Night On Haunted Hill

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #pov:bottom #sub:female #clothing #demon #drones #ghosts #horror #multiple_partners #rhyme

Isabelle spends the night in a haunted house as part of a dare but soon finds the house is a lot less empty than she first thought. Who exactly are Trick and Treat and what are they planning?

This story is part of my "Trick And Treat" series of stories. While they're all self-contained there are some recurring elements and callbacks.

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“Don’t be such a wuss,” muttered Isabelle to herself, her hand resting on the cold iron gate. She didn’t know why she wanted to do this so much, it was a silly bet and it’s not like she couldn’t have just lied.

Everyone in town talked about it, the mansion on the hill. Haunted hill it was called despite its actual name being something much more mundane. Everyone had a story about the place, several of which contradicted one another, but all the stories said one thing. It was haunted.

The most common story was that anyone who knocked on its door the day before Halloween would disappear in mysterious circumstances and thus it was common for people to dare each other to do it. This is why Isabelle found herself here, desperate to impress the cool girls, desperate to look tough.

She pushed on the gate and listened to the rusty metal creak open, something about the sound sent a shiver through her whole body. She took a deep breath and walked up the drive, watching the house grow bigger and bigger in front of her.

Her heart pounded in her chest, her breathing grew faster. She climbed the creaky wooden steps up to the house. She looked to the door and realized it was ajar. Had someone else come up here tonight as well? Was someone else doing this stupid bet?

Isabelle sighed, if someone else was here she couldn’t run off, just in case they knew her, in case they outed her as a coward to everyone. She pushed the wooden door open and looked around, the low light of evening creating a dappled effect inside the hall. This place was big, bigger than Isabelle ever imagined, it was very much a relic of an earlier time, Isabelle had only seen houses like this in old movies.

She took a deep breath and stepped in, the floorboards creaking as she did. Her eyes darted left and right, desperate to make sure there was nothing lurking in the dark. Suddenly the door slammed hard behind her, making Isabelle scream. She turned around and sprinted back, tugging on the doorknob, but the door refused to open a single inch.

Suddenly the room lit up as if illuminated by spotlights. Isabelle span around, her eyes darting about. Suddenly she saw a figure at the top of the stairs.

“Well, what do we have here?” Said the obviously feminine voice, her tone closer to a song than to speech.

“It seems we’ve got ourselves a sightseer,” came another female voice from a room to the side of Isabelle.

“Well, lets welcome in our guest!” Shouted the first woman as she slid down the banister and dropped onto the floor a little in front of Isabelle.

“Well, I think that could be for the best!” Sang the other girl as she spun out from the room and grabbed the first girl by the hand before they both sung out in unison.

We’re the twins who can’t be beat!“

“I’m Trick!”

“And I’m Treat!”

The girls posed, giving Isabelle a moment to get a good look at them, they were both around the same height, but their manner of dress was total opposites. Trick was in a dark blue suit that looked like she had stolen it from a gothic novel, a small top hat perched on her head.

Treat on the other hand wore a dark purple dress that formed a wide dome around her hips, the top half forming a tight corset, spider web pattern stockings running all the way down her legs.

Isabelle gawked at the pair as they held their pose, her brain trying to catch up with what was going on, suddenly she started to laugh, she couldn’t stop herself, the sight of these two girls in front of her was just too much. “Okay, you got me! Nice!” She said between gasps. “Who put you up to this?” She continued, looking around, waiting for some other girls to pop out and join in with the laughter.

“What do you mean other girls here?” Asked Treat, her face dropping slightly.

“There is just us, no one else to overhear!” Continued Trick, her smile also fading.

“Right, right,” said Isabelle looking around, still waiting for someone she knew to jump out and reveal the joke, but she had to admit, these drama students were good at keeping up character.

“Now, it seems you are nothing more than a beginner,” started Trick

“But don’t worry for it is time for dinner!” Cheered Treat, leaning forward and grabbing Isabelle by the hand and pulling her. Isabelle squeaked and stumbled, following behind Treat, not wanting to forcefully yank away from the girl lest she angered her.

All three wandered through the old corridors of the building until they came to a gigantic dining room. The walls were dotted with paintings and various candle filled chandeliers hung from the ceiling. In the center sat a large, wooden dining table, covered in plates, pumpkins, and yet more candles.

However, despite its size, the table only had three chairs, one at either end and then one in the middle. Treat dragged Isabelle to the middle chair and pulled it out for her before pushing her down into it. Isabelle looked around dumbfounded, this room was stunning, beautiful even. It was so wonderful she didn’t even remark at being pushed into a chair.

As she scanned over the table she saw that it was dotted with metal trays, each covered with a cloche, Isabelle looked towards her hosts, unsure what they were about to do.

“Shall I be the mother?” Said Treat, leaning over the table to pull one of the trays closer to Isabelle.

“I would help but I hate to smother,” replied Trick with a smirk. In one flowing movement Treat pulled the cloche off the tray revealing a load of small balls, wrapped in orange and black plastic.

“We have the one food that is always dandy!” She exclaimed with a smile.

“And that food is candy!” Smiled Trick, leaning back in her chair.

“But heed our forewarning,” giggled Treat as she leaned in and whispered.

“Eat too much and your friends will be mourning,” added Trick, somehow knowing what to say despite Treat whispering. Something about Treat’s tone sent a shiver down Isabelle’s spine.

She looked at the tray of candy, they did look quite tasty but what did the girls mean about her friends mourning? She looked to her side only to realize Treat had gone to the one end of the table and had taken a seat. Isabelle looked between the two girls, waiting for someone to finally end this joke, part of her wanted to get up and run off, but she couldn’t drum up the courage.

“Come and eat up, the candy is delicious!” Smiled Treat as she unwrapped one and threw it into her mouth.

“And really quite nutritious!” Giggled Trick as she copied Treat and swallowed a candy whole.

Isabelle felt unsure as she looked over the candies, could she really trust these two? She picked one up and played with it in her hands, hearing the soft crinkle of the packaging.

“Don’t worry, we won’t need to get the chambermaid,” interrupted Treat, drawing Isabelle’s attention away from the candy.

“As it doesn’t contain a razor blade!” Giggled Trick. Isabelle gulped, why would they need to state such a thing? And why did they seem to take such glee in tormenting her?

“Hurry up and swallow!” Shouted Treat from her chair.

“Maybe you will feel less hollow!” Cackled Trick, putting her feet on the table. Isabelle looked between the two, suddenly feeling much more threatened. She opened the candy, feeling the girls’ eyes burn into her.

Inside the wrapper was a small chocolate brown ball. Isabelle lifted it towards her mouth, her heart started to pound. Why was she doing this? Did she even have a choice in this anymore?

She threw the ball into her mouth and gently pressed her teeth into it. As she did her mouth was filled with the most divine chocolate flavor, Isabelle was blown away, this candy was delicious! As she swallowed the flavor only got better. It was like a warm hug that wrapped around every fiber of her being.

After a few moments, the flavor faded and Isabelle reached forward to grab another one only to jump as she felt a hand on either shoulder. She looked up to see Trick and Treat smiling down at her.

“Seems you enjoy our candy!” Chuckled Treat

“I’m sure that will come in handy!” Smirked Trick. Isabelle just nodded, unsure how to react to these two.

“Can I have another candy?” Asked Isabelle, her voice wavering slightly as she looked up at her two captors.

“You can have one if you agree,” started Treat.

“To listen to our simple plea,” replied Trick

“To look into our lantern’s flame,” continued Treat, pointing to the one Jack-O-Lantern in the middle of the table.

“It really is a fun game!” Added Trick, her pose mirroring Treat’s, drawing Isabelle’s eyes towards the flicking pumpkin in the center of the table.

It was a pretty pumpkin and the breeze in the room did make the candle flicker and dance around the insides, causing the light to constantly form new and interesting shapes. Isabelle felt Trick and Treat slowly start to rub the shoulder they were holding. She wanted to speak up, however, the twins started to sing before she could get the chance.

“There is no need to have a qualm,” sang Treat softly.

“In fact, you might feel quite calm,” responded Trick.

“As the candle does its merry dance,”

“It may put you in a trance,” snickered Trick. Isabelle felt a sudden wave of dread wash over here, were these two girls trying to do something to her? She tried to move her head, only to realize the two girls now had their palms on her cheek, preventing her from turning away from the Pumpkin.

“Oh there is no point in keeping it disguised,” said Treat, her voice becoming more sinister.

“You are getting hypnotized!” Added Trick, sounding even more joyous than she had previously. Isabelle started to panic, but she didn’t feel all there, it was like her panic was being restrained, being diverted like she couldn’t muster up the fight she needed, her eyes following the dancing flame regardless of her desire to look away.

“Just follow the flame with your eyes,” cooed Treat, seemingly able to read Isabelle like an open book.

“And your brain will start to downsize,” added Trick, the voices in each ear throwing Isabelle off balance, making it even harder for her to orient herself so she could fight back.

“Your thoughts vanishing without a trace,” continued Treat once more and Isabelle felt it, her thoughts slipping away, she had no response, no sarcasm, no ideas, her mind was slipping away and she couldn’t stop her eyes going back to the flame every few moments.

“Your mind is falling behind the pace,” smiled Trick. Isabelle felt it again, the words of this girl becoming true, her thoughts growing slower and fewer and so many of the ones that were left were distracted by the pretty dancing flame.

“Relaxing like this is just a mental mechanism,”

“Some used to call it mesmerism,” finished Trick, Isabelle felt her muscles grow heavy, a small line of drool trickling down her lip, the flame reflected in her eyes.

“And now your thoughts are getting clearer,”

“Mindless bliss is getting nearer,”

“Your mind is getting oh so foggy,”

“Thoughts stuck and really groggy,” continued the girls, in turn, causing Isabelle’s head to spin, the dance of the flame reducing her thoughts down. She wanted to think, she wanted to scream, she wanted to fight but she just couldn’t, she couldn’t find a way, she was trapped in the embrace of these two girls.

“In front of your eyes, our hands will sweep,”

“And it will put you right to sleep!” Giggled Trick. Isabelle braced, she was going to fight this, she wasn’t going to give in, she was going to use all her energy and all her will. But as the two gloved hands waved across her eyes, she let out a small groan, her eyes grew too heavy, they fluttered closed without Isabelle’s permission as she felt her muscles grow slack, forcing her to fall into sleep, the world fading to a black haze.

“Now let us help with your confusion,” started Treat, leaning close to Isabelle.

“Your free will is a delusion,” added Trick, once again mirroring her twin.

“Being awake is just a mask,”

“You can use to complete our task,”

“Like a zombie march the streets,”

“To collect us lots of sweets!” Cheered Trick, her words sliding right into Isabelle’s brain, lodging themselves in, dominating her thoughts, taking them over until the rhyme echoed over and over like a tape on a loop.

Isabelle felt hands rubbing over her, but she couldn’t be sure what was going on, her mind just looped the rhyme over and over, time stretched out, seconds became minutes and minutes hours until time lost all meaning to her.

She blinked. Her body was moving, the cool air tingling on her skin, she could see her arms out in front of her, a bright bag hanging between them. Other people were looking at her and smiling. Isabelle tried to gain control of her body, but it refused to listen.

“Hey, cute costume!” shouted a girl from the other side of the street. Isabelle tried to talk but only a low deep groan came out. The girl giggled and walked off. Isabelle screamed in her head, what was going on? Where was she going?

Suddenly her body took a sharp turn and moved up a driveway towards a house, Isabelle steeled herself, determined to tell the homeowner what was going on, to beg for help. Her body knocked on the door and a lady opened and stared at her.

Isabelle opened her mouth. “Trick Or Treat!” Came tumbling out, Isabelle swayed slightly, those words felt so good. They made her brain and crotch throb with a bolt of pure bliss. The woman smiled and dropped some candy into the bag and then closed the door. Isabelle started to walk again, she felt happy and delirious, what had she been trying to do again?

By the time she had got her thoughts together her body was already knocking on a door, and once again she let the phrase tumble out of her lips. “Trick or Treat,” she sang and once again the delirium hit her as the candy fell into her bag. If she had been in control of her motor functions she would have hardly been able to stand, her brain was swimming in joy and bliss.

The world seemed to sway around her, the palette of Autumn seeming brighter and more complex than she had ever realized before. And everything was just so beautiful.

It was at the third house she realized it. The jolt of pleasure that ran through her when she said the phrase made everything clear to her. Shouting the name of her Mistresses was just so wonderful, so blissful. Everyone giving her candy to pay fealty to her Mistresses just felt so heavenly, everyone should obey them, everyone should give them things, they were just perfect in every way.

This revelation caused the delirium to twist Isabelle’s brain further to the point she couldn’t think anymore, she went onto auto-pilot, going house to house and collecting all the candy she could without a single other thought, her arms never dropping for a second.

Isabelle didn’t think again until she was on the porch of the old house. She felt so good, the weight of bag indicating she had done a good job. The second she walked through the door it slammed behind her once more and Trick and Treat appeared atop the stairs.

“Well there she is our favored undead,” smiled Treat, singing as she slid down the banister.

“And without a single thought in her head,” added Trick, following behind Treat.

“Hurry, Hurry show us the loot!” Shouted Treat, bouncing as she did.

“And you better not have collected fruit!” Growled Trick, pulling Isabelle to the dining room by her outstretched arm.

Isabelle obediently followed before tipping the bag out on the table, sending a wave of candy everywhere, Trick squealed with joy as she looked over all the candies.

“Now sister, it isn’t time for noshing,” giggled Treat.

“I know, first we must finish our brainwashing,” Nodded Trick, turning towards Isabelle with an evil glint in her eye.

“First dear Isabelle a poison kiss,”

“To send you deep into the abyss,” smiled Trick as she and Treat leaned in and kissed Isabelle on the cheek. Isabelle wobbled, her eyes rolling up into her head, her mind breaking apart as her trance grew deeper and even more inescapable.

“Now enjoy yourself and your sway,”

“For a debt, you must repay,”

“For getting to be under our hex,”

“You must now kiss our sex!” Cackled Trick, jumping up onto the table and slowly dropping her pants, watching as Treat copied. Isabelle felt something in her head. Something about this felt wrong.

“What’s wrong Isabelle are you not gay?” Asked Treat, almost like she was reading Isabelle’s thoughts. But she was right, Isabelle had never been into girls, had she? She remembered dating boys.

“Well that was true until yesterday,” said Trick sarcastically.

“Because you got too hot and wet,”

“Your former preferences you forget!” Smiled Trick as Isabelle’s eyes fluttered once more. She felt thoughts flowing away from her, her certainly replaced by confusion as she stared at the two girls. What had she been thinking about?

“Our advance you can’t rebuff,”

“You just really want to lick our muff,” continued Trick. Isabelle felt herself grow aroused as her eyes roamed between the two girls’ legs. The sight looked just so tempting, new feelings and desires filled Isabelle’s brain. She could think of nothing else but sinking to her knees and servicing these two girls. As she thought this, her body followed, falling heavily to the floor and crawling over to nuzzle at Trick’s crotch.

“And as your tongue does insert,”

“You’ll realize muff tastes like dessert!” Moaned Trick as she grasped Isabelle by the hair. Isabelle was suddenly hit by the taste of strawberry pudding, why had she not done this before? Girls tasted amazing, so sweet and wonderful, she could lick them forever! After a few moments, Isabelle moved between Treat’s legs, listening as she moaned like her twin.

Isabelle continued like this for what seemed like hours, going back and forth between Trick and Treat, the strawberry taste somehow growing more delicious with every single lap of her tongue. Soon both girls exploded in pleasure, moaning and flopping back into the pile of candy on the table. Isabelle smiled a wide yet vacant smile.

“Now listen closely our new slave,” panted Treat, moving across the table to spoon Trick.

“Another taste you will crave,” panted Trick.

“In fact, you’ll be so keen,”

“You will return next Halloween.”

“But the day before you will send”

“One of your closest friends,”

“And make sure she is nice and sweet,”

“As a gift for Trick and Treat,” smiled Trick as her eyes fluttered closed.

Isabelle blinked and looked around, the light hurt her eyes. She groaned as she pulled herself up off the rough wood of the porch, it was morning.

“So dull I fell asleep,” she muttered to herself as she picked up the small bag that lay next to her. She opened it gently and smiled to herself. “I have some candies left, nice!” She giggled as she threw one into her mouth, Strawberry chocolate was the best.


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