All by Myself

by Jukebox

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Good girl Candi tries to puzzle out the big words in Master’s latest message to her.

"Pet luvs being branewashed," Candi typed, pecking out the words with one long fingernail while her other hand carefully rubbed her clit between her puffy pink labia. She knew that she was responding to something her Master had told her, but somehow it seemed too much like work to look up even a little to see what it was. She didn't need to think about those things. She didn't need to think about anything when she was with Master.

Candi kind of knew that when she wasn't with Master, staring vacantly at her computer screen and playing with herself while she waited for his next message, she was a completely different girl. She had the dimmest, vaguest understanding that the ditzy slut with an open, drooling mouth and a head full of cotton candy wasn't at all who she was when she wasn't safe in Master's loving control. But Candi only knew all that so that she could feel even more controlled by Master's hypnotic power. And that was the best part of all.

It made Candi's clit throb so hard when she tried to think, only to have her deep self slow those thoughts down like they were swimming through a sea of sticky pink syrup. It made her so wet and needy to feel the fog of confusion settling over her brain whenever she sat down and began talking to Master. And when Master responded to her with things like, "Good pet! Does pet remember Master telling her to love being brainwashed?" That made Candi happiest of all.

She struggled her way slowly through Master's message, her head swimming as she tried to figure out big words like 'remember' and 'brainwashed'. She knew that she could get it if she just kept going back and trying again--it was one of the ways Master kept her safe, by reminding her smart self to always help Candi just enough to keep her from going too deep to be able to answer. But even once she knew it all, pet knew she had only one response available. "Uhmmmm no," she replied, her clit fizzing with pleasure as she typed the long confused pause right into the text.

She didn't notice, though. Candi didn't really notice much of what she was typing these days; her eyes glazed over while she hunt-and-pecked her way across the keyboard, striking key after key with her long pink fingernails without really caring much about things like spelling or punctuation or grammar. She knew there was a reason for that, but she didn't think about it. It was buried behind the same warm fog of pleasure that hid so many of her thoughts and memories when she was with Master. The same mantra that kept her dazed and confused and rooted to a slick throb of arousal between her legs that never seemed to stop.

"Because pet doesn't need to remember." Master's reply said it all.

Candi responded eagerly, losing a few letters in her haste to agree with Master's smart message to her. "Yes Mster," she typed, her deep self sending another pulse of pleasure straight to her clit as it noticed the mistake that she couldn't really make herself see. Candi knew her deep self paid a lot more attention to the world around her than she did, and it was always giving her little hits of bliss every time she did something dumb and ditzy for Master. But she wasn't allowed to see them or know about them. Because she was too deeply controlled. God, that made her so fucking horny that she just wanted to....

Candi looked down. She saw her fingers already sliding back and forth between her wet, plump pussy lips. "Oh," she said, giggling at her own absent-mindedness.

She could probably have stared at her own cunt for hours, but the screen chimed again and she looked back up to see Master's response. "Pet knows that sometimes her thoughts were put in her head by Master," it read, "and she doesn't need to remember when or how. She just needs to know that they're true." Her eyes watered as she tried to read it again and again, her thoughts wandering back to her cunt over and over until she had to go back and start from the beginning. Reading was hard when she was dumb for Master.

Finally, Candi gave up and just typed, "Yes Mster." She always knew that was the right answer, no matter what the question; Master told her that almost right at the beginning, right after she told him she wanted him to make her dumb and drippy and obedient for him. She didn't need to think, she didn't need to worry, she just needed to agree with Master and that would always please him. And pleasing Master made Candi's cunt throb so very, very hard.

And it must have been the right answer, because Master kept right on going. "Pet just accepts Master's thoughts," he messaged, his spelling so smart and his words so big that Candi quietly marveled at how much more smarts he had than she did. "Like a stone dropped into deep, still waters, sinking without a ripple into the core of her mind." Candi felt a touch of confusion deep inside at the 'like' part... she didn't feel like a stone or a core or a ripple or anything but a wet, needy slut. But slowly, after she read it a few times, she thought she got it at last.

Candi's brain was the water. Master's words were the stone. And they sank right down to the bottom of her mind, making her think whatever Master wanted her to think all the way to the deepest part of her. "Yes Mster," she replied, her eyes glassy and unfocused as she imagined Master's programming finding the very center of her self and locking into place there.

It should have sounded scary. Candi was giving up a lot of control, after all, and Master's pleasure really did make it so hard to do anything but accept her programming like a good girl. But Candi knew she didn't need to worry, not with her deep self and Master working together to make sure her limits were still in place. And she knew Master cared about that--even now, she saw his reply, telling her, "Pet's deep self knows, of course. And pet's deep self only accepts the brainwashing that keeps her safe and comfortable."

And then she saw the next bit, and her cunt throbbed so hard she had to hold her hand in place to keep from cumming. "But pet is too weak even to remember it, let alone resist," Master said. God, she loved being weak for him. She loved it so much. She craved sinking into his control and opening her mind up more and more to his hypnotic words. Candi felt sometimes like she never wanted to wake up, that if Master and her deep self let her she would just disappear into trance and never come out.

But she was a good girl, and she knew that wasn't really something she could do. Instead, she answered, "Pet dosnt want 2 resist," knowing that Master would understand just how much she meant it.

If he did, though, Candi couldn't tell. His response was long, even longer than the other things he said to her, and it had nothing but big word after big word after big word. She stared at it numbly, drool dripping onto her heavy tits as she struggled to fit the whole thing into her small, fuzzy mind piece by piece. "Because pet is so vulnerable and malleable that her resistance has been twisted and turned by Master into eager compliance. Pet can't resist when she thinks she wants to be brainwashed, can she?"

Candi tried again and again. She mouthed the big words, trying to sound them out, but by the time she got to the middle she had forgotten the beginning, and by the time she got to the end she had lost even the middle. He brain bounced off of the big long sentence over and over, so confused that she couldn't even remember to just agree with Master. She couldn't think of what to do. She couldn't think at all. Finally, her clit stiff and slick under her rubbing fingers, she typed out, "Mastrrrrr that was 2 many big words & pet cant reed it."

Candi felt a powerful pulse of pleasure, like a firecracker going off inside her head and leaving a bright flash and a throbbing boom of arousal behind it, even though she didn't know why. She only knew that she needed to ask Master for help when she was too dumb to understand things, and that it always made her feel so fucking good when she did. It was... was it the hyp, hypno... hypnosis? Candi tried to think about it for just a moment, only to find her thoughts sinking into blissful emptiness. It felt good to try to remember Master's programming. It felt even better to fail.

Master's response didn't help her confusion at all, though. "Pet wants to be made into Master's good little slut," he replied, the words making her fingers slide easily in and out of her slick cunt even though she didn't understand how they related to the thing he said a moment ago. "Master made her think that was her idea so she wouldn't fight it. But really she's helpless, isn't she?"

Candi paused for a long moment, her thoughts stuck in a loop of arousal and confusion. Was that, was that what the big long thing she couldn't read said? Or was that just something else Master was telling her that she was supposed to agree with? She glanced back up in confusion, going over all the big words and trying to match them to little ones, but she still couldn't be sure. She could never figure anything out by herself when Master was around. That was why she needed him so much. To think for her.

At last, she decided to ask him about it. She started by typing, "Pet is helpless 4 Mster," just so he would know she agreed with him. But then she said, "Pet keeps trying 2 reed the one w all the big words," because she knew he would know why that mattered. Normally Candi just let text scroll up and off the screen without even trying to think about it. Sometimes Master told her things she didn't need to remember, or even really see. So if she told him that she was still trying to read something, he would realize that she needed to know so bad.

And sure enough, Master understood exactly what her problem was. "It makes her dumber and wetter and hornier every time she tries, doesn't it?" he asked, so kindly that she could almost hear the tenderness in his voice. He always seemed to know just how hard it was for her to think, and just how gushy her cunt got whenever she saw something that made her feel extra slick and stupid for him. He said he had a special word for being nice like that, 'condescension', but Candi always got that confused with the way water ran down the sides of cold things so she couldn't always think about it right.

She sat there for a long moment, thinking about getting wet out of nowhere when Master talked to her like she was stupid, before realizing that he was waiting for a response. "Omg yes Master," she typed quickly, blushing bright red at her own distraction. She wondered for a moment if she would think better with her hand out of her cunt, but then her fingers skated over her clitty button and she forgot what she was thinking about.

Her fingers were still rubbing a few minutes later when Master responded, "Pet still hasn't managed, has she?" She squinted at the text through unfocused eyes, trying to push through the thick mist that fogged up her thoughts and made it hard to recall even the simplest things. She remembered that she was playing with her clit, and before that she was, was playing with her clit, and that made her think about playing with her clit, and that made her think about how hard and tingly her clit was, and that made her think about how nice it was to play with her clit, and-- 

Candi looked at the screen. Master had asked her a question, hadn't he? Dazed, she typed out, "Um.... Managed wat?" She didn't notice the typos, or the added 'um' in the text. Because she knew deep down that she wasn't supposed to.

Candi worried at first that Master would be annoyed with her for being such a dummy, but instead he just patiently reminded her, "To read all the big words in this: 'Because pet is so vulnerable and malleable that her resistance has been twisted and turned by Master into eager compliance. Pet can't resist when she thinks she wants to be brainwashed, can she?'" Master was always so good at being patient with Candi. No matter how stupid she felt, he always treated her so nice and kept making things simpler and easier until she finally figured them out. She was so lucky to have him to think for her.

She almost said that, but then she looked at the screen again and remembered slowly that he was trying to ask her something. "Oh ya," she replied, adding the little cartoon monkey faces she always put in when she felt shy and stupid about being dumb for Master. "Pet 4got. Ty 4 reminding her Master." She could feel herself blushing, the red hue spreading all the way down her face to her chest, but she knew that she was safe with Master. He was proud of her for being so dumb and horny all the time. Because he made her like that.

Even so, Candi was very grateful to see Master respond with, "Pet is very welcome! What's the first word she's having trouble with?" It felt the same every time--Candi knew she was so dumb and ditzy and brainless, and she knew that a smart master like Master must be so mad at her for being so stupid. But at the same time, it made her so wet to feel so shy and needy and confused. And when Master told her that it was okay and she was a good girl, she felt all the bad fear fade away and leave only those good, warm, happy wet feelings behind. It was just perfect.

Happy once again, Candi gathered her thoughts and squinted hard at the text Master had resent to her. "Vulnerable," she typed at last, taking the extra time to check her spelling so that Master didn't confuse it one of the other big long words up there. It was hard, thinking so much, and she had to rub herself a little bit after pressing 'send' as a reward before she added, "It dosnt even look like a reel word." She wondered if it even was. Master wouldn't trick her like that, would he?

It didn't sound like it. He sent back, "What does pet think it means?" as though he thought it was something she could figure out all by herself with a little time and effort. Maybe she could--Candi wasn't smart, not when she was with Master, but he sometimes told her that she was very clever. He said that meant she wasn't smart at all but she tried extra hard anyway. Candi liked being clever for Master.

But this wasn't one of those times. Candi screwed up her eyes and glared at the word as hard as she could, saliva dripping onto her tits as she silently mouthed each letter in turn, but she couldn't be sure whether it started 'vull' or 'vool' and whether it went on to 'nurr' or 'neer'. Finally, she admitted defeat, replying, "Every time she tries to sound it out it gets all mixxed up in her hed." She sagged in her chair, worn out from trying to think so hard.

A part of her imagined that a big word like that might be hard even for Master, but he responded quickly with, "Okay. Let's start there," as if he knew exactly what it meant and how to say it. Candi sighed happily, grateful for her smart Master. "Pet says it like this: 'Vull. Nurr. Uh. Bull.'"

That was so much easier! That was four little words, and Candi knew how to read little words even when her drippy cunt made her extra, extra dumb for Master. She decided to show just how clever she could be. Candi pressed 'record' on the screen, and leaned into the little webcam microphone and said, a touch hesitantly, "Vull. Nurr. Uh. Bull." She clicked send, knowing that Master loved hearing the sound of her voice. Especially when it sounded, um... kind of fuzzy like now. Candi had to admit, her fingers were really getting to her. Her cunt was throbbing so hard that it almost felt like it was talking to her now.

"Good girl!" Master sent back, the words making Candi's pussy tingle even harder. She paused for a moment--she wasn't allowed to cum unless Master was watching--and rode out the edge until she could refocus her eyes on the screen and his response. "Did that help pet figure out what it meant?"

Candi looked at the four little words. 'Uh' was the simplest one, but it didn't really mean anything--it was just what someone said when they didn't know stuff, the way Candi did all the time. 'Vull' and 'Nurr' weren't real words at all, so Candi could just ignore them. But 'Bull'... that was a real word. She knew that one. And she knew what bulls did very very well.... "Pets cunt thinks it meens sumthing," she replied, adding a whole bunch of cartoon monkeys. She always got extra, extra shy when she admitted kinky things to Master, even when she knew he knew them already. "But pet think its wrong."

Thankfully, Master was always extra extra, um, condensation...? Candi shivered without quite knowing the reason. Master was extra extra nice when she was extra extra shy. "It's okay, pet!" he said, somehow sounding like he was cheering her on even in text. "Pet can tell Master, and pet knows Master will always be so proud of her for trying! And it's going to make her pussy so wet to guess." Candi wasn't sure if her cunt could be any wetter--she'd already soaked the towel that she put down on her chair--but she was glad to try.

She closed her eyes for a long moment, listening to the throb in her clit, the little voice of lust and need and arousal that spoke to her when she was with Master. Candi always thought of it as her cunt talking to her, and Master... Master made that feel more and more real every time she dropped for him. Candi was pretty sure her cunt thought more than she did now. "Uhm well pets cunt thinks that bc it has bull in it that meens sumthing abt being bred," she typed nervously, knowing that she had to have it wrong. Dumb girls like her didn't get things right... did they?

Master's response made Candi's eyes widen in surprise. "Good girl! Pet tried so hard!" He was just saying that she tried, though, right? Not that she-- "Let's see what it says with that word figured out. 'Because pet is so ready to be bred and malleable that her resistance has been twisted and turned by Master into eager compliance. Pet can't resist when she thinks she wants to be brainwashed, can she?'"

Oh. Oh wow. Candi really figured it out. She really got it all by herself! She was so surprised and happy that she almost missed Master adding, "What's the next word giving pet trouble?" She felt like she was just over the moon. Thinking was so hard when she was with Master, Candi knew that she was always more clever than smart, and to get something right? With only a little bit of help? Almost all by herself? She felt a surge of pleasure that had almost nothing to do with the fingers in her cunt.

Candi squinted at the screen again, so happy that she was sure she could keep her streak going, and typed, "Malleable." She wasn't even going to ask Master to sound this one out for her, she decided. She was going to do it all on her own and show Master that he had the cleverest dumb pet in the whole wide world. He was going to be so proud of her by the time they were done!

"Okay, pet," he answered, clearly impressed by her good spelling and clever brain. He didn't sound it out for her or tell her she was too dumb to figure it out, he just said, "Can she make a guess at that one?" like she was a big smart girl with a real smart brain and there wasn't anything rubbing her thoughts out of her head and into her pussy at all! Candi made a happy little wiggle in her seat and stared hard, trying for force the funny word to give up its secrets.

"Something 2 do w the mall..." she typed, hoping to maybe tease a hint out of Master while she worked hard on the rest. "Mall eable." She wasn't quite sure that was right--there were a lot of ways to say that 'a' sound, and she was never quite sure which one was which on the big words--but she saw a piece she knew, and that worked for her last time, so she decided to keep going with it. "Uhm like having gone 2 the mall? So like looking cute?"

Candi let out a little squeal of delight when she saw Master's response. "That's so clever of pet!" he said, and pet knew that he was really proud of her for trying so hard with such a fuzzy little brain. "Let's put that in too. 'Because pet is so ready to be bred and so cute that her resistance has been twisted and turned by Master into eager compliance. Pet can't resist when she thinks she wants to be brainwashed, can she?'"

She got both the words right! She was getting words right without any help from Master! That confused Candi for a moment, because she could hear a little voice throbbing away in her cunt that said, 'Pet needs Master to think for her,' but Candi got confused a lot when she tried to think about her programming. She decided not to try. She just rubbed the pleasure deeper into her slick, soaking cunt until she saw Master ask her, "What's the next word giving pet trouble?"

Pet looked at the sentence again, her brain almost grinding to a stop as she tried hard to type the letters of the nonsense word in front of her onto her keyboard. "Resistance," she finally entered, although she knew for a fact that it wasn't a real word at all. Sometimes Master reminded her that she couldn't... couldn't do it, anymore, and sometimes he told her that she didn't have any left. But she only agreed with him because Master was always right. It wasn't real. It didn't exist. It was just a silly little group of made-up sounds that Candi never needed to think about again.

Master must have known that Candi was too clever to fall for that trick, because he replied, "Oh, that's going to be a big problem. Pet has no idea what 'resistance' is anymore, does she?" Candi smiled, her cunt thrumming with pleasure so loud that she almost couldn't hear herself think over it. Every time she looked at the silly nonsense word, it made her wetter and wetter and happier and happier to realize it wasn't real at all. It felt just like her deep self was stroking her clit with bliss for obeying a command from Master. Resistance wasn't even real. Candi didn't need to think about it anymore.

"No Master," she typed, a plastic smile creasing her vacant expression as she hit another edge.

"No," Master agreed, his words almost seeming to pat Candi on the head like a sad little puppy who couldn't figure out how to get through the gate. "She can't even guess at it." She didn't know how Master knew that she wouldn't be able to figure that fake word out, but then again, Master was very smart. He probably knew that 'resistance' wasn't real either. He probably knew that Candi couldn't do anything as silly as 'resist' him, whatever that meant. She knew he told her that sometimes, but she didn't need to think about it. Just agree.

She almost typed 'Yes Master', but stopped when she remembered that this was one of those confusing times when 'yes' didn't mean agreeing. Smiling at her own cleverness, Candi responded, "No Master. She starts trying & sounding it out like other words but everything gets fuzzy." She didn't bother telling him that it was because 'resistance' was a fake word and she'd figured that out all by herself. Master probably knew.

And he did! "It's bound to," he said, showing Candi that she was right all along to put that silly nonsense word out of her brain just like she always did. She squeezed her thighs around her hand, feeling extra clever for Master. "Let's just replace that with 'stuff', shall we?"

Pet nodded eagerly. Then she remembered that her camera wasn't on. "Thank u Master!" she quickly typed, giggling at herself for her mistake. She was just glad that her deep self always knew things like that, or she might have cum by mistake without Master watching. That would really have made her a bad girl. Candi never wanted to be bad like that for Master, especially not when she was pleasing him so much by working her tiny little brain so hard on his confusing sentence.

But she was getting really close. Master said, "Pet is so welcome! Here's what we have now. 'Because pet is so ready to be bred and so cute that her stuff has been twisted and turned by Master into eager compliance. Pet can't resist when she thinks she wants to be brainwashed, can she?'" And even if that was a lot of words, Candi could read almost every single one without help. She was almost there.... "What's the next word giving pet trouble?" Master asked.

Candi looked at Master's words, mumbling each one out loud until she got to the last big one that was still making her brain grind to a halt when she tried to read it. "Compliance," she typed carefully, making sure to get the 'o' after the 'c' right. She knew what cumming was, and 'cumpliance' probably just meant a special kind of cumming for Master, but this word was different. She wasn't sure if she could guess it on her own.

But Master cheered her on, his reply convincing her that even a dumb little ditz like her might be able to figure it out if she only pushed her fuzzy brain as hard as it would go and broke the big word up into little ones she knew. "Good girl!" he said. "Can pet give Master a guess at that one?"

Candi squinted so tightly until the words blurred, trying to summon up everything she could steal from her smart brain about smart words. That 'pliance' part, that was kind of like a word she knew when she was smart. And 'com', too. There were smart words that started with 'com'. Taking a big guess, she typed, "Something about computer appliance? Like a robot?" She knew that couldn't be right. Even the smart girl she was when she wasn't with Master probably couldn't get that one. But she wanted so bad to try for Master.

And somehow, amazingly, Master responded with, "That's very good, pet!" Candi was so happy that she almost couldn't read the rest, even with it made so simple that even a dumb ditz like her could figure it out. "'Because pet is so ready to be bred and so cute that her stuff has been twisted and turned by Master into an eager robot. Pet can't resist when she thinks she wants to be brainwashed, can she?'" She sighed happily, her cunt clenching hard around her fingers in what came a little too close to a real cum for Candi to keep her hand in her pussy.

She took her fingers out long enough to let her cunt calm down, and read Master's next words. "Does pet have any more words she doesn't understand?" he asked. Candi practically glowed with pride as she put her messy fingers on the keyboard, not even caring about the little stains she left behind with each letter.

"Uhmmmmm no Master," she responded, feeling so warm and good and happy that she didn't even notice her fingers slipping back down between her legs to rub her dripping cunt. It just sort of happened. Like everything else when she was with Master.

When Master replied, "So does pet understand it all now? Can pet put it in her own words for Master to show that she really, really got it?" Candi was so thrilled that she almost forgot to rub for a second. Master wanted her to show how clever she was. Master wanted her to show that she could read. Master wanted her to show that she could, could think for Master! Candi wriggled, almost puppy-like in her excitement, and began to type.

When she finished, she actually took a moment to read it over before she sent it, just to make sure she got it right. "Pet is sooo reddy 2 b bred by Master & so cute that her stuff has been all mixxed up by by Master & turned pet into a needy fuckdoll. Pet dosnt want 2 resist." Her eyes watered, spotting each typo and then losing track of it in a burst of pleasure that made her clit pulse and throb with bliss, but she knew that she had it right. She hit 'send', sighing with relief. She was a clever girl!

And Master knew it too. "That's right! Good girl! Master is SO PROUD of pet!" There was something more, something inside wiggly squiggly lines that Candi couldn't even see, let alone understand, but it made her so happy to see that Master was proud of her that she felt her whole body blur in an edge that took her to a razor's width away from cumming. She couldn't think. She couldn't breathe. She could only freeze in place, filled with warmth and joy and contented bliss.

At last, her body still shaking with pleasure, she finally managed to type, "Pet luvs making Mster proud." She found herself just for a moment wishing she knew some more big, smart girl words, so she could find something stronger than 'love' to describe her feelings. But then her eyes glanced at that wiggly text she couldn't read, and somehow, she knew that Master understood.


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