Dinner Date

by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #romantic #sub:female #asexual #domestic #public_play #transgender_characters

Penny and Beth have their first face-to-face date and spice things up with some consensual hypnotic fun.

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Third in the Penny/Beth series. This story takes place after “Enough For You”.
CW: Public play in a realistic setting.

It was finally Saturday night.

The wait had almost killed Penny, but the night was finally here.

All week she had spent her work hours delightfully squeeing to anyone who would listen about her weekend plans. The global pandemic had finally loosened up enough to allow some small comforts, some small little risks. Penny was finally going to get to go on a date with her beloved Beth. 

Though they had been dating long-distance for over two years and living together for months it would be their first. They had certainly had ceremonious nights where they had cooked fancy dinners and sat down to watch the latest Hollywood offering on streaming, but sitting down in a restaurant just never felt safe until now, but now that it was safe? A formal date was long overdue.

A reason to get dressed up at last.

The subject had been broached several weeks earlier. Beth had spent a long day on the living room sofa working from her laptop, fielding calls while Penny lay against her silently playing a game on her Nintendo Switch. Spare some mild interruptions from their puppy the atmosphere was serene. Both women enjoyed coexisting like this. Just enjoying the ambience of togetherness. When a phone call demanded Beth's attention, Penny slipped on some headphones or found something to occupy her elsewhere.

The peaceful atmosphere made it all the more surprising when Beth resolutely shut her laptop and summoned her girlfriend's attention.

"Penny, dear? I think it's safe enough at long last. We're going to go out to Manoir LeBlanc. I just made the reservation. For the 13th." 

Penny's breath caught in her throat. She was always enamored with the way that Beth seemed so sure of every single thing she put her mind to. Every decision was intense and intent. It made her feel safe.

The Manoir LeBlanc date had been a date spoken about in passing since before the pair had lived together. The idea of getting dressed to the nines and spending too much money on a multi-course meal. That alone was romantic and enticing enough, but it was the additional implication. It was specifically a date between Lady Amethyst and her pet.

Penny and Beth had started to settle into a fairly calm rhythm in their time together. Small slices of domestic bliss had found their way into their routine and the allure of a submissive pet dating an all powerful hypnotic temptress had returned to the realm of fantasy with the happy serenity of reality replacing it with a surprising amount of comfort and ease.

But the fantasy was still there and was nice to slip on every now and again, just the same as a gorgeous dry-clean only dress. Beautiful, but only for special occassions.

"Now, we've discussed the fantasy." Beth said in all seriousness, "We both know all of the things which would make this date feel like a dream come true for us both and it is my goal to ensure your expectations are met."

"And what about you, My Lady?" Penny asked cautiously, feeling exposed. "I don't like the idea of you doing all of the work and me lazily reaping all of the reward."

A melodious giggle flooded the room as Beth's lips rose into a delighted smirk, "My sweet little Darling... I intend to enjoy myself every step of the way. In fact. I am enjoying myself right now watching your face... the way you light up, the way you squirm... oh, my pretty Penny-Pet. I promise. Unless you write down some hard limits that prove you won't enjoy yourself, I will have fun."

Penny's shoulders sunk back and she shyly whimpered a quick, "Yes, My Lady."

"Good girl."

"...do you really want me to write hard limits, My Lady?"

"Ab-So-LUTE-LY!" Beth sang, stressing each syllable to bulldoze her point firmly. "We have a few weeks to get prepared. And I have homework for you. First, you are going to order a new dress. I trust you to pick it out but we do have a minimum spend limit. I'll handle the date and the meal, but you have to promise to spend on that dress."

"Yes My Lady!" Penny obediently chirped.

"And second, you need to draw up a list of limits. Foods you won't eat. Suggestions you are unwilling to follow. Suggestions you are unwilling to follow in public... anything you can think about. Then I'll show you my list of ideas and you get veto power. I want to ensure any and all fun we have is fully negotiated before we engage. Do you understand my pet?"

Penny raised a cautious hand to her throat, her eyes took interest away from Beth's desk.

"Oh sweetheart..." Beth sighed, beckoning with her hand and reveling as the younger woman pivoted on the sofa in an instant to engage in the offered hug, "I promise I'll take care of you, and if you want proof that you'll enjoy yourself, I'll show you the chatlogs where we discussed this idea in the first place."

"...that was before it was real, though." Penny whimpered.

"Is this something you don't want to do, then? I can cancel."

Penny shook her head rapidly, her eyes bulged with alarm, "No, no, no. I want this. Green! Green! Very green!"

"Emerald, dear?"


Beth put a fond hand to the mess of Penny's curly dyed hair and ruffled, "Oh my silly little girl. What am I to do with you?"

"Fuck my mind over a dinner table?" Penny asked, a little mischief returning to her voice.

Beth smirked in return. "As you wish, pet."


The time passed slowly between that conversation and the date itself, but as all impatiently awaited events do, it finally come time to turn anticipation into appreciation.

Penny had taken her homework quite seriously. She had spent nights in her Discord servers asking close friends about the list, about what they would love to do if they had been offered the fantasy of a dinner date with a hypnodomme. She even scrolled through several of the suggestive stories to be found within those circles and made small notes of the triggers and suggestions she would be brave enough to try and more importantly the ones that she would not.

Moreover she had prepared not just the expensive dress as requested, but also splurged on a clandestine Sephora trip.

Make-up had never been her best friend. A little goes a long way and no one quite told her what the measuring parameters were. She had watched tutorials of all shapes and sizes and, after summoning all of her courage, asked the floor staff to help her pick out the right colors and styles. It was still too much for her head to fully grasp but it was enough to ensure she did not appear to be trying too hard.

The dress itself was something she was proud of. A bold royal blue dress with a diagonal frill running across the front and a sash holding it tight to the waist. So tight in fact that she felt the need to put on her dance belt. She hated wearing the thing, of course. It was discomforting. Like going through the night with a constant tight tug between the cracks of her ass. She sincerely weighed the options. The physical discomfort of feeling a padded surface pressuring between her thighs as she received an endless atomic wedgie from a piece of dental floss that wouldn't look amiss on a Sumo wrestler or the psychological discomfort of being in a high society venue that outclassed her in every single way, feeling as though every eye that glanced her way would offer extreme judgement and harsh critique.

Being made to feel a monster by society was not something she consented to, but was something her brain would inevitably attempt to make her feel, even under the influence of the mental novocaine that was trance. Some things are just too built-in to overcome at the snap of a finger. That was what therapy was for.

The decision was made for her in some small way by what she had seen from the agreement list. She was going to be Lady Amethyst's arm candy that night. Beth had said she wanted to see her pretty darling glow so bright that it catches eyes and then for those eyes to see quite definitively that she was Taken. Owned. Spoken For.

When Beth had said that Penny couldn't help herself from breaking into a shy blush of pride. It was the first time in her life that being perceived by strangers had sounded like a nice thing. It would have been a shame to ruin that feeling on wondering if their eyes were on the face or the crotch; no matter how irrational the sensation was.

"Look," she told the mirror urgently, "either you trust that trance is going to numb the worry of people clocking you or it'll numb the discomfort from the stupid belt. It's not a hard choice. Just fucking put on the belt and be done with it."

That settled that.

She reached over to pull out her bra, opening up the panels to slide in the silicon blobs, or "chicken cutlets" as she thought of them. Adding the little definition and dimension to her chest helped form the dress nicely. From one side anyway. Sideways she had less of an hourglass and more a slightly squeezed soda can figure.

Make-up, check.

Breast augmentation, check.

Shitty nightmare bulge camouflage torture device, check.

She eyed her shelf. There were a litany of things she could have added to the ensemble. Little fantasies which could elevate this date into legendary status. Hemp rope to lattice around her form, a Bluetooth controlled vibration device, her collar.

"...one day. But not today."

The dress slid on with a relieving lack of difficulty and Penny propped herself into her red heels.

Amazing dress, check.

"Alright, babe," she told the mirror, "We've got this."

"Damn fucking straight we do" the mirror responded.


Beth stood in wait at the bottom of the stairs. She wore her purple dress. The one she wore for her professional photoshoot and used online as her profile picture. A deep and bold amethyst purple to match her professional moniker. Her black purse hung neatly between her two hands.

"Oh... my Darling..." she swooned as Penny walked down the stairs on delicate display like a teenager on prom night, "You look amazing."

A blush rose to Penny's cheeks as she meekly nodded and whispered back, "Thank you, My Lady."

There was a tender moment between the two in just drinking the other in. This is the look that Penny had fallen in love with all those years ago. Many nights in the past she would listen to files that had a picture of her Lady Amethyst crawling towards the camera wearing this exact attire. It radiated power and made Penny feel like a lovestruck kid again, feeling too unimportant to be regarded by such a formidable personality who seemed to be such a community pillar.

But those thoughts were silenced not by the snap of a finger, but by the warm and gentle gaze. Beth tilted her head and reached upwards to caress her Darling's cheek. The lovestruck expression was on her face too. An expression that was relieved to witness the ease and comfort of Penny's presentation. To see the blossoming of this beautiful flower and most importantly to firmly state "mine."

The intensity of being perceived bubbled, boiled and rolled over to the point of which Penny had to stare directly down at the floor. Beth knew Penny's little quirks oh so well, even if she did not know exactly what was going on in her pretty little head. She hooked her arm around Penny's and gently tugged her into forward momentum.

"We have an hour until the reservation, my love." Beth began, an audible grin in her tone, "I want to check in one more time. Because once that car door slams shut, you know there's no turning back."

"Why would I ever want to turn back?" Penny asked, "I have waited so long for this."

The pair marched out to the Kia and Beth paused at the passenger door, "Everything we agreed on is still green? And you know you can safe word out of any suggestion?"

"Yes My Lady." Penny responded, prim and proper.

Beth opened the passenger door, "Then your carriage awaits, fair maiden."

Penny burst out a single audible exhale of laughter, "You're a dork, My Lady." she sighed as she walked in and sat in the seat.

"Mhmm..." Beth whispered back, kneeling down.

Penny felt a cold shiver at her ankle as Beth's fingers worked there. A cool metal sensation remained as Beth's hands trailed up, pulling the hem up the dress upwards and allowing a window to plant a delicate kiss on Penny's knee.

Where her fingers had been there now lay an anklet of Silver chain. Purple beads dotted around the perimeter of the small piece of jewelry and at the clasp was a cat bell that jingled with every delicate motion Penny made.

"A gift, my love. I don't think it could wait." Beth said with a smile, pulling around the car to find the driver's seat.

Beth had just said that once the door closed there was no turning back.

That wasn't a euphemism.

The door slammed and Beth's hand shot over to Penny's forehead, dunking it backwards. "Sleep."

Penny dropped. Her arms sunk back, her shoulders sagged, her neck rolled until her chin was gentle nestled by her collarbone.

Beth often compared Penny to a flower in bloom. When she was offered trance? When she accepted trance? When trance fully captivated her until there was nothing left but a softly breathing ragdoll with rapidly fluttering eyelids? She became a bouquet. A symphony of beauty and delight.

Did Penny know how precious she was when she was like this? How sweet her soft swooning sighs were? How enamoring her delicate shuffles as she sought further comfort. How unbelievably attractive her delicate moans were when suggestions laced tightly around her mind?

Beth hoped that she had at least an inkling.

"Put your seat back, love..." Beth whispered. Penny lazily complied, flopping back as the seat shunted downwards.

As the car flared to life so too did the stereo and a familiar swell of music emitted from the speakers. The same looped backing song that all of Lady Amethyst's files used. Typically her hypnotic voice would accompany the file but this song was just the track before any editing had been done to it.

The association made it just as entrancing as if there were words to go with it.

"And now it is time to relax..." Beth purred as she pulled out of the driveway, "And you can just let go for me now."

The car had become an impromptu studio for Lady Amethyst's latest file, recorded live in front of her pet and no one had bothered to bring recording equiptment. The session would have to endure in Penny's head instead.

"Remembering to forget and forgetting to remember, finding the haze of morning mist pulling away all thoughts you have while in this lovely state of trance."

But she was not going to be remembering much.


Manoir Blanc was an upscale restaurant located in the downtown area of the city, right between the theatre district and the highrises of the business district. Close enough to lure members of both crowds and be held as a hidden and valued gem for those who ventured out to find it.

Beth had been many times before but it was Penny's first time. She was still fighting off the fractionated cobwebs of her abandoned trance as the car pulled in and the valet pulled it away.

As the pair walked in they were hit by a wave of senses. Gentle piano music delicately buffering mixed conversation in the same way as the lulling tunes in Amethyst's files would. The scent of grilled meat and wine danced alongside freshly baked bread and dry scents which Penny could only describe as rustic. The walls were lined with LEDs illuminating the ornate crowning and all surfaces had a marbled glitter sheen.

Penny let out a whimper of fright from how outclassed and out of place she was. She thanked heavens she wore the dance belt. This would have induced a panic attack.

"Hush, pet. You belong here." Lady Amethyst said firmly, collecting her pet's arm and hooking it around her own. "If I belong here and you are at my arm, you must belong here too."

Penny's fractionated mind couldn't resist her Lady's words. A silly grin bubbled to her lips and she nodded with a detatched giggle.

"That's a good girl. Stay by my side and eyes up. They look ahead or at me. Nowhere else until we reach our table. Am I understood?"

Penny wanted nothing more than to squeak out a bright and pleasant "Yes My Lady!" but all that emitted from her throat was a strained syllable caught before it could fully escape.

Penny blinked in shock and realization. She tried to push out a word. Any word. Nothing emitted at all.

"A simply "Mhmm" would suffice, pet."

Defeated and knowing this was just part of the oncoming fun, Penny whimpered "Mhmm..." and remained at her Lady's side. Her eyes refusing to yield to her embarassment. She looked straight ahead or at the satisfied grin on Amethyst's face.


The pair were sat at a booth in the back of the restaurant. Each of the booths were on a slightly raised platform from the rest of the restaurant and curtains behind each chair separated each both from its neighbor. Amethyst pulled Penny's seat and beckoned her sit, which she did before sitting herself.

Penny could see it in her face. This power. This excitement. This bliss and love and joy. Heightened emotion radiated from her partner and drew the fantasy of Lady Amethyst fully to life. It had always been a title in Penny's mind but now she could see it clear as day.

"Can I get you both started with some appetizers today or would you like to look at our wine menu?"

Penny's eyes shifted to see the server, filling each of their glasses with water.

"I'll give you some time to look things over."

As the server mingled back into the environment, Penny took in the table set up for a photograph. A basket of bread centered the table and a pair of lit candles gently flickered to its left and right. More cutlery than Penny had ever used for a single meal framed the empty spot where plates would eventually live. All that was missing was crimson liquid inside the bulbous wine glasses to complete the look.

"There. Now no it's just you and me." Lady Amethyst cooed sweetly, elbows tenting on the table to cradle her chin in the balls of each hand. "Look at the candle, pet. It doesn't matter which one. Or maybe it does? Do you look at the left? The right? Or perhaps my magnetic and hypnotic eyes directly in between. Do you see the flickering reflection of the flame reflected in them perhaps? You don't have to think. That's too hard. Maybe you should just listen."

Penny's fractionated mind could scarcely keep up as her eyelids fluttered, drinking in the overwhelming amount of contradicting and complimentary suggestions laced on top of one another. Something inside of her sang caution. This was oppressively public. Someone could look. Someone could say something. But that alarm bell was silent, drowned out by her Lady's hypnotic words.

"Already so deeply hypnotized... still riding the trance you built up on the way here. That's good, my pet. You're allowed. It's okay. Is everything still green?"

The word "green" slurred out of Penny's mouth without checking in with the brain first. Bypassing even the hypnotic mute button that had been stealing all her other words.

"Good girl. Let the outside word fade now. There is only you and there is only me and nothing else will bother you. You can just focus on me and the meal. On our lovely and beautiful date. Letting everything else go is so easy. In fact, when our server returns you will sit up prim and proper like the good toy you are and just stare into my eyes and the fire dancing inside them."

Penny nodded lazily. That sounded right. That sounded good. There was no other sound but that and it was ever so perfect.

"And three, two, one and... wake."


Rapid blinks helped to shift some of the fog. The ambience of the restaurant faded to a mute haze. It was out there. The piano melody out in the void expanse was slightly soothing to the edge of perception, but there it remained. The edge. Outside of Penny's ability to process. What she could process was Lady Amethyst across from her, ruby lips in a satisfied grin, eyes drinking in the sight of the disoriented toy.

"This is your first time at a place like this then, toy?" she asked casually, "What do you think so far?"

Penny nodded softly and opened her mouth to speak to be greeted with another squeak of muted words.

"Oh yes, I'm sorry, love." Amethyst said, raising her napkin to the corner of her lips. "Speak. What do you think?"

"Hah... think." Penny nervously chuckled, she tried to pivot her head to regard the restaurant but it remained locked to the table and the Goddess at the other end of it, "It's intimidating. I don't really get all this ceremony and formal stuff... but... it's not bad. Now that I'm here."

"Mmm..." Amethyst gently mused, taking a sip of water. "Go on?"

"The valet parking, like--- they pay someone to just park cars? That's so... over abundant."

"So if I called you to park my car in the garage when I got home after a trip, you'd think I was being excessive?"

Penny jerked back a little, worried she had performed a faux pas, "No, no, My Lady. I mean... if that's what you wanted... but... people like me shouldn't get that kind of treatment?"

"You're unworthy of being pampered, pet? Of being cared for?" a teasing edge in her tone.

"No, no, it's not that... it's..." she sighed, "Don't worry. It's lovely. Just a little much."

"Mmmm... extra service for the sake of service. Ways of making those who do not have enough class or capital feel unwelcome? Is that what you're worried about, pet?"

Relieved, Penny grinned, her Lady always had a way with words and finding the right ones for the situation, "That, yes!"

Another sip of water turned into a relaxed smile. "I'm sorry if any of that made you feel uncomfortable. We don't need the suited servers, the live music, the valet parking or the $45 entrees to display our love."

"Forty five?!" Penny choked, "I didn't know it was that ex-" before she could utter the next syllable her voice squeaked out and no more words were allowed out.

Amethyst lowered the napkin from the corner of her mouth and made an extremely satisfied smirk. "Hush now, love. You musn't worry your silly little head about things like that. Numbers that big can be scary, can't they? Better not to think about them. Better not to think at all."

Something about the idea of big numbers did suddenly seem so silly. She had been trying to do the math in her head of entrees, plus dessert, plus drinks and whatever the tips would be for both parking and serving. But as Amethyst spoke all the numbers just started to slip and slide off of one another. Her face broke out into a blissful blank grin and her mouth opened to erupt in giggles only to find a soft squeak of silence once again.

Beth couldn't help but adore the sight on display. Such a silly little toy, silently giggling and rapidly triggering herself over and over again by doing something as small and stupid as trying to guess how much this date costed.

Such a beautiful silly girl.

"So. What are we thinking?"

The server had returned. Penny was too lost in her silly little math problems to perceive them though. Amethyst raised a finger and she settled into a rigid posture, shoulders back, head straight, calm and placid expression. No one would see her as doing anything other than politely awaiting her turn to order.

Penny's eyes could only see her Lady. Finger still raised, keeping her frozen in the correct position. Her thoughts had been paused too but she could see her in serious expression explaining the order in its entirety. The words did not need to be processed though, they were there as much as the piano was there or the server's replies, but they were unimportant and so could be drowned out in the rich haze of fog.

The conversation lulled. Somewhere inside Penny's head the idea of being addressed clicked. She was supposed to say something. Supposed to do something. Someone, somewhere was concerned about the fact that this person was not reacting. But then Beth spoke again and the danger lurking outside of her bubble vanished.

"She'll have the..."

Penny could make out those words.

There was something so reassuringly powerful about speaking for her. Answering for her. Making her decisions. Being made to eat what her Lady decided.

It flooded the unmoving toy with affection.

The commotion of the outside world vanished and the invisible tension of a third party trying to invade the bubble was gone. Amethyst's finger was still raised. Her head turned to enjoy the view and then the finger dropped down.

It took a lot for Penny not to drop with it, but instinctively she knew that it meant she could move again. React again. Albeit talking was still off of the menu. Menus themselves were off of the table. When had that happened? She never even had the chance to look.

Better that way... numbers lurked inside the menu.

hehehehe... numbers.

"Now, what were we talking about again, my love?"

Penny opened her mouth and a desperate squeak emitted.

"Good girl. I wanted to be sure that you were still obeying. I knew you would. Because you know when to stay silent and you know when you are compelled to Confess." she took another sip of water and dabbed the corner of her lip with the napkin.

"Haaaah...!" Penny choked out in surprise, her eyelids rapidly fluttering. "I... am so... fucking fractionated..." as she spoke her hands found hair and began curling strands of it coyly.

"Yes you are and it's fucking adorable!" Beth responded, and quite clearly Beth. There was a certain quality to Lady Amethyst's voice that gave her words such gravitas and power but beneath that was the woman that Penny loved. Emotional, excitable and just as dorky as Penny herself. Elizabeth Benson. Beautiful, wonderful Elizabeth Benson.

"I'm not that wonderful, pet." Beth responded with a smirk.

Penny's hands slapped to her mouth. Had she been speaking her thoughts out loud. Even beneath the gag of her own hands she could feel the lips moving and going on and on without pause.

"Hands down." Amethyst commanded.

Penny obeyed.

"I fucking love the way that my body reacts without warning. It always surprises me even if I know it's coming and it makes me feel warm and squishy inside and a little squirmy. I feel really squirmy right now, I just want to reach over and hug you, is that okay? Am I allowed to want that? This feels like such a high class place and I don't think that kind of behavior is okay, but I want to, no I need to. I have to. Please my Lady, please please let me hug you, let me hold you, pretty please, just a little hug, a tiny snuggle, just a second, a moment, please, oh please, oh please, pretty pl-"

The napkin dabbed the corner of the lip and Penny's words squeaked to a close. She continued to mime out conversation, words spilling rapidly from her unbidden and incapable of being turned into audible words.

The finger raised and Penny shuffled back to neutral sitting position.

The preparation for this date had been worth it for just how smoothly this was all happening.

"Good. Good. Obedient. Controlled. Kept. Mine."

Penny needed to respond with "Yours" but she could neither speak nor move. Her eyes desperately tried to communicate it. Her arms were still desperate to cuddle.

Amethyst took another sip of water, "I know you want to--- NEED to reach over and touch me. I cannot even imagine the amount of skin hunger you must be feeling." another sip and it finally occurred to Penny's hypnotized brain that the water sips were triggering it, this compulsion to make contact. To touch her hand, hold her close, bury her face in her hair, lavish her wish kisses. Anything. Anything! The desperation was gnawing enough that she felt it could break her free of her trance any moment.

But she continued to obey.

The first course was brought out and after the server had vanished, Penny was allowed to move again. In a bratty spike of desperation she reached over the table to graze her Lady's finger as she reached for her glass only to be met with a force field, a repelling push against her action that pushed her hand back to her side of the table.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk... I was really going to space this out, but---" Amethyst slowly grasped the glass and raised it. "Maybe if you begged forgiveness..."

Penny urgently squeaked. No other sound could be made.

"Oh well. I guess I have to then." and she slowly tilted the glass and drank deep, three quarters of the glass had remained prior to her action and she returned it to the table completely empty.

Penny's eyes locked onto the glass in complete horrified alarm, a sharp intake of breath as the impact of what had just happened washed over her. Beth tapped the table twice and raised her finger. Penny locked back into neutral.

"Oh my sweet Darling..." Beth sighed, "I love you so much. Now, come on. We have three courses and so much to talk about... and it's okay, I won't keep you silent the whole meal. Just when I want to play with you... and you look so pretty tonight, pet. I can't help but play. You don't mind do you?"


"That's my girl. Oh? Why, yes. Thank you, I would like a refill on my water. I appreciate it. One for her too, yes."

Penny's skin crawled, screamed for liberation. Her fuzzy head was barely taking in shapes at this point. There was a meal. There were candles and there was Beth. Beautiful and amazing Lady Amethyst of whom Penny dearly wanted to snuggle up beside.

Everything else seemed too hard to think about.

"Oh, Penny-dear?" the finger was down again. Not that it did much good for Penny who could not touch her Lady.

A two-blink was the only reply her muted form could give.

"What's nine hundred and forty two squared?"

And Penny just lost what little ability she had left to concentrate on the funniest joke in the world. Silent laughter flowed through her and her thoughts were consumed by the enormous silliness of enormous numbers.

As Penny expressed her silly laughter, she felt something. Connection! Lady Amethyst's toe. Ejected from shoe and now caressing her calves.

"Did you like my gift earlier by the way?" Amethyst asked, dabbing her lip again.

Penny's giggling subsided. "Gift... My Lady?"

"Such a forgetful thing you are..." Amethyst sighed, her toe rubbed against cool metal of the new anklet and teased the cat bell.

The restaurant could have been a heavy metal concert with amps up to eleven and all Penny would have heard was the jingle of the bell. High pitched, tiny jingling, rattling on the inside of her brain.

"I..." she whimpered.


The toe jingled the bell again.

A weak murmur crackled at her throat, silenced not by hypnotic compulsion but by the confusion of an overwhelmed mind.

"What about you, pet?"


Penny's eyes drooped, her heart beat too fast, the world was spinning.

"Safe word if you need to pet." Beth whispered assuringly.

Penny's head swayed unbalanced, neither the words Yellow nor Red left her lips.

"What is going through your head, pet? Confess."

"I..." Penny slurred, "I am a Good Girl. I am in love. I am a happy pretty toy. I feel so wonderful. I feel so loved. This is so wonderful. My heart is exploding. I am floating off of the table. I can't control anything anymore. I am just a pretty plaything. Empty headed. Forgetful. Blissful. Beautiful."

"Yes. Yes. Yes." Amethyst intoned enthusiastically, "Correct thoughts. Good girl. Good girl. Yes."

Words continued to spill out until they become nonsense. Penny was no longer processing anything, she was experiencing it. And that experience was as transient as it was transcendent. Fleeting. Everything had come to feel like a dream.

Beth eventually had her stop confessing and the meal proceeded. More water was drunk which increased the desperate need to cuddle. Penny behaved herself in front of the server and no one in the restaurant caught on to any shenanigans. Appetizers and entrees were consumed and Penny felt deep gratitude at having her choices made for her. Everything was magical and green.

Penny had promised the moment they were alone together in the car their hands could lock together and from there they would hug and stay entwined until morning. That if Penny felt comfortable she could help Beth experience her own highs for a deeply enticing night.

But that was all in the future. Afterwards.

Conversation blossomed between courses. Sometimes in aware bouts of normalcy and sometimes with teases of silence and locked limb, with thought patterns interupted and dangerous flirtatious tugs of the leash wrapped firmly around Penny's mind.

But in all the reverie. In all of the fondness of the magic of the memory of that evening. The part that long endured in retellings of the story, and Penny would tell her Discord friends this story quite often once she had finished processing it, was the stupidest punchline. The one deep within the normal conversation of FetLife drama, TV shows and world events.

It was long after both parties had settled out of the hypnotic playing at their meal, as dessert was placed down. A steaming apple pie with a lump of ice cream adorned with jellified wedges of orange and a chocolate syrup.

Penny's first thought was to question the existence of the syrup. If the flavor profiles would match. Chocolate and vanilla and orange, yes but chocolate and apple? Maybe. But... it wasn't a chocolate pie, it was an apple pie. Apple pie. Other kinds of pie existed. Pumkpin pie. Chicken pot pie. Blueberry pie. Raspberry Pie. She'd never heard of actually Raspberry Pie before but that's what the computer was named. Why was it named that. Such a weird name, Raspberry Pi... Pi.


Three Point One Four One Five...

Penny burst out into a fit of uncontrollable laughter. Loud enough to threaten the clandestine nature of their activities. Penny's heels banged on the floor and tears stung in her eyes. Nothing had ever been funnier to her in her life.

It didn't require hypnosis for that fact to remain true.

Beth swiftly took control of the situation and added safety, but if there was one thing from the evening which truly stuck it was that moment. It had become the thing of legends within Penny and Beth's Discord circles. The time that the silly little toy was so fractionated that she triggered herself into hysteric fits of laughter by looking at an apple pie.

That was a good memory. Even if it became a source of friendly teasing in the future.

The entire night was full of good memories and promised of so many good nights yet to come. If Penny remembered it as a haze and a dream then Beth remembered it in every single complicated emotion, in seeing how fun, imaginative and trusting her partner was, in seeing the beautiful ways that her mind took her words and turned them into magic like the good girl she was.

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