by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:noncon #f/f #multiple_partners #tech_control #dom:female #sub:female #therapist

Maria wants things to go smoothly for everyone. To facilitate that, she’s willing to make a few… compromises.


Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Maria plopped down on the couch, and sighed as she pulled her phone out of her purse. Her eyes were narrowed. Her thumbs were racing across the smooth screen with immense focus and precision.

“Hello, Maria.” A woman was already sitting on a chair across from her, sitting back with a soft, welcoming smile. A notepad set on a clipboard rested in her lap. She adjusted her glasses, taking a slow breath as she waited for Maria to reply. When it became clear no reply was coming, her smile weakened. “I’m Patricia Kaine. Do you know why you’re here?”

There was no response as the younger woman stared down at her phone. Her loose, messy brown hair obscured half of her face but did nothing to hide her dark scowl. She was pretty, and her too-tight pair of shorts and small belly shirt helped to show off. She was more slender than curvaceous, and looked incredibly small on the large couch. She was young, but not so young for her pouty scowl to not seem unnecessarily childish.

“You’re an adult, you know. You’re eighteen. If you don’t want to talk to me, why don’t you leave?” Patricia raised an eyebrow as she tapped her pen down against her notepad. “I’m not going to call the police. If you leave, there’s really nothing I can do.”

Unlike Maria, Patricia had a look of voluptuous maturity. Her long black skirt matched nicely with her black, button-up blouse. Every button was in place just as it should be, but it was hardly loose enough for that to not have a lovely effect all on its own. She was beautiful, from her blonde hair tied back in a braid, her golden framed glasses, all the way down to her cute, sensible heels.

Maria sighed, and finally looked up from her phone. “I’m here because my mom is worried about me, because I’m finally having a social life.”

“That’s… not exactly right, Maria.” Patricia frowned, scribbling down something on her pad. “Your mother is concerned because… You’re a woman now, yes, but you suddenly stopped talking with all of your friends, you’ve been skipping classes, and you’ve been hanging out with, according to her, a lot of…”

“Older women? You can say older women.” Maria grinned. It was a playful grin, the sort that made Maria seem suddenly so much more devious, so much more amused with the situation. “I like older women. They’re more serious than girls my age. More… experienced.”

Patricia paused, her pen hovering above her pad as she kept her face from twisting. Something about the way that Maria spoke felt unsettling. She doesn’t feel troubled, though I think she’s one step away from hitting on me. I’d talk to her about how unethical that would be, but there’d be no point. Hopefully she can appreciate that I wouldn’t be interested. She quickly scribbled down a few more notes, and met Maria’s hungry, lustful eyes.

It was clear that Maria was sizing Patricia up and down, savoring the way her curves were so impossible to hide. Maria was certainly bold, and daring. She seemed utterly unphased, even though she needed to know that she had no chance at all. Patricia was at least ten years older than her, if not twenty.

The thought of being attracted to a high schooler, even if she was a senior and, in every way, legal, would have made Patricia shudder. She imagined that would be a fairly standard reaction.

“Yes, that is true. Women closer to my age than yours will be likely to have more experience than a woman your age… But…” Patricia paused, slowly shaking her head. “Let’s start over. You clearly know why you’re here, but I don’t feel like it’s for the same reason that I was told you would be seeing me today. We don’t need to talk about what your mother wanted you to talk about. My time’s paid for. I just want to help. I’m not here to punish or chastise you.”

Maria’s expression had begun to darken, but the moment Patricia’s tactics changed the younger woman’s posture changed. Even if she had been leering, she’d still been hunched back, her feet up on the couch as she’d tapped at her phone. Now, her feet were down on the floor, her posture relaxed.

Her eyes, deep and dark and brown, continued to lift from her phone to openly trail along Patricia’s curves.

“My mom was worried about me. She thinks I’m going to end up taken advantage of, even though I’ve assured her that I know what I’m doing.” Maria shrugged, tapping a little quicker for a brief moment. “She’s wrong, but I care about her. So, I’m here to help her feel like she’s doing the good mom thing.”

“And?” Patricia scribbled down a few more notes, raising a golden brow above the gold of her frames. “That’s a very mature stance to take, and it definitely seems like you’ve thought this out… but even if this is confidential, and you know I won’t tell her anything…”

The younger woman laughed, her eyes hooding so low they were nearly closed. Patricia’s feeling that Maria had some ulterior motive continued to grow. She’s not looking at me like a girl who is ready to be turned down… but she doesn’t look like she’s the type to try crawling all over me, either. I am not even sure how to think about the way she’s looking at me.

Something in Maria’s eyes looked less like they were undressing Patricia with her roving gaze. Instead, it looked like Maria could see the future. It was as though Maria could see what she wanted to happen already unfolding.

Patricia was less worried for herself, and more worried for the young woman sitting on her couch. If she keeps playing around like this, thinking she’s in control of every situation, eventually that’s going to come back and bite her. How do I get her to open up to me…?

“Your phone.” When Maria’s only response was that pleased expression, Patricia took it upon herself to speak up. “Are you chatting with someone? One of your girlfriends?”

“Oh, no.” Maria shook her head, glancing down to type something out before meeting Patricia’s eyes with an intense stare. “Most of the women I see regularly are still at work, so… I was actually looking at you a little. I would have thought you were younger. Your sister is pretty cute, too. Are you twins? You look like twins.”

A chill shuddered through Patricia as she fought the urge to slam her pen down. “Maria, that’s not very—”

Before Patricia could finish her thought her eyes went wide, and her mouth shuddered open with a gasp. A line of digital blue made its way across one eye, and then the other. As though an ethernet cord had been shoved into the back of her head, or a wireless signal had hacked into her mind, a line of words uploaded themselves into her brain. They were a blinding neon blue, piercing past all of her surface thoughts, all of her mental defenses, all of the woman’s many years of professional experience.

I understand why those other women want Maria—I can’t deny her anything and I need to do whatever I can to make her feel safe and happy.

The words hadn’t been there one moment, and then the next they were the most important words in the world. Maria giggled as her thumb lifted from her phone. “Yes, Patricia…?” Maria’s face twisted into a mask of feigned innocence. She was even cutely batting her lashes, giving her best cute-girl smile. “Are you twins? You definitely look like twins. I think you might be a little prettier, but it’s hard to tell.”

Patricia struggled to catch her breath. Though nothing had changed, she could feel epiphany burning through her—especially through her libido. Her lips rubbed together as she tried to come to terms with the feelings racing along her thighs. Her fingers twitched. Her toes curled inside of her heels.

Across from her was an enchanting young woman who was in complete control of any room she entered. That was how it felt to Patricia—or it felt like that was how things should be.

She’s so… charming. Cute. It’s not just because she’s small, but I… I do want to pamper her, to… Patricia’s thighs rubbed together as her breath caught in her throat. That’s bad, that’s wrong, that’s so an ethics violation. I’d lose my job, my license, I—

“Come oooon, tell me, Patricia!” Maria pouted out her demand like it was the simplest thing in the world. “I want to know. Don’t you want to tell me…?”

“Yes! Whitney is my twin sister. She’s a few minutes younger.” Patricia tightened her grip on the pen, scribbling useless shapes as she tried to get herself under control. “You’re very sweet, Maria… and very pretty. Is there anything I can do to make you more comfortable…? I could get you some soda, or a snack, or…” Patricia let her voice trail off, but it was obvious by her tone and the soft look in her eyes that she wanted to cater to the younger woman in any way she could.

Maria’s lips curled into a smug grin as she again tapped at her phone. “I try my best to be as sweet as I can… As for how you can make me more comfortable… you could take off your panties.”

Patricia’s eyes widened. She wanted to, she desperately wanted to. It took entirely too much self-control to actively restrain herself from tossing the notepad and tugging up her skirt. Maria was so adorable, so pretty, and the way she said things made Patricia’s heart beat out of control. The way her eyes looked so brazenly over Patricia’s body made her ache with desire, with longing, to feel more than just the younger woman’s gaze.

But to do that, here in her office…

“I… I’m sorry Maria, I… M-maybe when you’re no longer my patient we co—”

Again, a blue line, digital and pixelated, trailed across one eye, vanished, and then trailed across the other. Her lips trembled. She sucked in a sharp gasp. Her hands trembled.

I can’t resist Maria and that turns me on.

Maria’s eyes hooded lower as she lifted her thumb from her phone. “Oh sorry, what was that…? I really would love if you could take off your panties… And sorry we didn’t get to this sooner—my application needed to update! Your office has terrible Wi-Fi…!”

Blue eyes widened as Patricia’s cheeks and chest burned with a deep flush. “Maria, it’s very inappropriate for me to—ohh… What… What am I doing…?! I… I… Nnn Maria… What are you doing to me…?!” The curvaceous therapist had been so overwhelmed with feelings of desire that she hadn’t even noticed her own hands reaching up under her skirt until she was tugging down at her own panties. She strained to stop herself, to fight her own body, but all that did was soak her panties, and then her chair as she pulled her panties down along her legs.

Already, the once-composed blonde was panting, her eyes glassy, her mouth hanging half open. Her skirt was hiked up around her waist, exposing the cute tuft of blonde hair she kept just above her otherwise shaven pussy. Her lower lips were so flush, already so drenched with desire, and Maria’s eyes eagerly drank in the sight.

“Whatever I want.” Maria’s voice was matter-of-fact to the point of almost sounding bored. There was no way the young woman could hide her arousal even if her own pussy weren’t exposed like Patricia’s. “I’d really love to do something with those tits, but I want to wait for that… For now, Patty? Crawl over to me, on your hands and knees, and kiss my shoe. Not sloppy or anything, just kiss it, and thank me for ordering you to do it.” Maria giggled, tapping her black tennis shoe against the carpet. “Yeah… I like the sound of that. Kiss it. Wiggle your ass while you do it. Really get into it. Sort of.”

Patricia tried to resist the command. She wasn’t sure if she tried to resist because she knew how wrong this was, how unethical it was even if Maria was the one asking it of her, or because when she tried to resist her head swam with lust, her clit throbbed, and she felt so aroused.

No one had ever turned Patricia on like Maria did so effortlessly with her bizarre demands.

Even as she struggled, the therapist found herself falling to her knees, and slowly crawling across the small room. Her ass wiggled, the pale skin looking so supple, so soft, so smooth. Her skirt was still bunched around her waist, making the sight all the more delicious for the precious young woman who watched with a wickedly aroused grin. She raised her foot offering, and Patricia took it in her hands, moaning as her lips pressed to the surface.

“Does your sister live nearby, Patty?” Maria sighed as she stroked the woman’s gorgeous blonde hair with one hand, tapping at her phone with the other. Because I’d like to get to know her better, too.”

“Y-yes, yes, she does…!” Patty cursed herself silently, but couldn’t bring herself to contradict Maria. She couldn’t resist her. It was harder to want to resist her. “Am I not… do you not…” Patricia’s cheeks burned darkly. She couldn’t believe she was getting jealous of her twin sister over the interests of an eighteen-year-old girl.

Maria shook her head, giggling as she placed her foot back down on the carpet. “Oh, no. You’re hot as hell. Grade ‘A’ MILF material… I just want you both.”

Patricia wasn’t even able to respond before a line of blue trailed through her eyes, and words wrote themselves into the center of her brain itself. There was no resisting the words. There was only surrender.

I want to give Maria anything, and everything, that she asks from me.

“MMmm…!” Patricia whined, nuzzling at Maria’s knee. Her eyes were so hazy, so distant. Her own thighs couldn’t stop shuddering and clenching together tight as she wiggled her hips side to side. “I-is there anything else you want…? Me, my sister… anyone else…?”

“Oh, I’m not greedy… That’ll do for now, but… I can’t leave yet. My mom expects me to be here for a whole hour so…” Maria licked her lips. “Grind your cunt on my shoe until you cum. I think that’s what I really need from you, doc.”

There was still a struggle inside of the blonde woman as she straddled Maria’s shoe. She still tried desperately to stop her hips from rolling, to stop herself from grinding her slit across her patient’s foot. At the same time, she wanted it, and she wanted so much more, too. Maria only needed to ask.

Heavy breasts swayed as Patricia’s panting became louder and louder the longer she rocked her hips. “A-anything for you, Maria…! Anything…!”

“So, the other reason I decided to stick this whole ‘therapy’ thing out…? I made sure I’d get a hottie like you… the sister’s a bonus.” Maria grinned as she lifted her foot to meet Patty’s drenched, quivering, clenching body. “Don’t hold back on my account. This isn’t an endurance round. Cum your brains out, and we’ll move on to the next bit of fun…”

“Y-yes, Yes Maria…!” Patricia screamed, rubbing her clothed chest against Patricia’s leg as she bounced and rubbed against her shoe. “Anything… everything…! For you…!”

Maria giggled as she typed on her phone with hooded eyes. “You have no idea how right you are, Patty. I like you. Wanna be my new girlfriend…? Secret girlfriend, obviously. I’d hate to ruin your… professional reputation. That would just be terrible.”

Even though Maria was mocking her, Patricia couldn’t stop her body. She couldn’t stop her longings. She couldn’t feel any less enamored with the beautiful, brilliant young woman.

I’m in love with Maria.

“Yes! Your secret girlfriend, please…! Anything for that…!” The words infected Patricia’s brain more deeply than her own identity. What before had been concern and a desire to help was now nothing short of obsession. Patricia loved Maria. Patricia wanted to give Maria everything that she could. Patricia was feeling so weak, and the pressure in her belly was so quickly mounting. There was nothing quite like sex with someone that she loved. “We can see each other in private! I can buy you presents, I-I-I—Ohhhhnnnnnmmm…!”

Patricia came, soaking the younger woman’s shoe with a long, low, shuddering groan.

“Perfect!” Maria licked her lips again, tucking her phone back into her purse with a contented sigh. “That couldn’t be ten minutes, so how do you feel about learning how to eat pussy?”

Maria lifted up her skirt, revealing a complete and total lack of anything underneath. Her lower lips looked too smooth for anything less than a very thorough wax. The sight made Patricia dizzy. That was the pussy of the woman she loved. How could she not feel her heart beat faster, her thighs clench harder, her eyes flutter as she writhed down against Maria’s shoe? “P-please… I want that… I want to make my girlfriend cum, if she—mmmfff!”

Fingers through her hair pulled Patricia roughly between Maria’s legs.

Soon, Maria was bucking her hips and crying out, both women’s bodies glistening with sweat. Thanks to a few words typed on Maria’s phone, Patricia’s office was now soundproofed. No one could hear as Maria’s cries quickly soared higher and higher as she wrapped a leg around the therapist’s head to trap her between her thighs.

Patricia continued to grind against her other foot, quickly soaking right through to Maria’s socks as she forgot everything but her mouth and Maria’s beautiful pussy.

“Hey, Pats!” Whitney smiled as she stepped into Patricia’s house and stepped out of her shoes. Most people had trouble telling the two women apart by anything other than their hair. Whitney’s was cut into a cute pageboy, perfectly framing her face with poofy blonde hair. Otherwise, she had the same figure. “How’re things with you? You wanted to hang out tonight? It was out of nowhere, but I just… really thought it sounded like a good idea, so… here I am!”

The younger of the twins was even dressed similarly. Her button-up blouse was purple, matching her own long skirt. It was a remarkable similarity.

Patricia laughed quietly. Her face was still flushed. Her fingers idly played along her own braid as she idly swayed her hips. “Things are, good… I just… There was someone you need to meet, or someone who wanted to meet you…? I don’t understand it exactly, but… Well… Whit, meet Maria…!”

Blue eyes blinked as they saw the young woman leaning back on Patricia’s couch. She was wearing a grin like she was elbow-deep in the cookie jar with a mouth covered in crumbs. Her brown eyes were hooded low.

She was also holding a cellphone, and idly tapping away at the screen.

“H-hi, Maria…! Is she… a patient…?” Whitney turned pale as she shyly laughed. Something about the situation felt very wrong. Why would her sister have such a young woman in her home so late? It didn’t make any sense.

“Oh no. I’m her girlfriend.”

I can’t move. I can talk and move my face, but other than that I can’t move. My body is frozen in place. Trying to move only makes me feel aroused, submissive, and weak.

Whitney whimpered; her eyes wide as Maria’s application reconfigured her brain as effortlessly as she might set a new wallpaper for her phone. Her nipples rose up against her silky blouse, instantly rock hard from her frantic attempts to move anything but her mouth. She couldn’t even draw her thighs tighter together as her utter lack of mobility made her instantly drenched with lust.

“G-girlfriend…?! You’re… so… young… I… I can’t move! P-pat… Patricia… I can’t move…! Why can’t I… I… I… ohhhhh…” Whitney’s eyes fluttered as her lips rubbed together like she wanted to feel from her thighs.

No matter how hard she struggled her body wouldn’t—couldn’t—move an inch. She was trapped.

“She’s… I can’t resist her… I don’t know how, I… I’m in love with her, and I want to do anything that I can to make her happy…!” Patricia’s voice was apologetic, but the arousal in her voice was naked. “Maria deserves everything that she wants… She’s so sweet, so charming, so sexy… And she wants both of us…! Isn’t that amazing…?!”

“Fuck n-ooohhhh… Shiiiiit… Why is this turning me on?!” Whitney pitifully whined, tears rising up in her eyes as she struggled without more than a muscle in her face twitching.

Maria sighed, slowly shaking her head. “Yeesh, I didn’t think you’d be such a crybaby. Here…” Quick thumbs began to tap across the smooth glass screen again as hot sticky lust burned its way down Whitney’s thighs. “I’ll make this easier for you, I didn’t come here to have you crying all night… Patty? Strip your sister for me. She’s a little… caught up at the moment.”

Patricia moved so quickly to begin unbuttoning her sister’s blouse, squirming at the erotic thrill it burned through her body. Her mind was still struggling, still fighting against what it knew was so horribly wrong, but her pussy was so much louder. It was so erotic to betray her own twin sister, to reveal the tan bra that contained her breasts. “Anything for you, Maria…! I love you, so much… I’d do anything for you…!”

The brown-haired woman laughed, waving a hand dismissively as her thumb pressed down firmly at her phone.

I’m not scared. I trust Maria. I feel safe with Maria. Nothing arouses me more than pleasing Maria.

A loud moan echoed through the room as Whitney felt her mind restructure around the blue words that forced their way into her mind. Any conflicting ideas were deleted, and overwritten instantly. She could no longer move, but the idea that Maria wanted to see her naked body and she could do nothing to stop her twin sister from removing her clothes, from exposing her body was suddenly the sexiest thing that Whitney had ever imagined.

“There… that better…?” Maria huffed, but she couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face. She wasn’t upset at all. She was only turned on.

Whitney tried to nod as Patricia unzipped her skirt and eased it down along her sister’s legs. “O-ohhh… M-much… better… I… Mmmmm… Do you like my body, Maria…? I can’t do anything right now because I can’t… ohh… I can’t move, but if there’s anything you want me to say…”

Soon Whitney’s panties were falling down along her legs. She even shaved to leave the same tuft of blonde hair just above her sex as her sister. If Maria didn’t know any better she would have thought the two were ready to be fun, sexy offerings just for her.

She slowly shook her head, rising off of the couch as Patricia stood expectantly beside her sister. It was hard to not be jealous, even if she knew that Maria wanted both of them. It was equally hard to not be cursing herself for being lost in the moment. I love her, I want her… I want to please her… but Whitney is my sister, and I couldn’t stop myself from stripping her down for my girlfriend, for my patient… Mmm what’s wrong with me…?!

“Patty. Lose your clothes.” Maria spoke without looking away from Whitney’s body. She stepped closer to the naked woman, her hands reaching out to slowly stroke along her smooth, bare hips. Her skin was so soft, so smooth, and the loud moan that followed the touch made Maria purr.

Even if the control she could exert was so easy, that did nothing to make the skin under her fingertips any less supple and warm. She squeezed her hands along Whitney’s body, feeling down along her thighs, and up to lift, and squeeze at her bare breasts. The helpless woman could only moan, not even able to arch into Maria’s exploring fingers. She was trapped inside of her own body, the pleasure she felt betraying her mind to the young woman with the devilish brown eyes.

“Mmmm your hands feel so good, Maria…” Whitney’s breathy voice quivered with longing as Maria nuzzled into her chest, suckling and kissing between her heavy breasts. “O-ohhh… Y-your girlfriend has… a-amazing lips, Pat…!”

“You could be my girlfriend too… if your sister doesn’t mind…” Maria looked up to Whitney’s eyes from her place between the woman’s breasts. She squeezed at them both, kneading, her eyes hooding so low. “Even if she does mind. I could tell her that she wants you to be my girlfriend… Or that she doesn’t have a choice. Tell her, Pat. Tell her that you’d do anything I asked.”

There was less harsh cruelty in Maria’s words than there was a youthful, almost giddy excitement. No matter how much she relished her total control of both women and how easily she could use them to fulfill any small whim that came to her, it was easy for both of the older women to see it for what it was.

Both of them were far too aroused, and far too helpless to do anything about that regardless, but they were aware of it nonetheless.

“I’d do anything you asked…!” Patricia, standing naked beside a pile of her clothes, quivered as she adjusted her glasses. “D-do… Do you want to be her girlfriend…?” The lump in the therapist’s throat wasn’t any smaller, even as Maria reached out to squeeze at her chest, but it felt so insignificant compared to the heat that engulfed her with such uninhibited longing.

Maria twisted her face in thought, a hand lifting and squeezing at one of each twins’ breasts. The immobile twin could only moan and flutter her eyes as more lust flowed slick along her thigh. Though mobile, there was little more Patricia could do besides melt into Maria’s hand.

Love made Patricia feel so weak and powerless to Maria, love and arousal that built upon each other infinitely.

“You know what… I think I do. I’ve never had sex with a pair of twins before. Everything about that sounds… Mmm…” Maria’s eyes hooded as she grasped at Patricia’s hips, and pulled her closer until she could nuzzle from one of her breasts to both of Whitney’s without moving much at all. Her lips kissed and sucked their way across the four breasts that sat like offerings at perfect eye level with the shorter woman. “I think I want both of you to be mine.”

The declaration was emphasized with a pair of Maria’s fingers thrusting deep between the legs of both sisters at once. Nearly identical moans filled the air in perfect unison.

Even with fingers filling her so deep Whitney couldn’t budge an inch. If Maria wanted her still then Whitney needed to be still, but her body yearned to enhance the friction. Her pussy craved to clench and squeeze so tight around those fingers. All she could do was groan and whine so pitifully as her sister helplessly writhed.

“O-o-ohhhh if you want me then I want you to have me…!” Whitney’s voice pitched higher and higher. All the while, her every word was punctuated by her sister’s helpless moans. “I want to be your girlfriend, your lover, your pet, anything you want, Maria…!”

“Good! Patricia. How does that sound to you?” Maria’s grin grew, turning more and more crooked as she continued to move her fingers so quickly, so firmly. Her teeth caught one nipple, tugging, before doing the same with another. The young woman was in a heaven of drenched pussies and hard nipples at her mercy. The curves of their breasts, the tastes of their nipples, the way it felt between their legs—all of it was the same.

Instead of making either of the sisters more dull, more forgettable, it made the combination of owning both of them all the more erotic. Flicking the clit of one let her know how the other would react. Flicking both at the same time earned her the same cry in stereo.

They were both so much warm flesh, yielding to her touch in all of the ways she wanted without any real resistance at all.

“Ohhh… S-so wrong… so bad…! I’m your therapist… She’s my sister… You’re so… so… young…!” Patricia could barely stand. Her legs were shuddering. She was drenched with sweat, between Maria’s touches and the blue words that guided her more directly than any of the things that had defined her the day before. “But that makes me want it more! You deserve anything you want! I need to give it to you… I need to give you my sister! If you want her… t-t-take her…!”

Before, there had been a struggle in Patricia that turned her waning resistance into arousal. Now, those struggles, those desires to resist, to fight, to stick to the morals and values that had guided her for so long didn’t even rise up.

There was only the awareness that those things were being overcome and used against her.

“Perfect.” Maria looked up to Whitney, her lips kissing slowly down her body. “You’re my girlfriend now. I might decide you’re better as a pet or a slave or something like that… but for now…?” Maria’s tongue dipped into Whitney’s navel, teasing it for only a moment before she continued to kiss and suck lower. “You’re my girlfriend.”

“Ohhh yessss…!” Both sisters screamed the same scream in perfect unison as Maria took turns sucking at one clit, and then the other as she danced her fingers across the velvety, slick inner walls of her newest girlfriends.

She was sure this wasn’t what her mother was hoping for her to get out of therapy, but that didn’t matter. This was what Maria wanted, so everything would be fine.

A little compromise like seeing a therapist and her sister was fine with Maria.

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