An ongoing issue

by KonradKurze

Tags: #aliens #brainwash #historical #scifi #serial_recruitment #sub:female #worldbuilding

A brief history of alien efforts to control Terran women. Takes place in the Terran Union setting.

This story is for the purpose of world building.

The Terran Union is not one of the strongest interstellar powers, but it possesses a great deal of economic, political, and military might. Its borders are still expanding, and humanity is becoming a more involved member of the interstellar community. Both high culture and pop culture are starting to take their place among the works of other alien species. However, being a relative newcomer on the galactic scene has drawn the attention of those with less than friendly intentions. While some of these species such as the D’chelni and Thelgevor carry out military operations against Terran colonies, some have more insidious intentions.

Numerous alien groups seek control over Terran women for a myriad of reasons. Criminal syndicates see them as a valuable commodity and status symbol. To have a Terran woman at one’s beckon call is a sign of great wealth and power given the difficulty in obtaining them. It is also seen as a way of mocking a species that considers itself to be one of the stronger interstellar powers. After all, they cannot be as strong as they think if they cannot protect their females. Some governments with aims hostile to Terran interests seek to place Terran women under their influence to advance their political agenda, get them to vote in favor of policies that such governments could use to their advantage. One species on the verge of extinction has found the Terran genome to be highly compatible with theirs and seeks to procure Terran women to serve as breeding units to help their population recover.

The first recorded instance of Terran women being subjected to alien mind control was in 2238 in the city of New New Orleans on the planet VII, where it was found that a series of newly opened nightclubs were brainwashing girls into becoming sex slaves for visiting Jarkel Slave Guild members. The operation was swiftly crushed, but it took years of effort to fully undo the process the girls underwent. News of the incident caused a moral panic about alien influences on Terran girls, something seized upon by more xenophobic political movements. Suspicion of aliens increased, and more than a few hate crimes were committed, resulting in numerous prison sentences. Even the aid of alien law enforcement groups in investigating similar incidents has not done much to reassure the Terran public.

Those who seek to possess Terran females spare no expense in ensuring that their prize is made and remains docile, and you will soon see some of the myriad ways this is accomplished. 


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