Live, Laugh, Loveslave

Could it be done (Josh's Perspective)

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:male #f/f #f/m #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #CW:dubious_consent #exhibitionism #feet #happy_slaves #personality_change #pov:top #urban_fantasy

In which Josh's attention is drawn to an intriguing notion.

If you've practiced a skill for long enough, if you've been studying a subject for long enough, you reach a point where you want a real challenge in order to figure out how far you've come. I think I'm at that point myself now. I've been studying psychology for the past five years, ever since I graduated high school.

Hypnosis was a favorite subject of mine, as well as personality disorders. I've been fascinated with abnormal psychology ever since I was a kid. Treating them through hypnotherapy was an idea I often tossed around. I already got a lot of practice with my ex girlfriend, using hypnosis to help her relax after her exams were done. She loved that feeling of her mind emptying of all her worries, her stress. She even said she looked forward to her 'brain drain' session after her last test was done.

But I wanted a real challenge this time, something that would test my knowledge of psychology to the absolute limit.

And I think I found her.

Her name is Patricia Locklear, and she's the terror of every other restaurant and store in my part of town. Can't really tell if she's late 20s or early 30s, she masks her age well with whatever makeup regimen she uses. She's got a high ranking position at the local branch of a big real estate company. I don't know she's telling the whole truth about her job, but if I remember correctly she said she's in charge of distributing leads to the sales reps. I know she had quite a bit of money, so she might've actually been telling the truth. She lives in one of those fancy neighborhoods overlooking the ocean. That, I know from all her bragging.

She was quick to anger, petty and demanding. I couldn't ask for a more difficult subject.

The question was, how do you take control of a narcissist like her? They usually never take orders from someone else unless they absolutely have to. They also (usually) have a good deal of experience manipulating others, so she might get onto me. 

Then I got it. I didn't need to take control, I just needed to talk her into giving it to me. And how do I do that? I make myself appear to be the best enabler she could ever hope for. I'd provide the perfect protection from her two worst fears: being wrong and having to take responsibility. If I persuade her that doing what I want will ensure she's protected from those things, I should be golden.

She was a burgeoning believer in healing crystals and she kept up with her horoscope regularly. So I might be able to talk her into a hypnotherapy session if I played my cards right. God, I can't even begin to think of all the possibilities.

If this succeeded, I'd have a real trophy on my hands, a self-absorbed slave girl who'd love me just as much as she loves herself. A narcissistic thrall who'd follow my every command.

If this failed, I'd probably go deaf from her screaming. But what's an adventure without a little risk, huh?

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