My Mom Is A Supervillain?!

Chapter 14 — Epilogue: Snow Day

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #robots #sadomasochism #superhero

The snow fluttered down from the sky as the train slowly clicked into the station. Alicia stood up and pulled her bag off of the overhead rack, silently cursing herself for making it so heavy. While it was nice to see her Mom in a relationship, it did mean that she needed to buy two extra Christmas presents a year and those really weighed her down.

As she walked out onto the platform and towards the exit of the station Alica spotted police cars forming a cordon around a building on the opposite side of the street. Alicia moved closer to try and get a closer look, as she did, she spotted two familiar figures climbing up a fire escape.

Alicia quickly ran into a bathroom and yanked her bag open, pulling out the small bundle of clothes that she kept handy at all times. She quickly changed and yanked the mask over her head before running outside and stashing her bag in a bush.

Once she was sure that she was ready, Alicia quickly ran to the fire escape and started to climb up it, doing her best to catch up with the two figures she had seen a few minutes earlier.

As she reached the roof of the building she saw Ivanna and Dragón looking down through a skylight. “What’s up?”

“Alicia!” Gasped Dragón.

“Snow Queen,” said Ivanna firmly. “Robot obsessive. Decided to make an army of robotic snowmen.”

Alicia walked over and looked down, only to see that the shopping center was teeming with small cartoonish robot snowmen, each one wielding either a hatchet or a club.

“MIST called us in as robots are easy to smash,” smirked Dragón.

“Right, nodded Alicia, opening the skylight and dropping down onto a balcony.

“Stop right there!” Shouted Ivanna as she pointed down at the white-haired Snow Queen.

“It is too late! Winter is here!” Cackled the Snow Queen, “you will fall under the might of my blizzard bots!”

“Well well well,” came a voice from the opposite balcony. “Isn’t it always the way, you wait all day for a superhero team to kick your butt, and then two come along at once.” Said Mesmera as she, Ulla, and Mara stepped out of the shadows.

“We’re going to clear this line in time for Christmas!” Shouted Ulla. “Express Knight Ulla is here!”

“Emergency! Ready for action!” Yelled Mara.

“Mesmera! Please to meet you!” Smirked Mesmera. “And we are.”

“Triptych!” Screamed all three girls in unison.

“Very nice!” Giggled Alicia as she gave a small round of applause.

“Criminals beware, face the might of El Cóndor Vengador!” Roared Ivanna as she pointed down at the Snow Queen.

“The resplendent rudo! Dragón Danzante!” Grinned Dragón as she posed.

“Syner-Bee!” Screamed Alicia as her bracelets turned on and illuminated the area around her.

Sharon, Mara, and Ulla all applauded Alicia’s posing before jumping off of the balcony and confronting the Snow Queen. “How about it girls,” said Mesmera cockily. “Shall we add her to our naughty list?”

“She is only getting coal this year.” Teased Alicia as she Dragón and Ivanna dropped from their balcony and charged at the very confused looking woman.


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