What Happens in Vegas

Chapter 2

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #impregnation #sub:female

The rest of the week went on like that, with Darren and Jenny having kinky sex every night ending with a creampie in her pussy. After the first night the sex escalated to also involve lots of hair pulling and ass-fucking. In fact, on the final night before they left, Darren fucked Jenny in the ass doggystyle while pulling her hair, right up until he needed to cum, at which point he switched holes and came in her cunt.

With the week of fucking over with, it was time for the family to make the trip to the airport, then fly to sin city. The flight went well, luckily they were able to get Evan to sleep the whole flight so as not to disturb the other passengers. Upon arriving in Vegas, the family go straight to the hotel and casino the party is to be held at and check into their room. Darren decides to stay behind in the room with Evan while Jenny goes and mingles with her family members.

She’s absolutely delighted to see Leena again after so long and gives her cousin a big hug upon seeing her, as well as shaking hands with her boyfriend, Caleb. “It’s so great to see you both,” Jenny says shaking Caleb’s hand, “how long has it been? Six months? Eight?” Leena giggles, responding “What? No, we saw each other at Erica’s wedding, which was only four months ago!” Jenny lets go of Caleb’s hand and makes a show of chiding herself for being so forgetful, slapping her forehead with the palm of her hand, “Duh, of course! Time feels like its moved so slowly since I’ve had Evan.” “That’s right,” Caleb says, “Where is that toddler of yours? Or his father?” Jenny sighs, “They’re back in the room, probably done for the night. Evan slept the whole flight, but he’s still asleep right now, as far as I know, and Darren didn’t want him to be alone in an unfamiliar place when he wakes up.”

The couple accept this answer with a nod. “Well,” Caleb says then, “the party’s going well here, so why don’t we all get inside that room and get sloshed out of our goddamn minds!” He then whoops enthusiastically, inviting the two women with him to respond in kind, following him into the venue. Over the next several hours, they all do, in fact, get sloshed, drinking basically anything presented to them, eventually the drinking leads them where it’s intended to, the gambling tables. Jenny even manages to gross profit about a hundred dollars. A few hours into this binge, Jenny and Caleb spot a sign for a stage hypnotist. Interested in this, they both go in to see the show. Unbeknownst to Jenny, however, this hypnotist show is special, because Caleb is horny, and as they walk in, Caleb slips behind stage and slips the hypnotist the chips Jenny won along with his own winnings to convince him to hypnotize Jenny to fall in love with him temporarily, and let him fuck her. The hypnotist agrees, starting the show as normal. In his show, to pick volunteers, he has a spotlight shine on a random audience member, this time he deliberately points it to Jenny, who goes up on stage, and is almost immediately put into trance. It seems that either she is an immensely susceptible subject, or the alcohol has had a profound effect on her willpower. Or she’s deeply submissive.

To the public, the hypnosis show goes as normal. Jenny is made to act like a chicken, think her wrists are tied to balloons, and is even made to walk around the stage like a zombie. One bonus thing that happens, however, is that the hypnotist has whispered to her a code phrase that will return her to trance if said by someone else, particularly Caleb, so that he can have his way with her after the show. He also tells her to forget about all her winnings gambling. Luckily, he only took her profits, so she didn’t lose any more money tonight than what she came in with.

With the show done with, and Caleb aware of the power he now has over Jenny, he is very excited. He planned for something like this to happen, so he rented an extra room at the hotel for them to have their fun at. He tells Leena that he’s going to go out for some air, then he drags Jenny to the room he booked. “Whu?” She slurs, still extremely under the influence of the many drinks she’s had, despite being awakened from trance, “where are we? What is this? I need to get back to Darren, my husba-” Caleb cuts her off with a single word. “Slave.” Jenny’s will is crushed, and she collapses mentally back into trance.

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