Chapter 2

by Kallie

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female

Disclaimer: If you are under age wherever you happen to be accessing this story, please refrain from reading it. Please note that all characters depicted in this story are of legal age, and that the use of 'girl' in the story does not indicate otherwise. This story is a work of fantasy: in real life, hypnosis and sex without consent are deeply unethical and examples of such in this story does not constitute support or approval of such acts. This work is copyright of Kallie 2022, do not repost without explicit permission

Danielle sighed. It was still strange to her to be sighing out of contentment rather than weariness, but it had been happening more and more ever since Grace had started working for her. After only a week, Danielle had decided to make her new personal assistant a permanent arrangement. She’d had no choice. It had been just about the best week of her life, and she felt like a brand new woman.

And it was only going to get better. Danielle shivered with anticipation as she stepped into her spacious bathroom. It was lit only by the glimmer of dozens of scented candles, artfully arranged around the room, and in the middle of the floor was a massage table, all set up just for her. At long last, Danielle felt as though she was tasting a little of the luxury she’d expected from the celebrity life.

She was finally going to get one of Grace’s massages. After how much her friend Dulcinea had raved about them, Danielle was feeling very, very eager indeed.

She’d thought it would take months for her to get used to having a personal assistant helping to run her life. As it had turned out,Grace had managed to win her complete trust in just a week. Danielle was more relaxed than she’d ever been. Grace was devastatingly efficient when it came to sorting out meetings and handling her communications, and that left Danielle with more free time than ever - free time she could use to listen to those blissful guided meditation tapes. Grace had promised her a new one every few days, and so far, she hadn’t been disappointed. Even her career was looking up. Danielle had received some very promising overtures regarding some acting and modeling gigs, and she wasn’t sure if she should be thanking her newfound good energy, or her new assistant’s charm. But either way, she was thankful.

“Ready to get started, Danielle?” Grace greeted her with a smile. Danielle’s assistant was dressed in her usual style, in clothes that were professional, but nonetheless tight enough to raise eyebrows given her buxom form. “I’ve just finished setting up.”

“I can’t wait,” Danielle replied, smiling back.

“Perfect!” Grace beckoned her towards the massage table. “Then, I’ll need you to start off by getting undressed.”

Danielle paused. “Oh. Completely?” As comfortable with Grace as she was, being naked in front of her seemed a little much. They’d barely known each other for more than a week.

Grace’s smile didn’t diminish by a single hair. “Yes. But, here. For your comfort.”

She handed Danielle a white, fluffy towel and turned her back pointedly.

After a brief moment, Danielle decided she wasn’t going to ruin her shot at a massage. A little self-consciously, she slipped out of her dress and her underwear, wrapped the towel around her body, and waited. Given her career, she wasn’t unfamiliar with being seen naked, but it felt different when it was within the confines of her own home. It felt intimate.

“Lie on the table, please,” Grace prompted, once she’d turned back around. “On your front.” 

Danielle did as she was told, resting her face against the rounded cushion clearly intended for that purpose. She could hear Grace’s footsteps on the tile floor as her assistant moved around, but she could see nothing more than the flickering shadows cast by the candles.

“Before we get started,” Grace said softly. “Why don’t you take a few moments to relax yourself? Allow your body to rest a little. Breathe in the atmosphere. It’ll make the massage feel all the sweeter.”

That sounded like good advice to Danielle. She closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths. Relaxing like that came easily to her now. Grace’s guided meditation tapes had taught her well. As she inhaled, though, and filled her lungs with the strange scent of Grace’s candles, she found herself oddly light-headed.

“Hey, Grace,” she called out. “What are those candles, exactly? It’s… I can’t quite place it.”

Danielle could hear the grin in her assistant’s voice as she replied. The girl was so eager to please. “Oh, this and that,” she offered. “It’s a special blend, you might say. Very potent.”

‘Potent’? That word got Danielle curious. But as the light-headedness settled on her and became a pleasant daze, she decided not to press the matter. Why worry, when she could be relaxing instead? At worst it was… what? A little weed or something? No big deal.

“Now,” Grace continued. “I’m going to play something for you to listen to while I give you your massage. Nothing weird. Just a few nice, relaxing noises. You know, like in my tapes.”

Danielle just nodded drowsily. She felt like she could listen to Grace talk for hours, especially if she was lying there feeling the faint heat of the candles on her skin and drinking in their lovely, sweet, sleepy scent. It was strange to think about how many hours she’d spent listening to Grace’s voice in just the short time they’d known each other. Her guided meditation had already become part of her daily and nightly ritual. The trans girl had the perfect voice to it; a low, smooth, feminine purr that must have taken months to perfect. As Grace pressed something on her phone and filled the bathroom with the sounds of distant chimes and binaural beats, she felt almost as though she could hear her voice amongst the soundscape, whispering something into the back of her head.

The celebrity sighed again. This was contentment.

“Very good,” Grace told her warmly. “You’re looking more relaxed already. That’s wonderful. Much better to be massaging loose muscles than tense ones. Now, let me see just how much tension my hands can work out of you.”

Danielle stiffened a little as she felt Grace’s fingertips touch the base of her neck and start to travel downward, neatly unwrapping the towel that covered her body. The sensation of her naked body being exposed to the air was unusual, but not unpleasant. Not exactly, anyway. Danielle couldn’t help wondering how Grace was looking at her. At her shoulders. At her hips. At her ass. She’d found herself wondering about things like that a lot, about Grace.

Her assistant was attractive. It was undeniable, and Danielle had spent more than a little time dwelling on that fact. She told herself it wasn’t strange to take note when another person looked good. But… was that all it was? Sometimes it seemed like something more, especially when she was feeling relaxed and sleepy after listening to one of Grace’s tapes.

“Hey,” Grace chided gently. “Relax, remember?”

Danielle was glad her assistant couldn’t see her blush. She did her best to oblige, though, focusing for a moment on allowing her muscles to relax and her limbs to settle. What was she so worried about? Grace was a professional. This was part of her job. That was all. There was nothing weird about it. Nothing to worry about.

“There we go,” Grace purred as she started running her hands down Danielle’s spine. “Much better.”

The celebrity didn’t reply. She couldn’t. She was afraid of how her voice might sound. Grace’s touch was only soft, as she carefully mapped the contours and muscles that made up Danielle’s body, but it felt shockingly intimate nonetheless. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d been touched like that - so gently, so indulgently. Her blush deepened. What was going on with her?

“Just relax,” Grace reminded her. Her hands were still moving, starting to press in a little, just enough to bring the old aches and soreness in Danielle’s body to the surface.

“R-right,” Danielle murmured. Relax. Yes. That was all she had to do. When Grace reminded her like that, it seemed easy. She’d heard her assistant say that over and over again, on those meditation tapes. Relax.

“Good.” Grace’s hands were starting to press harder, starting at the shoulders and working methodically down. Danielle let out a few involuntarily groans. Fuck, it felt good. “Now. Stop thinking, Danielle.”

That caught the celebrity off-guard. “S-stop thinking?”

“That’s right,” Grace confirmed. Danielle’s body was starting to go limp as her assistant worked her over. “We want you to relax, don’t we?”

“I guess.”

“And thinking isn’t very relaxing, is it?”

Danielle took a few moments to consider the question. It was hard, though. Harder than she expected. She didn’t really want to think about anything more than the way Grace’s hands were adoring her body. “I… guess not.”

“Of course not,” Grace pressed. As ever, her voice was gentle and agreeable. She was working on Danielle’s lower back now, and the way her hands melted the tension in the celebrity’s body away was simply divine. “We’re never relaxed when we’re thinking. So, we need you to stop.”

Danielle giggled, her breaths coming in groans as Grace’s wonderful hands kept touching her. “I don’t think it’s that simple, Grace.”

“Of course it is,” Grace assured her. “You do it all the time, you know. Everyone does. Are you really, actively thinking every moment of the day? Not at all. Most of the time you’re on autopilot. You’re letting your subconscious do all the work.” Danielle heard an even wider smile enter Grace’s voice. “But now, of course, you should let me do all the work. It’s what I’m for, right?”

“Right?” Danielle agreed readily. She was more than happy to let Grace take things off her hands. “But still, it’s… mmf… easier said than done.”

“That’s because you’re still thinking about it,” Grace told her, with a small giggle.

Ironically, hearing that made Danielle’s mind go blank for a moment. She couldn’t follow what Grace was telling her at all. “But… wait…”

“I know,” Grace giggled, letting her valley girl accent spill out in a long drawl as she kept massaging Danielle’s back. “It’s, like, a puzzle, right? Think of it like one of those Buddhist things. They’re very trendy, you know. You have to not think, but to stop thinking, you have to think about how to not think. Which means you’re thinking. Right?”

Danielle felt like her head was spinning, but nodded anyway. “R-right.”

Grace giggled again. “Poor Danielle.”

At that moment, Danielle couldn’t help letting out a little yelp as she felt Grace’s hands pass down over her ass. She hadn’t been expecting Grace to touch her there. She hadn’t been expecting her to be so rough either, or so thorough. She tensed up a little, but Grace reprimanded her at once.

“Relax, Danielle,” she chided. “Relax. It’s just a massage. It’s my job to take care of you, remember? Mind and body. Every part of your body.”

Danielle nodded slowly. Grace was right. It was just a massage. There was nothing to be worried about. Grace was being totally professional. And besides, it did feel good. Really good.

“Now, where were we?” Grace mused. Danielle had already forgotten. “Oh, yeah. Thinking. Not thinking. You know, part of the problem is that even if you weren’t thinking, you wouldn’t realize it, would you? If you did, you’d be thinking about it.”

A weak, throaty groan of agreement drooled from Danielle’s lips as Grace’s hands made their way back up the celebrity’s body returning to her shoulders to begin again. Already, Grace seemed like an expert on Danielle’s body. She had mastery of every line and contour of her physique, as if in mere minutes she’d mapped them out perfectly all in her head. This massage involved more than just skill. It was artistry.

“But there are times we realize.” As Grace talked, Danielle felt herself folded up into the palm of her assistant’s hand. She had Grace’s words in her head, and Grace’s hands all over her body. There was nothing else. That was her whole world. “We catch ourselves, right? You realize that you, like, maybe, zoned out for a while?”

Danielle just kept nodding. This was all beyond her. Whenever she tried to reach into her own head to retrieve a question or an answer, she found all her own thoughts were scented with the sweet, intoxicating honey of Grace’s candles.

“It’s kind of nice, isn’t it?” Grace continued. “When you catch yourself like that, head all fuzzy, body relaxed, slumped in bed or on your couch. If only you could live in those moments a little more. If only you could put yourself in that headspace - or get someone else to.”

Danielle moaned as Grace’s fingertips once again found that sore spot at the base of her spine. This was better than sex.

“But I guess you’d never know,” Grace mused. Her voice was rich with amusement. “Those moments are like a magic spell. They always slip over you when your mind is full of something else. Like a nice, scented candle, or the feeling of a massage.”

The significance of her words completely passed by Danielle, but her subconscious was open to receive them. Her mind was splayed apart by the soporific candle-scent and the pulsing binaural beats that echoed around her.

“What do you think?” Grace asked her. Her hands were on Danielle’s ass again, and the celebrity barely even noticed as her assistant’s fingertips started to dig greedily into her rounded hips and plush, soft cheeks. “What’s going on in your head, Danielle? Tell me, if you can.”

This time, Danielle groaned with faint displeasure. She didn’t want to speak, or think, or do anything else. But she couldn’t resist, either. She no longer had it in her. So, she did her best to clear her mind and muster an opinion. “I… um… um… it-”

It almost came to her. But then Grace lifted one hand to the base of her neck, and stroked down her spine in a single, languid motion. To Danielle, it was like her brain was being short-circuited with warm, indulgent, mind-melting pleasure. Just like that, her thoughts dissolved into nothing and slipped away. She lapsed back into silence.

“Oh, perfect.” Grace giggled, a little louder and a little more sinister than before. “Now this is just how I wanted you.”

Hearing that didn’t trouble Danielle at all. She felt perfect. Perfectly relaxed.

“You know,” Grace continued, “I really do love your body. You look even better in person. Especially this ass. Wow. No wonder you’re a model.”

Her attention seemed increasingly focused on Danielle’s lower half. As methodical and thorough as she’d been with the celebrity’s spine, it was clear what part of Danielle she was really interested in. Danielle said nothing as Grace started really, truly groping her. She just moaned on each breath, and thought about nothing at all.

“Yeah. Fuck.” Danielle could hear Grace biting her lip a little, her voice becoming a touch breathier as she started squeezing the celebrity’s hips with shameless, lustful abandon. “I could do this all day.”

This time, Danielle couldn’t restrain herself to just moaning. She squirmed a little, in spite of how limp her body was, and felt her cheeks grow hot.

Grace picked up on that at once. “What’s this?” she purred. “Someone getting a little turned on.”

Danielle nodded. Through the thick, trancey fog that surrounded her, she felt faintly ashamed. This was just a massage. She shouldn’t be reacting this way.

“What was that?” Grace asked sweetly, giving the hypnotized celebrity a light swat on her ass. “I need you to speak up, babe.”

As difficult as it was, Danielle couldn’t disobey. “Yes.” Her voice sounded, even to her, weak and faint and far away.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I’m… aroused,” Danielle confessed. She squirmed again, this time with embarrassment.

Grace giggled. Danielle blushed harder. Maybe she should stop this. Maybe it wasn’t right.

“Well, don’t worry,” Grace assured her. “It’s perfectly natural. Just a physiological reaction. It happens to almost everyone.”

Oh. That was such a relief. Danielle gladly let herself sink back into the comfortable massage table. Perfectly natural.

“You really can’t help it,” Grace continued eagerly. “It’s out of your hands, you might say. You can’t help getting aroused.” When Danielle simply nodded, Grace pressed: “Right? Say it, babe.”

“Can’t help… getting aroused,” Danielle agreed dreamily. Something about that felt off, somehow, but she knew she didn’t need to worry. It was perfectly natural.

“So true,” Grace giggled. “You can’t help getting aroused when I touch you like this.”

Danielle nodded, but then sensed Grace wanted more again. As relaxed and happy as she was, she had no reason to leave her disappointed. “Can’t help getting aroused when you touch me like this.”

“You can’t help getting aroused by my hands.”

“I can’t help getting aroused by your hands,” Danielle repeated. It struck her how easy it was to just repeat what Grace was saying. Much better than having to think of her own answers. Her assistant sounded so pleased each time, too. That was nice.

Through their exchange, Grace kept her hands on Danielle’s ass. She was exploring voraciously, using her fingertips to lift the celebrity’s full, perky butt cheeks, spreading them apart and jiggling them in her palms. Danielle was too entranced to moan, but each touch sent electric shivers across her skin.

“Perfectly natural,” Grace insisted. “But…” She used her hands, a little more firmly now, to spread Danielle’s legs a little. Danielle obliged completely. “Wow, babe. You really are aroused. Look at this.”

As she shifted around, Danielle realized she could feel something wet beneath her hips. She was wet, incredibly so, and dripping onto Grace’s massage table. As deeply hypnotized as she was, realizing that still made her face burn.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Grace said quickly, when she noticed Danielle beginning to rouse herself. She made the celebrity docile again with nothing more than a few gentle touches along her back. “I don’t mind. It’s just…”

With her head empty, Danielle was left hanging on Grace’s unspoken words. “W-what?” she pleaded. She felt so foggy.

“Well,” Grace replied delicately. “This doesn’t happen to everyone, babe.”

Danielle was left dumbfounded. What did that mean?

“I mean, there’s a physiological reaction, and then there’s this.” Grace’s soft, honeyed voice was tinged with cruel pleasure now. “Maybe there’s, like, something else going on with you.”

Grace left her hanging once more. Danielle was simmering in anticipation. She needed to know, and she couldn’t seem to figure it out on her own. Not with the scent of Grace’s candles wrapped around her like a heavy, warm blanket. “L-like what?”

“Well, let’s, like, puzzle it out, babe.” Grace had stopped giggling. She was enjoying this too much, leaning forwards and looming over Danielle threatening as she kept groping and feeling up the helpless celebrity. “You’re getting really, really wet while another girl touches your ass. What would you say that normally means, huh?”

The answer was obvious, but Danielle rejected out of hand. No way. She was straight. She’d always been straight. “Um… but…”

“C’mon, girl,” Grace teased. “Here, I’ll make it easier. What do you call a girl who gets turned on by other girls?”

“A… a lesbian.” The word sent a shiver down her spine.

“Right! And you get turned on by me, don’t you? And I’m a girl, aren’t I?”

Danielle whimpered. “N-no, that’s-”

“Remember,” Grace interrupted. “You can’t help getting aroused by my hands.”

Danielle gasped, and slipped back into hopeless, mindless repetition. “I can’t help getting aroused by your hands.”

“So, you get turned on by me, don’t you?”

Danielle nodded. “Yes.”

“Which means you get turned on by another girl, don’t you?”

“Yes.” It didn’t seem right, exactly, but it felt right. Grace’s logic was flawless - at least as far as Danielle could tell.

“So, you’re a lesbian.”

Danielle’s head started to throb. What about her fiancé? “That… that’s…”

“Or at least a little bi,” Grace added, and Danielle sighed. That was easier to accept. “Right?”

“Y-yes.” It was a strange thing for Danielle to accept about herself. She’d never been attracted to other women before. But here, in this room, with Grace, there was no denying it.

“You like girls.”

“I like girls.”

“You’re into girls.”

“I’m into girls.” Each time Danielle said it, it got a little easier.

“You want to fuck girls.”

“I…” Danielle felt her whole body grow warm, and she squirmed again.

“Say it,” Grace ordered, finally injecting her voice with a little force. “You want to fuck girls.”

“I…” Hesitant though she was, Danielle knew giving in was inevitable. She had no desire or will with which to resist. “I want to f-fuck girls.”

“That’s right, babe.” Grace ran a hand down Danielle’s spine, a reward that had the celebrity shivering with pleasure. She was so relaxed. She was so empty. “You’re gay. You want to fuck girls.”

Beneath the surface of her mind, Danielle was reeling from the revelation. She reached back, searching for memories to help her understand. She supposed she’d always appreciated how other women had looked. Had it been more than just platonic? It was so hard for her to tell. But… it must have been, mustn’t it? She wanted to fuck girls. She was into girls. She thought about how she’d been looking at her friend Dulcinea when they’d met for brunch. She’d certainly been admiring the other celebrity’s glow-up. Had she also been checking her out? When she peered into that memory in her mind’s eye, she found her attention more and more drawn to the curve of Dulcinea’s body and the swell of her breasts. And when her friend had joked about trying out girls, had she been… flustered?

It was all starting to settle into place. Danielle was gay. She wanted to fuck girls.

“I gotta say, though,” Grace continued, after allowing Danielle a few moments to properly absorb her new truth. “Even for a girl-loving-girl like you, this is really something.”

“H-huh?” Danielle groaned blearily. “What do you- ah!”

Danielle let out a moan much, much louder and needier than any before as she felt Grace reach between her legs and run a single fingertip along the throbbing, dripping lips of her exposed cunt.

It was completely inappropriate. It was absolutely unacceptable conduct from a personal assistant, and totally impossible to justify as part of a massage. Danielle should have roused herself, stood up, and fired Grace on the spot.

But she couldn’t. She couldn’t even think about doing it. She was too busy moaning and squirming from the overwhelming pleasure Grace’s fingertips brought her.

“See?” Grace was grinning wildly as she taunted her employer. “You know, not every lesbian gets wet like this just from a girl giving them a massage. You must be really crazy for it, babe. A real slut for other women. A real dyke.”

Danielle’s mind was blank. A single fingertip had her writhing and crying out like a slut in heat. She was completely beyond thinking now. Between pleasure, relaxation, and the scent of Grace’s candles, her ability to think about anything at all had been obliterated. She was an open vessel for everything Grace was telling her.

“Seems to me like you’ve totally been repressing all this stuff.” Grace seemed to sense her weakness, and added a second finger, still only teasing the outer lips of Danielle’s pussy. “I guess you’ve really been in denial, huh?” Her voice was dripping with sadistic glee. “And now it’s all coming out, babe. One touch from a woman like me, and you’re making such a mess of yourself. Who could have guessed?”

False, futile denial came to Danielle’s lips, even as she started grinding her hips against the massage table in a pathetically desperate attempt to push herself back against Grace’s palm. “Noooo,” she whined.

“Yes” Grace insisted, her voice far stronger and more certain. “You’re a dyke.”

“I… I…”

“Danielle,” Grace warned. “You. Are. A. Dyke. Say it.”

Her words seem to pass into Danielle’s ears, through her mind, and out of her lips. “I-I’m a dyke.”

Grace purred, and rewarded the celebrity by pressing her whole hand against the hypnotized girl’s cunt, using the tips of her fingers to rub small circles around her clit. “Good girl.”

Danielle moaned still louder. She was insensate with pleasure. Her thoughts were a kaleidoscope of new urges and desires. There was a deep sense of unease in her stomach, but far stronger than that was the searing need between her legs. “P-please!” she begged.

Her abandonment of restraint and dignity was met by a pair of fingertips pushing past her cunt lips. Danielle saw white. This was heaven. Nothing had ever felt better.

As she felt the celebrity’s pussy squeezing desperately around her fingers, Grace laughed. It wasn’t a giggle, girlish and amused; it was a laugh, full of the cruel, boastful humor of victory. As she watched the celebrity whining and trying to fuck herself against her hand, Grace started musing out loud, contemplating all that she could do.

“Oh, babe, you’re doing so well,” Grace purred. “Better than I could have hoped. Now, what kind of fun are we going to have together?”

“P-please!” Danielle whined, Grace’s words drowned out by her own cries of pleasure, and by the slick, wet sounds of the girl’s fingers plowing in and out of her cunt.

“I do like you like this,” Grace mused. “Mewling and weak and eager. You play the part so very well. But it’s so… so passé. It’s been done. Your friend Dulcinea, for instance. I want a little spice. A little zest. And, hey, who says I can’t switch things up from time to time?”

Danielle kept ignoring her. The only thing that mattered in the hypnotized girl’s head was being filled and pleasured by Grace. By a girl. The fact that Grace was openly, naked deciding what path her future was going to take barely even registered.

“OK, Danielle, listen,” Grace said firmly. She stilled her fingers, and bent down until her lips were close to Danielle’s ear. Danielle whined with unfulfilled need, but nonetheless, her mind was primed to mindlessly listen and accept. “You don’t just want to fuck girls. You want to top girls.”

Danielle shivered. Her lips were parted, and drool was running down her chin.

“You think about being the one on top,” Grace whispered to her. “The one in charge. You want to make girls writhe and squirm underneath you. Just like I’m doing to you now.”

“I… I…” Danielle was overwhelmed. It couldn’t remember ever thinking that before, but now her head was full of lurid images.

Grace started moving her fingers again, knowing the pleasure would break Danielle’s mind exactly as she wanted. “You think about it,” she pressed. “In your fantasies. In your dreams. When you touch yourself. You love the way girls look when they’re helpless. When they beg and drool and plead. You love being the one who makes them that way. It’s hotter than anything. It’s what you’ve always wanted.”

“I… it… y-yes!” Danielle moaned. It was starting to take shape in her head, the irresistible force of Grace’s words rolling over her like a wave. She wanted it. She wanted it so badly.

“You want to make them cum.” Grace’s fingers were moving faster and faster inside Danielle’s pussy, skillfully and swiftly bringing her to the edge. Her other hand was still groping Grace’s ass, sending warm pleasure radiating through her. “With your fingers. With your strap. With your tongue, Whatever it takes.”

“F-fuck!” Danielle cried. She was so close, and every fantasy Grace described only made her more desperate. “I w-want it!”

“Yes!” Grace panted, her breaths coming fast and ragged from both exertion and arousal. “You want to be the hottest top-dog bitch in Hollywood, and you want everyone to know it!”

“Y-y-yes!” Danielle managed to take one deep, full breath and fill up her lungs, only to scream with ecstasy as orgasm overtook her. The lightning bolt of pleasure that ran through her as she came all over Grace’s fingers only served to sear those fantasies and desires into place. She wanted it all now, just as Grace had described.

As her mind collapsed under the weight of all that over-stimulation, her dreams were filled with lascivious fantasies, and all of them involved her being the one on top.


When Danielle finally came to, it felt like hours had passed. Her body was heavy from sleepiness, but the moment she tried to move, she found that she felt better than ever. It was like she hadn’t even known how sore she was until the pain was all gone. Grace’s massage must really have done the trick.

The celebrity’s eyes blinked open. The massage! What had happened? She was still in her bathroom, still lying on the massage table, but a nice, warm blanket had been draped over her. The room was dim, the candles having burnt out long ago. For a moment, Danielle was struck with the bizarre impression that her thighs were sticky and her body was drenched with sweat, but once she took a moment to check, she found that neither of those things were true. It must have just been her dreams.

Danielle blushed. Her dreams. Wow. They had really been something.

“Danielle? Are you awake?” called Grace’s voice. Danielle sat up as her assistant entered the room, pulling the blanket around herself to hide her nudity. “Oh, good! I didn’t want you to oversleep and ruin your sleep schedule. I just, like, didn’t want to wake you ever. You seemed so relaxed, it was so nice. Especially after everything we were talking about.”

“What we…” Danielle rubbed her head, confused, but then went stiff as the memory hit her.

She was gay.

She liked girls.

And Grace had helped her figure it out.

She couldn’t remember much more than that. Not really. But she felt good, like she’d really come to terms with something. Danielle couldn’t believe that she was actually bi. She just hoped she hadn’t crossed any lines. Danielle turned to Grace.

“I hope I didn’t make you uncomfortable,” she said carefully. “And, ah, I hope I can count on your discretion. I have a fiancé, and well, the tabloids…”

Grace just smiled. “Don’t worry about a thing,” she promised. “I’m very discreet.”

Danielle smiled too. Then, as Grace took a step closer to her, she was seized with a sudden impulse, and reached out to take a firm grip on her assistant’s chin, forcing her to meet her gaze.

“Good girl,” the celebrity told her, in a firm, hungry voice that felt as alien as it did right.

Grace said nothing, but she blushed a deep red, and Danielle saw a flash of submissive pleasure pass through the girl’s eyes.

Then, the moment passed.

“S-sorry,” Danielle blurted out, jerking her hand back. “I don’t know what… I, um…”

Mercifully, Grace just giggled, and sauntered out of the bathroom. “Don’t worry about it. Why don’t I, like, give you a moment to clean up?”

Danielle watched her go, her eyes locked magnetically drawn to her assistant’s soft, magnificent curves. She should have been mortified by herself, but that instinct had been quashed by the sapphic desire that had awoken within her.

She just needed to make sure she didn’t do anything inappropriate with Grace.

Which was going to be hard, given what a hot piece of ass her assistant was.

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