Brand Loyalty

Tantric titillations

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #sub:female #urban_fantasy #corporate #cult #mass_hypnosis #subliminal

The employee in charge of one of Slime's meditation workshops speaks to some new recruits on how to ensure customer satisfaction.

Eyes up front, ladies. Thank you. My name's Kiara and I've been tasked with walking you through successfully running the libido enhancement meditation course. I've run this course to completion fifteen times in the past and have two such classes ongoing at the same time right now. I have every intention of making sure you can deliver results that will please the Great Healer.

Now, a maximum class size has twenty slots although I've worked with ones as small as five. Given the age of consent in this state, the youngest students we can take should be no less than exactly seventeen years old as of the previous date but we can take in women as old as mid forties. If you've got a girl who looks a bit younger than she's saying, do not hesitate to card her.

Your first session will be an hour long introductory course where you will get to know your students. Twenty minutes in, you will light the Inner Focus candles. The candles will relax them to the point where the subliminals hidden in the ambience should start to embed themselves. You will make no further effort to indoctrinate them at this time as your main priority will be establishing a base of trust.

Over the course of the next three meetings, you will begin to chip away at any mental obstacles to discussing sexual topics. Should you be successful, they should have little to no issue discussing sexual frustrations and past experiences. It is imperative that you not only get them to trust in Slime, but each other. Make absolutely certain that the subliminal messages they are exposed to during these meetings convey a feeling that they can confide in one another and not be shy about openly sharing past experiences.

Before the fourth class ends, make sure you tell your students that if they have any wet dreams in the time between then and the fifth meeting, they are to write them down so they can be shared with the class. This goes double for if Slime or the Great Healer played a large role in those dreams. When the class meeting is over you will have each girl who wrote down their wet dream submit the paper so it can be scanned and uploaded to one of the forums for the Brand Compliant.

Any questions so far? Yes, you with the bandana. It would be a good idea to anticipate some shyness from those who've written down their wet dreams, you're absolutely right. If you have to, you're encouraged to tell them that what they've written is worthy of being added to the company's 'erotic visions' archive. By doing this, you will reinforce the notion that Slime can be trusted with such intimate knowledge. You will forge a stronger a stronger sense of allegiance to Slime during this time.

For the last meeting, the girls are to bring either swimsuits or lingerie to wear to class. You will go over their erotic obligations as beneficiaries of this particular Slime workshop. You will heavily stress their obligation to provide the spiritual payment of one orgasm a day when they are alone and have little chance of being disturbed. While masturbating, they are to either mentally or verbally repeat the mantra 'I owe the company my climax, I must provide a pleasure payment.' During this class session, you will order them to make the first of such payments. Make sure they have cleaning products within reach for when they complete the transaction.

Upon the successful conclusion of this course, the women in your class should associate obedience to Slime with sexual pleasure. They would look forward to serving the Great Healer any way they can.


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