Party Treats

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #sub:female #blood #bondage #clothing #dom:vampire #vampire

May and all of her friends have turned up to a Halloween party dressed as vampires. Alas, someone doesn’t approve of their costume choice.

Tammy spun around, letting her cape billow and flutter in the breeze. As she returned to her initial orientation she struck a pose and smiled at the other two girls. “Cute right?”

“Super cute!” Chuckled Kate. “Very high quality!”

“Who even makes capes these days?” Added Yasmin as she squeezed Kate’s shoulder.

“Cool people!” Cheered Kate and Tammy in unison.

Suddenly another woman walked into the hallway. She was clad in a leather jacket and ripped jeans and her face was covered with splatters of fake blood.

“Very nice!” Applauded Kate.

“Wait,” mumbled the girl as she looked over the others. “Did we all come as Vampires?”

“Observant!” Grinned Kate. “We did!”

“This is why I said we should have organized a group costume,” tittered May as she adjusted the cuffs on her leather jacket.

“I mean, this is our group costume?” Interjected Tammy.

“Is it really a group costume if we’re all the same thing?” Asked May.

“Maybe the group costume is an abstract representation of our inability to organize things?” Replied Yasmin.

“I don’t think anyone thinks that deeply about it.” Laughed May as she hugged Tammy.

“We certainly didn’t,” continued Kate as she wrapped her arms around May and Tammy. “But at least we have different Vampire types.”

“True!” Smiled Yasmin. “We have Tammy as a gentleman vampire, Kate as Nosferatu, me as a cute vampire and May came as someone who reads vampire fan fiction online!”

“I was going for an urban darkness vampire!” Huffed May.

“I know, I know!” Giggled Yasmin. “It suits you!”

After a few minutes of small talk, a door at the far side of the hall opened and another woman stepped into the room. She was dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, complete with lime green bodypaint on every inch of exposed skin.

“Greetings!” She smiled as she slowly made her way over to the girls.

“Hey!” Smiled May, offering her hand. “I’m May and these are my friends.”

“Oh May!” Nodded the woman as she shook May’s hand. “Right! Right! You’re Lisa’s workmate correct?”

“Yeah!” Smiled May. “She invited us because she was in charge of the guest list?”

“She was!” Chuckled the woman. “I’m Belle, Lisa and I are old friends, so we decided to combine our Halloween parties into one mega-bash!”

“Wow!” Gasped Kate. “You have a big place!”

“Oh! This isn’t mine!” Interrupted Belle. “It belongs to Elizebeth, a friend of mine, she is the hostess for the night. But she is currently preening in the mirror. I’m sure she’ll be out soon! Until then, I’ll take you into the living room.”

“Sure! Thank you!” Grinned May. Belle nodded and waved at the group before leading them through the house and into a large room that had chairs lining the walls.

The whole place was covered in spooky decorations. There wasn’t an inch of wall that didn’t feature a skeleton, pumpkin or a mixture of the two. There were also bowls of candy everywhere, containing a massive variety of common and imported candies.

“This is so cool!” Gasped Yasmin as she grabbed a candy and popped it into her mouth.

“Um, why are we the only ones here? Weren’t we late?” Blinked Tammy.

“Lisa probably gave us the wrong time, she is an utter ditz,” smiled May as she peered into the closest candy bowl. “Wouldn’t be the first time she has given me the wrong time and location for a party.”

“Well, we have the right location, unless Belle is mistaking you for someone else,” smiled Kate. “You need to be less uptight.”

“I’m not uptight!” Grumbled May.

“She is just brooding, it is all in character!” Interjected Yasmin. “She is going to go sit in the corner and talk about how hard being a vampire is.”

“Oh? And what do you plan to do? Flirt with senpai?” Laughed May.

“I might! But you’re my senpai! It is hard to love you when you schedule fifteen hours a day for moping in dark alleyways making up poetry about how you dislike being a vampire!”

“I mean it does suck being a vampire. Have you tried buying pants that fit after midnight?” Interrupted Kate.

“Why do you care? You live in a coffin in a castle full of Armadillos!” Giggled May.

“Look, I can’t be judged by modern Hollywood standards! It was a different time!” Chuckled Kate.

“My pants fit fine!” Added Tammy as she pulled on her collar.

“Well then, what do you want?” Asked Kate.

“I vant to suck your blood!” Grinned Tammy as she leaned forward and opened her mouth, revealing two plastic fangs.

“Like I have any, I’ve been dead longer than you!” Smiled Kate as she quickly kissed Tammy on the lips before moving behind Yasmin.

“Throw some rice on the floor, she’ll have to chase it!” Smirked Yasmin.

“We’ll all have to chase it!” Replied Tammy. “None of us are immune to the power of math!”

“Goddammit, no one warned me of this!” Replied May as she comically slammed her fist into her open palm.

“Why do you care? At least you get magic down the line! I just get stuck like this!” Added Kate.

“Hypnotism is a thing! You know! The whole “Vook into my eyes” shtick?” Interjected Tammy.

“Right, you likely have that, but I don’t!” Huffed Kate. “I bet May has it as she is a Mary Sue!”

“Am not!”

“I saw your last Urban Darkness character, her name was literally Miss Perfect.”

“Right! But she was a performer, it was a stage name!” Replied May. “Your character was a crazed bride with a hatchet!”

“A highly effective crazed bride with a hatchet!”

“Shouldn’t we be worried about Kate putting people on spikes?” Interrupted Yasmin.

“What is wrong with pegging?” Asked Kate with a knowing smirk.

“You know full well what she meant.” Said Tammy as she rolled her eyes.

“Yes, and you know full well about pegging,” smirked Kate as she stuck her tongue out.

“I refuse to comment!” Sighed Tammy. “But we do need to worry about you stealing people’s wives and trying to marry them!”

“Okay, that is also true of you. You are the wife thief.” Replied Kate as the other girls nodded.

“Like it is you or Yasmin, both of you have your charms.” Smiled May.

“Not the same charms?” Blinked Yasmin.

“Nah, you are soft fem, Tammy is hard butch.” Interjected Kate. “Like sure, both of you can step on me, but its boots vs heels.”

“Wouldn’t heels be really painful?” Shuddered May.

“Like fangs!” Giggled Kate. “So heels are like vampires!”

“I should have come dressed up as high heels then!” Laughed Yasmin, grabbing another candy as she did.

“We could have all come as one person! You as the heels, Kate as a hat and May can be my panties!” Laughed Tammy as snatched a candy from May’s hand.

“Hey!” Giggled May as she slapped Tammy on the hand. “And enough of your weird transformation fantasies.”

“If it was my fantasy you would become an octopus.”

“This is why you never look at Tammy’s browser history!” Interrupted Yasmin.

“Not like you’ve ever complained!” Giggled Tammy.

“Man we need a life,” teased Kate.

“So we’re perfect vampires! Lifeless dusty relics!” Smirked Yasmin as the rest of the girls started to laugh.

Suddenly a door swung open as a woman stepped into the room. She was at least six feet tall and was glad in an ornate gothic dress and corset that looked like it was tailor-made to flaunt her body.

Her hair was a perfectly sculpted series of dark black curls that framed her piercing gaze. She emitted a very imposing aura that seemed to draw every eye in the room towards her. The girls stared dumbfounded for a few moments before May tried to break the silence.

“Elizebeth?” Asked May as she extended her hand. “Belle was telling us about you! You have an amazing house.”

“Correct on all counts!” Replied Elizebeth as she squeezed Belle’s hand. “I’m sure you are Lisa’s compatriots.”

“We are!” Nodded May. “I’m May, and this is Yasmin, Kate, and Tammy.”

“I love your costume!” Interrupted Kate as she jumped forward to join in the introduction.

“Thank you,” smiled Elizebeth as she looked over Kate with a predatory glint in her eye. “I would say the same for you, but I can’t.”

“Oh thank you,” started Kate, only to realize what the woman had said a few seconds after she had replied. “What do you mean?”

“You’ve come as horrific stereotypes.” Replied Elizebeth as she turned her back on the girls.

“Oh right!” Giggled Tammy, nudging the other girls to laugh with her. The others quickly joined in the laughter, hoping to make the situation less awkward.

“It is no laughing matter.” Growled Elizebeth, causing the girls to instantly quiet down.

“I’m sorry, I don’t follow?” Mumbled Yasmin, obviously confused by the sudden change in tone.

“You have come here as horrific stereotypes!” Explained Elizebeth as she spun around. “I heard your mockery! You wouldn’t come here and insult others, but yet you come and throw mockery and derision at vampires?!”

“But,” interjected Tammy. “Vampires are fictional! How can we insult them when they don’t exist!”

“Just because you don’t know of them, does not make them fictional. It does not make your ignorance acceptable.” Shouted Elizebeth, her pale eyes burning a hole through the girls.

“I’m.” Muttered Kate. “I’m so confused.”

“Yeah, I don’t get the joke?” Added May. “I’m sorry if we upset you? If we did? I’m honestly not sure?”

“You very much upset me with your incessant, incorrect rubbish about fine and upstanding people. I am repulsed by your disgusting slander.” Growled Elizebeth as she stepped towards May.

“Okay,” said Kate as she stepped in front of May and glared at Elizebeth. “This ain’t funny. I’m not sure what you’re aiming for, but you’re making us feel really uncomfortable.”

“You’re uncomfortable?” Chuckled Elizebeth. “You’re uncomfortable? As you parade around suggesting vampires are just green corpses that smell like a music hall dressing room?”

“You are a strange lady.” Sighed Kate. “You know what, we’re out of here.”

“You are a petulant child,” growled Elizebeth as her eyes turned red. “And you are not leaving until I let you leave.”

“You can’t,” started Kate, only for her voice to trail off as her mouth dropped open. Something about the red glow was totally mesmerizing, Kate couldn’t look away or move any of her muscles.

“I can and I will. You will show me respect. The respect I deserve.” Said Elizebeth, her voice dripping with confidence.

“Excuse me!” Shouted Yasmin as she moved forward and grabbed Kate’s shoulders. “What are you doing?”

Elizebeth waved her hand and Kate’s eyes crossed. Her jaw dropped open and her tongue flopped out of her mouth almost as if Elizebeth had turned off her muscles. “I’m teaching this girl some respect!”

“Respect for what?”

“Respect for her betters,” glared Elizebeth, the red of her eyes now focused on Yasmin. Yasmin let out a low groan as her head started to swim. A strange feeling washing over her mind and body, it was like she was both dreaming and drunk at the same time.

She let out a soft gurgle as she swayed on the spot, totally fixated on the woman’s eyes. Something about them made her feel so weak and so helpless but they also made her feel scared, like a deer in headlights.

“And you think you can present our kind as nothing but silly parodies? As Jesters? Who exist only to dance and be the center of such foul mockery?” Asked Elizebeth, her voice growing louder with each word.

Yasmin continued to stare, totally frozen in place. She couldn’t think of an answer and even if she could, she couldn’t move her lips to give it. “Your silence proves your guilt!” Continued Elizebeth. “If you want to be a dumb jester act like one! Show us your stupid dancing!”

Instantly Yasmin started to skip around the room, bumping into tables and chairs as she did. Her mouth was hanging open and bouncing softly with each little leap as she did what seemed to be a drunken attempt at ballet dancing.

“What?” Blinked May.

“I. I. I. Can’t stop myself.” Shouted Yasmin as she crashed into a coffee table. “Help! I can’t stop it! I can’t stop moving!” She whimpered as her kicking legs sent a shower of candy into the air.

“I’m out of here!” Gasped Tammy as she quickly moved towards the door. However, before she could get there, Elizebeth waved her hand. The door instantly slammed shut, shaking the whole room as it did.

“No. You will stay.” Said Elizebeth firmly, turning to face Tammy.

“No! No!” Shouted Tammy as she started to ram her shoulder into the door, doing her best to break through it.

Elizebeth was not phased by Tammy’s aggression. She slowly made her way across the room with purpose in her step. As she reached the door she squeezed Tammy’s shoulder.

“Oh god,” screamed Tammy as Elizebeth’s sharp nails dug into her skin. Pain radiated through her body, forcing her to drop to her knees.

“Now, look at me!” Shouted Elizebeth as she grabbed Tammy’s hair and yanked her head backward. Pain ran through Tammy’s body for a brief moment, however, the second her eyes met Elizebeth’s gaze the pain vanished as all of Tammy’s muscles tensed up.

Tammy couldn’t do anything but stare up helplessly, her mind was frozen in pure fear. It was as if some primal part of her was screaming out, almost as if it realized something was terribly wrong with Elizebeth. But Tammy couldn’t do a thing about it.

“Sit there.” Shouted Elizebeth as she released Tammy’s hair. Tammy’s body quickly shifted into a cross-legged sitting position, her mind too numb to think for itself.

“Okay, we got off on the wrong foot.” Mumbled May as she raised her hands. “Let’s talk about this, whatever it is! I think we can understand your problems. We just didn’t pick up on the seriousness of the situation.”

“No! You had your chance!” Barked Elizebeth as her eyes started to glow again. However, before they could take effect, May instinctively covered her eyes.

“This isn’t fair! Or right!” She shouted as she pressed her palms into her eyes. “You’re making a mistake!”

“What are you going to do about it mortal? Do you think the weave of history cares about you or your mewls of protests? Especially after you come and spread slander in my house?”

“I didn’t want to spread anything! We were just having fun!” Begged May, obviously shaking as she did.

“Having fun at the expense of Vampire kind!”

“I didn’t know vampires were a kind until a few minutes ago! I’m still not sure you are a vampire!” Shouted May.

“You doubt me? You doubt me! All you have seen and you doubt me?!” Screamed Elizebeth. “Look upon me mortal!”

“No!” Protested May. “Not looking, just talk it out!”

Elizebeth sighed and waved her hand towards Kate and Yasmin. Instantly both girls moved towards May and grabbed her arms firmly before starting to pull.

“Stop! Stop!” Begged May as she tried to keep her eyes covered.

“I can’t! I can’t control myself! I’m sorry!” Whimpered Yasmin as she continued to pull on her friend’s arms.

May did her best to fight despite the pain. While she was usually stronger than both Yasmin and Kate, she couldn’t handle both of them at once, especially when they had way better leverage than she did.

“Let me go!” Screamed May, trying to channel her rage, hoping to use it to block out the pain.

“I can’t! I want to but I can’t! I have to do what she says! I don’t know why! I have to!” Cried Yasmin, a tear trickling down her cheek as she gave May’s arm another hard yank.

May screamed, the muscles in her arms finally giving in. Her eyes were uncovered and she found herself looking directly into the red glow of Elizebeth’s eyes.

It was almost instant. May’s mind ground to a halt, the red glow filling her head and burning out all of her thoughts. It felt like her will was being crushed under a boulder.

“Now listen to me child,” smiled Elizebeth, her fangs becoming visible in her mouth. “You will make up for your mockery and hatred, you will learn what it is like to be a vampire. Thank me.”

“Thank you,” replied May, her words coming out as a soft monotone.

“Wonderful, let her go,” commanded Elizebeth as she nodded towards Kate and Yasmin. “All of you line up.”

The girls all slowly walked towards the wall and lined up in front of Elizebeth. They had all given up hope of fighting her, none of them could think or control themselves. Their wills were lost in a sea of red.

“Belle! Here!” Shouted Elizebeth as she clapped her hands. Instantly the door swung open as Belle entered the room. She quickly ran to Elizebeth’s side and bowed her head.

“How may I serve?” She asked softly.

“We have changed our plan.” Replied Elizebeth firmly. “I shall be drinking heavily tonight. Make preparations.”

“Yes, of course.” Nodded Belle.

“Also, send in Lisa, we need to discuss her choice of company.”

“Oh.” Blinked Belle as she looked up at Elizebeth. “I’ll get her right away!” She added as she got up and ran out of the room.

The girls continued to stare blankly at Elizebeth. The conversation was washing over them like water falling down a waterfall. It didn’t matter what was being said, it did not concern them, so they didn’t need to think about it.

A few minutes later, Lisa rushed into the room. She was half-covered in toilet paper, suggesting that she had been in the middle of making a mummy costume.

“What do you require my empress?” Shouted Lisa as she dropped to her knees with a loud thud.

“These women, you selected them?” Asked Elizebeth as she pointed to the line that stood before her.

“Yes my empress, I picked them for you!” Smiled Lisa.

“They are disgusting!” Screamed Elizebeth. Lisa jumped back in shock, obviously expecting a very different response. “They treat vampire kind like a joke! Did you bring such fools into my quarters? Did you know of this? Did you know they were coming to bring disrespect into my house?”

“I didn’t know! I’m sorry!” Replied Lisa, her whole body shaking as she threw her arms up. “I didn’t know their outfit! The leader told me they were planning a group costume!”

“But they came and mocked me? And you allowed it to happen? I told you to invite only the ones who would make good food for me. What is the point of keeping you as a blood doll if all you do is bore me and fill my life and home with problems?”

“I didn’t know! I promise!” Shouted Lisa. “I just thought they would please you! I didn’t realize they would be so stupid!”

“A blood doll has to avoid her human desires. And humans deeply desire stupidity.” Growled Elizebeth. “I should throw you out right now! An insult like this is unforgivable!”

“Please! No! Anything but that!” Cried Lisa, obviously terrified at the prospect.

“I will give you one chance to prove your worth to me.” Replied Elizebeth, totally unphased by Lisa’s fear. She turned to face the other girls and smirked. “All of you, to the bathroom now!” She barked.

The girls turned and started to march towards the door. None of them knew where the bathroom was but they couldn’t question the order they had been given. They had to obey it, regardless of if they understood it or not.

Lisa quickly ran to the door and pointed down the hall. The girls followed the direction of her finger, quickly marching into the nearest bathroom.

Once they were all inside they stood and stared at the wall blankly. They were unable to think of anything. They were puppets with their strings cut. Without a command, they were empty and without direction.

“Now, get them out of those stupid outfits,” said Elizebeth as she walked into the room, dragging Lisa by her hair.

“Yes, empress! Whatever you command!” Shouted Lisa as she quickly ran to the girls and started yanking their clothes off. While the girls had cared about their outfits, they were no longer in a position to argue. Nothing meant anything to them, they were unsure if they were even real, all they could do was wait for commands.

“Wash the makeup off. Scrub it off.” Demanded Elizebeth as she glared a hole into Lisa.

“Of course my empress,” simpered Lisa as she grabbed a sponge and started to rub it against Kate’s face.

“In the bathtub! In the bathtub! You stupid doll!” Screamed Elizebeth. “They insult my house and now you attempt to ruin my tiles?! Why are humans so infernally stupid?!”

“Yes! I’m so sorry, please forgive me!” Shouted Lisa as she attempted to drag Kate into the tub.

“I tire of this. Fools, climb into the bathtub!” Shouted Elizebeth. Instantly all four girls stepped forward and clambered into the tub. Kate moved so quickly that she accidentally knocked Lisa to the ground.

The tub was not designed to hold four people, so the girls had to stand very close together. They didn’t care, because at that moment they couldn’t care about anything.

“Now scrub them!” Shouted Elizebeth as Lisa quickly clambered up and started to rub the sponge against Kate’s skin. “Now girls, you need to learn an important lesson!” Shouted Elizebeth as she started to pace back and forth across the tiled floor.

Lisa worked as quickly as she could, however, Kate’s makeup was so thick that the sponge just smeared it, making her face look progressively messier as time went on.

“Vampires are elegant, refined. Our experiences go way beyond anything a mere mortal can understand, our minds tuned by the twisting and turning of millennia. Despite being birthed from sadness and pain we are tempered by the fire both of them produce. We have reached a higher level by overcoming the terrible humanity that was baked into our flesh.” She continued, obviously getting emotionally invested in her lecture.

Lisa nodded as she continued to smear the makeup with the sponge. After a few minutes of failure, she quickly moved onto May, presuming that her makeup would be easier to remove. However, the sponge was already covered in Kate’s makeup so all it did was spread the thick green mess onto May’s face.

“You will never understand what it is to be a vampire! Because it is beyond your levels of perception. It is like trying to teach an ant to play a concerto! To ask the housecat to fly a plane! To ask a sniffling, twisted worm to explain calculus! An impossibility!” Exclaimed Elizebeth as she waved her hands around wildly.

Lisa continued to scrub the girls, but no matter how hard she scrubbed, all she did was spread Kate’s makeup onto the other girls, turning their skin a sickly green color.

Suddenly Elizebeth’s eyes fixed on the four girls in the bathtub. She had been so busy lecturing she hadn’t spotted that Lisa was just making the makeup problem worse. “What?” Gasped Elizebeth. “I gave you one job.”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! It is harder than I thought!” Whimpered Lisa. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted the shower controls. She moved and yanked the handle, presuming that water would make it easier to remove the makeup.

However, as she turned the shower on, Elizebeth stepped towards the bathtub. The flowing water sprayed out and hit Elizebeth on the wrist, letting out a faint sizzling noise as the vampire screamed and fell backward.

“Running water?! Running water?!” She screamed as she crawled backward out of the room. “Are you trying to kill me?”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Screamed Lisa as she scrambled for the faucet, trying to turn the water off. “I thought it would help!”

“Help?! Help?! All you do is cause me harm and disappointment! I tell you not to do four things in my house and yet you do them anyway! What are you planning to do next? Polish my floor with garlic?”

“I’m sorry! I beg for your forgiveness!” Cried Lisa as she turned the water off. Elizebeth picked herself up off the floor and glared at Lisa.

“Belle!” Screamed Elizebeth. “Slap her. Slap her now!”

“But my Mistress, I,” started Belle, only for Elizebeth’s eyes to glow red.

“I said. Slap her.” Interrupted Elizebeth.

“Yes my mistress, your will is my command,” droned Belle softly as she robotically turned and marched into the bathroom.

“I would like to apologize again,” mumbled Lisa as Belle leaned into the tub and slapped her flat across the face, causing the sound of skin hitting skin to echo around the small room.

Belle blinked and shook her head as she came to her senses. She opened her mouth to speak but quickly thought better of it and moved out of the room, leaving Lisa sore and wet.

“Now,” sighed Elizebeth as she straightened out her dress and walked back into the bathroom. “Let’s see if at least some of the humans in here can be domesticated. You!” She said as she pointed at May. “Do you now understand the disgusting things you’ve done?”

“No,” droned May softly.

“How do you not understand this?” Gasped Elizebeth, a look of shock forming on her face.

“I lost track of what was going on when we started attacking each other.” Mumbled May.

“You are all so foolish. Why do I even bother,” sighed Elizebeth as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

“I’m so sorry!” Shouted Lisa as she started to scrub the girls again. “I’ll do better! I promise! I promise!”

“I’m done with this conversation.” Lamented Elizebeth. “You have failed me. Belle, fix this mess.”

“Of course,” nodded Belle. “As you command.”

“Clean the girls and bring them to me for feeding. Girls obey Belle.” Added Elizebeth as she stormed out of the bathroom and returned to her room.

“Obey Belle,” droned Tammy, Kate, Yasmin and May in unison.

Belle marched into the room and turned the shower on, quickly soaking Lisa as well as the girls. Lisa just moped as the other girls started to blink. Now they were out of Elizebeth’s presence they were finding it easier to think. It was like a great weight had been lifted from their minds.

“Wait, did you fake a party to get us eaten?” Slurred May as the realization hit her.

“My empress needed to eat,” replied a despondent Lisa. The water from the shower had turned the toilet paper into a sodden mess that hung from her clothes in big globs.

“I’m going to kick the crap out of you!” Screamed May as she clenched her fist. “The audacity of you!”

“Remove your makeup,” interrupted Belle. Instantly May’s hands unclenched as she started to splash water on herself.

“I can’t stop myself.” Mumbled May.

“Nor can I!” Added Kate as she started to scrape globs of face paint off of her face.

“I was trying to tell you this!” Shouted Yasmin. “I don’t know what she does, but I can’t control my muscles! Whatever I do they won’t listen to me!”

“See! I said mesmerism was a vampire power!” Smiled Tammy.

“Okay, sure. You’re right,” giggled Kate. “But really not the time to boast about it.”

“Honestly, at this point, I’m beyond the point of caring, this place is wackadoodle.”

“Don’t call my empress a wackadoodle!” Shouted Lisa.

“What else can I call her? Like seriously? You’re two halves of the same idiot!” Replied Tammy as she continued to scrub herself.

“She is powerful! And great! And will sire me!” Screamed Lisa as she stamped her foot.

“Not after this,” interrupted Yasmin. “I mean you nearly killed her. That isn’t the basis for a good relationship.”

“Yeah, I’ve done some messed up stuff, but I’ve never nearly murdered Kate,” interjected May.

“It was an accident! It was all because of your rudeness!” Continued Lisa as she dug her nails into her palm.

“You can’t go blaming us for your failures! You could have said in the invite “No vampires” but you didn’t. This is all on your hosting skills,” chuckled Kate.

“Right? How hard is it to put that on your invite!” Nodded Yasmin. Lisa let out another scream and clambered out of the bathtub before running out of the room, her feet making wet squelching noises with every step.

“What a strange girl,” sighed Tammy as her arms dropped to her side.

“You have the patience of a saint,” smiled May as she looked down at Belle. “I would have gone mad by now.”

“My Mistress knows best,” said Belle firmly. “Now dry yourselves, out of the bath.”

The girls slowly and robotically climbed out of the bath and quickly set about drying themselves with whatever towels they could find. “We’ll have to agree to disagree on that one,” teased May as she gently rubbed a small handtowel over her body.

Once the girls were dry Belle led them into Elizebeth’s bedroom. Or at least they presumed it was her bedroom due to the fact it had a coffin rather than a bed.

As the girls lined up against the wall, the coffin opened and Elizebeth rose from its depths, a look of annoyance still plastered on her face. “They are at least presentable.” Sighed Elizebeth as she looked over the girls.

“Thank you, my Mistress,” replied Belle as she bowed down before Elizebeth.

“Now girls,” said Elizebeth as she stepped out of the coffin. “Do you finally understand my power? Do you finally understand what a vampire can do? Do you finally understand my superiority?”

“I think a vampire has many powers,” said Kate softly, gritting her teeth as she felt Elizebeth’s will crushing her own.

“Wonderful, there may be hope for you yet!” Laughed Elizebeth as she lifted Kate’s arm and bared her fangs. “I like food that knows its place.”

“Their main power is moaning. Constant. Never-ending. Moaning.” Blurted Kate as she pushed back against Elizebeth’s control.

Elizebeth’s nostrils flared as pure rage filled her eyes. “What did you say, child?” She growled as she pressed her nose against Kate’s.

“Vampires are whiny and petulant,” replied Kate, her confidence growing with each word she said. “All you’ve done is moan.”

“And what makes you think you can say that to me?” Asked Elizebeth. “What makes you think you can hold a candle to me and my brilliance?”

“If you wanted blood you could have just asked. I’m down for being bitten but I’m not down for someone who won’t stop complaining.” She continued, her body swaying as her limbs slowly started to respond to her again.

“Yeah,” added May. “For someone with two live-in slaves, you need to get laid!”

“I will not stand for this! I will not!” Screamed Elizebeth as her eyes flashed red. Instantly the girls felt their will vanish under a wave of blood-red rage. They all let out a soft moan as every part of them faded away to nothing, the world fading to black as they heard Elizebeth talking directly into their brain.

     “Ugh, what happened?” Grunted Tammy as she lifted her head up from the cold floor.

“I think we had a,” started Kate, only for her to quickly realize something was wrong. “Where the hell are we?”

The girls all looked around in a mixture of fear and confusion, trying to make sense of their situation. After a few minutes, Tammy broke the silence. “I think we’re in an alleyway,” she mumbled.

“Also, why are we dressed in towels?” Asked Yasmin as she looked down at the filthy towel that was haphazardly tied around her body.

“I don’t,” started May, only for her eyes to suddenly glaze over. “We went to a great Halloween party. We had fun. Vampires are cool but we never want to go home with Lisa ever again. Especially Kate.”

“Yes,” droned the other three girls in unison. They gazed forward blankly for a few moments before blinking and shaking their heads.

“Wait,” mumbled Kate. “I feel weird.”

“Hungover most likely.” Smiled Yasmin. “Come to my place, I’ll cook you breakfast.”

“Sure!” Nodded Kate. “I’ll come with you but never to Lisa’s house. Never again. I am not allowed within ten feet of Lisa.” She added, her voice dropping back into monotone.

“Not within ten feet of Lisa.” Echoed the other girls.

“Oh!” Gasped Yasmin. “Neat, we’re on 14th so my place is pretty close! Follow me!” She said as she waved to the other girls.

As the girls left the alley, they felt their minds grow clearer and more focused. Almost as if they had just woken up from a dream within a dream.

“My neck hurts,” mumbled Tammy as they turned the corner.

“Mine too,” sighed Kate. “I guess we slept on it funny.”

“Yeah, I guess so, you’ll have to give me a massage.” Giggled Tammy as she nudged May.

“Sure sure, but let’s get inside first,” laughed May as she and the other girls increased their pace and set off towards Yasmin’s apartment.


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