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by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #domestic #exhibitionism #sub:female #consensual_kink

The author of this story is suffering writer’s block and burnout and is making a blog post to apologize for the lack of update this week… and yet…

All events and scenarios are fictional and do not borrow from any real life situations or people.

I am sitting here at my desk, watching the Saturday morning sun rise higher into the sky and prove that if I were to look at a clock it would be closer to afternoon than I'd care to imagine. My beloved Patreon subscribers have made my life turn to a dream. No longer tethered by the mundane grind of a 9-to-5 I am given full reign to write to my hearts content and provide you all with the kinky hypnosis themed content that we both know you crave.

Normally I keep a very steady backlog for weeks like this. Where I'm burned out from social obligations or the ideas just do not flow. 

As many of you in the Midwest would know, I was present for Bedazzled hypnocon this weekend. For those who purchased my book at the dealers hall, I have nothing but gratitude and for those who took the time to talk to me, please know that every kind or critiquing word has been absorbed to make my muse stronger and more ready to serve you all for years to come.

But what I had expected would be a recharging vacation which would ignite my ideas and give me the energy to bury myself in writing to get my Patreon stories weeks and weeks ahead of my ReadOnlyMind submissions instead left me hoping that the next tomorrow would be the balm to lift my spirits and give me something to post this weekend. I missed one week due to sickness and another due to Bedazzled... and yet here I am. On the deadline, ready to throw in the towel.

All Patreons will of course receive no charge for this week as there was no new story and it would not be fair. To those who would say that they pay to support, not to purchase, I thank you but my sense of justice and fairness would have me refuse. I shall work harder to better present my content for you in the weeks to come.

Even now, my girlfriend Clockwork-Angel is standing behind me, reading as I type out this confession of my dried ink and empty well of ideas, whispering how I should just type about Bedazzled instead. But blog posts are free and not something I can post for ROM readers so it would not be fair.

Though for you lovely Patreon subscribers, perhaps I can type briefly about the demoing that Angel and I did on Saturday. To those who were in the class, I assure you it was the highlight of my weekend. For those who were not at the convention or just busy during the Saturday evening slot, I was demonstrating what we refer to here as "Immersion Fiction", it can work with movies and television, but Angel and I prefer to keep it in writing.

The idea is that my dear clockwork doll will read anything on the screen, whether it prewritten or something I am typing live, and her head would start following. Letting the words flutter straight through her eyes and into her readily dreaming imagination, allowing the thoughts and sensations offered to become part of her reality for the brief time that she is reading.

How I demonstrated it in the class is that I wrote an induction down on the projector and she read it aloud for the class. My inductions are hardly special. I want to save the creative things for the stories I post here, my darling Angel could drop at a simple 3 count if I will her to.

You will have to take my word for it, but she just whispered "Yes, my scribe." to me. Blessed is too soft a term for how she makes me feel.

But the induction began as simple as ever.

As you read my words, appearing on the screen you may find yourself approaching a familiar sensation of calm. A familiar calm that spreads through your body readily and rapidly as you recite my words and hear your own calm and gentle voice repeating them, realizing that your own voice may yet be able to lull you into a trance... and that's right... remembering just how it felt last week and how you can follow down again. Perhaps imagining the audience, their baited breath, that powerful hush that surrounded the room, all eyes on you as your gently hypnotized voice carried through the silence of that room. The only other sound being my fingers on the keys. You know how easily you drop to the sound of those rhythmic clicking sounds. Completely helpless to do anything but read and repeat and follow and obey. Just like that. Good doll. Deeper and deeper... resting against your scribe and continuing to read his blog post, whispering every word to both him and yourself as you sink further and further. And in this deep and empty state of trance, feeling the eyes of all my subscribers in just the same way that you felt the eyes of all those lovely congoers last week, you can settle into the submissive bliss of exhibitionism, knowing you can tap out or signal caution at any time. Is that okay, Angel?

My darling audience? I need you to know that she not only did a honey laced whine of submissive fervor as she husked out the word "yes" --- and you may stop repeating now, Angel, just sink and read, knowing every word will guide you deeper  --- she not only lavishly brushed the word yes against my earlobe with such hunger, passion and need; but she also loosed a sigh of pure bliss. If I were to wager, I think that the demonstration from last week had left quite the lasting impression on my incorrigible Angel and she was eager to find an excuse to experience it again.  Certainly not how I had intended for this blog post to go, but I don't mind sharing a more practice demonstration through text alone. Does my Angel consent to that?

Another husky lust fueled "Yes" hit my ears, dear reader. So I think I have an idea.

Angel, when I end this paragraph, this wonderfully hypnotic paragraph that consumes your whole vision and wraps words around your mind, this paragraph which controls you, tempts you and guides you. When that paragraph is complete we will switch positions. You will find yourself sitting at the writers chair and I shall be behind you, playing with your hair, whispering in your ear and controlling you through spoken rather than written word... and when I speak, you will type. Every word entering your ear, exiting your fingers and not even bothering to check with your pliant and deeply hypnotized mind. If that is okay then we will switch positions in 3. 2. 1. Now.

good giel

thats right

just let your fingers do the typing while i speak into your ear

such a deply hypnotzed clockwork doll

eager and ready to be displayd again

eager and reafy to be played with

to be hypnotized for paytreeon 

to show what a goodd girl you are

thats right

just like tjat

knowing that everyone is watching you right now

tatt there is only the sound og my voice and the clacking of the keys

our fingers ppressing into the keys and filling your head with that beautiful sund

the sund of surrender

the sound of obedience

the sound of the stories we make tohether and the beatiful dreams wthat we hve when we play together

godo girl eyes open starring att he screen

reading the words ads you write them













doeeoer and epterr[

ust like that

slower now

a .itt.e pre carful twth your tpying

need the audience to see you obey

coreectly speldlling is important to showing how obedient hyou can be

god girl

esiser and easier to let the words flow effortlessly

complete and whole

easy to read

essy to obey

thats right

and you can stop typing any time that yoou thinkthat this is too much or you want to stop showing off if that is okay then just keep letitng my words flow through your ears and through to your fingers

good girl

then you can keep typing as i start exploring your body

sliding my hnsd down your shirt and findign those erect npples

such a horny little dll arent you

type yes

type youa re a horny doll

type you ,love your scribes touch

tyoe that you are being groped

that you are whimoering

that you know yuare being watched through the screen

tht the patreons can see you whimpering in lusty need

beigigng to be touched needing to be touhced

writihthing and writggling in the chair

feeliing meclamp the bonds to the foot of the chair

testing how bond and helpless you are

cant move

canrt escape

legs loicked to the chair

fingers locked to the keys

mind locked to my words

figners creeping all over you

knowing the words till control your mind

control your imagingingation

so you can feel the buzzing of a cibvrator bewteen your thighs

poctirng a device wrappijebd agaunst yiur upper thigh and starting rot rumble against your skin

so difficult to keep typing but your fingers most translate my words to the screen cannot rssist cannot disbey no mater how okeasaurable it feels

no mateter how much you buck and whine and uou are bucking and whining

wihmprirng in ecstacy yearning need

more and emorr with evrru edccodnd

feleing me a t your knees kisising between every word




rubling harder



thats it

jeep whining

more and more


type it

i need to cum

i need to ucum

iu neneed


thsats it


beg for it




gojgnt tp have you tupe fodnw

deiwn drom ten

andn on zeor you will release

come nfort the audience

lnowing how good you are

howniong how weekll you obeyed











aXNhirguefw jkgbiurtgho


tise your words

husuehr yournwrids

ries3 it

feeleing eoss=soo good

wavebedbs after acewvcw

feeekung the buzsisng still agaiabasdt you and ym dotngeu

canntj dstop

ahve toy come bvgayagin

so bneeedy andned esperate

tthyatrsys it

keeep toyijgn

keepu yarnring







gogoodo g9orl

gofood girl

thats it







good girl

thats right

Letting me pull the keyboard away and you can type on the air for a little bit as my words match those that appear on the screen.

Until eventually your heavy lidded eyes just find themselves locked on the words and focused on that clacking typing sound that teases between your legs every single time you hear it. Good girl. Just like that. Simmering back against the chair and feeling oh so very good. Good girl. That's right. Knowing I love you and the audience enjoyed your delightful performance. You did so very well and I am ever so proud of you.

And as you settle down you can just read and maybe let the words filter through you, knowing I'm talking to the audience and not you right now, but you'll react ever so strongly any time you can tell my words are for your mind and you are so conditioned to know exactly when that would be.

She's sunk back against her chair now and looks so sweet and serene. She will receive ample aftercare after I finish posting this, but for now I wanted to thank my Patreon subscribers one last time and for them to know that this blog post may yet qualify for an entry to the story archives, so perhaps; if you are willing to accept it as such, we can use this for this week's story and I'll be back next week with your regularly scheduled hypnoporn.

Thank you for reading everyone and see you next week!

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn for future updates and info.


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