Brand Loyalty

Corporate Cathouse

by KonradKurze

Tags: #dom:female #f/f #happy_slaves #serial_recruitment #sub:female #urban_fantasy #corporate #cult #mass_hypnosis #subliminal

Emily Rockwell talks about how she accepted Slime as her pimp.

I first heard of Slime...lemme think, four years after I graduated high school? Yeah somewhere around that time. I wasn't interested in it though. I didn't have much use for the products they were selling. I was working at a brothel near Reno at the time called the 'Thorny Rose'. A few months before I became Brand Compliant, the company opened up a regional HQ in town. It's not that far away actually.

It was a pretty quiet day, around noon I'd say. One of the girls who worked there, Jayden, seemed really giddy for some reason. At 12:30, she eagerly answered a knock at the door and invited in a woman wearing a business suit and holding a briefcase. We catered to lesbians and bisexual girls as well as guys so I thought this was just another customer and so did our receptionist Patti. Jayden asked for all of us to come down to the front, not telling us why except that it was important.

When the owner Hayley asked what who the woman was, she just got one of the light therapy devices from her briefcase and hit us with it at full blast. I felt like all the thoughts had been knocked out of my head. Jayden was beaming and she told that we would begin our journey to Brand Compliance as of that moment. She said that the woman had a magnificent offer for us and we'd find out what it was once we had all embraced Slime and the Great. The woman herself said it would be an offer impossible to refuse. She sounded like my mom did when I was scared of the monster in my closet, calm and trustworthy. After turning the device off, she and Jadyn started giving us bags of Slime products to take him, telling us to use them as soon as we could.

As soon as that very night, I began to notice changes. I was starting to have wet dreams where I was being gang banged by these figures that looked like mannequins with Slime logos on the foreheads and over their groins. They'd endlessly repeat Slime slogans, product pitches and things like that while I fucked them. I couldn't get enough of it. I'm serious, these slogans were the hottest thing I'd ever heard. I'd be riding one of these things reverse-cowgirl style, while giving two other ones a handjob begging them not to stop talking. Looking back on it now, I could see what was happening. I was being primed to associate the company with mind numbing pleasure. Gotta admit, it really did help my 'performance' at work. If I needed to get my energy back, all I needed to do was think of those 'things' fucking my brains out.

When I drove past the Slime regional HQ on the way to get some groceries, a question popped into my head. All of a sudden I wanted to ask someone in their marketing department whether or not it would technically count as advertising if I got a tattoo of the company logo over my pussy. I decided not to go in right then.

All in all, I enjoyed becoming Brand Complaint. Slime was a giant cock that was showering me with corporate propaganda. And all I wanted to do was keep my mouth open so I could swallow as much as I could. 

When all of us became Brand Compliant. Jayden said that Slime was interested in acquiring the Thorny Rose, secretly integrating into the company's sphere of influence. We would be company employees in all but name. Any new hires we got were to be made Brand Compliant. The Great Healer would be our pimp as well as our spiritual guide. Nothing would change on the surface but we'd be turning tricks for Her now. In return, Slime would foot the bill for everything from sex toys to payroll to medical expenses. We wouldn't be using Slime branded sex toys though. We needed to make sure we had as few visible ties to the company as possible.

It sounded so wonderful, so cool, so devious. I pictured all fourteen of us standing side by side either nude or in the sluttiest clothes imaginable. Around all our necks was a leash, with an angelic woman of gold holding on to them. It made me weak at the knees. And why wouldn't it? It was the truth. We were all under the Great Healer's influence, all Brand Compliant. We would all whore ourselves out to Slime.

Hannah called the woman a week after she came in to give her the news. The Thorny Rose would be turned over to Slime for free, effective immediatelly. The girls and I cheered. In an instant, we had become another outpost of the Great Healer's corporate empire. I felt so proud. We weren't just working at some run of the mill Nevada brothel anymore. We were prostitutes working at Slime's first whorehouse. Workplace morale has never been so high and I don't think it's gonna come down anytime soon. Every John and Jane we serve is giving their money to the Great Healer. If we hadn't been sworn to secrecy, I'd tell them that Slime appreciates their business and we hope to see them again soon.

Oh well, imagining it's good enough. And even if I can't act on that little fantasy, I can still make sure the Thorny Rose isn't the only Slime owned brothel for long. I hang out with some other sex workers in my off time and I think I found my first recruit.

Sorry about the wait, got a new job.

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