The Joys of Waking Up

Date Day

by JustALittleOne

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So... Yeah these chapters have more casual lewdness to them, because sometimes you just get horny casually lol. With that said, enjoy!

“So… she’s happy without me as well?”
“Don’t say it like that, flower. She’s only happy because she doesn’t remember. It's what she wanted, for now.”
“But… I remember her. I can’t just forget her like she never existed!” the human turned her head to the side. “Did she even think about me when leaving me behind?...”
"Petal, no one is expecting you to forget about her. It's why I'm here…"

The few days that followed their reunion had the Little One stay with her Beloved almost all the time. According to her Mama, she needed to recover from her implant, but in order to reduce the stress, elected to let her recover at their home instead of waiting asleep at the hospital.
She got to show her all the rooms in the hab too! The nice balconies, the bedroom, the kitchen, where they enjoyed a nice breakfast together, the shower room, all of them. She even got to show her Beloved her favorite pillow bed in the lab, which they could now share. It was nice to be able to cuddle someone while her Mama was doing all the important work.
But, once she recovered, the Little One could really show her how much she loved her! Every morning began with a shower of kisses, and happy purrs, which her Beloved found great pleasure in being recipient to. And of course, all the meal times and post meal naps. Their Mama carried them everywhere together, they were inseparable. She heard her Mama mention the term Pinnate to a colleague, but she didn't know what it meant so it floated off her empty head. Instead, she focused on the beauty she was cuddling, raining more kisses on her and receiving plenty of kisses right back.
Something that Magnolia had plenty of fun watching and encouraging.
A habit that she developed watching how cuddly her pets were. And, seeing the chance to create a new tradition, she decided that tonight was date night.
Although, from her gleaming of terran records, she quickly realized that both of her pets did not answer to the traditional criteria of what a human date was. Those usually involved going out to places, seeing new things, experiencing movies and other mediums in a more grandiose setting. And to her surprise, both of her pets were absolutely lap terrans that preferred to stay at home.
Which, as always, Magnolia was more than happy to accommodate.
Setting up the living space of the hab wasn't hard. All it took was some simple reorganizing, compiling one of those projectors and setting it before the couch. She was never a tech savvy person of any sort, but she was willing to learn if it meant making her pets happy. And before she knew it, she had both her pets sitting there, with their Mama, cuddling on her lap with an adorable chorus of purrs and other affectionate sounds.
She even got her pats matching sweaters, silky and smooth and without any form of skin irritation. One was orange, the other was indigo. They looked so adorable together.
"Now, what to put on…" She flickered through the many, many visual arts that existed on the overnet. So many things. Her first distinction was to put something that the two will recognize, but quickly decided against it.
"Maybe something simple? I think that she'd like it more. Won't you sweetie?" Her Beloved asked, and she gave out a happy mewl, a nod, and lots of nuzzles to her girlfriend's face.
That narrowed her options. "Good idea, petal~" she smiled. And thus, flicking through the romance section of the Overnet's movies, she finally found something that she thought they would like. A nice, simple flick about a Floret and her Affini falling in love, becoming said floret, and spending blissful hours in comfort and happiness.
And just to make sure she didn't have to separate from her florets, she took the extra initiative of preparing food in advance, using the atomic compiler to create what humans referred to as "pop-corn". Apparently it was the kernels of a sugar high vegetable that was grown on old terra, and then exposed to drying instruments, followed by intense heat to make them explode. She found the process a bit barbaric, but compiled something similar enough for her pets to enjoy. At least with that in mind she didn't have to worry about the ethical ramifications of harming a plant like that.
As the movie began, she mostly leaned back. She knew her Little Kitty would be fine with that, seeing as her scent and biorhythm were around enough for her to feel the comfort she needed, and her new pet seemed to be quickly acclimating to her new life too. In fact, while the movie was playing, and her pets were distracted with cuddles and kisses, she tinkered with her pad. Her new pet requested some mods of her own, something she was more than willing to accommodate. And while the creatures known as dragons were, in actuality, a mythos spread across human civilization due to misunderstanding of old bones, it was still something she could give. And give it she shall.
Meanwhile, the Little One was having so much fun! She got into her favorite position, curled up to her Beloved with her head resting on her girlfriend's chest, getting idle headpats and scritches behind her kitty ears that hit her just right. Not to mention all the sweet nothings she got whispered in her ears, causing her to stim with her leg and mewling occasionally. 
The movie was nice too. She didn't really get much of it, but watching people be happy and receive headpats was nice. And her Beloved seemed to like it too, nuzzling her lots and moving down, so they could cuddle face to face. All while the Little One wrapped her arms around her Beloved, nuzzling her cheek and purring her heart out, with a gleeful expression of pure joy. She even showed her the mark that her Mama left on her, all with a prideful grin, and was elated that her Beloved gave her a slight smirk and traced a finger across her other shoulder, as if teasing her that she'd be getting more bite marks later.
In all honesty, the Little One forgot that her Beloved tended to be the dominant one in their relationship. Not that she cared.
Instead, she used the gift of having multiple arms to pass the popcorn both to her and her girlfriend, enjoying the taste and purring happily. Usually her Mama would keep a close eye on her diet, but she was allowed something like this every once in a while. All the better to be pampered with.
Another scene flashed in the movie before them. The floret in the movie was stranded alone on another planet because of a mishap, and was missing her Mistress dearly. That made the Little One feel sad. Because the floret in the movie was a good girl, and she deserved to be happy. And, noticing her emotional shift, both her Mama and her Beloved curled against her, giving her comfort. "Don't worry dear… It's just temporary. There's a good ending to this movie, I promise." Her Mama reassured her.
"Aww…" Her Beloved nuzzled her cheek and hugged her tight, wiping away some of the tears that she didn't notice formed around her eyes. 
She took some deep breaths, and leaned into the cuddles. It was going to be okay. She always had a weak spot for these things, watching someone be helpless and need help was always difficult.
But, just as her Mama promised, the movie ended up on a good note. And the little floret was reunited with her Affini Mistress who showered her with reassurance and love that everything was okay. And it made the Little One feel better too. That's what she liked to see. Happiness and calm and joy on people's faces.
By the time the credits rolled, neither pet cared. Their Mama gave them both a nice dose of Class E to let them unwind and cuddle each other silly, all wrapped up in a nice nest of vines and good hands that kept them safe and warm.
The Little One's vision blurred to a cacophony of colors with no relation or meaning. And as such, elected to close her eyes and rely on her nose instead. Her Mama was here. Her Beloved too. She could smell their scents and it calmed her down and let her drown away all her thoughts and just exist, blissed out and yowling her heart out for more attention, which she got plenty of. All while their Mama gently carried them back to the bed, so they could cuddle proper.
She felt herself being jostled a little. Her Beloved was on top of her, holding each pair of arms with one of hers. With that same smirk that she had when she was going to make her kitty her own again. All the Little One could do was blush and look her in the eye, yowling and whining and begging as she felt her Beloved's hand go over her chest, playing with her and teasing her all the while.
Moans and more begging mewls began to escape her throat as her Beloved removed her sweater. It was more difficult than intended, she had four arms now and a sweater compiled to boot, but once it was off, with her ample chest exposed, her Beloved took little to no time to start teasing her in her favorite spots. Groping and massaging her chest, pinching her nipples. Except where perhaps a long time ago it was nothing more than a slightly tingly sensation, now her entire body shook with each pinch, making her pant and blush an extremely vibrant red.
And while all of this was going, her Mama just watched them. She knew her Mama was watching, which was even more embarrassing but then again she let her Mama fuck her already so it's not like there was much to hide. She watched as the Affini leaned down, whispering something into her Beloved's ear, before producing more of her unique blend of 'human-nip' xenodrugs and injecting her with it, causing the Little One to lose sense of what was happening around her other than being touched and feeling good.
"Who's a good girl? Who's a good girl?!"
She heard her Beloved call out, and on instinct, began to mewl rapidly and pant, trying to exclaim that it was her. "Is it you? Are you the good girl?" She nodded rapidly and frantically, unable to hold anything back anymore. "That's right! You're a good girl. I'm so proud of you sweetie~" Her entire body felt electrified with bliss, chest heaving with each baited breath of anticipation for being toyed with and playing with her Beloved more.
All she knew is that she was extremely stiff between her legs, and that her Beloved was touching her down there. It was just a hand, but it was enough to make her squeal and mewl with bliss, her hips bucking in response all on their own.
Each of her arms wrapped themselves around her Beloved, pulling her in for a kiss. Pressing their lips together, moans still echoing through her throat as the pinnates enjoyed each other's company. She was getting closer and closer. It was all too much! Too much in the best way imaginable, that is. She was overwhelmed, but it was the good kind of overwhelmed, the kind that leaves you tired but oh so satisfied after the climax.
The Climax that washed over her soon after, causing the Little One's body to spasm and curl against her Beloved, needing her warmth. Anyone's warmth. 
She felt so loved. So cared for. Of course, when presented with her Beloved's stained hand, she knew what to do, and dutifully used her rough feline tongue to lick her clean, much to her own delight. "Good girl." She felt her Mama pat her, and she looked up with an addled and dazed, albeit smiling expression. She did good. That fact alone reverberated through her mind on loop, lulling her into a sleepy state of pure bliss.
But… She didn't want to sleep. For once, she fought against the urge of her body to collapse and welcome the abyss of dreams. She wanted to stay awake, since her Mama and her Beloved were here.
A thought occurred to her. For so long, she found the silence of sleep comforting. A way to forget her pains and just relax, letting her body go limp and ignore the outside world, even if for a bit. But now… Now she doesn't need that anymore. Every day was an adventure she wished would never end. Every moment was filled with playing and yummy foods, and now that her Beloved was here, she was surrounded by endless love on all sides.
Still, the exhaustion of her body would not be denied for long. And her Mama approached, kissing both of them on the head while patting them. "Shh… Sleep, my dear. You're allowed to. And when you wake up… We'll still be here. I promise."
With a silent whimper, the Little One couldn't hold on anymore, and the post-orgasm tiredness claimed her, curled in the arms of her lover, who was stroking her hair and making cute little sounds in her ear, akin to sweet nothings being told without the need for language.

I hope you enjoyed! If you did, feel free to tell me what you think <3

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