Trick And Treat's Mischief Night

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #sub:female #body_control #bondage #clothing #horror #possession #pov:top

A team of ghost hunters accidentally free the mischievous spirits called Trick and Treat, allowing them to cause chaos at an unsuspecting Halloween party.

This story is part of my "Trick And Treat" series of stories. While they're all self-contained there are some recurring elements and callbacks.

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The Autumn wind whistled through the trees, causing leaves to tumble the ground. However, in the cold of the house, something was starting to stir.

“I’m bored,” huffed Treat as she preened herself in a cobweb-covered mirror.

“Well, I hope you remain so very sweet, remember why they call you Treat,” smiled Trick as she fiddled with some candles.

“This whole house is too subdued! Until we have fun I’ll sit here and brood!” Replied Treat as she threw an old compact at Trick, hitting her in the shoulder.

“There is no need to be so mean,” said Trick with a sigh. “For it is nearly Halloween. A festival of ghosts, spooks, and ghouls! And of course our most pretty tools!”

“Sister while I do enjoy a guest, it is our imprisonment I detest!” Sang Treat as she stood up and swatted at a cobweb.

“Our captivity we must embrace,” lectured Trick. “Until someone knocks the statue off its base.”

“Who would ever be that rash? Who would go into the mausoleum and thrash? Why can’t we just put someone in a trance, send them there, and have them dance?”

“Because the one who breaks it must be free,” replied Trick. “That is the only guarantee.”

“I hate it so much when you’re right,” grumbled Treat. “I can’t wait for the end of this darned night!”

Suddenly a crash echoed from outside the house. Treat ran to the window and pressed her face against the glass, gazing out into the overgrown grounds.

A woman was milling around the mausoleum, rubbing her hands together and trying to stay warm as two people set up a large assortment of equipment.

“A new delicious guest, I wonder how their fate will manifest!” Giggled Treat as she squished her nose against the cold glass.

“Come on guys! Alexis is that camera ready?” Shouted the one woman as she blew into her cupped hands.

“Veronica, we’re getting there!” Sighed Alexis as she fiddled with some wires. “We can’t step up a whole camera rig instantly you know!”

“Well, we don’t have all night!”

“Exactly! You know the field rig takes us at least half a day to set up, we’re having to do this way quicker than usual!”

“Look, the landowner would never give us permission to film here, so we have to film it without anyone spotting!” Shouted Veronica as she hopped from foot to foot in an attempt to stay warm.

“I hope this gets good ratings,” replied Alexis as she plugged the camera in. “We good to go?” She said as she looked at her assistant who quickly nodded in confirmation.

“Sabrina!” Shouted Veronica. “Get out of the car and come over here, we’re starting!”

“You sure?” Replied Sabria as climbed out of the van and jogged over. “Why couldn’t we film this in summer?”

“Why couldn’t you wear more fitting clothes?” Interjected Veronica, pointing to the short skirt that Sabrina was wearing.

“Because I’m that fashionable one, people tune in as I put effort into my appearance!”

“Hey,” interrupted Alexis. “Get in position, we’re running on limited time!” She said as she moved behind the main camera and nodded to her assistant.

“Okay,” replied Veronica and Sabrina in unison as they stood next to each other and put on their best smiles, watching as Alexis counted down with her fingers.

“Welcome to Ghost Seekers!” Smiled Sabrina as she looked into the camera. “Tonight we are broadcasting live from Elm Mansion!”

“Right,” grinned Veronica. “Elm Mansion is steeped in history, first built in 1702 by the industrialist Henry Mordu this house has had its fair share of horrific events.”

“Most of which are attributed to the hill the house is built on. Locals say that this hill was once a resting place for spirits and that the foundations of the house caused them to go berserk!”

“The house is so haunted that most people dare not step inside. The owner of the land has been unable to sell it due to the local legends and thus leaves the hill and the house to sit and rot. Until tonight,” said Veronica in an almost conspiratorial tone.

“Tonight, we’re going to see just what hides in Elm Mansion,” nodded Sabrina. “And what better place to start than the mausoleum that stands just inside the gate, the final home of Chastity Mordu, the crying bride.”

The girls turned and pushed the iron gate open, the creak echoing in the night air. As the girls moved into the dark stone building Alexis followed, doing her best to keep the camera steady as she walked.

“Dark in here,” said Veronica.

“It is a mausoleum,” interjected Sabrina as she smirked at the camera.

“I realize,” said Veronica sarcastically, trying to make it clear to the audience that she was joking while also trying to tell Sabrina to stop hogging mic time.

“In this mausoleum, we have both Chastity’s sarcophagus and this bust of an unknown woman. There are many stories about who this is meant to represent, some say it is Chastity’s sister. Harmony, or even an unknown lover. Here, Alexis, get a nice close-up of this statue, and let’s turn on night vision and see if we can pick something up.” Rambled Sabrina as she pointed at the camera, watching as Alexis leaned in and fiddled with the lens.

“This place has a weird energy,” added Veronica as she watched Alexis pan the camera around. “It makes me feel like I’m being watched.”

‘Well you are, we are the forty-fifth most-watched show on cable!” Chuckled Sabrina. “Alexis, anything on the night vision?”

“Not a thing,” said Alexis.

“Well, we’re going to do a little test here,” explained Veronica as she grabbed something from out of her pocket. “We’re going to be leaving a recorder in this place to see if we pick up any audio.”

“Yes we are,” smiled Sabrina. “Maybe you should let the statue have it? She might whisper us her secrets.”

“Very good idea,” nodded Veronica as she placed the recorder on the statue’s plinth.

“And now, we’ll head out and enter Elm Mansion proper. So get talking ghosts!” Chuckled Sabrina as Alexis started to back up out of the mausoleum, keen to get establishing shots of the group heading towards the mansion.

The assistant looked around as she walked out of the stone building, trying to make sure that Alexis didn’t trip over anything as she moved backward. As she walked, she quickly looked up, only to spot Treat in the window, her face still pressed up against the glass.

The crew member let out a high pitched scream as she jumped backward, only to crash into Alexis, sending her tumbling forward. Sabrina didn’t have time to react or space to move, the camera hit her in the face and sent her flying into Veronica.

“What the hell?” Shouted Veronica as she stumbled and wave her arms about wildly trying to find something to steady herself on. Her hand grabbed onto the statue, but it wasn’t enough to keep her upright, with a loud crack both Veronica and the statue crashed to the floor.

A strange glow trickled from the statue and dashed toward the house. As it reached the foundation it wrapped around the building, making it glisten and shine for a few moments.

“They did it! They did it! The stupid fools! Now we can make all the rules!” Shouted Treat as she bounced towards Trick and hugged her.

“If it is true and we are free, it is time for us to go on a pranking spree!” Cheered Trick as she embraced her sister, watching as the green glow totally enveloped the house before dissipating.

The pair quickly ran down the stairs of the old house. Once they reached the front door they looked at each other, a hint of nervousness in their eyes.

“Has our captivity ended without fanfare? Here is the door but do we dare?” Asked Trick softly.

“Now is not the time to be philosophical about it!” Shouted Treat as she grabbed the handle. “Now is the time we commit!” She continued as she yanked the door open, and ran outside.

Trick watched nervously, half expecting lightning to strike the girl the second her feet hit the grass, however, nothing seemed to happen. Trick followed Treat outside and found that like her sister, she was able to leave the house for the first time in decades.

“It’s true! It’s true! Now, what do we do?” Asked Trick as she watched Treat dance around in the grass.

“Let’s go to the statue!” Shouted Treat. “We have our new guests to attend to!”

“What the hell? What was that you idiots!” Screamed Veronica as she pushed Sabrina off of her and stood up. “You could have killed me!”

“Forget about you!” Shouted Alexis, “this camera wasn’t cheap, the network will take it out of my pay!”

“Well, you should be more careful!”

“Easy for you to say, you get paid more than me!” Grumbled Alexis as she turned around. “Why did you run into me?” She shouted as she looked accusingly at her assistant.

“I’m sorry,” stuttered Billie.

“Did you not listen to any of the safety stuff I told you?” Sighed Alexis. “I didn’t give that lecture for fun you know!”

“I saw someone in the window! She was looking at us!”

“What?” Shouted Sabrina as she pulled herself up off the stone floor. “We’ve got to go investigate! It might be a full-blown apparition!”

“Or just a kid messing around,” sighed Veronica. She tried to grab onto Sabrina, but she missed, allowing the woman to run out into the grounds.

“Follow me!” Said, Sabrina, as she waved at the camera.

“But the focus,” mumbled Alexis. “I need to set it back.”

“We don’t have time!” Shouted Sabrina, waving more aggressively, “we need to check that apparition out.”

Sabrina ran towards the door of the old house. She didn’t realize that she was running right towards the celebrating Trick and Treat. As Treat spotted the girl coming towards her, a big smirk formed on her face.

“What better way to start our pranking session than a little bit of possession?” She giggled as she ran towards Sabrina, turning incorporeal moments before she collided with the girl.

Sabrina didn’t have time to react, all she saw was a white flash before a strange sensation filled her body, it was almost like her brain had been disconnected from the rest of her, like all of her muscles were suddenly so far away.

Sabrina’s eyes faded to a faint grey as Treat seized control of the ghost hunter, whispering softly into the girl’s mind. “Stop and don’t fight, play along and it will be all right. It may be quite the fright, but you are now my acolyte.”

“Is everything okay?” Asked Alexis as she caught up with Sabrina.

“Everything is fine,” said Sabrina as she straightened up. “I’m making sure the windows align.”

“You’re a poet and you don’t know it,” giggled Alexis nervously, doing her best to try and diffuse some of the tension that hung in the air.

“Your mind is going to submit and you don’t know it.”

“I, what?” Blinked Alexis. “I don’t understand?” However, before Alexis could do anything Trick slid into her body and took control of her. Alexis tried to fight the weird sensation but quickly found her mind being overcome by Trick’s will.

“Now you are so nice and blank,” chuckled Trick through Alexis’ mouth. “It is time to pull a prank. I will act as a distraction, while you take action!”

“What is going on?” Asked Veronica as she walked up to the pair. “Why did we stop?

“Because I need to get a shot,” answered Alexis in a strangely clipped tone. “To check if this is working or not.”

“Are you okay?” Replied Veronica as she tilted her head.

“I am very well, just keen to get out of this hell,” nodded Alexis robotically.

“Did you hit your head or something, you are talking weirdly.” Said, Veronica, as Sabrina slowly snuck up behind her.

“Didn’t you listen to what I said? I did not bump my head.”

“Okay, I think I’ll call someone,” mumbled Veronica, only to feel an intense pain between her butt cheeks as Sabrina yanked her panties like she was trying to tear them off. “Oh god, what are you doing?” Screamed Veronica as she tried to pull away from Sabrina.

“Your panties must really hurt, let’s get rid of those and your shirt,” laughed Sabrina, her voice weirdly echoing as she spoke.

“Get off me!” Screeched Veronica as she tried to swat at Sabrina. “Alexis help me!” She shouted as the pain grew more and more intense, her underwear starting to rip.

“Why would I give you help?” Giggled Alexis as her voice echoed. “Maybe I want to watch you yelp?”

Veronica started to panic, realizing something was terribly wrong with her camera girl and cohost. “Stop it! Stop it!” She shouted as she tried to escape from the wedgie.

Suddenly Veronica’s panties gave in to the strain and loudly ripped, causing Veronica to fall face-first into the grass. “What are you doing?” She cried as she rolled over to look up at the girls.

“Is everything okay?” Asked, Billie, as she walked over, obviously still very nervous.

“Everything is fine like it is all the time,” Replied Alexis as she turned to face Billie.

“Nothing for you to fear, why don’t you come near?” Added Sabrina.

“What is going on with your eyes?” Stuttered Billie as she started to walk backward.

“Now now, do not flee, you can not escape me,” cackled Trick as she walked towards Billie, throwing the camera to the side as she did. Billie started to panic, unsure of what to do.

The moment of panic was enough to allow Trick to close the gap and tackle Billie to the ground. Billie kicked and thrashed, utter terror in her eyes. “Please! I’m sorry about the camera! I’ll pay! I’ll pay!” She screamed as she tried to get out from underneath Alexis’ body.

“Well now you’re downed, you can be bound!” Giggled Sabrina as she skipped towards Billie with remains of Veronica’s panties in her hands. Once she was close enough Sabrina used the panties to tie her and Alexis’ wrist to Billie’s.

“What is this? Why?” Mumbled Billie, her body frozen in fear and confusion.

“If we’re going to play a game, we need to make sure you are tame,” giggled Sabrina before crumpling to the ground. As the girl went limp, the figure of Treat could be seen slipping out of the girl’s back. Billie started to scream, only for Alexis to land limply on top of her, muffling her cries.

“All that screaming will make you dizzy,” laughed Treat as she looked down at Billie. “But at least your friends will keep you busy!” She added before skipping out of the grounds and down the hill, heading towards the town below.

“Now we are no longer cursed, what do you think we should do first?” Asked Trick as she followed closely behind her spectral sister.

“Don’t you remember our modus operandi?” Asked Treat, sounding slightly offended by Trick’s question. “We are going to go gather candy!”

In the town a group of girls sat around a table, looking at each other. “This is awesome!” Grinned Diane, adjusting her cat ears as she did.

“Yeah!” Replied Kaylee, “it was such a good idea to have a retro Halloween party!”

“All we need is Trick or Treating!” Smiled Carla.

“Who needs that when you can just buy the candy you like?” Chuckled Diane as she reached into a pumpkin-shaped pail and pulled out a small ball of chocolate.

“But the mystery is fun!” Argued Carla as she pointed towards her mouth. Diane reached into the bucket once more and pulled out another ball before quickly unwrapping it and throwing it towards Carla, watching as she caught it in her mouth.

“We should do a ritual!” Interjected Colleen.

“A ritual?” Said Carla, her voice muffled by the chocolate.

“What you girls didn’t do those when you were younger? Like Ouija boards and mirror scrying?”

“My mom would have killed me if she found out I was doing stuff like that,” replied Carla as she swallowed the chocolate.

“Then we need to do it!” Smiled Colleen. “It isn’t a teenage Halloween party unless we try to summon a ghost and scare ourselves silly.”

“Provided you don’t try and kill a goat, I want my deposit back,” said Diane sarcastically.

“I like the fact the goat is where you drew the line,” teased Kaylee. “The forces of hell are fine, but the goat is the no-no.”

“Goat murder is the line,” corrected Diane. “If the goat came as a friend I would be okay with it. Anyway, the forces of hell are easy to deal with, you just need a good shotgun.”

“Like you have one of those.”

“You don’t know what I have in my wardrobe.”

“I do. Dildos.” Giggled Carla, causing the girls to quickly fall about in hysterics.

Once they had all pulled themselves together, Kaylee looked towards Colleen. “So what do we need for this ritual?”

“Well, let’s do some mirror scrying as that one is pretty awesome and it is really freaky, all we need is a dark room, a mirror, and a candle.”

“My bedroom has a large mirror,” grinned Diane. “And I’m sure I’ve got a candle knocking around somewhere!”

“Great! Let’s do it!” Replied Carla, obviously getting excited.

The girls quickly started to gather the things Colleen requested as Diane adjusted the mirror in her room to make sure that they could all look into it.

Unbeknownst to the girls Trick and Treat peered at them through the window, both girls concocting a plan in their heads as they watched the girls gather supplies.

“The season has them all aglow!” Cheered Treat.

“Then we should give them quite the show!” Nodded Trick as she passed through the window and crept up the stairs with Treat not too far behind.

After a few minutes, the girls gathered in the living room, looking down at a table of candles. “So what do we do?” Asked Diane, looking towards Colleen.

“So, we will light a candle and turn the lights off. One of us will then walk into the bedroom with the candle in front of them. You must stare into the mirror, without blinking or looking away. You’ll see a figure.”

“Mirrors usually do that,” giggled Kaylee.

“This won’t be you. This will be a demon or your future husband. But, you must not let the candle go out, nor turn your back on the mirror. If you do, the demon will escape and torment you. Also, if it asks questions of you, you must answer, else you will become cursed. Okay?”

“There are a lot of ifs in this,” said Carla as she trembled.

“There is,” nodded Colleen. “Who wants to go first?”

“Carla should,” grinned Kaylee as she forced a candle into Carla’s hand.

“But I,” trembled Carla.

“Don’t worry, we won’t tell your Mom.”

“But, what.”

“Are you scared?” Teased Kaylee. “A little chicken?”

“Not scared! I don’t get scared!” Lied Carla as she gripped the candle. “I’ll do it, light it!”

“Well if you are sure,” nodded Colleen as she walked over to the candle and ignited the wick.

“I’m sure,” replied Carla, sounding more like she was trying to convince herself than her friends. As the wick burst into life Diane flicked the lights off, allowing the flickering flame to illuminate the room.

“First on the left,” smiled Diane as Carla started to slowly walk up the stairs. Her heart pounded in her chest as she walked into the bedroom and pulled the door shut behind her.

The flickering flame made shadows dance around the room making everything seem strangely sinister. Carla took a deep breath and tried to relax, this was just a silly game, it wasn’t going to work she told herself. However, Colleen’s warning echoed in her head, making her feel very uneasy.

Carla focused on the mirror, the dim light of the candle allowing her to just make out her own form reflected in the mirror. Carla opened her eyes wider, focusing intently on the reflection.

Time seemed to slow down, her body was primed ready to scream or run should anything happen. Slowly, the reflection started to change into a different person, a woman in a large dress that seemed to be made out of spiderwebs.

Carla kept her eyes open, doing her best to avoid blinking as the figure took shape. Carla’s heart started to pound faster, “a demon,” she mumbled to herself as she stared at the girl in the mirror.

“Well, that is very rude! Maybe you are just a prude!” Huffed Treat as she started to move around in the mirror.

“But you’re not my husband so you must be a demon,” muttered Carla as she shook.

“Just because you are harried, doesn’t mean we can’t be married!” Giggled Treat as she struck a pose in the mirror.

“But, I’m not gay!”

“You say you’re not gay, but I think that is just hearsay!”

“I’m not gay!” Repeated Carla, as she lifted the candle to her lips, mentally debating blowing it out in the hope it would end this crazy hallucination.

“You argue you’re straight and all that stuff,” interjected Trick as she appeared behind Treat in the mirror. “But why is the mirror full of hot muff?”

“Because you are demons!” Shook Carla. “I’m going to go now,” she said as she started to slowly back off. She no longer cared if her friends mocked her, she just wanted this to end.

“Now now, don’t you run!” Giggled Treat.

“That won’t be any fun!” Added Trick as her figure vanished from the mirror, only to materialize behind Carla.

“First we’re going to have a wedding,” smiled Treat as she stepped out of the glass.

“And then have our way with you on the bedding,” whispered Trick, her hot breath teasing Carla’s ear.

“You escaped!” Shouted Carla, “but how! I did everything right!”

“You denied your true needs,” cooed Treat as she grabbed the candle and held it in front of Carla’s face.

“So we’ll have to plant the seeds,” nodded Trick as Treat slowly started to move the candle from left to right, causing the flame to dance gently as it moved.

“No, you won’t have my soul! I won’t let you!”

“Your soul?” Said Treat as she rolled her eyes. “That really is not our goal.”

“A soul is useless in many respects,” added Trick as she wrapped her arms around Carla’s hips. “We are just looking for sex.”

“No! I won’t submit to you demons!” Whined Carla as she tried to struggle free. However, to her dismay, it seemed that Trick was inhumanly strong.

“Watch the flame do a dance,” cooed Treat softly, drawing Carla’s attention to the candle’s flame. “We’re going to put you in a trance.”

“What?” Whimpered Carla, her fear giving way to a confused sense of dread.

“You see the candle flame is like a prism, and that can be good for hypnotism. Just one single glance is enough to put you in a trance. Just the flame and my rhyme and now it is only a matter of time.”

Carla tried to resist Treat’s words, however, she found that no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to pull her eyes away from the flame as it gently moved in front of her.

She couldn’t work out what was going on, the situation was far too surreal for her mind to comprehend and she found herself just staring at the flame dumbfounded as her mind tried to catch up.

Tingles washed over Carla’s feet as she felt her muscles grow slack, something about the flame was certainly fascinating, and watching the candle meant that she didn’t need to think about the rest of the situation.

“That is good, just watch the flame and become our obedient hypnotized dame,” smiled Treat as she continued to sway the flame before the girl’s glazed eyes.

“Just let your free will quit, it is time for you to submit,” purred Trick as she let go of Carla’s waist and started to massage the girl’s shoulders. “Let the relaxation advance, as you spiral into a trance.”

Carla let out a soft sigh as the tingling continued to wash over her body, it was like all the tension and fear was draining out of her feet, leaving her pleasantly foggy.

Her eyes continued to follow the flame, but it wasn’t a conscious action, Carla wasn’t thinking of anything anymore, her whole body was just working on autopilot, passively observing everything from a deep, calm place in her mind.

“Now listen to every word we say,” sung Treat. “As your mind can no longer stray, just join our brainwave and become our devoted slave!”

“Slave,” mumbled Carla, her eyes crossing slightly as the word bounced around her empty and relaxed mind. Despite repeating it, the world held no meaning to her anymore, she couldn’t think about simple things, let alone complex concepts. All she wanted to do was relax.

“And when the candle’s flame is snuffed, your mind will be cuffed. But don’t you fret, you can just be our zombie pet!” Beamed Treat as she blew out the candle.

As the flame vanished Carla felt herself falling. It was like her brain was being flushed down a deep dark drain. All of her muscles went limp as she slumped forward, her jaw-dropping open as she let go of everything.

Carla walked down the stairs with the candle in her hand and a big smile on her face. “So?” Asked Colleen as rose from the couch. “What did you see?”

“I saw a demon!” Giggled Carla.

“No way!” Replied Kaylee excitedly. “You did not, you’re messing with us.”

“I saw a demon, honest!”

“Like seriously saw?” Gasped Diane.

“As real as anything,” nodded Carla as she put the candle down and grabbed some candy from the bucket.

“Well, what did she look like?” Asked Colleen, obviously excited.

“She was beautiful,” sighed Carla. “Pale skin, long legs that seemed to go on forever, and beautiful, soft, kissable lips. And her pussy was so hot.”

“Pardon?” Blinked Kaylee, staring at Carla with her mouth open. “Since when did you cuckoo over girls?”

“Since I saw how beautiful she was.”

“Very funny,” sighed Diane. “You could have had me going for longer, but you went too hard on the lesbian bit, no girl talks like that.”

“I do,” replied Carla firmly.

“But you’re not a lesbian.”

“I am now.”

“Because of the demon, you saw in the mirror?” Interjected Kaylee.

“Yeah the ritual didn’t mention it suddenly making you gay,” added Colleen.

“That is because your ritual was utter crap! So you can take a Halloween catnap!” Smirked Carla as she burst into childish giggles.

Kaylee went to say something, but before she could, all of the doors in the room slammed shut, making Diane scream. Before the girls could react to the doors shutting all of the candles on the table burst into life.

All of the girls stared at Carla, trying to work out what was going on. However, as the flames illuminated the girl, they all realized that she was not alone, two ghostly figures were looming behind her.

“Okay, this isn’t funny,” mumbled Colleen.

“This was your idea!” Shouted Kaylee. “This was your dumb prank.”

“Your fault you held such a dull celebration,” said Carla and the two girls in unison. “I think this party needs more erotic gyration.”

“What is going on!” Screamed Kaylee as she ran to the kitchen door and pulled on it, only to find that it wouldn’t budge an inch.

Suddenly a girl’s face appeared in Kaylee’s line of vision, making her scream once more. “I think you missed our meaning, I think your brain needs cleaning,” chuckled Trick as Kaylee backed off slowly.

She stumbled backward, trying to reassure herself that this was all some weird prank, making sure to not take her eyes off of Trick. Suddenly she felt something against her back, Kaylee jumped and turned only to realize that Carla and her new friends had surrounded the other girls, effectively trapping them in the center of the room.

“The thing with hypnosis is that it is viral,” said Trick as she pressed her nose against Kaylee’s. “All it takes is a little spiral,” she said as her eyes became swirling pools of black and orange. Kaylee wanted to scream, to push Trick out of the way. However, her arms refused to respond to her, all she could do was stare helplessly into the girl’s eyes.

The spiraling pattern seemed to go on forever, almost like a pit with no bottom. All of Kaylee’s body tingled as she felt herself becoming heavy. It was like all of her muscles were turning to stone, she was so heavy that she couldn’t even lift a single finger, all she could do was stare at the spirals that filled Trick’s eyes.

Colleen found herself in a similar situation, gazing helplessly into Treat’s spiraling eyes, her body and mind slowly shutting down as Treat’s words pushed deeper and deeper into her psyche, rendering her totally and utterly mindless. Colleen felt a strange warmth between her legs, something about the spirals was strangely arousing to her, they made her feel so good, so hot, so wanted.

Of all the girls, Diane was the most terrified. Carla was staring blankly at her, slowly moving a candle in front of her eyes. Diane was unsure what to do, her brain was screaming that Carla was a threat, but she couldn’t hit her friend, she also didn’t want to risk accidentally setting herself or Carla on fire. So Diane just stood there, paralyzed with fear, her eyes following the candle flame as it swayed.

“Back and forth and back again,” cooed Carla, as she watched the flame dance in Daine’s glazed eyes, “just let your free, will drain, it is not my fault I’m a bit possessed and now obsessed with your pretty chest.”

The words seemed to come from inside Diane’s mind, they made her feel dizzy and light-headed, almost like she was in some surreal dream or drunken stupor. The flame was the only thing that made sense, a small island of normality in this crazy situation, it was so easy to just focus on the candle and block out everything else, to cling onto that small piece of sanity.

“Surrender to the flame’s effects and feel it dancing on your sex,” continued Carla as she undressed Diane with her eyes. “Your panties are utterly soused, you can’t help but get aroused. So why don’t you go so very deep, as now it is time to sleep.”

The word sleep seemed to echo in both the room and Carla’s eardrums. It was almost like someone had flicked a switch inside her brain. All of her thoughts drained away at once, leaving an unending vista of blankness.

Diane felt like she was watching her body as if it was a character in a movie. A fiction that Diane could only gaze at as it embraced its pre-destined fate.

“Well, sister do you think they fell for our hex?” Smirked Trick as she looked over the three entranced girls.

“Now we can get to the sex!” Nodded Treat.

“But first let's deal with the one loose end, our brand new special friend.” Said Trick as she quickly moved behind Carla and gently rubbed her neck. The touch made Carla shudder as her eyes rolled up into her head.

“Such a good doll, we’ve had a ball,” smiled Treat as she gazed into Carla’s blank eyes.

“But just like your friends, you must fall,” added Trick as she bit into Carla’s neck and pushed her head forward in one smooth movement, sending the girl tumbling down into a trance.

“Now listen up and listen well,” smirked Treat as she grabbed a bucket of candy.

“You’ve got a desire to obey you cannot quell,” said Trick as she walked around the room, pulling the entranced girls to the floor one by one.

“Just let your free will float away!”

“Because it is time to obey!”

“You are going to have a lot of fun!”

“By being toys who will help us cum!” Laughed Trick as she pulled her pants down and sat on the table before spreading her legs wide. Treat quickly joined her, shoving candy into her mouth as she did.

The girls’ bodies were filled with warmth and calm. They were all so happy. They wanted nothing more than to obey the two girls, the mere idea of disobeying them seemed ludicrous.

It was like they were on puppet strings, forced to do whatever the two ghostly girls wanted them to do. They crawled towards the girls’ open legs and started to nuzzle and lick, the ghosts’ moans of pleasure only serving to motivate them.

While none of the girls had ever had sex with another woman before, the words of Trick and Treat echoed through their minds and taught them exactly what they needed to do to bring the most pleasure to their spectral overlords.

By the time Trick and Treat had cum, the girls were covered in sweat, having spent several hours obeying and pleasing the two ghosts. Trick slowly started to get dressed as Treat looked down on the girls.

“Now we’ve had our fun,” smiled Treat as she rubbed Carla’s head. “Why don’t you make each other cum? Again and again, until you are totally numb! And then by break of day, you’ll all realize you are gay!”

“Gay,” mumbled the girls as they started to embrace and touch one another. “Cum.”

“And while you are all getting randy, I’ll help myself to all your candy!” Nodded Treat as she quickly scooped all of the candy into a pail and followed Trick out of the house and into the night.

“While I do love to roam, we should really head for home,” said Trick softly as she watched Treat skip down the road.

“I suppose you’re right,” sighed Treat. “We can’t leave those hunters there all night.”

“Well at least we can make them listen to reason,” smirked Trick.

“It is the season,” nodded Treat as the pair started to head back towards Haunted Hill.

At the gates of the property stood Alexis, Veronica, Sabrina, and Billie, all of whom were in the midst of a very loud argument.

“We can’t go back in there!” Shouted Veronica.

“Why not? I got possessed!” Replied Sabrina furiously.

“Because you got possessed! You complete and utter dimwit!”

“So what, we’re just going to ignore the greatest manifestation we’ve ever seen?”

“Yes! Of course, we are! I’m not going to get killed!”

“Why the hell did you even join this damn show if you are willing to ignore stuff like this?”

“Because this show is the pathway to being the anchor on the midday news! And after that, the world is my oyster! I can do anything!”

“You make me sick! We’re going back in there, right girls?” Huffed Sabrina as she turned to face Alexis and Billie, who stayed silent for a few minutes before shaking their heads.

“I’m not paid enough.” Said Alexis gently, obviously trying to avoid escalating the situation. “We’ve already damaged the camera, so I’ve lost a day’s pay.”

“Billie, you’ll take it right?” Said Sabrina.

“I was tied to your unconscious bodies for nearly an hour,” mumbled Billie. “But.”

“She won’t,” interrupted Alexis. “Billie works for me. And the union forbids riggers going in without proper supervision.”

“You’re going to pull the union card?” Screamed Sabrina.

“In this case, yeah, you’re mental if you think I’m going back in there and I’m not letting you drag Billie into this! You’ve already traumatized the girl!”

“Um, guys?” Said, Veronica, as she started to tremble.

“Shut up!” Shouted Sabrina, turning to Veronica, only to realize that the girl was deathly pale. “What has gotten into you?” Asked Sabrina as she turned to see what Veronica was gazing at, only to scream when she spotted Trick and Treat stood just behind the group.

All of the girls turned and started to scream as Trick and Treat smiled. “Well that is quite the greeting,” laughed Trick.

“Pity your visit is fleeting,” added Treat.

“The night has been weird, but don’t you fret.”

“We’re going to make you all forget.”

“We’re not going to forget this!” Shouted Sabrina as she tried to grab the camera out of Alexis’ hands. “We’re going to get footage!” She said as she continued to fumble with the camera, unable to break Alexis’ terrified grip.

“But we’re not going to kick you out on the street,” giggled Trick.

“Without a delicious sweet treat!” Nodded Treat as she reached into her pail and pulled out a small candy in a shiny foil wrapper. The girls looked on in confusion and fear, none of them sure what Treat was going to do.

Treat rose up onto her tip-toes and let the candy dangle from her fingertips. “Just watch the foil dance and swing, let my hypnosis do its thing.”

“Hypnosis?” Blinked Veronica as she watched the foil shimmer in the early morning light.

“We won’t fall for this again!” Shouted Sabrina, not even realizing that her eyes were already following the shiny candy.

“While you may argue if it is true, I’m going to take control of you. A little movement left and right and you won’t be able to fight.” Sung Treat, obviously not phased by Sabrina’s defiance.

“We’re pretty good at this kind of thing,” nodded Trick. “We know how to make a girl our plaything. Sure you’re en masse, but your minds are as weak as glass, just one good hit and whatever we say, you’ll do it.” Teased Trick, watching as the girls’ eyes followed the shiny candy back and forth.

“It has been a long long night,” continued Treat. “And it is soon getting bright, don’t you want to head into your beds? To rest your weary heads? I don’t think it is very creepy, to remind you that you are getting sleepy.”

“Sleepy,” mumbled Veronica as she let out a little yawn, her eyes starting to flutter. One by one the other girls let out a yawn, finding it hard to focus their thoughts on anything other than the shiny candy. Treat was absolutely right, they were sleepy, they hadn’t gotten any sleep, and been running around all night. All of them wanted nothing more than to go home and curl up in their beds.

Deep down part of them realized that they should be scared or worried, but the tiredness wrapped around it like a heavy blanket, preventing them from thinking about it. They just needed to sleep.

“Yes, just look at my candy gleam and sink into a deep dream. Your thoughts stop dead, knowing that is time for bed.” Said Treat as she dropped the candy.

The girl’s eyes followed the candy as it fell, feeling their minds falling with it, their knees started to tremble as they crumpled weakly to the floor.

“Yes go so deep. It is time for you to sleep.” Cooed Trick as she watched the girls lie in a heap on the floor. All of them were sound asleep, their eyes tightly closed and their breathing was slow and shallow.

“Oh aren’t they so cute?” Smiled Treat as she wrapped her arms around Trick’s waist.

“They make very pretty loot,” chuckled Trick. Both girls spent a few minutes watching the ghost hunters sink deeper and deeper into their hypnotic slumber before starting to talk.

“When the birds do their morning call,” sung Treat as she kissed Trick’s neck.

“You won’t remember tonight at all.”

“You fell asleep and it is no fluke.”

“Because you couldn’t find a single spook.”

“But as our slaves, you’ll want to return,” said Treat firmly.

“The desire will always burn,” nodded Trick.

“In fact, you’ll be so keen,”

“You will all return next Halloween.”

“But the day before you will send”

“Some of your closest friends,”

“And make sure they are nice and sweet,”

“As a gift for Trick and Treat,” grinned Trick as she took Treat by the hand and led her towards the door of the mansion, leaving the girls asleep in a big pile near the gate.


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