Humiliation Transformation! Mild Mother's Pavlov Danger!

Chapter 3: Public Perception

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #brainwashing #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #clothing #comedy #comic_book #memory_play #personality_change #pocketwatch #stage_hypnosis #stage_hypnotist

Over the next few days, Becky kept an eye on her mom, keen to make sure that her personality didn't change. She even tried slipping in words that Felicia had used on stage, just to make sure they didn't affect her mom. However, she got nothing more than odd looks. 

Becky's anxiety gently subsided as she tried to reassure herself. It seemed like the wolf whistles were the only things that set her mom off. This meant that Becky could let her guard down. However, one night, as she was doing dishes, Becky heard shouting emanating from the living room. 

"Where are they?! Where is Virala! I need her to destroy the Change Warriors!" shouted Mary in her Dita voice. 

"Holy crap," mumbled Becky as she put the dishes down and ran into the living room, only to find her Mom pacing around the room, obviously angry. An old cartoon was on the TV, so it didn't take long for Becky to make sense of the situation. 

"Mortal! How did you get into my Moonbase?!" demanded a crazed Mary as she gestured towards Becky. 

"Hey, Mom," said Becky as she quickly brought her fingers to her mouth to whistle again. However, Mary quickly stormed forward and grabbed Becky's wrist. 

"How dare a dirty mortal step inside this place!" shouted Mary as she threw Becky into the chair. This sudden action stunned Becky and made her forget to whistle. Before she could pull herself together, her Mom had grabbed a blanket from the couch and had begun to tie Becky to the chair. 

"Mom! Mom!" shouted Becky as she tried to struggle, but her Mom's knots were surprisingly tight and were perfectly positioned to keep Becky's fingers away from her lips. 

"Silence mortal! When I find the rest of my kin, I will make you into the monster you deserve to be! You will take over the world for me!" 

"Mom! Mom!" continued Becky, doing her best to make a wolf whistle noise without her fingers. However, she couldn't seem to get the tone right, and her Mom continued to act like Dita no matter how hard Becky tried. 

Suddenly, Mary caught a glimpse of her reflection in the window, and a look of pure disgust formed on her face. "What horrible outfit is this? I'm not some disgusting peasant girl! Or worse!" she said as she shuddered. "An Earthling! You'll pay for this mockery once I am changed!" 

Mary marched out of the room, leaving Becky to struggle in the bonds. She was both frustrated and embarrassed that her mom had got the better of her and tied her down so effectively. Mary continued to struggle and thrash, hoping she could loosen the bonds.

Becky could hear her Mom moving around upstairs. It didn't sound like a normal attempt at changing, but Becky tried to block it out and focus on escaping. However, nothing seemed to help. Becky's struggling seemed to be utterly futile. 

After several minutes Mary came back down the stairs. She had somehow put on several dresses to create a strange layered affair that was obviously trying to emulate Dita's gigantic dress. She had also twisted several towels around her hair to make horns, further making her look like a discount version of Dita if she had fallen into the dumpster at the back of a fabric warehouse. 

Becky started to whistle as loud as she could, but she couldn't pull off the wolf-whistle sound without the use of her fingers. "Quiet!" shrieked Dita. "Where is the rest of my council?! Where are they? Where did you hide them?!" 

"Mom! You're not Dita! Remember! Please!" shouted Becky. However, Dita's expression didn't change. It was clear that Mary was utterly convinced that she was this character. 

"I will have you transformed! But first, I will find my underlings and my Monster Mob Maker, and then you're going to be nothing but my mindless minion! You're going to destroy the city!"  Mary cackled as she turned and stormed out of the door. 

"Mom! Mom! Mom!" cried Becky as she heard the front door open and then slam shut. She let out a sigh as she realized that her mom was now walking around in public thinking she was Dita Disgusta. She had to escape and hunt her down before she made a fool of herself. 

Becky thrashed and wiggled in the sheet, trying to make it come loose however she could. Her muscles burned from the exertion of it but she kept going, desperate to escape. After what felt like a solid hour of kicking, Becky felt the pressure around her waist start to lighten. "Finally," she groaned. She continued to move, and slowly but surely, the bonds loosened until she was able to yank the sheet off of her, letting her finally exit the chair. 

She quickly around the room, trying to work out what to do. Sure she knew where her Mom was likely to go at the fair, but she had no idea where she would go now. "Phone, coat," Becky thought out loud as she grabbed her phone from the kitchen. As she did, she realized she had missed calls. As she pulled her coat on, she opened her voicemail, only to hear a voice she didn't recognize. 

"Hey, not sure if you remember me," said the voice. "I'm Lacey. I'm the daughter of Irma Murphy. Your mom and my mom are friends. Um, I'm not sure how to say this, but my mom just called and said your mom was being weird at women's circle, and she wondered if you could go help out?" explained the voice as Becky sighed and started to head towards the community center. 

The call was old, so she could only hope that her mom would still be there when she arrived. Becky ran through the excuses in her head, trying to think of a way to justify her mom's weird behavior. She did want to be honest, but she couldn't think of a way of describing the situation without it coming across as a joke. 

Thankfully, as Becky arrived at the community center, she could see her Mom pacing around through the window. From the few other people she could make out, it was clear they were not having a good time. Becky settled on a plan and quickly ran into the room, making a loud wolf whistle as she entered the room.

As the whistle echoed around the room, Mary's muscles relaxed for a few seconds as everyone turned to face Becky with confusion. "Oh, excellent!" cheered Becky as she went up to Mary and wrapped her hands around the woman's shoulder. "Thank you for your help, everyone!"

"Help?" asked someone with confusion. 

"Mom offered to help me out with a social project. My research is focused on how people react to strange situations. We're testing out the weirdness filter!" Becky ad-libbed as she tried to keep a straight face. "Mom was helping me out." 

"Yes," replied Mary with a dreamy tone. Becky was surprised, but it made sense. It seemed that Mary was really suggestible when she returned to normal. "We are," she added as Becky continued to lay on the lies. 

"So, I'll contact some of you in the near future to talk about some of the data. But thank you so much for being so helpful! Now, let's allow mom to get out of this silly outfit. Let's go!" Becky forced a smile as she guided Mary out of the room. 

"I don't get the experiment," mumbled Mary as they moved. "I should have brought a change of clothes." 

"It is okay. I didn't explain it well," explained Becky. "It is totally okay. We'll get you home so you can change." she added as she pulled out her phone and sent Kate a text. 

Eventually Kate drove up in her car and Becky put her Mom inside as she got her friend to drive them home. Once they arrived back, Mary went inside to change as Kate pulled Becky aside.

"So, what's the outfit about?" Kate asked.

"Long story," sighed Becky, not wanting to pull the girl into this. "But hey, I might need you to do some stuff for me soon."

"Like what?" 

"Long story. Just trust me on this one, okay?" grumbled Becky, her head spinning. 

"Sure, sure." replied Kate as she slapped Becky on the back. "Whatever you need, just let me know." 

"I will," replied an exhausted Becky. Once her mom was settled in bed, Becky got to work. She tried to look at or download every resource about hypnosis she could find, hoping that someone had written about her situation. However, no one seemed to have any useful advice. She tried to look up Felicia, hoping that she could call her up and get her to fix her mess, but the woman's agent wasn't returning emails, and no link she could find for the woman worked. 

Eventually, Becky stumbled on an old events website that had a listing for Felicia, but it didn't have any shows listed. However, it offered an email alert system so Becky put her email in, willing to try absolutely anything at this point. 

After several hours of research, an idea started to form in Becky's head. If she couldn't find Felicia and get her to undo her stupid trap, maybe Becky could do it herself? The stuff she had seen made it all seem pretty simple, and if an idiot like Felicia could do it, why couldn't she? 

Becky stayed up the entire night studying the books she downloaded, looking over every page and making notes as she formed a plan. In fact, she was so focused, she didn't even notice the sun coming up. 

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