Candy Pink Rosé

Chapter 1: Balanced Blend

by MadamKistulot

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Candy Pink Rosé

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 1: Balanced Blend

“This weekend would be great!” Kyra smiled as she spoke into her phone. The cordless headset was wedged between her shoulder and her ear as she pulled her starchy white slacks up along her lightly-toned legs. Soft white was a gentle contrast to her warm, smooth, golden-brown skin while being bright enough to be eye catching. They were loose on her body, but tight enough around her hips and her ass to emphasize just enough while not going so far as to be unprofessional. “I could use something fun to make the week go by faster! A girl can only recommend so many chardonnays before it stops being exciting.”

Sweet laughter filled the room as Kyra moved to check her dark violet hair in the mirror. It fell just above her shoulders, falling just over the right side of her face. It had a look of being both messy, but carefully sculpted. She winked at herself with one hazel eye before she moved back across her small condo.

“Kendal can make it too? Wonderful! I really should get going, but thanks for giving me a call. It’s always nice to hear from a friend. I’d say we should get a drink sometime, but that’s a bit like talking shop.” She rolled her eyes at herself, shaking her head before letting out a quiet sigh. “You’re right, that one was bad. Sorry! Tell Rick I said ‘hi’ okay? Talk to you soon? Take care of yourself, Cassandra!” Her smile softened as she hung up the phone, and then set it down in its cradle to charge.

She made her way over to a calendar hanging on the wall and grabbed up the pen that she’d left sitting in the rings that held it together. With a quick flourish of her wrist she marked down the weekend’s engagement, making a note of the busy week she had ahead. Nearly every day was marked with some social engagement or another.

Being a social butterfly had its advantages, but it certainly kept the young woman busy.

One black blouse later, she finished off her look with a navy jacket. Much like her pants, the jacket served to hold tight just around her curves while otherwise seeming to minimize the shape of her body. The deep color made the brass buttons that dotted their way down the center of her body stand out dramatically, while the cravat she wore around her neck served both to add both a touch of black and white around her neck while also hiding the neckline of her jacket entirely.

It was a sharp look, fashionable as it was muted. The lack of vibrant color made her hair stand out that much more dramatically, and the buttons on her jacket brought out the color of her eyes in a subtle way.

She threw open the curtains of her condo, gazing down at the city below. Even if the rent to live in the heart of Midas City meant she needed to live in cramped confines, at least she could enjoy the early morning view of the sun spreading across the many buildings that made up her city. The view from the thirty-second floor was spectacular, and made it easy to feel her gaze connecting her to the many sights in a way she couldn’t even when she was moving between the same streets.

“This must be a much smaller version of how it feels to be able to fly.” Kyra shook her head and grinned as stepped over to slide her feet into a pair of white heels. “Too bad I can’t.”

Lifting up a purse with the same metallic tone as the buttons on her jacket, the young woman made her way to work, mind full of curiosity for what the week would bring once the more trivial concerns were placed aside. She thought of how nice it would be to see Kendal who was always too busy with some personal project to have any time for her friends, or how Cassandra would probably have found some new music to share with them.

Rick was mostly eye candy, lacking much interest, but Kyra wasn’t disappointed by that at all.

She waited in front of the elevator, smiling as her thoughts carried her through the various after-work meetings and functions she’d agreed to attend. “Oh hey, Kyra!”

“Always nice to see you, Samantha.” Kyra gave the other woman a little wave as she turned to face her. “Beautiful day isn’t it? Doesn’t it just make you feel ready for anything when the sun is shining so bright?”

Samantha’s smile brightened. “It really does! You’re looking great today, by the way. Like always.”

“Thank you!” Kyra smiled a little more, subtly leaning closer to Samantha. Their eyes met, and something about Kyra’s eyes seemed to shift. It was subtle, but to Samantha they almost seemed greener. “You’re looking great, too. I’m sure you’re going to turn all sorts of heads. Looking forward to the gala next week?”

“Oh, you’re going…!” Samantha blushed, stepping into the elevator as it opened. “I am now. I was almost thinking of skipping it.”

Kyra followed close behind, pressing the button for the ground floor. “Well, don’t. We never get a good chance to talk since we usually just meet on the way to work like this, so… we aren’t neighbors, but I think it would be nice to have a bit more of a chance to really chat, don’t you?”

Samantha nodded, her blush deepening as she leaned back against the bar at the back of the elevator. She couldn’t be sure, but Kyra’s lips looked fuller, and the warm tone of her skin looked almost… softer? Something about it called to her lips, to her fingers, and made her feel a little faint. She found herself looking away, not wanting to lose her composure or be too obvious in her interest. “That sounds really nice…! I hope your day goes well…!”

The purple haired woman nodded, moving out the door as the elevator opened. Her hips subtly strained at her slacks, in just the right way to catch Samantha’s gaze. “I’ll be looking forward to seeing you there!”

“M-me too!” Samantha waved, standing in the elevator for a few moments as she watched the other woman make her way out of the building.

Maybe I should stop teasing her, but it’s just too easy… Kyra smiled a little deeper as she made her way down the sidewalk, enjoying the soft warmth of the summer sun. Such small things make her so happy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If she has the courage to ask me out, I might even say yes. She probably isn’t my type, but I’m sure we could still have one fun date…

The click of her heels followed behind her, echoing in the quiet morning air as the brightly smiling young professional made her way to work.

“I’ll leave you in the capable hands of our best sommelier, Kyra. If you need anything else, she can help you.” Her supervisor motioned to Kyra before stepping away. The purple haired woman was left alone with another woman with creamy pale skin and dusty blonde hair.

Kyra extended her hand, her lips taking the shape of a familiar professional smile. “Thank you for choosing the Golden Vintage. Do you have an idea of what you’d like to find today? Is there a special occasion, or are you just wanting something to make a night special?”

The blonde woman carried herself with a playful elegance, dressed in a long white dress that only clung tightly around her waist. A pattern of deep tan was embroidered along the hemline, along her waist, and along her sensible neckline. “I’m honestly not very sure what I’m looking for… I want to have a very special night with someone important to me, but I have no idea what I should do. When a friend mentioned this establishment, and I had to give it a try…”

“You definitely came to the right place.” Kyra smiled as she squeezed the blonde’s hand. “Miss…?”

“Florence. You can call me Florence.” Their hands fell apart as the blonde looked around the fancy, well-furnished room. All of the walls were hard-wood, as were the floors. Fancy picture frames hung from the walls, pictures of grape vines that looked more expensive than what most in Midas made in a year. “She’s a sophisticated woman, so she probably knows much more about wine than I do… but I want to at least try to impress her. Something… unexpected…?”

Kyra’s hazel eyes met Florence’s as she made a quiet, thoughtful humming sound. Something about it was just enough to make the blonde smile, as was the way the woman’s hazel eyes seemed to shine with the faintest bit of blue, her lips looking almost thin in a way that seemed like they would be lovely to overwhelm.

Her clothing did nothing to make her seem especially available, but Florence’s gaze still caught on the way Kyra’s slacks held her hips before moving back up to meet her gaze anew. She’d come to the Golden Vintage to make plans more enticing, to have a better chance of finding herself closer with a very different woman than Kyra, but she found it difficult to not enjoy the sommelier’s presence for reasons hardly adjacent to her specialized knowledge. It wasn’t enough to ponder making other plans, but it was enough to make it hard to not smile and relax even if she’d planned on staying for as little time as possible.

“If she’s an aficionado then I think trying to surprise her might be the wrong approach.” Kyra’s words felt like they should have caused Florence to frown, but instead she found herself raising a curious brow. “Instead, it might be better to try to find something with a certain feeling, something that tastes like you want her to feel… I think I have an idea. One moment.”

“Of course.” Florence gave a nod, watching Kyra as she moved to pour a sample into an elegant, crystal glass. It was hard to pay attention to the deep red filling the clear glass with such a perfect sight of the woman’s back.

Everything about the shape of the sommelier, from her ass that was just curvaceous enough to call to her hands, her legs that looked long enough to savor with nails or lips, the arch of her back that looked so perfect to press against, hair that looked just thick enough to grasp and tug satisfyingly… Florence couldn’t quite understand how everything about the other woman called to her in such a primal way, a way that held her rapt and focused, but it was very hard for her to mind.

What sort of woman minded someone being attractive in the exact perfect ways to hold their attention?

“Here… try this.” Kyra held up the glass, and Florence reached out for it. An idle thought crossed her mind, her fingers nearly reaching out for Kyra’s to get a moment of skin-to-skin, but she thought better of it and instead reached for the glass.

Before she could pull it away, Kyra’s fingers reached out for hers. The graze was faint, brief, but just long enough to feel how perfectly soft, smooth, and warm the woman’s skin truly was. It wasn’t supernaturally smooth, not even the smoothest skin that Florence had ever felt, but the faint catch she felt in that touch was enough to bring her thighs together tight. Before she brought the glass to her nose to swirl it about, Florence’s head was already spinning.

“This wine’s nose is rich, hinting at a decadent experience. It’s smooth, and the taste matches.” Kyra’s tone was just as soft and ethereal as the wine, sending a shudder along Florence’s spine. She tried to concentrate on the scent, on how she would imagine her date reacting to it, but she couldn’t stop listening as Kyra spoke.

It wasn’t as if there was any special reason for that, it was just as though Kyra’s tone was perfectly modulated to hold her attention. Her cadence, her pitch, all of it held Florence tight and refused to let go.

“The primary aroma hints at floral notes, while not hiding the fruity scent either. The secondary aroma itself hints at the almond used without overpowering.” Kyra was closer than Florence had expected, but not so close as to be inappropriate. She could feel Kyra’s warmth against her arm, and feel her breath against her ear, but it would have been hard to object. “The vanilla is there, too, if you focus on the tertiary aroma, along with a faint hint of cured leather. Sensual, and intense, without taking away from you.”

“Y-yes… I can see that… Smell that…” Florence was keenly aware of the red blush darkening her cheeks, but she could do nothing to stop it. “It’s an excellent vintage…”

Kyra smiled, nodding as she rested a hand on Florence’s arm. She squeezed, just tight enough in just the right place to make Florence shudder again. The wine sloshed around in her glass, feeling like a very apt metaphor for the state of her panties. “Eighty-seven. This is somewhat rare, but she may have had it before if she’s the type of woman who looks for this sort of thing. The taste itself is sweet for a red, with only enough of a bite to make the taste more satisfying. The texture is rich, and the taste lasts long enough to be memorable, but I think you should see for yourself.”

Florence nodded, not trusting her voice to properly articulate her meaning without betraying far more of her feelings—most prominently her attraction for the sommelier. She tipped back the glass against her lips, and fluttered her eyes as the taste spread out along her tongue.

It was everything that Kyra said, and more. She wasn’t sure if it was because Kyra had said those things, or if this nearly magical taste would be replicated for her date. That felt so much less important than taking another sip, swishing it around in her mouth, and allowing herself a moment longer to truly enjoy how it lingered powerfully without the initial burst of flavor being too strong in any one way.

Wine was hardly her area of expertise, but Florence was nearly certain that it was the best bottle she’d ever tasted. “However much it is…” Florence reached for her purse, pulling out her wallet with a shaky hand. “I think I’ll take two.”

“Excellent. If you’d like some glasses like this one to really make the night complete, I can arrange for a complimentary pair.” Kyra smiled, slowly pulling her hand away from Florence’s arm. The blonde imagined it should have felt more disappointing to lose that warm touch, but the grazing as those fingers moved away was nearly better than the initial grasp. “It isn’t standard, but a good wine deserves a good glass, and what special night is complete if not all of the atmosphere matches?”

Florence’s expression shifted, amusement and a faint smugness rising up over the embarrassed flush. “Is that really for my night, or to earn a repeat customer?”

“I could recommend a meal it would suit, recommend a place or two that could prepare it to your exact specifications, and even recommend the perfect lighting conditions to emphasize its natural luster.” Kyra returned the smugness in full force, perhaps even somewhat more than it was initially offered. “But that would be a bit much—unless you would appreciate those additional services. I just thought you might appreciate some assistance in making this night as special for this lucky person as it’s bound to be for you.”

Few women in such a position ever rose to her bait—especially on a first meeting. Florence couldn’t help but find herself impressed, admiring the woman not just for her perfect shape, but for her firm confidence. She wasn’t sure which was more alluring, but the combination was beyond intoxicating.

“Mm. Let’s go for all of that, too… but I don’t need any of it thrown in for free. What’s the point in having a nice big Meaningful Analytics salary if you aren’t going to make use of it? I want to be able to say that I made the night perfect, so…” Florence quietly chuckled. “Let’s.”

Kyra’s hazel eyes sparkled with delight, seeming to have no time for anything but the sight of Florence’s own. They stayed like that for several moments, silent, merely lost in a meaningful gaze. It felt easier to intentionally forget why she’d arrived at the Golden Vintage. It was easy to see that Kyra was impressed by Florence flaunting her wealth, and that made it feel all the simpler to bring the woman with her when she left—or to leave her with a phone number.

Still… her date was hardly a silly dalliance. If she heard that I picked up the wine girl… I’d never hear the end of it. Even if she didn’t say a thing about it, somehow, she seems to know everything that goes on in this city…

“Excellent! I’ll have all of that arranged, and I’m certain that your night will go perfectly. Is there anything else that I could do to make you more likely to come back again for your next big event…?” Kyra faintly leaned against Florence, just enough for her chest to press against the blonde’s arm and her waist to graze Florence’s hip.

Florence’s breath caught in her throat as she strained to find the words to speak. She’d always thought of herself as a rather dominant partner, but Kyra was making her long to just lay back and let her decide what she needed.

Shaking her head a little too fast, Florence quietly laughed. “No, I… I think that should be everything… don’t you?”

“If that’s what you’d like, I think it will turn out perfectly…” Kyra nodded, giving her arm another squeeze before she again moved away, presumably to begin the offered preparations.

She might have been even easier than Samantha… Kyra thought to herself as she pulled out a pair of bottles. Her mind began to run through the perfect meal to suit, but she couldn’t wipe the grin off of her face. Whoever is spending the night with her will have a fun time as long as they figure out what a pushover she is…

With a little effort, Florence’s evening was planned for her with only minimal input. She was tight lipped about who she was seeing, or anything else she had planned, but Kyra seemed to know just how to interpret her slightest of gestures to give the right answers to make her satisfied every time. When she left, both women were quite convinced that everything had been perfectly arranged.

Neither had any doubt that Florence would be returning, perhaps quite soon. If the date went that well, there would be a second, and Kyra was sure that Florence would hate to disappoint her special guest.

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