The Joys of Waking Up

A Dragon's Daybreak

by JustALittleOne

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"I'm not like her. The freedom she wanted isn't the same freedom I want…"
She got a gentle pat from the Affini. "Our only goal with Domestication is to give you the chance to live your best life. That means what you want too."
"Even if it means I wanna be able to go places and do things on my own?"
She nodded. "I would never take away from you what makes you happy. That includes her."

The Little One was a bit anxious. Today was gonna be her Beloved's first mods, and her Mama took her to the vet to wait with her so she wouldn't be alone.
She didn't know it would take so long. She barely remembered resting from her mods as is. All she knew is that she was given some xenodrugs that made her nap and when she woke up, her body was altered. But now that she was on the waking side of things… She realized just how lengthy the ordeal was.
A gentle hand came down brushing against her hair, to calm her down. "Don't worry sweetheart. When she wakes up, you'll be able to play together lots and lots, okay? So be a good girl for me and take some deep breaths to calm down. She isn't going away. Promise."
With a nod, she began taking deep breaths again, taking it in her Mama's scent and relaxing against her lap. She was a little scared that her Beloved won't return, but she trusted her Mama that everything was alright. Her Mama never ever lied, she could trust her, even if deep down it was hard to trust. She knew that the two of them would soon return to playing just like before, and maybe even better now since she'd have a cool dragon girlfriend. She remembered how much her Beloved was fond of them, and was happy she would finally get to live it out for real.
Purrs began to pour out of her as her Mama administered the ear scritches she loved so much, rolling on her side without realizing it as her body tilted to her Mama's hand, looking at nothing in particular. Sometimes being able to just let go and not look or think about anything felt really soothing.
Alas, it seemed that even with this she wasn't able to fully assuage her morose feelings, and seeing little to no other choice, her Mama gave her something to help her relax. From there, everything turned into a blur as the Little One found herself in an endless ocean of pats and scritches and fingers giving her physical attention that she couldn't think about anything else. At the very least, this would keep her occupied until the transplant of her Beloved's new mods would be done.
An hour would pass before any updates would be given. "Ms. Radiant?" Another Affini, made mostly of vines and purple flowers, came out.
"Hmm, yes?" She was so busy petting her kitty that she barely noticed how time flew by.
"I'm happy to report that the transplant was a resounding success. She'll be out for another day or so, but after that her new scales should be stable to be moved about. Also, do keep in mind the horns might require extra care not usually found within Human florets, and as such, I'll be sending you some additional notes on caring for those."
Magnolia smiled, and stirred the Little One awake, who was busy having a very nice dream thank you very much. "You hear that sweetheart? She's done! We can go home now and before you know it the two of you will be able to play again."
She gave out a happy mewl, hugging her Mama tight and purring happily, glad that everything was indeed okay. From there she was lifted, carried in her Mama's arms as the two walked in, and she was finally able to inspect the changes that were done to her lover. She was a bit excited, too. How could she not? There was a pang of fear, but that was just instinct, she could ignore it. That was what excitement was, after all. The anticipation of something new. Unknown. Her Mama opened the door, and…
She looked so beautiful.
Her Beloved was still sleeping, but now she could see the full extent of her initial modification. Scales adorned her skin, interlaced with her human biology, mostly in the joint areas. Her neck, her shoulders, her knees and elbows, all bore the same scaly pattern that was now etched into her being. Even her wrists and fingers had some scales adorning them, all shining brilliantly with a dark orange hue.
And not to mention, her new horns! They were bent upwards, going from the front of her head back, flowing into her hair with relative ease before flicking up in their own cute little way. It might be a bit of a struggle to brush her hair, but the Little One knew her Mama was good at doing these things. After all, she took care of her massive mane every day as is, and she had nary a knot despite the length and volume of her golden locks.
The travel home was filled with a lot of antsy fidgeting from the Little One. Her Mama carried them both, but she was forbidden from waking her Beloved up. She needed to rest, and as such, was carried by one pair of arms and vines, while the Little One was held in another, close to her Mama's face. "I know you're excited dear. I'm excited too. But I know you can be a good good girl, and wait." She nodded, and fidgeted with her fingers, playing with her toe beans and wrapping her tail around her Mama's arm to keep her close.
Once home, she couldn't stop. She just couldn't. Her Beloved was sleeping so soundly she just wanted to curl up to her and cuddle her close all day long. But she was a good girl. And good girls do what their Mamas say, and don't interrupt the healing process. This was, by far, the longest she's spent not so close to her Affini caretaker, and she didn't want that either. She just wanted everyone to be happy and safe and warm forever, and have snuggles and smiles all around.
At least when they went to bed that night, she could curl up to her dragon Beloved and keep her warm throughout the night.
Upon waking, her eyes blinked slowly. She was always the one to wake up first between her Beloved, and even her Mama sometimes. But, she didn't move. Instead, she just purred softly while keeping her precious one safe in her arms, waiting. No real thoughts came to her head. She just felt the same overwhelming emotions and care and love go through her mind ad infinitum.
Even when Magnolia herself awoke, she kept staying there. The Affini had lots of work that day, so she left the two of them in the bed, checking in every once in a while. In truth, she was beginning to worry. She knew humans had a deep bonding instinct, but… She never expected her first floret to be so concerned.
And so, somewhere around midday… The Little One felt something stir.
And her Beloved opened her eyes.
She groaned a bit, and turned around, to nuzzle her kitty girlfriend's chest. Who, in return, was more than happy to purr for her and smile and cheer. All the worry that's been building in her little head finally dissipated.
Rather on cue, the door opened, and Magnolia stepped in, seemingly being alerted that her new floret was awake. "Ah, wonderful. I hope you like the scales dear, you look stellar with them~" She congratulated the dragon girl, and scooped both girls to her arms, nuzzling and kissing both their heads. 
It took her Beloved a few moments to readjust to the room she was in, and take her eyes to look into the mirror and observe her own reflection. She seemed happy, basking in her newfound dragon-like appearance and how shiny and shimmering her scales were when reflecting the light from outside. Not to mention her eyes, now being slits instead of the regular human pupils. "I love it. Thank you, Magnolia." She beamed, and the Little One smiled and pounced her, coiling around her with a tight warm hug.
"Good. You'll have some time to adjust to this before the others. I think you'll find what I got in store for you quite interesting~" Magnolia gave her a small wink, and sat next to them, scratching the Little One's chin, causing her to rear her head with a wide smile on her face.
All while her Beloved pried an arm free, giving her ear scritches as well. "It's still so hard to believe this is what you wanted…" She sounded a little reminiciant, but accepting all the same. "But I love you. Always."
The Little One had barely any time to react before her lips were met with her girlfriend's, kissing her lovingly and keeping her close. 
She melted into the kiss, softening her grip and just closing her eyes letting the minutes pass ever so slowly, one by one. Kissing her Beloved felt good too. Really good. She loved kisses, they made her whole body all tingly with excitement and anticipation, even if nothing else came after them. Just the ability to kiss, to touch, to experience someone else's love, as well as give others love was enough for her. 
Her Beloved traced a finger across her new scales, feeling their texture. "I never expected touch to be so…"
"Overwhelming?" She heard Magnolia guess her way into what she was about to say. She could definitely understand. For a sophent to go from being an independent to being domesticated in a relatively short period of time, being exposed to the full array of what an Implant and xenodrugs can do might certainly feel like a fresh new experience. 
"Maybe? Enhanced, for sure." Her Beloved seemed a little confused, but the Little One merely curled around her, mewling and pouting until she got more tummy rubs and scritches.
The Affini smiled. "That would be the Class A's currently coursing through your system. Our medication and xenodrugs do more than just brainwash people and make cute humans like you look even cuter." She pet the Little One's head. "Though they absolutely do those too~"
The dragon girl pouted a little with a blush, instead deciding to distract herself by burying her head in her kitty girlfriend's chest. "W-When do I get a tail by the way? It'd be nice to… You know." Whatever it was, she couldn't bring herself to say the last few words, and while her Mama understood, the Little Kitty didn't, and instead just purred for her girlfriend and gave her lots of kisses.
"Patience, my little pet. I'm doing with you the same I did with her. Not rushing into anything. You'll get everything you wanted, promise."
"Pet…" The Little One realized that her Beloved was feeling a bit conflicted, and doing what she does best, smothered her with affection and cuddles and hugs so she'll feel better. She was just a kitty, she didn't really get the complicated words, but she could tell when the people she loved needed a bit of comfort.
And it seemed to be working, as her Beloved leaned into her, resting her head on the Little One's chest and listening to her purrs.
"I love you too."

I hope you enjoyed! There's still a few more chapters coming, and I hope you look forward to them.

Let me know what you think, and I'll see you all next weekend <3

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