Humiliation Transformation! Mild Mother's Pavlov Danger!

Chapter 2: Modifying Mothers

by HypnoticHarlequin

Tags: #brainwashing #D/s #dom:female #f/f #humiliation #clothing #comedy #comic_book #memory_play #personality_change #pocketwatch #stage_hypnosis #stage_hypnotist

A week had passed. By that time, the show was nearly totally forgotten. That Sunday, the following weekend since the fair, Mary and Becky sat in a coffee shop. It was a normal errands day, something that Becky had done with her Mom for years.

"I can't believe how hard it is to find wool around here," chuckled Mary. 

"Order online?" asked Becky.

"It always arrives ruined," replied Mary. 

"True," started Becky. However, before she could continue her sentence, a phone went off. This wasn't unusual. It was a public coffee shop, and ringtones could be heard every few seconds. However, this phone sounded like a wolf-whistle. Mary's eyes glazed over for a few seconds as she stiffened. 

Becky looked at her mother with concern. "Mom?"

"What is it, mortal?" huffed Mary as she jumped out of her chair. Becky instantly recognized the voice and posture. Her mom was acting like Dita Disgusta again! 

"Look at these disgusting humans!" screamed Mary as she started to pace around the room.

Becky's heart started to pound in her chest as her mom paced around the room. Everyone was staring. "Mom? Hey, Mom," mumbled Becky.

"Humans are horrible, disgusting messes!" Mary continued shouting as she strutted around the coffee shop. "Humanity is nothing but a failed replacement for the dinosaurs!" Becky saw one of the baristas move to get involved, but Becky quickly shook her head and jumped up, hoping she could get her mom to sit back down. 

"Hey, Mom," said Becky softly. 

"What an ugly human! You'll become one of my Monster Mob!" cackled Mary as Becky rolled her eyes. 

"Right, um, why don't you sit down?" asked Becky, only for Mary to cackle. 

"Who are you to command me, human?" she said as she spun around. "I'm Queen of the Darkverse!"

"Right right," Becky nodded along, trying to think of what to do. Suddenly, an idea came to her. As Mary tried to walk off to pester a customer, Becky quickly pushed her fingers into her mouth and let out a loud wolf whistle. 

Instantly Mary's demeanor changed. Her body relaxed, and her eyes glazed over for a moment. "Why are you looking at me like that?" she asked a customer as they glared at her. 

"Long story," replied Becky, quickly grabbing her Mom's stuff and guiding her outside. Despite being so aggressive a moment ago, Mary allowed herself to be guided into the street, a look of confusion on her face.

"Why is everyone staring at me?" asked Mary as she took her purse from Becky. 

"You don't remember?" asked Becky.

"No?" mumbled Mary as Becky shook her head. She didn't want to humiliate her mother any further, so she decided that it was best to lie. It wasn't like she went to that coffee shop often, anyway.

"You knocked your coffee over, but it landed on the table next to you," giggled Becky. "Right way up and everything, it looked like a deliberate trick shot." 

"Oh," Mary nodded. "Cool, I guess!" She smiled. "I didn't notice." 

"That is why you looked so cool," lied Becky as she guided Mary into the mall to get the rest of her errands done. As they did them, Becky thought about what happened. While she wanted to brush this off as a one-time thing, she couldn't deny this looked suspiciously like what her mom had done on the stage. That, and the glaze in her eye when she heard the whistle was just like the one her mom had had after Felicia had runoff. 

Becky kept a close eye on her mom as they did their errands, keen to see if she was acting normally. Thankfully she had no more Dita outbursts, and they were able to get everything done without a hitch. However, when they got home, curiosity got the best of Becky. She didn't want to torment her mom, but on the other hand, she had to know one way or the other. 

"Hey, Mom?" asked Becky.

"Yes?" replied Mary as she looked up from her phone. Becky put her fingers in her mouth and let out a loud wolf whistle. Instantly Mary stiffened as her eyes glazed over. Her posture changed as she started to glare a hole into Becky.

"Mortal! Fetch me my Moon Coffee!" shouted Mary, "Or else!" 

"What?" gasped Becky, she couldn't believe this was happening. "Mom?" 

"Mom? Mom!" screeched Mary. "I am Dita Disgusta! Queen of the Horrible Moon Menagerie! The future queen of Earth!" she continued as she strutted around the room. "I'm going to make you worship me!" she added as she raised her hand. 

Becky didn't wait to see what her mom was going to do. Instead, she let out another loud wolf whistle. Instantly, Mary's posture softened as her eyes glazed over for a moment. Mary shook her head and then walked over to the cupboard and picked out the coffee creamer. 

"What were you doing?" asked Becky. 

"Getting coffee creamer. Why?" Asked Mary. 

"Was just curious," giggled Becky awkwardly. She couldn't believe it. Not only was her mom turning into a character, but she also didn't seem to remember it once she flipped back. 

Becky spent the rest of the day pondering what this meant. This could only be Felicia's work, and that was worrying. This opened up the worry that the woman had left other things in her Mom's head. Once she excused herself to go to bed, Becky jumped on her phone and started to look up everything she could about hypnosis. 

Search as she might, she couldn't find anything that linked directly to her situation. No one had written about a stage hypnotist making their mom think she was the villain from a cancelled television show.

"At least wolf whistles are not common," mumbled Becky to herself. It felt like she was trying to convince herself, but she needed some comfort. She did at least partially believe it; she rarely heard people wolf-whistling.

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