Part of the Hive

The Queen

by JustALittleOne

Tags: #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #fantasy #multiple_partners #pov:bottom #sub:female #do_bee_girls_count_as_furry? #drones #furry #futanari #hurt/comfort #mindless

Man I've been itching to write this chapter for a while, and finally I got it out. This feels... Good. And I'm glad for everyone who went on this little journey with me.

Enjoy the wonderful, intensely sexual smut on display~

"L-Lora?..." She asked, still on her knees, unable to peel her eyes away from her love. Lora chuckled, and with a gentle wave of the hand, the drones caring for her stepped aside, their hunger for her only held back by her word. She got up, walking slowly towards the staring bee in front of her, leaning down to cup both of Tyr's cheeks with two of her hands, slowly lifting her to her legs. "Yes… It's me. I'm here. And I'm so happy to see you again."
In an instant, Tyr's arms wrapped around her, and she cried, a mixture of relief, lust, need and submission all flooding her mind at once. "I-I thought you died… I-I didn't know what to do with myself…"
"Shh…" Lora brought one hand to rub her head, and all of a sudden, calm washed over her. The Queen wanted her to calm down, and so she could. "I know, dear. I know. But I wanted you to experience it. To feel your body change, I knew that it would help you feel even better about it when we met. When I'd finally make you into one of my perfect little drones."
"I-I…" She tried to speak, but no words would come out. Lora simply carried her, took her hand as she began to walk back to the throne.
"I knew, when they took us, what happened." She began, sitting down and letting Tyr get as much physical affection from her as she needed. Discarding any clothes she had on her, she pressed as much skin against her Queen. "The Hive… They took me because they didn't have a Queen. They needed one, and they deemed me compatible. But after they drowned me in pleasure, just like I'm doing to you right now~" She kissed Tyr's forehead, and the former ranger's entire body convulsed with need to serve her and make her happy. "I realized that I had more power in this Hive than just being a breeding bee. I could guide them. Rule them, and tell them how to act. They didn't even have names, which I suppose some are still struggling with getting used to. So… I did. I think the Hive is much nicer now, when its bees aren't as aggressive or violent, wouldn't you agree?"
It was her. The Queen created this paradise for her. Tyr nodded fervently, hugging her tighter. And, with a quick nod, the rest of the drones joined, a cuddle pile who's center was her one and only Lora. Her Queen.
"W-Why…" She tried to ask something else, but the Queen read her mind like an open book. There were no secrets with her, no privacy, not that Tyr cared. The Queen was free to read and write into her brain directly all she pleased. "Because… I could've just commanded them to take you. Bring you here, cover you with my pheromones and bliss until you'd forget yourself and give in. But I didn't want that. I don't want any of my girls to be mindless working machines with no personality or self. I want you, my adorable little drone, to remember who you were. And remember how much I love you, back and now."
Tyr began to cry again, this time from happiness. The Queen loved her. She loved her! The Queen loved her and she loved the Queen and the Queen was Lora and everything was so perfect now.
Her body kept moving by the Queen's command, trying to get as close to her as possible, even if it meant trying to gently nudge the other drones out of the way. She knew what she was now. A drone. The Queen's lover. She'd get to make love to her over and over forever and ever and it all felt so right. So beautiful. She was rock hard, but didn't even attempt to touch herself. Her Queen needed to tell her what to do, she couldn't figure it out otherwise.
And Lora noticed. With a chuckle, but she noticed. Cupping Tyr's glaze-eyed face, she gently guided her in front of her, wrapping her legs gently around the other girl's hips, and pulling her closer. "Come. I know you've been fantasizing about me for years now, I won't hold you back anymore." Lora leaned in closer, and whispered. "Fuck me, Tyr. Fuck me as hard as you can."
With that… All holds ceased being barred, and her instincts screamed at her louder than ever before. Tyr positioned herself, breathing heavily and panting. Lining herself required the last bits of patience she still had in her system, but as soon as she was lined up, she pushed.
And felt herself sink deep into her Queen.
Buzzing came out of her, wings fluttering with glee and excitement while her head pressed against her Queen's chest. The smell, that honey pheromone smell, it was strongest here. And moans escaped her throat as Tyr began to thrust, still tearing a little just from the sheer bliss of being allowed to fuck her Queen. Make love to her Lora. Be one with her, now and forevermore.
Using two of her arms to support her, and two others to hold Lora's chest tighter so she could nuzzle her boobs, Tyr kept going. She didn't want to go too fast. She wanted to preserve this moment, to encapsulate it in her mind like crystalized amber, keep it going for as long as she could muster. There would be more times, she knew. But that didn't matter to her right now. The first time, there'd be nothing else like it.
A voice broke through her ears. Her Queen's voice. She was making her Queen moan, the Queen was feeling good! That only furthered her fervor, thrusting in and out, faster and faster, begging for more. She was already given everything, but she kept begging. Begging for her Queen to be pleased with her, that she'd be a good little drone for her.
Her mind was moving on raw, animalistic instinct, as the thrusting got faster and faster. Pumping her cock deep into her Queen's slit, hilting and then pulling back, only to keep the rhythmic pace flowing smoothly. Each moan that came out of her Queen felt like waves of bliss were hitting her head on, and she embraced them fully. This was her life, this was her role. She'd mate with the queen day in, day out, and love every second of it. And Tyr couldn't wait. She just couldn't. It was going to be the perfect life for her. Loved and cared for from sunrise to sunset.
The pressure in her loins set her heart ablaze. She wanted to cum, so badly. But her Queen didn't allow it yet. She couldn't just do it on her own, drones were dependent on the Queen to command them. And she was a good little drone, the best drone for Lora. She'd do anything she asked. No matter what it was, her only goal was to make Lora happy. Make her Queen happy.
"S-So good!~..." Lora moaned a little louder, and the entire harem of drones shuddered. Her words alone were enough to spark the endless lust that welled within all of them into a burning fire that consumed everything else. "I'm so close, so close! Keep going Tyr, faster! Harder!"
And keeping up she did, her hips now moving and slamming her shaft into her Queen harder than she knew she was even capable of. Though that went without question. Her Queen wanted it from her, and it shall be so. "I-I'm cumming!~"
Lora's entire body pulled her in, all her arms pressing Tyr tightly to her form, while her pussy clamped down. That, combined with the pheromone smell in the air, keeping her mind spellbound, finally gave her the permission she needed. Tyr burst, cumming hard as deep as her cock could go into her Queen. Filling her with seed. Her seed. Tyr was mating with her Queen and that thought alone was enough to keep her nice and hard for the foreseeable future.
There was a moment of reprieve from the energy in the room. Lora rode out her orgasm, and Tyr, still inside her, rode out the euphoria that came from pleasing her Queen. The other drones, who could barely hold themselves back, were all stroking themselves to the sight of the Queen being bred to the newest addition to their ranks. "Go ahead, cover us~ I want to feel your cum all over me!~" Lora commanded, and the drones did as she asked.
Tyr felt the hot steaming weight of cum coating her. The smell was overwhelming, sweet and infatuating, though not nearly as strong as the Queen's scent. She was still panting, tongue lolled out and eager for more commands, which Lora gave, but not in the way she expected. Instead, she merely pulled Tyr up a little, giving her a deep, passionate kiss as the drone's body kept moving on autopilot, thrusting anew and ravishing her Queen for as long as she'd want. She felt as Lora's tongue penetrated her mouth, their antennae curling close and rubbing against one another, with Lora exploring her mouth as she pleased, and Tyr offered no resistance. She just felt happy. Happy and fulfilled.
And so, Tyr came. Again, and again. Each time filling her Queen more and more. She lost any track of time, or how long it's been, not that it mattered. The only thing that mattered was her Queen. Her Queen, and pleasing her Queen. "Such a good drone, keep going~ Fuck me as much as you want, I know you want it too~" She heard Lora's voice echo around her, and nodded. She did want this. Wanted this since the day the two of them left her little village together. "I always knew how you felt, Tyr." Lora muttered between moans. "I knew how much I mattered to you, but it's okay now. You don't need to say the words, I already know. And I'll always love you too."
She came again. This time… Most likely being the last one. Even a drone such as herself has limits, and Tyr collapsed to the awaiting arms of her Queen, who cradled her softly and lovingly. "Such a good girl… Did so well for me, you made your Queen very very happy." Despite barely being conscious, Tyr's body still wiggled with glee, her wings doing a little flutter at the notion of being a good drone and a good girl.
The rest of the Drone harem closed in. They cleaned her, licked the cum clean and washed her in sweet pheromones. Which is when she noticed something, just at the edge of her mind. The buzzing, that was always there… It no longer sounded like a cacophony of noises that made no sense. Far from it, actually.
She understood, each and every one. All of the Hive was connected. The girls communicating where the best flowers were, the sentries patrolling the forest. Each and every buzz and noise was now distinct, easily parsed. She was connected, finally and fully. And she could hear it, in the Hive. How happy they were for her. She got to be with the Queen, like she always wanted, they all knew, and they all cheered in joy.
Lora pulled her close again, nuzzling her cheek and leaving plenty of kiss marks on her neck. The Queen's scent most likely rubbed off on her so hard that she was coated with it more or less permanently. She'd always smell of her Queen now. Everyone would know that she's part of the Queen's personal harem of drones, and it made her so happy too. She weakly nuzzled back, and leaned in to rest, using Lora's breasts as the most comfortable pillows she could imagine.
"Rest now, Tyr. You did good." Was all she heard before the world around her went dark.

When Tyr awoke next, she groggily sat up. She was sitting inside the hive, on what seemed to be a small makeshift bed, out of an array of them. All made out of flora and pollen strung together to make something soft enough to lay on comfortably. The resting chambers, the others told her. This is where drones who needed rest would go, before returning to the Queen.
To Lora.
Tyr spent little to no time getting up. The memories of what happened before were etched so deep that she'd never be able to forget, even if she wanted to. With a quick stretch, and a big yawn, she walked back, naked as she was before. Clothes held no point anymore, not when she'd be shedding them all the time either way. On top of that, the Queen's scent was all over her. And that wonderful, pheromonic perfume was all she needed to wear.
Walking through the small corridor, she reached the throne room from the side. There, she sat. Lora. Her Queen. Being attended to by the others, with another drone pistoning her cock hard and deep into their Queen, moans and cries of pleasure echoing in the room. Where jealousy would usually sit, she felt content. They were making her Queen happy. And if the Queen was happy, all was well in the world.
"Ah, you're awake~" Lora smiled and beckoned her closer with a hand, which Tyr spent no time approaching and nuzzling against. Just having her Queen touch her was enough to stir her loins and make her ache with lust. "How did you sleep, my little Tyr?"
"Lonely." She said, having the capacity to string together words, for now. "Need you, my Queen. I need you so bad."
The Queen Bee merely chuckled, tracing a finger under her chin, and drawing Tyr in for another loving kiss. "I know, little drone. But I'm here. I'll make sure nothing separates us again, I promise."
Tyr melted to her side, grinding herself idly against her Queen's side. She was finally home, and that's where she always wanted to be.

Well... This is the end. Tyr found her place in the world, and she'd get to be with her Queen forever. I frankly don't know if I'll write anything post this, maybe if I just wanna write more horny smut with these characters. But as it stands... The story is done.

I hope you all enjoyed, and see y'all around~ <3


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