Trick And Treats' Found Footage

Tape 3

by HypnoticHarlequin

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However, Bonnie couldn't sleep. She could only think about the days ahead. If she went back with no good footage, she would be doomed. She had made such a big deal about this film. She had bragged that she was going to be the one who would finally solve the mystery of the sisters. She had already paid to promote the film and there was no way she was getting a refund. 

She tossed and turned for a few hours, unable to get her brain to quiet down. No matter how hard she tried to sleep, she just couldn't. However, just when she was about to fall into a pit of despair and self-loathing, a bright orange light illuminated her tent. 

"What in the world?" gasped Bonnie as she jumped out of her tent, only to find that the whole clearing was illuminated and the light seemed to be emanating from where the cabin used to be. Bonnie ran towards it only to see Dana standing there, her back to Bonnie. in fact, she was pressed up against a tree. 

"Dana?" called Bonnie, "Dana?" However, Dana didn't respond. She didn't move a muscle, almost like she was frozen in time. "Dana, hey?" shouted Bonnie, becoming alarmed as she took a step forward into the clearing. 

As she did, the whole world changed. No longer was she in an empty clearing; she was in a beautiful flower garden. Bonnie looked around in confusion, unable to make sense of what was going on, unsure if she was dreaming or awake. As she turned, she noticed that a quaint little cabin sat at the edge of the clearing. 

"Where am I?" asked Bonnie. 

However, as she went to approach Donna, she felt a tap on her shoulder. Bonnie let out a shriek and quickly spun around on her heel, only to see that two girls were standing behind her. These were not the girls she had arrived with, nor did they look like witches. In fact, the girls looked like they had fallen out of a music video. One was dressed in a dark purple suit and the other was in an ornate purple dress that was accessorized with spider-web stockings and gloves. 

"Well, look dear sister, we have a guest!" the girl in the suit exclaimed, almost with a sing-song tune. 

"Sister, we are truly blessed!" replied the one in a dress, as if she was somehow continuing the other’s thought. 

"Who in the world are you?" asked Bonnie. "I'm dreaming." 

"Not a dream, I'm afraid!" Replied the girl in the suit. 

"You're really here within our glade!" added the other girl. They spoke so quickly that it sounded like this whole thing was rehearsed. 

"Right, but," started Bonnie, only to be cut off. 

"An introduction to make the night complete," said the one girl. 

"As we're the twins who can't be beat," replied the other quickly. 

"I'm Trick!" said the girl in the suit. 

"And I'm Treat!" continued the girl in the dress as both girls struck a pose. 

"I'm totally dreaming," sighed Bonnie as she turned around intending to walk towards Dana, hoping that the girl's reaction would shake her from her slumber.

However, as she took a step, she felt a sharp pain running down both of her arms. Bonnie looked left and right only to realize that the strange two girls were pinching her arm over and over.

"Don't want to make you flinch," snipped Trick.

"But no more dreams, just a pinch," giggled Treat. 

"I," mumbled Bonnie as she looked at the two girls again. "I'm not dreaming?" 

"Wide awake for now it seems," asserted Trick. 

"But, maybe coming apart at the seams!" Treat chuckled heartily as Bonnie looked back towards Dana and saw that she was still facing the tree. Her head spun as she tried to make sense of what was going on. The whole situation seemed ludicrous but at the same time, it felt so real. 

"What is going on?" asked Bonnie, her lips wobbling as the words escaped her lips. "Where am I? What's wrong with Dana?" 

"Well isn't that a question!" laughed Treat. 

Trick nodded. "Well, we'll make a little confession." 

"You're in the home where we spent our days."

"At least we did before the blaze," added Trick. 

"As for you friend, she's not despised!" 

"She's been totally hypnotized!" Both girls posed once more.

"Hypnotized?" mumbled Bonnie, totally at a loss for what to say about the situation. She quickly walked over to Dana and started to wave her hand in front of the girl's eyes. However, Dana didn't react at all. She just continued to stare at the tree with her glassy eyes. 

Bonnie felt a wave of fear wash across her body. She had no idea how to handle this situation. She grabbed Dana by the shoulder and start to violently shake the girl, hoping that it would snap her out of the state she found herself in. Dana's body didn't react. The second Bonnie stopped shaking her, Dana fell backward like a mannequin, hitting the floor with a thud. 

"How do I wake her up?" whimpered Bonnie as she looked back at Trick and Treat. 

The two looked between each other, then nodded. 

"We have a solution, but please don't squeal!"

"To free her, let's make a deal!" 

"I won't make a deal with you!" shouted Bonnie as she ran past Trick and Treat, hoping to grab Lydia for support. However, the second she entered the trees she came back out in the clearing, almost like she had somehow turned around when running. 

"Bad news, there is no escape!" taunted Treat as she stuck her tongue out. 

"This whole place is a funny shape," added Trick. 

"No in, no out!" 

"Pointless to even shout!" 

Bonnie looked around in confusion. Her whole body was trembling. She had no idea what to do. This didn't feel like a dream nor a nightmare, but at the same time, it didn't feel like reality. 

After several minutes of thinking, Bonnie shook her head. She couldn't believe it, but she had to make a deal with these weird people. She couldn't think of another solution. "What do you want?" she relented. 

Treat smirked. "A simple trance, that is all!"

"Just focus close, we'll have a ball!" added Trick as soft purple balls of light emerged from the flower and started to dance around the sky. It was like the sky was full of pixies or Will-o'-the-wisps. 

"What are these?" gasped Bonnie as she looked at the things dancing in the sky. They were oddly pretty, and the more Bonnie looked at them the more they seemed to dance and twirl in the air. At the same time, Bonnie realized that she couldn't really look away from them. Whenever she tried to turn her head her eyes refused to follow, remaining locked only on to the glowing orbs of light. Part of her knew she should be scared, but the ethereal glow was weirdly calming. 

"Just a pretty light," cooed Treat. 

"Such a mesmerizing sight," whispered Trick as Bonnie's eyes continued to follow the balls. She couldn't pull her gaze from them. They were infinitely fascinating. In fact, as the orbs moved through the sky, Bonnie felt her body automatically moving to follow them. It was like the orbs were leading her through a strange dance. They were so beautiful and so complex, fluttering like they were living beings, constantly moving and changing with every passing second. 

"Silly thing didn't even fight!" gasped Treat. 

"She can't resist our mesmeric sprite!" giggled Trick as the orbs picked up their speed, forcing Bonnie to spin around with them. Even though Bonnie wasn't spinning so quickly, it felt like she was stuck in a washing machine, like the whole world was spinning on the highest setting. As she spun she felt herself becoming fuzzy. Like her consciousness was flying off her with every rotation, like her very mind was flying out into the night sky, drifting into the air and becoming stars. 

Treat watched closely, a smirk across her face. "That's it, just let go,"

"Because the sprite told you so!" cackled Trick. Bonnie didn't care, the girls' voices washed over her like ocean waves as she spun. She couldn't think of anything but watch the pretty balls of light and follow them around and around. 

"Pretty," murmured Bonnie as her body tingled warmly. Euphoria pulsed through her. It felt like she could float away, or become one with the universe. 

"So pretty, we agree," teased Treat. 

"Now it's time to get on your knees," sang Trick. As the word's left the girl's mouth, the orbs all dropped a few feet down. Bonnie's knees instantly gave way and her body automatically followed the orbs downward. As she fell, she felt the last of her consciousness slipping away from her. There was nothing now, just an empty black void between her ears and at that moment, Bonnie couldn't have been happier. She had the pretty lights and that's all she needed.

"Little eyes flutter time to give in," cooed Treat, her warm breath rubbing against Bonnie's ear. 

"Take a nap and we can begin," added Trick. The orbs started to pulse, almost like they were running out of power. However, as the light faded, Bonnie felt her eyes closing. She too was out of power. She felt so warm and comfortable that she didn't mind. The flowers were so soft and so nice, they felt like a beautiful bed. Bonnie felt herself falling forward but it didn't even matter. Her consciousness was fading more quickly than she was falling and it was totally gone before she hit the floor. 

"Well, she's out like a light!" laughed Treat as Bonnie's body went limp.

"We must act, time is finite!" interjected Trick as she quickly made her way over to Dana. When Trick snapped her fingers in front of Dana's face, she suddenly reanimated and spun around.

"...which is why," she started before trailing off and looking around. "Why am I over here?" mumbled Dana before spotting Bonnie's sleeping body to her shock, "What did you do to her?!"

"We just let her sleep," Treat calmly responded as she rubbed Dana's cheek. 

"Left her in a messy heap," chuckled Trick.

"Because we need to talk about our deal." 

"That heart of hers you want to steal!" giggled Trick. 

"Really? She'll love me?" gasped Dana. 

"Totally smitten, so in love!" confirmed Treat. 

"Think you're as cute as a little dove,” added Trick as Dana ran across to Bonnie's body. 

"So, our deal is complete, right?" asked Dana, "You got to do whatever you wanted?" 

"Yes, you get to indulge your love of feminine things," answered Treat.

"And in return, we feed like kings!" giggled Trick. 

"Right, right," nodded Dana. Before she could say another word, Trick and Treat clapped their hands in unison and Bonnie turned over. As her eyes locked onto Dana, they went wide and filled with life. 

"Dana," moaned Bonnie as she pulled Dana close. "You're so beautiful. And strong," she moaned as she squeezed Dana's bicep and kissed her softly on the lips.

"I can't believe it," gasped Dana. "It worked!" Bonnie rolled Dana over and lay on top of her, peppering her with kisses as she did.

"We don't tell lies!" giggled Treat. 

"We just advise!" agreed Trick as Bonnie pulled Dana's hair and started to deeply kiss her, her body trembling as she did. 

"Let's do it right here. Like animals," purred Bonnie as Dana's cheeks went bright red. 

"Sure," nodded Dana as she reached up and pulled Bonnie closer, moaning softly as she did. 

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