Like a Drug

by Jukebox

Tags: #dom:male #drug_play #intelligence_play #m/m #pov:bottom #sub:male #blowjob #cocksucking

Senior surgeon Cai has a heavy workload and a need to sometimes unburden himself of the weight of his responsibilities, and his lover Ro enjoys taking the intelligence away from him and leaving him too dumb and horny to think about anything but sex. It’s a match made in heaven.

"That's an awfully big book for such a silly boy," Ro purred as he walked into the room, his dark curly hair still tousled with sleep. He hadn't bothered getting dressed from his nap, and Cai couldn't help noticing the way his lover's half-erect penis bobbed and swayed with every step the younger man took into the room. It almost seemed like the more he stared, the more it swelled and throbbed its way to full mast. And the harder Ro's cock got, the more trouble Cai had looking away. "You aren't tricking yourself into thinking you can think again, are you?" Ro asked, gesturing at the medical textbook in Cai's lap. Cai felt a sudden, absurd urge to hide it behind his back.

He straightened up instead, glaring defiantly at his lover despite the blush he couldn't hide and the growing erection he was very glad he could. "I--I can think if I want to," he spluttered, the heat on his cheeks reminding him just how very untrue Ro could make that statement if he felt like it. "You, um, you were asleep, and I wanted to catch up on immunosuppressant reactions for next week's conference in Rome. It, um... it doesn't mean that I, that--that I was... was...."

Ro put one of his warm, tan fingers to Cai's lips. This close, Cai could smell the intoxicating nearness of him; often, his lover didn't even bother with a shower during their weekends together, and the musky scent of his sexual exertions this morning still clung to his tawny skin. "Of course it doesn't," he said, his slight Israeli accent lending his voice a warm, husky burr. "It doesn't mean you can really think. Not really. It just means you can stare at the pretty pictures, pick out some of the little words on the page. I understand completely, my good boy. You don't need to explain yourself to me."

Cai took a slow, shuddering breath, the urge to guide the hushing finger between his lips so he could suck on it almost overwhelming for a moment. They'd been dating for almost a year now, but between Cai's duties as Chief of Surgery at Oslo University Hospital and Ro's law career they only ever really saw each other on weekends. There was still something incredibly precious and potent about Ro's physical presence, an intensity to being in the same space with him that made even the lightest touch incredibly sexually charged. Cai's dick was practically lifting the medical textbook off his lap, he was so hard right now.

But aroused or not, Cai had too much self-control to simply slip away into a lust-filled haze just because his lover presented him with something to suck. At least, that was what he told himself. "That wasn't what I meant," he mumbled, his lips dragging sensuously against Ro's finger with every word. "I meant, um...." He trailed off into silence for a long moment, his fingers unconsciously playing with his long white hair as he groped for the initial kernel of thought that had led into his torrent of babble a few moments ago. It was surprisingly difficult.

Any of his colleagues would have been astonished to see him reduced to such naked bewilderment. Cai was used to heading conferences, delivering lectures on complex surgical procedures to medical professionals around the world. But even a few hours with Ro was enough to soften his mind, to dull his wits with hypnotic bliss and leave him struggling to form even the simplest of thoughts. It would have been embarrassing--it was embarrassing--but it was also so, so fucking hot. By the time Sunday evening rolled around, Cai knew he'd be fractionated into bubbly, giggly vacancy for his mesmerizing lover.

"I meant I could, um, I mean I can. Think," he finished weakly. "I can think. I just don't always want to."

Ro chuckled condescendingly. "Of course you can think, darling," he cooed, his finger tracing over Cai's pale pink lips as he spoke. "Whenever you want to. And of course it just so happens that the times when you can't are the times when I don't want you to, isn't that right? It's just a pure coincidence that the times when you decide to take a break from using that soft, fuzzy mind are the times when my words pour into your ears like a drug and sap your will into deep, drowsy ecstasy for me. Isn't that right?"

Cai wanted to give an intelligent answer, really he did. He wanted to say something clever to show that he still could, that just because he allowed Ro to plant triggers in his brain that controlled his intelligence and gave the younger man eager and enthusiastic consent to use them to bend his willpower back and forth until it snapped like a cheap oyster knife, that didn't mean that he couldn't choose to shake off the trance if he wanted to and think for himself. He didn't want to fight it, but he wanted to let Ro know that he could fight it if he wanted to.

But goddamn, those three little words. 'Like a drug'. Just thinking about them made Cai's whole body throb with lust so hard that it drowned out everything else in his head for a moment and made his eyelids flutter in deep, drowsy, sensual heat. It was what first drew them together that warm afternoon in Tel Aviv, a chance conversation that led to a long lunch that became a steamy evening in a hotel room with Cai trembling on the bed while Ro hypnotized him and traced spirals all over his naked body. Cai understood more about the effects and interactions of different medications than practically anyone alive, and Ro could make him experience them without any risks or side-effects.

They'd long ago progressed beyond real, plausible substances into the kind of imaginary concoctions Cai read about in comic books as a child. Ro could paralyze him, numb his brain and fog his thoughts while leaving his body impossibly sensitive to sensation. He could dose him with powders and potions that existed only in Cai's mesmerized mind, or simply suggest a deep, inexorable descent into confusion and sweet, hazy compliance and watch Cai's own medical expertise connect all the necessary dots. It never failed to sap Cai's resistance and make him almost impossibly aroused. And of course Ro knew it.

"I said, 'Isn't that right, my pretty, empty little fucktoy?'" Ro asked again, putting some steel into his voice. His cock was magnificently hard now, and Cai stared at it with the same vacant, mesmerized expression on his face as a patient doped up on morphine. His jaw hung slack, a trickle of drool forming at the corner of his mouth, and he licked his lips in unconscious invitation. He could feel the undertow of trance tugging at his mind, reminding him just how good it felt when he gave up on his pretenses of resistance and sank into the heady ecstasy of submission to his hypnotic lover.

But some vestigial instinct of bratling defiance clung to Cai's mind, even as he stared at the gathering bead of precum at the tip of Ro's plump cockhead and swallowed hard in anticipation. "N-no," he whispered, his voice drained of all volition in the face of his lover's calm, confident strength. "No, I... um, I... no." He didn't even remember what he was saying no to anymore, but the tiny part of him that kept struggling just to enjoy the slow, sensual subjugation of his will at Ro's hands took satisfaction in knowing that the word remained in his vocabulary for a little while longer.

At least until Ro responded, his tones filled with syrupy praise. "That's right! Good boy!" he purred, pushing his finger between Cai's parted lips and thrusting it slowly in and out like a cock. Cai couldn't help but whimper in arousal--months of training had transformed the mere act of having his mouth filled by his lover into a pleasure trigger that also weakened his resistance to the hazy fog that swamped his brain and smothered his thoughts. "It's not a coincidence at all. My sweet little slut stops thinking when I tell him to stop thinking, isn't that right?" Cai couldn't answer now. But Ro's strong hand cupped his chin and steered his head into a nod.

"And if he stops thinking when I tell him to stop thinking, then that means he only thinks when I allow him to. Isn't that so, pretty slut?" Ro steered Cai's head into another nod, the older man's eyelids fluttering with arousal. The use of the third person to talk about Cai left him vaguely disassociated, feeling as though he was merely an observer to a conversation about another man. Some confused, horny slut who only thought when Ro allowed him to. It deepened his descent into the thick fog inside his own brain, making it difficult to do anything more than listen and accept his lover's words. Cai's cock throbbed like a second heartbeat between his legs.

"And if I decide when my good boy thinks and when he goes into a deep, drowsy trance for me, getting dumber and weaker and harder and hornier... dumber and weaker and harder and hornier, sweetie... then 'want' doesn't really enter into it, does it? My silly little slut doesn't want things. He obeys." Ro's cock looked almost angry now, so aroused and ready to fuck that it flushed a deep, almost purplish red with excitement. Cai couldn't stop staring at it, even though his bright blue eyes had glazed over and his heavy eyelids kept drooping down lower and lower with every passing moment.

"He can't think when he wants to. He can only think when I want him to. And I don't want him to think." Cai's breath went out in a whoosh, and his eyelids slammed shut. The mist swallowed his mind whole, leaving him deliciously, delightfully helpless to resist Ro's power. He'd only ever tried because it felt so good to fail. And now he was lost in his lover's warm, wonderful hypnotic trance.

"He can't think," Ro purred, tangling his fingers into Cai's long white hair and pulling the helpless submissive forward. The finger slipped out, to be replaced by something wider and warmer and saturated with the most intoxicating musk. Cai had long ago stopped thinking of Ro's scent as anything other than a powerful sedative, a will-numbing hypnotic drug with the ability to erase his intellect and leave behind only sweet, bubbly obedience. Sometimes he spent hours just lying between his lover's legs, inhaling the aroma and sinking deeper into giggly bliss.

But there was something more urgent to the scent now. "He can't think," Ro growled, cupping Cai's head with both hands and holding it steady as he pushed his warm, thick shaft in and out until his balls smacked against Cai's chin. Cai groaned in ecstasy--there was something so powerful about being used like this, being reduced down to an object to be fucked while still feeling desired and wanted. He was a toy, a plaything, a mindless slut with a wet mouth for his Master to fill, but at the same time he was loved and needed and passionately hungered for. It turned a simple blowjob into an almost religious experience, and Cai's tongue flicked and swirled at his lover's cock with every thrust.

"He c-can't think," Ro husked out, his tones of command quivering under the strain of holding back his climax. Cai felt an obscure surge of pride, even in his deeply hypnotized state--this was the younger man's third time today, and he still could barely stop himself from nutting after only a few minutes in Cai's mouth. It made Cai feel even more desired; the older man might be the mindless, hypnotized fucktoy in the room, but his Master was in the grip of something more powerful than he was too. Cai moaned around the shaft between his lips, transmitting the thrum of his vocal cords all the way up into his lover's sensitized penis.

It had the desired result. "He, he can't, oh f-fuck!" A gush of slick, salty fluid filled Cai's mouth, and he drank it down eagerly. He felt a warm, happy glow suffuse his body, a hypnotic rush that felt like an orgasm without the physical release. Cai always felt so good when he pleased his Master. He always wanted to do more to make Ro's cock spurt, again and again until his stamina was finally spent. It was almost better than his own climaxes.

Almost. "That's a good boy," Ro sighed, pulling the textbook from Cai's nerveless fingers and letting it fall to the floor. He pushed the older man into a supine position on the couch, undoing his fly and pulling out his stiff, aching shaft. "Let's just see what we can do to reward our silly slut for turning off his brain, shall we?" he asked, and Cai let out a soft, whimpering sigh as the younger man's fingers wrapped around his cock and began to stroke.


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