Can't Get Away

by Jukebox

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An evening with friends for Ro and Cai turns into something more.

Ro didn't really need to do anything. Not tonight. They'd been spending the better part of a week at an international conference on medical ethics and patient rights, and Cai had been forced to forego most of the lovely plans they discussed in favor of long evenings of research for roundtable discussions that taxed even his expertise to the limit. That was after two weeks of consulting on some of the most difficult, complex surgeries of his lengthy career, and assisting on one of them after a series of complications required immediate medical attention to save the patient's life. Cai was mentally and physically exhausted, his brain almost demanding the release of relaxation, and they were in the company of a small group of friends that shared their particular fetish for erotic hypnosis. They were sitting on the patio in front of a fire, enjoying a few glasses of a very nice white that their old friend Georges St Martin had brought from his own personal vineyard, and the convivial atmosphere had lulled Cai halfway into trance already.

Ro didn't really need to do anything to drop his lover. But he liked to go the extra mile.

"Would anyone like another glass?" Marie asked, springing to her feet and glancing around the small circle of medical and legal experts. Cai knew from previous visits to Chartres that she and Georges practiced service submission, sending the maids and butlers away on nights like this so that the demure woman with the short dark hair could have the pleasure of waiting on her friends herself. He would have loved to accommodate her, but the wine and the warm night air was going to his head and he didn't want to overindulge. Not when he was hoping for at least one night with Ro before they had to fly out to their respective jobs in the morning.

"None for me, thanks," he said, waving her off politely. "If you had any of those lovely little mushroom tarts, though, I wouldn't say no. The cooking was lovely, by the way--all you, or did Georges step into the kitchen and dazzle you with his knife skills?" That brought a chuckle around the group--when he wasn't hosting a private party for Ro and Cai and their friends the Magnussons, Georges St Martin was widely known as one of the three best heart surgeons in the entire world. If he could neatly cut his way around the superior vena cava without nicking anything, slicing a few portobellos would be child's play by comparison.

Marie smiled graciously in response. "This one was all on me," she murmured modestly, her blush showing in the firelight as she shivered with arousal at the praise. "Anyone else, wine or hors d'ouvres?" She glanced around, anticipation glittering in her eyes at the hope of serving her husband a bite of food or a glass of wine.

He didn't take her up on it, but Astrid Magnusson reached down to the floor from where she lay with her head in her wife's lap and just barely managed to scoop her glass up before it toppled over. "More for me, please," she said, her voice sounding slightly slurred. All of them knew, though, that it had little to do with her modest consumption of the evening's alcohol. Hilda was busily massaging the muscular blonde's forehead, and they'd all seen enough of each other at events like this to know that the statuesque woman dropped like a rock at the slightest touch of her wife's hypnotic fingers. She'd be lucky if she was still awake when Marie came back with the wine.

Cai tried not to envy her. "And how is this year's crop coming in, Georges?" he asked, acutely aware of Ro's warm body sitting just inches behind him. "Hoping for another 2019?" The nearness of his lover tantalized him, but Cai couldn't quite bring himself to suggest they slip away from the group and off to the bedroom just yet. Not when he knew that giving away his vulnerability would only make Ro tease him that much more before he inevitably dropped the older man into a deep, potently sexual trance and used him like the slut he so desperately wanted to be.

Georges chuckled, but before he could answer, Ro reached out and began to tug gently on Cai's long white ponytail. "You'll have to get us a bottle if it's that good," he said, playfully tightening his grip on the older man's hair as if he didn't notice the way his hands chose to occupy themselves. "I'm sure we could find a nice occasion to savor it, couldn't we, darling?" Cai almost missed the question. His attention was suddenly focused on the electric mingling of pleasure and pain in his scalp.

"I, um, well, I... y-yes, that would be, um... yes," Cai stammered, caught off-guard by the shockingly powerful sensation of helplessness he felt at being gripped from behind like that. He and Ro had never done much hair play... at least, not that he could remember, Cai admitted to himself, feeling his own cheeks prickle with a heat that had nothing to do with the fire in front of him... and something about the constant tug that held him helpless in his seat made Cai's cock stiffen with arousal. An amused expression on Hilda's face told him that the others had noticed, which simultaneously embarrassed him and turned him on that much more.

Ro let out a quiet laugh, leaning forward and whispering in his lover's ear. "Can't get away," he murmured softly, the cracking and popping of the fire hiding his words from the others. "I've got you, I'm holding you and you can't escape. What does that make you, my darling boy?" He gave another tiny yank, not hard enough to jerk Cai's neck or spine but definitely enough to make him acutely aware of the presence of Ro's grip. Cai felt his mind lurch in an entirely different fashion, and he knew that he must be responding to some trigger he'd forgotten.

"Y-yours," he whispered back, trying as best he could not to squirm in open arousal at his lover's treatment. Even if Hilda had now undone the first three buttons of her wife's shirt, even if Marie was trotting back from the kitchen with a beatific smile on her face and a tiny little damp spot on the front of her chic and casual leggings, Cai wanted to at least pretend he had too much dignity to sink into a vacant, submissive trance in front of everyone. Mainly because it made it so much better when Ro stripped that dignity away and left him dumb and drooling with lust.

"I'm sorry," Ro said, leaning forward just far enough to give Cai a good look at his sweetly sadistic smile. "I didn't quite catch that. What did you say you were?" Marie set down the mushroom tart next to them, but she recognized the growing intimacy of the situation too well to actually interrupt. She retreated to her husband's side, and Cai saw a look of dawning desire on her face as Georges gave her a playful swat on the rump as a reward for her service. Perhaps the evening wasn't going to last much longer after all. Perhaps they'd all be drifting off to their respective rooms sooner than expected.

But Ro had no intention of getting up. And it was all too obvious that Cai couldn't move unless his lover did. "I, um, I said I'm...." He gulped, embarrassment washing over him. It wasn't that he didn't want the others to find out that he was Ro's helpless, brainwashed submissive slut--everyone here knew it already. But admitting it so openly, giving in to the warm throb between his legs and confessing just how badly it turned him on to be condescended to and patronized and treated like a foolish boy by someone over a full decade younger than him... it made him feel so vulnerable. Cai didn't want to feel vulnerable.

But he very much wanted to not want to feel vulnerable and be made to feel it anyway. It was a complicated fetish, and Ro knew exactly how to hit it dead center. "Yours," he sighed out, as the younger man wound a little bit more of Cai's long white hair into his fist. "I'm yours."

"That's my good little slut," Ro purred, using the hair to steer Cai's head into a long, deep, soulful kiss that left the older man panting with desire. "You're mine, and you can't escape. You can't even really try, can you? All those struggles are really just there to remind you how good it feels to fight me and fail. How utterly delightful it is to remember that you're powerless to resist me." He chuckled, his free hand moving around to pinch Cai's nipples through the thin fabric of his shirt. "Powerless... and weak... and so, so very confused right now. Aren't you?"

"W-weak, I, um...." Cai's vision swam for a moment as he felt his mind take another lurch deeper into trance. He was still awake, or at least he still thought he was awake, but he could feel his attention centering tighter and tighter on the grip of Cai's fingers and the overwhelming sensation in every nerve ending in his sensitive scalp. Even his cock, pulsing and throbbing and desperately hard in his trousers, now felt like a background radiation of pleasure that made his focus on his hair feel that much better. "Weak," he mumbled, stuck on the word and unable to turn it into a train of thought.

"That's right, darling boy," Ro growled, leaning in to kiss and nuzzle Cai's earlobe. "You're weak. Your mind is slipping away, and you can't think. All you want to do now is surrender to my power, to admit to yourself that you're my horny, obedient slut and you can't escape me." He pulled back on the ponytail again, a careful and sustained pull that served to remind Cai just how completely that single hand held him helpless in its grasp. "You can't get away, can you?"

"C-can't," Cai mumbled, his vision now blurry and unfocused as he watched the others watching them. Marie's eyes shone with voyeuristic ecstasy, and she leaned forward onto the arm of the chaise lounge to stare at Cai's descent into submission while her husband flipped up her skirt and began to play with her soaking cunt. Astrid saw none of it; she was limp and helpless on her wife's lap, a mindless doll for Hilda to enjoy. But the busty redhead was clearly enjoying the show as well. They all were. And Cai couldn't stop it if he wanted to.

Well. He could. But he really, really didn't want to. "Can't escape," he muttered, his muscles going slack as he dipped even closer to deep trance. He could feel his head moving loosely in Ro's grip now, his neck too relaxed to support it anymore, and he knew that only his lover's tight hold on his hair prevented his chin from slumping forward onto his chest. Saliva began to pool in his mouth as he forgot the necessity to swallow, and within moments he was openly drooling down his shirt front.

"That's it," Ro purred, his hand moving down from Cai's nipples to his tightly confined cock. "That's my dumb little slut. No words left in that silly, empty head but the ones I give him, isn't that right, darling boy?" There was the third person again, Ro's favorite trick for deepening trance into profound and potent disassociation, and Cai knew it was working because his mind automatically supplied a whimpered affirmative in response to the question without even thinking about it. That meant he was too deep to... too deep to think now. Too relaxed to resist. Too weak to escape his lover's control. And that meant he could give up trying now.

"Good boy," Ro murmured, taking out Cai's cock and openly stroking it in front of the others. Cai couldn't see their reactions, though, not with his eyes so tightly shut. All he could do was slump into the relaxation he'd been craving for so long and writhe in helpless ecstasy at the pleasure so long denied him. "That's my dumb, horny, needy little boy. Does he need to cum now, mm? Does he need to empty his resistance out of those heavy balls and make himself even more obedient for me?" Incongruously, all Cai could think about was making sure he didn't ruin Marie's mushroom tart. His sandaled foot slid out, nudging it back and to the side to ensure it wasn't in the path of his inevitable orgasm.

Ro must have seen it, because he laughed a genuine laugh and said, "Yes. Cum." And Cai absolutely lost all control. He felt his erection strain, sensation narrowing to a single starburst right at the tip of his cock that grew brighter and brighter until it dimmed out everything else in his mind by comparison, and then he was gushing jet after jet of hot, sticky semen onto the patio in front of him. He would need to apologize to Georges later, but at the moment nothing was in his mind but the ecstasy of obedience to his hypnotic lover.

Who was far from done with him. "You'll excuse us," Ro said, rising to his feet and steering Cai's body along with him. "But my good boy here has a few things he needs to attend to." Cai heard the others say their good nights as Ro led him into the house. And try as he might, he could only follow where his lover led.


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