Eleanor Asher in: Fetish Fabrication

Chapter 3: Wrapped Up and Filled Up

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #cat_girl #comic_book #conditioning #drones #fetish_training #maid #masturbation #midas_city #robots #scent_control #scifi #tech_control #tentacle_fucking #tentacles

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Wrapped Up and Filled Up


Metal tentacles pulled away from Eleanor’s ears, and she slumped onto the floor with a low, trembling moan. Her whole body was burning with need. Even if she’d cum so many times, or at least remembered cumming so many times, she was still… tingling. Burning.

She looked around the room, her eyes fluttering. “Where… where did it go…?” The tentacles had quickly withdrawn from her ears, but she’d been far too out of it to react in time. By the time she reacclimated to her consciousness she was again on the floor, alone, but there was one fewer item in the room with her.

The maid headband was gone.

Realizing it sent jolts of pleasure up along her thighs, followed immediately by longing. Thinking of the headband was sexy. It was definitely the right size to fit her head, and wearing it would look so cute on her. Mincing around in a pair of heels, dusting, or even just bending over to show off her own shapely ass, it sounded… exquisite. Just thinking of that idea made Eleanor’s toes curl and her eyes flutter.

Unfortunately, the headband was gone. No matter how sexy it sounded to be a maid, or even to just indulge in a small taste of that experience, without that headband it seemed impossible. “Why’d… Who would… What even just… happened…? That couldn’t be real…”

In that fantasy, that hallucination, whatever it had been, she’d been so certain that study was hers. The maids had been hers. She’d been so eager to read her book.

Now that it was past, she couldn’t believe how real everything felt. She couldn’t understand why she’d known everything in that room, or why now it seemed like a life that belonged entirely to someone else. Everything was so hazy and distant, but the insistent arousal that pleaded with her to find that headband, or something else to fill the void, only grew louder.

Being alone in the strange playroom was unsettling, but her time in that study, in that reality? It was so fulfilling and arousing. Just thinking about those maids made her eyes flutter and her mouth feel incredibly dry.

Whatever happened…? I… I really like maids now… Eleanor giggled, a playful grin spreading across her face. I’m fine with that…

Her eyes drifted down to the squid, and the tail. The butt plug held a certain allure, and looking at it made her thighs clench. Wearing that sounded like a lot of fun. She always liked playing with another woman’s ass, but she enjoyed sensations from there, too. It was a cute tail, too, looking like more than just a little puffball or a long, limp stretch of synthetic black fur.

Whoever put me here wants me to choose more than just one toy…? Her fingers hesitated over the tail. If something like the headband is going to happen again… then I want to really enjoy it. I want it to be more… intense. I already want the plug, so…

Eleanor grasped the metal squid, and shuddered in anticipation as the tentacles rushed out of the walls towards her ears. The feeling of the metal moving inside of her, reaching for the places that disabled her brain, was immensely uncomfortable. It was cold, and terrifying. She knew how delicate the human brain could be, and her own being directly touched was nearly enough to make Eleanor scream.

Fortunately, she only had to be aware of that sensation for a very short time before the tentacles hit their mark, and everything went away with a—


Eleanor screamed as she ran down the corridor. Their ship was actively under attack, and all of their defenses were failing. Their protective energy fields had been disabled, and it was only a matter of time before the bulkheads would fail if the attack continued. The only chance was to reach an escape pod and make her way to freedom. The ship was already too far gone, and staying behind wouldn’t do her any good.

The tight black jumpsuit Eleanor wore as she ran down the corridor squeezed so tightly around her hips, clinging to her ass and perfectly emphasizing every curve, every little detail. It was standard issue, but no one designing it had been particularly concerned about the way the stretchy material would emphasize the body of a woman like Eleanor.

Sounds of tearing metal screeched around Eleanor, and she lurched forward as the ship shook under the onslaught. She wasn’t an engineer, but she didn’t need to have any technical understanding to be sure that ripping, and tearing, could only be a bad thing.

Before she could fully regain her footing, something metal wrapped around her ankle. Eleanor let out a loud cry, desperately struggling to pull her leg free. When she looked down to see what it was the sight sent a chill down her spine. A metal tentacle had somehow torn through the floor and was wrapped around her ankle. Anything that could tear through such powerful metal could rip her foot right off, but instead it was just coiling up along her leg, squeezing tight enough for Eleanor to feel how strong that metal was without causing her any pain at all.

“Let… let go…!” Eleanor reached for her hip. If she could shoot the tentacle, then maybe she could escape. Before her hand could reach her weapon, another tentacle shot through the wall beside her, coiling up along her arm before lifting it up until it extended out directly from her shoulder. “Oh… shit…!”

Hesitating at the moment of terror, the feeling of that metal squeezed so tightly around her arm, Eleanor didn’t reach for the gun with her other hand. Instead, she was defenseless as another tentacle reached out, wrapping its way up along her left hand. Only her left leg was free, and there wasn’t much that could do to free her. Whatever was happening to the ship, these tentacles were responsible and Eleanor knew she had no way to escape.

Sweat glistened across her forehead as Eleanor screamed, flailing uselessly as the three tentacles lifted her up into the air. Her free leg only had a few short moments to kick uselessly before yet another tentacle ripped through the wall, and coiled up along her leg. She was held helplessly in the air, a hovering ‘x’ that could do nothing more than buck and writhe.

What can I even do…?! Eleanor’s every breath made her body shake. Her heart was beating so quickly she could watch her chest trembling through her jumpsuit. These tentacles… they’re so strong… holding me so tight… I can’t… can’t…

“Oh… oh fuck!”

The wall in front of Eleanor tore away, but it didn’t open into empty space. What she saw instead was a mass of tentacles forming a wall further away. One of them surged towards her, its rounded end opening before the strange crystal like shape within began to glow a bright green. Eleanor tried to twist and tug, to struggle herself out of the tentacles’ grasp, but she could do nothing as the metal appendages pulled her limbs tighter, stopping her from getting in the way as the green pressed right below her neck.

Moving down along the center of her body, it burned away at her jumpsuit and the garments she wore beneath without any effort at all. Eleanor screamed in fear, expecting to see her body similarly charred, but saw only her own pale, naked flesh as her breasts bounced free of her jumpsuit.

In a short matter of moments her navel was exposed, and then the tentacle moved around and up along her back, exposing her ass, and then the full length of her back. Other tentacles reached out to pull away the tattered rags of her jumpsuit, leaving the hanging woman without a stitch of clothing. “Wh… what… what’s even happening?!”

Eleanor tried to understand why whoever was attacking their ship might want to strip her naked, but she didn’t have long to consider the possibilities. Another tentacle was in front of her face, opening the curved end to unleash a torrent of green gas. Too late to take in a deep breath of air, Eleanor’s panicked breathing took so much of the green into her lungs, and her eyes instantly turned glassy and distant.

It smelled like lust, and it burned like desire. She could feel every nerve across her body tingling and burning, yearning and craving sensation. Her eyes rolled back into her head, or at least started to, before another tentacle moved in front of her vision, opening to reveal a spiral.

Green-and-white, the spiral was so… bright… so potent. Even before the drugs began to tingle away at Eleanor’s good sense it already would have been enough to hold her spellbound. Now that so much of her ability to use logic and reason was replaced with yearning and need, there was even less she could do. Like before, she writhed within the tentacles’ grasp—only now she was writhing with raw yearning.

Lost in the spinning green-and-white, Eleanor was wholly unprepared for the tentacle that thrust deep between her legs. Blue eyes opened wider, only taking in more of the green-and-white spiral as the tentacle writhed inside of her pussy. The metal started out so cold, making her whimper and shiver, but it was only a few short thrusts before it quickly warmed.

So smooth, so agile, the tentacle had no issues finding the perfect way to move inside of her, to fill her as its many segments all writhed and vibrated individually. Not only could it find the perfect places to rub and graze, but it could apply the perfect amount of pressure.

In no time at all lust was pouring down along the tentacle as it flowed so readily from Eleanor’s dripping cunt. The tentacle was so deep inside of her, filling her so perfectly just like the spiral was so perfectly filling her mind with so much bright light she couldn’t even think about how wonderful it felt. She could only experience it and surrender to the overwhelming pleasure.

Another tentacle thrust deep within her ass, writhing so close to the first. Just like the one inside of her pussy it was just as flexible, and just as perfectly capable of delivering intense vibrations that coursed right up along her spine.

Eleanor’s eyes opened wider as the pleasure grew more and more powerful. Tentacles rose up to wrap around her breasts, lifting and squeezing them so tight. Another thrust itself into her mouth, pouring a liquid version of the green gas. It was sticky and warm, and Eleanor soon found herself hungrily nursing at the tentacle without a first thought. The green tasted good as it melted down her throat and filled her body.

She needed more.

Her hips quivered, unable to decide if thrusting forward into the tentacle in her pussy, or back into the tentacle at her ass should be her primary goal. She suckled mindlessly at the tentacle in her mouth, her body shuddering as sweat poured down her body just as readily as lust flowed between her legs. Drool teased from the corners of her lips, along with the green goo as more and more of it flowed down her throat.

Eleanor couldn’t think, but she needed to feel. Every small aspect of the experience was forcing her to be so incredibly aware of each thrust of the tentacles inside of her body, each shake of her breasts, and each small movement of her lips around the metal length.

In that moment, nothing else that she had ever experienced or imagined came close to the sheer overwhelming physicality. Her arms and legs could barely even twitch, held so tight in the tentacles’ grasp as others thrust inside of her, and others squeezed around her body. Yet two more reached out for her ears, moving inside to stimulate the pleasure centers of her brain directly.

If she could have screamed, Eleanor’s voice would have been hoarse in moments. The sensation was pure overload. Even with the powerful spiral twisting before her eyes, Eleanor’s eyes rolled back into her head.

The tentacles held her body in the air tightly as every inch of her skin shuddered and twitched. Her blonde hair stuck to her face as her muffled groans strained against the green that flowed so readily down her throat. One moment blurred into the next as she clenched and shook, lost to everything but the metal feeling filling her body from so many directions at once.

One after another, Eleanor’s orgasms shattered at what remained of her fractured psyche that had been so quickly trapped by the spiral and softened by the drugs filling her body. The tentacles continued to move inside of her until she lost consciousness, her lips still suckling as the tentacles that had slid into her ears took everything away with a horrifically erotic metallic—


Eleanor gasped desperately for air. There was no tentacle in her mouth, but the transition from the air to the floor made it impossible to believe any time had passed. Her thighs were still twitching, still shuddering. Her eyes rolled back into her head the moment she realized the tentacles withdrawing into the walls had just been inside of her head.

Ohhhh… Fuck…! Those tentacles… they were inside of me, inside of everywhere…! Even if that wasn’t real, they were inside of me here, and I… and I…

Her hands began to wander across her burning-hot skin. Whatever was in that green fog and the green goop she’d eagerly swallowed was out of her system, but Eleanor wasn’t sated. She felt ravenous. Needy. Weak.

“Tentacles… tentacles in my pussy… in my ears… MMmmphh… Yes….!” Eleanor gasped for breath again as her fingers thrust deep between her legs. The tail was still on the floor in front of her, its metallic end practically begging to find a place inside of her. It wouldn’t move like the tentacle had, but Eleanor didn’t care about that.

It would be sensation, and it would doubtlessly send her into another fantasy—however that worked. She didn’t know, and she didn’t care. All that mattered to her was reaching out for that tail as her other hand eagerly worked at her clit while her eyes fluttered.

Before she could pull the tail back and push it deep inside of her, the tentacles rushed for her ears. She tried desperately to focus on remaining conscious as long as she could, to savor the loss of her control, of her reality, but the moment the metal pushed into the right place, reached the part of her brain, nothing she could do mattered. Everything went away with that cool, spine-tingling—

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