Trick And Treats' Found Footage

Tape 2

by HypnoticHarlequin

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The next morning the girls quickly got to work making breakfast and preparing to leave. As she sipped her coffee, Bonnie smiled at Dana. "Any sign of your wolf this morning?" 

"What?" Blinked Dana as she looked at Bonnie with confusion. 

"You were out last night looking at a wolf?" asked Bonnie. 

"No, I didn't?" chuckled Dana. "I wouldn't approach a wolf, that's a good way to get messed up." 

"But I saw you. I talked to you!" shouted Bonnie. 

"Dreaming. You were dreaming," supposed Dana. "You've got yourself worked up and it gave you nightmares." 

"I swear it was real," mumbled Bonnie as Lydia started to clean up. 

"Yeah, dreams tend to feel that way. But at the same time, I would know if I decided to accost a wolf," laughed Dana. "Don't worry yourself. Hey, hopefully, today we'll find that cabin!" 

"Yeah!" Lydia chimed in. "It can't be too much further when you think about it."

"How would you know?" asked Bonnie with confusion. 

"Well, I realized that Dana was right. If stuff did lurk in the woods, then she would have encountered something after all of her years camping. So I put on my big girl panties and read through part of the booklet you made before bed!" 

"Hey! Good for you!" cheered Dana. 

"But, what do you mean about it not being much further?" interjected Bonnie.

"Well, none of your reports mentioned the villagers camping while searching for them. When they were caught, the mob left at dawn and had them before the clergy by Matins. Now, if I remember my stuff from school, Matins was done in the early morning, like between midnight and three am. So, they must have been able to get to the cabin and back in just over a day." explained Lydia, obviously proud of herself. 

"We started later than dawn," mumbled Bonnie. 

"And we're likely slower than a mob. We're also carrying more supplies," added Dana. 

"True. But you're right. It must be pretty close," agreed Bonnie. "That is an amazing thought, Lydia!" 

"Thank you!” Lydia beamed. “So, let's get cleaned up and ready to go!” She quickly returned to her cleaning. Bonnie and Dana nodded and quickly set about helping Lydia, and between them, they were able to get the camp torn down within an hour. 

Once everything was cleaned up, the group once again moved into the forest. As they walked they kept their eyes out, keen to see any hint of the legendary cabin that they were looking for. 

After a few hours, Lydia called out to the group. "Hey!" she shouted as she waved her hand and pointed across the trees, "I see a clearing!"

"Neat!" called Bonnie as she panned the camera around the woods. 

"Huh, that doesn't look natural," mumbled Dana as she moved into the clearing and gasped. "Because it's not!" 

"Wow," gasped Lydia as she looked around the little clearing. Not only was the area clear, but the foliage was also totally different. There were several small clumps of flowers growing in the clearing and a highly distinctive patch of darker soil circling the clearing. 

"It seems we've found where the cabin was," said Bonnie as she filmed the area. "It seems they must have cultivated the area, made a flower garden that survived the inferno," she explained as Dana looked around. 

"Hey girls," she said as Dana focused the camera on her. "There is a smaller clearing just past this. I suggest we set up camp there. I don't want to disturb this place if it has historical value." 

"Or anger the ghosts," chuckled Bonnie. 

"Well, I'm a skeptic. But I'll give you this," began Dana as she looked straight down the lens, "There was a major fire here at some point and someone has obviously cultivated plants here." 

Bonnie smiled, happy for the content. "Great.”

"Do you want me to hold the camera so you can talk to the camera?" Lydia offered as Dana slipped into the other clearing. 

"Sure, that would be great," nodded Bonnie as she held out the camera. As Bonnie delivered a surprisingly rehearsed monologue to the camera, Dana started to set up in the second clearing. 

Once Bonnie finished the monologue, Lydia took the camera and went to check on Dana. However, before Bonnie could move, she once again saw a figure moving in the trees. After a moment she quickly shook it off, presuming it to be nothing more than her mind playing tricks on her. 

Eventually, Dana had the camp erected and the girls all sat around the tents. "So, what's the next plan?" asked Dana. 

"I want to scope the area," said Bonnie. "For footage and B-roll. But after that, we wait until night. See if we can catch the sisters."

"Fair," agreed Dana. 

"I have some rituals to try. Ones that might bring the sisters out," Bonnie said with a mischievous smile.

"Spooky!" giggled Lydia. 

"Hopefully," sighed Bonnie. "I at least hope we get something." 

"Well, let's prep," Dana said with a nod, cutting Bonnie off mid-thought. 

Bonnie fiddled with her camera and walked into the trees, filming everything she could see. As she did, Lydia and Dana worked around the camp and explored the clearing. 

As night fell, the girls ate before Dana once again secured their food. Once the chores were done, the girls moved into the clearing to perform the rituals that Bonnie had brought with them. To Dana's surprise, Bonnie had brought a lot of different stuff with her. In fact, her pack had to be half ritual props. The girls chanted, lit candles, mediated, and swung crystals, all while trying to summon up some paranormal activity. 

Nothing happened. The cleaning was a quiet as it had been when they had arrived. 

After a couple of hours of rituals, Bonnie let out a sigh. "Nothing," she groaned. 

"It's okay," smiled Dana. "We tried." 

"But that isn't enough," protested Bonnie, "We need something."

"Well, I need sleep," Dana retorted, "I have to be awake to be responsible for keeping you all safe." 

"I need to keep trying," insisted Bonnie. "I need some good footage!" 

"Why don't we leave a camera on overnight?" proposed Lydia. "Maybe see if something comes out while we sleep, then we can check it in a few hours?"

"That's a good idea!" cheered Dana. 

"Sure, if you think," replied Bonnie, obviously upset at her lack of success. She quickly set up one of her cameras on the edge of the clearing and turned it on to record before following the other girls back to their camp and climbing into her tent.

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