The Bakery

Chapter 7

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #dom:nb #exhibitionism #f/nb #growth #transformation

Priyanka moved with the confidence and grace of a dancer but the focus and single-minded intent of a prowling cougar as she stalked through the desks and cubicles of the office. Her mind was only on one thing: finding Ted. That was all she needed to do. It was amazing, how simple it all seemed to her now. It was like a switch had been flipped in her head, making her realize that she’d been spending far too much time worrying about what other people thought, and what other people wanted to do. Now, she knew those things didn’t matter nearly as much as she’d thought. Instead, Priyanka knew she needed to spend more time thinking about what she wanted to do, and what she wanted other people to do. Because then, she could make that happen.

On some level, Priyanka knew she should probably take a few minutes, sit down, and think about what was happening to her - after all, this kind of sudden, inexplicable confidence clearly wasn’t natural. She was dimly aware that she’d been on the cusp of realizing something about it, only to have that realization snatched away. But… she didn’t want to question the way she was feeling. She didn’t want to let her fears and anxieties pick it apart, like they had with a hundred other good things in her life. She just wanted to enjoy it. She deserved to enjoy it. That’s what the new, confident, powerful voice in her head was telling her. If this was the new Priyanka, then so be it. She was a lot better than the old Priyanka, especially because of how she felt about her body.

She was hot. Really, really, really hot. Now Priyanka could see that, it seemed absurd that she’d been so blind to it before. There was so much about her body that cried out for appreciation; so many alluring curves, so much delicious softness. Her body was indulgent, impossible to ignore, and undeniably feminine. Priyanka had suddenly fallen in love with it; with how full it was, and how present she felt in it. She’d never felt that way before, especially not right after eating a stack full of delicious, cream-filled, chocolate-drenched pastries. In the past, that feeling of fullness and satiety in her belly had felt like a heavy anchor, weighing her down. Now it felt pleasurable, warm and energizing. It reminded her that her body was changing and growing, and now she found that was something enjoyed too. So what if she’d gained a little weight? That was hot. Her curves were hot. More curves were hotter. Priyanka knew that now.

Even more surprisingly, other people seemed to know it too. Priyanka had always noticed people looking at her. She’d assumed it was with scorn in their eyes, but now she felt as though that had merely been her projecting onto them the way she felt about herself. Now, she saw their gazes for what they so often were: curious, appreciative, and sometimes even openly lustful. She welcome their stares. She liked being stared at like that. But it didn’t end with stares. Priyanka felt powerful, and she’d noticed all kinds of new powers she seemed to have. The power to fluster. To tempt. To persuade. All it took was a little confidence. The simplest lessons really were the truest, she mused. She’d be sure not to forget it. No matter what, she wasn’t going to ruin this for herself. She wasn’t going to let this newfound confidence go. No matter what.

Still, though, Priyanka couldn’t get too distracted by her new enjoyment of herself. She had a job to do. To that end, she looked around and scanned the office, searching for her prey. She saw Gabriella De Luca, looking sulky - that was unusual - and Misty sitting off on her own, looking deeply uneasy and oddly flushed. Priyanka would have to check on her later. She also wanted to see how Zed and Andrea were doing. They’d been acting a little odd earlier. She’d noticed Zed enter Andrea’s office quite some time ago, shortly before Gaby had left. Neither of them had emerged since. That was unusual too, but not directly relevant to her right now. She needed to find Ted. As a senior programmer, he often used his position to stake a claim on one of the office’s quieter spaces - usually, one of screened-off meeting spaces in the corners of the office. She headed for the nearest one, and soon enough, she found exactly who she was looking for.

“Hey, Ted,” she greeted him warmly, approaching his desk from behind.

“What? Oh, hey Pri,” Ted replied dully, not looking round. He sounded bored. Priyanka decided she would catch his interest.

“What are you up to?” she asked, and gently rested her hand on his upper back, letting her fingertips just barely touch the back of his neck.

“W-wha!” Priyanka’s touch proved just as electric as she’d hoped, and Ted’s head whipped round to look at her. He seemed alarmed, like she was closer than he’d expected. “Pri, what are- Um… I’m just, you know, reading over some reports. We’re backlogged all the way to hell right now.”

Ted was trying to keep his cool, but Priyanka could see that the way she was touching him already had him a little flustered. She liked that. It was a good look on him. Ted was young, and looked it. He was one of the only boys working at Nelco, but he seemed to fit in pretty well with the girls. He had a slender, androgynous, perhaps even feminine build, and the rest of his appearance only accentuated that. His face was elegant and sculpted, with high cheekbones, framed nicely by his thick-rimmed glasses and pretty mop of fair, wavy, mid-length hair. He always kept himself carefully clean-shaven, and generally wore skinny jeans and a fairly form-fitting shirt. In short, he was exactly the kind of pretty boy that suited Priyanka’s tastes - but unfortunately, he lacked the cherubic personality to match. He was frequently haughty, irritable and impatient, and normally Priyanka found his bitchiness too tiresome to stand. Today, though, she felt sure she could sand off his rough edges.

“That sounds so boring,” she said sympathetically, starting to rub his neck very slightly. “You must be so tired of it.”

“I, well, yes,” Ted responded nervously. “Hey, is there something you-”

“Why don’t you come help me with the IXO project instead?” Priyanka suggested. She didn’t expect it to work, but she figured she might as well try asking nicely first. “Much more interesting than paperwork, don’t you think? Besides, we could really use another pair of hands. We’re already past deadline.”

Unfortunately, just as Priyanka had expected, Ted’s frequently-unpleasant personality started to resurface. “No, I… look, I really don’t think so. I know it might seem boring to you, but as a senior employee, I can assure you that all this boring paperwork is actually very important. And besides, I’ve already done my bit for that. The rest is down to you and Suki. If you didn’t get it done in time, that’s your problem. Not mine. Get Andrea to put someone else on it. I’m busy.”

Inwardly, Priyanka simmered at his rudeness. She had to choke down a few frustrated retorts. Everyone was busy! That was exactly the problem. And unfortunately, talking to Andrea hadn’t helped. They didn’t have time for his holier-than-thou attitude. But instead, Priyanka put a sweet, knowing smile on her face.

“Hmm…” she mused, still stroking the back of his neck a little. “Why don’t we talk about this in private?”

Ted just stared at her blankly. “This is already pretty private, Pri.”

Once again, Priyanka chafed at his use of her diminutive nickname, but she ignored that too. “I mean more private,” she replied briskly. “Come on now, I’m sure even you can spare a few moments of your precious time.”

Priyanka wasn’t willing to give Ted a chance to refuse. The moment his mouth opened, she put her arm around his shoulders and started to sweep him up onto his feet. Pleasingly, while surprised, he didn’t resist.

“H-h-hey!” Ted stuttered as Priyanka started to half-coax, half-drag him away from his desk. “OK, OK, OK! J-just a few moments, fine.”

“Thank you so much,” Priyanka said sweetly. For the first time ever, she took notice of how much bigger she was than Ted; not just plumper, but taller too. It was a nice feeling, and one she leveraged to guide him exactly where she wanted him to ago, keeping her body pressed against him just a little to keep him from thinking clearly. Before he seemed to know what was going on, she had opened the door to a nearby storage closet, and led him inside.

The storage closet was, predictably enough, dark and cramped, with shelves of dusty crates and boxes lining the walls and various cleaning implements strewn haphazardly all over the place. As she hastened Ted inside, Priyanka pulled the cord for the anemic ceiling light, but once she’d shut the door behind them the glow from the weak bulb was barely enough to illuminate the closet with its flickering, yellow glow. The moment the door clicked shut, Priyanka heard a sharp exhalation of breath from Ted. She turned back to him and realized that, just as she had hoped, in the cramped quarters of the closet, they were pressed right up against each other in the narrow space between the shelves on either side.

“Pri… this is…” Ted muttered, starting to sweat. “C-come on… can’t we…”

“Oh?” Priyanka asked sweetly, blinking at him obliviously. “What’s the matter, Ted? Are you feeling a little warm?”

“Y-y-you’re a little close!” he stammered.

“Am I?” Priyanka looked down at how they were standing. “Oh, I’m sorry! Let me just…”

She made a big show of adjusting the way she was standing, but made sure not to give Ted even an inch of breathing space. Instead, she ended up pressing her body even closer against his, a helpless, apologetic expression on her face. She ended up shifting her feet a little way backwards, but leaning forwards to compensate, resting a hand on the shelf above Ted’s head to steady herself. Thanks to her height and his diminutive stature, she was practically looming over him, her large chest held in the air mere inches away from his face. Ted was doing a very poor job of pretending not to stare.

“Is that better?” Priyanka asked.

“Ye- I mean, um…” Priyanka was pleased to see how much Ted was already struggling with his words. “L-let’s just make this quick.”

“Of course.” Priyanka giggled, a seemingly-innocuous motion that was calculated to send her tits heaving and jiggling. It had the desired effect on her blushing victim. “I don’t want to waste any more of your precious time. I know how busy you are.”

“Well… yes.” Ted’s eyes were practically locked on to Priyanka’s cleavage.

“Although I absolutely love that you still find the time to take care of your hair. What do you use? Conditioner? Curl cream? It’s always so lovely.” Priyanka slowly and carelessly reached out with one hand and started to run her fingertips through a few of the loose, long waves of Ted’s hair. He went rigid on the spot, barely breathing. “I like a guy who takes a little care for his appearance.”

“P-P-P-Pri!” Ted whined. “T-t-this is…”

“What? Oh, I’m sorry!” Priyanka withdrew her hand, although she kept smiling at him without a hint of shame. He shrank back, leaning against the shelf, making himself even smaller compared to her. “I guess I’m getting a little overly familiar now that we’re away from prying eyes. It just feels natural, you know? Now we’re away from that stuffy office.”

“Yes,” Ted responded quickly, before reconsidering. “Or… well… I suppose… um…”

Priyanka giggled again, letting her body further add to Ted’s consternation. She was having so much fun. Playing games with Ted felt more right than she’d ever thought possible. She hadn’t been lying when she’d told him it felt natural. More and more, she was realizing that she just had to listen to her new instincts. They always seemed to know exactly what to do; exactly what buttons to push to get people to do whatever she wanted. It was effortless, especially now she’d stopped worrying about the way she looked.

“W-what did you want to talk about exactly?” Ted managed, after taking a few long moments to recover his composure.

“I wanted to talk to you about helping me out,” Priyanka replied bluntly, keeping her voice light and sweet. “I thought that in here, we could have a more… sincere conversation.”

Ted’s brow furrowed as he tried to wrap his head around exactly what she meant by that. “Well, look, Pri, it’s not that I don’t want to help you,” he explained. Priyanka could sense his resistance, even if he was more than a little flustered by her closeness. “I-I really do. It’s just, like I said, I’m busy. Really busy. This paperwork, it can’t wait, it’s-”

“I think it can wait,” Priyanka said, cutting him off with ease. She made her voice a little slower, a little more seductive. “And I think I can give you a very good reason to shuffle things around for me.”

“Y-you…” Ted’s eyes went wide as he caught on to the implication in what Priyanka was saying. “Y-you mean like…” He swallowed awkwardly. “A quid pro quo.”

“Hmm… not exactly,” Priyanka mused. “Quid pro quo means ‘something for something’, doesn’t it? But see, I’m not going to give you anything.”

Ted seemed more perplexed than ever. “What?”

Priyanka laughed at the poor, lost, deer-in-headlights look on his face. This was so easy. “I’m just going to show you that you want to do what I’m suggesting.”

“I’m… what?” Once again, Priyanka’s laughter was making her soft, curvy body heave and jiggle. The clothes she’d put on that morning had already become unusually tight and form-fitting, showing off all her assets. He was trying to look everywhere but at her, but she was all over him.

“Do I really need to spell it out for you?” Priyanka asked, amused. “You’re a clever boy, aren’t you Ted?”

“Y… yes?” he answered uncertainly. His brain clearly wasn’t quite working the way it should.

Priyanka sighed indulgently. “Just… feel,” she told him.

Without warning, she pressed herself forwards wantonly, letting her whole body rest against Ted’s. The effect it had on him was immediate. His eyes bulged as he felt Priyanka’s soft belly resting against his abdomen, her belly squishing slightly as it pressed into his body. At the same time, her chest brushed up against his face for a moment, eliciting a shocked gasp. Priyanka’s smile grew ever more gleeful and dominant. He was like putty in her hands. Her body, her warmth and softness, was inescapable. He had no chance. 

Sure enough, before Ted had even realized exactly what was happening, his body started responding to her closeness. He had already been blushing, but now his cheeks turned a deep red, and as Priyanka insistently nestled one of her thick thighs between his slender legs, she could feel something hard pressing against her. Priyanka giggled, grinning wildly. She’d never felt so powerful. It was like playing with a doll.

“Do you understand me yet, Teddy?” Priyanka cooed.

It was clear the poor boy had no idea how to respond. Doing his best to put a brave face on his nervousness, he laughed awkwardly. “T-this sure feels like quid pro quo to me, P-Pri.”

“Not at all,” Priyanka insisted smoothly. “See, I’m not really giving you anything, am I? I’m just letting you enjoy this. I can see from the look on your face that it feels so very good. And perhaps I’ll let you keep enjoying it - as long as you do what I ask. It’s very simple, Ted. You do what I say, you feel good. Doing what I say feels good. Understand?”

“P-Pri,” he gasped. “I-I don’t-”

“Priyanka,” Priyanka said pointedly, carefully enunciating each part of her name. She was tired of hearing that cutesy nickname coming from his lips, and this was the perfect moment to impress her will on him. “Pri-yan-ka. You can say that, can’t you?”

“Um…I… I…”

“Say it,” Priyanka insisted, with uncharacteristic firmness, like a mother instructing a disobedient child.

“P-Priyanka,” Ted blurted out. He looked surprised at his own obedience.

“Good!” Priyanka praised soothingly. “That’s what you’ll call me from now on, isn’t it? Good. Good boy.”

Good boys got rewards. Priyanka decided to show him that. Boldly, she reached down and rested her hand on the front of his jeans, feeling his bulge and applying just enough pressure that it was clear the gesture wasn’t an accident. Ted’s back arched slightly at the contact, but that only had the effect of pressing his body against her even harder. Priyanka grinned. She wasn’t thinking about how many lines she was crossing, or how much trouble it could land her in. Raw, unqualified confidence, as potent as any drug, was coursing through her veins. She knew her instincts wouldn’t lead her wrong.  She was in control, for once.

“See? Feels good, doesn’t it?” Priyanka giggled. “I’m sure a clever boy like you can understand that perfectly. In fact… I can feel that you do.”

Before he could say a word, she unzipped the front of his jeans and pulled them down a few inches, exposing the huge tent at the front of his underwear. Priyanka hadn’t thought it was possible for a human being to turn an even deeper shade of crimson than Ted had already turned, but he soon proved her wrong as she ran her fingertips over his bulge, her touch separated from his skin by a bare millimeter of thin fabric. It was only then that Ted seemed to become aware of how painfully, visibly turned on he was. He started squirming like a fish caught on a line, although Priyanka wasn’t sure if he wanted to escape or if he merely couldn’t bear to stay still. Either way, it didn’t matter. He was wrapped up in her, and there was no-where for him to go.

“Oh, you poor thing,” Priyanka cooed. “So stressed. So tense. No time to take care of yourself, huh? Don’t worry. It’s OK. I don’t judge. And I can help you with what you need.”

“W-what… it’s… no… hngg,” Ted groaned pitifully. It was clear his brain was short-circuiting, overwhelmed by Priyanka’s presence and her forwardness. That was good. Priyanka would make sure he was thinking exactly the way she wanted him to.

“Shhh,” she soothed. “You deserve a break, Teddy. Let me take care of it for you.”

Taking things a step further, Priyanka slipped her hand into the waistband of his boxers and slipped them down, fishing out his hard cock. Ted moaned outright as he felt her fingertips finally touching his bare, sensitive skin. Priyanka made an encouraging, appreciative sound as she looked down at his erection. For someone as small and slender as him, he was pleasingly well-endowed. Perhaps she’d have to try it out and see how it felt sometime. Or perhaps not. Whatever she liked. She had him in the palm of her hand. She felt so big, so hot, so powerful. She could easily smother Ted in her body and her presence, making him weak and small. Making him hers.

“W-w-we can’t!” Ted protested through his moans, making one last, desperate attempt to rally himself. “It’s… we’re… at work… the office… someone c-could…”

“Shhh,” Priyanka repeated. “You don’t need to worry about that right now, Teddy. We’re all alone. No-one is going to find us here.” There was no way she could be sure of that, but she said it with a kind of motherly authority that seemed to soothe his nerves. “That is… as long as you can keep quiet,” she added mischievously, enjoying the terrified look that briefly passed over his face.

“But P-Priyanka!” Ted whined, rapidly succumbing to pleasure-filled senselessness as Priyanka started stroking up and down his cock with her soft, skillful hand.

Priyanka grinned at his use of her full name. He remembered! She was glad to see her new pet was so easily trained. Priyanka rewarded him by squeezing his cock a little harder and stroking along his shaft a little faster as she pleasured him. Just as she’d known they would, his protests melted away and his words dissolved into moans. Priyanka wasn’t touching herself, but all the same, her body was thrumming with pleasure. She never wanted this feeling to end.

“So,” Priyanka continued seductively, pressing against Ted. “Does it feel good, silly boy?”

“Y-y-yes,” Ted answered weakly.

“What does?” she prompted.

“Y-you!” Ted moaned. When he sensed she wanted more, he slowly added: “Y-you… y-your body.”

“Yeah?” Priyanka shivered. The rush from feeling that was incredible. “Would you like to touch, Teddy?”

His eagerness got the better of his embarrassment, and he nodded furiously, blushing and squirming all the while.

“Well… go ahead.” Priyanka licked her lips. “You’re such a good boy, aren’t you? I’m more than happy to indulge you.”

Though she was more than happy to grant him permission, Priyanka was taken a little back by how quickly and shamelessly his hands shot out to grope manically at her tits and her belly. He was frantic, not gentle, squeezing and squishing her as if he was desperate to drown in every part of her softness. Priyanka had to choke down on her own moans, turning them into a happy purr as pleasure coursed through her. Apparently, her body now felt as good as it looked. Her curves were sensitive, and begging to be touched. It was so very tempting to satisfy her body’s cravings, but Priyanka knew there was something more important at stake. She needed to make sure Ted was left in no doubt regarding which of them was in control of this arrangement.

“That’s it,” Priyanka purred. “Good boy. I’m all yours. You deserve it, don’t you? Because you’re going to do exactly what I want, aren’t you?”

“I… nng.” She could see that her demand threatened to arouse some resistance. “It’s… it’s…”

“Hey,” Priyanka said sharply. “No need for that, silly boy. No need for thinking. Leave that up to me, remember? Leave everything up to me.”

To make her point clearer, she slowed her pace, bringing the careful, rhythmic movement of her hand along Ted’s cock to a painfully slow crawl. She didn’t stop touching him, of course. She wanted to make sure his pretty head stayed full of pleasure, and that her hand was there as a reminder of the pleasure she was offering, tempting him to slip over the edge into desperate obedience. He let out a long, girlish whine at his sudden deprivation. He started bucking his hips, trying to fuck Priyanka’s hand as best he could, but she made sure he could get no closer to gratification without pledging himself to her.

“You do want to be a good boy, don’t you?” she asked, her voice sinuous, tempting.

“N… n… nnng…” Ted groaned. “It’s… n-not… n-not fair,” he whined under his breath, before exploding into fanatical eagerness. “Yes! Yes! I’ll do it! I’ll do it, Priyanka, just, p-please!”

“Oh, wonderful,” Priyanka moaned. His submission was as good as an orgasm to her, and the pleasure he was giving her simply by groping her over her tight clothes was enough to make her voice soft and breathy. “Good boy! That’s perfect. I’m so, so pleased. And you know what that means? You can cum. Cum for me, Teddy.”

“W-what?” Ted looked up at her. From the needy look in his eyes, she could tell he’d been hoping for more. Too bad. Her praise should be enough.

“Come on,” she encouraged, feigning ignorance of his hopes. “Show me how good it feels. Cum for me.”

“I… but… o-oh fuck!” he moaned, as she started stroking him faster and faster. Her hand moved quickly up and down his shaft, running his thick cock through her fingers as she teased and touched his every last most sensitive spot. She was giving him all the pleasure he could have ever dreamed of, but still, within moments, he was bucking his hips like an animal. Priyanka smirked as he debased himself in her embrace. People were so simple, she was learning. You turned them on enough, and you could get them do anything you wanted, and you barely needed to give them anything in return. She’d make him cum, sure. But it was on her terms. And from now on, she felt certain, he’d be little more than her eager, obedient puppy.

“Cum,” Priyanka ordered again. “Quickly. Come on. Be a good boy for me.”

With a wordless cry of pleasure, Ted obeyed. He shuddered, throwing himself forwards, eager to drown in Priyanka’s fatness and softness. She let him, pressing back with equal passion, practically smothering him with her chest. She felt his cock throb and spasm, before finally, he came. To stifle his moans and make sure they weren’t discovered, Priyanka quickly grabbed a handful of his long hair and used it to force his head into her cleavage as she felt him pump a huge, thick load of cum into her hand - and all down her dress. Even that, though, didn’t dampen her mood. She was ecstatic. This was pleasure and power like she’d never imagined. And it was all hers. She could have this, from anyone she wanted, anytime she wanted. Drunk on her own fantasies, Priyanka continued jerking Ted off until finally, his cock was spent and started to grow soft again.

“Good boy,” Priyanka murmured once more, and finally pulled away. She looked down at the mess he’d made of her dress. “Oh dear…”

Ted, for his part, was slowly coming back to his senses, and he was clearly torn between the happy afterglow of an amazing orgasm and wanting the floor to open up beneath him and swallow him. He looked terrified. Priyanka was half-tempted to scold him for cumming all over her, but instead, she was seized by a sudden, motherly impulse, and reached out to pat and stroke his head.

“It’s OK,” she soothed. “We can clean it up. You can go get back to work. Just remember your promise, OK?”

Priyanka looked into Ted’s eyes. There were a dozen things she should have been afraid of. She had no guarantee he would do as she had told him. She had no guarantee he wouldn’t run straight to HR and make a complaint. But somehow, she knew he wouldn’t. She just knew. She could see it in his eyes - a pleasure-forged bond of adoration and loyalty. He was hers, now.

She would be sure to make good use of him, and reward him richly.


Misty was struggling to sit still, as she sat at her desk pretending to work. How could she? How could she focus on anything? She couldn’t stop remembering Zel’s last words to her. Her friend had promised to break her, to degrade her, to humiliate her - and Misty had loved it. Even now, she was salivating at the thought. But at the same time, she was filled with confusion and fear. What was happened to her? And how far was it going to go? One thing was already clear: she couldn’t trust herself. One cruel word from Zel - or probably, from anyone - was enough to have her melting into a weak puddle of overwhelming horniness. But then, what was she supposed to do?

There was so much she needed to think through, but she couldn’t focus on any of it. She hadn’t got any work done, and she knew she wasn’t going to be able to anytime soon. Not when she was so turned on. Between her legs, her cock throbbed with arousal, and her new, swollen tits jiggled all over the place with every little motion now that she wasn’t wearing a bra. They were threatening to rip or slip their way out of her tank top altogether. Misty couldn’t let that happen. And yet… she wanted it. She wanted it so badly.

This was all too much, and she didn’t even have Zel around to tell her what to do. They had disappeared into Andrea’s office some time ago. Misty needed to find a way to calm down. But there was only one thing she could think of that might help with that: jerking off. It was a terrible idea, she knew. Someone might see her. Someone might find out. And even if they didn’t, Zel would surely know, somehow. Misty started to imagine how Zel would humiliate her for masturbating right there at the office for a second time that day. They’d be so cruel, so vicious, so sadistic. Misty didn’t dare dream of all the things they might say, and all the degrading insults they might hurl at her.

All of a sudden, Misty caught a glimpse of herself reflected in her monitor, and froze. She looked slutty, but that alone didn’t do her justice. She looked feral. Her eyes were wide and bloodshot and her cheeks were stained crimson with arousal. Her mouth was hanging open as she panted with need, and visible beads of sweat had formed in her heaving cleavage. Worst of all, was drooling slightly. Misty gasped, and clamped her hands to her face. She couldn’t go on like this. Someone would see her. As much as she wanted that, she was terrified of it too. She made her choice. She needed to get somewhere private, so she could compose herself - and perhaps get some release that would let her make it to the end of the day. That sounded like a plan.

Glancing around to make sure no-one was watching, Misty bolted to her feet and scurried off in search of somewhere private. The bathroom wouldn’t do. That had ended badly before. But there had to be something she could use. After a few moments of frantically wracking her foggy, horny brain, she hit on an idea, and started racing towards the corner of the office. With the prospect of release now staring her plainly in the face, she couldn’t wait any longer to begin touching herself. She started rubbing surreptitiously at her tits and her cock over her clothes, hoping no-one would notice but fantasizing about what might happen if they did. The danger was electric, but fortunately, she wasn’t interrupted before she made it where she was going.

She opened the door to the storage closet.

“Um… h-hello,” Priyanka said awkwardly, a wide-eyed, terrified look on her face. She was stood right up against Ted, of all people. At first, Misty wasn’t sure why they looked so mortified. But then she noticed Ted’s pants around his ankles, and the distinctive cumstain on Priyanka’s dress.

“H-hi,” Misty replied, feeling just as guilty as if they’d discovered her doing something obscene, not the other way around.

“H-hi,” echoed Ted, in a small voice.

The three of them stared at each other blankly for several seconds. Then, with an uncharacteristic firmness, Priyanka reached out to grab Misty by the arm and pull her inside.

“Let’s just talk about this for a bit,” Priyanka suggested, the terror melting off of her face and being replaced with something Misty didn’t recognize. “Shall we?”

Misty nodded dumbly. There was a glint in Priyanka’s eyes that Misty had never seen before. It aroused her just as much as it scared her, and as Priyanka pulled the door shut behind her, she was starting to realize that her friend wanted to do much, much more than just talk.

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