How To Tame A Polycule

Finding Trouble (It's our middle name)

by LadySunnyBunny

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #multiple_partners #scifi #sub:female #sub:male #Human_Domestication_Guide #Hypnosis

I hope you enjoy!

Noor was mulling over options for entertainment while sitting on Miss Thea's lap. She was getting lots of pets and touching as Miss Thea and Lady Danae were discussing the best way to organise everyone else's implants. The implant was an inevitability that at present wasn't a plus or minus for Noor. She knew that it would have lovely opportunities for countless drug play scenes, but realistically she could have that anytime she wanted. All it would take is one please and a pleading look and she would be on whichever xenodrug appealed the most. As a consequence she really wasn't paying attention to the discussion. Harley was on the floor and seemed to be paying about as much attention as she was. They had a datapad in their hand and were reading something intently. The little crease on Harley's forehead was familiar and utterly endearing, Noor loved that little crease. She took out her own pad and snapped a pic of Harley and stored it in her image library before sending it to Harley with kisses and hearts framing it. Harley looked up at her and poked out their tongue once they received the message, then went straight back to their reading. Annoying but adorable.

Noor pondered how to distract Harley more when a new message popped up on her pad. Curious she opened it up to see who was contacting her. She didn't really know anyone on the ship besides her family, the Affini who helped pack up their house and their florets.

CuteKittenLovesPets: Hi hi hi! Welcome to the Hellebore. We heard all about everyone from your cute puppy!

Noortrouble:): Um hi. Nice to meet you... are you a floret too?

CuteKittenLovesPets: Yes I am! I have the best ma'am looking after me.... she's so pretty and covered in ferns... I love ferns they feel so nice on my skin. Kurt told me your mistress is covered in pretty flowers?

Noortrouble: Umm well depends on your definition I guess. Miss Thea is the Affini who is taking us all as florets, but Lady Danae is our Lady and she looks after us. We got lucky and got two awesome people to top us. 

CuteKittenLovesPets: You have an Affini and a Terran mistress? Wow you guys are lucky :) personally I'm glad to have Madam Silver to myself but maybe she'll find someone to join us as well. 

Noortrouble: Oh plus I have Harley - they can be very toppy too.... oh and Bonnie is fun to switch with... honestly it's kinda complicated!

CuteKittenLovesPets: Wow yes it sounds like it. Hey I'm meeting up with some friends to eat junk food and be silly... would you and Harley like to come? Kurt said you do everything together so I don't want to leave them out. The current plan is to find something fun to do and maybe be bratty enough to earn punishments!!!!! (Kurt wouldn't like that but he said you would).

Noortrouble: Heh sounds like fun, Harley seems glued to their datapad but I think I can convince them to come get in trouble.... we have yet to be Affini punished... where shall we meet you?

CuteKittenLovesPets: There's a Terran style cafe just off of the big park! See you there soon!

Noor petted Miss Thea's vines until she got her attention. Clearing her throat she put on her most innocent expression.

"Miss Thea, one of the florets who lives fulltime on the Hellebore has asked me and Harley to meet up at a cafe to have fun with some other florets. Is it ok if we go?"

Miss Thea smiled and nodded her assent and helped her down from the couch.

"Of course cutie pie, you can go an have some fun."

Noor smiled in victory only to be met by two other sets of eyes staring at her, Harley with calculation in their eyes and Lady Danae with suspicion.

"Very prettily asked, so what are you up to little one?" Lady Danae was not giving any ground.

"I'm not up to anything, I did get asked to meet up with other florets, one of them met Kurt today and he said we'd get along!" Noor said truthfully. It was important not to lie, the better to protest your innocence later on. That was half the game after all, get in trouble, claim innocence, get punishment then cuddles! 

Miss Thea listened to this exchange intently but chose to remain silent while Lady Danae questioned her.

"They met Kurt at the park?"

"Yes, they said they played with him. They said that their owner was Madam Silver and that she's covered in ferns." Noor did her best to radiate innocence.

"Mmmm. You can go, but it will be a proper punishment not a funishment if you get into trouble. Equal punishment for both of you even if only one gets into trouble." 

Before anyone else could come up with objections Noor grabbed Harley's hand.

"Thanks Miss Thea, thanks my Lady! I promise we'll behave!" Noor pulled Harley out of the room as fast as she could.


Danae sighed as she watched her two mischief makers rush out. Clearly trouble was in fact on the cards, but given Danae could get anything she needed from the compilers, she was sure she could come up with an incredibly creative punishment if needed. 

"Just for the record Miss Thea, the more innocent Noor is trying to act, the higher the likelihood she is about to get into copious amounts of trouble. Were we not on an Affini ship I might have even tried to prevent the outing. Still they should be safe enough here."

Miss Thea laughed, which sent shivers down Danae's spine. Fun shivers.  

"Don't worry, I think if they can get into actual trouble I shall take care of this punishment. Manners matter after all." Miss Thea's voice seemed to resonate more with Danae since the haustoric implant had been given to her. It was harder (but not impossible) to ignore the music she exuded. "Now since those two are occupied until someone busts up the bratty florets, why don't you come over here and keep me company?"

Danae grinned, it was nice to have someone else to take charge. 

"Of course Miss Thea, who wouldn't want to spend the evening wrapped in the arms of the most beautiful Affini ever?" 


Noor raced out of the hab unit dragging Harley along behind her. Once they were out of sight she stopped and burst into giggles. Harley rolled their eyes. 

"That was not exactly subtle Little Bug! Are you hoping to get into trouble?" 

"Maaaaayybe," She giggled. "It's been so quiet and I wanna be punished!" 

"There are easier ways to achieve this you know. You could just ask for a scene." Harley's tone was skeptical.

Sometimes Harley just didn't get it, it's what she got for loving non-brats. Noor rolled her eyes at their obliviousness, you'd think Harley would get it after being with her for so long. 

"Bonnie would get it, sometimes it's about earning the punishment. It makes the scene better, hotter.... more intense. I've been bad enough to get tied up and spanked and whatever!" Noor skipped off following the path to the cafe that the kitten floret had said was the meeting spot. 

The cafe was crowded with florets of all shapes and sizes. The Hellebore moved around constantly, and the Affini aboard gathered a wide variety of companions  to join their journeys. Noor could see creatures with feathers, fur and gills. The chatter from the cafe was exuberant as sophonts greeted each other and exchanged introductions. Noor had the feeling this must be a regular event, it would be fun to see what mischief this group could come up with. One enthusiastic girl came barreling out of the cafe and grabbed Noor into a hug. 

"Hi Hi Hi! I'm Katidid, kitty catgirl extraordinaire! I'm so glad you guys could come!"

"Hi Katidid, I'm Noor and this is Harley - Harley is a they/them and I'm she/her. It's wonderful to get to meet new people."

Katidid was a short, slight girl with cat ears and tail that was whipping around with excitement. There was soft fur on the outside of her arms in a stripy pattern like a tiger. She was wearing a cute hooded dress that had slits for her ears in the fabric. She beamed at both of them.

"So nice to meet you both. I'm a she/her/they/pet! Come in and meet everyone."

Katidid ushered them both inside. Once inside the kittygirl floret introduced them to all kinds of sophonts. Harley quickly got distracted by a floret wearing a toolbelt tinkering with something he called "his ultimate act of rebellion". There was a group of three sophonts standing around making suggestions and offering advice on how to improve the rebellion. Noor continued to follow Katidid around leaving Harley with the group who all seemed to produce various tools to help tinker.

"Why is he building something he's a calling a rebellion?" Noor asked

"Oh, well it's kind of a joke. Matty used to be in the Terran resistance, not entirely choice but that's a whole 'nother story. At any rate he plays a game with Rata - that's his Affini-  where he comes up with all kinds of clever plots to rebel against the big bad mean plants. Last time he exploded glitter over a meeting Rata had with the current captain of the Hellebore. The glitter got everywhere! It was great! I'm not sure what the latest rebellion is but Matty likes his devices so it'll be something that explodes or beeps or smokes..... He once made a machine that emitted just a little smoke. Drove Rata a little crazy looking for the danger to his floret. Matty got in real proper trouble for that one. Rule one of Brat club - don't make your Affini think you were in real danger at any point. It's just too mean."

"Hmm yes, bratting should never be mean. I will have to make sure Harley knows about that. They really aren't a brat but definitely interested in making mischief. They would rather we didn't get into trouble deliberately."

"How boring! Getting in trouble can be so much fun."

"I know right!"

Katidid nodded her head in emphasis and introduced her to a  a group of sophonts in brightly coloured dresses with a rainbow of ribbons in their hair. They welcomed her and she joined in with their giggling gossip and bragging about their various bratty exploits. The brat club met here regularly. They didn't always get into mischief afterwards. That we be too predictable, and that might imperil their meet ups. A delicate looking avian floret explained that sometimes they just cam up with ideas to use together later and once in a while a floret would come up with a big fun activity that would involve most of them earning funishments of one kind or another. Noor was thrilled, lots of mischief to get up to with lots of fun and strange people. This would make the rest of the trip to the new planet so much fun. These florets really got the whole earning your punishments thing too. No need to explain to most of them. There were exceptions, like Harley and the group with the rebellion, who were just interested in devices and got fascinated by things they technically weren't allowed. Most were looking for fun scenes, spankings or debates about what they were or weren't technically allowed to do.

They spent the next few hours giggling, chatting and eating junk food. Noor had never had such a fun evening with people outside of her family. She was about ready to drag Harley away from the group around the "rebellion" when Katidid jumped up on a chair.

"Attention Brat Club! I have formulated a new adventure sure to lead to spankings, scoldings and timeouts! Follow me into the park!"

She jumped down and raced off into the park - all the florets chased after her along the meanderings paths into the very middle of the park. Hidden by a large hedge was a large pit filled with soft fluffy looking balls and oddly shaped masses. Noor peered at the objects... was that moss? It kinda looked like mos? Why was there a pit of moss shapes? Over the pit was a weird looking structure. It seemed to be some sort of bar that spanned the entire pit. Confused she approached Katidid.

"Um what is this? How is this being bratty?" Noor asked. 

"Oooh, just watch!" 

With that Katidid launched herself up and onto the beam. She balanced on her toes and held her arms out straight. All the gathered florets gasped as she spun on her toes doing a series of kicks, flips and other acrobatics along the beam. After a particularly difficult flip everyone clapped and cheered. When she got to the middle of the beam Katidid yelled "Cannonball" and flung herself off the beam to land in the soft masses below. Noor decided that looked like a lot of fun and ran to try playing on the beam herself. She was significantly less graceful and managed to fall off in the middle of her first cartwheel. The squishy bits in the pit were chunks of moss and they made a great landing spot. Noor half swam, half bounced through the moss until she joined Katidid on the side. More and more florets came to join in the game. Some tried to do flips or jumps, while others just ran to the middle of the beam to jump off. Soon all of the florets had tried to jump off the beam at least once, and several where engaging in an impromptu moss ball fight on the side of the pit. 

Chaos abounded although the florets were careful to allow enough room for others to jump in, and no one got hurt. Florets got lost in the fun and hours must have passed because all of a sudden the Affini appeared. Florets were picked up by vines midjump or plucked out of the moss pit. Noor was fascinated by the coordinated raid on the florets' fun and watched the scene right up until she was snatched up herself. She squealed in surprise and suddenly found herself face to face with Harley who had also been wrapped in Miss Thea's strong vines.

"Hello darlings... did you enjoy your rebellion? It looked like a lot of fun."

"You... you knew about this?" Noor asked stunned.

"Rata gave me a little warning about the Brat club's plans... mostly the Affini know about these things. The Affini in charge of fulfilling requisitions keep an eye out for odd requests from the Brat club members. When something big goes down the Affini onboard will come break things up at bedtime, and those floret's who have earned it will get their funishments, punishments and any care they need."

Noor perked up a little at this.

"Soooo does that mean we get punished?" She asked hopefully. 

"Why would you get punished.... you did exactly as I asked and had fun didn't you?" Miss Thea's voice was soothing and calm.

Harley's gleeful laughter accompanied them all the way home as Noor wondered how her plan had gone so wrong. 

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