Sick Day

by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #dom:female #domestic #f/f #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #consensual_kink

Mistress isn’t feeling too well today and Angie is tasked by her fellow sub to be a good girl and take care of her.

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So this is a little off my beaten path. I'll have to write something a little more emotionally driven next week @.@

It was Angie's day off. She only got two per week and regretfully they were never weekends. A lifetime of working jobs that were busiest on holidays and weekends had drained her stamina and she was enjoying the extra time to sleep in.

Somewhere in her sleeping unconscious mind there was an amusing little fantasy sequence playing out regarding exploring a house that lacked a floor but did have an abundant bed large enough to easily and comfortably fit 15 people if required. Angie was not one for analyzing dreams. If it held any significance she could not tell what it was, though the mega-sized bed did feel very comfortable and inviting. She may yet have lingered there longer had the high pitched chime of a text message not have summoned her back to the waking world.

Groggy and unaware she reached over for her phone. It had been dragged off of its resting place and had landed on the floor. Again. 
Combined with the destruction of the sheets and her shirt vanishing in the middle of the night, she knew that it had been another rough rest. Signs of stress, no doubt. Praying that the text message was not going to start her day off on the wrong foot with an emergency request from work, she pulled the phone up by its chord and looked at the screen.

Angie, my beloved, I need you. Come to me.

Any sluggish fatigue or hesitance to release herself from her mess of sheets and blankets vaporized as her eyes dilated. Her chapped lips dryly parted and mouthed a reply. Her fingers did not feel inclined to offer them via a typed reply.

Eyelids fluttering rapidly, her body pulled itself from the bed and she drew herself up, clad only in her loose cotton underwear she marched out of her room in slow, heavy motions. Her mind felt like static fuzz. Mistress' sweet siren song lingered beneath the noise chanting the endless refrain of "Come to me". 
Her mind, unable to do anything under the fog simply rested while her body obeyed.

The door to the Master Bedroom opened and Angie was able to blink harshly to recover some of the snowglobe haze that was her own perspective. Lucy was sitting on the bed and stroking Mistress' cheek. Her face forlorn. 

Mistress' king-sized mattress was far less chaotic than Angie's in the next room but played host to a battleground littered with spent tissue. The nightstand was filled with pill bottles and a steaming cup of what could be assumed by the scent to be a herbal tea. 
The barely awake Angie may not have been able to process much in this state but she could still make sense of this moment.

"She woke up feeling like crap..." Lucy said, her gentle touch against her mistress not relenting, even if her attention had switched to the newcomer. Mistress began to heave up a dry cough to confirm that this was the case.

The news sobered Angie up instantly. Being woken into trance and summoned to Mistress' bedroom was hardly a new experience for her and the act had already done much to stir her arousal. Being half naked and exposed before Lucy was also doing a lot to make her feel vulnerable and squirmy. But suddenly the energy of the moment was not that of expectant need, it was one of deep concern.

"Mistress...!" Angie squeaked, pulling herself up onto the sheets and squirreling over to the opposite side.

"She can't really talk right now..." Lucy said, bitterly, "She has a sore throat. I already called off from work, I'll take care of her."

Lucy was Mistress' first chosen. The pair had been together for years and years before Angie joined the picture and Angie always looked up to her as a role model for submission. In other ways too. Lucy was wearing her usual weekday office attire. A teal button up with a pencil skirt that bore a slit on the side that displayed her full thighs. It's clear that the decision for her to stay home from work today was a very recent one.

"She text me. Summoned me..." Angie said, feeling an intruder on the moment and slightly betrayed that Mistress would ask Lucy to skip work when she knew quite well that Angie was not working that day. They had Google Calendar for a reason!

"I sent you the text." Lucy stated firmly and added a quick "Sorry." when she witnessed Angie's incredulous expression. Mistress hacked up a cough and lifted her head up to gesture lovingly at Angie. She made the most piercingly cute whine imaginable. Something Angie simply didn't think was possible from the woman who could devastate her with a glance.

"She wanted both of us to look after her." Lucy continued, moving her hand to stroke up and down Mistress' arm to her purring delight. "She feels awful and doesn't want to be alone."

"I would have stayed with her!" Angie cried, a little too defensively.

"And you would have been trapped alone in this room going stir crazy." Lucy bluntly asserted, watching over the blonde across the bed from her, "It's happened before and Mistress knows that. She asked if I was willing to stay so we could keep one another company too. Hopefully that's not objectionable?"

It was the way that she said that. The gentle smile on her brown lips, the glint in her speckled eyes... something about her confidence that simply made Angie nod softly. "No. That's fine..." she conceded. Mistress reached over and patted Angie's wrist in approval.

"Good girl." Lucy cooed. There was something about her today, an edge in her voice. It made Angie feel even more exposed. With the hazy sensation of morning's fog drifting further away she was becoming more aware that she lacked a shirt. Her breasts plain for both Mistress and Lucy to view.

"I'm taking charge today." Lucy stated firmly, stroking the back of Mistress' hand. If she objected she did nothing to make it apparent. "Mistress needs care and company. If we work together we can give her both. Isn't that right, Angie?"

Her voice box wished to squeak a 'yes mistress' in return. Every bit of conditioning that she had experienced was demanding it. But this was her fellow Chosen, not her mistress. She squirmed on the spot, still feeling exposed and far too on display for personal comfort.

Mistress cleared her throat and tried to force herself to sit up, Lucy patted her hand to signal calm and frowned, "Isn't that right, Angie?" she insisted, urgently eyeing down towards Mistress.

"Y-yes. Of course!" she stammered, "You can rely on us, Mistress!"

"Good girl." Lucy purred again. Angie could feel the words pressing against her chest, burning straight through her blood.

The pair coexisted painlessly within the polycule. There had been joint dates, there had been traded chores and negotiations and of course the two had made out with one another on Mistress' behest, but they were more akin to coworkers with a common boss that they both adored beyond words. This was the first time Lucy had ever approached anything close to a dominant role between the pair of them and Angie was increasingly surprised to discover just how vulnerable she was to it.

She starred between the pair stupidly. Mistress looking so meek and helpless, harshly blowing her reddened nose and adding another crumpled tissue to the battlefield. Lucy though, looked fully composed. Suited, styled and running a hand carefully on Mistress' wrist. She looked like she was in charge of this moment. Angie had never looked at Lucy in that light before and yet now it was impossible to do anything but catch the tease of flesh in the slit of her skirt, the pressure of her chest against the button-up blouse, the way her hair defied gravity in its professional bun...

She looked like a domme.

It's a wonder that Angie had never seen it before.

Whereas she was just a bland piece of prey standing bewildered in nothing but a pair of cotton panties. Her nipples proudly announcing just how much the morning's summons had rocked her perceptions and primed her body.

Lucy's cherry red lips shimmered with gloss surely applied less than an hour before.

Mistress hacked up another dry cough to kill the momentum of this staredown between her pets and patted the sheets to her opposite side. Her finger curling to beckon Angie's presence at her side.

Angie swiftly pulled herself to her senses and pulled herself to where she was needed. Her hand automatically mirroring Lucy's motions and offering care as needed. The two pets applying attention and care through the most gentle touch. Mistress murmured in approval.

Angie just melted into the comfort of the moment. There were so many moments like this on the day to day. Where everyone was just comfortable in one another, existing in silent affection. Mistress and Lucy seemed equally pacified by this moment. If the entire day were like this then perhaps it wouldn't be all too terrible... but another coughing fit forced its way into the present to remind all parties that there was work to be done.

Mistress needed care and attention.

"We'll work in shifts." Lucy stated, taking charge. Angie was surprised at how relieved that made her. She was able to be assertive and take charge when she needed, but always as an act of service. Lucy had been taking the initiative all morning. It would have been too much extra effort to try and force her way to be a responsible young lady. Easier to just rest as a gentle demure toy. Even if a different voice was pushing her internal buttons.

"You're always so stuck in your head..." Lucy sighed out in a pleasant tone. "Must be nice. .. Just to lose yourself in your thoughts... I see why Mistress treasures you."

Angie broke from her reverent gaze and idle thoughts to notice that Lucy's eyes were pinned upon her. Why did it suddenly make her feel so vulnerable? They had spent so many evenings trading service for Mistress. Making out for her amusement, tormenting one another until they could do nothing but scream for release and relief...

Yet here she was, suited and gazing with eyes that were just as possessive as those of the woman beneath the pair who was buried under blankets and under strict orders not to get up until her temperature was beneath 100.

God now she was being tormented by the mental image of Lucy whispering commands into a weakened Mistress' ear while she could do nothing but nod in muted agreement. What was wrong with her today?!

Angie was once again dragged from her hazy imaginings by a sweet giggle from Lucy, the same giggle of the delicate little thing that shared her role as Mistress' toy. Just to soothe any worries that Lucy and Mistress had switched bodies by some freaky curse.

"You're having so much problems staying awake, aren't you?"

Angie couldn't help but redden to that accusation, "I'm awake!" she pouted. Futily. She thought she could hear Mistress squee, but it could have been wishful thinking.

"Fine. Then let's get you a little bit more woken up. You can make coffee for the two of us and tea for Mistress. We have some Chai on the top shelf." god she was so forceful, every word was an effort to keep a smirk from dominating her expression. She was enjoying this too. "And you can make a chicken noodle soup. No canned stuff. From scratch."

"Bu-" Angie squeaked. She was not a good chef by anyone's measure and was about to panic from this task but Lucy shot across the chasm between them that was Mistress' body and grabbed her chin. Eyes were forced to meet one another and Lucy's expression eclipsed Angie.

"No buts." she stated. Angie could feel the full stop pressing against her like a Hitachi being pressed up against her clit. She couldn't help but bite her lip. What else could a pretty little toy do when being faced by that kind of energy from one of Mistress' Chosen? "I already set up the laptop in the kitchen with the recipe. You can take instructions, can't you, Angie?"


That's the only way to describe what happened inside of Angie's head. She was certain she could feel Mistress smirking with glee beneath them, but that was a world away from those magnetic eyes framed by mascara. Lucy hadn't just hit Angie's buttons. She just slammed through the entire console that they were attached to.

"What do you say?" she intoned, enjoying this a little too much.

"Y---yes Mistress."

The grip on her chin suddenly tightened and her head was dragged to look at Mistress, who was indeed quite happy with this private theatre performance being put on for her.

"She is your Mistress." Lucy stated with the firmness of a whip. "Only she has earned that title."

Before Angie could process this sudden change in tone Lucy dragged her head back and gave a fond smile, reaching over and testing the elastic of Angie's panties. "Shhh... don't pout, little one." Angie's eyes shot open in complete paralyzed shock. "If you need to yield to me so badly, you can call me Boss. For today."

Another wave of keysmash turned soft fluff and haze into a drowning fog. If Angie had the ability to do anything than what she was told then she didn't want to know about it.

"Off in your own little world again?" Lucy snickered, "What are we to do with you?"

Mistress patted each of their wrists, all but flaring a demand that this continue.

"Now you are going to go to the kitchen. You are going to make the drinks and the soup and you will help me take care of our beloved Mistress. That is your job. No need to think any harder than that about it, is there, cutie?"

" Boss...?" Angie tested, uncertain if it was the correct reply.

"Good girl." Lucy whispered gently, stroking her fellow Chosen's face. "No thoughts, okay. Just go to the kitchen and follow the instructions. You're good at following instructions aren't you?"

"Y---yes Boss." Angie whimpered, surrendering to her helpless nature. There was hardly any fight to begin with.

"Get to it then. I'll care for Mistress." Lucy's tone was so matter of fact. She may as well have been a boss in that moment, asking her subordinate to get a set of files on her desk by the end of the week.

Angie hopped to it with a spring in her step. Her balance only slightly off from how discombobulated the experience of being completely overshadowed had made her.

As she stepped out of the room she hung a left, ready to get dressed and start the day right.


Angie paused mid-motion. Not daring to put a toe out of line.

"The kitchen isn't that way."

"But I was going t-" Angie squeaked gently before being cut off.

"The bathroom isn't that way either." Lucy persisted. She hadn't stood up from the bed yet, but the body language implied that it was a possibility and that threat squeezed at Angie from the inside.


"Am going to the kitchen to do what you asked me, Boss?" Lucy asked in the cutesy voice she more associated with her housemate.

"Yes Boss...!" Angie surrendered.

"Good girl. Thank you."

Mistress coughed up and raised her hand in a thumbs up. That was that. No clothes allowed.

"Oh and put on an apron! We don't want you burning yourself, you silly doll." Lucy called out as she disappeared into the depths of the house.

The fuzz of Lucy's assault was only built out of conditioning forced upon her by Mistress' constant reindeer games and a lack of sleep. Normally Angie was useless without coffee and she considered it a mercy that making a fresh pot was part of her tasks for this morning. It also meant that she didn't have to work too hard to regain her focus. Not her agency, mind. That was firmly under Lucy's thumb and locked under the pressure of that harsh stare that she had given her when commanding. The memory of Lucy daring to reach into her underwear was heavy on her mind as she began the routine.

The laptop was there, as promised and the ingredients were all available. Under normal conditions a mixture of anxiety and overwhelmed helplessness would cause her to muddle up the process, but under her present state of mind it was just a matter of methodically following directions. Pouring the right amounts, cutting the right sizes, setting the right temperatures. It was all automatic. She just needed to return to the laptop screen every now and again.

There was a lot of back and forth. To and from the fridge, the cupboards, the kettle and the decanter. She stopped by in the bedroom to drop off drinks where Lucy was draped over Mistress and whispering comfort to her. The minutes passed by rapidly, aided by Angie's partially altered state.

Soon enough there was nothing more to do than to simmer and sit.

Just one final check of the laptop to see how long to set the timer for and...


Angie's limbs locked in place.

Lucy's hands selected Angie's hips and pulled her in, docking her against her hips. Angie's body was still bent over to interact with the laptop. With delicate hands Lucy reached over and pulled the hands at the touchpad and keys away and down to her side.

Angie could not move.

She could feel Lucy's breath on her cheek, the invasion of her personal bubble indicating she was right there leaning over her shoulder. A hand locked around her upper thigh pulling her and ensuring her ass was locked against her slacks. The other hand was reaching over to interact with the laptop.

"Hush now, toy." she cooed, her commanding voice doing nothing but force Angie back into submissive bliss and needy vulnerability. "Mistress wants this. She commands it."

The screen of the laptop filled with a pink spiral. A family favorite. They had used it several times in the past and most importantly Angie was conditioned to sink directly to it. The fact that Lucy was not joining her was proof that she was either following orders or was an in altered state of her own. Either way it was only fuel to her fire.

In the top corner was Mistress. Another coughing fit breached Angie's ears but it was from the other side of the house and not the laptop. Likely it was muted on Mistress' side.

"Smile for her." Lucy cooed, nibbling Angie's lobe. "We need to put on a show, cutie."

Angie's rigid body moved at Lucy's command and her lips spread into a smile as stiff as her limbs.

Somewhere on the screen was the mirror image of what she was seeing, but there was too much to process. Lucy's grip. Her presence. The weight of the scenario. Mistress. The spiral... the soup. So many distractions.

"Just let go..." Lucy whispered, sensing her mental struggle. "You have permission."

That was the final obstacle. She had permission. She was allowed. She could just let herself be swallowed by the spiral. Be on display for Mistress. Enjoy this act of affection and submission.

Lucy's hand snaked upward underneath the apron and breached the sole piece of clothing remaining to find her prize beneath. 

Ready. Waiting. Willing.

"Tell her what you feel, pet." Lucy intoned, grinding against Angie as her she began to tease.


But she couldn't say that. Not out loud anyway.

And thinking was so hard. There was no thought at all.

And far too many feelings.

"I..." she whimpered, desperately.

"You?" Lucy teased.

Angie's body buckled but Lucy's grip yanked it back to its proper position, on display for the webcam. "You?" she repeated.

"....IIIi...." she pleaded.

"Oh no, no. Far too soon." Lucy chuckled in reply. You don't get to be released until the timer goes off. You did finish setting it, didn't you, toy?"

"Y---yes boss!!"

"Then sink deeper." Lucy commanded, toying with Angie's hair and maneuvering her. Ensuring that Mistress could enjoy every moment that Angie's weak stammering yearning desperation attempted to morph back into the commanded plastic smile. Lucy was never going to allow it to settle but she was also never going to allow the suggestion to fade.

Somewhere in the back of Angie's mind there was Mistress. Stroking her hair softly. Soothing her and telling her that this was what she wanted. What she needed. That she was a good pet. That everything was green as long as she was willing to go along with it...

Just as Angie was getting into the rhythm of this divine torture, her breathing staggered gasps and whimpers. She could likely rush for a climax at this early stage if she were merely allowed. But then Lucy did the most cruel thing she could have done at that moment.


She stopped.


Her hand clasped around a clump of hair and yanked back. The tension of the motion freezing her just as much as the command.

Because the command was stronger.

"Tell her you love her." Lucy demanded, her lust filled voice needing every moment of this just as much as Angie.

"I---I love you Mistress!!" she screamed, hoping to get something. Anything. Any way to stop her skin from screaming at her. Every nerve was bursting and this stalemate was doing nothing more than setting the clock for when they could start exploding again.

Mistress smiled. Even with a spiral commanding the view of both Chosen she was their only focus in this moment and she looked adorable. Fragile with her reddened nose and eyes. But clearly heartened by this display. 

"Are you being a good girl for her?" Lucy asked wickedly.

"Y---yes Boss!"

"Mistress, is she being a good girl?"

Mistress gave the camera a little thumbs up and Lucy rewarded her with a little relief for her poor body. The whimper she gave in reply was a reward for both Mistress and Lucy. She really was adorable when she was this needy.

"Do you think she has earned her reward?" Lucy cooed sweetly, her lips inches from Angie's ears.

Mistress started laughing on camera and was interrupted by another coughing fit which echoed from the opposite end of the house. Once the air was clear she smiled graciously and gave a thumbs up.

"That's all I needed to see." Lucy growled hungrily. A hand clamped around Angie's mouth and dragged her back into her, the other still locked to the other pet's crotch.

"NOW." she commanded.

And the dams released.

The ecstacy rocked through her and splintered through every suggestion for her body to remain locked in place. Angie's voice erupted into near painful whelps of pure sensation. Screaming against the flesh of Lucy's hand. Why would she dare try to mute her? Why would she deprive Mistress of the sounds that she needed to deliver. Her legs were going on pins and needles. Her torso shuddered and slammed uselessly against Lucy's grip.

The torrents of electricity pulsed through her with no outlet as her thrashing motions were subdued and she was forced to absorb it all. Every sound. Every motion. Every sensation. Every emotion. All at once in a moment that stretched out beyond eternity.

"That's it. Good girl. Good girl. Just like that. Good girl." Lucy hurriedly hushed into her ear, securing her as the after-tremors continued to force their way through her. "She's so pleased with you. She loves you so much. So so very much... good girl. Good girl..."

And with the final ebs of this powerful sensation, Angie drifted away. Lost to oblivion.

Like the good girl she was.

In the final moments of sensation she thought to herself 'I hope I get to do this to you next time...'

But that's wrong. To hope that Mistress gets sick again.

Mistress should never get sick.

But if she did... at least she had two devoted attendees to take care of her. And that was a nice thought. It was the only one the sleeping dolly had left.

"Well, looks like she's going to be out for the count for a while." Lucy bitterly laughed. "I'll send her in and finish up the soup. She can rest at your side."

Mistress blew the camera a kiss.

"I love you too. Rest well. I've got it from here."

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn for future updates and info.


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