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Cindy interviews a new applicant for the position of staff hypnotist.

Cindy heard the knock at the door immediately, but she still waited for a good solid five-count before saying, "Come in." She wasn't a big believer in playing head games with her applicants, but it didn't hurt to see how they reacted to at least a little bit of pressure during the interview. The job wasn't easy, after all, and Cindy wanted to make sure that whoever she selected to fill the position had the chops to deal with a couple of curveballs every now and then. Just in case something unexpected popped up and they needed to take charge of an unusual situation.

Judging by the way Victor entered the room, there wasn't a lot he didn't expect to take charge of. He didn't swagger, exactly, but there was something about his confident stare and the calm, collected tone in his voice as he said, "Hello, I'm here for my interview," that gave Cindy the immediate impression of complete and total self-assurance. This was a man who never met a situation he couldn't handle, and his gaze left Cindy forcibly reminding herself that it was her who was supposed to be evaluating him and not the other way around. She felt a tiny blush creeping into her pale pink cheeks, and she looked down at her papers for a moment to settle her nerves.

"Ah yes," she replied, putting a hint of harrumphing disdain in her voice just to remind Victor who was making the decisions around here. "The, uh, the staff hypnotist position." She picked up her pen and pretended to scribble a few notes, just to keep a little of that cocksure self-assurance at bay. "So, uh, um, why do you want this job, Mister de la Cruz?" Cindy always liked starting with that question. Even though pretty much everyone took a job for the same basic reasons, it at least gave her the chance to get a sense of what prospective candidates thought they were going to be doing on a daily basis in their new role, and that helped Cindy make her hiring decisions a little more easily.

"Well," Victor said, leaning forward a little in his chair, "I've always had a real passion for hypnotizing beautiful women--really for as long as I can remember, even though it obviously took me some time to develop the skills to put my interests into action. And I'm a big believer in mentoring relationships, so the chance to really get to work with someone one-on-one and, you know, truly deepen their susceptibility to suggestions and vulnerability to hypnotic conditioning, well...." He chuckled. "It's honestly kind of a dream job for me."

Cindy knew her blush was deepening a little, and she reminded herself not to fan her face with her papers. She'd expected good things from Victor based on his initial application, but the way he was conducting himself in this interview made her feel like she might have found the right candidate the first time out. Still, though, she needed to keep her cool and not give her opinions away. If nothing else, she didn't want him getting the idea that he had the upper hand in negotiating compensation. "I see," she murmured tonelessly, making a few more notes on the sheet in front of her. "And what kind of training do you have as a hypnotist?"

Victor smiled, a tiny bit of his Dominican accent coming through as he warmed to the topic. "It's a little bit of a mix of self-taught techniques and professional certifications," he answered, steepling his fingers together over his lap. "I'm Guild-certified--took the training back in 2017 and I've been keeping up my continuing education regularly--but I also practice with a number of specialized and informal groups in order to develop a specific expertise in recreational and erotic hypnosis for brainwashing purposes. I've found that most of the accredited organizations really don't understand the challenges involved in conditioning a woman's thoughts, perceptions and memories to make her mind malleable and suggestible. There aren't even that many books on the subject."

Cindy nodded, unable to entirely avoid noticing the way his interlaced hands had moved a little bit further out from his lap over the course of their conversation. "I, um, I see," she said again, squirming ever so slightly in her chair as she tried to flick her gaze back up to eye level. "Aren't you, um... aren't you concerned that some of these groups might have given you a false sense of confidence in terms of what can be achieved with hypnosis? I'm sure there are all sorts of silly girls there who love to roleplay out any number of absurd and frankly impossible scenarios. How would you know your, um, your, your... mentoree...."

Victor let out another confident chuckle. "I believe the preferred term in the industry is 'slave'."

Cindy's blush deepened further, spreading all the way down her neck to her ample chest. "Um, y-yes, of course," she replied, making a quick note to herself on the paper in front of her. "How would you know that your sex slave wasn't simply playing along with whatever brainwashing you were putting into her weak and pliable mind?"

Victor leaned back a little, crossing his russet brown legs over each other as he relaxed into his subject. "Well, that's always the challenge, really, isn't it? Certainly there are always initial stages in developing the mentor/slave relationship--what we call the Master/slave relationship--where the slave might feel like she's merely playing along with the hypnotist rather than truly being controlled by him. But I've found that one of the most rewarding aspects of that relationship is the inflection point where the slave comes to realize that her thoughts and perceptions are genuinely no longer her own. That's when the really exciting stuff starts to happen."

Cindy nodded, allowing her face to betray just a tiny hint of skepticism at the applicant's claims. "But, I mean, how are they really going to know? I mean, if they're as deeply controlled as you say they are, wouldn't there be some kind of a problem in truly conveying the depths of their surrender to the hypnotist? They'd just think that everything about the situation was normal. They wouldn't, um, they wouldn't realize they were...." Cindy trailed off as Victor's uncrossing legs momentarily distracted her with a glimpse of his stiff penis. She swallowed hard, her mouth beginning to water despite her best efforts to keep her mind on-track. "Were, uh, brainwashed," she finished weakly, forcing her gaze once again back up to Victor's deep brown eyes.

Victor gave her a patronizing smile. "Well, that's a big part of the difference between a truly talented hypnotist and the kind of seat-filler you don't want in this job," he said dismissively. "If you're good at this kind of work, and you have a real passion for it, you know exactly how to tug the leash to remind your slave that she only thinks what you want her to think. That way, when she does come to the realization that she's only been obeying her hypnotic programming all along, it deepens her sense of helplessness and arousal and leaves her feeling ever more like her will isn't her own with every scenario the Master plays out. She should be constantly wet with the understanding that her mind is only free because her Master allows it to be free. And he can take that freedom away at literally any time."

Cindy gulped, suddenly all too aware of the slick and squishy sensation between her thighs. She was very grateful she'd thought to put down a towel on her chair before Victor came in, or she'd almost certainly have left a mess behind when she finally stood up. "I, uh, I see," she heard herself murmur yet again, so distracted by the jumble of thoughts running through her brain that she wound up sounding like a broken record every time she spoke. "And, um, what makes you think you're capable of developing that kind of Master/slave relationship in this organization? What are your specific qualifications for the role?"

She didn't intend for the question to sound quite so challenging, but judging by the way Victor squared up his shoulders, he clearly took it at least a little bit as one. "Well, as I say, I'm Guild-certified with eleven years of practical experience in erotic hypnosis online as well as in person. I also have my own video channel with seventeen unique inductions that I wrote and tested on a number of subjects to ensure success to industry standards, and I'm working on a half-dozen more for release in the coming year. I've studied a number of specialized topics, including hypnotically-induced amnesia, in order to more fully immerse a potential slave into a fantasy scenario that feels indistinguishable from reality."

Victor went on, his eyes boring into Cindy's as he allowed his voice to deepen into a husky baritone that sent shivers down her spine. "I've had a full-time slave of my very own for almost five years now, and I'm constantly finding new ways to brainwash her into obedience as well as demonstrate the true depths of her utter inability to resist my hypnotic power. Honestly, my Master/slave relationship with her alone demonstrates my ample qualifications for any position you're currently trying to fill." Cindy's brow furrowed in confusion--she didn't recall seeing any references on his application, but wouldn't she need to speak with this slave of his rather than simply taking his word at face value?

"I, um, this, uh, this, this slave of yours," Cindy mumbled, sounding almost tranquilized by confusion. "Is she, um, is she available to speak with? I think that if she can speak to your qualifications, then we, we should probably have a little... um." She felt a warm throb of arousal between her legs as she pictured Victor's slave, lost in a deep trance and kneeling mindlessly in front of the cock that Cindy couldn't stop glancing at despite all her best efforts. "A chat," she finally finished, the words falling limply from her mouth while her thoughts drifted elsewhere.

"Oh, I'm sure she'd love to," Victor purred, his voice silky smooth with condescending charm. "But she's a little bit busy at the moment, I'm afraid. She's currently fully convinced that she's doing professional work at her human resources position despite the fact that she's sitting naked in her own bedroom with her legs spread and her fingers rubbing away at her messy cunt." Cindy let out a tiny squeak of surprise mingled with lust as she became all too aware of what her hand was doing, and she tried desperately to focus on her papers as a respite from the constant waves of arousal flowing through her body.

"And if all that still leaves you doubting my qualifications, dear, I suggest you actually read those notes you've been writing all this time. You might be surprised by what you find." Cindy's blurry, unfocused eyes stared at the papers in front of her, finally taking in that none of them were any kind of job application because there wasn't really any job under discussion in the first place. All she saw on the otherwise blank pages were her own scrawled handwriting, scribbling 'I'M A HYPNOTIZED FUCKTOY' and 'MASTER CONTROLS MY THOUGHTS' and 'I ONLY PRETEND TO HAVE FREE WILL'. Cindy's cunt surged with heat at the sight of them.

"I... I see," she murmured again, her dazed and foggy mind now fully coming to the understanding that she wasn't in her office and this wasn't the work she did on a daily basis despite its superficial similarities. The awareness only deepened her arousal, though, bringing home the reality that even though she'd suggested this exact scenario and enthusiastically agreed with every aspect of it, she still had no idea anything was out of the ordinary while it was playing out. Because she was brainwashed. Because her thoughts, her perceptions and her memory were all subject to her Master's whims. Because her mind was only free because her Master allowed it to be free. And he could take that freedom away at literally any time. God, that made her so fucking wet.

She stepped out from behind the desk--only of course it wasn't a desk at all, it was the computer table in her bedroom and she'd just pulled it away from the wall to give herself a little prop in the roleplaying scenario they'd concocted--and lay down on the bed. "I, uh, I think I've heard enough," she rambled, her brain wavering back and forth between the persona Victor had installed in her mind and the deeply hypnotized slut she knew she truly was. "I, uh, I think we're going to give you everything you ask for if you can just start immediately. C-can you fill it? The, um, the position, I mean?"

Victor rose to his feet as well. Cindy had no idea how her mesmerized mind hadn't noticed anything strange about their mutual nudity. "I think I can fill just about anything you care to name," he growled, his voice husky with desire. Then he lay down on top of her and Cindy stopped thinking about anything but his hard, pulsing cock as it pushed deep into her needy cunt.


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