her boredom. The lieutenant wasn’t likely to lighten up to her, or suddenly discover her love for the fairer sex, but Eleanor could handle that. After all, she’d been handling it for long enough without much of a problem.

The lieutenant gave Eleanor a curt nod, and turned on her feet before she exited the engineering bay. Blue eyes peered out from behind black framed glasses, watching the lieutenant’s powerful legs walking her firm glutes away. Eleanor let out a dreamy sigh.

A quick glance at the console in front of her let the impatient woman know that it was only noon—another three hours before she’d be exploring a strange new alien world. That experience wasn’t new. Eleanor was already losing track of how many strange new worlds she’d visited.

What she was looking forward to was time with Lieutenant Jenna Scott and her magnificent ass.

“You’re late, midshipman.” Jenna frowned. She was no longer dressed in the simple black jumpsuit, but was wearing a slick, shiny black hazardous environment suit. It consisted of chitonous plates over a thick mesh bodysuit that fit her like a second skin. The plates covered much of her body, but the mesh, even if thick, was still a lovely sight to see everywhere it peeked out. “You were informed to be here at fifteen-hundred hours. That was fifteen minutes ago.”

Eleanor was panting, out of breath from running down the corridor as quickly as she could. “Yes ma’am! I mean ma’am, yes, ma’am!” She bent nearly in half, hands on her knees before she rose up, legs together, hand at her forehead in a stiff, awkward salute.

“Why are you late? Was there a problem in the engine room?” Lieutenant Scott began to slowly walk around Eleanor, looking down at her suspiciously. Eleanor tried to look away from her, even when she was behind her. “Is there any problem!”

“No, ma’am! I simply had… trouble getting into the hazardous environment suit! It’s my first time wearing one and it was very… it’s a very… snug fit…!”

The bodysuit hadn’t much appreciated her full thighs, her wide hips, or her own rear curves. It hadn’t much cared for her breasts either. They were hardly the largest pair on the ship, but it wasn’t hard to see the difference between her and Jenna.

For a moment it looked like Jenna was going to begin berating her, citing some military code or otherwise reminding her of her many responsibilities. Eleanor tried not to wince, her cheeks already burning. She wanted to play it up, to give the other woman a reason to chastise her—but not in these circumstances. They’d be down on an unknown world together, and then they’d be back aboard the same ship for who knew how long. Antagonizing a superior officer on such a strict ship sounded like the absolute worst idea.

It didn’t seem likely to come with spankings, or punishment in the form of showing her regret via oral sex.

“Very well, midshipman. The captain expects a full report, so let’s not keep her waiting any more than we already have.” Jenna motioned for Eleanor to follow her, and they moved into the small, cramped space of the transport. “Strap yourself in. This ride may be a little bumpy. The atmosphere is giving unusual readings, but that might indicate valuable resources.”

“Yes ma’am!” Eleanor lowered herself into the surprisingly comfortable chair, clicking the seatbelt into place. It took all of her self control to not snicker at the word ‘strap’ coming from the lieutenant.

I’ll take your strap any time, Jenna, just saaaay the word…

After a brief pre-flight sequence, and a quick communication with the captain, the two were on their way down to the planet. The transport shook as they moved down to land in a small clearing near a lush jungle.

Neither of them had any way of noticing as their mothership, without communication, continued along their previous course. The ship was far too high above the atmosphere to be visible, and the two were busy preparing their instruments for the long, arduous trek across the planet to make sure nothing valuable or noteworthy was missed.

Eleanor grinned as the lieutenant bent over to lift up the power pack for her scanning device. “I could scan those for hours…”

“What was that, Asher?” Jenna slowly stood, looking behind herself with a raised brow.

“Oh! I was just saying that this scan could take hours even with this equipment, but I can handle it, lieutenant!” Eleanor’s blush burned so bright she was half surprised her face hadn’t caught fire. She hadn’t meant to say that thought out loud, but she was glad that from the look on Jenna’s face it seemed she hadn’t actually heard anything at all. That, or the other woman didn’t want their long trek to be any less pleasant and was throwing Eleanor a bone.

Once they were both prepared, Jenna lead the way outside of the small transport, and pressed several buttons on its exterior to lock the door behind them. “Alright, be sure to stay close, and keep an eye out for anything that seems unfriendly.”

“Yes ma’am!” Eleanor saluted again, and the two began to move away from the jungle, their scanning devices held high.

Deep underground, glowing pink eyes hooded as their owner patiently waited.

For a long time there was nothing much for either woman to do but walk, and make sure their scanning equipment was working properly. Their technology was advanced, but not so advanced that the data they were collecting was being analyzed while they were gathering it. That would need to be done either back at the transport, or back aboard the Expedition that neither knew was no longer waiting for them. Contact was not required, or necessary—and likely would have been impossible unless they were within the transport itself.

I really wish I knew if we were finding anything. Eleanor’s face twisted as she slowly waved the small device in her hand around. It wasn’t necessary—their walk was giving it all the range it needed—but it was one of the few ways she felt like she were actively doing something. Quartz, radium, platinum… This land seems pretty arable, but maybe only for alien plants…

“Asher, hold your position!” Jenna slowly lowered her scanning equipment to the ground as she reached for her weapon. “I hear something!”

They were standing right beside each other, the only humans (as far as they had any right to expect) on the entire planet. Still the lieutenant was being stiff and military. Eleanor nodded, looking around anxiously. The device in her hand wouldn’t tell her if there were signs of life nearby. All it could do was tell her if she needed to move in any direction to get a better scan.

It might have been an effective technology, but it didn’t seem to have any more faith in her than the console she’d been sitting at before she’d left. She tried not to feel an increasing feeling of dread, but it was very difficult when she started to hear that movement, too.

Not very loud, but that didn’t make it any better. A snake could be quiet and deadly. An elephant could be large and peaceful.

Eleanor tried to control her breathing with deep, slow breaths. You’re on a strange alien world. The atmosphere is breathable. There’s no reason to suspect intelligent life. Earth is likely to be one of the first places in the universe capable of sustaining—

“Hail, travelers. Welcome! We mean you no harm.”

A voice from behind drew the attention of both Jenna and Eleanor as they quickly turned to see a woman emerging from the ground. She had skin that was a purplish blue, turning green at the far ends of her extremities. This included the bulbous ends of the five tentacles hanging off of her head, but not her long, pointed ears. She dressed light, wearing very little in the way of translucent garments that made it easy to see that the glowing shapes on her face were the same as those down across her body, including between her breasts, and below their lower curves.

Wow! Eleanor stared, fascinated. The crew of the Expedition insisted that there was no sentient life in the galaxy, but this seemed to put that into question. She’s got more than just a different nose or a slightly strange forehead…! She looks so… alien! She doesn’t even have any hair! Her thoughts briefly paused …Well I guess right now I’m the alien, but it’s not like I think that’s a bad thing to be…

Jenna kept her hand on her gun, seeming to question raising it to a more defensive posture. That thought diminished as more aliens of the same species as the woman who first addressed them began to pour out of other, nearby tunnels. Somehow, they had cultivated the planet in such a way as to make it simple for them to rise to the surface in great numbers very quickly. The two women were quickly surrounded, and it would be hard for either of them to be sure by how many—or how many more lurked underground.

While the woman who addressed them was alien, it was clear she possessed some degree of intelligence. Her eyes looked so inhuman, almost seeming to glow as she spoke, but she carried herself in a way that looked familiar. The many that surrounded them, looking of the same species, looked different.

They all stood ramrod straight once they emerged from the ground. Their expressions were flat compared to the expressive look their leader wore. They were all dressed identically.

Seeing the large force surrounding them, Jenna slowly lowered her weapon, and replaced it at her hip before she rose her hands above her head. “Greetings! I am Lieutenant—”

“Jenna Scott of the Expedition here to survey the planet for the Terran High Command.” The woman interrupted her, and by the look on her face, completed her sentence. She spoke perfect, unaccented English. “Yes. I know. And yes, I know you are Eleanor Asher. You will accompany us and visit our queen. The drones will carry your things.” The alien woman smiled, an expression of pure amusement and delight. “Do you understand?”

Before either woman could consider what this new information meant, or how to respond, their lips began to move without any input from the two human women.

“Yes, princess. I understand.”

Eleanor’s cheeks turned a bright pink. How… What…? I didn’t want to say that but I just… oh. Wow. That… that was a rush… She couldn’t even deny to herself the way that the alien’s control made her pussy burn between her thighs. The hazardous environment suit made it hard for her thighs to squeeze together in any way that would be called satisfying, but that didn’t stop her from trying.

Jenna made no such reaction, but she did stiffen after the brief moment of manipulation. She opened her mouth to say something else, but seemed to think better of it. Eleanor and Jenna’s eyes met, and they shared a meaningful glance.

“You lack even primitive mental communication, but both of you wish to convey something else with your stare… and neither of you are anywhere close to understanding it. Intriguing.” The princess made a sound like rolling an ‘r’ at the back of her throat, her eyes opening wider. “You, Eleanor, cannot seem to stop feeling lust towards your crewmate. Jenna, you merely wish to communicate caution. Our queen will be most pleased to meet you, and you will be most pleased to meet her, won’t you, travelers?”

“Yes, princess. We will be most pleased to meet her!”

Before they had both spoken their words in a dry monotone. This time, as the alien compelled them to speak, their voices were both filled with an eager zealousness made more so by the feeling of a hand cupping their chin, and another wispily stroking between their thighs in just the right way to spread pleasure shuddering through their bodies.

To both of them the hand at their chin felt strong, inescapable. For Jenna, this inspired a feeling of loyalty and strict military protocol. For Eleanor, this teased at her libido, making her writhe in submissive bliss.

The feelings cut past her typically bratty exterior, the woman’s eyes hooding behind her glasses as she found herself wondering just how physically compatible she was with this alien species. She can read our minds, and control our bodies…? What was that feeling…?
            “You are not at risk, lieutenant. Our queen will not wish to harm you. In fact, you will be her honored guest.” The alien princess took a strange expression for a moment, before it softened into a smile. “As for you, Eleanor? I believe our Queen will most enjoy you. You are enjoying my presence inside of you, and you continue to think such lustful thoughts. Is your species all so xenophillic?”

Eleanor quivered, her thighs squeezing together tighter. There was no malice in the alien princess’s voice, but there was no shortage of amusement. Either she doesn’t understand what she was doing with her words…? Or she doesn’t care… But it’s not my fault that she’s sexy and can make me say whatever she wants me to say!

When Eleanor looked up to Jenna, as if for permission, the lieutenant nodded. She didn’t exactly look pleased, frowning down at the smaller woman, but it was hard to imagine anyone in her situation would be wearing a calm or pleasant expression. “There’s no reason in holding back if she can read your thoughts, midshipman Asher.” Jenna emphasized her title, and Eleanor had no doubt she understood exactly what the other woman was trying to do. She couldn’t make their situation, or her lack of interest in Eleanor’s sexual desires, any more clear.

“N-not all of us, princess…? Do you want me to call you princess? That sounds a little haughty but—” Eleanor stopped as Jenna hissed. After a moment of shy laughter, she continued. “Princess! Anyway, some of my species enjoys… would enjoy? Beings like you? We are a complicated species—which I’m sure yours is, too!”

“You are a most bizarre species, with a mating drive that is so high even while you worry that you are in great risk. Are you that quick at expanding your numbers?” When the princess spoke again, her tone began neutral… but then subtly shifted. Eleanor felt something strange in her mind, something impossible to describe as more than a tingle. By the time the princess was done speaking, her tone was mocking. “Ah, I see you are unable to even breed with the lieutenant, and yet your drive for her is not diminished. You are a most advanced species after all, aren’t you?”

Eleanor tried not to blush, but failed. Somehow the princess’s tone was just right, the most perfect pitch and flow, to make her feel so small and shy. All she could do was nod and stare down at the ground, hoping that Jenna wasn’t staring at her with a frustrated expression.

She was, but at least Eleanor didn’t have to see it.

“Very interesting… You will come with us now. Further questions will wait until we arrive before our Queen.” The princess walked back into the hole where she’d emerged.

Neither human had a chance to react before they felt something like a collar around their neck tugging them along. Nothing moved towards them, but both could feel a gag, large, immovable, shoved into their mouths.

Their eyes met again, but Jenna’s quickly narrowed and Eleanor looked away as they marched down the tunnel that lead to a lone stone corridor lined with strange machines made of stone. Blue and yellow designs were written across them, and Eleanor couldn’t tell if they were painted, carved, or both. It was hard to stop and investigate when the longer she walked, the more she felt not just tugged, but her legs moving on their own, and her arms swaying on their own, too.

Great! What luck! I’ve humiliated myself in front of Jenna. I’ve humiliated myself in front of an alien species during their first contact with humanity. This may be my most embarrassing dimension yet. I think I’m going to call this place ‘Disaster Dimension #1’.

Eleanor could do nothing to stop her body as it moved not fluidly outside of her control, but purposefully. It wasn’t the same perfect rhythm, not like she were controlled by a machine, but as though something were reaching inside of her and commanding the exact movements of her body. It was imprecise, but it wasn’t so sloppy as to cause her to either fall or have a clumsy gait.

The tunnel seemed to go on forever, but a sweet scent began to fill the tunnel, or at least it began to fill Eleanor’s mind. It wasn’t quite like anything she’d smelled before. It was musky, and erotic, and smelling it made it hard for her to keep her eyes open, harder to keep her thighs from rubbing together.

Mmm… She inhaled it deeper, quivering at the way it made her body feel weaker, easier for those movements outside of her control to carry her along. I don’t know if there’s something here, or if she’s just in my mind, but it… it feels nice…

The princess didn’t respond, and the many others that followed said nothing at all.

Eleanor wasn’t sure how long she felt her body being walked into the cave before she started to fall asleep even as she walked. It wasn’t an unpleasant feeling, and much like a long car ride it didn’t seem like falling asleep would make it take any longer to arrive. She tried to resist whatever presence controlled her body, but found it did so very little. She couldn’t even make her hips sway or drag her feet. She was utterly under the physical control of the princess.

A moment after Eleanor fell unconscious, sleepwalking under the control of the alien princess, Jenna’s eyes fell shut. They both continued to move, stumbling forward without thought or concern. “That’s right. Sleep… humans… The queen will enjoy observing your reactions, and if you please her, she may keep you as her pets…”

None of the other aliens said a single word. They all walked much the same as Eleanor or Jenna, but with less of the lethargic, slackened posing. Instead they marched with a more militaristic repetition of steps, as if learned by many long years of practice.

Jenna would have been impressed, if she weren’t as unconscious as Eleanor.

“Welcome to my throne room, Eleanor, Lieutenant.” A powerful woman spoke with a voice commanding and charismatic in a way no other voice had ever sounded before.

Eleanor’s consciousness returned all at once with startling clarity. It wasn’t as if she’d fallen asleep and then awoken. It was more as if parts of her brain had been disabled, and then enabled once they were once again useful. She had no idea how long she’d been unconscious, comatose, or however else she should describe that sensation. She only knew that now she was back, and she was in someplace very important.

Another woman who looked nearly identical to the princess lounged atop a throne. It was carved from stone, with more yellow-and-blue in the form of a cushion behind the queen, and some symbol at its apex. The woman wore even less than the princess, merely jewelry. Though she was so naked, so exposed, she did not look objectified as she lounged across her throne.

Instead she looked commanding—powerful. Her expression was one of scrutiny and amusement both.

Either side of the chamber were lined with other aliens, wearing nothing, and looking more subservient for it. Their heads were downcast, their backs arched, their legs spread apart. They look more like decoration than actual people… I think the princess called them ‘drones’…? That seems like a pretty rude way to talk about your own people but—

“It is not rude to call a drone what it is, Eleanor.” Pink rose to Eleanor’s cheeks again, and the queen sneered. “Oh yes! My princess was correct. That feeling is intriguing. Had you forgotten I can read your thoughts? Mm. Yes. Your species has such short memories.”

Jenna faintly shook her head as if trying to clear her thoughts, or attempting to adapt to her sudden awareness. “What are you going to d—”

“Do with us? Are you their queen?” The queen chuckled, slowly nodding. “I can read your mind, too. It’s so regimented. That makes it easier… but less interesting. You’re not as dull as a drone, but I don’t think you’ll be the real prize from this incursion. Yes, I am your queen, Lieutenant. I refer to you as such because you identify with it more than the name Jenna, and honoring your hierarchical structure, as irrelevant as it will be for the rest of your life, is entertaining. From now on, the only hierarchy that matters is that of drones, princesses, and queens.”

Eleanor’s mind raced with the new information, trying desperately to file it all away. Only part of it was because she didn’t want to be accused of a short memory again. The mystery before her was fascinating enough without such motivation.

Drones… princesses… queens…! That’s so… interesting! I wonder what we—

“My princess can control both of you without effort. That makes you drones.” The queen answered Eleanor’s thoughts again, making her blush deepen more. “Mm. It is so easy to earn that response, but soon we will need to see just how intense it can become. Princesses command drones, but only at the pleasure of their queen. You will never need to worry about not knowing something, Eleanor. You will be taught what I wish you to know. You will do what I wish you to do. You now exist to please your queen.”

“If you want me to please you, it’s going to take a little more effort than—I want to give you shit so you show me how little I resist you! Being controlled by your powers turns me on!” Eleanor squeaked, covering her mouth as her cheeks flushed yet more.

As much as she might have wanted to deny those words, she knew how meaningless that would be. It was clear that the aliens could read their thoughts without any real effort. It had happened to Jenna just as it had happened to Eleanor. Trying to deny that she wanted to be a brat just to feel the queen overwhelm her had no chance for success. All she could do was squirm at how exposed she felt while so many alien eyes watched her squirm.

Jenna sighed, shaking her head with a disbelieving groan. If Eleanor had been hoping to leave the lieutenant with a good impression of her, then it seemed that ship had long since sailed.

Taking a deep breath, the lieutenant spoke slowly and carefully. “This… deviant… may wish to experience the… wonders… of your control, but I have duties to perform aboard the Expedition. The Terran High Command would be happy to engage in diplomacy, but our ship is not ready to speak for—”

“The high command, yes, yes, I know.” The queen sighed as if deeply bored, but then twisted her face when Jenna merely quieted. “Hm. Yes, you are not as reactive as Eleanor… However, there will be no diplomatic relations. Your ship has left. It will not return for you. It will not remember you. By my right as queen, both of you belong to me, and I will keep you for my own entertainment. If you fail to remain entertaining… I will gift you to one of my princesses.”

“What gives you the ri—”

“—ght to own you?” The queen grinned. “Because I can make you do this, and you can do nothing to stop me. Your minds are intriguing, full of strange emotions we have not felt before, but you are powerless here. But I have entertained you long enough… it is now time for you to entertain me. Those clothes of yours are interesting, but… they are in the way. No matter how exotic they may be, they cannot please me obscuring you as such.”

Eleanor and Jenna’s eyes met again, and Eleanor could only blush as she felt like a marionette once again. The alien queen’s presence jabbed into her, pleasantly rough, and seized control of her hands. By the way Jenna stiffened, it was clear the same had happened to her.

The hazardous environment suit had felt so tight, so difficult to pull into place. It was so much easier to remove.

Even though the garment was complicated, neither woman made any attempt to explain how to remove it. The queen was in their minds, easily navigating their hands in familiar ways until the carapace-like coverings and the bodysuits they wore underneath were all cast aside on the smooth stone floor of the alien throne room. Drones glanced up from the floor, their eyes all focusing in on Eleanor’s naked body.

Jenna might have received similar treatment, but she crossed her arms below her modest bust once control returned to her. Whatever had happened to Earth’s culture in this dimension, it seemed that at least one woman hadn’t internalized the shame of nakedness that filled Eleanor to the brim.

Having her body on display wasn’t exactly something she would hate in every situation, but it was her body, and she didn’t even know the people looking at her. They’re all so pretty, but that doesn’t make it better… that just makes it worse! They can all see my ass… They can all see… My arms, my hands, they aren’t enough to hide everything! Eleanor tried to place one hand between her thighs, and the other arm tried to move across her chest to cover both of her nipples. In the process her breasts were squished tight against her chest, deepening the cavern between them.

“Hmm. You are both the same in so many ways, but so different. Biologically you are even so different. Such greatly varying heights, varying proportions…” The queen’s eyes moved so slowly along Eleanor’s curves, making her quiver and squirm despite her wish to remain still enough to not further amuse the powerful alien woman with her shyness. “Oh, don’t worry. If you adapt to this, we can… oh! That’s a wonderful thought! I’m so glad that even if the lieutenant is so much more boring than you are she can still enhance the experience of possessing you, Eleanor.”

“I’m so very glad to be of service.” Jenna’s voice was cold and unamused. She sounded every bit the military woman that she was, humorless and focused on what her tasks were supposed to be instead of her new, unfamiliar situation.

There was a moment of silence, and the queen raised her hand. She moved her thumb to her middle finger, and both human women watched with interest. It was a slow, deliberate motion that seemed as though it were unfamiliar and strange to the woman performing it. When her hand came down, finger pointing to Jenna, Eleanor couldn’t help but giggle.

“I am soooo very glad to be of service, my queen…! O-oooh…” Jenna shuddered as she spoke, her voice dripping with enthusiasm. It didn’t help that her hips were rolling in place as if trying to chase some phantom sensation. Her pink nipples were suddenly so stiff, and her gaze the faintest bit more glassy and distant.

Fuck, that was hot…! I don’t know why the queen doesn’t just want to do that over and over again… I know that’d be enough to make her entertaining to me…!

“I could do that, easily… but merely making a subservient life form orgasm is somewhat droll. If I wished that, I could do such…” one drone from other side of the throne room, those closest to her seat, moved to stand before the queen. Both fell to their knees, spreading them wide to reveal slick blue labia. Their backs arched as they quivered, letting out long, slow moans in perfect unison.

The way the pleasure rolled through their bodies, the way their hands squeezed at their exposed breasts, it was beautiful in a way that Eleanor had never seen before. It looked beyond effortless, as though the mere idea of making two of her people fall to their knees and orgasm was that simple.

Drone seemed a very appropriate word for them, seeming so vacant of anything beyond the will of their ruler. Eleanor’s mind was full of biological questions, curiosities for how this species worked and why some of them could control the very bodies of others while the rest were this powerless, but it was hard to keep those thoughts on track the moment those women turned around to kneel with their asses in the air, swaying them side to side in front of Eleanor’s gaze.

Jenna gasped, and slowly moved to stand just beside the Queen’s throne. Her face twitched, and then her eyes narrowed. Her eyes filled with a look of pure distaste, more judgement.

When Jenna’s eyes kept that expression even as they continued to move over her body, Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from squirming. She was so wet, and Jenna’s gaze wasn’t helping. Not only is she… just… staring at me… but she’s so… Nnn… It shouldn’t be turning me on that she’s looking at me like I’m so stupid for not being dressed, like I’m so inferior, like… Fuuuck those eyes make me feel so small in such a… such a hot way…

The queen made that same rolling ‘r’ sound at the back of her throat that the princess had before. Her eyes opened wider, and the tentacles on either side of her head faintly swayed. Her intense eyes stared with such great interest at Eleanor’s face.

“It would seem that your commanding officer does not approve of what a horny and worthless little disaster slut you are, Eleanor.” The alien queen spoke every word as though she had used them for all of her life, and yet she said them with such smooth dispassion. It was clear that she did not understand the impact of the words, and was enjoying the chance to explore a new facet she found lurking inside of Eleanor. “I don’t believe she approves of how much you lust after the asses of other women. Shall we show her what a slut you are for a nice ass, Eleanor?”

“P-p-please no, really, it’s okay, you don’t have to do that…!” Eleanor couldn’t stop blushing any more than she could stop squirming. “I mean… you… you don’t have to threaten me with a good time… Can’t threaten me with a good time…?”

Unlike aboard the Expedition, Eleanor felt safe to be a brat without it being found especially unwelcome. Unfortunately, this situation made leaning into that aspect of her personality so much more difficult. Jenna kept staring at her, judging her, and that queen could make her body do anything that she wanted on a whim. She could read her thoughts. She had them both at her mercy.

There was no doubt in Eleanor’s mind that the queen was telling the absolute truth about their ship. It was long gone, and it wouldn’t be coming back. All that we have is each other… and our queen…

“Drones yield themselves for purpose. You drip with drone-need and yet you attempt to resist…” As the queen spoke her voice filled with more and more of some feeling, some emotion, some tone that Eleanor interpreted as curiosity. It was impossible to be certain when the only time the alien women seemed to act in a way she would expect seemed to be when they were reading her mind and doing so for effect. “You will service my drones… and we shall watch.”

“W-we…? A-ahh…!” Eleanor felt the puppet strings of the queen’s control dig into her mind anew, turning her around until she was facing away. Her arms fell down at her sides. Something tingled along her back, between her thighs, the sides of her breasts. It was as if she could, so much more viscerally than ever before feel Jenna’s eyes on her body as she sunk down to her knees, her ass jutted up in the air.

Her pussy was slick, so slick, and dripping hot lust down along her thighs as her hips continued to wiggle. I’m so turned on I’d be wiggling like this anyway… but she’s… she’s making me move like this…! Making me… r-reach between my legs and… t-touch myself while Jenna watches…! Look away Jenna, look away…!

One of the drones that had knelt before the queen positioned herself in front of Eleanor, slowly spreading her legs. Eleanor’s nose inhaled on its own, an obvious command from her queen.

The scent was like the scent she’d smelled in the cave, only instead of feeling weaker, and more tired, all Eleanor felt was more turned on. Her fingers rubbed firmer along her slit, reaching inside of her so deep. The sound they made was so loud as her lust began to flow down her fingers, and down along her arm.

“I cannot look away, Eleanor! Our queen commands that I watch you perform such lewd, shameless acts. I can only even blink when she commands me to blink!” Jenna’s voice trembled with pleasure, her own hips rocking in place as the words shuddered their way out of her. “You are such a dirty, filthy slut! You really can’t control yourself, can you? Look at you, fucking yourself, fucking that alien’s pussy! You’re just a slut for alien pussy! A slut for our queen! You are nothing more than a slut being used by her owner!”

Eleanor whimpered loudly, her mouth out of her control as it latched to the clit of the alien before her. She tasted so wonderfully, so perfect, and hearing Jenna speak to her in such crude ways was making Eleanor’s whole body flush. She had no doubt that the queen was controlling her voice, but that didn’t matter.

That only made it hotter.

Yeah…! Yeah I’m… I’m just a slut for alien pussy! Mmm alien pussy tastes so good, too, feels so good… Mmm I wonder what… oh, oh no, I couldn’t have Jenna see me doing tha—

“I can’t believe you’re even more of a dripping little slut for alien ass!” Jenna’s voice interrupted Eleanor’s thoughts even before the woman in front of her had time to pull away, shift, and rub her ass along Eleanor’s face. “They’re aliens, and you want to worship their asses! You can’t stop yourself from tonguing their tight little holes and feeling even better, more ashamed, that I’m calling you a dirty little harlot!”

Eleanor’s eyes crossed as her fingers moved quicker between her legs. She wasn’t sure if the queen was in control of them anymore, or if they were now following her commands. She wasn’t sure if she would be doing anything differently than they were doing now, pumping so quick and deep as she clenched desperately around them.

Jenna was right. Feeling the curves of that alien woman’s ass squishing against her face was making Eleanor feel even weaker, and burn even hotter with raw need. When the force piloting her shoved her tongue into the alien’s anus, flickering and dancing it at that tight puckered hole, it was such an incredible, amazing feeling. It took Eleanor a long time of shuddering and wiggling her tongue before she realized that she was actually feeling her own tongue inside of her own ass.

Oohhh this queen is amaa…amaazi…oo-ooohhh… I’ve never worshipped two asses at once, especially not with one of them being mine…!

The rolling ‘r’ sound from the back of the queen’s throat grew louder and louder as she watched with such obvious interest. There were so many women in her throne room, but her attention was primarily focused on Eleanor as she helplessly writhed under the onslaught of her own tongue. It wiggled as if trying to push deeper into the other woman, before dancing along the rim, fluttering even as her lips began to suck.

 Being a puppet for the queen may have meant that Eleanor had no control whatsoever over what her mouth did, but it didn’t mean that it was a passive experience. She was feeling every movement with all of the firmness, all of the raw sensation she would have if she’d been the one to actively move her tongue.

Her volition was being robbed, but the experience felt no less genuine. Eleanor could enjoy every flick of her tongue, every moment she sucked, and every feeling of her pussy convulsing dramatically around her fingers as she came with a loud, muffled cry.

Jenna continued her glaring vigil, trapped helplessly in place at her place beside the queen. “You trollop! You’re on your knees, eating out the ass of another species! You don’t know where that ass has been, and you’re cumming with your fingers between your legs! She’s using your ass fetish to turn you into an eagerly obedient slave and you don’t even care! You can’t even muster the strength to want her to stop! I can’t believe you’re so filthy, so dirty!”

Eleanor whimpered. The words stung, but something about the situation made it so they didn’t hurt. It was shameful, beyond words, but it felt less like she was being emotionally devastated and torn down. The alien queen didn’t want her to suffer without reason or drown in despair.

There was no interest in pushing her beyond shame, or to make Eleanor feel like something was fundamentally wrong with her. Jenna could have said far more hurtful things. If she can read my mind… mmm… and she’s making Jenna talk like this, then… then… mmmm fuck she just wants to make me blush and squirm and gooooosh that shouldn’t be making me so wet but I can’t help it! I want this alien queen to make me her plaything! I want to be her personal living throne!

Another orgasm shook through Eleanor’s body, made more intense by the sudden sensation of a pair of fingers pushing into her ass without disturbing the feeling of her own fluttering tongue. Somehow, without looking back, she knew those were the queen’s fingers. Even if they weren’t really in her body, the queen wanted Eleanor to feel her fingers buried deep inside of her.

Ohhhh she likes me…! She thinks I’m interesting and she wants… wants… wants to make me cum even mooooore! Eleanor couldn’t stop shaking. The stimulation was so intense, and it didn’t stop.

Even when she came her own tongue could still flutter so perfectly against the alien’s ass. Every flutter there was another hot, wet feeling between the cheeks of her own ass. No matter how hard her body clenched on its own, nothing could force that tongue away. Nothing Eleanor could do made the situation anything but hotter, better.

Her cheeks couldn’t stop blushing—neither pair.

Ohhh the only thing that could make this more embarrassing is if—

“Oh fuck…! You really want all of the drones to fuck you…?! You’re so insignificant, with such little self-respect, that you really want all of them to take you at once, to treat you like some kind of human sex toy…?! She’s forcing your thoughts into my mind and I still can’t believe it…!”

Something about Jenna responding to Eleanor’s private thoughts more than even her actions made the young women quiver in shameful ecstasy. Jenna acknowledging her lust, emphasizing it so loudly, made everything feel so much better even if Eleanor couldn’t fight off her blush. That felt so much less important.

Blushing, squirming, writhing?

Those things were pleasing Eleanor’s queen. Even if she wasn’t directly controlling her thoughts, the woman was certainly in control of her mind. She was in control of her body. Her brain was what made her mind work in the first place.

My queen… Mmmm use me, humiliate me, wreeeck meeee…!

The drones that had previously been staring from both sides of the room moved closer, and Eleanor found herself lifted up to her knees. Her tongue was pulled free of the other woman’s ass, but new asses were suddenly grinding and squishing her face between them. She was soon trapped between four women, being grinded and squished and suffocated from every angle at once. Asses rubbed along her arms, along her legs, and even if there was no room for anyone to be so close, Eleanor could feel fingers stroking between her legs even as her own slick fingers pulled away, her hands greedily squeezing at whatever ass they could reach.

It was a divine experience, smothered by so much flesh, squeezing at so much skin, trapped physically and mentally as she surrendered to a force too strong for her to comprehend. That was true even before her libido went into overdrive and her mind could be argued to exist for only one purpose: indulging just how much she really was a slut for the aliens that surrounded her on every side.

Eleanor wasn’t pondering how often other species landed on the planet. She wasn’t wondering how long it would take for the queen to grow tired of exploring the many different ways she reacted to everything from aliens to Jenna to anything else that might be on the planet.

The asses surrounding her might have belonged to so many different drones, but Eleanor was starting to understand how this society worked. Mmmm the queen’s ass… every side of me… all over my body… Mmm the queen rubbing her asses against me… ohhhh… mmm… I’m kissing a queen’s ass…! I’m the helpless ass slave of an all powerful alien queen…! Ohhh fuuuck yes!

Rolling ‘r’s echoed through the throne room as the alien leader clasped her hands together in sheer delight. Her fingers were inside of Eleanor’s pussy, inside of her ass, even filling her mouth. All that Eleanor could do was suck, and writhe, and buck as she was overcome by pleasure again and again. She was such a slut for her queen, and knowing that her queen wanted that, knowing that Jenna was doubtlessly watching her stoically somewhere deep inside of her mind… it only made everything better.

If she could do anything to help the other woman escape she would, but it wasn’t as if Eleanor had a choice. Mmm sorry, Jenna…! We’re slaves for aliens now…! Eleanor giggled against the ass that squished her face so tightly. May as well… mmm… make the most of it…!

Eleanor came again, clenching her whole being around her queen’s touch.

“Come on, is that really all you can do? You can only lick a pussy that quick? I expected better from a little slut like you!” Jenna’s voice was so enthusiastic. Every syllable she spoke was echoed with a tremble between her thighs as invisible sensations made the woman, despite herself, enjoy the show of Eleanor with her face deep between the alien woman’s thighs. “Make her cum already! What kind of a slut are you…?!”

It had been days, or weeks. Eleanor wasn’t sure anymore. The queen kept finding new ways to push Eleanor’s buttons, new ways to embarrass her. Somehow there was always some new combination of words that the queen hadn’t made Jenna say before. Each time she flushed just as darkly, and yielded just as readily to her queen’s control.

This time she was laying on her back, thighs rubbing together as Jenna watched her from above as the alien drone grinded her pussy across Eleanor’s face. She’d regained consciousness already laying back on the floor of the throne room, her fingers already moving between her legs. The drone had already been lowering herself down, existing as little more than an extension of her queen’s will.

Mmm I’m not much different than that drone… I’m just more entertaining because she hasn’t figured me out yet…! When she has, she’ll pawn me off… Mmm… and whatever princess gets me, she’ll use me just… just… like this… ohhh…! Eleanor’s every thought betrayed more of herself to her queen, but she’d long since abandoned any ideas of escape or resistance.

Why would she want to escape? All she needed to do was put up with the constant barrage of embarrassing situations that, even if they weren’t her fault, made her feel like there was a spotlight on her for the straight lieutenant of the Expedition to see her every supposed flaw.

Any sting to her words had long since vanished. It was hard to associate such insistent taunting with displeasure when she came so much every time the queen used her.

Eleanor wasn’t sure where she stayed or what happened whenever she wasn’t being used. That didn’t matter. If her queen wanted her to know then she would know. As it was, that information clearly wouldn’t help her be a more fun, more entertaining slut. Instead, it was clearly better that she be kept ignorant, and well fucked.

Eleanor liked being well fucked.

“You just keep fucking and fucking… gosh do you only live for sex anymore? Has our beautiful, transcendent, tyrannical queen truly crushed your will that the only thing that matters to you is what new indignity she has planned for you today?!” Jenna’s voice was as insistent and raw as it could be with her only breathing being loud, heavy panting as lust dripped down along her thighs. At first it had been less embarrassing when the lieutenant’s body and mind were being fucked the same time she was taunting Eleanor, but that had changed at some point.

It was hard to be sure if that had happened because it was a natural change, or because the queen wanted that to change. The difference was academic, and Eleanor didn’t feel much like the physics student she’d been back on her original Earth.

All she felt like was a dripping slut who wanted to be fucked.

Mmm that’s right, Jenna…! I’m just the queen’s little ass slave… I just want to lick pussy and feel her many asses rub against my body…! I don’t even care how that makes me look… ooohhh I mean I care but that makes it better! Eleanor shuddered, clenching around the sensations of the queen’s fingers in her pussy, and arched into the feelings of her nails moving through her hair. Ohhh I live for this, for my queen! I am my queen’s loyal, obedient slut! Fuck me, queen, fuck meeee…!

The sound of rolling ‘r’s had long since become a sound associated with pleasure, with orgasm, with fulfillment. The queen only made that sound when Eleanor was pleasing her—or at least that was all that Eleanor could assume. It was so hard to ever gather her thoughts and give anything more serious thought.

Drones existed to fulfil their tasks. When they weren’t being used, they were deactivated, dormant, forgotten. Eleanor’s purpose was to be fucked, to be embarrassed, to be used. When that wasn’t happening why was there any point in keeping her mind active at all?

Her queen knew how to get the most out of Eleanor’s every action, every movement… every last aspect of her existed to please her queen.

“You’re going to cum thinking only about her, only about how you can’t wait for her to shove you back away wherever she keeps you, just to do this again later today, or tomorrow, for the rest of your life! You’re such a dirty little slut!” Jenna’s voice broke into a full on scream as she came, her lust flowing down along her leg. She was so close that Eleanor could smell her, could feel her in the air.

Jenna was right, and Eleanor’s cry against the Drone’s pussy echoed through the throne room right alongside the rolling ‘r’s.

Eleanor felt different, but she couldn’t tell how or why. Something was off, but it didn’t feel unpleasant. It was something she knew she should have been able to remember, but it was hard to focus on that fact too deeply.

Mostly because Jenna’s naked ass was rubbing along her face, and Eleanor had been longing for that entirely too long.

“I’m a straight woman, completely uninterested in you, and this is still getting you hot! How sick are you, Eleanor?!” The younger woman quivered at Jenna’s firm voice, but the queen was inside of her body again. She could do nothing to stop herself from nuzzling the powerful divide between the cheeks of the woman’s firm ass, nothing to stop herself from kissing and licking at the treasure hidden between them. “Sh-she’s making you do this, making me say this, you know it but that’s only going to get you hotter because you’re such a filthy, xenoloving slut!”

Mmmm the queen’s xenoloving slut… Fuck yes, I am. Who wouldn’t be a slut for such hot aliens? Not that your ass isn’t… mmm… amaaazing…!

For once her tongue was her own, and Eleanor savored the chance to dance it around the ring of tight flesh that quivered so eagerly at her touch. Jenna moaned so loudly, her fingers in Eleanor’s hair pulling her tight. She knew that meant Jenna’s hands were under their queen’s control, but it didn’t matter.

Just like the drones were extensions of the queen’s body… so were Eleanor and Jenna.

“You’re just so wet for our captors… for my straight-girl ass… Knowing you couldn’t have it… made you want it… need it… you’re such a slut, such an incorrigible slut who needs my ass so bad… fuck!” Jenna squeaked sharply, clenching so tight as groans echoed from so deep in her throat. “Fuuuck meee you ass slut… F-f-f-fuck me for our queen, m-make me cum with only your tongue in my ass… o-ooh… y-yess…!”

Every careful inflection of Jenna’s voice was laser focused to make Eleanor’s cheeks burn, to make her hips wiggle, and to make her pussy clench. The smell of Jenna was so strong, so powerful. The taste of her skin was unreal.

For so long Jenna had been nothing more than a judgmental pair of eyes for the queen to use in her constant games of humiliation. For so long, her mouth had only existed to taunt and tease. Her body had only existed to be unobtainable, something that Eleanor was certain existed not just for her, but for Jenna as well. It was hard to imagine the woman had any more autonomy than she did.

But now she was getting to indulge in Jenna’s body, and it was everything she wanted it to be. Even with invisible puppet-strings pulling her hands up to squeeze and knead at Jenna’s ass, it felt like the most perfect moment of her life.

Her queen didn’t need to give Eleanor a taste of Jenna. She’d seemed more than content to use one of her drones, or so many of her drones. There had been so many sessions of humiliation, embarrassment, and fucking. That this time, this one time, she was tasting Jenna, squeezing Jenna, feeling Jenna… that felt meaningful. That felt important. It was a gift, and Eleanor wasn’t going to waste it.

She suckled and licked as intensely as she could, squeezing as tight as she could, writhing as she felt the same ass in her hands pressing and rubbing against her body from so many different angles at the same time. Jenna only had one ass, but through the queen, there could be so many infinite Jennas squeezing tight around Eleanor.

Ohhh I’d thank you, praise you, worship you my queen… mmm but I am, aren’t I…? You can feel all of this… you’ve always been able to feel all of this…!

The thought hadn’t just occurred to Eleanor for the first time, but it still felt so important, so meaningful. Each time her queen had made her surrender to another woman’s ass, that ass had been hers, and Eleanor had been showing her so much appreciation with each flick of her tongue, each hard suckle of her lips…

Her whole time under the surface, Eleanor had been showing her loyalty, her surrender, and given her queen so much pleasure. Even if she hadn’t been writhing across her throne, that didn’t matter.

Queens had more dignity than Eleanor would know, could know, and eagerly eating out Jenna’s ass wasn’t about to change that. Learning all of the ways that she could knead at Jenna’s ass, all of the sounds that she would make, all of the little screams… It was so perfect. Jenna might still be that straight woman, her superior officer on the Expedition, but none of that felt like it mattered when they were both subjects to a queen whose desires meant so much more than either of them.

“Ah… ah…! I’m… I’m not… e-even into women…! This is happening because of your desires… because of how much you need my ass… the queen knows! She… she can tell… and now I’m… g-going to… going to… oh fuck!” Jenna screamed as so much lust ran down along the inside of her legs.

Eleanor’s fingers moved to scoop it up, running it over her tongue without any input from Eleanor. Then they delved deep between her legs, moving as quick as her tongue had been moving inside of Jenna’s ass.

“You’re so… so… much of a slut you can’t resist fucking me! You can’t resist it even when I can’t say no, even when it’s so wrong! You can’t control yourself at all!”

Eleanor’s blue eyes hooded as she found her tongue exploring the other woman’s pussy, learning the taste so much more directly as her fingers continued to explore her folds. Her eyes melted shut, and the queen’s opened wider as she stared with renewed interest.

Jenna came again almost instantly, screaming so loudly that the stones of the throne room hummed with her pleasure.

Jenna sat in the corner of the cell, her arms crossed over her naked chest. Eleanor was asleep, curled into a ball on the far side of the stone chamber where they went when the queen didn’t want or need them. She’d provided such little pleasure to the queen directly, serving instead as a tool. At times, that meant Jenna’s mind was left active, forgotten when the queen went on to some new task. The princesses enjoyed leaving her that way.

I can’t believe that this happened… Even if we got back to the surface, and I don’t know how we’d do that, our transport is short range. It doesn’t have enough fuel or power to get us to the nearest colony, or the nearest station… Jenna sighed, hugging her knees to her chest. We’re stuck here. And the worst part is… I’m starting to like having her around.

Being constantly used as a tool to debase the smaller, curvier woman wasn’t something Jenna had enjoyed at first. She didn’t want to be used to hurt anyone, and the things she’d said always felt so vile… but Eleanor never seemed too hurt.

Even the times she cried, she was cumming at the same time. She was pleading for more in every way she could. Given how rarely she spoke for herself, it wasn’t shocking she rarely outright begged for such words, but that felt like such an unimportant detail. It was clear that the younger woman, strange as she was, enjoyed it.

Something about such vulnerability bringing her pleasure felt strangely… admirable to the strict military woman. She was still as heterosexual as ever—or at least she tried to tell herself that she was—but if she needed to be stuck on that planet forever…

I could certainly have worse company… Even if we never really talk anymore.

Suddenly the air around Eleanor began to shift, to twist… and before Jenna could react, the floor under Eleanor, and a large chunk of the wall were simply gone. Thankfully the stone held intact, as firm and as sturdy as it had been the moment as before, just looking like some powerful force had taken an ice cream scoop and carved out a piece of the world—including Eleanor.

Oh. Fuck. I guess her story about being a dimensional traveler was true after all. I guess she’s off in some other world now, some other place, and I’ll probably never see her again. Good for her. Jenna curled up, hopeful that she could get some small amount of sleep before her queen called upon her for some new form of twisted entertainment.

She only had her eyes closed for a few short moments before they opened wide. “Hey! Wait a second! Midshipman Asher!”

There was no reply from the place where Eleanor once was. A bit of debris fell from the stone where the structure had been weakened, but nothing like a voice responded to the frustrated woman who was quickly realizing the full ramifications of what she’d seen.

“I forbid you to leave me alone on this strange alien world! Come back here!” She paused, feeling incredibly pitiful for yelling at nothing. “Your queen demands it…!”

A princess approached the doorway of her cell. There was no need for bars. The drones were strong when roused, and would have found restraining Jenna a simple task. The princess let out a roll of ‘r’s as she approached. “Your friend is gone… but the queen will find a new way to play her game with you.”

Jenna whimpered, rising bonelessly as the puppet strings pulled her to her feet.

The queen no longer had Eleanor, but their time together had taught the matriarch much about how human minds worked.

Author’s Note: Yet again, we have a lovely showing of Elsa Whitworth’s Eleanor Asher! There’s more of her on the way, so if you’ve been enjoying her... stay tuned for more! To read her next story before anyone else, head on over to my Patreon campaign! Not only do you get stories before anyone else, and access to exclusive blogs, and the occasional input on a story or two, but it’s a good way to let me know that you want to see more of this story, and others like it! If you’d like to join in with a group of fellow mind control fetishists to discuss this and other stories, join us at The Mind Control Literature Discord or my personal discord, Madam Kistulot’s Domain!

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