A Room with A View Into A Kinkier Life

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #bondage #clothing #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #contemporary #crying #dom:not_present #high_heels #resistance #scent_control #slow_burn

Twin sisters Petra and Polly move into a new apartment. It’s already furnished, but their resident left more behind than furniture and the lingering scent effects them both deeply.

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Petra whistled as she pulled into the parking space. “Wow… You’re really sure we can afford this place…?” In front of them was a tall apartment building in the very heart of the city.

Not far from their car stood a simple yet elegant sign that read “Fonteyn Heights”

Lounging deep in the passenger seat, Polly nodded. “Mm-hm. It’s a one bedroom, but since we were expecting to find a studio… When I found out there was an opening I stopped by, and apparently they really want to fill this apartment? Apparently the woman who was renting it had some connections and was able to get out of her lease, but if they don’t have enough units filled… yada yada.”

“So it comes furnished, we’re getting a deal on it because they want it filled now, and it’s in the heart of the city.” Petra blinked, squinting her gaze at the high rise. “I am suddenly concerned that we’re already here.”

“You worry way too much.” Polly rolled her eyes. Her expression shifted into a smirk as she loosened her seatbelt and popped open the car door. “Maybe we also got the place because I said I’d be living here with my cute twin sister and they assumed we were identical because everyone always does.”

Petra flattened her eyes. “I would accuse you of being shameless and having very questionable ideas for what to bring up when hunting down apartments… but considering we were already running out of options… fair enough.”

A moment later both car doors were being slammed shut, the twin sisters standing on either side of Petra’s car. While anyone could tell from their similar height, build, and the general shapes of their faces that they were sisters most people wouldn’t immediately gravitate to ‘twin’. Between Polly’s deep brown eyes and straight black hair contrasting so directly against Petra’s bright green eyes and curly blonde hair there so many small things that kept them from appearing too similar.

Moving back around to the trunk, both sisters grabbed out their light luggage before turning to face Fonteyn heights again.

Petra sighed. “You are sure it’s within our price range and this wasn’t some limited-time price cut or weird deal you got through agreeing to let them perform human experimentation on us, right?”

“You? You worry way too much.” Lifting her things, Polly wobbled towards the door with a quiet grumble. “C’mon…! You read the contract. This is totally going to work out.”

“Did you actually get to inspect the unit?”

“N…no…!” Polly dropped down a suitcase long enough to push open the door so she could gesture Petra through. “But I got to look through another one, and it was great. Was the same layout, same floor… you are seriously worrying too much! Get moving—I have to work tomorrow and I really don’t want to spend all night putting everything away!”

Petra sighed, shaking her head as she made her way deeper into the building. “When we find the catch and I say ‘I told you so’ you aren’t allowed to get upset.”

“I promise nothing!”

Polly let the door close behind her as she followed her sister. The twins made their way to their room, paying no mind to the cameras overhead that watched them move down the corridor.

The process of getting their things from the car to their new apartment took longer than either sister wanted, but it was still over quickly enough. With a lack of furniture to move they’d eschewed movers, and needed to take care of everything themselves.

Working as a team was something that came quite naturally to the Terence Twins.

Before anything was stashed away or unpacked, the two collapsed on the couch that had already been there when they’d opened the door for the first time.

A large chair, a couch, a coffee table… even some posters were still on the wall.

“I still can’t believe whoever moved left that behind.” Petra gestured to the wall-mounted television. “The plants, I can get that. But the TV? I could carry that thing to the car. What was their excuse?”

Polly grinned. “The way I hear it? The chick who used to live in this place… Kerri someone said her name was? She got swept off her feet by some rich chick.”

“No shit?”

“No shit.”

It was a comfortable couch, and both sisters were exhausted from lugging all of their things. They’d only intended a brief rest before unpacking, but that brief rest kept extending out further.

After a long silence, Petra pulled herself to her feet. “I’m going to head to the bedroom and start to put some of my things away. We should probably look into getting a second bed sooner than later, but I don’t mind sharing it for a few days. It’s not like it’d be the first time or anything.”

“OooOoooo… A pair of sexy twins sharing the same bed. What would the neighbors say?!” Polly grinned, waving Petra off with a lazy flick of her wrist. “I’m just going to sit here for a little bit longer. If you find anything interesting… holler, I guess…?”

“Like if I find where you store all of your desire to do anything.” Petra rolled her eyes, and Polly expressed her concern for her sister’s cutting words with a single finger.

A few moments after Petra disappeared into the next room there was the sound of a stuck closet door. Once that was finally corrected, Polly closed her eyes and breathed out a sigh. The last thing she wanted to do in that moment was worry she’d need to get up and deal with some unexpected problem.

“Uhhh… Polly…?” Petra’s voice sounded strange, both worried and… something Polly couldn’t easily place. The sitting sister peeked her eyes open, looking up at her blushing twin. “You need to see this.”

“…Kay, but if this is a body then you found it, so it’s your responsibility. Ow!” Polly rubbed the spot on her arm where Petra had given her a quick, painful pinch. “Meanie…”

Polly was still grumbling when she made her way into the bedroom. The bed looked big enough for them to share without needing to be cuddled up close, and it even had plenty of pillows to accommodate for that. When she glanced into the closet, Polly immediately saw what her sister meant—and then she smelled it.

The scent was a sweet mixture of musk, leather, and something so sweet she couldn’t help but want to inhale more. By the time Polly realized that maybe she shouldn’t be breathing in so much of it, she’d already filled her lungs.

Inside of the closet was a most unexpected sight. Fetish clothing, like heels, garments neither could name that looked like leather straps, chunky leather wrist and ankle cuffs clearly meant to enable a variety of bondage situations, spreader bars… “Did we get ourselves an apartment, or are we renting out a fetish warehouse’s backup storage…?” Petra sounded annoyed, unhappy, but also the slightest bit softer toned than she ordinarily would.

“You didn’t say ‘I told you so’ when you first found it, so your rights to do so now are void…” Polly’s voice almost sounded delayed, softer, as she reached in and lifted up one of the cuffs.

Leather. It was definitely real leather, and lifting it up brought so much of the smell closer to her face. Polly quivered, her fingers idly splaying across the black cuff.

“I did not say anything about it being instantaneous, but… I… Gosh how would someone even… wear these…?” Petra held up a single shoe—but it was a terrifyingly impressive shoe. It had a heel so high that Polly was sure it was at least a good five or seven inches and came down to an incredibly fine point. The laces looked intimidating, and they would have easily reached up to their thighs. “Nnn… this smell is so… strong…?”

“It really… it really is…” Polly flushed. She could feel her nipples stiffening under her t-shirt, and when she noticed her thighs shifting she could feel the heat between them, too. “Nnn… Maybe we… maybe we shouldn’t… mess with…”

Every breath was making it worse. Holding the leather cuff in her hand, standing so close to Petra as she stroked idly along the tall shoe, Polly could feel the strangest temptation teasing at her mind.

What would it feel like to slip this cuff on… or… to slip it onto Petra…

She bit her lip and shook her head as Petra pulled the cuff from her hand, tossing it back into the closet before she pushed it shut. The scent was still permeating the room, but it was so much… lesser now than it was before.

“Maybe… maybe we should just get some rest and worry about unpacking tomorrow…?” Petra didn’t sound entirely hopeful, but Polly could hear the same arousal in her sister’s voice that she felt burning through her self. “That closet is… complicated… and I don’t want to worry about it tonight. It’s already stressful enough to move right now, so… we can just put that off… right…?”

Polly tried to not notice her sister’s nipples standing out at her chest, tenting the fabric in the most impossible-to-ignore way. She tried to not notice the way Petra’s thighs were squeezing together, or the way her hands were moving like she was still stroking that shoe.

She tried, but she failed.

“Y-yeah… let’s just… let’s just get some rest. I’ll… I’ll take the couch tonight…” Polly stumbled out of the room. Every step made her thighs rub together. She didn’t have the kind of body that necessitated that, but the heat between her legs was demanding and it was so impossible to outright refuse its demands.

Crumpling down onto the couch, Polly tried to ignore her arousal. Her sister was in the next room, presumably curling on the bed. Being aroused so close to my sister… being so turned on… That’s… so many different kinds of fucking wrong

It was hard to get to sleep when she wanted, needed, so desperately to rub between her legs. Peeling out of her pants, thrusting her own fingers deep, it would have been so easy… but she forced herself to abstain.

Polly’s dreams were full of leather, metal chains, and high heeled shoes too tall to allow her to walk.

She woke up absolutely drenched, and tried to pretend she couldn’t smell Petra’s arousal when they ate breakfast together. It was a quick experience, neither able to speak terribly much. The smell still felt like it permeated everything, but a pair of showers helped and soon the sisters were on their separate ways.

Both tried to forget their experience with the closet, and their night filled with lustful dreams.

Both failed.

All day at work, Polly did her best to try thinking of anything but the treasure trove of fetishy delights they’d found in their new apartment. Furnished was supposed to mean they didn’t need to buy furniture, not that they didn’t need to buy fetish wear. That was what she tried to tell herself.

It often gave way to thoughts of those cuffs around her own wrists, and one of those spreader bars trapping her ankles apart.

She hadn’t seen any rope in the closet, but it was easy to imagine herself wearing those cuffs innocently only to be bound up, trapped to that bed, ankles stopping her from pulling her legs together…

But the only one that would be in her apartment would be her sister, and every aspect of that was wrong.

When the work day was over, Polly was the first one to get home. Being back there, in that place, she wasn’t sure if the scent really was so strong or if it was the memory of the scent. She knew that making her way to the closet was a bad idea, but that didn’t stop her from opening the door.

It didn’t stop her from wrapping the leather around one wrist, then the other.

Once the cuffs were tightly in place, she even grabbed up the spreader bar and flushed. The air was thick with the scent of sex, the scent of desire, and even if it sounded like such a hot idea, such a horrible but erotic idea, Polly returned the bar back into the closet.

That didn’t stop her from making her way to the bathroom, leaning back against the door, and reaching a hand down between her legs.

Nothing about her masturbation was slow or sensual. She plunged her fingers deep, and she didn’t stop as the wet, slick sounds filled the air. Time to time she would stop, her face scrunching up when she thought she’d heard some sound come from outside the bathroom, but when it remained quiet her fingers instantly returned to their feverish pace.

Polly was feeling so close to relief, to finally earning the orgasm that had been taunting her since she’d first stepped in front of that closet.

That was when she heard her sister moaning.

“Nnn… I hate… how it… hurts… but it feels… so… good…” Besides that no one else had a door to the apartment, it was undeniably Petra’s voice. “So… tight… Can feel them… squeezing around my legs… around… Nnn… fuck… shouldn’t be so hot for this, but… but I am…”

Polly’s cheeks were such a deep, dark red, but she was so close. I’ve never been enough of a slut to masturbate when I could hear my sister’s voice… but… I… I can’t stop now, I…

I really need to cum…!

Despair and shame and dread swirled inside of Polly, but none of those feelings were strong enough to overcome the built up aphrodisiac scent coating the cuffs around her wrists. Even as she cursed herself and shook her head, Polly didn’t stop herself and soon her hips were bucking and her toes curling.

Polly was only able to muffle her moans by shoving her hand into her mouth.

“So… tight… hurts… so… f-fuck…!” Petra didn’t seem to realize Polly was home, so she made no such attempts to hide her sharp gasping screams as she clenched around her own fingers.

Polly could only imagine what her sister was doing. Was she wearing the shoes? Did they fit? Was she wrapped up in a corset, or some of those leather straps?

No, I need to not think about that…!

The only thing she could think of doing was turning on the water for the shower as high as she could, and pushing it to cold. It wouldn’t fix Petra’s embarrassment when she realized Polly had heard everything, but they’d done a pretty good job so far at not discussing anything about the arousal that came from that closet.

Polly took a long shower, trying her best to scrub away the uncomfortable feelings.

Who slept on the bed changed day to day. At first it was a matter of who would get a good night’s sleep, but it quickly became about something else.

Whoever slept on the bed was closer to the closet. That meant more of the scent, more intense dreams, and waking up slick and needy. Neither of them were willing to discuss it, and when they contacted the apartment management they were told that everything was “as is” and if they didn’t want it they could get rid of it themselves.

So for the next week, they tried their best to do nothing with the closet. There were plenty of failures, one or both of them dipping in for a cuff or a pair of shoes or a strappy top or an anal plug topped with a pretty amethyst or something else that seemed naughty and hot and like it might make it easier to stay away from the closet in the future, but they didn’t discuss their experiences. They just tried to focus on their jobs and other concerns.

That was much easier than confronting the feelings both of them could feel rising higher and higher with each day.

They couldn’t afford to find another apartment, so neither of them broached the topic.

It wasn’t as if the apartment was especially small. There was enough room for them to keep their things away from it to try stopping the scent from soaking into them any more than it already had, but it didn’t take long for them to realize it was having a greater and greater effect.

Every day when Polly went to work she spent the day dizzy, sniffing at the air longing for the sweet, leathery scent from the closet. Ducking into the bathroom to masturbate didn’t have the same satisfaction without the wrist cuffs, and even those were starting to not feel like enough. She wanted to feel the crop in her hand and bring it down on her own ass… or to bring it down on someone else’s. She wanted to feel her legs trapped apart, or to feel one of those corsets tightly confining her body and giving it a whole new shape.

Ignoring it didn’t make it better.

Pretending her home wasn’t full of a scent that made her horny just lead to Polly waking up, on the bed or on the couch, grinding against her own hand trapped between her thighs.

She kept resolving to do something about it, but it was always easier to put it off. There was always a chance that Petra might be home soon, or that interacting with the closet would just make things worse so much faster. There was always a better reason to leave it alone than do anything to interfere with it.

So another week went by, and both sisters felt the scent stain their bodies and minds so much deeper.

They tried to resist the call of the scent.

They both failed.

When Polly arrived home from work the third week in the apartment, Petra was emptying everything out of the closet.

The scent was so strong that even opening the front door had Polly squirming and fluttering her eyes. It wasn’t so strong she couldn’t try to resist it, to strain herself against the feeling, but it was still enough to make her hesitate on her way to their shared bedroom.

“W-we need to get rid of this stuff.” Petra was lacing up the heels again. They were already both wrapped tightly around her legs, high enough that the tops were hidden away under her skirt. She was wearing a collar around her neck. “I… I hate how this feels. I hate being so turned on all the time, feeling so… weak and breathless all the time, it’s not… it’s not me, and it isn’t right…  I need to stop it, and I need… I need your help, I…”

Petra suddenly started to moan, her eyes fluttering as she shook her head. “No, no, no… You weren’t supposed to get home, you were supposed… nnn… I was supposed to finish first, I… F-fuck…”

Polly stared, clenching her hands into tight fists to keep them from misbehaving. “What… Why are you so… Nnn I know the smell of this stuff, the way it’s so… hot… it’s called to me, too, but you’re…” Polly peered into the closet, longingly staring at the cuffs, at the spreader bar she’d indulged in just once and never let herself touch again, and then shuddered. “What’s going on with us…?”

“I… There was this… this vibrator…? It had a remote with a random setting, and it just… Nnnhaa…” Petra whimpered, her cheeks so red as her hips bucked. “Feeling like a sex toy was in control… it sounded… it was easy to imagine as so… hot, so…”

Sighing, Polly reached into the closet and pulled out a riding crop. She’d been resisting it for so long, but now she could justify lifting it. I just need to scold Petra for being so irresponsible…! Look at what she’s done to herself, what she’s doing in here… It sounded reasonable enough, until she slapped it down onto Petra’s chest and both of them trembled.

“You… need to behave…! We need to get you out of this stuff, and then… then we can just be… done with it…” Polly’s thighs clenched, and her eyes fluttered. “We just… need to stop… and get rid of it—get rid of all of it…”

“You’re wearing the corset under your shirt… I can tell…” Petra squirmed, her eyes hooded, her voice husky as she jerked forward again. “B-but you’re right, we… we need… to help each other…? We haven’t been able to stop this solo, but maybe… maybe if we team up, or if we… no…” Petra shook her head, quietly groaning. “I feel like I’m… like I’m addicted to this now…!”

Polly quivered, moving closer to her sister as she tossed the crop away. “You’re wearing the egg, and I’m… I’m not just wearing the corset. I’m also wearing the plug…”

Their eyes met, and they didn’t need to exchange any words. Both twins were feeling the same longing, and the same despair. Petra’s expression was twisted in shame even as her hips continued to quiver, to shake, and her thighs kept clenching.

It had seemed like such a simple thing to sneak back into the apartment during her lunch break to slide on the corset, to slide the tight plug into her ass, to feel like more of a fetish object, but that just meant Polly had been wearing more of that scent all day long. I’m sure Petra was wearing some of this when she was out, too… The egg… The collar… Fuck… we’re not like this…!

“You can… take off the collar… and I can help loosen your corset…” Petra shuddered. Her voice was so breathy. “That… that should help… R-right…?”

“Right… if this is some kind of… submissive, horny thing then… if we’re both taking charge then it should help… right…? So…” Polly took a deep, slow breath as she reached for her sister’s neck. “You’re going to… uhm… be a good girl and help me… help me take this corset off…”

Their nostrils flared, and their hips jerked towards each other.

“Okay… maybe that was a bad idea…” Polly tried to laugh as she clumsily attempted to open the collar. It almost felt rusted stuck, and squirming with it meant leaning in closer—close enough that their faces were mere inches away. “Maybe that was a really bad idea…”

Petra tried to laugh, too, but the sound mingled with a moan as she reached out to pull up her sister’s shirt to loosen her corset. Her hands shook each time the toy between her legs moved, but worse than that the smell was so strong it was hard to remember how to loosen anything at all. Her sister was so close, and the warmth from her body was making it nearly impossible to concentrate.

Shifting her weight in the heels hurt, making her legs ache, but despite herself Petra loved how it felt for her legs to be so enveloped. Maybe it was a desire she’d never explored before, or maybe it was the scent that was stiflingly strong. Whatever the reason was, simply standing in the painfully tall heels was arousing.

It got so much worse when Polly pushed her back on the bed, straddling Petra as she leaned in closer to try pulling off the collar. “I just… need… Nnn… To figure out how to open… C-could you stop shaking…?!”

“I-I can’t… and I… If I…” Petra didn’t need to say it. They knew why she hadn’t reached down to remove the toy from between her legs.

She wasn’t sure her hands would be able to stop at simply pulling the toy away.

“W-well try…!” Polly whimpered, giving the collar another tug at the same time Petra pulled the corset tighter instead of looser. “Th-this is… this is not… h-helping… o-oh… f-fuck…!”

Struggling at collar and corset, the sisters found themselves rolling across the bed, barely in control of themselves as the scent burned deeper. They struggled against it, pulling their hands away only to find them returning to their sister’s warmth.

It was only a matter of time before Polly’s thigh ended up between Petra’s legs, pressing against her panties at the same time as the egg began to vibrate. Feeling the vibration, the force inside of her sister’s panties made the scent inside of Polly’s head swirl. She groaned as Petra’s leg moved in counterpoint, pressing against her own slick panties.

O-ohhh… She’s my sister… my twin sister…! This is so bad… so wrong… but doing this with this toy inside of me… inside of her… Polly shook her head, but she wasn’t pulling away. She was grinding closer, even as tears filled her eyes. This is so much worse, but I can’t stop…!

Petra’s hands were no longer trying to open Polly’s corset. Instead they were grasping at Polly’s hips, pulling them in closer even as she shook her head the same way as Polly. Her eyes were full of the same tears, but she also had the same panicked, aroused, quivering breathing that made it so hard to focus on anything but the warmth between both her legs and Polly’s.

“This is so wrooong…!” Polly moaned as though pleading for Petra to stop, but one of her hands was tugging at Petra’s collar to pull her closer and the other was squeezing at Petra’s ass. Her nails dug in through her skirt, desperate for more as she pressed herself so tight into her sister’s body. “We’re… being so bad… we shouldn’t do this… shouldn’t want this…!”

“B-but we do… and we can’t… can’t… stop…!”

Neither of them was sure who came first, but once they did it made resisting so much more difficult.

The scent of sex in the air was familiar to them both—it was the same scent they’d both been addicting themselves to with days of private, shameful masturbation. Tears ran down their faces as they moaned and whined, but both of them buried their faces in each other’s necks as their hips moved faster, and their hands squeezed tighter.

Smelling that arousal in the air, the leather, and feeling so much slick heat and vulnerable warmth was dissolving at the last ounces of resistance that both women shared.

All that left was a need to buck, to writhe, to clench, to surrender…

A need to cum until there was nothing left.

Minds dazed and lost in the scent were still no more free from the truth of their actions. Even as they writhed together, dissolving into a shape of girl flesh that could do nothing but find new ways to create such perfect friction as the toy vibrated inside of Petra and Polly squeezed around the plug deep inside of her ass, both women were incredibly aware of what they were doing.

Even as their lust spiraled out of control, they were unable to escape the shame of giving in to such taboo urges neither of them had ever had before.

“We need… to throw all of this away…!” Their legs were entwined so tight that every vibration from between Petra’s legs shuddered its way along Polly’s thigh and somehow managed to perfectly tease the needy flesh between her legs. “We can’t… can’t do this ever again… I love you, but not… not like… not like this!”

“I know… but I can’t stop…!” Petra whimpered, pleading with her sister even as she squeezed so much tighter. She couldn’t remember when she’d lost her skirt, or when Polly lost her pants, but that only made things so much worse.

All she could feel was wet skin on wet skin.

All she could smell was need.

“I-I can’t stop either…! I just… need… more… even though it’s you…!” Polly whined, shaking as she felt more of those vibrations echo through her body. The corset around her was so tight, and feeling the long heels around her sister’s legs made her feel more aware of how tightly her body was constricted.

It was almost as tight as her ass was squeezing around the plug that at the start of the week had felt too large to fit inside of her.

Beneath them the sheets were stained with cum and sweat, blankets cast asunder as they continued to roll and grind in lustful abandon. There was nothing they could do as they gave into the urges they’d been trying so hard to resist again and again.

For what felt like hours, the two of them could do nothing but squeeze closer and grind against their sister. Even as exhaustion built, it felt as though their craving for sex alone would be able to sustain them through the night. Neither of them believed they would ever be able tos stop, fucking until they turned to dust.

When Polly woke up the next morning she didn’t dare move. Her sister’s thigh was still between her own, and she could feel her own leg still nestled up against her sister’s pussy. At some point her panties must have been tugged away, and either the egg ran out of power or had followed her sister’s panties.

I can’t believe we did that… Polly shuddered. She was still wearing the corset, and she could still feel the toy inside of her. She didn’t know if squeezing around it would make her feel better, or worse.

Petra was still asleep, but that made it worse. It gave Polly time to look at her expression and see that even resting the signs of distress were still there. Her face was still stained with tears.

There would be no pretending that the previous night hadn’t happened.

We’ll get rid of it all after this… We’ll need to… Polly quivered, breathing in the scent of the toys that filled the air, and the lust from her long night of lovemaking with her sister.

She couldn’t forget how her sister sounded cumming her brains out again and again. She couldn’t stop feeling a heat inside of her that longed for more even as she wanted to break down and cry.

Maybe she could have pulled away without disturbing her sister, but the risk of waking her and losing a whole day to their forbidden lust was too terrible.

Polly tried her best to breathe as slow as she could while she dreamed up some way to pull away even as the feeling of her sister’s pussy on her leg mingled with the scent in the air. Both of them had tried so hard to resist.

Both of them had failed.

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