Vocal Training

by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #domestic #f/f #romantic #transgender_characters #consensual_kink

Sammy is growing increasingly frustrated that her vocal presentation is not going as well as she would want. Her partner seeks to help her keep her voice.

"Are you sure?" Kari asked with a tilted head and concern drenching her words. She sat on the sofa looking between her partner and the short wand between her hands. The entire situation had left Kari  feeling quite discomforted."I'm sure." Sammy replied firmly. "I'm used to it. It'll be okay."

The request had come on suddenly. Normally it was Kari who called the shots in the relationship, but there was something so vulnerable and shy about the way Sammy had asked... such affection should always be rewarded with patience, even if she neither fully understood nor fully approved of the request.

Sammy had  been doing vocal training for 6 months now. Daily bouts of singing her vowels and raising her layrnx. At first the process was going smoothly. All traces of the thick and full sound of a deeper ressonance were slowly showing thin pockets which carried a higher pitch and frequency. Sammy could even speak into a spectrometer for a few minutes without ever dipping below the red line she had set-up to show when the pitch had dipped too low.

There had been nights where the 26 year old on her first year of gender confirming treatment had broken down in frustrated tears over her perceived lack of success and weeks where she would barely speak at all for having aggrevated her throat in overworking the muscles. But in spite of all the doubt and dithering faith the muscles learned to stay up more often than they allowed themselves to lay loose. The practice had started paying off and Sammy had found her voice.
What she lacked now was consistency.

She had been dating Kari for two years. In many ways Sammy would not have had the bravery to pursue her journey had it not been for the kindness and consideration of her Queen. The powerful woman who always seemed to loom above her, whose eyes had a dangerous slant which promised danger and passion. Usually mingled in a beautiful array.

The pair had met at a hypnosis kink convention and really hit it off. Sammy had caught her eye with her effortless demure shyness and the way that she lit up with enthusiasm at all things trance related. Her eagerness had helped guide Kari's own until the obsession was well and truly shared between the young women.

It had been Kari's first event and she was quite nervous about the entire affair. But even with a reserved meekness, she sat in the front row for every demo, readily took notes in her guidebook and studied intently. She intended to grow. Somewhere on the second night she got to talking with an experienced sub who had some advice, some suggestions and an all too flirtatious offer to be a practice dolly.

And that's how it was. Their relationship was built on the back of constant growth, a powerful hypnotic temptress in the making and a blossoming young woman who had denied her truth for too many years. In that vulnerability was also a trust that once forged bettered the pair through all hurdles that their paths through life would take.
Which made the latest hurdle all the more frustrating. Sammy could now vocalize within the comfort of her gender presentation.  The problem was she kept slipping. Getting too invested in conversation and then abruptly snapping out of an otherwise delightful chat to chide herself for having forgotten to use 'the voice' as she called it. The ensuing self-hatred always made it feel like so much progress being lost in real time.

Kari was patient as a hypnotic Queen could be in the moments but it was riding a line between concern and annoyance. 
Sensing this did little to aid Sammy's internal negativity. Though both her girlfriend and their mutual support network had constantly assured her that any way she presents is fine and seasoned in the old 'you have a girl's voice on the basis that you're a girl' chestnut to comfort; Sammy still felt driven to push herself to breaking point on this matter. The weeks of wrecking her throat had seemingly taught her nothing. 

Now she could sense that she was acting a burden and this may even impact her relationship too. The option to give up and accept self-loathing was becoming more attractive.

That's when she had decided to request some training from the woman who already owned her mind.

"It's a zap wand" she stated flatly, as Kari looked at the strange device, "Press it firmly to the skin and it will give a pinch of electricity."

Sammy watched Kari's face fall and instantly thought she had made a mistake. This was not intended to be a burden or a further cause for concern.
"Just pinch me with it whenever I slip into male range." she persisted. Her voice within the hard fought range for the moment. It would defeat all purposes if she slipped at this exact second.

"I don't want to hurt you." Kari insisted gently, "Punishment play isn't really our thing..."

"Don't think of it as punishment play." Sammy pleaded, growing more desperate to prove her conviction by the moment, "Think of it as a gentle prod to remind me."
Kari gave a stern look to Sammy and even in this unorthadox discussion Sammy could feel the power of the moment had shifted. Sammy's lip trembled whenever Kari gave her that look. It opened her up like a flower and left her exposed. Open to whatever words Kari may wish to inject at that time. "I would much prefer to encourage you. I think you would prefer me to encourage you too."

"Yes my Q--" Sammy stammered, catching herself and recoiling an inch, blush rising to her features. She shook her head vigorously. "Please." those loving honey eyes wobbling with far more conviction than they ever should under the pressure of Kari's regal gaze, "This is important to me."

"Are you sure?" Kari asked, still rotating the wand between her hands uneasily.

"I'm sure. I'm used to it." Sammy responded, implying her weekly electrolysis sessions. Compared to that this self-inflicted punishment would be a tickle. "It'll be okay."
With the sigh of a monarch whose crown weighed heavily upon their head, Kari drew Sammy in and kissed her temple. "As you will, my pet. I'll start tomorrow. For now I think you should---" and with a shift in the mood so sudden that vertigo engulfed the entirety of Sammy's world, she commanded "Sleep."


It was Netflix night and the pair had squirreled away under a blanket and were trying to enjoy the overly publicized superhero drama show that the streaming service would not stop insisting they would enjoy.

"They say it gets good by Season 3."

"How many episodes in a season?"


They were not enjoying it.

"Well we can keep it running and just snuggle." 

Sammy needed say no more, she was already being yanked into the warmth of  her Queen's chest. The blankets shielded her from being able to see the show any further. Somehow she was not complaining.

"I'll shield you from the overacting and low budget effects, my love."

"Just make sure I don't miss it if there's any mesmer-eyed villains."

Kari couldn't help but chuckle at her oh-so-predictable partner. "Oh my darling..." she sighed, "How easily distracted you are. Are mine not enough?"

"No, no...!" Sammy quickly stammered, "Your eyes are lovely... I just like getting ---ideas." her voice trailed off as she realized she was doing it again. Getting too comfortable. Slipping. Not paying attention and-


It was a fierce and loud crack like a dog clicker. Sammy was rewarded with a swift sharp pinch.

"YOWCH!" she howled out, raising her head from the blanket. Kari had already braced her limbs to prevent furthher thrashing or motion. The moment passed in a heartbeat and she eased back into the comfort into the embrace. Melting with fondness at a request having been honored.

"Thank you, my love..." she whispered, voice fully restored to a gentle feminine grace. 

"My pleasure." responded Sammy's Queen, stroking the skin of her pet's arm, exposed and outside of the blanket. "You'll not make that mistake again, will you, Pet?"
Butterflies fluttered from within Sammy's stomach, and her heart echoed with love and joy. An unbound giggle of giddy glee escaped her lips and her mouth opened to a toothy grin equal in meekness and giddiness.

"N---no my Queen!" she piped back. Soft and demure. 

"Good pet." and Kari's hand found Sammy's head. A weak purring bliss emitted from the submissive until she stopped and looked back in alarmed realization.

"Wait, are yo-" she asked, all affectionate bliss removed from her tone.


With another pinch Sammy yelped out and blinked hard, something was on her mind but now it all felt weak and pink. A titterring giggle eruptted, though she could not think of what was funny. She could barely think at all.

"What was that, my silly pretty pet?" Kari questioned, a possessively devious smirk upon her lips.

For some reason the word 'silly' was, well... it was silly. And Sammy couldn't do anything but titter further with glee.

"Oh, are you enjoying the show now, Sammy-love?" Kari asked with a smirk so firm that you could hear it in every syllable.

"Yo---you!" Sammy whimpered desperately, "What did you do?"

"Oh that's not nearly femme enough, dearest. But it's okay, we can fix that though"


With this zap there was not a yelp but a needy whimper. Sammy's legs struggled too writhe under both blanket and Kari's weight. They failed. All she could do was wriggle her chest pathetically as the yearning whimpers rumbled at her  throat. If Sammy were more capable of processing things she may have realized how little she cared about the pitch and resonance of those whimpers. But she couldn't even manage to care to discover how little she cared about caring. All she cared about was the growing pink fog eclipsing her mind from within.

"Good little toy." Kari chuckled, amused, "So pink and soft."

"P---p---pink...!" Sammy gasped out. Her voice was the voice of a deeply hypnotized pink dolly, more and more femme with every crack. That was an inescapable fact.


"I think you can be just a little more pink though. Just a little more soft. Don't you?" Kari teased, running her hand up and down her partner's thigh, holding it in position. All struggles pacified if not by her diminishing mental capacities then by the unstoppable might of her Queen.  Kari's strength could not be denied.
"Becoming what you are. What you always were. Flowers opening into a beautiful bloom. You are you and only you. Knowing that if you didn't want this we could stop any moment." Kari's other hand stroked Sammy's face tenderly.

"Mhmmm...!" came the subby whimpers of a good girl.

"Do you think you're soft enough yet, pet?" Kari urged, plucking the plastic tip of the zap wand up again and holding it to the inside of her pet's thigh.
Even Sammy was surprised to hear a gentle "nooo..." slur from her lips.

Kari sighed, "What am I going to do with you?"

"Love me!" Sammy squeed, delighted and perhaps just a little drunk on the moment.

"Silly girl"


"Such a silly silly girl..."

There was no yelp this time, just a mewling whine of affection as Sammy sunk away. Encouragement is so much better than punishment after all and though not the ideal moment for either woman, it was a pleasant one... and that was enough.

Thank you for reading my first submission to ROM. In the coming days I'll be editing my backlog of short stories that I'd not really shared, mostly due to EMSCA's policies and my own focus more on the consensual romance of hypnosis over the erotic fixation. Any feedback would be appreciated and used to help me grow and share better content in the future.


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