Candy Pink Rosé

Chapter 2: Candy Scented Invitation

by MadamKistulot

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Candy Pink Rosé

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 2: Candy Scented Invitation

Kyra smiled as she waited for her next client. Thoughts of Kendal, Cassandra, and Rick drifted through her mind. The gala mingled with those other ideas, brief imaginings of Samantha being so easily flustered most prominent. Her hand idly toyed along her cravat as she leaned back against a wall, a pleased smile on her face.

Her shift was nearly over, and even if no one else needed her services she’d already done such great business for the Golden Vineyard well before lunch. All she had to do was get through the day, and she had plans to meet up with some other sommeliers for a local meet-and-greet. Networking was one of her favorite work activities, and it always meant meeting fun new people and a chance for making new friends.

No special thoughts were floating in her mind, just things about who might have moved into town, who might have taken up the profession, simple things like that. She didn’t expect the meet-up to be terribly important, but showing up and making an effort to give the new people a hand was important.

Just as she was ready to assume there would be no more clients for the day, the door to her private workspace opened, and her supervisor entered. “I’m sure that Kyra will be able to meet all of your employer’s needs. Don’t hesitate to ask if there’s anything we can do for you.”

“Thank you very much! I appreciate it!” Trailing behind was a sight that Kyra hadn’t been expecting.

Is she even an adult…? No… she is, she’s just dressed so… What even is that look…? Kyra stared, befuddled, at a woman who looked very out of place for the Golden Vintage’s usual customer base.

She wasn’t especially short, but her pink hair and big brown eyes made it harder to not read her as much younger than she clearly was. She wore a pink blazer over a white blouse, and a pleated skirt that was a pink-and-white plaid. It was a sensible skirt, hardly fetish school-girl, and she even wore sensible candy-pink flats. Somehow she looked both like she would belong at a board meeting or in a classroom—in some pastel candy realm.

Midas City was home to all sorts of unusual people. Kyra knew that her purple hair made her stand out more than just a little even if she wasn’t the only woman with naturally purple hair. This woman stood out a lot more.

Clearing her throat, Kyra held out her hand as she moved closer. It took her a moment to adapt to the woman’s unusual presence, but with that solved she was all smiles. “Thank you for choosing the Golden Vintage. Do you have an idea of what you’d like to find today? Is there a special occasion, or are you just wanting something to make a night special?”

Kyra found herself giggling, and the hand she wasn’t offering to the pink haired woman curled around a lock of purple hair. It wasn’t her typical posture, but the way the woman’s brown eyes drifted from her finger, and then to her eyes, told Kyra that it was the right thing to do.

She hadn’t gotten so far as a sommelier because of her knowledge of wines alone.

“Well!” The pink haired woman grinned. “I’m actually here for my boss. Jesse Colloten! You’ve proooobably heard of her, right?”

Kyra flushed, giving a quick nod. “Everyone in Midas knows the Collotens…!” She resisted expositing any further, but there was no mistaking the awe in her hazel eyes that were nearly brown. Their color almost matched the pair that stared at them curiously. “If she’s looking for the best in the city, then she definitely sent you to the right place! What is she looking for?”

“Something… sweet! There’s just nothing better than sweet, right?” Brown eyes stared so insistently, while her tone was so matter-of-fact. She was asking a question, but it would have been clear to anyone that she already knew the right answer.

“Definitely! There’s nothing better than sweets, right?” Kyra winked, giggling as her finger curled tighter around a lock of her violet hair. “And while I can keep in mind this is for your very important boss… just who did she send today? Are you her vice president, her personal assistant, her—”

“I’m her secretary! Tiffany!” Tiffany grinned, squeezing at Kyra’s hand softly before she drew her hand back, and reached into her pocket. “Seriously, nothing better than sweets! The most frustrating thing to me is when I don’t have any candy. It’s just the worst feeling in the world. Nothing is as frustrating, right?” Tiffany moved a little closer, her gaze entirely too intense.

The Golden Vintage was a very upscale wineshop. Most of their clientele were the same returning executives for a very good reason: few other people could afford their consulting fee alone, much less the expensive wares they peddled. That meant Kyra was used to dealing with difficult or demanding patrons.

She wouldn’t have called Tiffany demanding, or difficult, but she had a very different presence than the typical customer. Her infantilizing wardrobe alone would have made her stand out.

Asking bizarre questions just to hear her own answers reflected back at her? That was fairly common, and Kyra hardly minded humoring the strange woman to help set the stage for another big sale. A woman like Jesse Colloten could afford to splurge. She would need to be careful to not indulge Tiffany too much and send her back with a bottle of sugar water labeled as wine, but Kyra had experience working with secretaries.

“Nooothing is as frustrating as being out of candy! I can’t get through a day without at least a piece or t—”

“Then here, let me help!” Tiffany’s smile softened as she reached inside of her blazer, and pulled out a pair of what at first glance looked to be peppermints. As she looked at them in her hand, Kyra saw that they weren’t red and white, but pink and white—the same bubble-gum pink that made up a majority of the woman’s wardrobe. “That should help, huh?”

Kyra blinked as she looked at the candy. Do these usually even come in pink…? They’re individually wrapped, but they look like they should be at a reception desk… I guess she is a secretary. Huh.

Tiffany looked eagerly into Kyra’s eyes, and she didn’t need to wait long for the first candy’s plastic to be torn apart and the small candy tossed into her mouth. Her eyes lit up, so visibly excited that the sommelier had not only accepted her gift but given it a taste right away. Most gifts she’d been offered at the Golden Vintage were too much for her to accept without workplace ethics coming into play, but it was very hard to imagine anyone minding her taking a mint.

The taste was sweet, but of course it was sweet. Kyra found herself “mmm”ing as she sucked on the hard candy, her tongue roaming over the pink-and-white surface. It wasn’t a bubblegum flavor, but it was far sweeter than an ordinary mint.

It was a taste that was entirely too much like the way giggles sounded, only in the form of delicious sugary goodness. Nothing about the flavor was as complicated as the body of a finely made bottle of wine, but it was still incredibly distracting. Kyra hardly even noticed that she was doing nothing more than sliding the increasingly smooth candy around her mouth with her tongue, her eyes hooding faintly as she continued to play with her hair.

“It’s really good, huh…? Just… absolutely delicious…?” Tiffany spoke like it was some intimate secret they should keep quiet. She even leaned closer to Kyra, making it easier to focus on her voice even when she was so quiet.

Kyra nodded, her eyes fluttering as she noticed just how hooded they’d become. She hadn’t been giving Tiffany a flirtatious glance like she had Florence, but her eyes had just… naturally started to close. She didn’t feel particularly tired, but something about that taste made it feel natural to relax into it. “Yeah it’s like… It’s really good…? It’s really good…”

“Yeah… I know, right?” Tiffany’s eyes opened wider. Before she’d been whispering, but suddenly she was so much louder. She gave Kyra a nod, a very slow, vacant sort of nod. “That’s the good stuff, too…! I don’t usually share that with just anybody… so you should thank me.”
            A stream of giggles flowed from Kyra’s lips as she found her voice slurring, and her eyes fluttering. The taste in her mouth wasn’t bubblegum, but it was definitely so very pink. More than anything else, the body of it, the tastes, the texture, all of it… felt pink. That was the only word that described it. She nodded, stumbling over her own attempts to speak as she found herself mumbling incoherent nonsense the harder she tried to push out actual words.

Unlike most of her clients, Tiffany didn’t seem too upset that Kyra was speaking a stream of incoherent babbles. If anything, she seemed to be grinning more, an innocent, but delighted grin. Kyra tugged at her hair, and let out another stream of giggles.

Her finger felt stuck, and her mouth felt so coated with sticky, sweet pink. It coated her lips, coated her tongue, and just moving her tongue over her lips made the sommelier helplessly flutter her eyes. “Like… uhm… th… thank you…?” She didn’t remember why she was thanking her, but Kyra knew that she was supposed to thank her, that thanking her was important, and she needed to do that if she wanted to do a good job. She needed to do that to make Tiffany happy, to make her want to spend lots of her boss’s money.

Tiffany nodded firmly, her eyes twinkling a little more as they opened wider. “Welcome! It’s just like… so much better when you don’t need to worry about running out of candy, right…? It’s a lot better if you just always have it there, right there, whenever you want! Like… if your whole brain could just be candy, so if you tried to think, you were just licking candy… wouldn’t that be great…?”

“Mmmmuh…?” Kyra blinked, her eyelids feeling so heavy as she suckled so hard on the smaller and smaller chunk of candy still floating around her mouth. She felt so heavy, so slow, and the only thing that made sense was the instinct to make the other woman happy.

It’s… it’s my job… right…? I do things that women want and they… they give money… to my boss…? That’s… that’s not right… If I was doing that I’d be spending a lot more time on my knees… and on my back…! Kyra burst into giggles at her own thoughts, imagining just how much Rick, Samantha, and Florence would just love it if her job really was that simple. It’s not that… right…? There’s something more… something… grapey… something… wet…?

            Her head lulled side to side, a vapid emptiness sinking deeper and deeper into her eyes as the light of her intellect seemed scrubbed away the longer she sucked at the hard candy. Each movement of her tongue rubbed more simplicity into her gaze, and slumped her posture as she cared so much less about standing up straight. It was more comfy to be lazier, more relaxed.

The taste was such a happy taste, too. It was like sunshine, like silly, happy, giggly thoughts. She wasn’t sure if she was giggling because Tiffany wanted her to giggle, or because of that pink taste. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to giggle, or if it was more that she couldn’t stop herself from giggling. Thinking about that, trying to hold tight onto that thought so it wouldn’t escape her, was enough to make her feel so dizzy, so faint, so…

Distantly she could remember that Tiffany had asked her a question, but what it was felt so… far away. She couldn’t remember it, and the more she tried to remember it while rubbing that pink taste around her mouth, the harder it seemed to be to actually remember anything at all.

Lucky for her it didn’t seem that Tiffany minded. Her big brown eyes were happy to just watch as Kyra giggled and suckled on her candy, dizzily swaying as a pink, candy haze settled over her mind. It was so much easier to giggle and smile than to worry about the way the brown eyed girl was smiling at her, or to think about… anything. Thinking was so hard, and it didn’t feel like it would do her much good anyway.

The whole world was wrapped up in a candy pink stickiness that made it so much easier to giggle and hood her eyes than to do anything else. Kyra was starting to adjust to how it felt to just giggle and sway, her lips rubbing together as her finger tugged at her hair.

“It’s just so much better to have your brain be one big piece of candy, so you can lick and suck your own thoughts away! So much better to giggle and play… that’s what I think…” Tiffany giggled, a lazy, crooked smile spreading across her lips as she took the other candy from Kyra’s hand, and slowly ripped open the plastic. “Well… I dunno if it’s thinking, but… It’s one of those things you can know, even if you don’t think…!”

Kyra parted her lips to agree—or at least babble out another stream of nonsense—but Tiffany’s fingers were at her lips, pushing the candy into her mouth. She tried to close her mouth, to stop that candy from landing on her tongue, but her mind was moving too slowly. Gummed up by so much syrupy pink, her lips instead wrapped around Tiffany’s fingers.

Piiiink… Cotton candy… Giggles… Smiles and… not thinking… Giggling… Feels better to play… Giggle giggle…! Good taste… candy all the time… eating candy and—Kyra gasped as Tiffany’s fingers pulled away from her lips. They felt coated with that feeling, with that taste, like the other woman had rubbed sugary frosting all over them, but there’d been no time for that. Even though it felt like she’d blinked and lost seconds, minutes, maybe more, it was so thoroughly spread, so thick, so pink so—sunshine and sparkles! Giggles and smiles! Wine made from round sweet grapes, wine poured down and making everything giggly and sweet, happy and cheerful, making people happy and lounging in the sun, better than thinking, giggling and smiles!

“Ooooh, I think you like my candy, huh…?” Tiffany pulled her wet fingers back from Kyra’s lips that hung loosely open. A small hint of drool, faintly pink from so much candy, teased its way down from the corner of her lips. They’d been a deeper, richer shade of the golden-brown of her surrounding skin when she’d left home, but now they were as pink as if she’d applied too many layers of glossy lip balm.

“Like… candy…!” Kyra giggled, her eyes crossing as more giggles drooled out from her lips. “Mmm… really like candy… Your candy… good candmmmmm…”Her tongue found the candy still lurking in her mouth, and Kyra began to eagerly suck both on the pleasant round surprise, and at her own lips.

Smiles! Carefree, peaceful, so much better than thinking! Happy and empty… Giggly… Can’t remember what to do besides make people happy… feels good to make people happy and forget… giggle and smile… giggling makes Tiffany happy… chocolate-brown eyes… candy…!

            Kyra was swaying, when she came back to herself, mind blank on what felt like the last several moments. All she could remember was sucking, and sweet, and giggling. All she could do was start to suck again, and burst into low, sensual giggles as her eyes hooded and her body quivered. While she was lost inside of herself, mind nothing but sweet, pink, happy words, her lips trembled and her eyes fluttered. Her body shook, her fingers squeezing at nothing, her hips swaying, her thighs shaking, looking so lost, so gone, so weak, so… lost.

It hardly looked as though there was anyone home inside of her eyes at all, her hazel irises looking such a light brown, so smoothed over. Her lips were even more plush than they’d been when Samantha had been staring at them, and her hips were ever so slightly more emphasized in her slacks. They were still subtle changes, but enough to notice.

Tiffany grinned, moving closer to possessively squeeze at Kyra’s hips. “I have the best candy back home. I’ll tell your boss to send Her a few of your most expensive bottles. Think that anyone will mind you going home early—on time—? I don’t know… I don’t remember.”

She laughed like it was the funniest joke in the world that she didn’t remember, couldn’t remember, didn’t want to remember. It was a giggly laugh, cheerful and carefree, but it didn’t make the squeezing grasp on Kyra’s hips any gentler. Her grasp was hardly super strong, but it was tight enough to help Kyra focus on what was happening.

Her mouth still hung open, her gaze distant, not quite focusing on anything at all, but she seemed vaguely aware of her surroundings in a distant sense. “I… No… nobody should care… I can tell them on the way… the way… out…? Or you… you can… I guess…?”

“Good girl!” Tiffany grinned, pushing her fingers to Kyra’s lips. Her suckling, and her eager tongue, had cleared away much of the pink coating they’d left behind. After a few brief moments of further contact, that pink was back, and more vibrant than it had been before. “Reeeally too bad that doesn’t last longer, but you look really nice with pink lips… huh…?”

“Really… really nice… pink lips…? Pink lips…!” Kyra giggled, struggling to remember how she looked at all. She knew she had lips, and at the moment it was easy to assume they were pink, but the most pink thing in the room was Tiffany, and her pink lips. Those looked incredibly pink, they had to be more pink than hers! The thought made her giggle, eyes crossing and then fluttering as she strained to remember anything else and just felt…


Her mouth hung open, her gaze turning distant, far away, as she strained to remember her name, her job, anything, and just… continued to stare, mindlessly boring through Tiffany and the wall behind her. Her thighs quivered, and her lips twitched, but all she really did was giggle and mindlessly stare.

“Dooon’t you worry about it, I’ll make sure everything gets taken care of…” Tiffany’s tongue reached out, slowly wetting her lips as she reached back, squeezing at Kyra’s ass with a soft little purr. Kyra mewled, shuddering forward without breaking free of the empty, blank, calm serenity that had replaced her thoughts. She didn’t know where she was, or who she was, or anything at all.

The only thing she knew was pink, and even that was too hard to think.

“C’mon, new dolly… let’s get you back to Her so I can get my dibs…!” Tiffany giggled as she grasped both of Kyra’s hands, and pulled her towards the door. “You let me do the talking.”

“T-talk… teehee… mmmm…” Kyra broke into giggles, before her mouth fell open again and her eyes took on a bright, glassy shine.

Tiffany pulled her out of the room, and Kyra’s mind plunged deeper into an abyss of vapid, empty giggling.

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