Wacky Wednesday

Chapter 1

by LadyDawn

Tags: #bondage #dom:female #f/f #D/s #exhibitionism #humiliation #sub:female #urban_fantasy

This story is lovingly inspired by a conversation with Skaetlett

"What. The. FUCK!?"

The voice that barked out the indignant cry of horror was far more shrill than its owner had intended. Normally her screams were closer to shouts and their tone more surly than shrill.

But the voice was hardly the only thing which was unexpected.

She should have started suspecting something was horrifically out of place when she awoke to an unfamiliar location a fraction of the size of even the most modest accommodation she would allow herself to sleep in. But there was always the potential for a night of drinking ending with a more humble arrangement...

The fact that she stumbled to the washroom on unsteady feet only aided the concept that alcohol or narcotics were in play.

But there was no mistaking the view that starred back at her in the bathroom mirror. Where once there was an imposing lady with stern chiseled features, broad shoulders, short crimson hair and a wardrobe so impressive that even her naked body exuded expense and confidence.

Instead there was a frail twig of a woman with frizzled blonde hair starring back at her in sheer disgust.

The most disgusting part of all is that the woman recognized the person starring back at her in the mirror. It was Megan Olson. Her personal assistant.


"Oh gee... oh gee... oh my gosh..."

At the exact same time in another location, far larger and more luxurious than her own humble dwellings, Megan was also starring into a mirror and viewing the most terrifying sight that she had ever seen.

Evelyn Maguire. Her boss.

As she stammered at her reflection, watching the haunting features of the terrifying woman she had ever known and was presently watching the face that had been burned into her stress nightmares performing soft expressions the likes of which she could never imagine.

"Madame? Are you quite alright?"

"Oh boy..." Megan whispered to herself, Evelyn's vocal chords struggling to endure the high pitch that its inhabitant demanded. "Hold your horses, I'll be out in a moment."

She opened the door to find an honest to goodness butler, fully dressed up to the nines, even wearing pristine white gloves that presently cradled a phone with delicate grace.

"Madame?" the butler repeated. On closer inspection it was a woman, shorter than Evelyn, who stood 6 foot 1; but much taller than Megan's own body. Her brown hair was braided into a meticulous display around her crown which implied she had far more hair than was readily apparent while she was in uniform.

"Y-yes!" Megan chimed, drawing herself up to form. "What is it." and remembering who she was supposed to be, added in her harshest tones "Why are you bothering me?" to the tail of the sentence. 

It did little to terrify. The butler blinked slowly and raised the phone to her boss. "There is a call for you."

Carefully Megan selected and phone and pushed her voice low to better imitate Ms. Maguire's. "Speak."

She had heard how Evelyn answered a phone on many occasions. It was barked at her at least once a day.

The voice that returned was sharp as the crack of a whip yet both nasal and high to an irritating degree. It was hauntingly familiar. "Listen here you little shit!" the voice on the other side yapped in a high pitched rage, "How dare you pose as me?! You worthless child."

There was no mistaking it. The voice was different but the word choice and tone was unmistakable.

"...Ms. Maguire?" Megan tested, cautiously.

"That's BOSS, and don't you forget it..." Evelyn snapped before pausing a moment to center herself. Long enough for Megan to piece things together. That familiar voice was her own. If Megan had woken up today as Evelyn Maguire then it only served to reason that the reverse was true.

"You're going to let Gwendoline bathe you. Dress you and bring you to the office. We will meet there and you will do everything I say."


Perhaps it was the tone of the voice. The lack of teeth that Evelyn's words carried while being spat in a shrill Midwestern accent. Perhaps it was the surreal situation. But there was something hollow in Megan's reaction to the commands. She had been ordered many times to act on her boss' behalf and the reaction was frantic and driven, like there would be hell to pay if she was not obeyed this very instant. In this moment it was not.

"Oh, sure. Yes ma'am. I'm on it, right away!" Megan chirped. She could spy Gwendoline's discomfort at the way that she was speaking in their mutual employer's body.

"Good... and don't even THINK about trying to pose as me without my permission again. I'll have you back in your place soon enough."

Then the line went dead.

Gwendoline starred at Megan expectantly for a few moments before plucking the phone from her hands. "We musn't waste time, Madame." she breathed calmly, "We are expected downtown within the hour."

This was all so much to take in and Megan was barely able to process it before she was pushed onwards by the wall of a woman.

Gwendoline was efficient to a fault, pushing Megan through the morning routine. Picking out an outfit, applying her make-up, providing meal and caffeine. Megan would have enjoyed the luxury of it all if not for the frantic pace and looming threat of arriving at the office to be yelled at further.

As she moved through the rooms of the house Megan marveled at how lavish Evelyn's lifestyle was. She knew that her boss was wealthy, that much was obvious, but she never even dreamed that she lived in a mansion. The house breathed and moved with life as a staff of maids, chefs, gardeners and other workers that Megan couldn't quite work out the purpose of did their tasks. Every single one of them was a beautiful woman in some regard, every outfit pressed flawlessly, every face adorned with eyeliner, lipstick... not a single hair frizzed out of place.

It was as haunting as it was beautiful.

"Madame." Gwendoline snapped delicately, "Please stop delaying. We need to go. Now."

Megan obediently pulled herself to follow Gwendoline, much to the butler's continued discomfort. Megan noticed that among all the house-staff, Gwendoline was not only the only one who interacted with her directly, but was also the only one dressed in butler garb. Every other uniform was, well uniform. Gwendoline was unique.


The ride to the city was uneventful. Megan had been poured into a bespoke suit that emanated power. Now that she had some time to settle in to the insanity of the moment she was able to really feel her internal state. Power. Powerful was such a good word for how this body made her feel. How the outfit made her feel. How Gwendoline's attentive service made her feel.

She wasn't accustomed to these kind of luxuries. Before she had been hired by Evelyn to work at Crystal Visions she had never imagined the life that the 1% lived. It was a horrible adjustment. The first few weeks of her assignment she found her esteem ripped to shreds by the constant sharp comments from her employer. Criticizing her clothing choice, the way she maintained and styled her hair, the way she pronounced words. Every scathing comment chipped away at Megan's self worth and yet pushed her to work harder, to prove herself capable, a human being worthy of regard, even by a monster blinded by privileges.

Megan smirked. Evelyn could finally get a taste of the other half, herself. Waking up in her shoebox of an apartment, having to iron her outfits so that she could look presentable for the office. Preparing her own breakfast and feeding Mittens, her white Persian. Yes... this insane situation was going to be instructional.

The car soon parked in Crystal Vision's private garage and Megan entered the building with Gwendoline silently shadowing her. Today had been the first time that Megan had ever seen Gwendoline, her accompaniment was clearly an order from Evelyn before the phone was traded.

Security allowed the pair in with no hesitation. The guard jumped from his station and raced over to personally open the barrier with his own keycard. Megan was astonished by just how much power the boss seemed to wield.

"Thank you, Patrick!" Megan chirped as she passed by, to the visual bewilderment of the security officer.

"Madame." Gwendoline whispered, as they awaited the elevator, "It would be best for no one to know that this circumstance has arisen. I would advise minimizing your interactions with anyone other than Madame Maguire and myself."

"Ope...!" Megan squeaked raising hands to her lips, again to Gwendoline's visual disgust, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to...!"

Gwendoline buried her frown and pushed the silly assistant into the elevator before she could do more harm. "You have a sore throat." she stated firmly, "I will do the talking for you. Am I understood?".

Megan just starred at the butler, hearing such firmly stated commands coming from her felt wrong. "I don't think you should be throwing around orders, Gwen. Madame didn't seem to like me taking that tone with her on the phone."

To her absolute surprise the butler bowed her head and took a step backwards vanishing into Megan's shadow. "My apologies, Madame. I overstepped." her voice carried none of the weight or impatience that it had previously.

Something inside Megan pulsed with satisfaction.


"There you are!" Evelyn shrieked as the doors opened, her heels clacking firmly against the tile as she marched towards the elevator. Her finger reached out and pressed into Megan's chest. "You sure took your time."

Megan looked down at Evelyn. There was no mistaking it. That was her body and it was Evelyn piloting it. The situation was becoming more and more real by the moment and Megan was surprised to find just how much it irritated her.

The petite blonde swiveled and turned her wrath upon the butler, "You think this is presentable? Really?! If one of the board members saw me looking like that they'd have known something was up instantly. Where is your pride, woman?!"

Gwendoline shrank further into Megan's shadow, starring directly at her shoes, "I'm sorry, Madame. I thought this was acceptable."

"You thought like a god damned idiot. Look at her. She's slouching for heavens sake! Did you really think I would be satisfied with this?!"

"No Madame..."

Megan watched the altercation between Evelyn and her employee and felt the sting of all the times that she herself was on the receiving end of this wrath. She'd been the one with a bowed head and meek tone in those moments. But now was different. Now she had leverage.

"Stop it!" she barked, a little louder than she would have wanted.

Evelyn froze in place, Gwendoline flinched behind her.

"...what did you say to me...?" Evelyn had twisted the pleasant midwestern tone of the body she was inhabiting and turned it into a poisoned spit. Not as forceful as she was capable of in her own, but chilling nonetheless.

"I said stop." Megan continued, prodding her boss firmly enough to make her wobble. "She did everything you asked her to. Leave her alone."

Madame Maguire's heart was beating rapidly and Megan could feel the exhilaration it was delivering. She'd never felt like this before and seeing the mirror of herself hunch back her shoulders and tense up in frustration just accelerated this artificial high.

"Miss Olson..." Evelyn began, her tone gathering momentum for a hefty strike, "If you think---"

"I do think!" Megan interrupted and Evelyn snapped her lips shut, "Tell her you're sorry and that she did a good job."

"I will do no such th-" she began... but then something changed. Her body stiffened, tightened, her eyes widened and she pivoted to face her butler, "I am sorry Miss Gwendoline. You did a fine job." her voice was soft, demure. Much akin to how Megan would speak herself. The moment only lasted an instant before the vacant expression faded from Evelyn's eyes and returned to a full furious fire.

"Gwendoline. Grab her mouth!" Evelyn barked.

Megan was too busy riding the high of having successfully commanded her boss and the thrill of watching her obey. It was all too much and too fast and suddenly she found herself in an armbar and with a sturdy hand clamped over her lips.

"...Megan..." Evelyn sighed... "Let's take this meeting into my office. Then we'll discuss what happens next."


Madame Maguire's office was huge. Sitting on the top floor of the downtown office building that Crystal Visions resided within, it took up over a quarter of the real estate of the floor and offered expansive views that towered above the sights of town. Gwendoline marched Megan in to the room and applied pressure to the armbar every time she attempted to break free.

"So, you want to be the big boss, huh?" Evelyn spoke in a slow and dangerous voice as she moved behind her desk and pushed the chair across the carpeted office space to where Megan and Gwendoline awaited. "Then by all means. Take the big seat." at that Gwendoline eased the pressure of her hold. "Sit down!" Evelyn barked, pulling Megan down and into the chair. "Gwendoline. Occupy her."

At that Gwendoline's eyes lit up in a way Megan had never seen. Before she had the opportunity to open her mouth and protest, the buff butler had pounced upon the lap of the woman that looked so much like her boss and her lips locked against her harsh enough that the chair almost toppled over backwards.

Megan's eyes shot open in surprise. A wailing shriek emitted from her throat but the sound was consumed by Gwendoline's ravenous tongue. The butler's legs wrapped around Megan's frame and kept her locked.

Behind them Evelyn approached a cabinet and opened it up. Inside was a treasure trove of items that belonged in a sex shop or in one of the romance novels that Megan hid under her bed. Rope, whips, riding crops and so much leather... Megan couldn't comprehend what was happening. Had her boss always kept these things in her office? It almost made the angry outbursts that she had been on the receiving end of come into context.

"Now... you listen here you insignificant little gnat..." Evelyn growled as she returned and began to bind Megan's hands behind the chair. "We are in a situation... and you are going to help us navigate our way out of it." she paused at the side of the chair, "Gwendoline. Down." as the brunette butler pulled away, a little reluctantly, Evelyn pulled a ball gag into Megan's mouth and clasped it tightly. "There. Pull down her pants. Satiate yourself."

Gwendoline did not need to be told twice and instantly went to work. Megan's eyes screamed in alert horror and her legs bucked and kicked uselessly.

"It makes me sick to see myself this way..." Megan mused, feeling a lot more in control, "You are so pathetic. So weak." her hand reached over and began to release the tightly tied hair from her butler and wrap lengthy clumps of brown around her palm. "Don't even think of getting cozy in there, either. I intend to be back in my body as soon as humanly possible."

Between kicking and flailing against Gwendoline's attentive work, Megan starred in abstract confused horror.

"Oh, I have my theories as to how this happened." Evelyn continued, yanking Gwendoline back by her hair and watching her doppelganger with a confident expression. Megan could only stare back at this twisted and cruel version of herself acting in ways that would normally make her turn crimson. "And I will be working on undoing it as soon as I can. Before I am able to do that though I do need to ensure that you will be a good girl and behave."

In Evelyn's grip Gwendoline pulled against the leash of her own hair, her eyes were dilated to pinpricks and her expressionless façade of professionalism had been replaced with a ferocious expression flooded with lust and desire, a line of droll streaked down her face, loose hairs splayed over her and she kept tugging against Evelyn's grip with a desperation that implied she may well die if she were not released and allowed to return between Megan's legs.

"DOWN." Evelyn barked, throwing Gwendoline back harshly by her hair. It had to have hurt but the feral butler did as commanded and kept in place, starring between the two women like a wild beast.

"Calm yourself you fucking slut." Evelyn snapped, striking her butler with the back of her hand.

Megan could only stare on in terror. She had seen the wrath of her boss before but never this sadistic. Never this unbelievably cruel.

"I just needed to make sure I knew you still obeyed." Evelyn said, straightening herself and straightening the fit of the suit she was wearing. "...we really need to get your something a little more bespoke, dear. This feels like something you picked up from a thrift store."

She approached and positioned herself on Megan's lap, framing the sides of her face. "At least you're easy on the eyes like this..." she whispered, Megan was hardly surprised. Madame Maguire? A narcissist? What a stunning surprise in a day full of surprises!!

"This company cannot run without me." she said, plainly, "And I cannot run without my body. Do you understand?"

Megan shook her head and closed her eyes, bracing for the inevitable punishment for insolence.

The sharp smack erupted and the sound echoed the span of the office.

But there was no pain. No hot source of impact.

Megan opened her eyes and saw a crimson mark on Evelyn's face.

...on her face.

Evelyn raised an eyebrow. "Ah, that got your attention, didn't it?" she ran her hand back and gave another sturdy strike, her head span and the raw red mark promised a lasting mark. "My goodness your boyfriend is such a brute, Miss Olson. I cannot believe you let him beat you." she paused, watching Megan's skeptical frown. "...huh... I suppose I learned a little something about you today. I thought I just imprinted that into you."

Noticing further confusion, Evelyn smirked. She was enjoying the power of this moment and milking it for all it was worth. "Right, right... let's get down to it, then." she pulled herself off of the chair. "I'm going to unbind you... and you're going to sit there and you're going to listen. We're going to work this out, do you hear me?"

Megan nodded lightly.

"Good girl." Evelyn mused, pulling the petite frame of Megan Olson's body to untie the solid wrists of Evelyn Maguire's. "And any insolence will be rewarded with damage to your body... and don't harbor any illusions of keeping mine. If you cross me I promise I will make you suffer."

Megan bowed her head obediently.

"God you piss me off so much." she sharply whined, "Stop making me look pathetic!"

With the wrists released Megan got to her feet and reached to pull up her pants.

"Leave them!" Evelyn barked, and Megan complied.

"Gwendoline. Stand." the butler pulled herself up and drew herself at attention.

"Miss Olson, I'm going to ungag you. You're going to behave. There will be consequences if you act out against me. Understand?" Megan nodded and Evelyn released her.


"...Yes Madame Maguire." Megan spoke gently.

"Good. Now." she selected Megan's wrist and dragged her over to the butler. "Stare her in the eye and focus on her pupils."

"...Madame?" Megan asked.


Megan pulled in and looked into Gwendoline's amber eyes. There was a sensation, like her perspective was reaching outside of her gaze and in towards Gwendoline's. There was a little bit of magnetic resistance, like this sensation was being pushed away but it only lasted a moment. As the resistance slipped away the other woman twitched and then in a spark her eyes bulged wide and her lips hung open.

"Just as I thought..." Evelyn sighed, disappointed.

"...what is happening...?" Megan whispered in a near reverent tone. Something inside of her stomach was reacting to this. Seeing the firm and formidable butler open and exposed like this was stoking an inner fire within her. Far stronger than the satisfaction she had received from obedience earlier in the day.

"You have my power..." Evelyn sighed, looking between the two women. "My gaze has the power to plow into other's minds and leave them open and suggestible. I use that ability to handle the trading that is required to make Crystal Visions the finance company that it is today. Without me and that ability everything would fall apart."

She turned and stormed over to Gwendoline. She just stood there, blankly gazing off into the distance, a slick speckle of drool forming on the corner of her lip. It really did seem like the lights were on but no one was home.

"Gwendoline!" Evelyn suddenly snapped, jutting her smaller frame upwards to seem more imposing. Megan could only see it as cute, no matter how intimidating she could manage to make her voice, "Stand tall and salute."

The butler moved in a single fluid motion and raised her hand to the salute, pushed her back stiffly upright and once again settled into being a living statue.

Evelyn crossed her arms and looked expectantly at Megan.

"Well, at least she still obeys me when she's like this, that's a small relief if nothing else. Olson, you know what that means, right?"

"...no, boss?" Megan tried, legitimately confused.

"Idiot!" Evelyn groaned, "It means that until I can get my body back, you're going to have to act as my proxy and ensure that the company doesn't fall apart.".

Megan blinked slowly, "You're kidding, right?"

"Not even slightly." Evelyn responded, deadly serious, "Trust me, if I had another choice I'd take it in a heartbeat..." with an enormous sigh she strode back to her desk. "Why the hell did it have to be you... " there was a certain melancholy in her voice, a tone that Megan recognized; more for the fact it was coming from Megan's own lips.

"I'll do it." she finally stated... "But there'll be some conditions."

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn for future updates and info.

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