Chapter 3

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #scifi #sub:female #clothing #drones #f/nb #sub:nb

“I need you to turn me into a drone again,” Lori asked, her hands balled into tight fists at her side from nervousness. She’d been standing outside Harper’s door for ten minutes or longer trying to muster the courage to go in and ask. The moment the question left her lips, her gaze shot the floor. She couldn’t bear to see the mixture of confusion and disgust that she was sure would be on Harper’s face. After all, what kind of girl would ask to be turned into a drone?

Eventually, when Harper didn’t say anything, Lori risked a glance upwards. To her surprise, Harper didn’t look disgusted. She looked confused, certainly, and her eyes were wide with shock, but they were also shining with something that Lori could only interpret as intense fascination. She wasn’t saying anything, just staring. Lori started to squirm from intense discomfort.

“I… um…” Lori had thought about what she might say, but she’d been expecting more questions and vocal astonishment rather than this strange silence. “I was just thinking that… sorry, can I sit down?”

For a few seconds, Lori thought Harper wasn’t going to respond to that either. But finally she nodded, and Lori moved to perch herself on the end of Harper’s bed. Since it seemed like her roommate wasn’t going to break the silence, Lori decided she’d better continue.

“I was thinking that it would be a good idea.” Lori gingerly rubbed her left wrist with her hand as she lied. “We… I… I need to find out more about what’s happening to me. I’ve tried to research brainwashing and drones and I’ve tried to see if there’s anything nearby or at school that might explain it, but there’s just… nothing.”

Lori checked Harper’s reaction again, this time to see if Harper could see her true motive, as she’d feared. She was met with only the same unblinking, inscrutable stare.

“So um… I realized we don’t really know much about how it really works when I’m… a drone.” Lori had to fight the urge to call herself by the number her drone-self used. “So I was thinking maybe you could, yknow, use that trigger on me and then do some… testing, I guess. See how it works. See what you can get me to do or say. Maybe that way, we can figure this out. Or something…”

Lori’s voice trailed off, and she was left staring back at Harper with nothing else to say. Harper still didn’t say anything, although Lori could have sworn she saw her roommate subtly pinch herself on the arm.

“What do you think?” Lori ventured, after an awkwardly long moment of silence.

Finally, Harper opened her mouth. “Are you insane?” she demanded. Lori’s face fell. That was a lot more like what she’d been expecting.

“N-no?” Immediately, Lori regretted everything. Coming to talk to Harper had been a stupid idea. Trying to lie to her had been even more stupid.

“Lori, t-that just, um, that s-seems really rash, don’t you think?” Harper’s anxiety was obvious from the odd way she twitched as she spoke. Lori was glad Harper seemed to be worried about her rather than disgusted with her, but there was an odd hesitance and uncertainty to her roommate’s voice that she’d never heard before.

“It’s not!” Lori retorted immediately, before biting down on her outburst. She couldn’t seem too eager. This was already going wrong.

“Well, um…” As Lori watched, Harper’s face flitted through a dozen expressions, each one so quick that Lori didn’t have time to register them. “Isn’t there something else you can try first? I know you want to figure this out, but turning you into a… are you sure that’s really a good idea?”

“I really think it is, Harper.” Lori started reviewing the mental list of reasons and arguments she’d noted before coming to Harper, memorized from the notepad file she’d been working on for days. “There just isn’t anything else I can do. I’ve tried, I promise. If you’ve got any suggestions then I’m all ears, but I bet you don’t.”

Lori was telling the truth about that. She really had exhausted all possible avenues of investigation that she could think of.

“A-are you really sure you can’t remember anything else about what happened the first time you activated?” Harper asked. Lori rolled her eyes.

“I’ve told you before, I really can’t remember.” That was also true. She remembered Professor Elbourne using her activation phrase, but that was about it. 

“Then how about you ask her about it? Maybe she knows something.”

“I’m pretty sure it was just a random number,” Lori said impatiently. In truth she wasn’t as sure of that as she was pretending, but she needed to convince Harper to activate her.

“O-oh, right.” Lori’s hopes surged as Harper fell quiet, clearly searching for another reason not to go through with what Lori had proposed. That was good. It was obvious Harper was running out of reasons to say ‘no’. “But Lori, even so, I…” There was a strange note of conflict in Harper’s voice, as if she was being torn between horror and excitement. “How do we even know it’s safe? There’s so much we don’t know, this seems like a really bad-”

“Exactly! We don’t know anything. That’s why we have to do this.” Lori realized that was probably the first time she’d ever interrupted Harper. She was doing a bad job of suppressing her enthusiasm, but she couldn’t bring herself to care. “Besides, we do know it’s safe. Remember before, that first day? You activated me and then woke me back up again easily, without any problems.”

“I… I guess…” Harper fell silent for a long time after that. Eventually, Lori realized her roommate had run out of protests.

“So,” she asked insistently. “What do you say? Will you do it?”

The expression that passed over Harper’s face for the next few seconds was one of the most pained and tortured Lori had even seen. It was like the girl was at war with herself. But eventually, a kind of stoic peace spread across her expression and she replied with a stern “No.”

Lori’s whole body sagged. “Why?” she asked defeated.

“Lori, I just…” Harper swallowed uncomfortable. “I just don’t think it’s a very good idea. There’s so much we don’t know about this, and there’s got to be better ways to investigate. Maybe you’ll remember something important. Maybe your research on the internet will turn something up. I think waiting for that is a lot more sensible than playing with fire by doing…. That again.”

“But, Harper-”

“I said ‘no’, Lori!” Harper said, her voice strained and shrill. Lori fell silent. She couldn’t bring herself to argue anymore. It was plainly hopeless. But when Lori thought about the prospect of standing up, leaving and going back to her own room without her craving fulfilled, she realized she couldn’t do it. She needed this. That meant there was only one thing left she could do: tell the truth.

“There’s something else,” she began tentatively, after giving her roommate a moment to calm down. “Another reason.”

Harper eventually sighed, her curiosity getting the better of her. “What?”

“I’ve been having dreams,” Lori confessed. “Every day for the last weak, I’ve dreamt about it. About being a drone. About the suit. About… you.”

Harper’s eyebrows shot up. She looked almost panicked. “What? What dreams? Tell me!”

Lori was taken aback by Harper’s sudden interest. Maybe there was hope after all. “That’s… um…” She blushed. Now for the truly hard part. Lori had no idea how she could possibly explain her dreams to Harper without her instantly being disgusted with her. “I… keep dreaming the same thing. In my dream, you use that code to… to activate me. God, they’re so vivid.  You activate me and then you make me wear the latex suit and… do things for you. Cleaning. Tidying. Doing the dishes. Whatever. Stuff like that. Well, except last night. That was a little, um, different.” There was no way Lori was going to tell Harper she’d dreamt about Harper forcibly groping her. No way. She’d already let slip too much.

Harper no longer looked almost panicked. She looked completely horrified. Lori was surprised at the strength of the reaction she could read on her face, but she figured it was pretty weird, after all. She waited for Harper to say something, but all her roommate did was make a few strained sputtering noises.

“I know it’s bad.” Lori hung her head as she tried to reassure Harper, somehow. “But it was just a dream, I know that. Even if it practically feels like it was real. I think maybe when you activated me that one time, as a test, maybe that kinda… imprinted something. That’s the only time I can really clearly remember someone activating me deliberately like that, so it must have left an impression. I’m not sure how exactly that happened or why it’s so strong. All I know is, I keep dreaming about you activating me and telling me what to do.”

Lori observed her roommate take a series of deep breaths and slowly calm down. Her deer-in-headlights look faded, and she managed to say: “So… that’s… um… wow, er…. Wait, so why is that a reason I should a-activate you?”

“That’s… I… um… I just…” Now it was Lori who found herself stuttering. This was the truly hard part. Eventually, she realized there was no way she was going to be able to say it that made it sound any better than it was. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and forced out: “Because I can’t stop thinking about it. Because… Harper, you have no idea how good it feels.”

The silence that followed was deafening. Lori could do nothing more than blush and shift uncomfortably on the bed under Harper’s unfathomable gaze. “W-what?” Harper managed after a long moment. “How can that possibly feel good?”

“It’s like…” It took Lori a few seconds to find the words but once she did, they came tumbling out of her. “It’s just amazing. When I’m like that, a drone, it’s like I don’t have to think. About anything. I couldn’t even if I wanted to, and that’s OK. No, better than OK. It’s so peaceful. So easy. So easy to just obey. Whatever I’m told, all I have to do is obey. I just have to follow my… my programming, and I get to feel good. When I follow commands, I feel so good. So right. So satisfied. Like I’m fulfilling the only purpose in the universe I’ll ever have or ever need. Nothing else matters compared to that.

As embarrassed as Lori was by the way she was gushing and by the astonished way Harper was looking at her, she didn’t stop. She couldn’t. It felt amazing to finally let it all out.

“And the latex is just divine. It’s so smooth and soft and beautiful, and when I wear it I feel like I’m beautiful too. When I’m wearing it, I’m not me anymore. And that’s good. It’s like a holiday from having to be myself. I don’t have to do all the hard things and think about all the scary things. Those things are for people and I’m not a person anymore. I’m a drone. The activation code makes me blank inside. The latex makes me blank outside. Both together is just… perfect.”

Lori finished, and found Harper staring at her with her mouth slowly opening and closing in pure disbelief. “How?” her roommate spat. “How can you… no, that’s not right! That first time, I mean, that first day, you were terrified!”

“Of course I was terrified! I didn’t know what was happening to me! But even then, it was like that. I just couldn’t admit it at first.” Lori sighed. She must sound crazy. “I know it’s just that one time, and I know haven’t been activated since then, but still. I keep dreaming about it and about y-you, and it’s like a tease. Every morning I wake up and I’m sad it’s not real. It’s all I can think about. I… I think I need this Harper.”

Harper’s lip was quivering. “You… need it? That doesn’t sound good, Lori.”

“I just mean, maybe if I had it once for real, I could get my fill of it and move on.” Lori licked her lips. Harper was still clearly reluctant, but Lori could sense her resolve starting to crumble. “You know how sometimes you just need to get something out of your system so you can get on with the rest of your life?”

“That’s… but why me? Why should I be the one to do it?” Harper whined, her voice uneven. Lori noticed she was shifting her weight from side to side in a strange way. Was her roommate squirming?

“Well, you’re the only who even knows, so it makes sense, right? Besides, I trust you.” Lori realized that it must be an incredibly unnerving thing to be asked to do, and decided she should try and lighten it up a bit. “I mean, I know it’s probably a pretty weird idea to consider. Probably not much fun from your perspective. Although weirdly, you seem to enjoy it a lot in my dreams.” Lori blushed again as she remembered how Harper had groped her. “That’s just a dream, of course. I know you’d never do something that was… I know you wouldn’t take advantage of me. But even so, I’m sure you can figure out a way to enjoy yourself. A totally enslaved, totally obedient girl following your every command is kind of a fantasy, right?”

Lori could have sworn she heard Harper whimper.

“W-w-what should I do?” Harper asked. Lori’s mood surged. She’d won! It was really going to happen! Her heart rate quickened. “Just use the word and then wake you up?”

“No.” Lori shook her head excitedly. “I need you to do a bit more than that. I need… I think I need you to give me some stuff to do. Some orders. Some programming.” Lori shivered at the memory of how good obedience had made her feel in her dreams. It hadn’t been sexual pleasure so much as a sense of perfect rightness and purposefulness that was incredibly soothing and comforting. “That’s what I need. Something to obey.”

“T-then what should I get you to do?”

Lori thought about it for a moment and then shrugged. She knew that any order Harper might come up with would feel the same once she was a drone. Obedience was the only thing that mattered. “I don’t know. I don’t think I’ll care, to be honest. Get me to clean the apartment, do your laundry, do my yoga… anything. You can get me to do anything.”

Harper’s eyes went as wide as dinner plates. “Anything?”

Lori nodded. The unfamiliar hunger she sense in Harper’s tone was slightly unnerving, but she couldn’t pull back now. Harper might lose her nerve. “Anything.”

The same pained, tortured expression of inner conflict that Lori had seen on Harper’s face before reappeared, and Lori went tense. She was so sure she’d managed to persuade her. After what felt like an eternity, Harper slumped. She was shivering, and when spoke she sounded just as defeated as she looked. What she said, though, filled Lori with indescribable excitement. “OK. I’ll do it.”

“Oh my god, thank you!” Lori exclaimed. What followed was a long, awkward pause. Lori found herself holding her breath with anticipation.

“Wait, you mean… right now?” Harper asked, picking up on Lori’s expectant stare.

“Yes!” Lori nodded enthusiastically. There was no way she could contain her excitement now, although she was still trying to keep her desperate squirming under wraps. “No time like the present, right?”

“I-I guess.” Harper looked away. “So, um, do you wanna put the suit on first?”

Lori thought about it for a moment. “I don’t think so,” she answered. “I like putting it on when I’m a drone. Besides, this might sound kinda weird given what I’m asking, but it actually still creeps me out a little bit.” The absurdity of that made them both giggle, slightly breaking the strange, tense atmosphere that had developed between them. But once their giggles subsided, they both tensed again. They knew there was no sense delaying it any longer.

“Ready?” Harper asked, her voice shaking.

Lori just nodded. Her heart was in her throat.


It was only a whisper, but it was enough. The activation code slammed into Lori’s head like a thunderbolt. She could feel the impact in a mind like a shockwave, tearing apart her thoughts as it spread through every part of her, ripping through her identity with hurricane force. But in its wakes, she could feel herself being rebuilt. Her thoughts were reconfigured into new patterns, ones that were sleek and cold and machine-like. They left no place for personality or emotion or free will or anything except simple, pure obedience. Lori tensed for a moment when it hit her, but then she let all resistance go. She didn’t want to resist. She wanted this. She needed this. She craved this, and it felt so much better when she simply let it happen. She went slack and limp for just an instant, but then she straightened her back, stiffer and more upright than before. She stopped squirming and shivering. She felt nothing. The whole process took barely a second. By the end, she wasn’t Lori anymore. She wasn’t a ‘she’, wasn’t a person. She was an ‘it’, and it was 7005.

“Are you…?” Harper ventured.

“7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service,” 7005 intoned. It felt so good, so right, to speak the words that were written so deep into its programming.

“OK. OK. Holy shit.” Harper was breathing so hard she was practically hyperventilating. She couldn’t have contrasted more with the perfectly calm, perfectly serene 7005. No-one who saw the two of them would have guessed that Harper was the one who was in complete control. Harper stood up off the bed and started across pacing the room. “OK. 7005, go and make yourself ready for service.”

“Command accepted.” 7005 understand perfectly. Currently, it was imperfect. Incomplete. Normal clothes didn’t suit it. It wasn’t a normal person. It was a drone. It needed its dronesuit.

7005 marched out of Harper’s room over to its room - or rather, to Lori’s room. With simple, purposeful movements it looked under its bed and retrieved the small box containing the latex bodysuit it had been given. It placed the box on the bad and started unpacking the bodysuit. It didn’t feel anything, but it treated the latex with something close to reverence. The latex was important. It needed to take care of it. It needed to keep it clean and safe and hidden. That was a core part of its programming.

The drone quickly removed the clothes it was wearing and sat down on the bed. It started to slip its feet into the legs of the drone suit, pulling it up tight until it could feel the cool smoothness of the latex settling over it until it was like a second skin. 7005 stood and slid its arms into the upper part of the latex, feeling it close around its torso as it reached behind itself and carefully zipped it up at the back. It was a perfect fit. 7005 knew somehow that it had been made for it. The bodysuit was slightly constraining, but in a way that felt perfectly right and comforting. It was a reminder that it was wearing its dronesuit, just as it should be. That it was a good, obedient drone, ready for service. That thought filled its mind with a kind of pleasant hum, almost like a cats purr. It was soothing and gratifying. 7005 was a good drone. But the feeling faded after a moment. It needed more commands to obey.

The last step was the helmet. 7005 placed it over its head, tightening it carefully so it could not come loose. With that, every trace of its identity and individuality was erased. 7005 looked down at itself, its vision now slightly darkened by the helmet’s reflective mask. It was perfect. Its whole body was smooth and shiny and sleek, with the same alien beauty that was both totally unknowable and strangely familiar. Above all, 7005 knew that it was supposed to be this way. This was the way it should always be. This was the way everyone should be. This was perfection.

7005 was ready for service. Deep within the wires and circuits it could visualise within its body and mind, there was a certain impulse. A driving, overriding, core piece of programming that could not be denied or delayed: the need to serve. Serving would truly make it perfect. 7005 existed to serve. It existed to please. Right now, it would serve Harper, because Harper had activated it. But it knew there was someone else too, a figure that existed as a shadow with in its programming, someone to whom it owed true, overriding obedience. It’s true administrator. 7005 had to remain conscious of the fact that no matter what commands it was given by anyone else, they could not access its core programming. They had administrator-level access. No-one else.

But that wasn’t important right now. What was important was that it serve. 7005 started to march back towards Harper’s room. As it did, it disinterestedly considered the memories that had returned to it, now that it wasn’t Lori. As 7005, it could remember how Harper had activated it day after day, making it do chores and housework. It could also remember everything that Harper had done to it the day before. None of it bothered it in the slightest, not even the fact that Harper had removed Lori’s waking access to those memories. 7005 didn’t care about such things. 7005 simply existed to serve.

It re-entered Harper’s room to find the girl still pacing and breathing hard. She was now red in the face and there was sweat on her brow, and she started slightly once she noticed that 7005 had come back in. But that didn’t make any difference to the drone.

“This unit is ready for service,” 7005 said in, a flat monotone.





The word kept echoing around and around in Harper’s head as she frantically paced back and forth across her room, waiting for Lori to return. What did it mean? Anything meant literally anything, right? But did it really mean anything? All kinds of fantasies and lurid images were flying through Harper’s head, and she could feel her inhibitions crumbling. She’d said anything… but surely that didn’t mean… but then why hadn’t she said… but maybe it just hadn’t occurred to her… Harper laughed abruptly as she was struck by the insane imagine of a little cartoon angel on one of her shoulders and a little cartoon devil on the other. The angel was telling her that Lori had only meant ‘anything’ in an offhanded way, and that she should carefully respect her roommate’s boundaries. The devil was telling her that anything meant anything. Lori had given her permission. She could do whatever she wanted. It wasn’t wrong. Lori had said she could do anything.

Harper jumped half-way out of her skin when she noticed the strange, black-clad figure that had slipped into the room silently. It took her a moment to realize that it was Lori, dressed in the latex bodysuit. Harper was immediately entranced by the sight of her. She stopped pacing and just stared. She’d seen Lori that way before, of course. Many times now. But she never failed to be awestruck at the sight of how strange and exotic she looked. The shiny latex reflected light in patterns all along her limbs in a way that made her look alien and beautiful at the same time. As Harper stared, frozen in her tracks, the twin voices of temptation and restraint in her head rose to a fever pitch.

“This unit is ready for service,” Lori stated. Harper shivered. Why did hearing those words make her feel so good?

Now that Lori was standing right in front of her in her latex, Harper knew she had to make a choice. What was she going to make her do? A weak, diminishing voice was telling her to just make Lori do some housework, as she’d done before, but it was increasingly being drowned out by the roaring scream of her own need. Harper knew she was shaking, and she hated it. She hated how little control she’d felt over herself for the past week. She needed to be in control. Harper shook her head madly when she realized where that train of thought was taking her. What the hell was she going to do? She couldn’t see Lori’s face, but the way that she was just standing there, completely still, after declaring herself ready for service was making Harper feel pressured.


“Command accepted.”  Harper issued the command practically without thinking, just because she wanted to say something. It seemed innocuous. But as Lori sank to her knees, a momentary sense of calm washed over Harper, a calm that was accompanied by a strange thrill. Control.

Harper sat on the bed, still right beside where Lori was kneeling. Before she knew it, she found herself issuing another command: “Face this way.”

Lori turned to face her, and Harper felt another moment of calm. Control. This was what she needed. It was like an oasis in the storm that was raging within her mind. It was so simple. She told Lori to do something, and she did it. Whatever she ordered her to do. Anything. Anything really did mean anything, Harper thought to herself. There really wasn’t any other way to interpret it. Still, though, something was holding her back. She couldn’t bring to herself to do some of the things she’d fantasized about. Not to her friend Lori.

But then Harper remembered how Lori had reacted - or rather, hadn’t reacted - to her groping the previous day, and she had an idea. At first, she rejected it as cruel but she almost immediately started convincing herself otherwise. It wasn’t nearly as bad as her fantasies. It was something she could play off as a joke, if she had to. Lori wouldn’t hold it against her. There was just one thing she needed to check first.

“7005,” Harper began. “The first time I… encountered you, I was able to wake you from this state by slapping you. Why?” Harper wanted to know why slapping had woken her up when groping hadn’t.

“This unit is programmed with the safeguard that it will slowly prepare to deactivate if not issued commands for a long period,” Lori answered robotically. “At that time, this unit was already close to deactivation. Sharp pain was sufficient to cause this unit to deactivate.”

Harper was trembling. Her arm was twitching. “And now?”

“This unit is in the process of serving a user. This unit is not close to deactivation.”

Harper slapped her.

To Harper, it was the most cathartic moment of her life. It felt so good, like she’d put all of her tension and confusion and frustration into that one blow. She was a little stunned at what she had done as the whip-crack sound of the slap echoed in the otherwise silent room. But then her body flushed with heat as she saw how completely unresponsive Lori was. Her roommate’s head was turned slightly to the side by the force of the blow, but after a moment it turned back. That was it. Lori didn’t wake up, or make a single sound of pain. Harper felt giddy with a kind of euphoria she’d never experienced before. She really could do anything.

Harper slapped her again, and in the same motion reached down to roughly grab one of Lori’s breasts, letting out a soft moan of satisfaction at the combination of the smooth, cold latex with soft, yielding flesh underneath. The drone still didn’t react to anything. Harper delivered another, harder slap, and then another. She was feeling increasingly light-headed and, without meaning to, let out a laugh. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She had this totally obedient, totally unresponsive plaything kneeling in front of her, nothing more than a toy for her crude whims. She was drunk off the feeling of control it gave her, and somehow the fact that even a hard slap neither woke Lori up or caused any reaction felt like the ultimate proof that she really could do anything. Why not? Lori had given her permission. As she took out all her frustration on the kneeling, latex-clad drone, Harper felt something in her own thoughts snap. Her earlier reservations suddenly seemed silly. Why hold back? The drone in front of her wasn’t Lori. Not anymore. It wasn’t even a person. It had no face, no personality, no free will. It was just a thing. There was nothing wrong with using a thing however you wanted, especially when that was its whole purpose. The drone had been telling her all along, Harper realized. It was ready for service. She didn’t know who had done this to Lori, or why, but she understood now that in this moment, 7005 might as well have only existed for the purpose of servicing her own desires. She could do anything she wanted, because the drone in front of her wasn’t Lori. It was 7005. It wasn’t a ‘she’. It was an ‘it’.

By the time Harper stopped slapping 7005, she was breathing hard. She guessed that she’d given the drone a couple of bruises on each cheek, but she didn’t care.  She knew 7005 didn’t care about pain, and as for Lori, that was something that she’d have to explain in the future. Harper was focused only on the present. Lust was burning through her veins, demanding to be sated. Harper no longer saw the need to ignore or deny her desires. She’d been doing that for too long. She was in control now, and what was the point of being in control if you didn’t take what you wanted? 7005 was a drone, ready for service, and Harper wanted to be serviced. It now seemed so simple to her that she couldn’t imagine why she’d struggled with it before.

“Take off your helmet,” Lori ordered, her voice stiffer and more commanding than before. She didn’t feel embarrassed about what she was going to do, and she was no more hesitant about doing it than she would be about switching on the microwave or doing something on her computer.

“Command accepted.” 7005 reached up and lifted off its helmet, placing it carefully beside it on the floor. A little to her own surprise, seeing her roommate’s face didn’t sway Harper’s resolve one bit. She sensed that what was on the outside was far less important than what was on the inside, and internally, this was still just 7005. It was no more of a person than it had been before.

Harper didn’t need to think about what to do next. She didn’t need to think at all. All she had to do was listen to what her body was telling her it wanted. Control. She was in control. She didn’t need to check to know that she was dripping wet between her legs. Harper pulled off her loose-fitting pants, leaving her naked on her lower half. She spread her knees apart. Harper didn’t feel uncomfortable exposing herself in front of 7005. Why should she? It was only a drone.

“7005, eat me out.”

“Command accepted.”

7005 shuffled forwards on its knees and lowered its face between Harper’s thighs, pressing her lips to Harper’s slit. From the moment Harper felt the drone’s warm breath against her skin, she was moaning. 7005’s tongue felt just as amazing as it had done in her dreams. She’d been unsure how well the drone would perform given how robotic it normally behaved, but apparently its impulse to provide adequate service was more important than anything else. 7005 didn’t concern itself with any kind of teasing or foreplay, it just pressed its face into Harper’s wet, needy pussy and starting working at her with its tongue. The wave of pleasure that hit Harper as 7005 worked its tongue deeper and deeper inside her had Harper throwing back her head wildly and grinding her hips forcefully against the drone’s face. Part of her wondered how 7005 had gotten so good at giving head. Was that one of Lori’s hidden talents? She didn’t care enough to really think about it, though. Her pleasure was the only thing that mattered to her.

“Harder!” Harper yelled. There was no response of ‘command accepted’ this time, since the drone’s mouth was otherwise occupied, but Harper felt the drone increase its pace. Still, though, it wasn’t enough. Now that she’d given in to her desires, Harper found that her body was infinitely greedy for more indulgence, more pleasure. She roughly grabbed a bunch of 7005’s hair in her hands and used it to pull 7005 against her still harder, facefucking the drone into her cunt. She’d never known that anything could feel so good.

“I said harder, cunt!” Harper ordered. When 7005 didn’t respond as quickly as she wanted, she tightened her grip on the drone’s hair and wrapped her legs around the back of its head, holding it in a vice-grip between her thighs and pulling it tighter into her body. She didn’t feel even the slightest bit of guilt at the way she was treating 7005. It was just an object to be used. She didn’t need to be careful or considerate with it, not even to the extent she did when she was playing around with a girl who liked being treated roughly. 7005 didn’t have needs or wants. This hardly even counted as sex. It was just masturbation.

But still, Harper found herself wanting more. More pleasure. More control. “Get up on the bed,” she barked.

“Command accepted,” 7005 replied, its monotonous voice now slightly breathless from having its face stuffed into Harper’s pussy so hard for so long. It’s face slick with Harper’s wetness, it started to rise to its feet, but not quickly enough for Harper. Impatient and itching for any way to exercise the control that felt so good, Harper stood up and placed a firm hand around 7005’s neck, using it to haul it up and then throw it over onto the bed. Her body throbbed with desire at the way 7005 tried to recover from being rough-handled still in such a robotic way, while also following her orders. It was like a computer encountering a glitch. Thoughts of cruelty blossomed in Harper’s mind. How much more could she make the drone glitch? How far could she push it before it broke? That would come later, perhaps. For now, she had her own immediate, physical needs to attend to.

“Lie on your back,” Harper ordered, barely giving the drone a chance to comply before forcing it into that position.

“Command accep-” 7005 started to intone, before Harper sat on its face, cutting it off and smothering its voice.

At first, without orders, the drone didn’t do anything at all, and Harper was left grinding her sopping pussy against its blank, expressionless face,  covering it with her messy juices. To Harper, that was almost as good as being eaten out. Almost. But she was impatient, and as much as she loved seeing proof of how utterly brainwashed and depersonalized 7005 was, she wanted to cum even more. 

“7005, keep eating me out! Get your tongue back in my cunt,” Harper yelled. She didn’t need to hear ‘command accepted when, almost immediately, she could feel 7005 return to diligently and methodically eating her out with its tongue. Now that she was on top of it, Harper could let her body weight do the work of pushing her pussy into 7005’s face, giving her as much stimulation as possible. In that position, technique hardly mattered. Harper was simply riding the submissive drone’s face, revelling in the feeling of its tongue reaching deeper and deeper inside her, providing delicious stimulation to her needy g-spot. 

As Harper rode 7005’s face, she bent forward and started roughly groping the drone’s prone, latex-clad body. It was all right there for her to grab and slap and touch, however she wanted. She pressed her hands into 7005’s tits, groping them as hard as she possibly could just for the sake of it. The tight latex dronesuit made them so tight and firm and appealing. Then, she slid her hands down 7005’s body. The way her hands slid across the smooth, clean, reflective surface of the latex was so sensual it made Harper shiver. Her fingers traced the curve of 7005’s waist and then made their way down between her legs. Harper grinned mischievously, her brow dripping with sweat and her face red, as she started touching the small bulge at 7005’s crotch, feeling it start to grow beneath her hands. Once it was fully hard, Harper started rubbing it gently but insistently up and down under the latex. Gratifyingly, after a moment she felt 7005’s body twitch beneath her. Harper laughed. She knew it was just an instinctive reaction, but it was still a rush. The drone eating her out wasn’t Lori. It really wasn’t. It was just an empty, obedient, twitching thing that existed to provide service. And she, Harper, was in control. There was no better feeling.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Harper shrieked, as an orgasm hit her without any warning. Given how much pleasure she was feeling, it was miracle she’d lasted even that long. But she was still taken by surprise by the thunderous rush of ecstatic, orgasmic bliss that overcame her as she came. 7005, still just mindlessly obeying the command it had been giving, kept eating her out without pause, and Harper found herself losing the precious control she’d loved so much as her body started shivering and twitching like a ragdoll caught between the crests of the multiple waves of her amazing orgasm. Her legs gave out beneath her and she flopped to one side, tumbling off of 7005 and falling prone next to it on the bed. She felt on the verge of blacking out as her body struggled to recover from the immense, overwhelming pleasure she’d just experienced, and an absent-minded grin was plastered across her face. Even now she’d came and the fog of arousal was clearing from her mind, she didn’t regret a single thing. She couldn’t. Not when it had been so perfect.

Eventually, she forced herself up off the bed and to her feet, and looked down at 7005. The drone was lying motionless, awaiting further commands. It looked like a mess. It’s face was sodden with juices, as was its neck and and even some of its chest. The sight of the dirty latex sent a thrilling chill down Harper’s spine, but she ignored it. She needed to make sure Lori didn’t find out about this.

“7005, stand up,” she said.

“Command accepted.” 7005 robotically climbed off the bed and stood up, arms at its sides, looking completely tranquil despite what had happened.

“Let’s see,” Harper murmured to herself. She looked around, and her eyes caught on the box of tissues she kept next to her bed. Those seemed good enough. She grabbed a handful, walked round to 7005 and started wiping everything off. Within moments, there was no sign that anything untoward had happened. Harper smiled. This was easy, now she’d stopped trying to resist. “7005, when I wake you up, you will not remember any of what happened. You will remember that I made you do the dishes and clean the kitchen, and you will not notice anything that conflicts with that.”

“Command accepted,” 7005 repeated, voice empty. Harper’s smile widened. Perfect. At worst, Lori would dream about what she’d done, and then the poor girl would only blame herself for being so perverted. Maybe she could even tease her about it. That sounded like fun.

“7005, wake up.” Harper saw 7005 blink, and when its eyes opened, they had become Lori’s eyes. They were no longer glassy and dull, but full of personality and life. Lori took a deep breath and sighed with satisfaction.

“Wow… that was… wow.” She sounded breathy and amazed. Harper was pleased her imagination had decided to invent a positive experience. She should probably have mentioned that explicitly.

“You enjoyed yourself?” Harper prompted.

“Yes,” Lori said quickly. “It was just how I’d dreamed. God, I’d never known cleaning could be so fun!”

They shared a laugh, and Harper was amused to know that she was laughing at a very different joke than Lori.

“Hey,” Lori said after a moment. “Why does my head feel a little sore?”

Harper’s mind raced to invent a lie. “Oh, sorry about that. I was… struggling a bit to wake you up. Thought a couple good slaps might help, like the first time. I’ll be more careful in the… if we do this again.”

“Oh, huh. Weird I don’t remember that. Well, I don’t really mind… hey, what’s this?” Harper’s eyes widened as Lori reached up to her face and wiped something onto her finger tips. She’d missed a spot! Harper felt the first stirrings of fear as she watched Lori peer at and study several large droplets of her cum.

“That’s, uh, well, that’s kinda the same actually.” Harper prayed Lori would believe her, and prepared herself to speak 7005’s activation code if she didn’t. “When I was trying to wake you up, I splashed some cold water on your face. I wiped you down, but I guess I missed a bit.”

“Oh. That’s strange, it smells a bit… and why wouldn’t I remember…?” For a moment, Harper’s whole body was tense and strained. But she sighed and relaxed when Lori added: “I guess it was probably because it was right at the end, or something. Anyway, who cares? No harm done, right? Wow, I’m really thirsty.”

Harper’s breath caught in her throat as Lori slipped the finger in her mouth and happily sucked Lori’s cum off of it. She felt another twinge of arousal in her pussy, and instantly knew that she’d be getting herself off to that memory later.

“I’m gonna go get a drink, and then… well, I need to think about this a little bit.” Lori made to leave the room, but quickly darted back for a moment to clasp Harper’s hand in hers. “Thank you for doing that, Harper. I know we’re not super close or anything, but you’re a good friend.”

With that, she left. The moment she was out of sight, Harper collapsed back onto her bed. She had a million things to think about and reflect on, but she couldn’t. Not yet. Her mind was still marveling at the incredible experience she’d just had. As she slowly drifted off into sleep, pondering over it all, there was only one thing she knew clearly.

Now that she’d crossed the line she’d set for herself, there was no going back.

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