A Mother’s Love Belongs to Her Daughter: How A Girl Turned Her Mother Into Her Robotic Love Slave

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #f/f #tech_control #dom:female #pov:bottom #robots #sub:female

Natalie’s life changes forever when her daughter Kathryn upgrades her understanding with a simple lesson: a mother’s love belongs to her daughter.

A Mother’s Love Belongs to Her Daughter: How A Girl Turned Her Mother Into Her Robotic Love Slave

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Natalie smiled as she closed the door behind her. It had been a long day of spreadsheets and reports, but just the simple act of setting down her purse and sliding her feet out of her sensible heels made everything instantly feel so much better. All of it was worth it: the leers at her chest that turned heads even hidden away in a starchy blouse-and-blazer, the sore feet from her heels, the worry of a run in her stockings that clung tight to her skin, and the work that she knew did nothing but make her employers richer all felt a lot less like real problems when she was finally home and putting all of that behind her.

“Kathryn…! I’m home…!” Natalie grinned ruefully even as she called out to her daughter. It was a ritual that she call out like that, even if she almost never received a response. Her daughter wasn’t out anywhere—her shoes were still resting in the foyer right beside Natalie’s own—but Kathryn was always wearing her headphones.

Hopefully she learns to listen to her music a little quieter before she suffers any permanent hearing loss… Natalie’s thoughts could have carried a somewhat worried tone to them, but the smile on her face made it clear they were calmly felt reasonable concerns. As much as Natalie wanted to be absolutely sure that her daughter took care of herself and had the best life that she could, she was hardly beside herself with worry.

Her daughter was more a woman now than a girl. Before Natalie was ready, she knew that Kathryn would be far away living a life very separate from her own. Even accepting that intellectually, it didn’t stop her from still thinking of Kathryn as her little girl.

Nothing would ever be able to stop that.

While she was eager to change out of her office wear and into something a little more couch-casual, Natalie wasn’t in a rush. If I’m in too much of a hurry to get comfortable then it’s like I’m still in the office trying to finish another report… Without a second thought she dropped down onto her couch, sighing as the plush surface readily conformed to her shape. Mm. I know I need to be careful about creasing this up, but I just want to… Natalie’s thoughts trailed off as she looked down towards the small coffee table that sat in front of her. Is that Kathryn’s phone…?

It was a certainty that her daughter was locked away in her room, headphones in place, fingers on her mouse and keyboard, but it was still odd for her phone to be left in the living room. Even with two monitors on her desk, Kathryn was always reaching for her phone. It was easier for Natalie to reach her with a text message than to knock on her door.

To say that this find was unusual was an understatement.

“Well… I guess someone still needs her mommy to look out for her, for at least a little while longer…” Natalie’s lips curled into a playful smile as she bent forward to lift up her daughter’s phone. “Don’t worry, sweetie. Mommy will always be ready… to… help…?”

Since Natalie always kept a close eye on her phone it wasn’t as though she had much experience handling it. She expected the phone to show a lock screen—probably of some anime character or whatever band Kathryn was listening to most. She’d assumed it would be an album cover for that Lovecraftian band “Phantom” if anything, but instead…

It was a dim strobing, flashing, pulsing array of lights.

What… even… is… this…? There was so much visual stimulation that it took a moment for her to even begin to process what was happening. Colors… so many… it’s so… bright…

She couldn’t look away, staring with rapt fascination as colored circles rose from a black void at the center of Kathryn’s phone. The lights moved in an ever-expanding ring, trailing out to the edges of the phone. Natalie’s eyes never followed them that far. The motion, the way the ring curled and spun, it drew her eyes right to the middle of her daughter’s phone, the very center of the deep, dark, seemingly endless black void where so much bright stimulation continued to pour out to embrace her poor mind tighter and tighter. She couldn’t look away, and the longer she watched the more wide her eyes grew as if to take those swirling colors deeper and deeper into her mind itself.

Pink, full, pouty lips fell uselessly open as though all of the strength in her jaw was suddenly sapped and drained. Her heavy breasts swayed pendulously below her, weighing down at Natalie’s bent posture. Her eyes stared helplessly at her daughter’s phone. She stared, the lights continuing to wind and twist their way deeper and deeper inside of her. With each moment that she was unable to even consider breaking away from the intense tug of that bright, mind-hooking pattern.

The lights reflected in her wide, open eyes, so much brighter than her enraptured will.

Words began to flash at the center of that void, bold, blocky, digital print that was bright white in contrast to the infinitely dark void behind it. The edges of each letter pulsed and glowed with a pattern of colors that Natalie’s mind somehow found nostalgic each time it repeated even if she couldn’t begin to remember where, or even if, she’d ever seen it before—at least not that she could remember. There was no space in her mind to try, just a need to yield and submit to the power that held her gaze impossibly tight.

All that Natalie knew, with what little of her mind could actively process, was that the lights were reaching so much deeper than just her gaze. She could feel the colors in her mind, teasing between the folds of her brain as they wormed ever deeper. She could already feel them entangling the very core of her will, and then penetrating it.

She was so full of those lights, quivering as though she were suspended from the ceiling and the lights were fingers teasing deep between her legs.

The words held meaning, but she couldn’t decipher them. Instead, all that Natalie could do was allow them to implant deep inside of her mind to that the raw magnetism made it impossible to not gaze helplessly at those words as they were drawn deep into the core of her will itself.

I am trapped.

Must open.

So… helpless…

Once the words repeated enough, planting themselves deep enough in the mother’s mind, enough of her was able to follow along and understand on a level that wasn’t purely automatic. As that understanding unfolded, as the words’ meanings laced through her with a depth and insistence that simple lights could not, it only became more impossible to look away. Her lovely plush lips moved limply, looking as though they weighed so much to her as Natalie lost herself in repetition of the mantras that assaulted her slick, vulnerable mind.

Mind is weak…

Cannot resist…

My pussy makes me weak…

Her lips trembled as sweat began to shine across Natalie’s trembling brow. Under her sensible-yet-short skirt, Natalie’s thighs clenched tight around her panties. The small garment was already so slick and warm, burning with lust and so much friction that her thighs continued to tease into the lingerie that clung tighter and tighter to Natalie’s sizzling core. Her mind had struggled to process the words in a way her conscious mind could use for anything but deepening her surrender. The struggle was meaningless, only driving those words deeper into her slick, helpless mind as her mental responses only further betrayed her mind to the control that dug its claws in deeper and deeper.

So caught in the lights, in the colors, in the feeling of being trapped, open, weak, helpless, Natalie could do nothing but quiver and moan as her eyes opened wider and wider. The more they widened, the more that a part of her body wasn’t just accepting what was happening to her—but asking for more. As more of that light poured into her eyes, her body took more light into her mind. Each little photon carried enough force to teach her mind new truths.

Natalie’s mind lacked the will to critically process those truths. All she could do was accept. All she could do was feel those truths becoming her truths—her reality.

A mother’s love belongs to her daughter.

A mother’s body belongs to her daughter.

A mother’s mind belongs to her daughter...!

Without any input from Natalie’s conscious mind one of her hands had found its way up under her skirt. It was an easy, simple path for it to take but the deliberate way it moved without Natalie’s conscious input was what made the movement important. A moment later fingers curled under her soaked panties and gave them a hard tug. With the sopping fabric moved to the side her hand now has unfettered access to Natalie’s drenched cunt. It was so ready, and so eager. Even with only the light for stimulation it twitched and clenched around nothing.

When her fingers finally thrust inside Natalie let out a long, low cry. Her eyes looked like they wanted to cross, twitching in place even as they stayed so intensely focused on the phone before them. Her mouth still hung open as her fingers moved in a rhythm dictated not by her own desires or her growing lust but by the program.

Lights flashed so deeply inside of her mind and taught her how she must touch herself.

Natalie’s fingers pounded quicker and quicker into her sopping wet core the more the colors flashed and the lights danced across her wide, vacant eyes. Her breathing that had been so even before quickly degraded, turning more and more ragged as sweat poured down her face. Drool shined over her lips and began to slide down from the corner and along her cheek.

When Natalie had entered the room her eyes had been bright, sharp, so full of intelligence and focus. Now, as her fingers thrust deeper inside of her, as her pussy clenched tighter, and as the lights illuminated such important parts of her mind her eyes looked emptier and emptier. The only focus, the only light, the only thing that reflected was the lights from her daughter’s phone.

All of her own intellect was gone.

The top button of her blouse strained against the force of her swaying breasts. At any moment it seemed likely it could rip itself free, flying across the room and exposing more of her chest in the process. Natalie’s mouth continued to breathlessly shape the words the phone uploaded into her brain even as her fingers continued their mechanical thrusts between her legs. The process of the words filling her mind could not have been more effective if an ethernet cord were plugged directly between her eyes.

A robot cannot resist upgrades.

A robot cannot refuse commands.

I am a robot.

I am my daughter’s… daughter’s… r-robot…!

Natalie screamed so loud that her voice cracked. Her lips didn’t stop moving for a moment, but her moan of pleasure ceased to be audible and instead was only visible in the endless shuddering of her body. A bright flash of light filled her eyes with bright, blinding white. The distinct, digital sound of a camera shutter echoed through the air as Natalie struggled to breathe through the intensity of the pleasure her own fingers and the bright lights Her fingers trembled inside of her pussy, thighs clenching and shuddering as her mouth hung open like the string keeping it shut was snipped and billowing in the breeze of her own ragged breathing.




Digitized camera sounds followed close behind each burst of blinding light. After each and every flash that shined across Natalie’s face it twitched as a lazy, quiet groan escaped her lips. She was so beyond lost, so entirely gone, and yet at the same time trapped and held in place within the tight, unyielding hold of her daughter’s phone. There wasn’t enough of Natalie’s will left to struggle or even desire escape. All of those parts of her mind were now full of the words from that phone.

Natalie’s will was now the will of an obedient machine.

Then, without any warning or fanfare, the screen turned black. To Natalie it was as if someone reached a finger into her ear, and with a flick… Her personality, her thoughts, and her very self were all turned off, deactivated, and tucked away. There were no thoughts in her mind, not even an active replay of the words the phone had taught her lips to repeat again and again. Her personality wasn’t necessary, not in that moment, so her mind didn’t need to load it into memory.

The only self she needed was that of a robot waiting for its next task.

Natalie’s eyes stayed open, unblinking. They had been commanded to open, and in that moment her comfort was unimportant. It was more important that the pleasure of obeying her new program vibrate through her whole being even if she didn’t show the tiniest sign of it.

Natalie’s mouth didn’t move to shut as drool continued to slickly trace a path down along her cheek. If she were conscious it would have been uncomfortable. The Natalie who had settled on the couch not long ago would have hurried to rub it away. Instead, that sensation being out of her control was yet another aspect of her surrender that was training the mother-turned-robot to savor her new state.

Her hand eventually fell from between her thighs not because Natalie wished it to, but because keeping it where it was no mattered. Her fingers were slick, and shimmered in the light with her own slick juices as it hung loosely at the end of her arm. She made no motion to wipe off her hand, or control where it fell. That wasn’t important.

All Natalie did was wait and simmer.

The screen of Kathryn’s phone had been her guiding light, but now it was blank. That screen had been Natalie’s only connection with her owner’s commands. With no further orders to obey, Natalie merely stared without seeing anything at all. She hadn’t been programmed to be proactively obedient. Instead, she had been programmed to wait.

Without the constant, high level of stimulation Natalie’s breathing slowed until it was calm and even. So quickly all of her ragged panting had calmed away. It was hard to imagine that just moments before the woman had been furiously masturbating.

The scent of her lust still filled the air to hint at her earlier activities, but Natalie didn’t react to it at all. She wasn’t embarrassed that the room was thick with her musk. She wasn’t embarrassed that she’d masturbated staring at her daughter’s phone, her mind soaking in her words like a sponge.

Natalie breathed evenly, maintaining her current position as much as she could. She was for all intents and purposes barely conscious or present. She stared ahead, but without the lights in her eyes they seemed to reflect nothing at all. No intellect shined forth, and no external will enthralled them.

All they could do was stare.

If the phone’s screen lit up again they would instantly lose themselves to the sight again. In that moment, Natalie existed only to obey.

“Oh, mommy…!” Kathryn’s voice came out with a gasp. “I didn’t hear you come in…!” The younger woman’s eyes were wide, a hand held over her mouth as she approached her mother. Natalie was just as she had been the moment the phone’s screen had gone black: slumped over on the couch limply with wide open eyes and a drool-stained cheek.

She could have been there for minutes, or hours. If Kathryn were to ask there would be no way for Natalie to answer with any accuracy.

After all, she’d been in standby mode.

“Oh… It looks like you found my phone…!”

Natalie heard her daughter’s voice, but there was no programming in her mind to respond so she remained in place.

Kathryn slowly approached the couch, and her mother. Each step she took was slow as if she were making sure to retrace a path she’d carefully chosen weeks in advance. There was one perfect path for her to take, and she was finally able to indulge those motions. She may also have been slow because she was so entirely captivated by the sight in front of her.

Her hungry eyes drank in the powerful new sight of dried drool on her mother’s face. She savored the impressive distant stare in her mother’s usually sharp gaze. She savored the sight of her mother’s her long, elegant, glistening fingers that were unmistakably stained by the juices of her own lust.

Of course she couldn’t resist drinking in the sight of her mother’s breasts. Even without her continued movements their impressive weight still strained at her professional clothing in the most perfect way. It was unlikely they would rip their way free to swing under less tight confinement, but the professional wear didn’t make the sight worse. Seeing her mother in the uniform she wore to work every day yet so vulnerable, so on display…

It wasn’t better than seeing her naked, but it was a different, equally potent spice.

With a quiet giggle the younger woman reached down and pulled her phone free from her mother’s hand. While looking decidedly away from its currently dark surface she fiddled with the volume control on the side in a pattern of ups and downs too quick for anyone to determine without recording and slowing down the footage. When she was done she moved her finger along the front in a practiced, memorized pattern and sighed in relief when instead of blasting colors and words in her direction it instead showed her lock screen—a picture of her mother holding her close.

“Now how did you get your hands on this, huh, mommy…? You know that you really should respect my privacy…” Kathryn giggled, her eyes hooding low as she tapped through her phone to open up the photo app with a happy sigh. “You might see something on my phone that you won’t like… Or, you might see something that’s not for you to see… You might even see something that could just blow your mind!

Louder giggles refused to be silenced or quieted as Kathryn’s thin mask of innocence dissolved. In its place was a much different expression: a smug grin. Her eyes were hooded low as she moved her finger several times to the left, and then back to the right.

Kathryn was beaming, but in a way that was more about her own selfish delight than anything else.

“Mmm… See….! Just take a little look, and see how you were after staring at my phone for too long, mommy…” Kathryn’s thighs clenched as she looked down at her mother, slowly lowering the phone down before her eyes. “Look. Look at how fucked you look after staring at my phone for just a few minutes… Imagine if the screen hadn’t turned off…”

Natalie finally registered a command from her daughter—a command from her owner. A robot cannot refuse commands. I am a robot. I am my daughter’s robot. Natalie didn’t hesitate. She didn’t consider. When she was commanded to look, she looked. As quickly as Kathryn ordered her, Natalie stared obediently as the phone her daughter held in front of her eyes. She drank the sight in without judgement—only processing that it was how she looked after staring at her daughter’s phone for such a short time.

The phone showed her a sight that Natalie had never seen before. It was her, but she’d never seen herself with such a blank, vapid expression. She’d never seen herself looking beyond intoxicated or aroused. There were hints of both in her gaze, but this was something entirely different.

She imagined what might have happened if the screen hadn’t turned off. If she had been commanded to show it with her body she would have shuddered and clenched. If she were an ordinary woman and not a robot she would have loudly moaned. Instead she silently imagined.

She was a robot.

She was her daughter’s robot.

“You look absolutely fucked, mommy.” Kathryn’s eyes hooded, her thighs clenching so tight as she shifted and squirmed in place. Her breathing was already quickening, her lips rubbing together. Her cheeks were flushed. Her pupils dilated as she stared at her helpless mother. To say that she looked aroused would be to state something entirely too obvious. “Say it.”

“I… look… fucked…” Even with the pauses between each word, or maybe especially because of them, Natalie’s voice sounded so incredibly robotic. There was no emotion or hesitance being expressed by her stilted speech. She wasn’t being overwhelmed with the intensity of her words. It was stimulating, intensely erotic to obey her daughter’s commands, but she had been programmed to withstand that intensity.

Instead, each pause was more as though Natalie’s mind needed to convert Kathryn’s command to binary, find the response by performing complicated mathematic algorithms, and then converted those ones and zeroes back into the appropriate series of sounds. Every step was infinitely more complicated than a human woman attempting to understand her daughter’s command, and her own proper response before reciting it. Each word possessed so much more complexity, but it was nothing special for Natalie to obey.

Robots cannot refuse commands, and Natalie was a robot.

“Mmm… fuck. That’s right you look fucked…” Kathryn quietly moaned as she stepped out from in front of Natalie’s gaze. Her mother remained mostly motionless on the couch as the sound of distant water filled the air. It only lasted for a few moments, and when it ended there was only the sound of her own breathing. She didn’t have the picture of herself to examine anymore. She had responded to her daughter’s query.

With those stimuli gone, Natalie’s mind was right back to the blank void it had been before Kathryn had interrupted it.

Natalie’s mind was like a solid black screen with only a slowly blinking, white rectangle in the upper left corner. Nothing had been installed to act on her circumstances. Nothing had been installed to make her do anything on her own at all—besides to remain ready for the next command, the next bit of valuable data from her owner.

“Don’t worry, mommy… It’s not like I don’t love you or anything…” Kathryn sighed as she walked again towards her mother. Her steps were more casual, but her gaze at her catatonic mother was still every bit as intense. “I mean… I don’t just love you. I love you love you… More than I’m supposed to, really… I guess that’s part of what all of this comes down to, really… It feels weird to need to explain that, but it feels important to, anyway…? I don’t know. This stuff is complicated. I’m doing my best.”

Kathryn sighed again. Her tone had shifted from warm, tender, and soft, to a casual frustration. Everything about her speaking, from her choice of phrasing to how she said her words failed to match the mood set by her mother’s slumped body and unresponsive mental state.

There had been genuine affection and warmth in her words, but there was a lack of seriousness that could almost make it seem as if she failed to understand what was happening around her.

Moving beside her mother, Kathryn lifted a small, warm, damp washcloth and rubbed at the side of her mother’s lips. She moved the cloths lowly, carefully, daintily as if taking every precaution to make sure that it was as pleasant and unobtrusive as possible. Once the last of her mother’s saliva had been wiped away she lifted the cloth higher, moving it slowly across her mother’s sweat-stained forehead with the same level of tender devotion.

“It’s not my fault that I love you so much, you know…?” Kathryn whined, her eyes narrowing even as she continued to move the cloth so carefully, so delicately. “It’s not my fault that you’re so incredibly fucking beautiful, either…” She sighed, shaking her head as she wiped away at the last of the shine, dabbing more precisely than before. “What’s my fault, though…? It’s my fault that going to fix all of it by making things so much better, by making us so much more… so much… closer.

“You do want us to be closer, don’t you, mommy…?” Kathryn asked the question with a wavering, almost uncertain intonation that twisted with discomfort and uncertainty as she spoke. At first she had sounded confident and calm, perhaps even somewhat flippant. By the end her every word dripped with dread and desperation.

Any attempt at passing off that concern as genuine was foiled by the naughty, intensely excited joy that shined from her eyes like twin bonfires. No one would believe for half a second with even the slightest glance at her face that Kathryn’s worry was genuine—at least not all of it. Perhaps there was some seed of truth to her uncertainty, but whether her mother craved it, longed for it, or not...

It was obvious that Kathryn knew right where she had her mother. Every breath she took, every inch of her mother that her eyes panned over again and again, she was reveling in it all. Her every syllable held a portion of a hidden giggle. No matter how hard she tried she could only hold back her grin so much.

She could do little to stop her thighs from squeezing and rubbing together around her needy pussy.

Her mother gave no response. There was an answer that the woman Natalie might have given, but Kathryn was no longer speaking to an ordinary woman. She was speaking to a robot. The question was one that the robot Natalie couldn’t answer without access to more of her mind than she could currently remember. The very concept of “wanting” something or not was alien to her reformed mind that had been patterned after silicon more than carbon.

Natalie could store preferences, or recall desires that Kathryn wished her to store away in her databanks, but the truth of the most important words echoing in her mind over and over again was too loud to ignore.

She was a robot.

She was a robot with a vacant mind. Her personality and concept of selfhood had been disabled and shunted off into folders she wasn’t allowed to access. Her permissions to access the file system of her own mind was far too low to have any chance at modifying the right code to create wants or desires. She especially lacked the ability to look inside those sealed folders and run any of the executable code locked away within.

Natalie was a robot with a locked down, security-conscious paradigm.

Being a robot meant that Natalie could not resist upgrades or refuse commands. Her daughter’s phone had upgraded her mind. In such a short time her daughter’s efforts had made her mind better, sexier, and used her own traitorous pussy to burn Natalie’s mind with yearning to comply. Each and every time she did, pleasure rose on its own to reward and encourage the next surrender.

With so many small points of light streaming in through her eyes, so much of that powerful repeating pattern, her body had been trained so quickly with stimuli she didn’t know had been subtly hidden around her in advance. So much preparation had gone into her mental downfall, but now that it happened none of that mattered. The only thing that did was what Natalie was, and what that meant she would do.

“Mm. Let me try this, Mommy…” Kathryn sighed again as she began to wipe her mother’s fingers clean, but was only half finished before she stopped herself and set the damp cloth down on her mother’s thigh. Hesitating for just a moment she grasped her mother’s wrist and lifted her hand. Kathryn’s eyes stayed focused on those glistening digits, her lips trembling as they neared her mouth.

Her hesitation only lasted for a moment. All too quickly she was greedily suckling her mother’s lust off of her mother’s own fingers. Kathryn moaned around her fingers, eyes hooding so low as she savored the taste of her mother’s long fingers in her mouth. She’d never noticed before how long they were, and now that she was tasting them all sorts of thoughts filled her mind.

When she finally drew her mouth back, Kathryn was spellbound by the sight even as her tongue rubbed the taste of her mother’s pussy around her mouth. Her eyes fluttered as she stared at her mother’s shimmering nails, now wet with both her own pussy’s juices and Kathryn’s saliva. She wanted to learn those fingers with her lips not just once, but until she could close her eyes and remember just how they felt to suck. She wanted to learn them with her lips, with her tongue, and most importantly, she wanted to learn those fingers with her pussy.

She wanted to feel them touching her, feeling inside of her…

Kathryn wasn’t sure if she felt that sensation that she could ever allow it to end.

“Mommy…?” Natalie didn’t respond with words. The question was not one that had an answer her programming could give. However, she did faintly stiffened as if to indicate she was accepting her daughter’s words and ready to accept yet more. Natalie was a robot. Robots could not refuse commands. “You want us to be closer. Say it. Moan it.”

Kathryn trembled, first nuzzling her mother’s hand before zealously kissing over her wrist.

“Make it… sexy.”

“OOooohh…” Natalie moaned loudly, stretching out the sound as her whole body wiggled. She quickly processed her daughter’s commands, and the code to obey them was all but visible in her eyes as it executed through Natalie’s body. Her clit throbbed as she felt the chance to obey, to please, to follow her programming.

Natalie was her daughter’s robot, and her love, her body, her mind… they all belonged to Kathryn.

Her tongue slipped out past her lips, slowly wetting them as she slouched back onto the couch. Her legs parted, making her short skirt rise higher and higher until Kathryn caught sight of her mother’s white panties tugged off to the side of her glistening pussy. Her panties were darkly stained, but even still they stood out brilliantly both against her mother’s pale skin and the surrounding black of her skirt. Natalie’s fingers teased along her own thighs, making them slick again so soon after her daughter’s recent attempts to clean her lust away.

“MMmm… I… I waaant… I want… us to be… closer…!” Natalie groaned, the sound as stilted and robotic as her earlier speech. One of her hands reached up to squeeze at her own clothed breast tight tight. The fabric strained as though her grasp were intending to rip it apart with the simple gesture, but it remained steady over her breasts.

Her other hand rubbed over her panties, so close to her slick, drooling sex as her breath came quicker, and sharper. All of her prior calm began to fade away, replaced with lustful obedience at her daughter’s command. Low, pitiful moans dribbled out of Natalie’s lips before she let out a pitiful, needy whine.

It didn’t sound like Natalie merely wanted to be closer to Kathryn. It sounded like everything about the idea made her pussy burn and her spine shudder. It looked like if she couldn’t be closer with her daughter she wouldn’t be able to resist masturbating to the thought.

“I want to be… so… so… soooo much closer… Ohhh… Ple-e-eeeease…! Please… b-b-baby…!”

Natalie’s voice still came out in the almost distorted, robotically-choppy way that sounded like it made the purely mental effort of being a good robot audible. Her hardware was fine. It had overheated earlier, but it had long since cooled down. The issue now was more that the upgrade to her system was so dramatically different to all of the software her system had run before. She was still acclimating to the pleasure of obeying her daughter, still adapting to her life as a robot. It was perfect, and she wasn’t used to such amazing perfection.

It was almost enough to make Natalie barely able to do anything besides rub herself and let sounds that resembled moans find their way from her throat on their own.

It felt less as though she were obeying a command from her owner and more as though she was fulfilling her own overwhelming fantasies. When Kathryn’s voice spoke, the words had administrator access to the deepest, most private places inside of Natalie’s mind. No one else had ever cut past all of Natalie’s defenses, her self, her identity, and rendered all of those things so wholly irrelevant in the face of new information that had no choice but to become hew new reality, her new truth, her new imperatives.

Her task complete, the requested response given as sexually as she possibly could, Natalie again fell limp with her hand resting just over her messy slit. Her chest was still arched out, held up by her hand. Kathryn had to fight to look away from the impressive sight, her tongue wetting her lips before she rubbed them together. Anyone who saw that reaction would know that she’d spent so much time imagining that breast in her hands, and in her mouth.

Even with Natalie’s hand covering her sex, the sight was still enough to make Kathryn shudder. It was so imagine for her to imagine a finger twitching to tease at her sensitive flesh, or her hand moving to rub furiously at her clit. Kathryn quietly moaned as both possibilities flashed before her eyes.

Natalie was her robot. Those things and more were entirely possible… Kathryn simply had to ask.

A wry grin spread across Kathryn’s lips as she let out a quiet sigh. “Your fingers are messy all over again… and right after I so carefully cleaned them off… but that’s okay. It’s really my fault. You were just following my orders…”

Kathryn was still coming back to herself after a display she had never even imagined she would see. Her thighs had been stuck clenched the entire time. She’d almost wanted to reach down and rub herself as her mother had performed, but it seemed too soon. It seemed wrong, almost… disrespectful. Her mother was obeying her first important command. To do anything but savor that was just… wrong.

Her eyes had hooded low, heavy with arousal and a haziness that almost made her mother’s show feel like a dream. From the twitching of her fingers to the lust that teased her thigh, and even her tightly pursed lips, it was plain that Kathryn wanted nothing more than to enjoy the show in front of her forever.

She savored the way her mother’s breasts shook, so on display while still being hidden away and out of reach. She was delighted by the way her mother’s hips had arched up to press her sex closer to her fingers. She could imagine her mother moving like that so many nights, thinking of her instead of what other, acceptable fantasies her mother had masturbated to if she even regularly masturbated. Kathryn didn’t care.

If Natalie masturbated now, it would be up to her.

There wasn’t any one thing she wanted to see or experience with her mother. Kathryn wanted to experience all of Natalie. She wanted to experience all of her, and she wanted to take her time doing it.

This was just the first step.

Already she was longing to know more about each and ever small reaction her mother’s body had to obeying her command. How hard were her nipples? How tight had her ass clenched? Had her toes tried to curl? Kathryn had been too distracted to look, but now she wanted to know. Not only that, but she wanted to see her mother using what had always felt like infinite charm not on anyone else… but on her. Kathryn wanted to be lost in that moment of her mother turning all of her charm on her own daughter—an act that would have been impossible to even imagine without the help of her phone.

Natalie was far too proper of a mother. She never wore shirts with dipping cleavage to give Kathryn a hug. She never walked around their home naked. She never snuck into Kathryn’s bed at night to wake her up with tits in her face and a hand between her legs…

Even after it ended and her mother was calm, Kathryn was trembling. Her breath was quick, her eyes hooded, and her nipples hard at her chest as she felt along her own body to savor the heat and yearning that burned so hot inside of her that it felt like she could melt away if it grew much hotter. “Mmm… That was perfect, mommy… My mommy is a good robot, a very good robot…!”

Even without having enough self to feel pride in the compliment, or the disgust she would have felt the day before, Natalie still had enough awareness to lewdly moan. Pleasing Kathryn was her purpose. Receiving acknowledgement that her primary directive had been fulfilled made the program that ran like a shell around her mind send shockwaves of pleasure through her body. Each time she betrayed herself by indulging her daughter’s programming, more of Natalie’s mind was forever lost in a wave of pleasure that washed away another part of her mind that might have resisted her daughter’s control. That part became part of her robotic mind.

Natalie was a robot that could not refuse commands.

“Such a good learning robot…” Kathryn moaned as she squeezed at her own breast. Her need was growing too intense, too strong. She could only resist her growing lust for so much longer. Her plans had called on this being slower, taking longer, but she hadn’t anticipated her mother being such a perfect robot. “Mmm and while I do mean what I said, and I do love you…”

Kathryn nibbled on her own lip as she stared down at her mother. She looked even more wasted now. She looked like she’d spent the whole day being fucked, or fucking herself. It took so much effort for Kathryn to resist commanding her mother to ease her fingers back inside of herself.

Quickly, barely taking any more than a brief pause, Kathryn lifted back up her phone, unlocked it, and switched the active app. She held it out, and again there was a bright flash of light across Natalie’s eyes. She moaned loud enough to obscure the digital sound of a camera shutter.

“Mmm… Fuck… that’s just… so… MMmmfff…! It’s not fair that you’re so hot, even if you’re mine!” Kathryn whined, her thighs clenching tighter as she ran a trembling finger across her own lips. She tried to feign being deep in thought, but it was hard to look like she was having complicated thoughts where her eyes were on her mother’s chest. “Mmm but like I said… I love you… and you’re not just going to be in programming mode forever, but… I want… more before we wake you up, mommy… Sorry, I’d promised myself that I’d do this right, but I need more, I want more… And that means you want more… isn’t that right, mommy…?” Kathryn didn’t even pause for a moment. “Say yes. Say yes, and moan it like the idea alone could make your naughty little pussy cum for me!”

“Y-yesssss!” Natalie moaned out the word with a low, husky, pitiful whine. “Yes, Kathryn, I want moooooore! I want so much mooore!” Natalie’s voice was a low, husky, pitiful whine. It sounded less robotic before, but those stutter moments were replaced with so much dripping lust. Before, her voice had been concerned with being seductive. She’d been doing all that she could to be alluring, to draw in her daughter’s focus and satisfy her with raw eroticism.

Now, all of that was turned around. With that command, it was her daughter who was the one drawing in Natalie, magnetizing her, making her yearn and plead for satisfaction. All of her erotic confidence was replaced with pitiful need that only her daughter could decide to sate. All that Natalie could do was try to express how the idea of pleasing her daughter, of saying the words so perfectly could grant her orgasm. Her daughter was sexier than that, more important than that.

Her daughter owned her.

Nothing felt more intense, more perfect, than her daughter deciding that she was worthy of so much pleasure. Nothing else was better than carrying out her daughter’s commands. She was a robot, and she obeyed her programming without question.

Kathryn reached down, and pulled her skirt up past her waist until she was holding it high enough to obscure her breasts. Between her thighs was the smooth skin of her very bare, shaven sex. She wore nothing under her skirt, and it was anyone’s guess when she had removed them. Her nether lips were flush and slick, and even if her mother’s gaze didn’t naturally gravitate to the sight between her legs it still didn’t make revealing herself any less of a thrill. “Mommy… look at my pussy. Stare at it…!”

Natalie’s eyes fluttered, and her head tipped down in a mechanical, stilted fashion. Quickly she found her eyes meeting the sight of her daughter’s cunt. She looked so impossibly wet, slick enough that even rubbing lotion all over her lower lips wouldn’t begin to look anywhere near as drenched. Her skin was so flushed, red and pouty. More slick lust ran down along her thighs as if her pussy were drooling for her at how hot an experience it was to dominate her mommy-bot.

Kathryn’s body screamed its arousal, desperate for satisfaction even as Kathryn tried to control her urges enough to get the most satisfaction from a moment that would never come again.

“Mm… Good mommy… My good, sexy, obedient little robot…” Natalie moaned, her thighs clenching without moving any closer together. It put her shuddering pussy on full display, feeling so exhibitionistic as she savored the thrill of her mother’s intense, if thoughtless, gaze. “Mommy… have you ever eaten pussy before…? Have you ever had sex with another woman…?”

“NN… Noo… Mommy… has… never… eaten pussy…” The pleasure of her daughter’s praise again stalled all of Natalie’s processing. It took exceptional effort to push past the pleasure that pulsed from the top of her head to the tips of her toes long enough to express any understanding during such wonderful pleasure.

Words that would once have made her cheeks burn crimson instead received no greater emphasis or shame than any others. Those parts of her were inactive. What mattered was that her daughter thought she was good, and sexy, and obedient.

Natalie complied, answering the rest of her daughter’s inquiry.

“Mommy has never had sex… with another woman…”

Kathryn’s face twisted in disappointment, but only for a moment. Perhaps she’d hoped that her mother had secretly lusted after women. Perhaps she’d hoped her mother would have some experience that she herself lacked. Kathryn was young, only freshly a graduate from high school. She was a woman, but being a shy young woman, her experience with sex was far less than she would have hoped.

The disappointment didn’t remain on her face for long. Very quickly, her expression morphed into one of wicked delight. She stared down at her mother’s eyes, imagining that she could see her own slit reflected in their depths. “That means I get to be mommy’s first pussy…! I fully intend to make mommy cum, so many times she has to beg me to stop… but you’ve already cum since you got home, and I’ve had to look at you being so hot without even touching myself…!” Kathryn moved closer, her fingers sliding up along her mother’s cheek, nails moving through her hair. Instead of sliding free, she grasped as much of that lovely, long, perfect hair as she could before she began to pull her mother closer. It was time for her to finally indulge in the many fantasies she’d been struggling to keep at bay for so long. “So… It’s time for you to learn how to make another woman scream…!

“Lick me, mommy… Lick, suck… smear my pussy all over your face… and touch yourself! Touch yourself… Inside of that dripping pussy, play with your clit… Make yourself feel so good while you use your mouth to make your daughter cum…!”

Natalie didn’t hesitate for even the slightest fraction of a moment. The moment her mechanical brain comprehended the instruction she began to nuzzle her face along her daughter’s bare, slick thighs. Kathryn moaned above her, and the approval sent shockwaves of pleasure through Natalie’s body. Her pussy clenched around the familiar feel of her own fingers the moment they moved inside of her. It hardly took any time at all before they began to move so hard and quick, driven on by her daughter’s enthusiasm and her own helplessly programmed need to serve. It was her daughter’s command, and she could not resist, could not refuse—she could only obey.

Her fingers moved with a mechanical precision, more concerned for performing the act of masturbation for her daughter’s pleasure than her own. It hardly mattered to her programming that she could feel the pleasure of another powerful orgasm welling up inside of her, making her whole body shudder more and more. It reinforced her robotic programming, but she didn’t need any more reinforcement in that moment to know what she needed to do, what she was, and how helpless she was to resist.

Natalie was a robot. Natalie was her daughter’s robot. Natalie complied, moaning as she obeyed her daughter’s commands.

“MMmmm…! That’s right…! Fuck me, mommy-bot…! Your body belongs to me n-now, and that makes you so… fucking… hot…!” Kathryn whined as her hips moved on their own, grinding her drenched sex across her mother’s eagerly nuzzling face. The younger woman’s fingers shuddered, clenching tighter in her mother’s hair as she held her tighter, and closer. She’d never been the sort to be overly possessive, but Kathryn had never owned her mother before either.

The new experience brought out something deep inside of Kathryn that had longed not just to be with her mother, but to possess her. She longed less just for the raw, physical act of sex but for the feeling of using sex to thoroughly claim parts of her mother that had been forbidden.

Without sex, she could never own her mother’s mouth, or her fingers, or her pussy. Being denied those things felt too cruel. Kathryn refused to accept such a fate.

Below her, Kathryn’s obedient robot moaned in acknowledgement. Natalie’s hips began to wriggle and squirm more desperately towards her own touch, her pussy clenching tighter. The wet sound only grew more intense, so unmistakably profane. Her tongue devotedly lavished her daughter’s slit with the full focus of the professional woman’s mental processing power. Every flick of her tongue seemed to make Kathryn moan louder and buck faster, and that made Natalie’s pussy sing louder in kind.

Any lack of experience hardly mattered to Kathryn. For a moment she had felt possibilities to learn new things drift way, but that felt so much less important now as she bucked under her mother’s touch. What mattered was that the tongue feeling through her folds, the lips sucking at her lust, were her mother’s. There was no tongue like it in the world, and it belonged to her.

Her grasp on Natalie’s hair tightened, but even in that action she was careful to not pull too hard. Her hips demanded more movement, and her pussy yearned for more of that tongue, but she didn’t want to cause her mother any unnecessary pain. In Kathryn’s own twisted way, the intimacy of her mother’s tongue teasing at her clit felt like the natural next step in their bond, the next way for them to be that much closer. Kathryn could feel her mother’s devotion, her mother’s love, and her mother’s helpless obedience to the programming her daughter’s phone had laced so deeply through her mind.

Between the taboo thrill of having her mother’s mouth between her legs, and her mother’s quick-learning tongue, Kathryn’s command felt like it was nearly completed within moments. Her thighs were so quick to begin squeezing in that familiar way as her toes curled against the carpet. She had to fight to stay standing, but she wanted that. She wanted to stand so high over her mommybot.

Other times she could be straddling her mother, sitting on her mother’s face, sitting on the couch herself with her legs spread, but in that moment there was only one scenario Kathryn craved, and it was the scenario she was living. It was better than convincing her mother to let her stay up past her bedtime, or getting to open a Christmas present a day early. It was better than every birthday present. It was better than the times she’d gotten a peek at some new part of her mother’s body.

Quaking at the end of her mother’s tongue as her lips sucked harder and harder, fingers thrusting so quick between her thighs that the wet sound filled the room… it was every present, every day dream, every wish Kathryn had ever made combined and tied in a bow.

“C-c-cum with me… m-mommy… c-cum with me…!” Kathryn screamed, a cry so much like the one her mother had made earlier as she gave into the swelling pressure that had become too much for her to bare any longer. She nearly fell to her knees even as she desperately clung to her mother as tightly as she could.

Her whole body shook and clenched and melted in new ways he’d never felt her body react before. She’d came so many times before. So many of those times had been while fantasizing about her mother. No other orgasm had been laced with so much raw, euphoric fulfillment.

Natalie couldn’t voice her agreement, but it wasn’t necessary at all for those feelings to be given words for Kathryn to feel that truth. Her loud groans, muffled by her daughter’s pussy still grinding against her face, were all that Kathryn needed. She could feel her mother shuddering against her. She could smell the scent of their lust twining together in the air. She could feel, and know that in that moment they were closer than they had ever been before.

The sensation was nothing short of perfect.

Not even taboo had stopped her from making love with her mother. Her mother had made her cum, and a simple command had returned the favor. It was all thanks to her phone, but that felt like it mattered so much less than the simple act of physical love shared between them. It was a boundary that Kathryn had been afraid they would never be able to cross. Now she had not only crossed that barrier, but leashed her mother to make sure that it would happen again.

“Mmm… s-stop… Ohhh… M-mommy, just… mmm lay back… open up your top… I want to cuddle, want… Mmm I want those tits in my mouth… I want to nestle and… suck…” Kathryn’s voice was barely louder than a whisper as she shuddered in the liminal space between orgasm and afterglow.

After such an experience it felt like Kathryn would always be in the afterglow of that perfect moment.

Natalie was all too happy to oblige just as she had been every time before. Her slick fingers trembled as she reached up to open the buttons of her blouse, and then pulled up the shirt she wore underneath in a vain attempt to minimize her cleavage. Moments later she pulled her lacey white bra up and over her large breasts, and Kathryn nearly moaned at the sacred sight of her mother’s breasts bouncing free. Her pink nipples looked so prominent, so puffy, so demanding of her attention. It was all Kathryn could do to not just fall comically face first into her mother’s chest.

Instead, she restrained herself and shuddered as she moved to lay across her lap, leaning up to wrap her hands around a breast before she began to eagerly suck. Mother and daughter moaned together as a familiar pair of lips nursed and nibbled, both women shuddering together in ecstasy. Their skin glistened with so much sweat and sex, and their voices were low but resonated with so much pleasure.

“Cuddle me, mommy… Mmm I was cleaning you up because I was intending to get you ready to forget what happened and find me in my room, but you were too fuckable… I couldn’t let your mouth go to waste…” Kathryn moaned as Natalie’s arms wrapped around her, and pulled her so close to her mother’s heartbeat and large, supple breasts.

Kathryn wrapped her lips around her mother’s nipple anew, suckling harder as her mother’s fingers stroked through her hair. Everything felt so peaceful, so calm, so… perfect.

Before she knew it, Kathryn was napping with her lips loosely pressed to her mother’s breast. Natalie drifted with her, holding her daughter so close. She fell asleep halfway through a caress of her daughter’s hair, her blank eyes falling shut as her dreams reminded her of who and what she was…

Her daughter’s robot.

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