Part of the Hive

Day 26

by JustALittleOne

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Eeeeee this is getting near the climax and I finally get to write the smut that's been sitting in my head for a while now. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

The days passed, nearly a month since she was invited to stay in the magical confines of the fae forest. And with one one Tyr felt closer and closer. The fae were her sisters now, and they took good care of her. Keeping her warm at night, helping her reach the best nectar, she needed to eat a lot after all, her body was still growing and changing.
The wings were definitely a welcome change. They started as two small protrusions on her back, which slowly unfurled and grew into a majestic pair of wings, which she got plenty of compliments for. She hasn't taken flight yet, something told her she wasn't quite ready. But she'd know when she was. That's how the hive worked.
Her new abdomen area also grew into full size, which required a bit of adjusting to as well. By the time it finished growing, her fuzz came into view as well, adorning Tyr with a particularly charming set of black and yellow stripes that seem to mingle perfectly with her flawless skin. Though at the end of the abdomen, she found that she now had a stinger as well, even if Tyr had no intention of using it against anyone. Not unless someone threatened the hive, then she'd fight tooth and nail to protect it.
Tyr also realized just how sensitive her new antennae were. Anything that her eyes couldn't fully catch or process, everything that her nose was too weak to grasp, her new head growths took care of it. All the flowers seemed so vivid now, she could recognize them for more than just their colors or shapes. Their nectar amount, the pollen inside, who visited each flower lately and how long she spent in there before going out. All information that was being directly fed into her brain, carried by the faint brushes of wind inside the glade.
Speaking of, the buzzing. It was all encompassing now, all the time. She couldn't make sense of it, but she also didn't feel troubled by it. It was just a constant of life. A reminder that she was never alone. Loved and cared about by every member of the hive, and of course, the Queen.
Her Queen.
Oh, the Queen. She thought about her every single day. The enigmatic entity that gifted her this life. How much did she long to meet her. To love her. She needed it, every fiber of her being cried to in her Queen's arms, doing anything she'd request of her. Sometimes it made the waiting unbearable. She wanted to go see her Queen now! She had to!
At the very least, she'd have the rest of the hive to help her chase away the thoughts and empty her head until it was time.
Then came the arms. Which, as it turned out, were rather quick and painful. The fae magic that was transforming her body didn't seem to care about her former human anatomy when messing with it, and the added set of bones, the muscles that came under them, and the skin stretching out were one of the most intense experiences Tyr had her entire life. From what the others told her, she was blacked out, clinging to the ones in charge of nurturing her while crying and pleading for the pain to stop, until eventually… It did. And now, she had an extra pair of grabbers to work with. Which, as it turned out, held little trouble in learning and mastering. Just like everything else in her new life, what the Hive gives, the Hive also teaches. And before she knew it, Tyr would be using all her new arms for extra snuggles, hugs were indeed better when you had more arms to hug with.
Finally, one eve, with the mystical moon slowly rising above them. Just when Tyr was about to ask one of the hive mates to curl with her for a well needed rest, it happened. The buzzing changed again. A new order came through, directly from the hive. Directly to her, written directly into her pleading and awaiting mind.
You're ready.
All of a sudden, Tyr began to jump in place. Really? Was it finally time? She didn't even get to bathe yet, was she-
Her train of thought was cut completely in twain by the buzzing. The Queen. Her Queen. Her Queen was calling for her, and she was calling for her now, not later. The decision of whether she was in fact, properly clean or ready was no longer in her hands to make. All she had to do was follow the word of her Queen, and all will be well.
Tyr gave the other girls one last look. They all nodded excitedly for her. It was finally time, after all. She could go.
Her wings began to flutter, stretching fully for the first time. She felt so nervous, what if she fell? Would she be okay? The buzzing told her that yes, she would. She already knew how to use her body, that knowledge was now part of her regardless of if she was taught or not. And, after taking a small running start… She jumped.
And began to fly.
It felt so exhilarating. She knew how birds flew, but this felt far more different. More controlled. While the wind around her served a convenient carrier to hoist her up into the air, she didn't need it per se to keep herself afloat. Her wings fluttered faster and faster, with her own faint buzzing joining the rest. A harmony of sound unlike what any mortal or normal person out there could possibly produce.
After that, she took a few moments. Her Queen was calling, but she found that in that call, she was still afforded a bit of time to explore and enjoy herself. And how could she not? Flying felt incredible, and she could see so much now. Up and up she went, until the shining moon above reflected in her wings brilliantly, and the fae forest below came into view. It all made so much sense now, that forest was ever shifting. Something that in the back of her mind she could probably deduce, were she able to accept the Hive's love faster and not be silly about it and resist their open arms.
A silly little bee indeed, Tyr thought to herself and chuckled, soaring through the skies.
Even if she was going in many directions, the pull of the Hive was powerful and she was drawn to it, like a moth to a flame. Slowly, but surely, the metaphorical leash around her neck tightened, compelling her to move ever closer to it. She explored. She laughed, diving down and then going back up before remaining in the air for a moment to relax. Then, continued. This cycle repeated itself again and again, each time causing her to approach the Hive. Her Hive. Her home.
The glade, it was nice. It served a proper role in helping her mature and grow. But now, it was time to move on. Move on towards a better place. Where she'd finally understand, where all her questions could be answered.
Until finally, in the distance, she saw it, and her wings took her there ever faster. The Hive was in sight, and Tyr couldn't believe just how majestic it looked.
The structure was massive. A palace, paradise for the bees like her. There was no other way to describe it, no words could suffice. The winding entrance was stationed in the top canopy, creating a welcoming hexagonal shape that screamed 'Home' in her head. It was open, with a few sentries guarding it, though as she approached, all they did was fly up to give her a big, warm hug. And plenty of nuzzles later, she realized her nose was picking up on something new, yet familiar.
She smelled it everywhere, really. On the flowers, on the other bee girls. But now… Now it was clear, more than ever. That sweet, rich honey-like scent that swarmed her mind and entranced her to follow it. Her Queen's scent was in the air, and Tyr, the ever so excited new bee, let it carry her.
Each new Hive mate that she saw in winding tunnels smiled at her. Some even waved a hand, or several. She waved back. It was the most polite thing to do. This also afforded Tyr the opportunity to see what the other girls were doing. Taking the pollen, using it to build more catacombs, filling them with sweet, rich honey. She wanted to taste some of it real bad, but she'd have to wait. First, her Queen. Then, maybe some honey.
Though the closer she got to the throne, the more she began to wonder. Some of the bee girls were sentries, protecting the others. Some were gatherers, getting material and food for the hive. So what…
What was her role?
She wanted to serve. Nay, needed to serve. That much she knew, it was etched onto her very soul. But what would her Queen deem her worthy of doing, she knew not. 
The anticipation in her stomach grew more and more, until finally, she reached the bottom of the hive. There, as she landed, she saw it. The doors from her dream, polished just as much. However, what was different were the two sentries guarding the door. They looked… They looked so familiar.
"Ash?... W-Wren?..."
They looked so familiar to them, even if they changed too. The former adventurers, now part of the same Hive as her, smiled, and nodded. And Tyr felt relief. So much relief. They were alive. Alive and now she could spend the rest of their shared existence together, she doubted that as fae they'd die anytime soon, which only made the idea of being with them even sweeter.
The two walked closer, hugging their long lost comrade tight. And after a few kisses and nuzzles between them, finally let her go long enough to ask. "B-But I thought you were… You..." Tears began to well up around Tyr's eyes, until Wren came to wipe them off.
"It's okay Tyr. It's okay. We're better now, and she's waiting for you. Don't keep her waiting for too long now, would you? The Queen has been waiting for an awful long time for you to be ready… And I'm sure you're eager to see her again too."
She couldn't just let go yet, she had so many questions. "B-But what about…"
"They're fine too." Ash reassured her. "Guile and Gwenn are both gatherers now, they've been helping us supply the hive. I'm sure that you'll find them sooner or later in the Hive, they'll be delighted to see you're finally ready." The taller one, Ash, hugged her tightly, and gave her a few more happy nuzzles.
"Mhmm." Wren chimed in after her. "I think that, all things considered, it's better if you heard the explanation from her, rather than us. So go, little one. And remember to enjoy yourself~"
"W-What's that supposed to mean?..." Tyr asked as the two walked back, and pushed the doors, one each. As soon as the first crack of air from inside came, she forgot about her question entirely. The only thought left in her mind was to obey the queen, and approach.
Her legs, shaky and weak from the scent alone, slowly made their way inside. She needed to obey. Needed to. Something primal that went beyond the capacity to properly explain. All Tyr knew is that inside her destiny was waiting for her.
As soon as she walked inside, she saw her. Her. Her Queen. Sitting there, with another bee girl eating her out. Licking her pussy with such a carefree expression, eyes glazed and empty. The Queen, she was so beautiful. Her Queen. Hers. That long, flowing hair, those eyes. She looked so familiar… But Tyr couldn't put her finger on it, not quite. She was too busy admiring the divine beauty that was now standing before her, making her pants tighten with anticipation. Her cock was getting hard. Real hard. And she needed to do something about it, but only with her Queen's permission.
Slowly, she walked forward, until even that ability was robbed from her, falling to her knees before the Queen. Practically salivating as she finally noticed there was more than one bee girl attending to her at the moment. There were several, licking her, sucking, begging for attention without any voice to accompany their pleadings. She even felt a bit jealous. She wanted that too. She wanted her Queen's love, more than anything in the entire world.
Then, after what felt like an eternity of solitude, did the Queen finally speak. And her voice… Suddenly, all the pieces fell into place. The realization that was sitting on the edge of Tyr's mind finally sprung in full, triggered by the oh so familiar voice that came from her Queen. "Hello, Tyr. I missed you so much."

And finally, we know who the Queen is. I'll see you all next time, when our precious little drone finally gets to say how she felt all along.

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