A service to the galaxy

Now you see

by KonradKurze

Tags: #cw:noncon #aliens #clothing #exhibitionism #happy_slaves #pov:bottom #scifi #sub:female #brainwash #dom:male #f/f #f/m #foot_fetish #multiple_partners #personality_change #Terran_Union

Captain Stone is given a profound revelation that changes the way she sees herself, her species, and her new masters.

Hernandez smiled as one of the Choraxians put some sort of circlet over my head. Before I could even scream, I felt something pressing itself into my mind. I tried to concentrate, force it out but it only slowed down. When whatever it was wormed its way into my brain I felt so...calm. I kinda knew what was happening but it didn't bother me at all.

"Begin, Hernandezzz." one of the Choraxians ordered.

"I obey. Captain, while you may see our masters as nothing more than flesh peddlers, I can assure you they serve a noble cause. The truth is that they are working to protect the rest of the galactic community, to slow down the rate of humanity's expansion into the stars. Our species is a ravenous, fearful and violent one, Captain. The day we achieved faster-than-light technology was a dark one for the galaxy as a whole."

Everything she said made sense so far. When I was in school, the wars and atrocities of the past weren't skipped over. We understood that humanity had to walk a long, winding and bloody road until we had the capability to leave Earth.  To expand outward in search of new worlds to call home. We got into a war with the Xulkarra ten years after we began to colonize out planets. They were the first alien species we ever encountered. It ended in a stalemate, and we found out that there was a whole interstellar commonwealth that now had pretty bad impression of us.

"The population of the Terran Union currently stands at 106 billion." she continued. "In the interest of galactic stability, its growth must be checked. A war would benefit no one, so our masters and groups like theirs have devised a means of capping future growth by removing as many human women of childbearing age from the rest of the population so they do not find breeding partners. Every female they abduct from Terran space is a female who will not help grow the population. She no longer contributes to humanity's destructive potential. Killing them is a waste. Our masters give them the chance to improve themselves through servitude to more advanced species."

"They help contribute to galactic sssociety and gain honor in doing ssso." one of the Choraxians hissed. "You will find that there isss great joy in knowing your place."

My toes curled in rapture. Yes. I could see it. Humanity's spread needed to be kept in check and the Choraxian Syndicate and their associates devised an ingenious solution. 

"I...understand now." I said, starting to smile. "Our species is too primitive to understand the true impact of its expansion so such measures are necessary. You do not simply ensure we do not endanger the security of the galaxy, but you uplift every human woman you acquire. Your actions are noble and I was wrong to oppose you."

"Unbind her." the Choraxian on the right told Hernandez.

"With pleasure, master." She undid the straps hold me to the bed and I pulled back the blanket that was on me. I was only clad in my bra and panties but I felt proud to be seen by my new masters in such a state of undress. Why shouldn't they be able to gaze upon their prize.

"I know my place now, my masters."

"And that isss?" asked the one on the right. I smiled and knelt in front of him, my eyes fixed on his.

"Yesss." said the other one. "I can ssseee the hunger to ssserve in your eyesss. Follow usss. You will be fitted for clothing more ssssuitable for your new life." I nodded and followed them out. Today was the day my life would truly change for the better, and it was all thanks to my masters.


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