My Mom Is A Supervillain?!

Chapter 13 — Back On The Rails

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #cw:gore #cw:noncon #bondage #comic_book #D/s #dom:female #drones #f/f #humiliation #multiple_partners #robots #sadomasochism #superhero

“Okay, Chocolate, Earl Grey, and toffee apple.” Smiled the cashier as she put the three pots of ice cream on the counter. “You look like you’ve had a rough day.” She said as she ran her eyes over the girls.

When they had pulled up, Mara had realized that they couldn’t go inside with Alicia and Sharon in costume. They had spent several minutes scrambling around the back of the van, only to find that MIST apparently issued their vans with jogging pants and plain t-shirts, likely in case of a situation like this.

Sharon and Alicia had quickly pulled the clothes on in the back of the van. However, to their dismay, the clothes only drew attention to how banged up both of them were.

“It has been a busy day,” chuckled Alicia.

“I know that feeling,” smiled the clerk as put the recipient next to the ice cream. “I hope things improve for you guys soon!”

“I’m sure it will,” grinned Mara as she picked up the cups and wandered back to the car.

The girls drove home in silent contentment, happy to have each other. Once they got in Alicia quickly gathered up the bits of the Bee Woman costume and handed it to Sharon.

“Why do you have this thing anyway?” She asked.

“Oh, well.” Coughed Sharon, her cheeks going red as she looked towards Mara for help.

“She made it for me,” chuckled Mara.

“But it wouldn’t fit you,” replied Alicia only for her eyes to go wide as she realized what Mara meant. “Oh god, you didn’t.”

“I took it off first.” Nodded Sharon, trying to reassure Alicia.

“I’m never going to let you live this down. You know that, right?” Replied Alicia.

“I’ll just make you forget all about it,” smirked Sharon.

“Oh, now hypnotizing me is fine!” Responded Alicia sarcastically as Mara started to blush.

“Yes, it totally is!” Giggled Sharon, her laughter only getting worse as she saw Mara blushing out of the corner of her eye. “Anyway, I can hypnotize you to make you forget I ever mentioned being against it!” She said before collapsing totally into giggles.

Alicia soon succumbed to laughter as well, unable to keep a straight face. “We’re really overtired,” she said as she took a few deep breaths.

“Yeah I think so,” replied Sharon as she fell onto the couch and grabbed her ice cream.

“Hence why I said straight to bed!” Interjected Mara.

“Yes Doctor,” replied Sharon sarcastically.

“Good!” Grinned Mara as she started to eat her ice cream, flicking the TV on with her spare hand.

“The events at the Bluebird Business Park has sparked confusion,” started the reporter only to be cut off by Mara changing the channel.

“I know about that story,” she sighed as the channel changed to one showing some badly colorized film. “Perfect,” she smiled, looking at Alicia and Sharon.

Once the girls had finished eating Alicia went and climbed into the bath, keen to soak her aching muscles. Sharon and Mara headed into the bedroom and fell back onto the bed before hugging each other close.

“We make a good team,” smiled Mara.

“We do,” nodded Sharon, kissing Mara softly on the lips.

“Need a massage?” Cooed Mara as she started to softly rub Sharon’s shoulders.

“Oh gosh yes,” purred Sharon, wiggling into Mara’s touch. Mara slowly rubbed over Sharon’s shoulders and arms, squeezing and rubbing her sore spots, leaning in to kiss every bruise she found.

Sharon continued to purr as Mara’s rubbing gently eased her pain and helped her relax into the soft bed. Sharon drifted gently, not really thinking about anything, just letting herself be totally consumed by the sensation of Mara’s touch.

“Hey,” whispered Mara.

“Yes?” Mumbled Sharon, her body limp in Mara’s hands.

“Mind if I ruin the mood a little?”

“You never ruin the mood.” Smiled Sharon sleepily, turning over onto her back so she could look up at Mara. “What’s on your mind?”

“Just,” smiled Mara, moving her hands so she could continue her massage. “Remember when you talked about polyamory?”

“I do, yes,” nodded Sharon.

“If an old crush came back into my life, would you be upset?” Asked Mara softly.

“Ulla?” Asked Sharon with a smile.

“How did you?” Blinked Mara.

“Process of elimination,” chuckled Sharon. “You two seemed to share a moment earlier.”

“We might have had a thing before I left MIST,” mumbled Mara.

“Because you couldn’t deal with the thought of losing her.” Said, Sharon, as she gently pulled Mara to her breast.

“Yeah,” replied Mara softly, her lip starting to wobble.

“You realize once you left they named a policy after you.”

“They what?” Blinked Mara, her eyes starting to moisten.

“Yep, a rule that says you have to take your mask off. Named after you.”

“Oh gosh.” Laughed Mara through her tears. “Dorks, the lot of them.”

“Tell me about it,” grinned Sharon, kissing Mara’s cheek. “How did you survive their meetings without screaming?”

“Played music inside my armor,” said Mara as she rubbed her cheek against Sharon’s lips.

“So you want to reconnect with Ulla?” Asked Sharon softly.

“Do you mind?” Asked Mara gently, obviously growing nervous.

“Not at all,” smiled Sharon. “Though, may I ask a favor?”

“Of course,” Replied Mara, her voice wavering a little bit.

“Ulla and I had dinner a few weeks ago, but I had to wipe her memory of it,” whispered Sharon. “Would I be able to clear that up first? I think those memories might help her make sense of all this chaos.”

“Oh,” smiled Mara. “Sure!” She said as she pulled Sharon close and kissed her deeply. “Now, let me finish this massage.”

“Let me out!” Shouted Momo as she yanked on the handcuffs that bound her to the hospital bed. She thrashed and yanked on the chains, however, they refused to give.

Momo huffed and lay in the bed, staring at the ceiling. Outside of the small room, she could hear footsteps. “I can hear you!” Shouted Momo. “You can’t leave me in here! You won’t just leave me locked up in here!”

The words echoed around the room before growing slowly silent. After a few seconds, Momo heard someone laughing as the door opened. “If you want mercy you asked for the wrong sister.” Said Hitomi as she walked into the room.

“Don’t you want revenge?” Said Momo, growling at Hitomi. “Don’t you want to do something, why listen to Ulla and her stupid procedures,” ranted Momo, only for Hitomi to put her hand over Momo’s mouth.

“I’m not dumb Momo.” Whispered Hitomi. “But honestly, Ulla is in the right here. The best punishment for you is to sit here, watching but being unable to do anything. Consider it a small taste of what you did to me.”

Momo looked up at Hitomi with wide eyes, her shouting muffled under Hitomi’s hand. After a few seconds Hitomi lifted her hand off of Momo’s mouth and walked back out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

“You realize talking with prisoners without permission is against the rules right?” Tutted Ulla.

“She had it coming.”

“I’m not denying that,” replied Ulla. “Honestly, I was considering doing the same thing.”

“You should have joined me.” Smiled Hitomi.

“Has more impact when you do it.” Replied Ulla as she looked towards Medic. “Any news?”

“I think we’ve got the vile lass stable,” nodded Medic. “But whatever she took messed up her body pretty badly. Looked like the endin’ of a pub brawl in there.”

“But she won’t be able to grow and sprout tendrils again?” Asked Ulla.

“Doesn’t look like it, surprised the lass can walk.” Replied Medic. “Seems whatever was affecting the other stretchy creature transferred into ‘er, good for ta other girl, seemingly cleared her problem right up.”

“What about the third girl? Creme?”

“Lass’ brain is cooked, can hardly make sense of what happened to herself, memories are more twisted than a ship’s rope. Tryin’ to do what I can, but I ain’t a psychologist.”

“I might know someone who can help,” nodded Ulla.

“Mesmera? Good luck lass, she was pretty clear she wasn’t helpin’ us again after we got you back.”

“I think I could convince her.” Replied Ulla. “Did you give her a phone?”

“Crimson did, yeah.”

“Wonderful,” smiled Ulla, quickly moving down the corridor.

“Sheep, why do I always end up with sheep,” sighed Mara as she rolled the dice and moved her piece around the board.

“Because you’re baa-rilliant?” Giggled Sharon.

“Oh gosh, get a room you two,” replied Alicia as she rolled her eyes.

“We have one, we’ll have two once you go back to school.” Chuckled Sharon.

“Before I go back I’ve got to win this game,” smiled Alicia as she grabbed the dice, only to be interrupted by a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it,” said Sharon as she went to the front door and pulled it open, only to be greeted by a very excited looking Kitty.

“Sharon!” She smiled, bouncing up and down.

“Hey Kitty,” grinned Sharon, pointing inside. “Come in!”

“Hi!” Smiled Kitty as she bounced into the living room and waved at Mara and Alicia. “Oh, this game!”

“The game you said you could win,” smirked Mara.

“Hey! Everyone ran off before I could win!” Huffed Kitty theatrically.

“You should join us then,” beamed Sharon. “We’re only on turn two.”

“Sure!” Replied Kitty, bouncing forward and sitting next to Alicia.

“So, what brings you here Kitty?” Asked Sharon as she watched Alicia roll the dice.

“Oh!” Smiled Kitty, suddenly remembering why she had come to the house. “Ulla wants to meet with you!”

“Ulla?” Said Sharon and Mara in unison.

“She wants help with something!” Nodded Kitty.

“Oh,” sighed Sharon. “We’ll Kitty can just take over for me then. Knowing MIST the meeting will last all day.”

“It isn’t at MIST HQ!” Interrupted Kitty. “She wants to meet you at Magical Rail!”

“The train cafe?” Blinked Alicia.

“Yeah!” Beamed Kitty.

“You’re going to have quite the night Mom.” Giggled Alicia. “I hope you like girls dressed up as train drivers.” She added as she turned and winked at Mara.

“Hey!” Blushed Mara.

“Well, give me a date and a time!” Replied Sharon as she refocused on the game.

“I will!” Smiled Kitty as she wiggled and smirked.

The girls quickly got into the flow of the game. As they played it became clear that Kitty’s boasts of tactical brilliance were not arrogant in the slightest as she quickly pulled ahead from the other girls.

Alicia and Sharon remained constantly neck and neck, each countering the other over and over. “You two are really good at stopping each other!” Smiled Mara.

“We’ve played this game a lot,” replied Alicia. “So I’m really good at ruining Mom’s plans!”

“I can tell!” Chuckled Mara as she continued to plot her move.

After a few more turns Sharon’s burner phone started to ring. “Excuse me,” she sighed, wandering over to the table and grabbing the phone before walking into the kitchen.

“Mesmera,” she said softly.

“Hello Mesmera, it is Ulla,” said Ulla in an overly chipper voice. “I hope I’m not disturbing you.”

“I was expecting you,” replied Mesmera.

“Well, your mental powers are amazing!” Responded Ulla. “I was wondering if you could help us with something. Now before you say anything, I understand you agreed to a one time only thing. But Creme, or the woman who was known as Creme. Isn’t in a good state, and well, I know what Momo does to people and you’re the best mind controller I know.”

“I see,” responded Sharon. “For you, I’ll help.”

“Thank you,” said Ulla letting out a small sigh as she did.

“But let everyone else know. This is a personal favor.”

“I’ll do that. I’ll organize a date and a time.” Said, Ulla, as she hung up.

“Weird girl,” pondered Sharon as she walked back into the living room. “She wanted to change our plans, obviously forgot she had told you to tell me,” explained Sharon as she nodded towards Kitty.

“Oh yeah!” Nodded Kitty. “Forgetful!”

The girls continued to play for several hours, until eventually, Mara came out on top, only just beating Kitty. “Yes!” Shouted Mara as she thrust her arms in the air.

“This game is hard,” fumed Kitty as she looked over the board.

“You did well though!” Smiled Sharon before rubbing Mara on the back. “Is anyone hungry?”

“Sure,” nodded Alicia as Mara and Kitty made approving noises.

“Come with me then,” said Sharon as she yanked Mara by the arm and pulled her into the kitchen. Once the door was closed Alicia turned to Kitty.

“What’s going on?”

“What do you mean?” Said Kitty, avoiding eye contact.

“The two Ulla calls. Why would she want to hold a meeting at Magical Rail?”

“She is weird!” Mumbled Kitty, squirming under Alicia’s intense gaze.

“You’re a terrible liar.” Giggled Alicia.

“Fine,” huffed Kitty, crossing her arms. “I’m making a date!”

“A date? Like a romantic thing?”

“Yeah!” Grinned Kitty. “If I don’t set Ulla up with someone she’ll never find love! It’s obvious!”

“Right, but Mom has a thing going on with Mara?”

“So?” Blinked Kitty, looking at Alicia with confusion. Alicia just rubbed the bridge of her nose and sighed, realizing she couldn’t win this debate.

“I’ll get back to you on that,” she mumbled as she got up and went to the bathroom.

“So, what can I help with?” Asked Mara as she looked over the kitchen.

“Oh, you’re not helping. You’re cooking the whole thing,” smirked Sharon.

“But,” said Mara only to get interrupted by Sharon.

“ThoughtCrash.” Grinned Sharon, watching as Mara’s eyes glazed and her mouth fell open, her mind grinding to a complete and total halt. “Now Maid Mara, why don’t you prepare lunch.”

“Yes Mistress,” nodded Mara slowly before marching to the fridge and slowly starting to remove various ingredients. Mara robotically prepared some sandwiches, her eyes seeming to stare into infinity as she did.

After several minutes of work, Mara had made a passable if slightly clumsy lunch. Sharon moved up behind Mara and wrapped her arms around her waist. “And wake,” she purred before kissing Mara’s ear.

“I,” blinked Mara as she looked at the food and went bright red. “You’re so evil.”

“Just hungry,” giggled Sharon as she kissed Mara’s ear again before grabbing one of the plates and walking into the living room. Just as she sat down, the burner phone started to ring again.

“Always the way,” giggled Mara as she took Sharon’s plate from her hands and placed it onto the table. Sharon quickly got up and stormed over to the phone and answered it.

“Are you busy?” Asked Ulla, not even giving Sharon a chance to speak.

“Sort of,” sighed Sharon.

“Oh, well I was wondering if you wanted to do our meeting now. As I’ve got a van and the office isn’t busy so you could help without anyone pestering you.”

“That.” Started Sharon. “Is very kind of you, sure. Where do you want to meet?”

“I know a great coffee shop on main, I’m in need of a caffeine boost. So I’ll hang around there.” Replied Ulla happily. “Take your time, I’m in no rush.”

“Sure,” nodded Sharon. “I’ll be with you soon,” she said as she hung up and looked at Alicia, Mara, and Kitty. “I’m needed.”

“Try and not end up on TV this time, okay?” Asked Mara with a smile.

“I’ll do my best,” grinned Sharon as she quickly went to change.

It didn’t take Sharon long to find Ulla’s van parked outside of the coffee shop. Sharon watched Ulla drink her coffee for a few seconds before walking up and knocking on the window.

Ulla turned and smiled, flicking a switch to unlock the doors. Sharon quickly climbed into the van. “Hi,” she said, only for Ulla to pick up a second coffee cup and pass it to Sharon.

“Cream and two sugars,” said Ulla as she continued to sip her coffee. Sharon blinked, a wave of shock running over her. Had Ulla somehow retained the memory of her coffee preferences after their meeting at the coffee shop?

“How did you know?” Asked Sharon, trying to keep her cool.

“Lucky guess,” smiled Ulla. “Anyway after the week you’ve had, you deserve an unhealthy treat!”

“Oh, tell me about it!” Chuckled Sharon, quietly breathing a sigh of relief.

“Thank you for doing this,” said Ulla as she put the cup into the holder and flicked the engine on. “You’re the only person I trust with this kind of thing.”

“Really?” Blinked Sharon. “We are sort of on different sides.”

“You helped me when I needed help.” Smiled Ulla. “Very few people would have understood my coded message.”

“Well, that is the issue with coded messages.”

“If it was obvious then whoever was in my mind, would be able to get to the wave beam transmitter and destroy it, I had to obscure it somehow.” Explained Ulla as she drove towards the office.

“True,” smiled Sharon as she watched the traffic dash past, recalling the last time Ulla had driven her somewhere. Of course, Ulla didn’t remember that trip due to being in a trance at the time.

After a few minutes of driving, Sharon realized something. “No blindfold?” Asked Sharon as she turned to face Ulla.

“I can’t be bothered.” Chuckled Ulla. “I won’t tell if you don’t.”

“Fair enough.” Laughed Sharon as she relaxed back into the chair and watched the scenery go by.

The car drove slowly out of the city and eventually reached a large factory. The signs on the front said that it was a plastic processing plant. Ulla pulled the van up outside of the front door and smiled at Mesmera.

“We’re here!” She exclaimed as she got out of the van and led Mesmera through the reception area and into the heart of the building. “Anything you need?” Asked Ulla as she continued to walk, pressing her hand onto various hand scanners as they moved deeper and deeper inside.

“A notepad or a laptop would be nice,” replied Mesmera. “To keep notes.”

“Sure!” Hummed Ulla as she wandered into an office and grabbed a laptop from inside a closet. “This should do. Locked down, but it has a notepad.”

“Works for me,” nodded Mesmera as she continued to follow Ulla.

Eventually, they reached an area that could only be described as a prison. While it did seem slightly more luxurious than the average country jail, the masses of security cameras mixed with the heavy the iron doors made it clear this place was designed to isolate people.

“She is in here,” said Ulla as she pointed to a door and pressed her hand onto the pad. As she did, the door slid open and Mesmera stepped inside.

Mesmera had spent her days trying to avoid the inside of a jail cell, however, she had to admit this room was pretty nice. If you ignored the cameras and the heavy door it could have been mistaken for a hotel room.

As Mesmera entered Creme jumped up off the bed and ran to the corner of the room and started to cower. “I’m sorry.” She whimpered as her body shook.

“Relax,” replied Mesmera as she wandered to the desk and put the laptop down. “I’m not the vengeful type.”

“Okay,” stuttered Creme as she walked forward a little bit.

“Remember me?” Asked Mesmera.

“We were in the building together.” Nodded Creme. “Momo talked about you a lot,” she added, wincing as she said Momo’s name.

“Yeah, she isn’t nice.” Replied Mesmera softly. “Look. I know she messed with your head. They wanted me to see if I can fix it a little.”

“Oh,” mumbled Creme.

“But I’m not going to do anything unless you want me to do it.” Continued Mesmera. “I’m only here as I don’t like people being in pain. Now I’m not a therapist, but I’m thinking we make sure Momo didn’t leave anything lying around and then see about getting you some proper help. And by proper help, I mean someone who doesn’t walk around in a mask.”

Creme giggled a little bit, obviously getting a little bit more comfortable with Mesmera. “Sure,” she nodded.

“May I join you on the bed?”

“Okay.” Nodded Creme. Mesmera slowly walked up to the bed and sat on it before offering out her hand.

“Take my hand. If it gets too much, just squeeze and we’ll stop, okay?” Smiled Mesmera, watching as Creme continued to nod. “Good, now, just look into my eyes, let the silver of my eyes wash over you, totally and utterly, feel me pushing into your mind just allow it, you’re safe with me.” Cooed Mesmera as the silver started to fill Creme’s eyes.

Ulla rose from the chair as Mesmera stepped out of the room. “If they don’t give you it, call me and I’ll come and kick someone!” Shouted Mesmera as she waved.

“How did it go?” Said Ulla softly.

“Fine,” Nodded Mesmera. “Melinda Kemp was her name before Momo got her claws in.”

“How?” Asked Ulla.

“Brainwashing, pretty serious. Miss Kemp was desperate for a break and didn’t realize what she was getting into.” Explained Mesmera. “Thankfully, the brainwashing wasn’t as intense as what she did to you, mostly just used her as a scapegoat. She’ll need some help, but there are no triggers or secret plans in her head.”

“What were they even trying to do?” Sighed Ulla. “That is what bugs me about this whole thing.”

“Harvest powers,” replied Mesmera. “Momo screamed about it when injecting herself and you. I think her plan was to harvest as many powers as possible.”

“So the gem was,”

“A plan to draw people out,” explained Mesmera. “Why she left it with the Black Hand. She wanted to trigger a civil war, drawing MIST people out so she could harvest their powers.”

“I feel stupid,” sighed Ulla.

“Don’t,” replied Mesmera, rubbing Ulla on the back. “I didn’t work it out until recently. And that gem was strange. I’m not sure how she made it. She was clever, but it defied logic.”

“True,” nodded Ulla.

“Where is everyone anyway?” Asked Mesmera, looking around the empty corridor.

“Oh, they are having a celebration meal.”

“Not going?”

“I don’t like the menu,” chuckled Ulla. “I’m not a fan of country cooking, I guess I have expensive tastes.”

“That place was gross,” chortled Mesmera.

“Oh, they forced you to go?” Gasped Ulla.

“They did!”

“I’m sorry!” Giggled Ulla, patting Mesmera on the shoulder. “Though I should likely get you out of here before someone notices, I doubt the meal will last much longer, I’ll get the van.”

“Don’t worry about it,” smiled Mesmera. “I’ll walk, I could do with clearing my head.”

“If you wish,” nodded Ulla. “I’ll lead you upstairs.” She said as she walked Mesmera through the building and up to the door she had entered through. As Mesmera pushed the door open she turned back and faced Ulla.

“I’ll see you soon then,” she smiled.

“I’m sure you’ll catch me around,” chuckled Ulla. “We tend to appear in the same places.” She said before walking back into the building.

Mesmera’s eyes went wide as watched Ulla walk off. She quickly marched home, keen to get to the bottom of what was going on. When she arrived home, she found Alicia, Mara, and Kitty playing another board game.

“How did it go?” Asked Mara, looking up from the board.

“Good!” Smiled Sharon. “Alicia, a word please?”

“Sure!” Smiled Alicia, bouncing up from the floor and walking into the kitchen with her Mom.

“Something is up,” said Sharon. “Ulla seems to not realize she arranged the second meeting with me at Magical Rail. Either someone has altered her memories or this is some form of set-up.”

“It is a set-up,” giggled Alicia. “But not like you’re thinking.”

“Oh? And how do you know?” Asked Sharon as she raised her eyebrow.

“Kitty is trying to set you and Ulla up on a date.” Smirked Alicia.

“Why?” Inquired Sharon, looking around as her cheeks went red.

“I’m guessing she presumes that you finding the transmitter was an act of love?”

“I guess,” nodded Sharon. “Well don’t tell her I know. I quite want to meet with Ulla out of costume.”

“But Mara?” Asked Alicia.

“It isn’t a date, I just feel bad for something I had to do to her.” Replied Sharon. “Mara knows.”

“Okay.” Nodded Alicia. “Sorry, I shouldn’t be so nosey, but it is nice to see you with someone.”

“Why are you always so sweet?” Smiled Sharon as she reached over and ruffled Alicia’s hair.

“Hey Mom,” giggled Alicia, trying to fix her hair. “I’m not that sweet.”

“Oh right, it isn’t cool to be sweet anymore,” replied Sharon sarcastically. “You are totally radical.”

“Mom,” giggled Alicia, hugging Sharon tight.

As the week went on Alicia and Sharon played dumb, allowing Kitty to think that her plan was working. On the day of the date, Sharon spent a while with her head in her wardrobe, trying to work out what to wear.

“Coming on too strong,” said Sharon as she threw a rose-covered blouse over her shoulder. “I’m not her mother,” added Sharon as she threw a black blouse at the wall.

Sharon continued to sort through the pile of clothes until she stumbled on a white shirt with a collar. “Simple, timeless.” She said as she nodded to herself. “Perfect!” She grinned as she quickly started to change.

Alicia wandered into the gym, instantly spotting Dragón and Ivanna sparring in the center ring. Dragón was jumping from turnbuckle to turnbuckle while Ivanna kept trying to grab the girl’s ankle.

As Dragón leaped over Ivanna’s head she spotted Alicia by the door. She landed on the top rope and pointed at Alicia. “There you are!” She shouted as she jumped to the floor. Ivanna turned to see who Dragón was pointing at, only for a massive smile to form on her face as she realized who it was.

“Alicia!” She bellowed. “There’s our girl!” Cheered Ivanna as she climbed out of the ring and ran over to Alicia, hugging her tight.

“You did so well!” Smiled Dragón.

“You did pretty great as well!” Replied Alicia. “If it wasn’t for you, that girl would have grown bigger and more deadly.”

“I just did what I’m good at,” smirked Ivanna. “If in doubt, throw someone.”

“This is why she always wins by count-out,” chuckled Dragón. “How is your mother?”

“Good,” nodded Alicia. “Thank you, how are you doing?”

“Well,” grinned Ivanna. “We’ve been given quite the offer due to you.”

“Oh?” Smiled Alicia.

“We’re MIST trainers now!” Smiled Dragón. “They saw what we did and want us to teach their members how to fight.”

“And how to grapple,” smirked Ivanna. “But don’t worry,” she said as she rubbed Alicia’s hair. “Your secret is safe with us.”

“So you’re going to be closing the gym?” Asked Alicia.

“Oh no,” replied Ivanna, shaking her head. “We’re not MIST members.”

“MIST adjacent!” grinned Dragón.

“We train them in exchange for protection and membership dues.” Nodded Ivanna. “It has taken me years to get this place looking this good, I’m not going to stop now!” She said as she extended out her arms, almost like she was reveling in the glory of her grotty gym.

“Nice,” nodded Alicia.

“I also have a gift for you.” Smiled Dragón, walking over to the desk and grabbing a box.

“Oh, you don’t have to give me anything.” Said Alicia putting up her hands.

“I want to.” Nodded Dragón, pushing the box out.

“I don’t know what to say,” replied Alicia as she grabbed the box and pulled it open, revealing a Lucha mask. Alicia gently pulled it out and looked at it. It was very bee-like in design and was made of shiny yellow fabric. “This is amazing!” Gasped Alicia.

“You don’t need to use it,” said Dragón, “but I thought you should have a proper mask, if not for nighttime activities, for wrestling.”

“I love it.” Grinned Alicia, hugging the girls tight. “I love it so much!” She added as she pulled it on over her head.

“Maybe we should have a match to wear it in.” Smirked Ivanna.

“I think so,” nodded Alicia as she patted both Ivanna and Dragón on the back, feeling her muscles tingle once more. “And now I have both your powers to even it up.”

“You have them, but can you use them as well as we can?” Winked Dragón as she jumped up onto the ring apron.

When Kitty skipped into the gym, she was met by the sight of Alicia and Dragón diving across the ring at each other, both trying to grab the other one as they rose higher and higher into the air.

“Neat!” Smiled Kitty as she bounced on her toes. Both girls turned and faced Kitty, hovering in mid-air.

“Kitty!” Smiled Alicia. “Crap! We have to go right?”

“We do!” Giggled Kitty. “Did you forget?”

“I got distracted!” Said, Alicia, as she dropped to the floor. “Sorry girls,” said Alicia as she nodded at Dragón and Ivanna. “I’m going to have to forfeit.”

“We’ll accept it,” smirked Ivanna.

“I’m going to change and shower quickly!” Said, Alicia, as she smiled at Kitty.

“Wait!” Interrupted Kitty, running outside but quickly returning with a box. “You’ll need to wear this!”

“Oh, right!” Nodded Alicia as she grabbed the box. Internally, she was trying to work out just why Kitty wanted her to dress up, but she had promised her Mom that she wouldn’t let her know that they were onto her plan.

Alicia quickly changed into the outfit. It very much wasn’t her style, in fact, it made her look like a cheerleader who had got dressed in the dark. “Right I’m ready,” said Alicia as she walked out to meet Kitty.

‘Great!” Smiled Kitty as she quickly warped around, changing into an outfit that resembled Alicia’s before running towards the car.

Sharon looked over the place and pondered. It looked very odd from the outside, the fact that the windows were covered made her feel very uneasy about the whole situation.

She looked at her phone and reread the information Kitty had given her. She had to meet Ulla at table nine at seven-thirty. Sharon took a deep breath and steadied herself. She couldn’t deny that she was nervous about coming clean to Ulla, but at the same time, she knew she couldn’t put this off forever.

Sharon pushed the door open and stepped inside the cafe, only to be instantly taken aback by the bright and vibrant room and the sheer number of train-related things there were dotted around.

“Hello!” Smiled the woman at the desk. “Welcome to Magical Rail! Do you have a reservation?”

“I do, yes,” nodded Sharon, trying to get over the girl’s outfit. She had presumed that Alicia was being sarcastic when she had said that the waitresses were dressed as train drivers, she would never have guessed they actually wore replica uniforms. “Table nine, for seven-thirty?” Added Sharon, doing her best to regain her composure.

“Oh, your friend is already here!” Smiled the woman. “I’ll take you over.” She said as she walked towards the table. As they approached the table Sharon spotted Ulla sat alone. “Here we are.” Smiled the receptionist as she pulled the chair out.

“Um,” said Ulla as she looked up at Sharon. “I think there might have been a mistake.”

“Wasn’t the reservation for two?” Asked the receptionist.

“It was, but I was waiting for a friend, but I think she got lost.” Said Ulla, only for her phone to buzz. Ulla quickly looked down at the screen and sighed. “Turns out my friend isn’t coming.”

“Sorry,” said Sharon. “It seems I’ve been set up, I was meant to meet someone as well.”

“I see,” nodded the waitress. “I’ll see if I can fix the problem.”

“You can join me if you want, considering we’ve both been stood up.” Smiled Ulla.

“Only if you don’t mind.” Grinned Sharon.

“Not at all, let’s make the best of the situation.” Nodded Ulla as Sharon sat down.

“Well this is wonderful,” beamed the receptionist, “I’ll get your waitress across to get you some drinks,” she said as she walked off.

Ulla and Sharon sat in silence for a few moments, neither sure exactly what to say. Sharon picked up a menu and quickly scanned her eyes over the dishes listed, still in shock at how much effort they had put into the restaurant’s theme.

After a few minutes, a waitress walked over to the table. “Hello! I’m Stephanie! And I’m from Ruby City! Tonight our featured line is the Maple line! The shining jewel that heads to the icy north! Can I get some drinks for you two ladies? I’ve been informed that they’re on the house to make up for our little booking mistake!”

“You don’t need to,” smiled Ulla. “It is perfectly okay.”

“We insist,” smiled the waitress as Sharon scanned her eyes across the menu, trying to work out what she wanted. Suddenly, a name caught her eye.

“I’ll take a Pacific Princess,” smiled Sharon.

“Wonderful!” Nodded the waitress.

“I’ll take one as well,” grinned Ulla.

“Great, I’ll get those for you!” Replied the waitress as she walked off.

“The Pacific Princess is my favorite train,” said Sharon. “It had such pretty murals.”

“Really?” Said, Ulla, as her eyes went wide. “It is mine as well. I’m slightly obsessed with it if I am honest.”

“There is a lot to obsess over, to think of all the people it carried to see the coast, the splendor, and glamour of the ride.” Approved Sharon.

“This will sound utterly boastful, but may I show you something?” Asked Ulla shyly.

“Of course,” nodded Sharon. Ulla slowly rose to her feet and waved for Sharon to follow. Sharon quickly obeyed the command and followed Ulla across to the wall of the cafe where a model train sat in a small box.

“It is beautiful,” said Sharon as she looked through the glass, honestly impressed by the craftsmanship on display. “How did someone paint details this small, I can even see little spots of oil on the wheels.”

“A lot of free time and a very powerful magnifying glass.” Replied Ulla softly.

“You made this?” Gasped Sharon.

“I did, yes!” Nodded Ulla, pointing to the little card. “All of the details are scaled-down, including the murals.”

“That is amazing Ulla,” smiled Sharon.

“I realize I didn’t ask your name.” Replied Ulla as she walked back to the table.

“Sharon,” answered Sharon as she followed Ulla back to her seat.

Neither woman noticed the two girls sat a few tables over. The second Ulla had gotten up they had lifted their menus in front of their faces in an attempt to obscure themselves.

“Do you think they saw us?” Mumbled Kitty.

“They were not even looking this way,” sighed Alicia from behind her menu. “And doing this isn’t exactly making us less obvious you know.”

“But they didn’t see us,” grinned Kitty as she looked around her menu.

“Fair point,” mumbled Alicia.

“Do you think they are getting along?” Asked Kitty.

“It seems like it, Mom looks like she is having fun anyway.” Nodded Alicia as she lowered her menu and looked across to her Mom’s table. “I can’t believe we’re matchmaking.”

“If we don’t no one else will,” giggled Kitty as she sipped at her drink.

Sharon and Ulla sat back down and smiled at one another for a few moments before Ulla broke the silence. “I’m sorry,” she said gently. “You seem really familiar and I’m trying to place where I know you from.”

“I get that a lot,” snickered Sharon, waving her hand as she did. “I have a very generic look.”

“Nonsense, you look great,” replied Ulla, chuckling with Sharon.

“What do you do for a living?” Asked Sharon. “Maybe we’ve met via work?” She continued before mentally kicking herself for moving the conversation onto a topic that forced both of them to lie.

“Government work. Taxes and the like.” Said Ulla quickly. “Not very interesting. You?”

“Office work,” nodded Sharon. “Very boring. What other trains do you enjoy?” She said, doing her best to shift the topic.

“Be careful, I can ramble on forever about trains,” laughed Ulla.

“Please do, I always like hearing about them.”

“Well,” started Ulla, running her finger over the lip of her glass.

Alicia and Kitty watched with bated breath as Ulla and Sharon talked. It was obvious to Alicia that Sharon was having a great time listening to Ulla talk about trains.

They watched for hours and hours as Ulla continued to talk while Sharon smiled and giggled, all while waitresses continued to bring them more and more drinks.

After a few hours, the waitress took Sharon and Ulla a bill. “I’ll get this,” smiled Ulla.

“I can’t let you do that,” said Sharon as she reached into her pocket.

“I insist.” Replied Ulla. “Very rarely do I get such nice company, it isn’t much anyway, and half the drinks have been things I’ve ordered.”

“Okay then, just this once,” giggled Sharon, putting her money back into her pocket.

“I was actually wondering,” said Ulla as she counted notes out onto the tray, her cheeks growing slowly redder. “Would you like to come back to my place? I’ve been working on a few other models and I would love to show them to you.”

“I would love that,” grinned Mesmera. “I’ll get you a cup of coffee on the way so I can at least pay you back a tiny bit.”

“Okay,” grinned Ulla as she rose from her seat and started to head out of the restaurant.

Kitty let out a happy little squeal as she bounced in her chair. “They’re leaving together! We did it! We did it!”

“Wow,” replied Alicia. “I didn’t think that would go as well as it did.”

“See! I am a good matchmaker! I’m an expert in Earth combat and Earth romance!” Exclaimed Kitty.

“I wouldn’t go around shouting that,” sighed Alicia as she rubbed the bridge of her nose.

Sharon and Ulla made their way through the streets clutching steaming cups of coffee in their hands. Eventually, they arrived at one of the tall apartment buildings that sat just outside the city center.

“Here we are,” smiled Ulla as she unlocked the door and headed towards the lift.

“Nice place,” proclaimed Sharon as she followed Ulla inside.

“It is,” nodded Ulla before gasping. “I should warn, I’ve been working out of town for a while. So the place isn’t as clean as I would like.”

“Don’t worry about it,” replied Sharon. “I never keep on top of my chores.”

Ulla laughed as she walked out of the lift and unlocked one of the apartment doors before gesturing inside. “After you.”

Sharon stepped into the apartment and looked around. Despite Ulla’s concerns about the mess, the apartment was pristine. If it wasn’t for the pictures of trains on the walls Sharon would have doubted if the place was actually Ulla’s.

“Come here,” smiled Ulla, walking up to one of the doors and pushing it open before walking into the other room. Sharon followed her in, only to instantly be met with a large table that held a very detailed model train set as well as a smaller table that was covered in tools and magnifying glasses.

“This is amazing,” said Sharon as she looked at the table. “May I touch?”

“Of course!” Nodded Ulla. “The controls are over there,” she added as she pointed towards a small box.

Sharon walked over and flicked a switch, watching as the trains came to life and started to move around the tracks. It was quite a beautiful display, each train perfectly wove its way around the tracks, never colliding with another train.

“How long did this take?” Asked Sharon.

“Each train takes about a week of work,” said Ulla as she lifted a half-finished train out of a box. “But work commitments mean that I can spend a couple of months on each train.”

“Wow,” said Sharon as she walked over to Ulla and admired the work in progress. “You are so talented.”

“Not really,” chuckled Ulla as her cheeks went red. “This is just meditation for me, a place where I can forget about the world, you know?”

“Oh, I know.” Smiled Sharon as she took a deep breath. This was her chance to make things right, but part of her didn’t want to do it. Part of her was having too much fun hanging out with Ulla and didn’t want to risk her being angry or upset. Sharon pushed that side down as she walked back to the train set.

“Do you have a favorite?” Asked Ulla as she slowly put the half-finished train back into the box.

“Well,” said Sharon as she steadied herself. “Ulla, there are leaves on the line.” Sharon waited for a few seconds before turning around, unsure if the trigger would still work.

When she drummed up the courage to turn around she saw that Ulla was slumped forward in her chair, her eyes totally glazed over as a trickle of drool ran down her chin.

“Right,” said Sharon gently as she moved over and rubbed Ulla’s hair. “Ulla sweetie, I want you to listen closely to me, to go into your mind and find those memories of us meeting in the coffee shop, of us, walking around the lake together. Of the gem handoff. I know I told you to forget,” cooed Sharon. “But I’m sure bits and pieces still remain, just bring them back nice and easy, just let them come back into your head, okay darling?”

“Yes,” mumbled Ulla, sounding like she was talking in her sleep.

“Good, and when I snap my fingers, you’ll wake up, fully and totally.” Nodded Sharon as she walked to the wall opposite Ulla and snapped her fingers before raising her hands.

As the snap echoed around the room, Ulla blinked and stiffened, her eyes going wide as she saw Sharon. “You!” She shouted, jumping from the chair.

“I’m not planning anything.” Said Sharon softly. “I just, thought those memories would help you understand the last few weeks. I’m just going to go.”

“No!” Shouted Ulla, moving and standing in front of the door.

“I,” stuttered Sharon, debating what to say as she stared at the door. “If you want to arrest me, it isn’t any good. MIST promised me immunity.”

“Maybe I don’t want to.” Yelled, Ulla, as she took a step forward.

“Then what do you want to do?” Asked Sharon as she started to pant, fear washing over her body.

“Maybe I want you to stay.” Answered Ulla. “And that sounds like a threat when it isn’t meant to be,” she sighed as she took a breath. “I’m sorry, I’m a little confused.”

“It’s okay,” nodded Sharon. “You can sit down if you want. I promise I won’t go.”

“Okay,” said Ulla softly as she went and sat in the chair. “This is,” she started as she rubbed her head. “I would have drunk less if I knew this was going to come up.”

“I know, sorry” shrugged Sharon. “Kitty set us up and I didn’t know when I would get a second chance.”

“Kitty!” Shouted Ulla. “I should have guessed this was her doing. I was meant to meet her.”

“Yeah, she has been living with me.” Giggled Sharon. “Interesting girl.”

“Has she used the “I don’t understand this part of Earth culture” excuse yet?” Chuckled Ulla.

“So many times,” replied Sharon. “But she seems to get on well with a few people I know.”

“She does seem to make friends easily.” Nodded Ulla. “Do you mind if we move this to the couch? This chair isn’t the most comfortable thing in the world. If you want to stay of course.”

“I have no other plans tonight,” smiled Sharon as she walked into the living room and sat on the couch. Ulla quickly followed and sat next to Sharon. As she looked at Sharon, Ulla’s cheeks went a deep crimson as a cacophony of confused emotions flowed through her body.

The girls talked for several hours, haphazardly jumping between topics as they did. Everything from Ulla’s love of trains to how to balance your normal and superpowered life.

As the girls talked Ulla moved closer and closer to Sharon. At first, she didn’t notice it but when they were touching she felt a heat rising inside her. Something about Sharon was intoxicating and Ulla couldn’t deny it. She slowly rested her head on Sharon’s shoulder, unsure of exactly how Sharon would react.

Time seemed to slow down as she felt the warmth of Sharon’s body, her heart pounding as she waited to be told off. However, to her surprise, Sharon started to gently massage Ulla’s scalp as she continued to talk.

When the night sky started to give way to the light of the morning Sharon let out a giggle. “I should really be going,” she said softly. “It is nearly morning.”

“It is,” nodded Ulla softly as she looked out of the window. “Would you,” started Ulla, only to stop herself mid-sentence.

“Don’t worry about it, just go with it,” smiled Sharon.

“I really shouldn’t.” Said, Ulla, as she shook her head.

“Hey,” replied Sharon as she rubbed Ulla’s shoulder. “We’re drunk and sleep-deprived. Anything you say is just the booze talking.”

“Okay,” mumbled Ulla. “Would you, like to do this again sometime? It has been, really fun.”

“Well,” answered Sharon, taking a deep breath as Ulla looked on anxiously. “I’m sort of spoken for romantically. But, I would love to hang out with you more.”

“That would be enough for me,” smiled Ulla. “Can I walk you home?” She added as she slowly rose from the couch.

“Sure,” giggled Sharon, offering Ulla her hand and letting the girl slowly walk her out of the building and into the street.

The girls continued to talk as they walked toward Sharon’s house. The sunrise painted the city in various shades of orange as people started to stir from their beds.

“Beautiful isn’t it?” Sighed, Ulla, as she looked at a bird flying out of a tree. “Makes our weird life worth it.”

“It does” nodded Sharon as she continued to walk. As she turned the corner towards her house Sharon realized that in her drunken romantic haze she had made a very big mistake, not only had she let Ulla know where she lived, she wasn’t sure if Mara was going to be around.

Sharon tried to work out what to do, however, she realized she was already out of options, there wasn’t a way to get rid of Ulla without upsetting her and even if Sharon said she could go alone from here, Ulla would see which house she entered.

Sharon sighed and shook her head. She didn’t have a choice, all she could do was hope this went well. Sharon gently pulled her keys out of her pocket and unlocked the door before stepping inside her house.

“Want to come in for breakfast?” Smiled Sharon.

“Only if it isn’t too much trouble,” replied Ulla.

“No trouble at all.” Said, Sharon, as she waved Ulla inside. As they walked into the house they found Mara, Alicia and Kitty sat in the kitchen. Kitty was warping around the room cutting fruit while Alicia cooked pancakes.

As they entered the room, Mara’s eyes went wide. “Hey Mom, have fun?” Asked Alicia as she looked up, only to instantly freeze in place as she spotted Ulla.

“Is everything okay?” Asked Ulla, looking at the shocked look on Mara and Alicia’s faces. “I can leave if I am interrupting something?”

“No, no,” said Mara as she quickly got up. “I need to use the bathroom.” She said as she dashed out of the room.

“Right,” said Ulla, obviously nervous.

“Take a seat,” nodded Sharon. “Alicia is there coffee available?”

“Yes there,” started Alicia, only for Kitty to warp to the coffee machine and then warp to the table with a mug in each hand.

“So this is where you are hanging out,” smiled Ulla as she looked at Kitty.

“Yeah! It is fun!” She said with a wide grin. “How was Magical Rail?”

“It was good. Even though you tried to set me up.”

“It worked though!” Grinned Kitty. “I’m Earth’s best matchmaker!” She declared as Sharon collapsed into giggles.

Suddenly, Mara walked back into the room. “Alicia, Kitty, would you mind leaving the room for a few minutes? I need to have a private word with Ulla and Sharon.”

“Of course,” nodded Alicia, starting to move out of the room.

“But,” said Kitty, only for Alicia to grab her by the arm and yank her into the living room.

“Are you sure I’m not interrupting?” Asked Ulla, looking around nervously. “I didn’t know you were attached and we didn’t do that if that is what you are thinking,” rambled Ulla as she looked at Mara.

“Quiet for a moment,” said Mara as she pulled the metal box out of her pocket and thrust it forward. “Emergency! Armor on!” She shouted as the metal suit formed around her.

“Emergency?!” Blinked Ulla, rubbing her eyes. “You’re Emergency?”

“I am,” nodded Mara, instantly flipping the suit off. “I said I’ve been keeping an eye on you.”

“But how did,” stuttered Ulla, not sure how to put her thoughts into words.

“Identity fraud and false papers, on top of the fact I didn’t tell you guys much about my past,” smirked Mara. “But I’ve been here, helping when I can.”

“I,” started Ulla before stopping.

“Don’t worry,” replied Mara. “I get this is weird, I was planning on telling you at some point. I didn’t expect you to come to breakfast, but this seems as good a time as any.”

“True,” said Ulla as she sipped her coffee. “I’m sorry, I’m just taken aback, I don’t know what to say.”

“You don’t need to say anything,” nodded Mara as she sat down. “There is something I want to say.” Said, Mara, as she took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for getting up and leaving. I was scared about losing you and that was the only way I could deal with it. It wasn’t my proudest or cleverest moment and I realize now I could have handled it way better.”

Ulla spent a few minutes looking between her cup and Mara, obviously trying to think of what to say. “You don’t need to be sorry,” smiled Ulla. “I understand things aren’t easy around me, I’m glad you did well outside of MIST.”

“I have, and you’ve done very well inside it. You’ve blown me away with how good you’ve been with everything.” Grinned Mara.

“Wait,” blinked Ulla as a revelation hit her. “Sharon, is Mara the person you are dating?”

“Yes.” Nodded Sharon. “Though it is a rather recent development.”

Ulla looked at the pair for a few seconds before starting to laugh loudly. “I’m sorry,” she said between giggles. “Just, I can’t believe I’ve ended up accidentally forming a love triangle.” She continued, watching as Mara and Sharon started to laugh.

“Yeah, it is pretty surprising.” Nodded Mara. “These last few weeks have opened up a lot of closets and found a lot of skeletons.”

“Don’t worry,” smiled Ulla. “I think you two make a great couple.”

“Well,” interrupted Sharon. “There was something we have been thinking of.”

“Yes,” nodded Mara. “If you still want to make a go of it, why restrict a relationship to just two people?”

“We always fear about leaving the other alone if something happens. If there is three of us, we never have to worry about leaving someone alone.” Said Sharon softly.

“That makes a lot of sense.” Nodded Ulla softly. “And I can’t deny I find, both of you attractive.”

“Don’t rush,” smiled Sharon. “This isn’t a decision we need to make now, you can take your time. And I still want to be friends.”

“I do as well,” explained Mara. “And, if these last few weeks have taught me anything, it is that you don’t have to make a solid decision for everything instantly. You can just let things happen and see where they go.”

“Right,” nodded Ulla. “That makes sense.”

“But again, no need to make any decision now,” beamed Sharon. “Because pancakes need to be eaten and I would feel terrible if Alicia missed out on the breakfast she cooked because of our romantic complications.”

“True!” Laughed Ulla.

“I’ll go get her,” replied Mara, quickly walking into the living room and fetching Alicia and Kitty.

The girls ate their breakfast quickly as they talked. Kitty dominated the conversation, bragging about her matchmaking skills as Ulla tried in vain to explain that matchmaking was not a skill she should boast about, especially during battle.

Just as they finished eating, Kitty’s computer let out a small beep. “What was that?” Asked Ulla.

“Delivery!” Smiled Kitty as a large metal box appeared out of nowhere and crashed down onto the table, causing all of the girls to jump backward.

“More clothes?” Asked Alicia as she tried to recover from the shock.

“Gift for you!” Grinned Kitty, pushing the box forward.

“Oh,” smiled Alicia. “Thanks!”

“Open it!” Demanded Kitty.

“Okay!” Nodded Alicia as she undid the clasps on the box and lifted the lid. Inside the box, there were two metallic bracelets encased in a lot of foam. Alicia lifted one out and rubbed her finger over it, the metal was surprisingly cold and it was oddly light for its size. “These are really pretty!” She smiled.

“Put them on!” Cheered Kitty excitedly. “One per arm!”

“Oh, okay,” replied Alicia, slipping the bracelets over her wrists. As she did, a screen projected out of each bracelet. The screen showed a load of random graphs along with the phrase “scanning location!”

“It is a generic scanner!” Smiled Kitty. “It will help you work out whose powers you can combine together!”

“Neat!” Grinned Alicia as she spun around, watching as the device scanned everyone’s generics. “This is amazing! Thank you!” She effused as she ran up to Kitty and gave her a tight hug.

The rest of the day was pleasurable if domestic. The girls played board games and watched a movie together. Despite being new to it, Ulla seemed to perfectly slot into their group structure, bouncing off Sharon and Mara with ease.

Alicia smiled as she watched, it really did seem like they made a good group.

The rest of the week went smoothly, Mara and Sharon did their best to give Ulla space, deciding it was best to give her time to think about their offer in private.

For both girls, life returned mostly to normal. Sharon spent her time trying to catch up on all the things she had missed due to the excitement. As she wandered home from her book club Sharon smiled to herself. The summer had been a great one, not only had she grown closer to Alicia, she had made at least two new friends.

She walked into the house and took off her coat before heading to the bedroom, debating if she wanted to take a bath or go straight to bed. However, as she opened the bedroom door, she saw Mara stood in front of the bed, dressed in only her lab coat.

“Hey there,” smiled Mara. “The doctor is here for your check-up.”

“Well Doctor,” purred Sharon. “I’m afraid I forgot to eat my apple today.”

“How naughty, I guess someone is going to have to get a medical spanking!” Declared Mara, as she moved closer to Sharon.

“Now now Doctor, I think you need to learn a better bedside manner,” grinned Sharon as her eyes started to go silver. However, moments before her eyes could take on their full hypnotic splendor, Mara dropped to the floor as Ulla emerged from under the bed holding a mirror.

Sharon didn’t have time to react, she instantly caught a glimpse of her swirling silver eyes in the mirror. She had never realized how beautiful they were, the spiral seemed to go down and down forever. She could feel her thoughts just melting away, all she wanted to do was stare at the pretty pattern, her thinking wasn’t important, all it did was get in the way of the perfect shimmering beauty.

Sharon’s eyes glazed over as her jaw fell open. Ulla gently moved the mirror around, watching as Sharon’s head moved to follow her own reflection. “It worked!” She exclaimed as Mara lifted herself up off the floor.

“Sharon, can you hear us?” Said Mara excitedly.

“Yes, I hear and I obey.” Said Sharon sleepily.

“Stay hypnotized but turn your eyes off.” Giggled Mara.

“Your wish is my command,” droned Sharon as the silver vanished.

“She looks so good like this,” purred Ulla, blushing slightly as she did.

“Let’s get her undressed.” Nodded Mara as the girls moved over to Sharon, slowly peeling her clothes off as they rubbed their hands over her body.

“She is so hot,” swooned Ulla as she gently kissed Sharon on the cheek.

“She is,” smirked Mara. “Grab her panties.” She added, nodding towards Sharon’s waist.

“Sure,” purred Ulla, moving across to grab them. However, as she did Mara grabbed Ulla by the waist and lifted her head up.

“Sharon! Eyes! Obey!” Shouted Mara as Ulla struggled.

“Yes. I hear and I obey.” Replied Sharon in a dull monotone as her eyes slowly turned silver.

As the silver glow grew more intense, Ulla’s struggling grew weaker and weaker until her arms fell limply at her sides as she slumped forward. “Yes, just fall into the eyes,” purred Mara. “Deeper and deeper into the eyes, you will obey me, you have to obey me.”

“I obey,” mumbled Ulla.

“Yes, you obey.” Grinned Mara. “Now take your clothes off. Sharon take your panties off. Then both of you lie on the bed!”

“Yes, I obey.” Said Ulla and Sharon in unison as they slowly stripped off and moved onto the bed. Mara looked over the two naked girls and licked her lips.

“You are both so beautiful,” she purred. “I want you both so much.” She said as her hand teased between the girls’ legs, making them squirm and moan. Mara then leaned forward and gave each girl a long and deep kiss. “Kiss each other,” she commanded, rubbing her breasts as she did.

The girls slowly rolled onto their sides and embraced each other, pushing their lips together as they started to kiss passionately. Ulla squirmed and panted as her tongue roamed Sharon’s mouth.

“Stop,” purred Mara as she lay in between the girls. “Worship me and each other!” She demanded. Instantly the girls started to rub over Mara’s body, massaging all of her most sensitive spots. Mara panted and moaned as the girls started to lick at her sex and rub her thighs.

Eventually, the girls fell into a rhythm, with one licking Mara’s sex, while the other gently rubbed both the other girl’s sex and Mara’s chest. Mara started to tremble as her body began to crest the wave of orgasm.

“All together,” she panted. “We’ll all cum together.”

“Yes, I hear and I obey,” droned Ulla and Sharon as their deep, ragged breaths echoed around the room. Mara continued to squirm on the bed as her heart pounded faster and faster.

“Now!” Shouted Mara as her body exploded in an orgasm. She pulled the two girls close to her body as they moaned and squirmed against each other, their bodies full of warmth and bliss.

The girls cuddled in a pile as the afterglow wrapped around them. The feeling of the other bodies against theirs made them feel safe, secure, and loved.

“Very nice,” purred Sharon, rubbing Mara and Ulla’s hair as she did. “Wakey wakey Ulla.”

“You’re awake,” said Mara in shock.

“My powers don’t work on me silly,” giggled Sharon. “I thought the doctor would know that.”

“But you?” Blinked Ulla as she slowly came back to reality.

“I can hypnotize myself when I want to. And when a pretty girl wants me to,” winked Sharon.

“I see,” blushed Mara.

“You do make a pretty good dominant though,” smirked Sharon as she looked at Ulla. “And I’m guessing this means you’ve made a decision Ulla?”

“I have,” nodded Ulla. “I mean, I’m not going to have two girls fawning over me very often, so why not take the opportunity while I have it?”

“I’m glad,” smiled Sharon as she leaned forward and kissed Ulla on the lips. “But I think we need to set a hierarchy here.”

“Hierarchy?” Mumbled Mara.

“Yes, both of you obeying me. You got to see how Ulla and I looked together, I want to see you two make out,” smirked Sharon. Ulla went to speak, but before she could Sharon interrupted her. “Ulla there are leaves on the line, Mara Thoughtcrash.”

Both girls instantly stopped what they were doing as their thoughts ground to a halt, every single muscle in their body going limp as their minds went blank. Sharon waved her hands in front of the girls’ glazed eyes and smiled to herself.

“This is going to be delicious. Why don’t you both show the other what your tongues can do,” giggled Sharon as she sat up to watch the action.

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