Eleanor Asher in: Fetish Fabrication

Chapter 4: Cat Calling

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #cat_girl #comic_book #conditioning #drones #fetish_training #maid #masturbation #midas_city #robots #scent_control #scifi #tech_control #tentacle_fucking #tentacles

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Cat Calling


Eleanor quietly purred, her hips swaying side to side as she walked. She could feel her tail curling behind her, and the adorable cat ears atop her head twitching as she looked around. Being a cat girl was a pretty awesome thing. Sure, sometimes people wanted to scratch at her ears or even sometimes tugged on her tail without asking, but overall people were fairly nice. It was a sunny day, and she was in a wonderful mood.

Everything felt like it was coming up Eleanor.

“Hey, El!” The curvy cat girl paused, her ears twitching as she turned around to see her friend. She had long blue hair that looked the color of the richest sapphires, and deep red eyes. Instantly, Eleanor recognized the woman as her friend Christina, and found her eyes wandering along her friend’s long, sky-blue dress with white shoulder pads. It was hard to not admire Christina’s figure, what with her large breasts that seemed like they’d be fighting against any clothing with the courage to put up a fight. “How’re you doin’, kitty cat?”

“Hey Christina! Everything’s going pretty great! You know how it is.” Eleanor quietly laughed, a hand rising up behind her head. Something about it felt strange, exaggerated, along with the way she closed her eyes while she laughed—but Eleanor forgot that very quickly.

Christina nodded as she approached, making a cute sound as she gently poked Eleanor’s nose. “Well, I got you a special little present, kitty. I bet you’ll never guess what it is!”

Normally being called ‘kitty’ or ‘kitten’ would make Eleanor’s hair bristle. She was a cat girl, sure, with pupils that could expand to fill her eyes but were usually thin slits in the light, the swishing tail behind her, and the ears on top of her head. Christina was a good enough friend that it felt more like an endearment than being called exotic. Plus, if she was honest with herself, Eleanor thought Christina was incredibly attractive and didn’t care what the blue-haired girl called her as long as they were talking.

Even if it did bother her at first, she wouldn’t have wanted to make waves. Being snarky was one thing. Upsetting her crush was something else entirely.

“I probably won’t, so… you should show me!” Eleanor giggled as she moved closer to Christina, her hands raising in front of her own chest to clasp together tight. “Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be great!”

Red eyes hooded as Christina held out her hand, and dangled a small mouse-shaped toy right above Eleanor’s nose. “Here it is! What do you think?”

Eleanor wrinkled her nose, making a pitiful meowing sound as she flattened her eyes. She had to actively fight an urge to swat at the mouse, and that made her nearly as upset as the gesture in the first place. “Christina…! That’s really not funny! I’m a cat girl, not… not some… some…” She fluttered her eyes, whimpering as a strange scent wafted across her nose.

She could feel her pupils changing shape, but not in response to the light. They grew, expanding out, and slowly curving, dipping down at the center. Instead of her usual thin slits or wide, eye-covering pupils, they’d taken on an adorable heart shape.

What’s… happening…? Why do I feel so… so… Mrrr… Eleanor’s hips wiggled, and her eyes hooded. She had to bite her lip to stop from letting out a series of adorable, cutesy meows.

“Aw, Eleanor… Do you not like it, kitty-kitty…? I heard that you cat girls just love this stuff…” Christina slowly swayed the mousey side to side, and Eleanor’s eyes darted quickly to make sure it never left her vision. She inhaled again, quivering as her pupils slowly turned from black to pink, and a lazy, happy smile spread across her lips. “See…! You like it…! You just love it, don’t you, kitty…?”

“Nyaaaa… looove it… nyaaaan…” Eleanor’s voice was slower and softer than it was before. She was still standing upright, but she was starting to sway a little, too.

“See! You just didn’t give it a chance at first…” Christina slowly licked her lips, lifting the mousey until it was high enough that Eleanor needed to look straight up to watch it sway. The scent was still so easy to inhale, to savor. It was musky, dreamy, and it made everything so wonderfully soft and smooth. Eleanor let out a long slow mewl as Christina reached out and started scritching her ear. “Why don’t you come back home with me, kitty…? We can have some fun, and you can be my little kitty… I can even get you a collar…!”

Eleanor’s eyes filled with bright sparkles as she let out a low, quivering purr. Christina continued to sway the mousey as she walked backwards towards her house, and Eleanor followed along eagerly. “OOoh… Collar… I… uhm… I’m nyaat so sure about that… You can’t own miiiaaao…. That… I’m not just… not just a… a… kitty…”

“Don’t be silly, kitty…!” Christina purred as she pulled the door shut behind Eleanor before throwing the deadbolt. “You’re my pretty little kitty, now…! So be a good kitty, or I’ll need to get out the squirt bottle…!”

Eleanor whined. She didn’t like water—at least not in her face. Showers were fine. Baths were fine. Sometimes she even like the occasional day on the beach with all of her friends.

Getting a spritz of water right in her eyes was just the worst thing ever!

“D-d-don’t do that…!” Eleanor whined, her ears twitching, falling flat as she again strained to keep her arms down at her sides. She was feeling so much slower, and so much of her wanted to bat that mouse, to be a good kitty just like Christina told her to be. That sounded so much easier than thinking. Being a kitty sounded so much better than anything else Eleanor could imagine… at least as long as she was Christina’s kitty.

“Then get down, kitty… now…!” Christina shook a nearby spray bottle, and Eleanor pitifully whined as she dropped to her knees. Staring up at her friend made Christina’s breasts look even larger than they had when she was standing. The swell of her hips looked more dramatic, too.

Christina’s signature sky-blue dress fell to the floor in a heap, revealing her matching lacey-white bra and panties. Her fingers hooked under her waistband as she stepped out of her panties, jutted her ass out into Eleanor’s face, and held the mouse toy directly above her ass. “C’mere, kitty…! Eat mommy’s ass like a good little kitty! I’ve seen the way you look at my ass, and if you’re going to be my good little kitty, then you’re going to need to show mommy how much you love her!”

“L-l-love mommy…! Nnyaaaa…!” Eleanor shuddered as she inhaled the scent again, her cheeks quickly nuzzling into the curves of Christina’s curvaceous rear. She inhaled her scent, one that was for just a moment oddly plasticy, before it took on not just the traits of the mouse-toy, but also the scents of a woman. There was arousal, but also something deeper, something naughtier, and her tongue didn’t wait long at all to trace along the rim of Christina’s puckered hole.

“G-good… kitty… l-lick… suck… mmm make your mommy… moan…!” Christina cried out as Eleanor’s lips sealed over her skin, and her tongue dove deeper, flicking and trailing past the quivering ring of flesh. She rubbed her cheek more against Christina’s ass, savoring the feel of her face against such soft, smooth skin she’d dreamed about so many times.

Eleanor’s pussy was soaking through her panties, but she was too far gone to care about her own needs. All she needed to do was lick and suck, and savor the sounds of her mommy, Christina, moaning loudly up above her. The only thing that mattered to Eleanor was being a good kitty, and enjoying the texture, the taste, the experience of eating her mommy’s ass. She had the most beautiful butt, and that extended to her taste, and to her texture.

“Mmm you’re going to be mommy’s obedient little kitty slut forever… and ever… and ever…!” Christina let out a loud cry as her lust soaked down along her thighs, and her eyes rolled back into her head. “Going to give you a collar, and you’ll sleep curled up on my bed and we… and we… mmmm yesss…! It can’t be helped! You’re mine!

Christina’s praise burned its way through Eleanor’s ears, down through her body until it burst from between her thighs. Her orgasmic moans were muffled by Christina’s ass, but Eleanor didn’t care. She didn’t stop. She wouldn’t stop until mommy was satisfied.

Eleanor was a good kitty, and good kitties did what they were told to do.

Nothing else mattered.


“I really hadn’t planned on getting you, but you were in the way, and I don’t like to pass up an opportunity. I’d been meaning to try out something with a Japanese flare, and here we are.” Eleanor quivered. She was strapped own to a metal chair, a maid headband on her head, a kitty butt-plug deep inside of her ass, and she could see the tentacles on either side of her head. They’d just been inside of her brain. Just the thought of that made her pussy clench and her whole body shudder. “Looks like it was effective. Fairly effective, anyway.”

“Ohhh I’ll do anything if you shove those tentacles into my ears, or if you have any that you can put inside of my pussy, or around my breasts, or… or… ohhh just… just anything with tentacles, or cat girls, or maids… maids are so pretty, and if I have the headband then I’m a maid, and I—”

“Love maids now. Of course you do. I know. I’m the one responsible.” A blonde woman towered over Eleanor, dressed in a gray bodysuit covered with white lines like one might see on a circuit board. Small bits of metal clung to her, and covered her fingers. There was even a small piece of tech on her face. “You’re welcome, by the way. So, I think this exercise was a success. I’ll probably shove you in a drawer for a while. I’m very busy breaking in another toy, but first I want to enjoy breaking you with a few more orgasms. How does that sound?”

Eleanor groaned, her eyes rolling up into her head as a tentacle moved between her legs. She was naked, and her pussy was already so slick, so ready for one of those long, writhing, metal, cold tentacles to thrust its way deep inside of her. She didn’t have the kitty ears anymore, but she had the headband, the butt plug, and the tentacle inside of her would be perfect!

“Th-that sounds great…! I kinda like being mentally rewritten by induced orgasmmmm…! Ahhhh…!” Eleanor screamed as the tentacle moved inside of her. If it weren’t for the bonds keeping her strapped down to the metal chair her dramatic reaction would have sent her falling down to the floor.

“I’d apologize for the crude equipment, but I don’t think you mind. I wanted to make sure there wouldn’t be any problems. You never know when you test something new. It’s just good science to be careful!” The blonde-haired woman laughed as Eleanor continued to arch in the chair, straining against the strong metal bonds clamped tight around her wrists. “It’s troublesome to have interruptions when I’m enjoying an expensive, one-of-a-kind purchase, but I really should make the most of it. Don’t you think so, Eleanor?”

Eleanor nodded as quickly and firmly as she could while her whole body continued to twist in the chair’s restraints. Drool was already shining at the corner of her lips, and the metal chair under her was soaked. Her fingers clenched and grasped at nothing as sharper screams tore past her lips.

She wasn’t mincing around her Mistress’s home in a frilly uniform, but the headband was enough. She wasn’t a kitty with twitching kitty ears, but the tail was enough. The tentacle? That was perfect.

“Y-yesss. Mistress…! Whatever you say… everything you say… ohhhh… feels… so… so… good…!” Eleanor screamed louder as the technological villain laughed louder. “Your tentacle is so deep inside of me…! It makes it so hard... to think… but it feels so… it makes me so… ohhh I just want to do whatever you want me to do! I just want to be whatever you want me to be! I just want to be your slut!”

“Slave.” The tall blonde woman corrected Eleanor with a sigh as she looked away for a moment, and then back to Eleanor. “Though I suppose the difference doesn’t really matter. You look like a college girl… very dramatic reaction. Maybe this method is more effective after all.”

“S-so effective…!” Eleanor screamed, her voice cracking, and her breath coming in rapid, desperate bursts. “I’m… a slave…! I’m… your slave…! I…. must obey, I want to obey, I… I’m so wet, I’m so hot, your tentacle feels like it’s going so deep that it’s inside of my brain and that’s so fucking hot!”

The villain sneered, slowly shaking her head. “It’s not, but I suppose I can do that since you are proving to be an entertaining show.” Eleanor didn’t know what the other woman did to make it happen, but the tentacles beside her ears moved closer.

For a moment she thought they were going to turn her off, and that sounded impossibly sexy. Even if she wanted to be fucked more, to clench around the tentacle as it violated her body, those tentacles could reach deeper, more private places. They were an even sexier, darker, better taboo.

Instead of reaching in to click off her mind, they slid just inside of her ears, and remained in place as the other tentacle vibrated and shook inside of her.

“You won’t be thinking much for a while pretty soon, but it feels fun to tell you my name, so I will. I’m Mind Bore, the brilliant scientist who made you her obedient thrall.” Mind Bore grinned, her eyes hooding low. “I could show you how I did it, explain how new fetishes and desires were used to make you a helplessly obedient little plaything, but I’m already going to need to give that lesson later, and I don’t like repeating myself. That’s what recordings are for. Cum, and we can throw you in a drawer until I have another experiment to run on you.”

“Yes Mistress…! Cumming… cumming for you…!” Eleanor screamed until her voice gave out, her pussy gushing hot, slick lust down over the chair and along the length of the tentacle. She writhed, feeling those tentacles in her ears, and feeling Mind Bore’s judgmental eyes moving across her naked skin. The villain was so tall, and she looked so powerful, so intimidating.

I’m so lucky that such a powerful, sexy, brilliant scientist is my owner! Even if this world is full of impossible things, at least she knows science…!

That was Eleanor’s last thought before the tentacles reached into her brain, finding just the right place to keep her mind inactive as the cool metal let out a familiar sound inside of her skull where only Eleanor could hear it.

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