How To Tame A Polycule

Puppy Playtime in the Park

by LadySunnyBunny

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Kurt wandered along a pathway through a park that was somehow living, and thriving in the middle of a spaceship. A giant spaceship that he suspected could hold the entire population of Albian, the planet he was born on, but a spaceship none the less. It seemed fairly miraculous. The park was big enough you could barely see the hab units that lined the edges of the profuse garden beds, and comfy looking lawns. His family had been assigned to a hab unit that had been specially created to fit everyone in, just for this journey. Kurt supposed, that when you could create anything at all at anytime, whipping up temporary accommodation that could have been comfortable for twice the number of people was easier than pie. The amount of thought and kindness that had gone into the customizing the unit for them had blown his mind a little. He had his own small room filled with a giant puppy bed where he could curl up and sleep by himself, as well as being able to sleep in with his Lady or Miss Thea, or Miss Bonnie. It was lovely and thoughtful. He loved Miss Thea so much already. She really made the family feel complete. Kurt was content and all relationshipped up, he was happy to make more friends, but the vague yearning he used to have for something more was gone. 

Kurt's mind seemed to wander just as much as he was, on his walk. Kurt's xenodrugs kept him from being an anxious mess all the time, but it didn't preclude spikes of anxiety from changes to his routine. Miss Thea had deliberately increased the dose of the medicine for this trip to Acacia. Not enough to blur time or produce any other side effects that he hated, but enough to make him easily distractible. Miss Thea and his Lady had been so thoughtful when they arranged their trip. They kept him calm, and made sure he had playtime and his favourite foods. Kurt was on his way to a playdate that Miss Thea had arranged just for him, he was so lucky. So lucky to have both of his lovely dominants, owner and mistress, working together to look after him. He decided there was no one luckier than him on board this ship right now. 

Packing up the house had been surprisingly fun. Virgultia seemed a little more "human", for want of a better word, than most of the other Affini. Perhaps it was her size, or her two adorable florets, either way she had been comfortable to be around almost from the get go. He was looking forward to meeting up with her, Tam and Elna. He was going to romp around like a puppy with the puppies and have a grand time too. Well he was a puppy, and it made him so warm inside and happy to play with them. He had even bought some of the toys he liked to play with. He hoped Elna and Tam would want to play with them, and not think they were silly. It gave him so much joy to lose himself and to be able to play like the puppy he was. The Affini had, as promised, made things better. Now he didn't have to hide his preferences, and any of the plant beings would give him praise for being a cute adorable pet, there was no shame or judgement. At the merest thought of a bad idea the collar around his neck released a new stream of calming drugs into his system. Kurt found himself giggling a little as he meandered to the meeting point. Maybe he could trick the collar into releasing more... he could try to have more bad thoughts right? Kurt laughed out loud again at his clever plan, just before two fast moving balls of fur hit him and knocked him over onto the soft grass. 

"Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, Kurt, didja bring the toys?" Elna squeaked at him.

"Toys are good and fun!" Tam's lower voice was just as excited. "Tia said we could share your toys today, and then, and then, and then we can cuddle!"

"Yeeeeess toays are good." Kurt giggled again, "Yes I brought toys to share! Yes cuddles are good! Look I brought my ball, and my fuzzy ball, and this rope toy you can play tug with your mouth!"

All of the drugs which had been keeping him calm seemed to escalate his excitement as he proudly showed off each and every toy. The other florets were just as excited to see the toys and they were all soon romping around and over each other. Kurt got lost in the joy of the moment, knowing the three of them were safe as Virgultia watched them indulgently from a nearby park bench. 

The three florets played for what seemed like hours before they ran out of energy and collapsed into a cuddle pile together next to Virgultia's seat. She gave them praises and pets for their good behaviour and handed out water and snacks. The three gulped down the water without leaving their pile, limbs all intertwined with each other. Virgultia kept a close eye on them, and when a strange Affini approached she indicated without saying anything that the three were to be left alone. Kurt appreciated this. This only Affini he wanted petting him was Miss Thea, and Virgultia. Even then he only wanted Virgultia to be pet him like a good pup, when her florets were there. She seemed to know this without being asked and Kurt appreciated her understanding. Strange people touching him still made him anxious, xenodrugs or not. 

It was so nice and peaceful here cuddled up with Tam, and Elna, their fur soft against his skin. He wondered if he could maybe get some fur, or a tail. Kurt had been talking with some of the other florets onboard through the massive ship wide floret group chat, and had been astounded at the number who seemed to have mods of various kinds. It might be nice to have puppy ears and a tail at leas,t he thought wistfully. Hmm maybe he would bring it up with Lady Danae, she could help him decide... he wondered if Bonnie would find the fur, ears and tail cute or off putting. He kinda hoped she would like them. He wanted them, but he wouldn't do anything that one of his family didn't like. Hmmm ok so maybe talk to Bonnie and Lady Danae together and then decide. Miss Thea was an Affini, there didn't seem to be any kind of body mods that changed the Affini view of a floret. That was nice too... he could be anything he wanted, do anything he wanted (provided it was safe) and Miss Thea would just think he was cute and adorable. He was her cute puppy now too after all. Kurt really was the luckiest puppy on this ship. So much love from his family. So many wonderful new friends. 

After a sleepy half hour cuddled up together Elna got distracted by a new floret chasing a ball. She was up and off joining the chase, which just made the other floret run faster. Tam laughed and pulled Kurt up and the two of them ran to cut the floret off. Soon the four of them were playing an elaborate game of chase involving the bright orange ball the newcomer had brought. The floret's owner, a wide Affini covered in soft looking ferns, joined Virgultia on the park bench. More and more florets began to join the game bringing balls and toys of their own until it all dissolved into glorious chaos. Kurt had never had so much fun!

Later that night after Miss Bonnie had come to collect him from the park, she walked him home openly on a leash. Kurt practically glowed with how happy he was. 

"Park playtime is the best." He told Miss Bonnie. "So many pets came to play! I love being a floret!"

"I'm glad you enjoyed yourself pup. Meet any interesting people?" She asked.

"Oh yes, this ship has so many different kinds of florets. So many alien species... and lots of different body mods to..." Kurt trailed off not sure how to finish the thought.

"Oh?" Bonnie commented enquiringly, "Do you want to get some mods yourself? You could you know. I'm sure Miss Thea would be happy to arrange it."

"Would... would you be ok with mods? Like if I got a tail, and puppy ears?" He asked a little anxiously. "Do you think our Lady would like them?"

Bonnie petted Kurt's head gently. "I think she would like anything that made you happy pup."

"You don't think the furry bits would put her off....or you?" 

"Pup, no cute body mods would make me any less attracted to you, and they would make you look adorable!"  Miss Bonnie smiled at him then gently tugged the leash. "Come on pup lets go plot to make you the cuterest pup ever."

"Cuterest?" Kurt asked frowning.

"Yup cos you're already the cutest, so this will make you the cuterest pup!" She grinned and led him off home, as he blushed bright red at the compliment.

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