Chapter 2

by Kallie

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“Hey,” Harper said hesitantly to the girl who’s name she couldn’t quite remember, lying underneath her on the bed. “Is it OK if we do something kinda… weird?”

“You mean something kinky?” The freshman girl grinned playfully. “I’m down.”

“Great,” Harper replied, although she was already regretting asking now that she had to explain what she wanted them to do. It had been pure impulse, although they idea of it had been preying on her mind the whole week, ever since she and Lori had discovered the bizarre drone activation code planted in Lori’s mind. Especially once she’d started taking advantage of it. 

After the night she’d used Lori’s activation code and told her to do the dishes, Harper had sworn to herself that she’d never do it again. She’d managed to resist the temptation for one whole day. That was all. But the day after that, she’d found herself using the activation code again, to turn Lori into Unit 7005 and make her do chores. It had been something so simple and petty - vacuuming the kitchen floor. But the idea of it being that easy, of being able to make Lori do it without any consequences with just a single phrase, was so irresistible. After that, it had been every night. Harper had Lori doing all the chores. It was making her life so much easier. At least, she kept telling herself that was the reason she was doing it. It was out of basic selfishness, that was all. There was no way she was doing it because she couldn’t stop thinking about how strangely beautiful Lori looked in latex, and about the blank, obedient look that appeared in her eyes the moment she spoke the activation code. If it was that, there was no way Harper could face up to herself. 

But even if she could pretend that wasn’t the reason she was activating 7005 every night, she couldn’t pretend she wasn’t dreaming about it in her sleep, and daydreaming about it in every free moment. They were the kinds of dreams Harper woke up from sweaty and panting and wet. She’d quickly decided she needed a distraction, and she’d settled on the kind of distraction she always settled on: girls. Almost every night, after making Lori do chores, she’d gone out to a bar or a freshman event and found a girl to go home with  - always their place, never her and Lori’s. Harper always knew how to find the right kind of girl. She was very good at it, and as a distraction it had worked… at first. But more and more, the intoxication of flirting with a new girl each night had become unsatisfying, and the pleasure of sex wasn’t scratching the right itch. And that’s how she’d ended up trying and failing to get a very bad idea out of her head. An idea that she’d just committed herself to trying right now.

“So… what did you have in mind?” the girl asked, sounding excessively perky. Harper realized they’d lapsed into an awkward silence while the girl waited for her to explain herself. She didn’t remember the girl’s name. She never could. “Cuffs? A blindfold? Maybe you wanna spank me?” The girl slipped out from under Harper and rolled onto her front, wiggling her ass in the air pleasingly.

Harper reached over and spanked her, playfully rather than hard, and she yelped and laughed, delighted. Harper grabbed her and pulled her back, and they wrestled for a moment before Harper managed to get back on top. She could tell the girl was only pretending to put up a fight. She was such a little brat.

“No, actually. It’s a little weirder than that.”

Clearly the girl could sense some kind of hesitancy or embarrassment in Harper’s voice. In a serious, kindly tone she said: “Whatever it is, you can tell me. No judgment. Promise.”

“I want…” Harper took a deep breath. “I want you to just lie there, and not move.”

“OK. And then what?”

“And then…” Harper didn’t know how to explain what she wanted. She didn’t know how to explain how enamored she was with the weird, robotic, unresponsive way Lori behaved when she was 7005. She could barely bring herself to admit that all she wanted was to give in to her urges and touch her, grope her, feel how Lori felt beneath her hands, especially in that sleek latex bodysuit. “Just let me touch you.”

“OK,” the girl said, and Harper sighed inwardly. She could tell just from the girl’s voice that she didn’t really understand. “I can do that. You want me to just… flop?”

“No,” Harper replied immediately. That wasn’t right at all. There was nothing loose about the way Lori moved when she was activated. “Put your legs straight and your arms at your sides.”

With a mixed look of puzzlement and amusement on her face, the girl obliged. She placed herself just as Harper described, and went still. Harper was left kneeling over the motionless girl, and for the first time in a week, she started to feel truly excited. It wasn’t like looking at Lori, of course. She wasn’t perfect the way Lori was. The way 7005 was. But it was close enough, apparently, to stimulate the deep longing that had been growing inside her ever since she’d first seen Lori in that latex bodysuit. This was it. She finally had her moment. Harper felt her heart quicken. She started to reach out towards the girl, then paused. She was excited, but part of her was afraid too, in a way she couldn’t quite understand. But she couldn’t just do nothing. Not now. She put her hand back into motion and poured all her concentration into appreciating exactly how the girl’s skin felt as her fingertips dancing across the surface of her chest.

But then, she ruined it. The girl moaned over-dramatically and arched her back. She was faking it, eager to please. Harper shook her head. That wasn’t right.

“No,” Harper said, quicker and harder than she’d meant. “Don’t do that. Don’t move. Don’t react. Just… still.”

“Sorry.” The girl seemed more and more confused now, and less amused. Nonetheless, she went still again, like Harper had asked.

This time, Harper was greedier, more eager. She caressed the girl’s tits, and then groped them hard. She started running her hands all over the girl, down her sides and over her hips. Then, Harper moved in close with her face, until her nose was full of the girl’s scent. She kissed her several times, all over her chest. To Harper, it felt amazing. She didn’t know why. She couldn’t explain it, not even to herself, but this was exactly what she’d wanted. There was a kind of rush of something, of control, maybe, to being able to do whatever she wanted to someone, touch them however she wanted, without them being able to move or react. It was like the girl’s body became truly hers. Her playground, or maybe her experiment. In a way, she felt like a child playing with toys. Children loved being able to do things just because they could.

Then, though, Harper realized that the girl was letting out a constant, low moan. She looked up, and saw a look of pleasure on her face. Her excitement died. This time, it wasn’t the girl’s fault, she knew. It wasn’t a performance for her benefit. It was a completely natural, involuntary reaction to the way Harper was touching her. But still, it wasn’t what Lori would have done. Somehow, Harper knew that once Lori was activated, she could do almost anything to her without causing any reaction at all. The way the girl was moaning was a reminder that this was just a fake version of the thing she really wanted. Even though she knew it wasn’t fair, Harper felt herself becoming angry at the girl for not being what she wanted.

“What’s wrong?” the girl asked, looking anxious. Harper realized she’d stopped touching her.

“I…” Harper struggled with a million possible answers. She wanted to try and make the girl into what she wanted. Maybe she could be a better fake. Maybe she could tell her to keep quiet, or to be more still. Maybe she could tell her to repeat a mantra, like the one Lori always repeated. Harper realized that was crazy. It was all crazy. What the hell was she doing? Putting this poor girl through some twisted role-play because she had an obsession with her roommate and whatever was going on with her. It wasn’t right. “I should go,” Harper said quietly.

“What?” The girl sat up as Harper climbed off her and started putting back on the few clothes she’d taken off. “D-did I do something wrong? I’m sorry.”

“No, no.” Harper hated the dejected expression on the girl’s face, and she hated that she couldn’t bare the thought of staying to comfort her. “You didn’t do anything wrong, I promise. I did. I’m sorry, I never should have… I’m sorry.”

Without waiting for a reply, Harper dashed out the door of the girl’s apartment and started heading home.


Not long after, Harper arrived back at her and Lori’s apartment in a dark mood. She was frustrated, ashamed and angry at both herself and everyone else. What was wrong with her? What the hell was she going to do? She slammed the door behind her, looked around, and sighed. Even the way their apartment looked was pissing her off. It was clean. Completely clean, top to bottom, because she’d activated Lori and made her clean it. Even the apartment’s cleanliness was a frustrating reminder of everything that had happened.

“What’s the matter? I didn’t expect you home this early.” Lori stepped into the hallway, looking concerned. She must have heard Harper slam the door. Harper sighed. Lori was the last thing she needed to see.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong,” Harper said, sounding cross. “How are you?” she asked, eager to deflect conversation away from herself.

“I’m, uh, good.” Lori scratched the side of her face nervously. “Hey… I’ve been doing some thinking and I really think I want to tell some more people about this.”

“Lori,” Harper groaned. “We’ve talked about this.”

They had, several times now. Lori seemed to have moved on from trying to forget anything had happened and was now trying to take control of the situation. She’d been frantically researching and investigating, trying to figure out anything she could about what had happened to her, all to no avail. She’d also expressed the desire to bring more people into the loop, something Harper was frantically opposed to. No-one would believe them, she’d told Lori, and if word got out they might lose control of the situation. Maybe whoever had done this would feel the need to lash out. Maybe someone would take advantage of Lori. Harper had felt sick to her stomach at her own hypocrisy as she mentioned that. Secretly, she felt somehow that if other people found out about this, it would be like her own hypocrisy was being uncovered.

And, a sinister little voice inside her whispered, she might lose access to her own personal slave.

“I know,” Lori replied eagerly. “But I just mean Sally, Madison and Jae. They’re my friends! I know they wouldn’t tell anyone if I asked them not to. And I’d feel a lot better if they knew. I feel like I’m lying to them right now.”

“It’s just… a bad idea.” Harper rubbed her temples, frustrated beyond measure. “They wouldn’t believe you.”

“I-I think they might.” Harper noticed an odd twitch in Lori’s face. Her roommate had been growing more and more stressed over the last week. She seemed desperate to do something - anything. “I mean, they trust me a lot. And if they don’t, then there wouldn’t be any problem, right? They’d just think it was a weird joke or something.”

“Beta-7005,” Harper said flatly. Something had just snapped inside her, and she couldn’t hold back anymore. The rush of heat she felt as Lori went blank, stiff and still was greater than anything she’d felt with any of the girls she’d hooked up with for the last week. This time, Harper didn’t hesitate one bit. She threw herself at Lori, groping her violently over her clothes and burying her face in the curve of her roommate’s neck. Lori didn’t react at all. Harper moaned. This was exactly what she’d been craving this whole time.

Harper explored Lori’s body with the desperation of a drowning girl struggling for air. She’d been holding herself back for long enough that she didn’t have the willpower or the patience to hold herself back and savor the moment. She wanted to possess Lori and her body, all of her, all at once. Harper didn’t feel ashamed anymore. She’d felt enough shame already, this past week. Her shame had run its course and was now smothered by the devastating, intoxicating arousal that was now coursing through every part of her. Maybe there would be time for shame later. Now was the time for her to finally satisfy herself. Harper was feeling a strange kind of double pleasure - part of it was raw, sexual and came from the way she was touching Lori all over, feeling her body and all its shapes and curves. But the other part, the larger part, hit her when she looked up at Lori’s face and saw nothing there but pure, blank, mindless obedience. That look, along with her silence, told Harper than Lori was hers. In that moment, Lori wasn’t a person. She was a thing. A doll. A toy. Something that Harper could use to satisfy herself. Harper couldn’t imagine anything hotter than that.

“Who are you?” Harper panted, knowing what the answer would be and knowing that it would only make it better. “What are you?”

“7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service,” Lori answered in a dull monotone, just as Harper had known she would.

“Yes!” Harper moaned. Each word of the mantra sent a thrilling jolt of pleasure running down her spine and straight between her legs. “Say it again. Repeat it.”

“7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service,” Lori began chanting. “7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service. 7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service. 7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service”

As Lori repeated the mantra again and again and again, Harper found herself testing her, touching her more and more invasively just to see how far she could go without eliciting a reaction. She bit the trans girl’s neck aggressively, slapped her face, and then slipped a hand down the front of her loose-fitting jeans and started stroking her cock. Lori slowly grew to hardness as Harper touched her, but besides that she didn’t make a single move and her voice did not waver. Harper was growing more turned on by the second. As much as she wanted to keep touching Lori, she couldn’t ignore the heat in her own body any longer. She slipped a hand down the front of her own jeans, and plunged a pair of her own fingers into her pussy. She was already soaking wet. Her moans started becoming higher-pitched and more desperate, mixing in the air with Lori’s monotonous droning to form a strange but incredibly sexy chorus.

Now that Harper had given in to temptation, she knew there was no chance she could stop herself slipping further and further into sin. She didn’t even try. All the fantasies she’d masturbated to for the last week were swimming through her head, dazzling her, overriding any sense of morality or common sense. She could make them real. That thought was all the convincing she needed.

“Strip,” she ordered, voice thick with pleasure. “Take everything off.”

“Command accepted,” Lori replied. Hearing that was better than any orgasm Harper could remember. Lori started slowly and methodically moving all her clothes, one by one, emotionless and precise as a robot. Harper watched it all, entranced by the strange performance, finger-fucking herself the whole time. It wasn’t long before Lori was totally nude, and she returned to her upright, stiff, still position.

“Oh my god,” Harper panted, practically drooling, as she threw herself at Lori’s body for a second time, exploring her body afresh now there wasn’t anything between her skin and Lori’s. She teased her small, pert nipples to hardness between her fingertips, and after running her hands over her roommate’s tight ass she started pumping Lori’s cock with her hands until it was completely hard. Apparently, 7005 wasn’t completely immune to involuntary, natural reactions. But somehow, that didn’t break the fantasy for Harper. The combination of her blank-eyed stare and her hard cock jutting out shamelessly in front of her only emphasized how deeply brainwashed Lori was. It made her look even more like a toy to be used, and Harper found that unimaginably arousing. It was so much better when she was naked. Without her clothes, it was like another layer of her personality and individuality had been stripped away. Her skin was smooth, soft and pale. At that moment, Harper realized what would make it even better.

“7005, I want you to…” Harper realized she didn’t know exactly how to word her instruction, until she remembered what Lori had said on previous occasions. “I want you to make yourself ready for service.”

“Command accepted,” Lori said, and marched off towards her room. Harper followed after a moment, just in time to see Lori reach under her bed and retrieve the latex bodysuit. Lori had wanted to throw it away, claiming it disturbed her, but Harper had convinced her that they might be able to learn something from it at some point. Of course, her motives hadn’t been entirely pure. Now, she took great pleasure in watching her roommate slowly pull the latex bodysuit on over her body, her skin gradually disappearing in favor of shiny, black latex. Harper was completely mesmerized by the whole process. Watching her roommate disappear and be converted into a featureless drone was strange and alien and erotic in equal measure. It was as though she was watching Lori’s individuality be stripped away right in front of her eyes, and while she couldn’t explain why that made her so incredibly horny, she couldn’t deny that it did.

After Lori zipped the latex bodysuit up all the way to her neck, Harper spent a long time admired how it made her look. It was so sleek and shiny and alien. The way the light reflected off it only served to highlight all her body’s curves and most attractive features. It made her look perfect. The climax, though, was when she fastened that strange, faceless helmet on over her head. With that, the last trace of her identity was completely obliterated. She wasn’t Lori anymore. She was 7005. She wasn’t even really a ‘she’. She was an ‘it’. Even more so than before, it was impossible to resist the sense that Harper was looking at nothing more than an object. Even though the heat in her body was still burning hotter and hotter, Harper stopped touching herself as she stared in awe at the person - at the drone - in front of her. It wasn’t the first time she’d seen it, of course. But this time was special. This time, she was finally going to touch her.

Harper reached out tentatively. She was still as eager and excited as before, but she felt the need to take this slow. Her first moment touching Lori in the drone suit felt like a sacred moment. She needed to fully drink it in. She’d spend so much time wondering what it would be like. Would it live up to her fantasies? The moment her fingertips, gingerly outstretched, grazed against the latex, she knew it would. It was so temptingly smooth, soft but unlike skin, and just slightly warmed by the heat of Lori’s body. Something about the way it felt as she ran her hand, slowly, sensually down Lori’s side was infinitely satisfying. She felt herself overcome with the need to touch Lori all over, to feel her and grope her and kiss her. She wanted to experience Lori’s transformation as fully and viscerally as she could. Harper started caressing her and prodding her and groping her breasts, feeling the way each tactile sensation was now different. The latex was just so smooth. Against her skin, it was like heaven.

Harper knelt on the floor in front of Lori. She was breathing hard, but her mind was still. She was concentrating so hard on this singular moment that all her other thoughts were quiet. She felt the urge to kiss Lori on the latex, and not seeing any point in suppressing the urge, she did it. Feeling the latex with her mouth and tongue was another level of strangeness. She kept kissing her over and over again, on her thighs and over her hips, while her hands reached around to grip and explore Lori’s ass, made tight and firm by the bodysuit. It was all so new and magical. Harper felt as though she could stay in that forever, just touching Lori over her latex bodysuit.

The thing that broke the moment for her was the realization that she could take it even further. Lori wasn’t just a thing to be touched. She was a fully obedient doll. Harper could use her for more things than groping. She could pose her. Manipulate her. Make her talk. Make her touch back. Harper rose unsteadily to her feet.

“What are you?” she asked. She needed to hear it again. She was craving it.

“7005 is an obedient, brainwashed drone ready for service.” With the mask on, Lori’s voice was muffled and almost distorted, lending it a distant, somewhat inhuman quality. To Harper, that only made it even better to hear. She licked her lips.

“7005, kneel.”

“Command accepted.” Lori sank to her knees in front of Harper, who felt a rush of exhilaration and power. The featureless helmet her roommate was wearing betrayed no expression, but Harper had the sense that she was looking up at her expectantly, waiting for orders.

“Who do you serve?” Harper asked. She needed to hear the answer.

“This unit obeys the commands of any accepted user,” Lori intoned blankly. Harper frowned.

“No,” she snapped. She felt no need to be polite or considerate. “In this moment, who is giving you commands? Who do you serve?”

There was a short pause before Lori answered: “You.”

Harper had known hearing it would feel good, but she was still caught off-guard by the heady bliss she felt. She was in control. She had this girl, this drone, entirely bound to her whims.

“Say it fully,” she gasped. She was touching herself again.

“This unit serves you.”

Harper moaned. “Again.”

“This unit serves you.”

“Fuck!” Harper exclaimed. It felt so good. “What will you do for me?”

“This unit is fully ready to accept any command.”

Anything. Just what Harper had been hoping to hear. Her pleasure was growing by the second. “You’ll do anything for me?”


“Oh my god. Fuck.” Still, though, Harper felt the need to go further. She didn’t care about the consequences. She no longer had the ability to hold herself back. She wanted to put Lori’s obedience to the test. What could she do? She had an idea. “7005, kiss my feet.”

“Command accepted.”

Somehow, Harper hadn’t expected Lori to take her helmet off, even though it wouldn’t have made much sense for her not to. With her face, just as expressionless as the helmet she had been wearing, now exposed again, Lori reached over to Harper and robotically lifted her feet, slipping off her sneakers and then her socks, one by one. Once Harper was bare-foot, Lori knelt and bent her head to the ground, and planted several kisses on each of Harper’s feet. Harper started touching herself faster and harder. There was no affection in those kisses, or humiliation. Only obedience. It was perfect.

But still, she wanted more. What else could she do? How else could she put Lori to the test? Looking over her latex-clad body, she had another idea, one that would satisfy her curiosity as much as her lust. “Get hard.”

“Command accepted.” Right before her eyes, Harper saw the small package at the front of Lori’s bodysuit swell until it was a distinctly noticeable tent. To Harper, the combination of Lori’s blank face, the alien, shiny latex over her body and the obviously lewd bulge at the front of her crotch was the sexiest thing she’d ever seen.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Harper panted. Her mind was filling with possibilities. She could make Lori do anything. Not just tonight, every night. She could make her touch her. Pleasure her. She could have so much fun with her blank mind and pliant, obedient body. Anything. Anything she wanted. Anything at all. All her most sexual and most secret fantasies could become real. And all she had to do was say the word.

But then, as she looked into Lori’s face, she remembered something and her mood crashed. She remembered that the drone kneeling in front of her wasn’t just a drone. She was her roommate, Lori. As blank as her eyes were, they were still her eyes. It was all still her. What would Lori think if she knew about this? That one thought was enough to bring back all the shame and inhibition she thought she’d left behind. Harper started tearing up. She felt like a monster. There was no way she could let herself violate Lori that way! But the worst part was that she could still hear a little voice in her head telling her to ignore her scruples and indulge her twisted desires to their fullest. She could still feel a pulsing heat between her legs, reminding her that she was devastatingly aroused by everything that had happened. Suddenly, she couldn’t bear to be in the same room as Lori for even another moment. She couldn’t stand being confronted by the evidence of her own moral weakness, and she was afraid that the longer she stayed there, looking at Lori in that latex suit, the more likely it was that her temptation would get the better of her.

“7005, put your regular clothes back on and wake up,” Harper cried out as she ran out of Lori’s bedroom to shut herself in her own and cry, just barely remembering to add: “And forget any of this ever happened!”


For the next day, Harper was so consumed by shame she couldn’t bring herself to leave the apartment. She barely left her bed, let alone her room. How could she? The worst thing she could imagine in the whole world was running into Lori and having to chat and make conversation with her, as if the events of the previous night had never happened. She couldn’t bear that, at least not yet. She needed some time to strengthen herself first. She’d sworn she’d never use the activation code on Lori again, and this time she really meant it. She’d seen what might happen if she gave into temptation, even a little bit. Confronted with that knowledge, she couldn’t make excuses for herself anymore. She had to cut it out once and for all.

That evening, Harper was repeating that promise to herself for the hundredth time when she heard a knock at the door and despaired. It was Lori; there was no-one else it could be. The last person she’d wanted to talk to. She considered ignoring it and trying to pretend she wasn’t home, but she quickly figured there was no use. Better to get it over with, whatever it turned out to be.

“Come in!” she called out, from where she was flopped on her bed.

The door to her bedroom opened, and Lori was standing there in the doorway. She looked down and rubbed her shoulder with one arm. “Hey Harper.”
“Hey Lori,” Harper replied flatly. “What is it?”

“I… it’s… um…” Lori was always a little nervous, but to Harper she looked far more nervous and on-edge than normal. Her hair was unkempt and her eyes were darting all over the place, looking at everything except Harper. Despite herself, Harper’s curiosity was peaked. “I… don’t really know how to say this and I’m worried you’ll think I’ve lost my mind, so I guess I’ll just say it.”

“Yes?” prompted Harper after her roommate lapsed into silence. And then Lori said the last thing Harper had expected to hear.

“I need you to turn me into a drone again.”

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