The Bakery

Chapter 8

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #dom:nb #exhibitionism #f/nb #growth #transformation

“Let’s just talk about this for a bit,” Priyanka said, practically dragging Misty off her feet as she dragged the trembling trans girl into the storage closet. “Shall we?”

Misty nodded dumbly. There was a glint in Priyanka’s eyes that Misty had never seen there before. She’d only ever seen it in one place: when Zel had been dominating her earlier. That realization made Misty shiver.

Priyanka closed the door behind them, leaving the two women trapped awkwardly together in the storage closet - along with Ted. Misty had never really spoken much with Ted. He always seemed a little prickly, if not outright mean, and Misty tended to give people like that the widest berth she possibly could. The Ted standing next to her now, though, couldn’t have been more different from the tidy, composed, somewhat haughty guy she knew from around the office. He was shivering, his hair messy and his cheeks flushed, and he was clinging to Priyanka as if his life depended on her. Moreover, though, his pants were sitting around his ankles, leaving his half-hard cock exposed for Misty to see. The distinctive mess on Priyanka’s dress filled in the rest of the picture of what had happened, although even then, Misty found herself struggling to believe it. Priyanka just wasn’t the type. Neither of them were. What the hell was going on?

“H-hi,” said Ted miserably, even though the three of them had already awkwardly greeted each other.

“Hi,” Misty echoed, lost for any other words.

“Hi,” Priyanka repeated instinctively, before shaking her head at how foolish they all sounded. “No, this is… look. Misty. I… I really don’t know what you think might be going on here, but it’s… um, it’s really nothing. It’s private, actually. So you shouldn’t ask about it. And you definitely, definitely shouldn’t tell anyone about it. So. Um. Yes.”

Misty just stared at her speechless. It was the least convincing thing she’d ever heard. In her surprise, she almost forgot about the plight that had drawn her to the storage closet in the first place. Almost. Unfortunately, her body wouldn’t let her forget for long. Despite the situation she was in, it seethed with need. Priyanka and Ted might have been too embarrassed to notice how flushed and sweaty Misty was, or how much her tits had grown, but the trans girl was painfully, painfully aware of it at each and every moment. She could barely stand it. Being in such an awkward situation should have made it impossible to be horny, but what had clearly happened between Ted and Priyanka was just so sordid. Misty couldn’t stop her head filling with strange, twisted fantasies that only made her body grow hotter.

“P-priyanka, just knock it off!” Ted stammered. He seemed groggy, like he was rousing himself from some kind of stupor. “She can obviously tell what we’ve done!” He put his head in his hands and groaned. “Oh god, what have we done?”

“Quiet!” Priyanka hissed urgently. Misty might have expected Ted to bristle, but instead, he shrank back. Next to Priyanka, he seemed oddly small and feeble. Priyanka, meanwhile, radiated presence. When she turned to stare down Misty, she was almost overpowering. “I think… I think the first thing we need to do is to acknowledge that we’re all adults here, yes? And as adults, we… well, frankly, there really isn’t much to say, is there? I understand you might be surprised, but really, there’s nothing to talk about. And I’m sure you wouldn’t want to bring about any adverse consequences.”

Misty was, once again, speechless.

“W-what are you talking about?” Ted exploded, in hushed tones. “There’s so much… oh god, oh god. What is Andrea going to say? What is HR going to say? Oh god. Oh my god. Oh my god.”

“Ted! Shush!”

At Priyanka’s command, Ted went eerily still and quiet. The way he whimpered just a little as his panicked babbling died away brought to Misty’s mind the image of a puppy whose leash had just been yanked tight.

“Ted,” Priyanka repeated, in a softer tone. “I know you’re scared, but this panic isn’t helping. So why don’t you just run along, OK? Leave it to me to sort all this out.”

Misty expected that to provoke anger, if anything, but instead, Ted went almost completely slack. Still, though, he made a feeble attempt to protest. “But…”

“Be a good boy, Ted.” He gasped. “And go back to work, like nothing strange is happening.”

“Y-yes, Priyanka.”

Misty was completely astonished. It was like Ted had been drugged. Quietly and obediently, with a dim, happy smile on his face, he fixed his clothes, shuffled past Misty, and headed back out into the office, closing the door of the storage closet quietly behind himself. With that, Misty was left alone with Priyanka.

As the two of them looked at each other for a moment, Misty became aware of just how cramped the storage closet felt. It had been cramped with three of them, of course, but it felt like there was no more space now that Ted had left. Misty was pressed up against one wall, her back to it, and Priyanka seemed to dominate every other square inch of the room. It was a feeling, as much as anything; Priyanka was standing taller and straighter than usual, and was looking at Misty with keen, perceptive eyes. But physically, too, something was different about Misty’s friend.

Misty wasn’t sure if Priyanka had gained a few pounds or if it was just her uncharacteristically form-revealing floral dress, but either way, her figure was even more magnificent than usual. The folds of the pretty dress spilled over the curves of her figure, suggesting the kind of thick, boundlessly soft body that would have made Misty stop and stare even under normal circumstances. But these weren’t normal circumstances. They were pressed up against each other, in a storage closet, hidden, the scent of sex still in the air. Priyanka’s body was just inches away from Misty’s. She could see down Priyanka’s cleavage. Misty had to fight not to start whimpering.

But Priyanka, she knew, was only half the story. Misty was taking up more space than usual too. Her tits just kept getting bigger and bigger. She’d noticed it on the way to the storage closet. Her tank top, already barely adequate at the start of the day, had become a tank top that was utterly failing to constrain the huge mounds of flesh on her chest. Misty lived in terror of them growing so large they started to rip apart the flimsy shoulder straps, leaving her totally exposed. And even if that didn’t happen, every step she took was a fight to keep her new, massive tits from slipping up and out of her top. It was a constant nightmare of shame and embarrassment - and as Misty was quickly learning, that meant she was ridiculously turned on by it.

Sure, she thought, Priyanka would notice. They were so close. There was nowhere else for her friend to look. Misty looked ridiculous, like a bimbo on a night out rather than an office worker. Or maybe she’d see how tortuously aroused Misty was. The poor trans girl was struggling to keep herself from rubbing her legs together just for that little bit of relief. She could feel Priyanka’s gaze on her, searching her. She’d fled to the storage closet to try and catch a moment alone! Instead, she was trapped in yet another embarrassing situation, and the worst part was, a deep, primal part of her absolutely loved it.

“So,” Priyanka said evenly, breaking the awkward silence. “What do you have to say?”

Misty twitched. Somehow, a direct question was the last thing she’d expected. What did she have to say? What could she say? Should she pretend to be oblivious? Misty had no idea.

“I…” Her mouth was so dry. She felt ridiculous, struggling to force out even a few words. “I, um, look, I don’t want to, you know, cause any trouble or anything…”

“Of course you don’t,” Priyanka agreed quickly. “That’s good, Misty, that’s very good.”

She kept looking at Misty expectantly. The trans girl shivered. She couldn’t shake the feeling that her tits were about to burst out of her top at any moment. It made her skin itch to be touched.

“I wasn’t, you know… trying to pry.” For some reason, Misty felt the need to make excuses for herself. “I just, um, needed to catch a moment, you know? Just… a moment alone.”

“Of course,” Priyanka soothed. She seemed eagerly and oddly motherly, but it didn’t set Misty at ease. Her friend’s gaze was so intense. “I understand. You don’t mean any harm, Misty. Of course not. You’re a good girl.”

Misty moaned.

The moment she realized what she’d done, she clasped a hand over her own mouth. She looked down in shame, then slowly raised her gaze to look Priyanka in the face. The two of them were staring at each other in abject horror. Misty immediately knew she had to say something. But what? What possible excuse could she make for moaning? Maybe she could pass it off as a weird little squeak, or a grunt of pain, or… No. No way. It had been a moan. A needy, unmistakable moan.

As soon as she accepted that, Misty was slammed with a wave of lust that almost brought her to her knees. Her attempts to concoct some kind of desperate excuse for herself were shattered as her thoughts melted away into little more than dripping, aching need. Now, Priyanka would know exactly what was happening. She had to. There was no way her friend could be quite that oblivious. She would notice her tits and her outfit and her flushed cheeks, and that would be it. It was all over for her. Once again, Misty was terrified, but once again, she couldn’t stop craving it. Frozen, she just watched, waiting for the look of shock on Priyanka’s face to resolve into something else. What would it be? Mockery? Disgust? Cruel amusement? They all sounded so good. It was hard for Misty to imagine someone like Priyanka being cruel, but all the same, fantasies flooded her mind, leaving her so aroused she was practically panting.

“Oh!” Priyanka squeaked. “Oh my god!”

Misty held her breath.

“I… I can’t believe I said that!” Priyanka said, aghast at herself.

Misty exhaled.

“I can’t believe I… I mean… I know with Ted I… but that’s… oh no,” Priyanka babbled. “God, I’m so sorry! What was I thinking?”

Misty couldn’t believe her own luck. Somehow, Priyanka was so preoccupied by what she had said, she’d completely failed to notice how strangely Misty had reacted. She was saved! Misty tried to ignore how disappointed she felt.

“I-i-it’s totally ok!” Misty replied, her voice cracking. “Not a big deal!” She tried to laugh it off, but it came out shrill and hysterical.

“G-good! Thank you.” Priyanka coughed very awkwardly, and tried to recover her composure. Her soft body heaved and jiggled as she coughed, and Misty couldn’t help but stare. “Anyway, this is all very… well, um, I’m sure you can tell what was going on. Right?”

Misty nodded. She was so confused by how Priyanka was acting. The way she had handled Ted was completely out of character, but Misty discovering them seemed to have snapped her back to some kind of normalcy.

“Yes. Yeah.” Priyanka blushed. “Look, I do want you to know, that wasn’t normal for me. It… it wasn’t normal at all, actually. I didn’t plan on…” Her voice trailed off for a moment, and when she spoke again, her voice contained some of the strange fire and confidence Misty had heard her use with Ted earlier, teasing and hinting at her meaning with constant small, leading pauses. “Ted and I just needed to straighten a few things out, you understand. You know how he can be. He’s so… arrogant. I needed to get him straightened out a little bit. I needed to… to put him in his place, just a little. Some people just do better with a little… guidance. I don’t think there’s really anything wrong with that, is there?”

Misty was almost mesmerized by Priyanka’s spiel, and it took her a long moment to realize that her friend was looking at her expectantly. “I-I guess not…”

“No, that’s right, of course not,” Priyanka continued quickly, smoothing over Misty’s hesitancy with ease. “I knew you’d understand perfectly, Misty. I knew you’d understand the importance of people being put in their proper place.”

As she spoke, Priyanka lifted a hand and placed a crooked index finger beneath Misty’s chin, with her thumb pointing up towards Misty’s parted lips, almost touching them. At the skin-to-skin contact in the tiny, cramped storage closet, Misty went weak.

“Don’t you, Misty?” Priyanka finished, her eyes smoldering and demanding an answer.

Once again, Misty moaned.

She froze.

She’d done it again. She’d actually done it again. By some miracle, Misty had managed to escape any consequences for literally moaning at being called a ‘good girl,’ and instead of making good on that chance, she’d completely ruined it. Why couldn’t she stop being so horny? Why couldn’t she stop being such a ridiculously submissive slut? It was maddening. But unfortunately, she wasn’t sure she could stop. Her head was buzzing with an insistent, needy thrumming as her body demanded humiliation and satisfaction. She couldn’t hear herself think over her own deafening arousal. How was she meant to stay in control of the sounds she made? It was all she could do not to touch herself on the spot.

Once again, Misty was left to stare up at Priyanka in hopeless trepidation. With Priyanka’s hand at her chin, she couldn’t look anywhere else.

“O-oh my god!” Priyanka snatched her hand away, blushing furiously. “I can’t believe I keep… I keep… god, what’s happening to me?”

Misty was asking herself the same thing. She couldn’t believe her luck at receiving yet another miracle, but equally, her disappointment was crushing. Her body burned with frustration at the fact she wasn’t to receive the degrading look and appalled scorn she so desperately craved.

“I-it’s ok!” Misty assured her, voice quivering. “I don’t mind! You can, um… y-you can do that i-if you want.” She knew what she was saying was ridiculous, but she couldn’t help it. She needed this. Whatever ‘this’ was.

“I-is it really?” Priyanka asked, clearly confused. She looked like she was torn between two different halves of herself; her voice shifted awkwardly between registers, one a little more high-pitched than normal, and the other entirely different - slow, soft, sensual. “I just… I shouldn’t, I really shouldn’t… but it’s so…”

Suddenly, Priyanka froze. She had been searching for the right words, but as she seemed to notice something about Misty, her voice died completely. Her gaze turned even more piercing as she inspected Misty head to toe.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” she asked incredulously.

In an instant, Misty boiled. The heat she’d felt before was no comparison. Only her experiences with Zel came close. She started whimpering openly, unable to contain herself.

“N-n-no!” she whined pitifully, even though she wasn’t really sure what she was saying.

“You’re not, are you?” Priyanka pressed. “And… god, Misty, your tits! They’re so big.”

Misty wanted to shrink away into nothingness, but she couldn’t. There was nowhere to go, and she suddenly became even more aware of just how small the storage closet was, and of just how close to Priyanka she was. Priyanka could see every last little twitch in her face, and every bead of sweat currently forming on her new, massive chest. She couldn’t imagine what she must look like, but now that Priyanka had noticed what was going on with her, she clearly wasn’t going to be getting any more miracles.

“Misty,” Priyanka asked slowly. “What’s going on with you?”

“N-n-nothing!” Misty protested, voice impossibly shrill. In a feeble effort to hide herself, she pressed herself back against the wall as hard as she could and crossed her arms over her breasts to try and conceal how much they had grown. She only succeeded in pushing and squishing them together, making her chest look even more obscene. She knew she looked ridiculous, but she couldn’t help it. Priyanka’s piercing gaze was melting her brain.

“That’s not true,” Priyanka replied, with uncharacteristic firmness. “Is it? Tell me, Misty.”

“I… I… I… hnngg.” Misty couldn’t think. Not even a little bit. So many words were on the tip of her tongue. She wanted to pour out everything, to confess all her degrading, humiliating sins and let Priyanka judge her for all of them, even though she knew it could ruin everything for her. Yet at the same time, she was completely paralyzed by the roaring lust in her body. It was all she could do to stay standing; she could no longer stop herself from rubbing her legs together like a needy animal in heat.

“Misty. Look at me.” Priyanka’s hand was back on the trans girl’s chin, but with a stronger grip this time. “Come on now. Tell me what’s going on.”

The gesture of dominance made Misty squirm desperately, but soon after, a wave of calm washed over her. Priyanka’s presence was having a strange effect on her. It was arousing, yes, but when Priyanka used that soft, powerful voice she kept slipping into, it was kind of soporific too. It felt like Misty’s mind was being smothered with a warm, soft blanket, melting away any objection she might have to doing whatever Priyanka told her. And it felt incredible. Misty had spent the idea day struggling to cope with the intense, itching need that wracked her body every single time she felt the slightest shred of embarrassment, but here Priyanka was, able to make her docile with just a few words.

“It’s… I…” Misty’s resolve to keep silent cracked. “I-I don’t know how to explain it. It’s… ever since this morning, something’s been happening to me!”

“Tell me about it,” Priyanka instructed calmly.

“My body,” Misty explained slowly, still flushed. “It’s changing. M-my chest is, um, a lot bigger. A lot bigger. And it’s, um, so sensitive too. My whole body is. I really don’t know what’s happening to me, Priyanka.”

“I see.” Priyanka’s face showed sympathy, and just a hair of concern. “And that’s why you came here? You were scared and you needed a moment to figure things out.”

Misty wanted so badly to just nod, but she couldn’t bring herself to lie to her friend. Not when she felt so deliriously submissive towards her. “N-not exactly. I… needed to… um… you know… the sensitivity…”

Mercifully, Priyanka nodded swiftly, a small smile gracing her face. “I think I get the picture.”

“But that’s not all!” Misty continued quickly. Now she had started confessing, the words just tumbled out of her. “I already did, you know, it, before. It was, um, this morning. In the bathroom. But Z-Zel, they found me, and they, um… well they… they’re different too, I think. They’re… mean.”

‘Mean’ wasn’t quite the word Misty wanted to use, but she simply wasn’t sure how to express the way Zel had made her feel. It had been one of the most gut-wrenching experiences of her life - but one of the best, too.

“They… they made me… do some things,” she finished lamely. The urge to confess was strong, but unless Priyanka made her, she wasn’t about to volunteer all the obscene details.

“I see,” Priyanka repeated. For a moment she seemed deep in thought, although more than a little relieved too. It wasn’t hard to understand why. Clearly, Misty was in no position to tattle on anyone else’s indiscretions around the office.

It was several long seconds of silence before either of them spoke again. In that span of time, the calm Misty had felt started to fall away as she thought about all the things she’d just admitted to. What had she been thinking? There was no way Priyanka wouldn’t judge her for it. There was no way Priyanka would think she was anything but a pathetic, slutty pervert. Misty hoped so - she didn’t want to, but she hoped so. She could just imagine Priyanka using that powerful new voice of hers to strip away the final, tattered shreds of her dignity, berating her and degrading her until she was nothing more than a weak, mind-broken, orgasmic mess. Misty started rubbing her legs together again.

“It looks like something strange is happening to a few of us here,” Priyanka said, breaching the silence. “You, me, maybe Zel and Andrea too. I… don’t know what to make of it, but we seriously need to find out what’s going on.”

Misty nodded, glad of such a sensible plan.

“But first,” Priyanka continued, in a very different and far more sensual voice. “We need to take care of you.”

Misty’s heart stopped for an instant. “W-what does that mean?” she squeaked.

“Sweetheart, you’re a mess.” Priyanka sounded sympathetic, but Misty noticed her looming over her just a little closer. “I mean, just look at you, you poor thing. You can barely keep it together. You look like you’re about to do something… inappropriate. What kind of friend or co-worker would I be if I let you walk out that door in such a sorry state?”

Misty squirmed. “I-I’m fine,” she protested unconvincingly.

“Hmm.” Priyanka pursed her lips skeptically. “Let’s take a look, shall we?”

Without offering any more warning, she reached out a hand towards Misty. Misty’s instincts deserted her, and instead of squirming out of the way, she just stood, frozen, as Priyanka started to feel her up. Priyanka’s grasp wasn’t violent, but it wasn’t gentle either. She ran a hand across Misty’s chest, pressing in firmly enough to make certain of the fact that the trans girl wasn’t wearing a bra. In the face of groping like that, there was absolutely no chance Misty could stifle her moans. Her mouth opened wide, and a loud series of intensely needy moans escaped her lips.

“Like I thought,” Priyanka commented. “No bra.”

Misty wanted to make some kind of protest, but she had no idea what to say. Her body was betraying her. She wanted this so much, even though she knew it was wrong.

“God, Misty, this top is so thin,” Priyanka continued, pressing her fingers into the flimsy material and squishing Misty’s newly-swollen, sensitive, tits. “I can see your nipples through this. Anyone could, if they were looking.”

That small observation was enough to completely rob Misty of the tattered remnants of her senses. Anyone could see? Anyone? Then maybe someone had seen. Maybe everyone had seen. In her mind’s eye, the way she had hurried from her desk to the storage closet was transformed from a simple, surreptitious escape to a lascivious, exhibitionist walk of shame. Who might have seen her? Who had been looking at her? She hadn’t really noticed, but now it seemed so easy to imagine everyone’s eyes roaming over her skin, shocked and scandalized at how thin her top was, and at how huge and slutty her tits looked.

The thought drove her into a frenzy.

“And it just doesn’t fit you at all, sweetheart.” A tiny little gesture was all it took for Priyanka to pull down the hem of Misty’s tank top, allowing her massive, heaving breasts to spill out of them. “Wow, they really have grown,” Priyanka remarked, with some amount of admiration in her voice.

Misty was no longer listening to her friend. Her head was full of exhibitionist fantasies, and now that her tits were exposed, it felt like they were coming true. There was only Priyanka there to see them, but she was enough. Misty couldn’t stop squirming in Priyanka’s grip, clawing uselessly at the wall behind her. The sensation of the air on her tits was such a relief, and such absolute torture.

“See? This is exactly what I was talking about.” Priyanka experimentally ran a hand over Misty’s naked breasts, pressing and prodding just a little. When Misty moaned wildly at the groping, she nodded in satisfaction at being proven right. “You can’t control yourself, Misty. One touch from me, and you’re… well, you’re like this. I can’t let you go out there this way.”

“C-can’t… can’t control… myself,” Misty gasped. It was the only thing Priyanka had said that made an impact. It was so true. She couldn’t control herself. The thought was humiliating. What kind of person couldn’t control themself this badly? It was disgraceful. She was a weak little slut, completely helpless to her own tits and her own lust. Misty’s moans somehow turned even more desperate. She needed to touch herself so badly.

Priyanka ignored her. “And how about… down here.” As Priyanka’s hand reached downward, towards Misty’s pants, her eyes were simmering with unusual fire. Whatever battle had been going on inside Priyanka was clearly over. This dominant, powerful side of her had won. Misty, in her current state, couldn’t bring herself to be anything but grateful.

When Priyanka slipped her hand into the waistband of Misty’s pants and started rubbing at her panties, Misty saw white. The trans girl was already painfully hard, and one little touch, even through fabric, was all it took to make her cry out at the raw intensity of what she felt.

“Wow, you’re so wet!” Priyanka sounded strangely proud. Her tone was equal parts forceful and motherly, with just a hint of poison on it. “All this precum… Misty, what have you been doing to yourself? No wonder you were squirming when I saw you at your desk earlier, hm?”

The mere knowledge that Priyanka had seen her and guessed a little of what had been going on with her made Misty cry out again, but the sound had barely broached her lips when Priyanka stuffed three fingers of her other hand into the trans girl’s mouth. Misty’s eyes went wide as her cries and moans were muffled, but then some instinct took over her, and she started sucking gratefully on Priyanka’s fingertips. She wasn’t sure what had possessed her to do that. It just felt right, even though it was unbelievably degrading.

“That’s it,” Priyanka said soothingly. “We can’t have you making too much noise, can we? Good girl.”

At the words ‘good girl’, Misty was hit by a sudden wave of pleasure, somehow different to what she’d felt before. It was warm without being painfully intense, and far from igniting and toying with her anxiety the way exhibitionist pleasure did, it smothered them away, granted Misty a small moment of absolute, empty-headed bliss. She gasped weakly at the feeling, and then started sucking on Priyanka’s fingers even more eagerly. What was going on? The way Priyanka was making her feel was totally different from how Zel had made her feel. It warmed, instead of burned, and it soothed instead of inflaming - even if it left her without the sweet release of her most desperate, degrading fantasies. Even so, she wasn’t sure if it was any worse. It felt safer.

“Good girl,” Priyanka repeated, bringing Misty yet more pleasure. “It’s just like I said, remember? Some people just need a little guidance. Some people do better once they’ve been put in their place.”

Misty nodded, agreeing mindlessly. She was sure that whatever Priyanka had to say was right. Her friend was just making her suck her fingers and groping her a very little bit through her pants, but apparently, that was enough to completely shut down Misty’s capacity for thought. She didn’t miss it.

“OK, Misty,” Priyanka said slowly, clearly conscious of how completely melted Misty was. “You’re doing so well. But… you poor thing, you can barely stand! Your legs look so weak. Why not just… get down on your knees for me? Why not just let yourself sink?”

As Priyanka spoke, Misty realized just how right she was. Her legs were quivering. She needed to lean on the wall for support. And so, obediently, she slumped onto her knees. It was a relief to take the weight off her feet. Kneeling did deprive her of Priyanka’s hand down her pants, but Misty barely noticed. Priyanka kept her fingers in the trans girl’s eager mouth. Misty was in heaven.

“Good girl!” Priyanka praised. “Wonderful.”

Misty was hit by a sudden blast of humiliating heat as she realized what was going on. Priyanka was treating her like a pet. Like an animal. And… it was working. She could feel her own eagerness to please, and her own willingness to rush to obey. It was overwhelming. Was she really just a pet? Misty found herself hoping so. It sounded blissful and degrading at the same time. Nothing more than a weak little animal, but still, soft and treasured.

“Look at me,” Priyanka commanded.

Misty looked up at once. She was seeing white, but even so, she did her best to bring her eyes to focus on her friend. From a kneeling position, Priyanka seemed even more formidable. Her presence was divine. Her every curve shone with femininity and beauty, and the look in her eyes was that of a goddess, both benevolent and controlling. Misty longed to bury herself in Priyanka’s chest, even bigger than hers, or perhaps to do something more humiliating, like hump Priyanka’s leg out of raw need. But she wouldn’t. She would kneel obediently, until she was told otherwise. That was what Priyanka wanted from her.

“Good girl.”

Misty moaned around Priyanka’s fingers, and smiled blissfully.

“I’m going to… take care of you,” Priyanka said suggestively, slipping her fingers out of Misty’s mouth and bending down to trace a path with her fingertips down over Misty’s chin and neck, ending at the swell of her still-exposed tits. “And then, we’re going to go find Zel.”

“Z-zel?” A little nervousness intruded on Misty’s bliss, as she spoke in a weak, hesitant voice. “Why?”

“Because you’re mine now.” The simple declaration made Misty shiver. “And I can’t have someone else mistreating you.”

Misty’s eyes went wide, and as she looked up worshipfully at Priyanka, she could have sworn she saw just a little excitement in her friend’s face.

“Maybe Zel needs to get put in their place too,” Priyanka finished.


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