Chapter 3

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2022, do not repost without explicit permission

Reaching up, Danielle tugged at the edge of her baseball cap to try and pull it down a little further over her face. Aside from the hat, she was wearing large, dark sunglasses, a plain t-shirt, and some mom jeans. Dressing inconspicuously was a necessity of life, if you were a celebrity in Hollywood. Usually, paparazzi didn’t give Danielle too much trouble - they had bigger fish to fry than Danielle Cartwright - but over the course of her career she’d learned that no scoop was too small for some bottom feeders. This time, though, paparazzi wasn’t the reason Danielle felt so nervous.

“Come on, babe,” Grace said to her, in the Valley Girl drawl that Danielle had come to find so comforting. She reached out and took Danielle by the hand, giving her palm an encouraging squeeze. “This is gonna be great!”

Danielle nodded and tried not to blush. Partly, she was embarrassed because she felt like a child, needing so much encouragement and letting her nerves show so clearly. Grace was there to assist her, of course, but Danielle didn’t like the idea that she needed a babysitter. Partly, though, she was embarrassed because having Grace’s hand in hers made her stomach fill with butterflies.

She wasn’t sure how she felt about finding herself in the mindset of a flustered schoolgirl. But she couldn’t help it. She was, after all, into women.

It had been about a week since Grace had helped her discover her same-sex attraction. In truth, Danielle could barely remember how, exactly, she’d come to that earth-shattering self-discovery. But she knew Grace had been instrumental to it, and she couldn’t be more grateful. Everything made so much more sense now - at least, that was what a little voice in the back of her mind was telling her. Between that and Grace’s glorious massages, Danielle felt like a woman reborn. There were just a couple of problems.

The first was that her attraction to women cut both ways, it seemed. Was it fun? Yes, absolutely. Danielle still got a little thrill each and every time she acknowledged it to herself, or every time she noticed something about another woman she thought was hot. But it was also somewhat inconvenient, particularly where Grace was concerned. She just couldn’t get her curvy assistant or her bombshell figure out of her head. Worse, being around her was a constant source of temptation and distraction, and since Grace was her full-time assistant, that was a big problem. Danielle felt she was constantly in danger of tearing her own professionalism to shreds, slamming Grace against a wall, and-

She made herself end that train of thought before it could begin.

Danielle just didn’t want to put Grace in an uncomfortable position - or worse still, commit outright sexual harassment. Grace had been such a good friend to her, after all, to say nothing of what a situation like that might do to her already-flagging career. It would be completely wrong, and so Danielle had to be constantly vigilant, lest she find herself slipping into flirtations or getting too touchy. The hardest thing to deal with were the massages. The experience of Grace’s hands running over her naked body was a special kind of torture. It was all Danielle could do to keep herself from moaning, and she wasn’t sure if Grace had noticed how flushed she got - or how wet. The only mercy was that she seemed to fall asleep during most of them. Danielle had considered calling the massages off, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it.

She was hooked. She needed them.

The other problem with her newfound sexuality was her fiancé. Danielle knew that being LGBT was something to celebrate, but it was hard to feel that way when she couldn’t bring herself to tell Cameron, the man she was going to marry. What if he didn’t believe her? What if he wasn’t supportive? What if he took it the wrong way? They were supposed to be getting married in a few months. How was she supposed to explain she was suddenly attracted to women? Didn’t that imply she’d been looking at other people romantically and sexually? Danielle just didn’t know what to do. She was a little grateful that he was still out of town for an acting gig. She simply didn’t have the confidence in her new sexuality to start coming out to anyone besides Grace.

But, that morning, that was exactly what the pair of them had decided to go out and fix.


“Babe, trust me. I know just what you need. A makeover!”

Danielle blinked. She had just finished telling Grace her problems - not in any expectation that she could provide a solution, but simply in the hope of getting it off her chest. Grace was the only person she could truly confide in, after all. But now here Grace was, offering a solution.

“A makeover?” Danielle replied skeptically.

“Don’t look at me like that!” Grace giggled. “I know, I know, it’s like, kind of a cliche. But it’s totally true! We gotta get you a new look, babe!”

Danielle couldn’t help but smile. Grace always put her in a good mood, and no matter what, she always seemed to end up humoring her. “OK, you’re going to need to spell that out for me.”

“Sure thing!” Grace said earnestly. “OK, so, like, let me put it this way. When I say ‘lesbian’ to you, what pops into your head?”

Danielle blinked. “What? Uh…”

“Chill, you don’t actually have to say it.” Grace giggled again. “But let me guess: flannel? Leather? Short hair? How am I doing?”

“Well…” Danielle was faintly embarrassed. She didn’t want to admit she was stereotyping.

Grace winked at her. “Nailed it! But, like, don’t worry. Take it from me: no-one loves lesbian stereotypes more than lesbians. Anyway, the point is, it’s like that for a reason. If you want to feel gay, try looking gay. You get me?”

“Hmm.” Danielle frowned. “I’m not sure I see myself as the short hair and flannel type. Besides, I’m still into men.”

Grace’s eyes flashed for a moment. “Well, you never know what might happen.”

“I’m not sure…”

“C’mon, girl!” Grace reached forwards and took Danielle’s hands in hers. “Don’t you wanna even give it a shot? What’s the harm?”


In the end, it hadn’t taken Danielle long to succumb to Grace’s eager persuasion, and so now they were walking under the bright West Hollywood sun, trying to avoid notice and looking for somewhere to pick up clothes. It wasn’t the day Danielle had anticipated having, but she was enjoying it. Grace had freed up plenty of time in her schedule, and using some of it for a nice, relaxing shopping trip was a nice change. It reminded Danielle of being a teenager again, out at the crappy local mall with her high school girlfriends.

She shivered. Girlfriends.

“So, where are we going to start?” Danielle asked, turning to Grace. “How about here?”

She gestured to ‘Des Kohan’, just down the street. It was one of the finest boutiques in the city, and so exclusive even someone like Danielle couldn’t afford to visit too often. But if she was looking for something to make her feel more confident, she couldn’t think of a better place to shop.

To her surprise, though, Grace waved a hand in utter dismissal. “There? Pfft. No way. We’re trying to think a little more outside the box for you, m’kay?”

Danielle blinked. “Then where?”

“Just trust me,” was Grace’s reply. “I know the perfect place.”

Danielle allowed Grace to lead her through progressively smaller and smaller streets, until they were completely off the beaten track and straying into territory Danielle was totally unfamiliar with. Her skepticism was growing. None of the stores they were walking past looked very impressive. Outside the box was fine, but Danielle needed to maintain her profile. She couldn’t afford to be seen wearing anything that didn’t look designer. Perhaps she was going to have to put her foot down.

“Here!” Grace announced brightly, just as Danielle was about to say something.

‘Black Lines.’ That was the name of the clothing store Grace had led her to. The storefront was plain and without any fanfare or ornamentation, and the store within seemed just as dark and dim as the name suggested. From the outside, it was virtually impossible to tell anything about the store. Danielle looked at Grace dubiously.

“Are you sure?” she asked, raising an eyebrow. Grace just giggled.

“Of course, silly! Now, hurry up!”

Before Danielle could mount any further protest, Grace opened the door and ushered the both of them inside. Once she stepped across the threshold and got a look inside the store, Danielle’s surprise immediately outweighed her skepticism. 

The store was an alt fashion paradise. It put the Hot Topic in Danielle’s Midwest hometown to shame. The store was larger than Danielle would have guessed from the outside, and the dim, atmospheric, purple lightning made it feel bigger still, as did the fact that it appeared totally deserted. There were hidden speakers all over, pumping low, industrial music into the store, and from the entrance all the way to the distant back walls, it was filled with shelves, mannequins, and racks upon racks of clothing. Danielle wasn’t a complete stranger to alternative subcultures, of course, and as a celebrity she was certainly familiar with statement fashion, but even so, some of the items of clothing she could see made her raise an eyebrow. There was leather, chains, latex, and materials Danielle couldn’t even name. She couldn’t believe that a place like this had managed to survive here in West Hollywood, where the rents were extreme and anything daring immediately became the new mainstream.

“Hey, Grace,” called out the shop assistant, standing behind the register. “Haven’t seen you here in a minute.”

Danielle tilted her head. She was a little surprised to learn that Grace was a regular. Her outfits were usually a lot more professional and a lot more classically feminine than anything she could see nearby.

“Heya, Vex!” Grace replied brightly, waving. “How’s it going?”

The woman at the register - Vex - was a classic goth girl, and looked completely at home in a store like this. With her short, asymmetric hair and her many piercings, she didn’t look that far different from what Danielle had been imagining earlier that day, when Grace had asked her to picture a lesbian. Once Danielle wouldn’t have thought much of that. She might not even have noticed. But now…

Danielle giggled inwardly with sinful joy as she looked Vex up and down, checking her out and appreciating her body. Why not? It was one of the great pleasures of life, and now that she’d discovered it, she wasn’t going to let a chance like this go to waste.

It helped that the tight, leather corset top Vex was wearing didn’t leave much to the imagination. Certainly not her cleavage.

“Not bad,” Vex replied, grinning. She nodded towards Danielle. “New project of yours?”

Project? What did that mean?

“Oh, you know,” Grace said, giggling. “Just a friend.”

Danielle dismissed the strange word choice. She was just glad Vex didn’t recognize her, and that Grace was covering for her.

“Yeah?” Vex was grinning. “And what’s your friend looking for?”

“She, like, hasn’t really decided yet,” Grace answered for her. “We’re just gonna see what looks good. Y’know?”

Vex offered a knowing look, and returned her attention to her phone. Grace took Danielle by the wrist, and started leading her off through the many, many aisles of clothes.

“Wait, so…” Danielle ventured. “What are we looking for?”

Grace just turned and winked at her. “Just trust me!”

Danielle nodded. She did trust Grace. She didn’t even need to think about it. She trusted her assistant more than perhaps anyone else. Somehow, she just knew the young trans woman had her best interests at heart.

“Now, let’s see…” Grace murmured sorting through the clothes on the rack they had arrived at with machine-like efficiency. “How about… this!”

Danielle breathed a sigh of relief when it was just a leather jacket. A little bulkier and grungier than what she’d typically wear, yes, but nothing crazy. She slipped it on over her top experimentally. It fit perfectly.

“Looks good!” Grace exclaimed, clapping her hands. “Lots of space for, like, pins and patches and stuff!”


“What are we feeling?” Grace mused, as much to herself as to Danielle. “A flag? A venus? A labrys?”

“What are you talking about?” Danielle asked.

“The DIY jacket look!” Grace explained. “It’s very queer.”

Danielle was unconvinced. “Don’t you think that’s a little punk for me?”

“Hmm.” Grace peered at Danielle with uncomfortable intensity. Her eyes glinted. “I don’t know. I could totally see it.”

Something about the look on her face made Danielle shiver. “Y-you could?”

Grace shrugged, and reached out to take the jacket back from Danielle. “We’ll circle back to it.”

Danielle blinked again. “What?”

Grace ignored her, and grabbed something else. “Try this on.”

Danielle just barely managed to catch the bundle of cloth Grace threw at her. She thought about arguing, but what would have been the point? They were here to buy clothes, after all. She wouldn’t have been surprised at all to learn that fashion was amongst Grace’s many talents. Perhaps she should just let her work. Danielle slipped out of both the leather jacket and, since Vex was put of view, her t-shirt, and slipped on the garment Grace had given her.

It was a tank top. Or perhaps a crop top? Danielle wasn’t sure; the hem was uneven, and only just cropped enough to show off a little of her belly. Around the neck and chest it was very loose, so much so that it left plenty of her bra showing, and it had a few carefully-placed holes and tatters along the sides. Again, it was definitely a departure from Danielle’s usual style, but only by a little. Danielle nodded approvingly.

“Great!” Grace said, beaming. “We can get you some pants to match. And, of course, this.”

Before the celebrity could question her, Grace reached out and fastened something around Danielle’s neck. It was a chain - not a chain necklace, at least not as Danielle would have recognized it. A chain. The links were each at least a couple of inches across, and they were a dull, gunmetal gray. The chain hung heavy around her neck, and was long enough to dip into her cleavage. Danielle looked at Grace, puzzled.

“Trust me,” Grace assured her.

Danielle nodded. She trusted Grace.

“I know what else this outfit needs!” Grace suddenly announced. “Earrings!”

She reached past Danielle for a nearby shelf and plucked an item from it. When Danielle saw what the earrings were, she started shaking her head.

“Nuh-uh,” she said. “No way.”

These earrings appeared to be silver, but that wasn’t what Danielle objected to. She objected to the shape. Each earring took the form of a pair of interlocking Venus symbols, one hanging from the other by their rings. It was cute, but far too blatant.

Grace pouted. “Why not?”

“It’s too much!” Danielle replied firmly. “I don’t want something that’s gonna get all the tabloids talking.”

“Aw, c’mon,” Grace pleaded, looking up at Danielle with eager eyes. “Please? They’ll look so good on you? I, like, really want to see you wear them.”

The way Grace’s voice slipped into a seductive, silky-sweet tone made Danielle pause for a moment. For a few, eerie seconds, she felt strangely dizzy. But then it passed, and Danielle found herself irritated at her assistant for being so pushy.

“I said ‘no’, Grace.”

She expected her new PA to back off. She didn’t expect Grace to, instead, throw herself at her.

Before Danielle knew what was happening, Grace was all around her. She could feel one of her assistant’s arms at her hip, and the other clutching her shoulder. She would have called it a hug, if not for how ominously possessive the embrace felt. Danielle’s instincts were screaming at her to run, but instead she found herself frozen on the spot, her muscles locking up and stiffening as Grace stretched to put her lips to Danielle’s ear.

“Oopsie,” the valley girl whispered. “Sounds like someone needs to drain for me.”

As the word ‘drain’ dripped from Grace’s honeyed lips, Danielle felt the world around her starting to slow and distort. Her eyes relaxed, allowing the world around her to fade into nothing more than a dim, shadowy blur. The low music playing within the store felt like it was beating inside of her brain, and the purple lights illuminating the room were suddenly dazzling.

“What… um… what…” Danielle murmured weakly.

“That’s it,” Grace simpered, and kissed her cheek. “Just let it all drain out for me, babe.”

Against her will, Danielle nodded. It was like she could her mind drooling and draining out from her ears. It should have been horrifying, but she lacked the mental capacity to feel anything at all. After a few moments, she let out a deep, shuddery breath and went slack in Grace’s embrace, her thoughts all reduced to a placid, hazy fog.

“Good,” Grace purred. She drew back a little, and held the Venus symbol earrings up before Danielle’s face like she was trying to distract a small child with a shiny trinket. “Now. Maybe you need to, like, remind yourself of a couple things. What do you want, Danielle?”

“I want to fuck girls,” Danielle answered, without hesitation. The words were deeply embedded in her mind.


“I want to top girls.” The very thought made her shiver. “I want to dominate girls.”

“Good!” Grace giggled. “But, like, how are you gonna do that if no-one even knows you’re a dyke? You gotta start putting out signals, sweetie.”

Danielle twitched. “But…” she struggled to say. “But… my… Cameron… my fiancé?”

Grace flashed. “Don’t worry about him right now,” she instructed. “You don’t need to worry at all. We’re just two girls, out shopping. Why do you need to go thinking about him?”

And just like that, Danielle stopped thinking about her fiancé.

“You want girls,” Grace continued. “And you love making girls like me happy. Right?”

Danielle nodded.

“Soooo,” Grace drawled, grinning. “Wanna put these earrings on?”

She didn’t wait for a response. The assistant simply tore open the clear plastic packet containing the earrings, carefully separated them, and used them to replace the plain stud earrings Danielle was currently wearing.

“There!” Grace stepped back once she’d finished putting in the earrings, and guided Danielle over to a nearby mirror. “What do you think?”

In her brain-drained state, Danielle could barely formulate a single thought as she stared at her own reflection. The simple accessories Grace had chosen for her - the chain necklace and the Venus earrings - lent her an entirely different look from her usual, mainstream-Hollywood glamor. A shiver ran down her spine as she thought about all the girls who were going to see that she liked girls.

Looking like a dyke turned her on.

“Yeah,” Danielle breathed, her voice full of thrill and excitement. “Yeah. Good.”

Grace giggled and clapped her hands. “Oh, babe, and we’re only just getting started.”

As Danielle watched, hopelessly under her assistant’s spell, Grace picked out several other items for her new look. First, a plethora of rings, to wear across all of her fingers. Then, a few more punk-ish necklaces, including a padlock necklace and a razor blade pendant. After that, several more earrings, all of them clearly intended to give off dyke vibes. Danielle could do nothing but stare placidly as Grace curated her new look for her, and she could feel nothing but a growing eagerness.

She was going to look so gay, and so hot.

“Now, how about, like, some flannel?”

Danielle just nodded dumbly. Even she knew that lesbians loved flannel. Grace led her around the store to another aisle and selected a flannel shirt in her size. When she gestured for her to do so, Danielle obediently lifted her arms so Grace could slip it over her shoulders, above the tank top she was still wearing.

Grace did much more than just that, though. She took her time groping Danielle too.

Normally, feeling Grace’s hands rove over her hips and her chest would have had Danielle yelling and protesting. She wanted to maintain professional boundaries, after all, and she couldn’t be unfaithful to Cameron. But now, she wasn’t thinking about her fiancé, and she was deep enough in trance that professional boundaries were the last thing on her mind.

“Mmmf,” Grace purred. “I’m never gonna get tired of your body, babe. And doing it here? Soooo much hotter than at home.”

Danielle couldn’t keep the dumb grin from her face. She was dressed like a dyke, and a girl was feeling her up. It was a dream come true. Drained of all higher thoughts, all she could think about was how hot it was and how good it felt. It didn’t occur to her that Grace’s behavior was wildly inappropriate. When Grace started to teasingly lift the hem of her tank top, though, one thought did penetrate her horny haze.

“Hold on… what if… someone sees?” she grunted. “The… the assistant?”

“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie,” Grace assured her. “She’s not looking our way. And even if she was? She’s, like, real discreet.”

Danielle wanted very, very badly to stop worrying and let herself sink into pleasure, but she couldn’t quite keep the nagging fears of bad publicity out of her head. “W-what if… someone comes in?”

Grace giggled. “You’re cute.” One of her hands was at Danielle’s ass now, and she wasn’t being gentle as she squeezed her firm, round cheeks through her jeans. “C’mon, babe. Even if someone did. Even if someone saw. Would that be so bad?”

The hypnotized celebrity twitched. “Y-yes!” she protested.

“Shush,” Grace urged “Just go ahead and drain a little deeper, m’kay?”

The trigger word had Danielle sinking into still deeper levels of blankness and stillness.

“Just think about it this way,” Grace suggested. “If someone, liked, walked in here right now and saw us, what would they see?”

“W-wha?” Danielle could barely process the question, especially with Grace’s hand starting to slip up into her bra.

“They’d see a really, really hot lesbian,” Grace told her as she cupped one of her tits. “And her cute date, buying her some clothes and showering her with affection.”

“Ohh,” Danielle moaned. Now she thought about it that way, it was hot. Really, really hot. She wanted to be seen that way. She wanted everyone to see her that way.

“So… maybe they should see even more?” Grace whispered, biting her lip.

The celebrity nodded, even though she didn’t know what she was agreeing to. She just wanted more - more of this.

“Maybe instead of a hot lesbian and her date,” Grace continued, her voice impossibly sultry. “It should be a hot lesbian and her armcandy.”

Danielle moaned. Grace’s words were lighting a fire between her legs. She wanted that. She wanted armcandy. To her, it didn’t feel strange at all that Grace was wrapping her around her little finger as she started drawing her into fantasies of dominance. All she could think about were the desires Grace had implanted within her.

She wanted to fuck women. She wanted to dominate women. She wanted to top women.

And she wanted to be a hot dyke.

“I bet that’s totally the kind of girl you wanna be,” Grace purred, pouring more hypnotic poison into Danielle’s ear with each word. “The kind of girl that always has a cute, pretty slut hanging on her arm. The kind of girl who fucks other girls so good they always come back for more. A hot. Fucking. Stud.”

“F-fuck!” Danielle was seeing white. She’d never wanted anything more.

“Yeah?” Grace took her nipple between her fingertips, rolling it and teasing it to hardness. “You want that?”

“I w-want to be a s-stud,” Danielle panted breathily. She didn’t bother to try and keep her voice down.

“Of course you do,” Grace agreed. “But, y’know, a dyke like that needs a whole lot of confidence… how about showing some skin?”

Danielle nodded in eager agreement, and Grace started removing her new flannel shirt just as quickly as she’d put it on. But she didn’t stop there. She swiftly pulled her tank top off over her head, and then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. The feeling of the cool, air-conditioned air on her bare nipples was almost enough to rouse Danielle.


“This is much more appropriate, yeah,” Grace mused, as went to retrieve a black sports bra from a nearby shelf. A small, rainbow flag logo was visible across the front. “Try this.”

Naturally, the hypnotized celebrity put on the bra without question. She trusted Grace, and she wanted to look like a hot dyke.

“And now how do you feel about this?” Grace asked, offering her the leather jacket she’d rejected earlier.

Danielle’s brow furrowed. “But… a shirt?”

“No shirt, silly!” Grace giggled. “Just put this on over your bra.”

Danielle pictured herself like that - leather jacket over just a bra, with a chain necklace hanging around her neck. It sent shivers down her spine, but she couldn’t possibly. No way. Not in public. It would draw way, way too much attention.


“Oh c’mon already!” Grace pouted, impatient. She took Danielle by the hand, tugging at her petulantly, but as she did, her attention was captured by something else.

The solid gold engagement ring on Danielle’s right hand.

“Hey.” Grace’s mood changed on a dime, and she was smirking as she looked up at Danielle. “Y’know, this really doesn’t suit your new look at all. Why don’t we just…”

She reached for the ring and started to loosen it between her fingertips, but Danielle instinctively snatched her hand away.

“No,” she said, sounded more lucid than she had in many minutes. As conditioned and horny as she was, there were some things Danielle couldn’t bring herself to give up. “Not… that. Or the jacket.”

“Aw,” Grace said, pouting again. “OK, OK, you can keep the ring. I’m, like, not gonna push you too hard on that right now. But, see, I totally want to get you into that jacket.”

Danielle’s brow twitched. “Grace, I’m telling you, it’s too-”


Immediately, against her will, Danielle fell silent.

“You poor thing,” Grace cooed, swinging her hips from side to side. “You’re still so totally stressed out! Remember, silly, that’s what you wanted me to fix for you.”

“I…” Slowly, an awareness of the wrongness of the situation started to dawn over Danielle. Why was she just going along with all of this?

“Maybe you need, like, a little more help to let that all drain out of you.”

This time, Danielle fought the trigger word with all her might. She wasn’t sure what was happening, but she felt deep in her gut that she needed to try and remain clear-headed. Unfortunately for her, Grace didn’t stop there. The assistant reached around her and started running her hands up and down Danielle’s back, pressing her strong, skillful fingers against all the sore spots and pressure points she was familiar with from her many massages. Immediately, Danielle sagged, and sighed with relief as all her strength left her.

The awareness faded, and so did all her concerns. She was dumb, drained, and hypnotized.

“There we go,” Grace purred. “See? Way better. But maybe I need to, like, sell you on your new look a little more.”

Danielle nodded. Her head was empty.

Grace lifted the leather jacket in front of Danielle’s face. “Tell me babe, what would you think of a girl wearing this?”

Obediently, Danielle’s eyes passed over the heavy, rugged jacket. “Uh…” she drooled.

“Let me give you a few ideas.” Grace giggled, drawing closer to Danielle and running her hand up and down over her chest. “She’d probably look, like, really tough, right? Tough, and strong, and confident.”

Danielle just nodded again. She was an open receptacle for Grace’s suggestion.

“The kind of dyke other girls gravitate to,” Grace continued. “The kind of dyke who doesn’t have any problems getting her way. And that’s how you wanna be. Right?”

“I…” Danielle couldn’t deny it. She didn’t have the willpower to deny it.

“I knew it.” Grace licked her lips and went in for the kill. “You want to be the kind of dyke who has a bitch on her arm. Not a girlfriend. Not a date. Not even a piece of armcandy. A bitch.”

Her words sent electrifying shivers down Danielle’s spine, and their vulgarity had her steaming with lust. Grace was right. It made perfect sense. She wanted to dominate women. She wanted to fuck them. She wanted a bitch. She wanted to be that kind of girl. Danielle looked at the leather jacket in Grace’s hands with fresh eyes. She pictured herself wearing it - wearing it over nothing more than a sports bra, just as Grace was proposing.

In her mind’s eye, she felt powerful.

Grace noticed the change in Danielle’s gaze. “You want this?”

Danielle nodded, this time eagerly. She was so turned on she was panting, and she could feel that she was wet.

“Good,” Grace purred, and slipped it on around Danielle’s shoulders.

A big, dumb smile spread across Danielle’s face.

Grace had been right.

This was exactly the new look she’d needed.


The rest of Danielle’s time inside Black Lines passed in a blur. They spent a couple of hours walking around the store as Grace picked out yet more items of clothing for Danielle to try on, or to simply add to her growing collection of purchases. She had absolutely no more trouble convincing Danielle of any of her suggestions. Even after the immediate effects of hypnosis wore off, Danielle was lost in the euphoric fantasy of sapphic dominance Grace had been offering her. Just walking around the store in her new jacket felt good. By the time the two of them returned to Vex at the cash register, she had a new swagger in her step.

“Hey,” Vex said, before raising an eyebrow at the huge pile of clothes Grace and Danielle dumped on the counter. “All this, huh? And what you’re wearing?”

Danielle nodded.

Vex started scanning and bagging them one by one. Nothing Grace had picked out was cheap, but Danielle didn’t even bother to look at the total before swiping her card. She knew she could afford it, and she knew she needed every last piece.

“There.” Vex handed over Danielle’s bags and her receipt as she finished, before giving the celebrity a quick look over. “You look good, by the way.”

Danielle’s heart leapt and started to pound at the praise, but somehow she kept her cool, and flashed Vex a cocky smirk.

“Thanks,” she purred. “You too, sweetheart.”

She was pleased to see the goth’s breath catch for a moment.

“So,” Danielle said to Grace, turning to her assistant as the two of them collected Danielle’s new clothes and headed for the exit. “Home?”

“Well… I guess we could.” Grace was pressed close to Danielle, with an ear-to-ear grin spread across her face. “But how about we try something else, too?”

“What?” Danielle was eager for more of this feeling.

“Babe, how about we get you a new hairstyle?”

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