by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #dom:female #exhibitionism #f/f #multiple_partners #sub:female

Another dull Zoom call with 30 participants and Tamara has nothing to contribute. A good thing that her Mistress gave her some important homework to do during the call to keep her pets occupied.

Edited from an original draft written much earlier in the pandemic. 

Tamara stared at the preview window intently. Her webcam was pointed at an angle that simply did not flatter her. Though she was hardly the only face that wasn't up to its best in the Zoom call. It was to be a long afternoon. But there was no reason it couldn't be enjoyable too.

Every month the ComicZap admin team gather to discuss the plans for their next event in the unknowable proving grounds of October. The discussions were an intent back and forth of dodging between publicity, preparation and pre-sales which required acknowledging both the fact that the hotel deposit was already paid and the fact that no one knew if the global pandemic would still make a huge dent in attendence.

As head of the cosplay competition it was Tamara's job to sit on the call and listen for the full 3-4 hours. Nothing she did or said could reasonably change the fate of the convention. Better minds, more invested minds could handle that.

Like Mistress.

Mistress had a mind capable of making decisions. Tamara knew that all too well. Afterall, she made them for her all of the time.

Tamara had actually been invited to join the conventions volunteer staff by Mistress a few years back. She had seen Tamara's love of comics, anime and cosplay and had dressed her up to become a rather effective manager of the Saturday night cosplay pagent and contest. A highlight event of any convention weekend, though it was still not entirely certain if the convention could still happen under present circumstances.

Tamara wasn't the only one of Mistress' chosen few on the call. Hannah was here too. 

Hannah was dressed up nice for the call. It was not abnormal to see her wearing jewlery and full make-up for the meetings though it did make Tamara suspect that she was just trying to impress Mistress and get her attention.

Not that Tamara didn't try too, but she had the tact to not be so obvious about it.

The previous night while Tamara enjoyed her evening with Mistress, she made an off hand but strong complaint about having to endure what she referred to as 'another pointless conference'. In reply, Mistress grinned that wicked grin of hers, ran her fingers through Tamara's honey brown hair and gave a sudden and unmistakable yank.

Tamara recalled how she froze up, her breath evaporated in a gasp and she was left to gape wide eyed and exposed before her all powerful Mistress.

"You think you'll be bored, pet?" she purred, enjoying the visual display.

Tamara could scarecely nod in reply, hair pulling against the strain of her motion.

"Hannah will be there too... and I think this pandemic has prevented me from really letting you get to know one another. Maybe you can use this opportunity to be a good girl and get along with my other good girl..."

And so it had become the mission of the day.

Reach out to her.


And a mischievious voice in the back of her head was telling Tamara exactly how she could do so.

The minutes from last meeting were read and Tamara spent the time to rearrange her preview windows accordingly.  Mistress was always right there at the head of the meeting, always clarifying, asking questions, keeping the meeting on schedule. All microphones were admin muted. It gave Tamara an unusual thrill to think that she could not communicate unless Mistress willed it.

Even if she were to scream out right that moment none of the other 32 people on the call would notice. Double confirming that and unplugging her microphone for good measure, she right clicked Hannah's window and made it full screen. There the other woman rocked back and forth on her chair unaware and unprepared for the IM she was about to receive.

CosplayDept: She looks beautiful when She takes charge, doesn't She.

Hannah perked up and reached for her keyboard. 

ArtistAlleyDept: Yeah. It comes so naturally. It feels good to hear her Voice.

CosplayDept: She's been busy lately. I've missed Her too. But she asked us to get closer so I thought I'd say hi.

ArtistAlleyDept: Sure. Neither one of us have any say in this meeting. We don't really kick into gear until we know for sure the show is still on.

CosplayDept: Which could be months.

ArtistAlleyDept: Do you think the convention will run okay this time? I still feel a bit burned out from having put in all that work last time and having it all vanish into dust.

CosplayDept: I mean, it sucks for sure, but I don't know if I care if they put it on or not this time. Do you?

ArtistAlleyDept: Not particularly. I just want the pandemic to be over. The rest is an afterthought.

Tamara paused a moment and let that sit. Mistress was still dictating the tone of the meeting, wrangling the people who were able to make impactful decisions (on Her behalf of course) to make decisions. 

CosplayDept: Do you ever think the others are her hypnotic thralls too?

Tamara supressed a smirk as she saw Hannah react to the message upon receipt. It was less of a blush and more of a flash of the eyes. Alertness or surprise perhaps. It invited further teasing.

CosplayDept: Don't you ever think of it... all the other windows, all just mindlessly obedient to her every whim, organizing this convention because she says so...

ArtistAlleyDept: bjhfbegfjhefwvbiwef

Safely on her side of the computer and with no microphone on, she smirked and softly whispered to herself "Oh keysmash... The subby mating cry. How I love you.".

Mistress had a habit of sparking a Discord call after an IM keysmash to firmly ask "how do you pronounce that, pet?" and not let Tamara log off until she had sounded out every syllable. She would often make her go back and start again if there was a vowel typed but not sounded. This had the unintended impact of making both Tamara and Hannah quite eager to keysmash whenever they could in order to attract Mistress' words.

Every time Tamara had finished repeating what she had been told to repeat Mistress would say "You'll use your words in the future, won't you, pet?", but she knew all she was doing was encouraging the bratty and subby behavior. Even in disobedience they were made to act exactly as Mistress wanted.

Just the memory of Mistress' commanding tone and the humiliating practice made her wet. No doubt Hannah was feeling it too. They loved being caught in her power. It was only in this moment that Tamara was discovering how much fun it could be to watch someone else caught in that same web.

Spurred on and knowing she was doing Mistress' will, she returned her fingers to the keys.

CosplayDept: Lulled by Her words during these meetings. Slipping in little keywords and triggers perhaps. Maybe every time she says "Urgent" they perk up, pay close attention, or if she replied "Thank you" they'll feel just the smallest tingle of pleasure...

Hannah's reaction became far more obvious. Tamara knew that posture. It was the posture that she would have herself on occassion. It was the cascading and paralyzing effect submissives felt when they saw "someone is typing..." on the bottom of their Discord window. The knowledge that you do not reply until you know the other party is done speaking.

It made Tamara wonder if she was this easy.

CosplayDept: I don't know about you, but I find it easy to slide off to Her Voice. She could be talking about facts and figures and I'd still find myself going under.

The alarm still resonated in Hannah's eyes. In actuality she could remove her headphones and excuse herself from the window. No one would notice in the sea of faces within the call. But she also wouldn't be noticed reacting. Except by Tamara and perhaps the devious devil that bewitched both their hearts and had intentionally sent Tamara to perform this wicked task.

CosplayDept: In fact. More so when it's facts and figures. Boring, droning words about things I don't care about...

CosplayDept: I need to listen because it is Her speaking. But the words just fade in one ear and out the other. The important words stand out and my eager hungry mind picks up on them.

CosplayDept: I wonder if yours does too.

The squirm.

That goddamned squirm. That delicious delerious squirm. Caught in the headlights. She was never going to get out of that chair and she was incapable of replying. Her headphones had become the chain of a leash and that particular collar was pumping in Her words directly into her ear.

Her boring, meaningless words. 

Her sleepy, drowsy words.

CosplayDept: I think budget would be a good trigger word.

Tamara paused to delight in Hannah wrining her hands. Trapped on call, under her gaze. Their silent arbiter actually quite loudly talking about the timeframe it would take to organize guests and which ones worked during COVID time.

CosplayDept: That's a pleasurable word.

Hannah shot the camera a dangerous glare. Such a pity that it was Tamara's and Tamara's alone to enjoy. So pouty and weak, posturing and pathetic. She could almost hear Mistress cooing "What are you going to do about it, pet?" like she would when Tamara gave her that very look.

Mistress certainly had a type, it appeared... or perhaps the pair of them were so alike because she willed it that way. Neither outcome would be a true surprise.

CosplayDept: So pleasurable. She's given you pleasure before. With her Silver tongue. 

CosplayDept: Well she can do it with just her words alone, I mean. But there's also her actual tongue.

Hannah broke free of her paralyzed mixture of intrigue and terror long enough to lean forward, reaching out to type.

CosplayDept: Don't reply.

A good submissive does what she is told. Even with the low quality camera and the horrible bitrate of a populated Zoom call, Tamara could still easily make out the blush in her face. 

There was no way to know if Mistress was watching the pair of them. Tamara liked to hope that she was though.

CosplayDept: Good girl.

Another bomb exploded but this one hit with a distinctive eye flutter. It wasn't a reactive reaction. It was a deeply entranced cutie knowing that she was being a good girl and losing a little bit of the fight and shame that would dare her to attempt resist ing that notion.

Not that she could. Not that she'd want to. Tamara herself doubted that she would want to be the squirmy melty mess live on the Zoom call, but she was certain that under the right circumstances she couldn't stop herself from needing to be.

Tamara just thanked her lucky stars that Mistress had told her to do this to Hannah and not the other way around.

Tamara also thanked her lucky stars that the webcam didn't show below either of their waists. Hannah was lucky that she wouldn't have to type any replies. Tamara on the other end may lose one of her hands to lust by the end of this teasing session.

Mistress had made dead sure of that before sending her to work.

CosplayDept: That's right. You are Mistress' good girl, aren't you?

I swear I saw her gulp in either hunger or panic.

CosplayDept: A little programmed fuckdoll who wants to impress her on this call. Isn't that right my dear?

Hannah sat starring at the screen in her lustfueled state of shock and horror. She did not reach for her keyboard at all. That only helped ignite Tamara's resolve. She was obeying. Not replying until given permission to. It was enough to make a woman drunk on power.

CosplayDept: Type "Yes Tamara" like the good girl you are.

ArtistAlleyDept: yes tamaata

Tamara giggled in triumphant glee. So early on in their impromptu session and she was already getting lower case and typos? "I should have known the moment we saw keysmash." she smirked to herself.

CosplayDept: That's a good girl. Just like that.

CosplayDept: Pleasure

Her shoulders rocketed back and she clamped teeth onto her lip. Tamara had suspected that they shared common triggers but this was a firm confirmation. She didn't know if Mistress had commanded Hannah to accept that trigger from any other sources, but it's clear that with her defenses down and the situation as it was she was helpless to do anything but feel herself throb with need. Tamara could feel it herself. 

CosplayDept: That's right, Pleasure

Her body trembled. Tamara marvelled in delight. Her hand was already snaked down between her thighs and stroking over fabric. She would never give up being a good girl, not for anything on this planet. But she was starting to see the appeal of serving by making others do as she herself would? 

She could get used to that.

CosplayDept: Pleasure

Down a hand she just maneuvered her fingers to hit CTRL+A, CTRL+X, CTRL+V and repeat her previous message. She was rewarded by Hannah's teeth releasing her bottom lip and revealing a silent moan which made Tamara yearn for a world where Hannah's microphone was enabled. Even still, the action without audio was enough to make Tamara return the favor, her finger now within her underwear. She hadn't even noticed her breathing becoming rapid shuddering whimpers of desire.

It was then that Tamara noticed something in the corner of her window, the audio from the meeting was still droning on in headphones, ignored by both submissives, but the meeting was in full swing and mid-sentence about avoiding inviting contentious celebrity guests who could bring a bad reputation to the convention, mostly regarding the recent allegations against an anti-semetic artist jerk, there the preview window for the presently speaking Mistress flashed pearly white teeth in the most delighted and satisfied smile.

By all rights both girls should be on mute, Tamara had disconnected her microphone even, yet  it was clear and obvious. She could hear those moans and that smile meant she was pleased.

"Bill, I need to stop for a quick restroom break. Could you take over for a few seconds?"

Tamara's hand stopped motioning between her thighs and somewhere in her light trance, Hannah's eyes blinked slowly too. The preview window switched from Mistress to some unimportant person who had unimportant things to say.

ConChairGwen: Take off your headphones, pet.

Tamara did as instructed right away.

"Good girl. You did exactly as I instructed you."

Mistress'  voice filled the room. Tamara was too confused to understand what was happening.

"Pick up your phone and walk away from the camera, sweetheart."

There was no hesitation. Tamara scooped up her phone and walked over to her sofa. She didn't remember receiving a call from Mistress, but it had been open and on the entire time. Sitting at her desk. Picking up every keypress, every snide comment that she had spoke aloud and of course every gasp and moan.

"Hannah, sweetheart. You too, okay. Get away from the camera."

"...s... mis...trss..."

Hannah's voice filled the room too now, a gentle husk of a weak willed submissive girl who was barely able to say a word between her own gasping pants of ecstacy.

"Tell her how it feels, pet." Mistress' powerful voice intoned over the speakers. Tamara knew that was not directed at her, though it was certainly aimed for her.

"feels... soft... fuzzy... serene..." the barely whispered voice of Tamara's counterpart whimpered over the phone. Tamara could feel her heart rate pick up. Her hand had somehow found its way back inside her skirt.

"Fuzzy? Soft? Serene?" Mistress parrotted back slowly, as if dubiously sampling each word as they were delivered. "Tamara, pet? Is that what you feel too? Fuzzy? Soft? Serene?"

Hearing Mistress' playful words helped draw up another lustful whimper from Tamara's needy lips as she bucked her hips. Her head was starting to feel... what were the words, again?

"Pet. Answer your Mistress when She speak to you." she sharply commanded having long since made both girls capable of hearing her pronounce the capital letters.

"Y-yes Mistress!" Tamara cried suddenly, punctuated with another needy whimper.

"Then tell me. Do you feel what Hannah feels?"

""Y-yes Mistress!" Tamara repeated, three fingers deep and increasing speed by the second.

"Yes, what? Which of the words do you feel stronger, my pet?" her words were slow, calm but sharp as the edge of a knife.

"..I... I...!" Tamara whimpered, the words that Hannah had supplied were so far away from this moment.

"Can you even remember what she said, pet?" Mistress asked slowly, mockingly.

" Mistress!" all of the power that she had mere moments ago was completely drained. There was only the yearning of a Good Girl now. But a Good Girl would have remembered the words.

"Such a forgetful, horny little thing you are..." Mistress sighed. "Was our little meeting so boring that you couldn't focus on anything, even my Powerful Voice?" Tamara needed to reply but Mistress kept talking so her pet remained quiet, "So horny and unfocused and forgetful..." the moment lingered, Tamara could almost feel Mistresses thumb on her forehead, pinning down her thoughts, keeping her from speaking until it was her turn to reply, "But you were a good girl and took care of my Hannah for me, so you should be rewarded..."

Tamara could only helplessly stammer out a lustful yelp of eager compliace.

"I have to go back to the meeting. Hannah, we spoke about this last night. You know what to do... I'll be listening, so be good, the both of you."

"Yes Mistress..." came the combined of reply of deeply hypnotized Good Girls.

"Tamara... deep sleepy girl Tamara..." Hannah's voice was a little out of it, but it had an edge to it, something that Tamara could not ignore and more importantly something that she could not disobey.

Tamara's head started feeling... ah, now she could remember.




It felt good to obey Mistress, even if her words were coming through her other pet. Mistress was so good to let her Good Girls play with one another while she was busy on the meeting. Mistress was still listening. Tamara knew she had to be a good girl and make some good noise for her Mistress to entertain her during the boring meeting.


It was not going to be a hard task at all.

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn for future updates and info.


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