What Happens in Vegas

Chapter 3

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #impregnation #sub:female

The trance has entirely consumed her will, leaving her unable to act without orders, but she is not actionless for long. Caleb doesn’t waste a single moment of having Jenny entirely under his control, starting off by having her come up to the center of the room, by the foot of the bed, and do the sexiest strip tease she can while he lays back, takes off his pants, and watches. The strip tease is amazing. Jenny is a very sensuous woman, with the substantial curves of a mother, but one who lives a very active life. Her belly doesn’t bulge out, but her thighs don’t have a gap either. She wasn’t dressed particularly sexily tonight, but she manages a very sexy striptease. She was wearing a blue dress with a gold necklace, thick white bracelets, and black heels. In a few minutes she pulls the dress of, soon after joins her plain white bra, and her pink bikini panties.

Dressed in just her heels and jewelry, she is next ordered to get up on the bed, on all fours between Caleb’s legs, and take his hardening cock into her wet mouth. The enslaved wife is all too eager to comply, kissing the bulbous head before sucking it between her lips, and swallowing the shaft whole. Jenny then gags slightly, coming up for air and leaving a thick stream of drool across his member. She then repeats the action, continuously deepthroating the cock as she rocks her head up and down. After a few moments, he tells her to keep going, but to cradle and fondle his balls in her hand as she does so. The slave complies, causing the master to throw his head back and moan. After she keeps that up for a minute or so, he breaks, and cums into her throat and her lips kiss his pubes.

She gags heavily, trying to swallow it, but leaves a mess as she pulls her head up, fighting for breath. “Look what a mess you made, slave!” Caleb says, mocking at being genuinely enraged, “Lick this mess up this instant!” The slave looks dully at him for a moment, he eyes blank as if she were blind. Then, after a beat, she smiles, still blank-eyed, and responds in a monotone voice, “Yes Master, the slave will lick it up.” She then obeys, licking and slurping all off his cum and her drool off of his crotch and belly. She moves to start sucking the cum from the sheets when he stops her, “No no no no, you’ve done enough slave. Now, I had them leave a few sets of spare sheets in the closet. Go get a set, and replace these ones.” Luckily, there was a hypno fetish convention in the city this week, so the hotel didn’t ask any questions when it seemed he wanted to be involved in a role-played scene involving changing the laundry.

Caleb then sat back on the couch, still without his pants, and watched his mind-controlled, naked slave change out the bed sheets, with a bright smile that didn’t reach her dull, expressionless eyes. He then did what any lazy man with a mind-controlled slave would do. He had her do things he easily could have done. He had her turn on the tv, set it to the right channel, grab him a beer from the mini-fridge, and then rub his feet as he watched old sitcoms. Soon enough he fell asleep in blessed peace.

Ten hours later, he awoke to a bit of a start, to find that Jenny hasn’t moved an inch, except for her hands, which were continuing to rub his feet, but are now resting on her lap after he moved. “Oh! Slave, good, you’re still here.” He tries his best to compose himself, then, seeing the blank look in her eyes, his cock is stirred once again. “Slave Jenny, are you on any form of birth control?” The slave does not react. “No Master, the slave is not any form of birth control. The slave is fertile and is trying to get pregnant again with its husband.” This is fantastic news to Caleb, who rubs is hands together. “Slave, lay your back onto the bed and spread your legs wide.” He smirks, “I’m going to breed you.”

Jenny, as is the pattern of late, obeys the order at once, getting into position. Her cunt is wet with arousal at the prospect of getting fucked. Caleb is a caring lover, though, and makes sure she is as wet as possible before entering her. He sets himself up above her, and brings his hand to her cunt, checking it for wetness, inserting a finger, wiggling it around, and thumbing her clit. When he’s satisfied she’s wet enough he pulls his hand off, licks his fingers clean, and enters his cock into her pussy. He’s gentle at first, not going all the way in, and keeping a slow pace. Soon, the slave’s breathing rate starts to increase, and her face flushed with arousal. He feels her sizable breasts with their hard nipples, and is encouraged to go further.

The next thrust is balls deep, and the slave moans in pleasure. He starts thrusting hard, and deep. He kisses her as he fucks her, and she wraps her arms and legs around him as he fucks her fertile hole. He keeps going like this, pistoning in and out of her hole when he decides this isn’t enough, he needs more. He pulls out of her and orders, “Slave, doggystyle position, now.” Jenny obeys, and he then enters her from behind, but into a different hole. His cock is wet enough from her pussy juices that it enters her used ass quite easily. At first, he grips her meaty cheeks for leverage in fucking her, but soon enough he realized her hair is a much better handle. He pulls on her long brunette locks, and fucks her ass as hard as he can manage to, working up quite a sweat. He loves this, he fucks her, pulls her hair, the leans forward, taking his other hand to grab at her hanging breasts.

Soon, Caleb feels that he’s close, so he pulls out of her ass, and sticks his dick back into her sopping cunt. “Slave,” he says, almost out of breath, “when you feel me cum inside you, that’s when I give you permission to climax. You are not to cum until I do, understand?” Jenny is nearly breathless as well when she responds, “Yes Master, the slave will not cum until it feels you cum inside it.” With that, he enters into her, thrusting and pulling her hair, having the time of his goddamn life. Then, he cums, deep into her pussy, filling her womb with fresh seed.

After that, he orders her to clean herself up, get dressed, and to text her husband that she’s all right. As she once again replaces the bedsheet, he gives her the orders that ready her for the rest of her life. He tells her that she will leave this hotel room, and return to her own. When she does, she will forget everything that happened here. She will remember that she got drunk at the party to the point where she couldn’t remember her room number, so Caleb bought her a cheap room to stay in for the night. She will never remember the night she spent as his slave, except for in her dreams, on the nights when she goes to sleep especially horny. She will never suspect that Caleb did anything to her, but her subconscious will always remember how to react when he, and only he, says her trigger word


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