Daughter of the Sun

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female #urban_fantasy #vampire #addiction

Gabrielle is out late indulging her addiction, and as if that weren’t bad enough she catches the attention of someone far more dangerous than her own self indulgence.

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2018, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Author's Note: This is a reposting of a story originally written back in 2018.

Daughter of the Sun

Gabrielle was out late. It had been late for her to be out awhile ago. Now, it was so late that she knew was even remotely close to being a somewhat decent idea. It wasn’t as if she had suddenly become aware or avoided ever knowing that being out so late was dangerous. It had been midnight over an hour ago, and while the day was technically only beginning there really wasn’t time to wait for the dawn. It was that, or the headaches would start in the morning, and that was the last thing she needed. Life was hard enough without withdrawals.

She swiftly twisted off the lid of her diet soda and took another long swig with a quiet grumble. This has to be the third time that I’ve told myself that I should kick this stuff for good, and it probably won’t be the last. It always starts out as a boost… Then… Ugh.

The taste was sweet and heavy in her mouth as she swam her pink tongue through the dark amber, carbonated beverage. It satisfied her just to taste it even before it cut off the overpowering headaches. She also realized that she could just drink such things responsibly, but then recalled how well that had gone in the past. A can of cola lead to a two liter lead to a stocking of her fridge so she could go through multiple a day.

Her backpack was heavy with soda. The amusement in being weighed down by her literal physical dependency was not something that Gabrielle had missed.  However, lacking a car left her with very few choices that didn’t in some way physically manifest how bad this was for her.

Of course, if she’d just gone earlier in the day it would still be light, and there wouldn’t be such a feeling of dread every time she passed by an alley. She was a pretty-enough woman alone at night, walking through the city with a backpack full of heavy soda. If someone jumped at her, she could always shrug off the pack but it would still leave her with a horrendous morning. Hopefully, things will just work out. Besides, what are the odds? This isn’t my first late night caffeine run…

Perhaps if she’d ever gotten a taste for coffee that matched her dark black hair, she might have found it easier to keep stocked up on her drug of choice. It was certainly packaged in lighter, easier to carry formats. With a bit of cream it might have matched her hazel eyes, but it still wouldn’t have been enough to suit her sweet tooth. She’d tried.

The caffeine was what gave her the excuse, but it also helped that she loved the taste in a way that nothing else really quite matched. Together, those two deeply intertwined aspects had drawn her back time and time again with alluring reassurances that while soda was hardly healthy it wasn’t cigarettes. It wasn’t being an alcoholic.

There were no twelve step programs for kicking soda that she’d ever seen posted to a board just waiting for her to rip a slip of paper free or take a quick snapshot of using her phone.

She waited at a crosswalk, pushing in the button five times more than she needed to. The real reason she’d tried to kick it wasn’t to be rid of the physical need. It would be nice to be unburdened, but there was another concern that held sway much deeper in Gabrielle’s mind. Namely, that even when she was used to it, the stuff made her incredibly anxious. Her heart was beating fast in her chest already and she’d barely made a dent in the liter. Some of it had to be anticipation, but it wouldn’t be long at the rate she drank. Everything would be going so fast, and she wouldn’t be able to slow it down.

The walk sign changed from the red hand to the white figure, and after nervously glancing both ways more than once she made her way across. She’d never been hit by a car, but she was definitely more scared of it happening at night. She’d had more than one close call.

Her guard dropped when she reached the other side without incident. Some of the tension drained from her shoulders, allowing them to loosen and drop. A calmer expression filtered over her face as opposed to the one that looked worried with quickly darting eyes. She continued the walk home, sinking into each step with a certain degree of resignation. It was hardly long, but every step that she took home didn’t feel like it brought her closer. All that it did was make the remainder feel further and further away.

Gabrielle had been busy all day even before her walk. First, she’d spent much of it at work. Then what would have been a lovely time to relax instead became trying to help take care of her family. She hardly blamed her mother for being in the wretched condition she was in, but it didn’t make life any easier.

Drinking too much soda felt like a much better alternative instead of drinking the same amount of anything else that sounded appealing. The allure never held for long. Being overly anxious and productive felt better than being maudlin and depressed. That was all booze ever did for her.

Gabrielle took another long swig of soda, sighing at the way it tingled on the way down. It wasn’t the best thing in the world. After all, she wanted to kick the habit. Part of the reason she didn’t was just how good it felt. She took another sip, quicker than she really needed to. Nothing really had the same feel. She’d tried caffeine free soda after reading about carbonation’s addictive properties. It hadn’t worked.

She needed that bite.

Maybe it was something to do with the very addictive nature itself. Maybe yielding herself to an addiction, feeling it give her a habit and force her to fulfill it in order to function the way she liked, was the actual allure. Maybe the taste was just an afterthought.

She turned a corner, just as she would have turned away from answering the question if asked: casually and uncaring.

Perhaps if her heightened anxiousness gave her any heightened senses she might have found it easier to see the eyes peering at her from the alley. It would certainly have been more helpful than the needlessly quick beating of her heart. With just a quick glance to the side she might have seen them and hastened her pace, but she was too distracted savoring her drink. She’d missed her chance.

A hand cloaked in shadow grasped her bag and yanked her hard into the alley. The force of it was so strong and firm it felt as though she weighed nothing. Even the sloshing heavy weight of too much soda at Gabrielle’s back seemed to do nothing to make the task more difficult.

Her soda fell from her grasp, spinning in the air only faintly before its plastic body slammed into the hard cement. The amber contents rushed out, pouring down past the sidewalk where it could do nothing to indulge Gabrielle’s self-destructive tendencies.

She began to let out a scream, all but toppling over before a figure moved in front of her and closed a pale hand over her lips tight enough to stop all but the faintest of murmurs. The hand at Gabrielle’s pack continued to pull, and soon the three figures were lost to the sight of the sidewalk deep within impenetrable shadows. Gabrielle strained to pull her arms out of the loops of her backpack only to find her arms grasped and her body pulled back into something warm and soft. It took her a moment to realize it was a pair of breasts. She gritted her teeth and continued to struggle, unable to pull herself free of the steel like grasp at her arms or the hand that closed over her mouth.

“Hey there, cute stuff. Sorry to startle you, but you know, I was really, really thirsty… And you looked like you’d really fit the bill.” The owner of the hand over her mouth grinned. It took Gabrielle’s eyes longer than she liked to adjust, but before long the woman in front of her became easier to see. She had short blonde hair that curled in towards her neck only just above her shoulders. It was wispy and light, looking almost ghostly and not unlike the color of straw. Her skin was impossibly pale, almost seeming to reflect every small bit of light capable of reaching her. Her pupils were yellow, and her lips were a pale pink.

Gabrielle tried to respond, but it only came out as a series of muffled whimpers as she continued to struggle and twist in her captors’ grasps. It was no use of course. There was nothing she could do. Somehow the woman holding her arms had strength she’d only seen and never felt. It didn’t feel as though her arms couldn’t pull free. It felt as though the grasp stole the will of her arms to struggle no matter how hard she tried to twist her body.

She was trapped, and it was as though her own body had decided that it was acceptable to abandon her to her fate. Gabrielle refused to accept it, but there was little that she could do. The two women had her, and her strength on its own was not going to be enough to set her free.

“I really am sorry, you know. I was just telling Dora here, you know… I really am trying to cut back. You might not believe me, but it’s just so hard when you want something, you know?” The blonde sighed, shaking her head as she moved closer. Her soft pink lips twisted into a rueful grin as her eyes bored their gaze deeper into her captive’s. Her hand remained clamped over her mouth. “It’s so hard to deny yourself something that you know if you even tried to get would be so easy to achieve. It’s not my fault. I’m a victim here, too.”

“You’re a victim of your own self-indulgence. That’s really not the same thing as being a victim.” Dora sighed, her voice hardly amused. It did nothing to soothe Gabrielle, who had still not stopped struggling.

Her heart was already panicked before she’d been torn into the alleyway. Being there now did nothing to help. She wasn’t having a knife held to her throat, but she’d always imagined that if it happened to her she’d put up a better fight. Gabrielle wasn’t the strongest woman, but she’d taken some self-defense courses in college. She’d kept herself in shape. All of the soda she drank was diet—which did more for her figure than she’d wanted to admit during the initial conversion.

Listening to the woman behind her sound so annoyed with her friend and yet do nothing to set Gabrielle free only made her panic soar higher. What kind of person could be okay with doing this? What kind of person would want to do this?

Why would being thirsty be something I could—oh fuck is this some kind of god damned sex thing? Fuck. I am so bad at keeping up with slang but even I know that…

“Shut up, Dora. We can talk about it later. You’re ruining my moment.” The blonde sighed, and squeezed a little tighter at Gabrielle’s jaw. Her fingers dug in, and for a moment Gabrielle was afraid the same strength holding her in place was going to rend her apart. Instead, she merely felt the strength drain out of her jaw as her ability to try screaming behind the blonde’s hand faded into distant memory. “There. Better! Now… I’d like to have a little civil chat. I’m sure you’ve heard that appealing to my humanity is better for you, yes?”

Gabrielle tried to nod her head frantically, but only found her neck somewhat responsive. The grip on her jaw was so tight, and she found herself instinctively terrified that she would help the woman harm her if she so much as moved too much out of turn. She’d never known fear like this before.

She would have done anything to get herself out of Dora’s grasp.

“Good!” The blonde laughed. It wasn’t the crazy sort of laugh that Gabrielle had anticipated the woman to have. It was a soft, gentle, cultured laugh that felt entirely out of place coming from the mouth of a woman who looked like a punk. Maybe if she were dressed as a princess or a queen it might have suited her. It clashed with the leather jacket like a sip of cola might with freshly brushed teeth. “Then I’m going to take my hand back, and you aren’t going to scream. If you do, then I’m going to stop being polite. I’ll just take what I want and leave you here to deal with it. Understood?”

Gabrielle nodded again, straining to add more of her over eager energy into the motion. She didn’t want to be left there after whatever the blonde wanted was taken from her. It had to be a sex thing. What else could thirst even mean?

Dora sighed. “You are not going to leave her in the alley. I don’t care how fucking thirsty you are, you are going to retain at least some modicum of cla—”

“If you say another. Fucking Word.” The blonde frowned, shifting to look past Garbielle. It was terrifying to be ignored when they were so close that Gabrielle could feel the heat of the blonde’s body against her own. Being so freshly reminded of just how human she wanted to be to the women holding her only made the fear that much more palpable. “Dora. Be. Fucking. Have. Okay? I asked you if you wanted to come. You said yes.”

“I said yes to try to curb your appetite, and you know it. You’re insatiable when you fall off the wagon.” Dora tisked, and squeezed at Gabrielle’s arms. The touch felt surprisingly gentle, and for how strong the woman’s grasp felt it didn’t hurt at all. If anything it felt warm and soft.

The blonde grinned, and Gabrielle wished she could still scream against the hand wrapped over her lips. Being ignored was one thing. Feeling the blonde’s breasts pillow against her own and press her back into the firm body at her back was another, and that was before she could hear the unmistakable wet sound of lips pressing locking. The two women mewled within their kiss, and their hips arched as though to press Gabrielle into the other woman in the way they wished they could feel each other. She’d never felt so vulnerable before.

She also wished that she felt a great deal less aroused, but there was no helping that. Both women had bodies that felt so tight and firm while being no less delightfully supple. They had to actually work out, or had jobs that kept them in more shape than just furiously stepping up and down every night to videos on the internet before bed like Gabrielle did. She’d never been pinned by breasts at her front and back.

No one had ever bothered to ask her if it was something that she was interested in experiencing, but if they had she would have answered a resounding “no.” That didn’t seem to matter as their hips rolled against her. She was helpless to bask in their heat and tremble.

The kiss finally broke with a loud wet pop, and the blonde sighed as she leaned herself against Gabrielle. Dora’s grasp hadn’t loosened at all. It hadn’t strengthened either, but she was still sure that if it actually did something in her arm would break. “I’m always fucking insatiable. Besides, wagons are for hopping on and off when you reach your destination, aren’t they?”

Dora sighed, but it sounded so much more like an amused lover than it did like someone truly dismissive or upset. “Just what am I going to do with you?”

“Probably what you’ve been doing for as long as I can remember…” The blonde licked her lips as though to savor the lingering flavor of Dora’s kiss. Her tongue moved sensuously, every small movement so much more precise and yet raw than any Gabrielle had ever seen a tongue make in her life. It made her thighs clench hard enough to hurt. If she could have made a sound, she would have moaned. “But we’re being rude!” She paused, grinning a crooked grin. “Unintentionally. I’d rather be rude on purpose. So… let’s chat, girl.”

Finally the hand pulled away from Gabrielle’s mouth. Instantly she opened and closed it, as if her mouth were a limb that felt numb and sore from being trapped in place too long. Once she was satisfied with the feeling, and neither woman had done anything to hurt her or pull her deeper into the alley, Gabrielle took a deep breath and tried to speak.

No sound emerged from her lips.

The blonde laughed, her yellow eyes sparkling mischievously. Gabrielle’s eyes widened with panic as she resumed her struggles. Still, her arms would not move. Still, she couldn’t wrench herself free. She couldn’t even manage to twist her torso in a way that risked hurting her shoulders. Her arms were where they were, and they seemed ethically opposed to changing that.

Before, the cultured laugh of her captor had felt ill suiting. It certainly still felt that, clashing with her look every bit as much as her behavior. Her laugh was not even that of a wicked queen, but of her young playful heiress. It poorly matched her disposition.

Now, the laugh seemed like something so much more. Gabrielle couldn’t speak. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to. It wasn’t that her body was being held in a way to prevent it. Just like the way her arms felt suspended in the air as though they’d been turned into unbending steel, her voice would not respond. Her lips could twist, her jaw could move, but no sound escaped her lips besides that of her harsh breathing.

The woman in front of her, soft pink lips still parted wide as she laughed in bemused joy, was treating Gabrielle as an amusing toy. A civil chat was sounding more and more impossible with each passing moment. It felt as though she’d failed well before she’d even tried to start.

How can I appeal to the humanity of a monster?!

“You’ll have to forgive her. It appears that somewhere along the way my companion has quite lost sight of her manners. She’ll tire of this game soon.” Dora whispered it into Gabrielle’s ear. Her voice was so soft that even with her lips brushing Gabrielle’s skin every syllable still took straining to smoothly hear. “Do try to relax. I know that’s one thing to say, but it really isn’t healthy to be so high strung.”

Gabrielle wanted to scream and groan and break down into sobs all at once. How was she supposed to relax when her arms being unwilling to bend no longer felt like the result of a powerful grasp but some sort of supernatural power that she had no hope of fighting? How could she have any hope that she was going to get out of this alive?

Tears filled her eyes, and Gabrielle found her body was still able to shake as though she were in lost in a fit of sobs but no sound spilled out beyond the faintest gasps of breath. Her blonde captor stopped laughing, and frowned. Something like shame shone from inside of her inhuman yellow eyes, if only for a moment. She sighed, and kissed below one of Gabrielle’s crying eyes. “There, there. My dear Dora is quite right. I seem to have lost sight of my manners. I blame the way that she dotes on me so and simply allows me to get away with anything. Do you know how difficult it is for someone such as myself to know one’s limits when they have none?”

Gabrielle shook her head, and her loud sniffling filled the otherwise quiet alley. She was unable to speak, but it seemed that the woman hadn’t stopped the sounds of her sniffling. The blonde coughed, and shook her head. Her lips pressed soothingly to Gabrielle’s sweating forehead. Terror had gripped Gabrielle down to the marrow of her bones.

“I suppose not, no… But well, perhaps we can chat about that, mm? First, I suppose that there are more important things for us to discuss wouldn’t you say?” Gabrielle nodded, and the blonde woman smiled. “Good. Then I’ll restore your voice… but I warn you? If you use it to yell or cry out for help, I’m as likely to forget and only feel overcome with guilt after I break your neck as I am to steal your voice. Please do keep that in mind, darling”

An impossibly smooth finger tapped Gabrielle’s lips, and a burning hot claw removed itself from some place deep inside of her. She gasped and panted, mewling just to hear the sound. She’d almost forgotten how her own sounds of fear sounded even with how many she’d made so recently.

“There! Much better. Chats are much more productive when we can both speak.” She chuckled, stroking her fingertip just below Gabrielle’s bottom lip. Her skin was impossibly smooth, feeling as though the only way it were possible would be for the blonde woman to have never touched anything courser than satin. A part of Gabrielle almost felt terrified she’d be struck for her own skin damaging that impossible perfection. “Now, my poor terrified little drink… What is your name?”

“G-g-gabrielle…” The tightly held woman choked back another sob, straining to keep her tears and cries buried as deep as she could. “Y-yours…?”

“You may call me Lorelei, my poor terrified little darling.” Lorelei gave a toothy grin with teeth that shined even more impossibly white than her skin. “How polite of you to think to ask. You have much better manners than I. I truly am sorry for startling you. There are other ways to seek what I crave, but I’m… particular. I don’t like asking for what I want. I simply want to have it.”

Dora sighed from behind Gabrielle, whispering quietly as before into her ear. “What she means is that she lacks the patience for seduction and enjoys commanding me to carry out her whims. You should see how delighted she gets at merely having the chance to command me to fetch a book when I’ve only just settled into my seat.”

Lorelei sighed, clicking her tongue as she shook her head. Again her lips pressed to Gabrielle’s forehead, though they lingered for a much shorter time. “You know I can hear you, Dora. It’s not nice to pretend to be gentle with our dear Gabrielle while pretending I’m limited as such.”

“Of course, my Lady Lorelei.” Dora’s voice carried an amused smirk as much as it carried genuine loyalty. Gabrielle didn’t know how to feel.

She couldn’t stop shuddering. Even with their shift to relative gentleness nothing about the two women felt any less dangerous. Her hair still stood on end. Her blood still ran cold. Her body was still burning hot with arousal, and she couldn’t fight away even as she was scared that any sexual act would be followed with brutality.

Whatever game the two of them were playing it seemed to have few rules that concerned their treatment of Gabrielle and more satisfying their desires.

“Now… Gabrielle. As mentioned? I have a simply unbearable thirst, and I’m quite… particular. I don’t go after just any girl you know… and it does have to be a girl.” Lorelei paused, a finger taping at her own pink lips. They somehow looked even softer than her fingertip. They were perfect, bee stung without looking unnatural. In spite of her fear, disinterest in kissing strange women in alleyways, and general disgust with a woman who would do such a thing, Gabrielle still found herself wondering how they felt and tasted. “Well, women I suppose. Girl is seem as diminishing, isn’t it?”

“The term would imply a lack of maturity that your prey clearly possesses, my Lady.” More amusement crept into Dora’s voice, and Gabrielle struggled to suppress the mewl as she felt the woman’s body rub and roll against hers even without the same pressure in reverse. Dora’s body felt so perfect. It made Gabrielle long to see her, but even trying to look back the other woman was in shadows too dark to see.

“So it would!” Lorelei sighed dramatically, somehow not seeming forced or feigned. Her lips curled back into a smug grin as the moment passed. “Well, Gabrielle. I suppose I should be quite upfront. I want you. I’m going to have you. I can make you hate it, or I can help you love it. I’ll give you the choice, unlike some people.”

Dora sighed in a way that told Gabrielle that they’d discussed that subject at length and Dora found Lorelei’s constant insistence on her position both adorable and exhausting. Lorelei raised a straw-yellow brow at the sigh, but when Dora said nothing further she simply grinned more.

Gabrielle quivered. “Th-that’s a pretty easy choice… I-isn’t it…? R-right…?”

Lorelei shrugged, her grin softening into a delicate smile. “Not necessarily. Some women find the thought of being made to like such a thing… Terrifying. The loss of volition. The violation of self. I must have what I must have, but I would hate to leave you feeling as though I’d ruined your very self in the process. It’s been known to happen. The right girl, being made to love something so crude or distasteful… It can take years for her to recover. I’m not a monster.”

Some choice words rose to Gabrielle’s lips, but she fought them back. Let her think that. If you argue, maybe you’ll give her a reason to show you what she thinks a monster really is. Fuck. Why can’t I stop feeling so turned on?!

“Of course…” Lorelei chuckled and grinned, shifting to rub her hips into Gabrielle’s. Again, the dark haired woman found herself rubbed at from both sides. Warm thighs pressed into Gabrielle’s ass, and hips rubbed their way up Gabrielle’s thighs to press into her own. Breasts pressed into her breasts, and into her back. Her body felt hotter as the sweat of fear mingled with the sweat of longing. “There are some girls who are far more interested than they should be. I’m giving you a choice, because I’m merciful.

“Either way, when I’m done, I’ll be walking away with what I want. Your choice here is how much you enjoy it. Just ask for it, and I’ll make it the most perfect memory you’ll ever have. Refuse… and you can take solace in your loved ones to recover from your trauma in the months and years ahead.” Lorelei moaned, her hands rubbing their way over Gabrielle’s hips before she squeezed them possessively. “I won’t judge you for either choice…”

Gabrielle couldn’t remember the last time someone had touched her. She could remember the last time she’d slid a hand between her legs, but that was never the same. That was caffeine free.

She struggled to keep her thoughts clear and focused as she felt hard nipples on impossibly supple breasts rub over her. She strained to not just desperately clench her thighs and grind away as she felt Lorelei’s leg slide between her own. This was definitely a sex thing. What else could thirst even mean?

Even though it was lost in the shadows of the alley, Gabrielle remembered her backpack so full of soda. Her back and shoulders still lightly ached from the weight. She could still taste the last sip she’d taken in her mouth, even as she longed for another.

Her life was hard enough without another point of trauma. Her life was terrifying enough without needing to remember that night as the time that she was horrified as she was used for another woman’s pleasure. Her mother would still need her help. She would still need to go to work. Life wasn’t going to make up for the night being horrific by giving her something sweet to balance it out. That wasn’t how life worked.

Lorelei nibbled at the left side of her neck, and Dora on the right. Gabrielle whimpered, her eyes rolling back into her head as she let what little of her body she felt was obeying her go limp. “M-make me like it… M-make me love it… P-please, Lorelei… P-please… I-I… I don’t want to just be a victim… I c-c-can’t take j-j-just… I… Please…”

Both of the strange women froze, and Lorelei tenderly grasped at Gabrielle’s chin between her thumb and forefinger. Tears poured from Gabrielle’s eyes as she shook. She sniffled pitifully, looking desperately to Lorelei’s eyes. Terror was still there, but ache shined deeper.

It was an ache that devalued her and drove Gabrielle back to a bottle that she knew would make her chest ache and destroy her confidence in herself. It was an ache of constant suffering and pain doing her best to do what she thought was right while it felt like everything around her was unstable and on the verge of shattering and crumbling apart.

“Shhh, Gabrielle. I’ll do more than that.” Lorelei smiled, her voice much softer and gentler than it had been before. Her yellow eyes looked deep within Gabrielle’s hazel pair, locking in a way that felt so much less like being trapped in place so much as embraced and coddled. “This night is going to be the start of something so very, very precious for you. For us both. All you need to do is ask for help.”

Gabrielle hesitated. The woman who was now being so gentle with her had been the one responsible for her being torn off of the sidewalk and hidden away in the alley. She’d molested her body. She threatened her with violence and death. Everything about her seemed twisted, wrong.

Yet even with those fears, with the power behind all of those well-reasoned thoughts and concerns, there was some depth in Lorelei that Gabrielle couldn’t help but feel drawn towards. Maybe it was the way her yellow eyes seemed to hold all the radiant warmth of the sun that Gabrielle couldn’t remember finding nearly half so welcoming as it felt in that moment. Maybe it was how warm her body felt. Maybe it was the way that Lorelei seemed truly regretful. It felt dangerous to accept, and yet it crushed at her soul to imagine refusing.

What do I have to lose…? If she can help me, if she can truly care… Gabrielle shook with the intensity of her breath and the heat that pulled her body forward and back at once. Her arms were still trapped in Dora’s, but every other part of her tingled and pulsed with desire and need. The strange monsters who held her so effortlessly had such an inhuman charm to them that she imagined simply a smile, or a faint caress from Lorelei to her cheek would have had her falling over herself to know them better.

Feeling so squished between the two of them, she was certain there was never a way it could have played out where she had any chance at all. Between their shapes, and the strange radiant heat that throbbed from their clothed skin… She already wanted to want more.

If it wasn’t for how terrifyingly wrong it felt to refuse, for how certain it felt that she would lose the last of herself she clung to day after stressful eyes if she did refuse, she wouldn’t have asked. Her body, her emotions, her soul cried to give in to the two beautiful monsters that played at her libido like it were no more complicated than checkers. Only her reason clutched desperately at fear.

All of the reason in the world wasn’t reason enough.

“P-please… help me, Lorelei… Help me… I need you…” Gabrielle strained to let the words out even if they were what she craved to say most of all.

Shame burned in her chest with every panicked beat of her heart. Even if Lorelei could help her, how could Gabrielle have any self-respect for herself? She’d begged for a woman to help her that had only mere moments ago stolen her away from the sidewalk and threatened to take what she wanted and leave her in a heap?

It was purely academic to ponder after the words left her lips. The liter of soda on the sidewalk was empty but for what little soda hadn’t sloshed out and lay resting within the thin plastic shell. She’d made her choice, even if it felt made for her before she’d been asked.

“Of course I’ll help you! What kind of Lady would refuse a poor beautiful woman such as yourself pleading for my aid?” Lorelei sighed and smiled almost warmly as she stroked a lock of black hair out of Gabrielle’s face. “I’m going to help you. I’m still going to take what I need, because I fucking need it despite what Dora says, but I’m going to give you something, too. Something you’d never even think of asking for, and would have without me probably never been offered. You should be grateful.”

Lorelei’s eyes glittered with something mischievous and cruel. Were Gabrielle not already so exhausted from her fear that she was numb to it she might have begun sobbing anew. The moment’s hope seemed to pass. The predator in Lorelei’s eyes seemed like it had made a different decision than her lips.

“It’s time to make tonight something you’ll never want to forget.” Lorelei closed her yellow eyes, and Gabrielle took a deep breath. She didn’t know how the woman presumed that she’d be able to do that, but it was hard to doubt her. Try as she might, Gabrielle was still unable to even cause her arms to shake inside of Dora’s grasp as she held her arms so arms perfectly still. Her elbows wouldn’t bend. Her fingers wouldn’t even twitch. They didn’t hang limp, or feel particularly exhausted. Her arms simply yielded themselves to where Dora held them.

Gabrielle was certain that whatever Dora was, Lorelei was too. They both felt just as warm in ways that nothing natural felt warm. They both seduced her with their mere proximity. By the same token, she could feel that they both craved something from her.

It had to be that Dora merely had a greater level of restraint, willpower, or some other trait that Lorelei had never learned or simply viewed as beneath her. Gabrielle was too dazed to guess or worry. All she could do was try to both calm herself, and steel herself for whatever was coming. She’d asked to be made to like it, but that seemed impossible. It was a shameful moment when she realized she wasn’t steeling herself to resist, but for the possibility that it wouldn’t work.

It had been so long since she’d had an unforgettable evening.

When Lorelei’s eyes opened, yellow eyes weren’t what Gabrielle saw. Rays of light brighter than anything Gabrielle had ever seen shined into her eyes without any pain at all. It was like looking into the sun, only the longer that she looked she didn’t feel her vision blurring and decaying. Instead, she felt something behind her eyes grow molten.

Rays of pure golden sunlight lit up the alleyway brighter than it would have ever been during the brightest day and Gabrielle felt her mind begin to drip as it melted from something solid into something wet and trembling. It felt as though her very self were warping, going runny like a block of plastic left out too long under the heat of the sun. She tried to speak but all that came from her lips were wordless whimpers and groans. Inhibition dripped and poured away as though those parts of her couldn’t retain their shape under the intensity of Lorelei’s rays.

L-like an ant… under a magnifying glass… Gabrielle whined, her lips trembling as she stared vacantly into Lorelei’s eyes. She’s m-m-melting m-m-me…

Gabrielle’s panties were drenched. The more that the rays of golden light streamed into her eyes, the more sensitive her body grew to the heat at either side of her. Dora’s nipples pressing into her back, the firm thighs that her ass pressed back against, and the leg between her thighs would have been enough to stain the cotton forever. With Lorelei’s breasts kissing her own, and their hips writhing together in an unending dance, Gabrielle’s dark blue jeans were at risk of being similarly ruined.

“That’s right, Gabrielle…” Lorelei’s voice sounded like the chimes of bells, or a bird’s song. It was lighter and airier than the voice she’d had before, as though the last vestiges of her human disguise had included the very sound of her voice. “You’re going to give me everything I want, and then I’m going to take such lovely care of you… And you can’t think of anything that sounds sweeter than that.”

It wasn’t a question, and if it was Gabrielle wouldn’t have known the answer were she to be asked. It was being melted into her with the light of Lorelei’s truth, but the parts of her that knew how to use that knowledge were gone. Drool glistened at the edge of Gabrielle’s lip, sparkling in the golden light of Lorelei’s eyes. Her thighs shook, clenching as her hips bucked.

“You carry such worry, such fear, such sorrow… Such a yearning inside yourself. I can taste it now… We’ve very much alike, you and I, Gabrielle… More alike than you could know.” Lorelei sighed tenderly, her hips pressing Gabrielle that much harder back against Dora. “Pledge to give me all that I yearn for, all that I desire, all that I crave, all that I need… and I will give you everything. I will help you. I will lift you out of your sorrow, out of your pain… And give you a new life, unburdened with mortal concerns. You’ll be shackled by a new thirst not unlike that which you suffer for now… But I will be there to help you, as will Dora. Pledge!”

Lorelei’s voice was demanding, but it was not the demand of a teacher or a parent. It was not the demand of authority. It was the demand of a woman lost in lust. Her own nipples were hard against the thin black t-shirt, almost so thin as to reveal her pink nipples that were so light they almost lacked pigment. Beneath her own jeans her golden silk panties had long since been ruined with thoughts of the night’s pleasures.

Even as she demanded Gabrielle’s surrender, she yearned and pleaded for it. She would take it, but she needed it. Every fraction of a moment she waited the need for it grew to more and more unbearable levels. It was all that she could do to keep from howling in pitiful agony.

Lorelei was a monster, but she was a monster who had denied her base needs for so long they threatened to purge the sanity she’d carefully cultivated for so many lifetimes.

“I p-p-pledge… all that you yearn for!” Golden light pulsed and throbbed brighter and brighter within Gabrielle, rewarding her with pleasure as she succumbed to its irresistible lure. Every word burned hotter than the sun over her skin, and burned compliance into her melting brain. “All th-that you desire… all that you crave—!”

Gabrielle came. Her pledge was hardly finished, and the pleasure that she knew Lorelei would take and she would gladly give had not yet begun. It would by necessity feel even brighter, even warmer, but it felt impossible for anything to be more.

“All that you… n-n-neeeeeeed!” Gabrielle’s voice cracked in her throat, and turned into a chime not unlike Lorelei’s. It almost sounded as though the barrier between what Lorelei and Gabrielle had melted just enough. Some part of her light fused with the burning core of Gabrielle’s being, doing more than merely making it drip and flow but giving it a heat of its own.

“Oh fuck yes!” Lorelei squealed, her voice still such a light and airy sound even as she let out a youthful squeal of delight. “Oh Dora she’s so exquisite!”

Lorelei moved faster than light. It was far too close be the speed of sound. It was more as if one moment she were gazing into Gabrielle’s eyes, and the next her mouth was latched to Gabrielle’s neck. Twin fangs extended from her teeth, piercing the woman’s pale neck. Gabrielle screamed and came again, shaking hard as she began to feel something important be tugged out of her.

Feels… so… perrrfect! Gabrielle screamed louder than she’d ever screamed before. The sunlight in her mind burned and twisted and smoothed at her, making everything simple. Everything that Lorelei did was pleasure. Everything that Lorelei was became heat and delight.

Everything that Lorelei wanted became something that Gabrielle needed.

She writhed in Dora’s grasp, her thighs desperately shuddering around Lorelei’s thigh as her hips desperately pressed soaked jeans into Lorelei’s which soon followed suit. Lorelei’s hands grasped; one at a breast and the other at a hip as her lips pressed so flush with Gabrielle’s neck. Loud wet suckling filled the air, but it was silent in comparison to the volume of Gabrielle’s desperate cries.

The sound never left the alleyway even as Gabrielle’s screams soared higher and higher.

“Take your fill, my love.” Dora’s voce cooed out tenderly, dripping with such adoration for her blonde lover. “Don’t miss a single drop. You’ll be hating yourself later if even a single bit of our little Gabrielle is wasted. Suck, and suck… and suck some more.”

Lorelei’s eyes hooded until they closed. Her eyelids glowed and pulsed with the twin suns they hid. Her hand squeezed and kneaded more roughly at Gabrielle’s breast, milking moans out of her lips and sticky-slick juices from her cunt. Lorelei shook harder the more that she suckled, the tone of her skins slowly deepening.

Her lips and nipples darkened into a richer pink, and in kind her eyelids found it easier to hide the light of her eyes. While her skin remained unnaturally soft, smooth, and pale, it became a pale that was easier to believe. The color of her hair darkened, turning more to a rich gold than wispy straw.

When she finally broke her lips away from Gabrielle’s neck, Lorelei looked practically human.

“Ooohhh fuuuck! You really drink too much soda, Gabrielle… I can practically taste it more than your bloo… Oh… right…” Lorelei’s cheeks flushed as she looked to Gabrielle’s face. Light no longer shone from Lorelei’s eyes, but dim imitations of the same rays poured out from Gabrielle’s.

“You didn’t even wait a moment after taking your fill to chastise her. That might be a new record.” Dora’s voice was no longer tender and smooth. Instead it was once again amused and firm. “You’ll need to apologize once she can understand you again.”

“She can understand just fine, you… you…” Lorelei moaned, her tongue savoring the taste of Gabrielle that lingered in her mouth. “Aaah of course you’re right my love.” Lorelei laughed. Her voice again sounded just as human as it had before. It was husky and low, dripping with lust and satisfaction as though every drop of blood she had taken from the now quite pale Gabrielle had turned into something far more lascivious inside of the blonde. “Mmmm it’s such a rush to feel like you’ve gotten what you really need… so it’s only fair that I give you something you’ve needed too, mm?”

Gabrielle moaned. She was still lost in the throes of an orgasm that felt like it would never end. Sunlight had laced its way through her like it was sewn into the fabric of her body and mind. Her heart throbbed with it. Every beat, even when it felt so faint and weak, shined with a light she’d never even dreamed of. Ecstasy scarcely began to describe the indescribable perfection of the moment.

Pleasure was flowing, more was coming, and it felt like it would never stop. Lorelei had melted her open, turned every part of Gabrielle’s very being from something solid and unyielding into free flowing bliss. Just feeling herself against herself, was paradise. Every moment she sloshed pleasure against pleasure and lost herself to it again.

In less time than it had taken for her to be pulled into the alleyway she’d lost track of how many times her thighs had clenched. If it were any normal circumstance it would have started to hurt. Instead, the pain of what would have felt like being so physically taxed and overwhelmed became pleasure anew.

There was no sensation that wasn’t euphoria. There was nothing outside of the golden light, and words she’d pledged to fulfill. Gabrielle would give everything Lorelei wanted. Lorelei would give everything that Gabrielle desired, yearned for…

I want to be more, to have more, just so there’s more of her to take! She hadn’t even felt it when Lorelei had removed her suckling lips. The void within her where so much had been felt as though it were filled with that sensation of being siphoned away. She longed for more, and yet she savored that longing. Even her own desperate want for more felt like more pleasure.

Tears ran from her eyes, and each that fell along her cheek burned like a climax that clung desperately to her perception until it could be held no longer. One followed after the other, and she shook like a flag of toe curling joy amidst a cyclone of endless fulfilment.

Lorelei and Dora watched Gabrielle lost in the light for a short time that for the two timeless women stretched on as an eternity. Gabrielle’s heart slowed, each beat taking more effort for her drained body to manage. She was dying, but it was a death with no pain or sorrow. There was no agony. Every moment that her body moved closer to failure, her pleasure only surged higher.

Mere moments after Lorelei’s words that felt like years to the golden haired woman, she reached down to her waist and began to lift her top. Her breasts glistened with sweat, shimmering in the light cast from Gabrielle’s eyes. Pink nipples stood proudly at each, teased as much by her earlier pleasure as the cool air.

“I’d say you planned this with your lack of a bra if I didn’t know how much you savored such uncultured, trashy fashions. Really, my Lady…” Dora sighed, shaking her head.

Lorelei grinned as her hands reached up to cup her own breasts. They spilled over her hands, yielding just perfectly enough to make them look beyond perfect. “What can I say? I don’t want to take time fiddling with clasps and hooks and straps when I could have a woman’s lips at my tits… So why should I? Now… if you would assist…”

Dora feigned a greater annoyance than she felt with a heavy sigh. “Of course, Her Radiant Sluttiness.” With careful movements Dora used her grasp of Gabrielle’s arms to position the woman’s lips in front of Lorelei’s nipple.

Lorelei burst into aristocratic giggles even as she shook her head. “Shush, you. This is delicate work.”

Small points of golden light began to shimmer from the center of Lorelei’s nipples. It was dim at first, dimmer than the light in Gabrielle’s eyes, but it was soon as bright as Lorelei’s eyes had been. It was a gentler light, and rays of it pulsed and throbbed in time with a familiar rhythm.

It was the rhythm of Gabrielle’s own dying heart.

“Take my light into yourself, and allow grace, heat, and ephemeral joy to become your life’s blood. Surrender the fragility of your flesh, and yield yourself to needs new and terrifying as you become something more, something less… so that I can keep you happy for always.” Lorelei spoke the words as though she had spoken them a thousand times before.

They were poetry that followed a meter that had not been used commonly in so long and yet still resonated with a melody that Gabrielle had always known. Her lips shook as the rays of light began to warm them deeper than any sunlight ever had.

It heated what little blood still flowed in her veins. The pulsing of the light kept her heart going strong enough for her lips to latch. Her own pulse bid Gabrielle to suckle, and as she did the light flowed deeper and deeper inside of her. It twisted itself into her skin, into her mind, and the liquid in her skull became something so very different.

The light that had shone through her eyes before began to take on a deeper, richer color as her black hair began to lighten. Starting at the roots, gold dripped and slicked out from her scalp until the very tip of each strand was shimmering, beautiful gold. Warmth pulsed from inside of her skin and burned away every place that had grown rough and hard even as it reinforced and protected that new vulnerable smoothness.

Rays of warmth and light twisted through her arms, and the power that had been stolen from them by Dora’s grasp was reinforced and returned. Dora released her arms as Gabrielle moved them to wrap around Lorelei and pull her tight. Tears of golden light streamed from her eyes as they fell shut.

“Mmm… Yes, yes, that’s right… Become my pretty little daughter of the sun… Dora and I will care for you, and you will never know such sorrow as you knew again…” Lorelei paused, humming to herself even as she moaned under the pleasure of Gabrielle’s lips. “MMnnn though we’ll need to get you to cut back on the caffeine, that really can’t be good for you. Even if your heart should be able to be somewhat more relaxed… It’s just not good for you. You’re worth taking proper care of.”

“I’ll never understand how you can still be the spoiled brat you were over a thousand years ago one moment, and then pretend you even vaguely know what it’s like to be a mother.” Dora grinned, her hands moving to smooth and stroke at Gabrielle’s new golden hair that shined as though it were filled with light. “I love you, Lorelei. Please never actually grow up.”

“After this long?” Lorelei moaned, the pleasure of Gabrielle’s lips interrupting the attempt at a raised eyebrow. “Do you think I’m even capable of it?”

Dora hummed thoughtfully to herself as she teased nails through golden hair that illuminated her deep brown skin. “No, I don’t imagine that you are… but if you ever try with any serious effort you’ll break my heart until you stop.”

“Then I promise, Dora, that I will never try to become the mature ruler that at one point you desperately pleaded with the stars that I might one day become.” Lorelei grinned with such satisfaction it shined almost brighter than the light of the sun. “Thank you for indulging me. I promise I’ll take good care of her. She just seemed so sad, and I hadn’t meant to be so cruel, it had just been generations since my last meal… Mmmnnn… Ohhh… Yes Gabrielle, suck for all you’re worth, you need a lot of light to forge the sun inside of you…”

Dark lips parted, ready to object, only to curl into a proud smile as Dora shook her head. There was no point in arguing with a princess—and there was even less point in arguing with one who had been undying longer than most would ever live. It was her fault, she supposed. She had spoiled her so, and done her best to make sure the ever thirsty girl had never known sorrow.

Perhaps she had been too coddling. Perhaps she had indulged her too much. Perhaps princesses were ill suited to never ending life.

No, thought Dora with a pleased smile a she watched Lorelei coo and lovingly whisper to Gabrielle as she nursed her with light that perfected her as it gave her life anew. I think there’s none more suited to it… But without me, she would have far more regrets. It is good for us both that I’ve never left her side.

Gabrielle sighed, her mind coalescing and congealing anew not solid, but as something more. Eternally burning, eternally shining, the part of her that Lorelei had lit on fire was now a flame itself. Burning with the heat of a star she felt the thirst for something much wetter than light pulse inside of her, but Lorelei’s light was irresistible.

She suckled, her eyes hooding as she regained some understanding of who and where she was. Lorelei was petting her hair, and golden hair was in her face. She’d never felt so dizzy, but her heart had never felt so calm. She’d never felt so safe.

Lorelei would take care of her like no one else ever had.

“And don’t you worry about your responsibilities… You’ll find them all a lot easier to attend to as a daughter of the sun than you ever did as a mere woman.” Lorelei’s voice was somewhere between the husky tone of lust and the bright chirpy sound of light that had tingled with luminous euphoria. “You’re my subject now, and that means that taking care of you is my highest duty. Dora was very insistent that I learn that, you know. I thought being in charge just meant I got to do whatever I wanted. I was such a brat back then…”

Gabrielle giggled around Lorelei’s nipple as she continued to suckle, her tongue flicking out to catch more of that light. She had no clue what she had gotten herself into, but whatever it was, it promised to be interesting.

She made up her mind to leave her bag in the alley. She would get a new one that hadn’t suffered an explosion of entirely too much soda over its inside, and she would treat herself much better in the future. She had a sun inside of her now, and a light like that needed to be nurtured and cared for. Dora and Lorelei would be there for her, and it was important that she not disrespect that.

She hadn’t even known their names an hour ago, and they were already the most important names she’d ever heard. She fluttered her eyes open and closed to savor the way the world around her looked and felt. It was new yet old, shining bright and yet the night was darker than it had ever seemed before.

It made sense to her without needing to ask why someone with the light of the sun inside of them would search for prey at night. Where else would their light shine as bright? After dawn, their brilliance would mingle with the sun.

Gabrielle clenched her thighs around her ruined panties and jeans. There was so much to learn, she was certain… but for the first time in a long time she looked forward to the challenge.

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